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A son takes an opportunity to fuck his mom and aunt.
Jared grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Before stepping out of the trailer he turned back and yelled towards his mom, “Hey, I’m leaving for my shift, I’ll be back around nine thirty.” He was already moving through the doorway when his mom called back, “Okay sweetie, Marg and I are headed to the Blue Bell tonight so don’t wait up.”

Great, Jared’s mom was already a drunk but when her sister Margrette was in town she became even worse. The first time Jared had seen a woman naked in person was when Marg was visting. He had come back to the trailer and his mom and Margrette were getting gang banged in their living room. Jared had seen porn before then, but it was weird for the first naked women he ever saw in person were his mom and aunt getting fucked by a couple guys. As Jared got on his bike he couldn’t help but think of the two sisters making out while guys took turns on them. Even back then they were both a little worse for wear, but Margrette still kept it tight for the most part, and even Sammie, Jared’s mom, had a killer rack. Jared tried to put it out of his mind as he petaled to work.

The dinner rush at the diner came and went and pretty soon Jared was just waiting for one more table to close out and he’d be back on his way home. The young couple looked a little out of place, too clean cut for this part of town. The woman was also bursting out of her shirt and acted like she didn’t notice or care. It took all of Jared’s self control to not stare but even that wasn’t enough. Eventually the couple asked for the check and were on their way.

Jared was itching to get off by the time he was riding home. Between the thoughts about his mom and aunt and then that little bimbo’s juicy tits, he could barely keep from racing home. As he pulled up to the trailer he saw that Marg’s car was parked askew in front. Jared’s heart raced, if they were back this early then they probably had gotten lucky and were probably getting fucked as he stood there.

The front blinds were closed, so Jared quietly locked up his bike and crept around back. He crawled through his bedroom window trying to make as little noise as possible. He could hear his Mom’s voice and she sounded pretty damn drunk. Jared got to the edge of the living room and was hit by the smell of weed. Carefully he poked his phone around the corner and took in the scenario. The two sisters were dressed pretty slutty, especially considering their ages, but they were just sitting on the couch talking and drinking.

Jared was a little disappointed but realized he should go in through the front door to avoid suspicion. In a minute he was walking up the step and was in the living room. “Hey Marg, long time no see”

“Holy shit look at you!” Marg got up from the couch and gave Jared a long awkward hug. She didn’t release him as she kept talking, “Sammie and I were going to go to the bar but then we pregamed a little harder than planned, just shows what bad girls we are.” She let out a laugh and stepped to the side of Jared still keeping her arm around him. “Sammie! When did your boy become such a handsome man?”

Sammie looked up from the couch and took a minute to focus on them. “Oh he’s always been that way. He doesn’t bring girls back here though so I don’t really know how much of a man he is.” Jared blushed. This was true, but mostly because he didn’t have a car and was embarrassed that he lived in a trailer with his drunk of a mother.

“Oh, don’t look so sad Jerry!” Marg turned so she was between Sammie and Jared, “I’m sure you’re plenty of a man.” Out of sight of his mom, Marg traced out Jared’s erection. “Sit down, have a smoke and a little drink with us.”

Jared complied and half an hour later was in a better state. He was parked on the couch with Marg while Sammie was alone on a chair. Jared was still incredibly horny and he knew he had an obvious erection. Marg was staring at his crotch as she opened up, “Hey baby, so is there any girl you’re sweet on right now? Any main squeezes?”

Jared shook his head and explained he was playing the field a bit. Marg leaned in a bit and rested her hand on his thigh. “That’s good to hear, it’d be a shame for you to be all tied down at such a young age.”

Sammie piped up in a bit of a daze, “What do you mean Marg, you loved being tied up at his age!” Sammie focused a bit on what was going on between her sister and son on the couch. “Oh, Jerry. Be careful of that dirty girl, you never know where that ones been.”

“Oh, Sammie, like you’re any better. Jared I’ve seen you mom take more cock than you could imagine.” Jared was beet red with embarrassment, but still rock hard. Marg kept rubbing his cock through his jeans. “You’re a little of a sicko too, aren’t you? So hard thinking of your mom getting fucked.”

“Leave him alone, I always thought it was endearing that he’d watch me.” Jared was a little shocked. He didn’t know what to say. He snuck a glance every now and then, and watched her change through the window a couple times but he never thought he’d been caught.

“I mean, I’ll give it to you Sammie, you still have great tits, can’t all be your bra.” Marg called back as she kept stroking. Jared was practically twitching; he was so aroused.

“You mean these old things?” Sammie gave her fat tits a squeeze. She reached down the front of her tank top and pulled one out and then the other. Her E tits didn’t have any perk left to them but with the bra material still supporting them they looked amazing. Her areolas were dark, but only a little bigger than her fat nipples. Jared got an instant urge to pinch and twist them as hard as he could.

Marg lifted her hand from Jared’s cock and in an instant had taken off her shirt and bra. Her tits looked about how Jared remembered them. Two saggy As with the same nipples as her sister. “Sammie got the tits, for sure.” Marg exclaimed as she got up from the couch. She stumbled over to her sister and helped her onto her feet.

Jared rubbed his dick through his pants and the two sisters sloppily undressed each other. Soon they were sitting on either side of him on the couch. “So Sammie got great tits, but guess what I have that’s great?”

Jared swallowed as he turned towards his Aunt and ran his hand over her thigh towards her bare cunt. He felt his mom undoing his pants but didn’t give it a second thought. With one arm around Marg and the other working it was between her thighs, Jared leaned in and kissed her deeply. She tasted like Jack and smoke, but Jared couldn’t help himself. The delicate pussy lips caught him a little off guard, but he was blown away by what followed. Marg’s pussy was tight and dripping wet. Jared had only felt a pussy like this when he’d spilt lube on his highschool girlfriend.

“Fucking A, you’re so wet!” It sounded stupid coming out of his mouth but he didn’t know what else to say.

“That’s just the icing on the cake.” She reached down and took hold of his hand and pushed two of his fingers into her. Once they were in she squeezed down hard, gripping his fingers. He was so focused on the sensation on his fingers he barely registered that his dick was wet and being pumped in and out of a mouth.

Looking down he saw his mother deep throating his erection. Her poorly dyed blonde hair was bouncing around and her tits were pushed up against his leg. It all hit him at once and he couldn’t control himself as he came down his mom’s throat.

She stayed down there for a second and then slowly raised her head sucking hard to not spill a drop of his cum. Sammie had barely pulled off of Jared's dick when Marg leaned in and kissed her. Jared couldn’t see it but he knew Marg was getting a taste of his nut.

“I guess it’s only fair that you get the first load since you’re his mom.” Marg leaned back and put her hand back on Jared’s cock.

“Hey, you know Dad and Uncle Rob would always fuck you first. They sometimes left me out entirely before I got my tits.” Sammie was immediately embarrassed that she let that bit of family history slide. Her dad had been dead for a couple years, but still a weird thing to bring up.

“I did my exercises every night while you were getting fucked by anyone willing to throw a stick at you.” Marg meant to hurt and Jared knew this. Almost without hesitation he slapped Marg’s tit hard, eliciting a squeal from his Aunt.

“Don’t be a bitch Marg” He’d never talked like this in front of his mom, let alone to his Aunt.

Marg had a look of defiance in her eyes, “What? All of our dad’s friend wanted to fuck me but he wouldn’t let them. Your mom on the other hand was taking them in every hole she could.”

Jared could tell she was only saying to piss him off, so he went with it. He threw Marg to the rug and stripped his clothes. She squirmed under him but didn’t get anywhere. When Jared saw his opening he reached down and grabbed both of his Aunt’s nipples. He squeezed hard and twisted as Marg let out a low cry.

“You’re just jealous cause now you have to chase guys all night just to get a fuck. My beautiful mom can just flash her juicy tits and get whatever she wants.” With that he adjusted himself a little lower on his aunt. “Mom, how about you sit on Aunt Marg’s face.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Sammie got up and got situated on her sister’s face. This wasn’t the first time she’d been in this position and even though Marg was shit at eating pussy it was still nice to dominate her a little. Without being told to Marg began licking her sister's twat.

Jared was fully erect again and moved down between Marg’s legs.he pushed her legs back till his mom grabbed them and pinned them down. Jared got a clear view of his aunt’s tight snatch. It was completely hairless and despite how it looked earlier and how it felt, with her in this position it was clear her pussy had some miles on it.

He didn’t dwell on it too long as he plunged his erection into Marg. She was amazingly wet and velvety but what really blew Jared’s mind was that as soon as he had bottomed out he felt her tense up and contract her vaginal walls. In a second he was pounding his cock into the wettest and tightest pussy he’d ever felt.

How could this forty something year old woman be single and have a pussy like this? Jared knew he had to pace himself, and so he stopped pounding into her and instead bottomed out and grinded against her mature clit. She began shaking almost immediately.

Sammie was disappointed as she stopped feeling her sister licking her cunt and instead just heard muffled cries of ecstasy coming from her. Sammie kept grinding but knew she wasn’t going to get anything more from this slut.

Jared felt Marg’s pussy relax and contract with each grind. When she relaxed Jared noticed how loose she actually was, but he had still fucked looser women his own age. As he rubbed into her he felt his own orgasm building. He focused on limiting his movement while grinding as hard as possible. Seconds before Jared would have lost it Marg began spasming and Jared pulled out. As Marg twitched on the ground Jared moved forward and practically tackled his mom. With a little effort he got Sammie on top of his dick and had her grinding away on him.

The change of position had given Jared’s cock a chance to calm down. He was further helped by the fact that his mom’s pussy felt cavernous compared to Marg’s. Sammie made up for it though as she expertly gyrated on her son’s dick, making her tits bounce around in a beautiful manner.

Jared felt himself building again and reached out to grab his mother’s tits. He squeezed hard and marveled as her tits squished though his fingers. “Come for Momma! Come in Momma’s pussy!” Jared couldn’t believe what he was hearing but it put him over. He shot his load into his mom, who pulled off and quickly adjusted herself so her dripping cunt was over Marg’s mouth.

Sammie lowered her bare cunt down and Marg began licking it clean. Sammie turned slightly and lowered her head back down onto Jared’s penis, licking her fluids from him. Jared watched in awe as his mom licked him clean and then rode his Aunt’s face to orgasm. In a couple minutes they were all a panting mess on the floor.


2021-10-19 01:46:28
Brings back so many good horny memories. My cousins lived in a trailer park and mom loved visiting when she would go on a bender. My first taste of many things came in those days. I enjoyed the story well written.


2021-10-19 01:45:44
Brings back so many good horny memories. My cousins lived in a trailer park and mom loved visiting when she would go on a bender. My first taste of many things came in those days. I enjoyed the story well written.


2021-10-13 15:23:09
Great story. Everyone needs a mom and aunt like that.

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