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When I played in bands at friends houses for beer during the show I'd make a connection with a girl and end up having sex with her. One evening the band gets kicked out due to noise and I end up leaving with the drummer.
I worked as a stock boy part time at Wallco because I was still in high-school. I worked two or three evenings a week and a full eight hours on Saturday and Sunday.

There were a handful of other part time stock boys. Most of them are still in high school. One of the part timers, Jimmy, rode to work with me because he lived a few houses away from mine. The boss was pretty good about scheduling us for the same nights. Most of the time. As long as I didn’t piss him off.

Jimmy was the drummer for my band that another part time stock boy and I had put together. It was a terrible band but all our friends had us over to play at their parties because we only asked that they buy us beer. Being young, midwestern musicians, we loved beer.

I played guitar and Jimmy played drums, but his kit had no cymbals. The other member of the band was Chris and he played guitar as well. It was an odd combo. The best thing about it was that it got Chris and I laid a lot. Girls love a guy that can play guitar.

Jimmy was a good looking kid and the girls came on to him a lot but he always turned them down.

I suspected Jimmy was gay. It was confirmed for me when he sucked my dick on the way home from a gig. I was a little buzzed and hadn’t gotten laid at the party because the cops had busted us before it got dark. I mentioned to Jimmy that I was horny.

Jimmy blushed and said, “I can see that.” He looked right at the bulge in my pants.

Joking around I said, “Too bad friends can’t give each other blow jobs.”

Jimmy looked away and blushed. Mumbling he said, “I’ll suck your dick if you want me to.” I heard him but I asked him to repeat himself. “Look, if you don’t tell anybody,” he said with a quaver, “I’ll suck your dick.

Jimmy was a skinny blonde headed kid, with lips like a girl. He was good looking. But I wasn’t a girl, or gay.

I didn’t think I was gay. Me and my best friend sucked each other's dicks when we were young, but I hadn’t thought of doing that with another guy until Jimmy offered to do it to me that day.

“Um,” I said. Now I was blushing. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “Okay,” I said. I don’t know if I would have gone along with it had I not been so horny.

“I’ve never done it before,” Jimmy said, but I think he was lying. Like me, he’d probably had gay experiences. “How do I start?”

I had both hands on the steering wheel. “Um,” I said, too embarrassed to talk. After a while Jimmy reached over and rubbed the bulge in my pants. They were really tight, as was the style back then. He tried pulling down my zipper, but couldn’t. I arched my back, then reached down and unzipped my pants. He slipped his hand in and played with my dick. I felt like my body was blushing. I got goosebumps. We really weren’t supposed to be doing this.

By that time in my life I had had sex with a few girls but none of them ever volunteered to go down on me, I always had to talk them into it. I liked going down on girls, but they didn’t like it. They sure didn’t want to kiss you after you’d put your tongue in their crotch.

The offer of a blow job from Jimmy was intriguing because I’d never had a girl offer to blow me. If Jimmy wanted to suck my dick it meant he wouldn’t just give it a quick lick and a sniff; he’d suck my dick for real; he’d be in it for the long haul.

I was nervous that someone would see a guy sucking my dick so I drove into the country and pulled off the road and into the woods a little. Until then all Jimmy did was rub my bulge.

When we found a secluded spot I popped the rivet of my jeans and pulled my penis out. Jimmy grabbed it and looked at me.

I said, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Jimmy blushed, then put his head down and wrapped my dick with his lips.

I suppose you don’t have to have a lot of experience to be good at giving a blow job. Kind of like what Richard Pryor said about pussy. The worst pussy you ever had was still pretty good pussy. The best part about Jimmy sucking my dick was that he wanted to. He liked having my dick in his mouth. It was so weird!

Since Jimmy was a guy I didn’t know where to put my hands. The few times a girl had gone down on me I squeezed her boobs or reached over and rubbed her crotch. So I just sat there while Jimmy slobbered all over my pecker. He was really working hard. He was pumping with one hand and slurping and licking: he was like a woman in a porn video. When my brain started taking a backseat to my dick, I forgot who was blowing me and rested my hand on the back of his head. Ya know, if you close your eyes you’ll forget it’s a guy.

By the time Jimmy sucked me nearly to orgasm I was talking dirty under my breath, telling him to suck me dry and how I wanted to fuck his brains out. I reached over and squeezed his butt. That shocked me, but my dick was screaming, ‘I gotta fuck someone!’ Jimmy moaned while I squeezed his butt.

I patted his head and told him to stop and he sat up, obviously disappointed. “Dude,” I said, “I gotta fuck somebody. Unless you want me to fuck you we gotta stop.” I said it in jest thinking there was no way he was going to let me put my dick in his ass. Sure, we joked about screwing our guy friends, but I thought it was just homo chicken. But at that moment I would have gladly fucked him.

Jimmy shrugged his shoulders. “I’m game,” he said, as if I was asking him if he wanted to watch a movie.

That was weird. Jimmy was willing to let me fuck him. It was daylight and I didn’t have to take him to a movie or kiss and fondle him for two hours. He just sucked my dick and now, well, he was gonna let me fuck him.

And, ya know, I tried to get girls to let me screw them in the butthole, but none was willing. I’d gotten a finger in there a few times, but that was as far as a girl was willing to go. Then I couldn’t touch her with that hand until I washed it.

But those were girls had holes meant for fucking. It seemed silly and wasteful to a girl to put your thingy in the wrong hole. Jimmy was a boy. Fucking Jimmy meant I was at least a little gay. Bisexual, I guess. Jesus Christ I was horny! My dick was still doing the thinking.

“Let’s get in the back seat,” I said, and scanned the road both ways before climbing over. My dick was already hard as a rock so it was up to Jimmy to make the next move.

“I’ve never done this before,” he said, completely unnecessarily.

“Me either,” I said, “now hurry up and assume the position.” Jimmy unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and pulled them down. Then he got on all fours in front of me.

All I could see was his butt crack. I couldn’t see his penis or testicles, so I tried to imagine that I was about to buttfuck a girl. I couldn’t see his butthole so I spread his cheeks: there it is. With one hand spreading his cheeks and the other on my dick, I put it between his cheeks.

Jimmy’s butthole was dry. No matter how I pushed the head of my dick against it, it would not go in. Now, if a girl was dry I’d lick her pussy until she moistened up. I wasn’t going to lick Jimmy’s butthole. So I spit on it and used the head of my dick to spread it around.

“Are you ready?” I said.

“As I’ll ever be,” he said, taking a breath.

I pushed and the head of my dick slipped inside him but only about an inch. It was as if my dick wasn’t supposed to be there. But, I was going to fuck Jimmy now no matter what. In for a penny, in for a pound.

I grabbed his hips and pulled back thinking I’d just fuck this one inch of his butthole, but now I was stuck in place. I spit on my fingers and rubbed it around his anus. It was then that it occurred to me that I should have used lube. Baby oil? Hand lotion? I pushed his hips back and forth and finally got a tiny bit of movement.

I only moved back and forth in that one inch a few times before I started to cum. The blowjob had me closer to orgasm than I realized. Or, doing something so obviously gay was freaking me out.

I grabbed Jimmy’s hips and pushed as I was squirting in his butt and suddenly I was able to go a little further, which made the orgasm more intense.

Jimmy’s butt was so slick now that I was able to get my dick all the way inside him. I was balls deep in my friend. I pumped fast hoping to extend the orgasm but my dick quit squirting pretty quickly.

I was kneeling behind Jimmy, pulling his hips back and forth, my penis buried in his ass, contemplating the most intense climax I’d ever had. My spine tingled.

Jimmy seemed to like having my dick in his butt. Jimmy must be gay. Or, maybe just that good a friend. And a little gay.

Then it was weird again. I had just fucked my drummer in the butt. I pulled my dick out, yanked up my underwear and jeans and crawled back over the seat while Jimmy did up his clothes.

After Jimmy was back in the front seat and I was driving us home I asked if he wanted to spend the night with me. He smiled knowing that I was going to try and fuck him again, but I’d be prepared this time. Yeah yeah, I guess that makes me bisexual, but I’m the one doing the fucking.

Jimmy said yes, so that night, armed with the KY I found in the hall closet and a condom I found in dad’s sock drawer, I fucked my drummer properly. He made me suck his dick first, but that was okay. I mean I had done it before, when I was young. Jimmy had a good sized dinger. It was only really weird for the first minute or so. After that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been sucking my friend’s dick all along.

It was odd seeing my dick disappear in Jimmy’s ass. I had never seen a gay porno before. His butthole was tighter than a vagina. For some reason I came so hard I almost cried.

Jimmy enjoyed it. He didn’t act like he was doing his duty as a girlfriend. He moaned and pushed back against me, wanting to be fucked and fucked hard.

Jimmy wanted to fuck me but I said, “Maybe next time,” thinking next time would never get here. If I wanted to fuck him again, I might have to bend and spread. But this was such a weird one off thing that I didn’t think it would happen again.

I said, “I’ll suck your dick again if you let me fuck you again.”

“I’m getting tired,” Jimmy said.

I reached over his hip and rubbed his dick through his underwear. We were sleeping in the same bed under the covers. He was soft at first but hardened up in a second. He turned his head and looked me in the eyes. I smiled. He rolled over and kissed me gently on the lips. Oof. Now I’m hard. This is really gay. He looked at me. He seemed to be saying that we were going to make out a little if there was going to be any more fucking.

Sigh. I leaned over and kissed him back. When he leaned in again he put his hand behind my head and put his tongue in my mouth. Good lord. I went along with it thinking it would be worth it to slam my dick in his hole again. Jimmy was really into it. He was rubbing my back and squeezing my butt. He reached around and played with my dick.

Kissing is kissing and I forgot I was kissing a guy. Eventually he started kissing my neck, then down my chest and nibbled on my nipples. That was weird, but it felt good. Weird because no one had done it before.

Jimmy was kissing my dick through my underwear. It was as hard as Chinese arithmetic. Then he pulled my dick out and sucked it like he was trying to suck my soul out of it.

I tried to make him stop so I could roll him over and fuck him, but he was determined to suck me off: for me to cum in his mouth. I patted his head and whispered, “Dude I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” We had to be quiet, because my mom and dad were downstairs in the kitchen.

Jimmy pumped faster and sucked more vigorously until I couldn’t help it and started squirting. Jimmy kept going. He sucked and sucked. He sucked me and licked me until you couldn’t see any semen anywhere. He must’ve swallowed it.

He wiped his mouth, crawled up and kissed me on the mouth then turned his back and became the little spoon. I pulled the covers over us and put an arm around his waist. “We can’t sleep like this,” I whispered. He nodded. He knew.

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