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The drug is nothing like she expects aliens are involved.
My name is Cassandra, I am a connoisseur of psychedelics. I have spend years chasing the perfect high. Seeking that greater understanding of things beyond this world.

I am thin and almost flat chested, I keep my red hair short so I don’t have to bother with it much. I survive on an inheritance from my parents they knew I could not be trusted with cash so an executor pays the bills and basic foods are delivered to the house. I work at McDonald’s to generate cash to support my habit. I have done every mushroom you can name, PCP,LSD, you name it.

Lately I have been trying new synthetic drugs, chasing the perfect high to get me farther out there. As I was getting off work my dealer texted me to meet her. I drove my hunk of junk car to the shady gas station we always met up at. I pulled up next to her equally shitty car with the two drivers doors facing. “What you got?” I asked. “Something new.” she said “It will take you to other worlds, nothing like this has ever existed.” Oh man she knew how to push my buttons, “ how much?” “A hundred bucks.” she said. “Bit much isn’t it?” I haggled. “You get 5 for 100 it’s a good deal.” She has never sold me anything not worth the price so handed her 5 twenty dollar bills. She handed me a small package. “Don’t take them till you are home, don’t take more than one, and take them in order they are marked.” She drove off.

Tucking the package in my pocket I drove the speed limit so I would not get pulled over. Once on my garage I tore open the package and dump five glowing red pills into my palm. Floating and spinning around inside each of the pills where what look like flakes of gold. I found the movements mesmerizing. Each pill had white dots on it, apparently this is how they were numbered. One for one, two dots for number two etc. Shaking my head I realized I had been staring at the pills for a good 20 minutes I got out and headed in side.

They did, in fact, glow in the dark. I was so excited I had to stop, and work on my breathing. I located the one with a single white dot and put the others back in the bottle. I had the next 2 days off so close to 50 hours free time, plenty of time for a trip. I swallowed the pill with half a bottle of water, and sat back to meditate.

In my experience it would take 20 minutes or more to start feeling it so I tried to keep my mind open and neutral. I had just gotten comfortable and felt Zen, when the temperature of the room shot to what felt like 100⁰. I felt myself being shoved forward like I had been hit by a car I opened my eyes and saw what looked like a tube or tunnel rushing at me, or was I rushing towards it? I felt like I was pinned to a wall behind me that was shoving me forward faster and faster. I could no longer see the room only the rainbow tie dye patterns of the tubes wall. Well, I thought, now I know what a bullet feels like.

I was begining to have sensation reactions like when I did extasy.

I could feel my nipples get hard as a rock. I was aware of every inch of my skin and where my rippling clothing rubbed my skin. Wait, my clothes were moving? A warm wind was blowing in my face moving my clothes and hair. The end of the tunnel was approaching and I was slowing down. I tumbled out of the mouth of the tube into a soft surface and the tube vanished. I was in the middle of a huge crowd of people out side on a dark night.

A bass so deep it could only be felt and not heard, was thumping and a strange techno song was filling the air. I lay on my back gathering myself and saw a night sky I did not know. A small green moon with an ocean hung in the sky. Thousands of tall lanky figures were dancing in the moon light. As my eyes adjusted I could see they were not human but at least humanoid. Tall because they had 4 arms and 2 legs they were all naked most of the males she could see had erections and the female had 4 tits. Several nearby had noticed her arrival and turned their strange eyes to look at me and pause their complex dancing.

They had green skin and no body hair that she could see. Each hand had 3 fingers and a thumb on both sides their feet had 6 toes with 2 large toes on the outsides. The closest male bent down to look at me. His eyes reminded me of an owl his face pointed like a bird. His small mouth opened and her drew in a breath. Is he smelling me? I wondered, this was the most lucid hallucinations I had ever experienced. He held one of his upper hands out to me and helped me up. He kept holding my hand and turned his bird like face back and forth like a dog when they are confused. Some of the onlookers has lost interest and started dancing again.

A female pulled one of the males down and the two began fucking right there. I smiled up at the one still holding my hand and he jerked back in alarm at the sight of my teeth. “I understand,” I thought “if he is a bird, I am still a mammal, we show our teeth to fight.” I pursed my lips and whistled the chorus of “I saw the sign.” He relaxed and mimicked my whistle perfectly and started dancing. His 7 inch dick bounced with his movements it curved up and as I grew used to the light I saw they all had tiny feathers rather than hair.

He picked at my shirt with his lower hands as I tried to copy the arm movement of his upper arms. I figured what the Hell, I am the only one dresse, and pulled it over my head and tossed it away. He felt under my arms as if looking for my missing set of arms concern on his face, “How cute,” I thought “he thinks I might be an amputee.” I burst out laughing when he felt under my breasts looking for my missing tits. The show of teeth started him and 3 others, I quickly began whistling again. Another male and a female copied me this time. We all began dancing as a group I whistled every tune I could think of and had to stop often to catch my breath. Many hands were exploring me now I could not recall a time I was more turned on.

My shorts were quickly gone, I began to touch my dance partners too, fair is fair. They were lean and filled with muscles. The female touched my breasts and I played with all 4 of hers, her nipples were inverted the center tucked in like a pin had poked it in. She bend down and a long narrow tongue came out and she licked my nipple. When she stood I latched my mouth on her lower left tit and nursed like a baby. She held me close with her 4 arms and ground her pelvis against mine. Our legs were the same length she was only taller because her torso was longer for the extra arms. Her feathers felt wonderful on my shaved hyper sensitive mound. Milk came out of her nipple into my mouth, sweet and slightly like black licorice.

I had an orgasm and would have fallen if she had not held me. The first male came up behind me and pressed against my back, his hard cock rubbing the crack of my ass. I was the center of an alien sandwich they were both whistling the ace of base song. We danced as one creature I reached back and grabbed his dick with my right hand and began squeezing and sliding my hand up and down. Moving my mouth to another breast since the first was now empty I used my left hand to explore her feathery slit. It was warm inside I slid my fingers into her and she groaned low and deep. She didn’t have a clit like mine, it was more like a tiny row of 4 pearls. But, the effect was the same she was wet and I rubbed my thumb up and down the row of bumps. She came hard and collapsed taking all 3 of us to the floor. I slid down her body and buried my face in her soft mound sucking and licking on her alien cunt.

I was on my knees and reached between my legs to guide the male into my own dripping wet pussy. The curve of his cock let him rub right on my G spot. 2 arms grabbed my waist and 2 on my shoulder and he began thrusting into me in time with the inaudible bass. I was running my tongue up and down her pleasure beads and slid 2 fingers inside her. Curving my fingers like the males dick I found what had to be her G spot as well. She was thrusting up in time to him, slamming into me, shoving my face into her downy cunt. She tasted a little like cloves. Another female crawled under me jamming her narrow face in my crotch and I felt her long skinny tongue worm it’s way into the folds of my pussy.

I came instantly squirting a little in her face. Another male started fucking her missionary style, she held him with her lower hands and explored my ass with her upper hands. The pussy I was eating came again and this time she seamed to pass out so I relented. I watched as 2 men moved her to a red pillow with some other party goers who all seamed passed out. It was good to see there was a safe space. I put my head down to enjoy the pounding and licking my two lovers were giving me. The girl eating me was playing with my breasts and I returned the favor. Her lover some stiffened and filled her with his cum. As he got up to go I could see it was slightly blue as it leaked out of her. My lover was apparently super human and was still giving me the best pounding on my 31 years of life. I reached out to fondel her pussy, her feathers were smaller that the other girls was and more yellow. She wiggled her body to move us more to a 69 and arches her. Pussy to my face so I could reach. I tasted the man’s cum on my finger and found it too, was reminiscent of cloves. I dove into her cream pie plunging my fingers in and out and licking her multi pointes clit. My lover finally could not hold back and filled my womb with so much cum it felt like a river. A male came over by my face and slid his cock into the pussy I was munching on.

Someone else was whistling ace of base behind me “ is this my mating call now? “ I thought to myself with an internal laugh. A new cock slightly bigger slid into me so both us girls were getting fucked and eaten at the same time.

This new guy began smearing the cum dripping from me around my asshole and slipped a finger in. I started slamming back at him and he took the hint lubing my ass a few more times he pulled out and pushed the rip of his cock at my asshole. The alien cocks are slightly pointed compared to humans and he slid right to his feathery nut sack. The girl under me came hard and passed out as well. The male stopped fucking her right away and pulled her over to the safe zone. The male fucking my ass pulled me back and soon I was sitting revers cowboy on his dick his 4 arms helping me bounce up and down.

The other male came back whistling, I knew what was coming, I almost smiled but pursed my lips like I was kissing. He got between my legs and I helped him line his dick up with my gaping cunt and he slid home. We were like 1 being now, 8 arms held me moving me up and down on two dicks moving in perfect time. I used my hands to rub my clit and pinch my own nipples. I was a rag doll slamming up and down filled more than I had been in my whole life. It felt like it went on for an hour both men had amazing stamina my legs were butter, both men moved an arm to hold my legs high and both got a little deeper in my body. That was it I came so hard I saw lights both men came at the same time. We collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs panting. “ Oh my God I love you both so much.” I gasped out on the verge of passing out.

I heard the wind of the tunnel coming back the same sound that brought me to this party. “ No!” I said “ No I am not ready yet!” The same pressure hit me in the face this time and I was flying away. I watched the new world shrink as I went backwards down the rainbow tunnel.

I came to in the broom closet of my kitchen. It was dark and I panicked for a second and burst of in a shower of brooms and mops. I was Stark naked and every inch of my body was sore. I was starving and my mouth was as dry as cotton dipped in sand. Daylight Shown through the drapes “ wow I was tripping all night.” I opened the fridge and grabbed a Gatorade and drank it all in one go. I ate anything I could find lunch meat and cheese and a carrot. Feeling better I went looking for my phone. The living room was a mess, the table was turned over and so was the sofa. Man what a trip I thought, what the Hell did I do with my clothes.

My phone was dead so I plugged it in and took a shower my pussy felt squishy and when I rinsed it I swear I saw a blue tinge to the water.

What the actual fuck? Suddenly I had to jump on the toilet as my gut clenched, almost afraid to look but I did there was blue in there. I flushed it and got back in the shower. Clean but still dehydrated I set the sofa back up and the table the laptop was ok and I stopped. It was 7 pm Sunday, I took the pill Friday night! I had been tripping for almost18 hours? I found some other clothes and kept cleaning. I had never torn the place up like this, pictures knocked off the wall. Every stick if furniture turned over did I ransack the place was high? I ate some more and went to bed after setting 5 alarm clocks.

Day came and I headed to work still pissing a light blue tinge, my ass, tits, and pussy sore. The day ground on I knew I was more distracted than usual and stayed away from the register and stuck to the scut work. Cleaning and filling orders, I daydreamed about my trip. Damn I never remembered one so vividly before, this stuff was the real deal. And to be honest, the price was more than fair. I knew dropping more than one a week would get me fired but I also needed a few days to recover anyway.. I worked 4 ten hour days mostly in a fog, but it was McDonald's who the fuck would even notice?

My manager actually said he approved of my new change in attitude. Once I thought about it I had to agree I was less argumentative and more introspective. Every night I cooked and cleaned the house still looking for my shirts and top. I even checked outside, did I eat the fucking things? Every day I found myself looking at the bottle with the red pills, and it was harder not to take one. I missed the sexy bird people more than I wanted to admit. I lived how they had so easily accepted me into their party. I knew it was all in my head and still struggling with the fact that the pill made my piss and shit blue for a day. By Tuesday there was no more odd colors and by Wednesday I wasn't sore and no longer dehydrated. I had lost 10 pounds while tripping and had managed to gain it back. Yep hate me if you want junkies are skinny because we forget to eat. I almost called out of work Thursday because I found myself holding the pill bottle 5 times without remembering picking it up.
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