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Mark returns to his time. Much has changed for the better, then maybe all is lost.
Standing in a field, Alis holding tight, her arms wrapped around him, Mark thought on his next steps. Alis already had ideas.

"Marcus, so much magic, so much to talk about, so much. But first, I need you."

She leaned her head back and pulled his head to her. A moment's pause then Mark returned her kiss. He had mixed emotions. His Susan, just might, if he believed in the young woman holding her body to him, just might survive. But with all they'd been through, he had strong feelings for Alis. Alis who may have given so much to him, and maybe to everyone. Alis. He felt his cock rising between them, answering for him. He brought Alis to the ground with him. Mark laid back on the grass, Alis lay atop him, never breaking their kiss. He felt her body's weigh pressing onto him, felt the warmth from between her legs, her breasts crushed between them. His hands held her ass, each hand cupping and caressing. Alis, pulled up her tunic, reached between them to free Mark, then quickly placed him against her warmth, fitting him as she had before, then rocking back to accept him, sighing as he entered, sliding deeper, still kissing him, her eyes closed letting her body feel his strength filling her, this man from some magical place, giving himself to her, giving her his strength, his magic. Sharing with her, becoming one with her, Alis, healer, mother, lover. Feeling her body responding she broke their kiss, sitting back letting him fill her, rocking her hips, rolling her hips, letting him reach every spot she needed, her hand finding her engorged clit, rubbing herself, her head back, hair falling behind her, mouth open, calling to her gods, moaning in an old language, drawing all Mark's strength, letting her body go, as it travelled to another place, she let her body go, feelings, waves of pleasure washing over her, then collapsing forward onto Mark as she felt his own release, spurts up inside, Mark holding tight to her ass, holding them together. Then resting together on the grass a short walk from her childhood home.

"Marcus, was that wrong?"

"Alis that couldn't be wrong. We all owe you." She rested her head on his chest, satisfied.

As they walked back to her home near Gaius' roman style palace Mark explained as best he could what Alis had seen. Rather than being frightened by the unimaginable differences, she accepted that people would learn new ways to make things, just as the Romans knew about and built things different than the tribes of her homeland. Alis also understood that trying to explain any of this to someone of her time would more likely have her labeled a witch, which was always a short step away from the label of healer.

When they arrived at her small house Alis and Mark rested together, made love in a slow leisurely way then discussed his next steps. Mark explained,

"I need to get back to my time. To see how all of this has affected my world, and to make contact with those who sent me, at the beginning."

"Will I see you again?"

"I don't think so. I am going to recommend that people stop travelling. It can be dangerous to people of all times." Alis nodded in understanding. "I am going to write a note and ask you to bring it to Gaius. He will understand."

"He knows about your travels?"

"He is a traveller too." Alis raised her eyebrows, this seemed to explain a lot. Mark wrote a note for Gaius. Alis looked at the scratchings on the parchment. She asked,

"What do these marks say?" Mark read part of what he wrote,

---Gaius (he wrote Gerry) Please forgive me for taking certain possessions. I need to return home. All may be well. You may be able to go home yourself. In two weeks a box will be delivered to a site that Alis can show you. I will return your device. ---

There was more, but he wanted that for Gerry's eyes only. Alis looked at him,

"I would take him to the place where you come and go?"

"Yes, please. Now if you could make me a package with all the items and instructions for your cure?"

"Yes. For you." Mark wrote down the recipe and gathered up the small bundles. Then waited as Alis went back to the city to gather up young Marcas from Allsun. She surprised him by also bringing Allsun's daughter to see him. Mark spent an afternoon playing with his son and daughter. Two of the many he had left in various times and places. As the sun dropped in the sky Alis put the children to bed then sat outside her home with Mark. As the light left the sky and turned to night she looked up,

"Marcus, do you have the same stars?"

"Yes we do. Would you believe me if I said that someday men would stand on the moon? And see the reddish color star? That's another world like our own. Someday men and women will land there too."

"After what I've experienced with you why wouldn't I believe you?" They sat, arms around each other, looking at the sky. When the temperature dropped they went back inside. Stripping down then lay together under the animal skins on Alis' bed. Mark let his hands slide over her smooth skin, trying to memorize every curve, always coming back to the round cheeks he could cup in his hands. Alis felt for the erection she knew she'd find, directing it between her legs, trapping it between her thighs as her hands then travelled Mark's body. She felt his chest, around to his shoulder, touching the scars she had healed years ago, down his back and finding his ass, holding him as he held her. Alis shifted her body letting Mark's cock find its way, then moving her hips forward to let him sink into her. She put a leg over his as they both moved slightly, slowly wanting to be united as one, more than searching for release. For the first time, Mark almost wished he had some of Dmitri's drug so he could stay this way with Alis for hours. He rocked just enought to let him feel her gripping at his cock. She put her head at his neck and moaned quietly against him. Just a low, "mmmmmmm" as he moved ever so slowly within her. She felt his cock throb and swell then sighed as he came within. They held each other even as he slipped from her and slept contentedly together for one last time.

Mark and Alis spent the morning together. Then he started his walk back to the field below Ratby. He realized he could probably activate Gerry's device from most anywhere but felt that using the same site would be better if there was an unexpected problem. Mark considered stopping my Meagan on his way through the village, but decided to continue on, anxious to see how his world had changed. He came to the field late in the afternoon. Looking around carefully and seeing no sign of anyone, Mark sat on the ground and took out Gerry's travel device from the 24th century. It was similar to, but different than the one used by Alexandru's commandos. Mark still carried theirs but wasn't sure if it would work correctly if he had destroyed their travel chamber. Still, he thought his people would be interested in the technology. Mark checked the settings, then when he was sure he had everything set he looked around at 5th century England one last time closed his eyes and pressed the button...........

......Opening his eyes Mark looked around at the chamber he'd left over five years ago. He opened the door to see a surprised Dr. Fargo.

"Mark, you're back! What happened? You never showed up at the 14th century travel date. Or any of the back up dates."

"We have a lot to discuss. Get Wilson and Weston. But first.."

"Yes, your family is waiting. Right outside." Mark turned and walked out through the Dr. Fargo's door, then down to the conference room where he found Emily, and Susan. He quickly scooped up Emily and joined her in hugging Susan, who sobbed as she said,

"Mark, you're back already, but you've, changed." He laughed at this.

"I AM five years older. And I've been through a lot. So, it worked?"

"YES! Whatever you and that doctor gave me. I told you where the note was the next day. You seemed different, like you didn't know what I was talking about. You read the note and sat there staring into space. Then you gave me more of that horrible medicine."

"Did you give the rest to Dr. Wilson?"

"Yep. Here he comes now." Mark turned as Dr. Wilson entered the conference room.

"Mark. Great to see you. First, your, um.." He looked at Susan who waved her hand then took Emily outside. Dr. Wilson waited a moment. "Your efforts were successful. The population of immune people is more considerable, but the other, bigger news.." Mark looked with anticipation,

"That drink you gave Susan. We worked with the small amount left over. We synthesized it. It's working. People are surviving. If we had more of the original we could perfect it." Mark held up the bag he'd brought back with him. "Amazing, great. We think the key is a rare fungi."

"From central England, near Leicester."

"I'll pass along that information. You have all the components?"

"In separate bags, with the recipe."

"You're a life saver. Literally a life saver."

"Not me. I'm a messenger. The savior should be known."

"Who is it?"

"Her name is Alis. Everyone should know this."

"She's been lost to history."

"Maybe not. Who can we talk to in the UK?"

"You, Doctor, can talk to anyone you want."

"Then get me the Prime Minister on the phone." Susan had returned to the room. "Susie, how do you feel about a trip to England?"

"Can I spen a little time with my time travelling husband first?"

"Of course. We have a lot to discuss."

"We'll get to talking, but first.." And now she looked at Dr. Wilson, "I'd like to reclaim what has been shared with the world." Mark excused himself from Dr. Wilson and left with Susan.

When they had returned to their family quarters at the center Susan hugged Mark as the door closed.

"Mark, honey, first we HAVE to get our own place. I appreciate all they've done for us, but I'm tired of tests and more tests."

"Anything Susan. You can have anything you want."

"I really just want you Mark. For myself."

"I've wondered while I was away. How all of this would affect you."

"It's been so strange. I was dying, they'd written me off. Then you just showed up in the middle of the night with that doctor and, then you came back and I was better, but you needed to go do your thing at the clinic and all that, then you were gone. And I know what you were doing, but the world was getting better around us. Like a miracle."

"That wasn't a doctor."

"No? Who was she?"

"A young woman from the early 5th century. A healer. She helped me when I was attacked by wolves."

"Helped you?"

"Healed my wounds, kept out infection."

"And?" Mark breathed out, lowered his head.

"Yes. We did."

"And she came here to help me?"

"Yes. She felt she owed me."


"It's all so complicated. I need a lot of time to process it all and I'll tell you all of it you want."

"You, and this woman, saved me. And maybe millions of others. It's me that needs to get past everything. We can talk another time, first I want the world's most famous man to myself." Susan began unbuttoning her blouse. "You do have some left for me?" Reaching back to release her bra, Mark was transfixed once again by his wife's full breasts. As her skirt dropped over her hips he began removing his own clothes. When Susan slipped her panties down Mark smiled at the first trimmed pussy he'd seen in millenia. When Mark let the ancient tunic he was wearing fall to the floor Susan reached out to hold the hardening cock rising to meet her. She pulled him to her and offered her mouth for a kiss. Stumbling to their bed, trying to keep their lips locked together Susan fell back and pulled Mark on to her. With an urgent need for each other, Mark with the woman he'd thought he'd lost forever, Susan with the man who miraculously brought her back from near death, they joined and engaged with all the passion they could give. Susan wrapped her legs around Mark's back pulling him into her, claiming what was hers now that he was back. Mark realizing that despite the women he'd met and loved at various times in the world's distant past, he was now with the one he was meant for. Mark thrust with more energy than Dmitri's drugs had provided, thrust with more need, more energy, his lost love now returned to him. Susan, cried with pleasure as her man filled her and withdrew, then filled her again. She encouraged him, begged for more, groaned and called his name again and again, she came with relief then lifted herself to him as he spurted into her, then held her tight, not wanting to leave her. He lifted his head to look at his love. She kissed his nose and smiled,

"Mark, love, that was so, passionate. So forceful."

"I never thought I'd see you again. I've missed you for years."

"So strange. I saw you yesterday when you left."

"I don't remember that. To me you were gone. Then I went back and you were so sick. It's all so confusing."

"But you're back now and I'm here and so are so many others. What's this about England?" Mark was now laying on his side reintroducing himself with every nuance of Susan's body. He paused to answer,

"I want to go back to a place near Leicester, I have to look for something."

"What's that?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but I'll know when I see it."

"Sounds mysterious, and fun."

"The Prime Minister will meet me there."

"The Prime Minister? What, you're not good enough for the King?"

"The King is recovering, with your treatment. They want to give me some kind of award?"

"Maybe they'll make you a Knight or something?"

"I'm not sure they can, being a US citizen and all."

"And what would we call you? Doctor, Sir, Knight Severns?" They laughed. Then they made love more slowly.

After bouncing instantly through time the three hour flight to London seemed an eternity to Mark. On the other hand, the honor guard and greeting from the Prime Minister on arrival was pretty special. They took a military helicopter up to Leicester. Mark explained to the PM about his travels in the past through his country. The PM took the opportunity to tell Mark,

"The King, who is feeling much better, claims that since you lived and worked for more than a year in the realm of his ancestors, that you are also a citizen of his realm. He would like to award you a knighthood before you return home."

"I'd be honored of course. Is this allowed for US citizens?"

"There have been several honorary knighthoods in the past. We are waiving that in this case. You will be addressed as Sir in the UK." Susan squeezed Mark's hand. Mark smiled at her then turned back to the PM.

"I have no complaints. I'm not sure I deserve such an honor."

"Really? You're too modest. Anything we can do for you, you only need to ask."

They arrived at Leicester and rode out to a location Mark had given the driver. They ended up in a small street in the center city. Walking down the street in a small alcove Mark found what he was searching for.

"Here it is." The Prime Minister looked to the mayor of the city who had joined them. The mayor shrugged his shoulders,

"I'm not sure anyone knew it was here." They looked at a four foot obelisk. There had been letters carved into the stone, worn almost smooth from 1800 years of the local weather. "I wonder what it said?" They turned as Mark said,

"I know." The PM asked,

"You do? Why is it here?" Mark filled them in.

"I asked that it be put here. It said 'Alis - Healer'." The PM asked,

"Alis? She is?"

"The person who saved your King, my wife and the thousands and more who are now surviving. She is simply one of the most important people to live in your land." The small group had a series of responses,

"Amazing." "Incredible." Mark now turned to the PM.

"And now I'd like to make a request."


"A more prominent monument to 'Alis of Ratby - Healer'."

"Splendid. Of course. The King himself will create the order and preside over its unveiling. If only we knew more of her."

"I may be able to help there. I happen to know the foremost authority on Alis' life. I'm waiting for his reply to a package I sent to him."

There was a sharp crack. Everyone turned. Mark gasped.

Susan was gone.
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