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This is a fantasy story - no hikers were harmed in its creation. It was written in a one hour story challenge.
I was following the gaggle of girls for about an hour when the group broke up a few miles down the trail, deep into the forest.

Young, loud, all ponytails and shorts. Tan and budding, they looked fresh and inviting.

I kept a good distance behind them on the trail, knowing that they were unaware they were being followed. I moved quickly and quietly, my thin frame adapted to this by years of hunting in the forest. It had been too long since my last hunt, and I had tamp down my eagerness as I tracked the group.

The group split up, two girls went on down the trail and the rest of the group started down the loop, that would in a mile or two bring them pack to their cars.

The pair headed down the trail, winding deeper into the forest with me following them at a good distance.

This time of the year, late in the summer, many hikers were back at work and kids were in school. The trails were sparsely populated with walkers and this deep in the trees, seeing another hiker would be a rarity.

As the trail brush became more dense and the trail itself began to wind with more curves, I began to close the distance with the girls.

I could hear them up ahead, chatting and laughing as they moved down the trail.

It would be dark in a few hours, so I guessed that they were intending to pitch a tent off-trail soon.

They pitched their tent as the sun got low. I watched from a good distance away. They had searched a bit for a camping spot and finally found a place well off the trail to assemble the tent.

One had long blonde hair and the other was a black girl with her hair cropped short.

I got the black girl when she went out to pee.

Squatting there in the soft leaves with a stream of urine splashing onto the ground she never heard me approaching.

The blackjack across the back of her head took her out immediately. I stood over her for a moment, stroking my long beard and taking in the prone form in front of me.

I tied her legs and arms, gagged her and left to subdue the Blonde.

When Blondie came out of the tent she was looking down the barrel of my 9mm handgun.

“Come here, or I’ll kill you.” I ordered.

Stunned, she obeyed.

I turned her around and searched for weapons, finding none.

“Make a sound, you die.”

I bound her hands and legs, and finally gagged her.

I dragged her into their roomy tent. After I double checked her bindings I went to get her friend, still lying unconscious in the leaves.

In a few minutes both young women were in the tent, trussed and quiet.

Before the Black girl came to I had removed her jacket and pants.

At gunpoint I had the blonde girl strip down to panties and a sports bra. Then I tied her hands behind her back and instead of tying her feet together I put her on her knees and roped her ankles to her wrists behind her back.

Now whether kneeling or laying on her back, she wasn't going anywhere.

I didn't want to deal with two girls at once, so I had other plans for the Black girl.

When she began to come to I was behind her with a length of soft nylon rope. I slipped it around her neck in a clove hitch and pulled it tight, and began strangling the young thing.

I had cut her t-shirt and bra up the middle to see her tits as I choked her and I wasn't disappointed.

She was young but had a great set of boobs with well-defined nipples, and swayed and jiggled as she struggled.

With her legs lashed together she bucked and strained against the ropes to no avail.

Her friend the blonde was watching this in horror from across the tent, breathing heavily.

The Black girl began convulsing and shaking as her body started to shut down. I continued to pull at the ropes, cutting off the air to the young girl.

She spasmed in a few waves, then her body settled down and relaxed, nearly unconscious as a few small tremors jerked her legs and arms.

I tightened the ropes, watching the young Black girl's body convulsing, her tits quivering.

She flopped over heavily and I continued to strangle the girl, giving her neck a few hard shakes like a cat shaking a mouse.

Finally I checked her neck for a pulse. The girl was dead.

I untied her legs and pulled off her pants and the panties she was wearing.

As her friend looked on, sobbing, I pulled my long, slim cock out of my worn-out army pants and pulled a condom on it. It had been weeks, and I had a furious hard on, an angry red with veins standing out.

From her position the blonde had no choice but to watch me fuck the body of her dead friend.

Kneeling between the Black girl's legs, I positioned my stiff cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in.

Her dark full pussy lips parted for my thick dick and I slid fully into her still-warm cunt.

“Fuuuck that’s good. ‘Been too long.”

The Black girl's eyes were still open, staring and fixed on the tied and kneeling blonde girl. Her eyes were wide as she watched her friend's body defiled by my cock.

I hadn’t had a Black girl for a long time, I had forgotten how hot my long pale cock looked sliding between dark lips like hers.

Nearly hysterical, the Blonde moaned as I turned the Black girl's head to me and kissed her, slipping my tongue into the dead girl's mouth.

Peeling her shirt and bra back I took her lovely little black tits in my hands and squeezed them, my cock pinning her body to the tent floor.

It had been a while since my last girl, so I quickly began to lose control. I knew I still had the blonde, so cumming this early in the black girl was acceptable.

Plus, she wasn't going anywhere if I wanted to do her again.

I continued stroking the Black girl on her sleeping bag until I was jerking and cumming in her.

Her head was back, mouth open and little pink tongue sticking out just a little.

She flopped like a ragdoll as I pounded her, gasping and grunting as I came.

When my orgasm faded to a few shivers I pulled my cock out of the dead young girl. The condom was bulging with my cum. It has been a while since my last girl, so I had a big load saved up.

I went through their packs as the blonde girl lay on her side, still nude and tied.

I ate some trail mix and washed my face, combing out my beard with my fingers.

I turned my attention to the little blonde, running my hands through her long hair and setting her up on her knees.

“Don’t be scared honey. I won’t hurt you. Not like your friend. I got carried away, ya know?”

The blonde stared at me.

“Things will be different with us. I’ll take care of you. If you’re real nice to me, I’ll let you go back down the trail, OK?”

I took one of her large, firm tits in one hand and squeezed it gently. The girl moaned.

“See, doesn’t that feel good?

I hugged her from behind, moving my hands between her legs and into the blonde fuzz around her snatch.

Probing, I slide a finger into her cunt.

“So dry honey.” I said.

I placed my fingers near her mouth and I commanded her to lick them.

She licked and sucked my fingers until they were wet, and I inserted them in her pussy.

The blonde girl groaned as I squatted behind her and finger fucked her, my scraggly beard tickling her naked back. One hand squeezed a large tit while my other worked out on her cunt.

I continued fucking the Blonde with two fingers until I felt her getting wet, and heard the sound of my fingers in her sopping pussy.

I pushed the young girl onto her back, her ankles still tied, heels in the air, pussy open and accessible for me.

Kneeling between her legs I slide my latex covered cock into her as she watches.

A few strokes and my cock is buried to the hilt in her unshaved cunt.

The blonde is crying uncontrollably as I grab a handful of hair and pull her chin down so she can watch my dick disappear into her.

As I stroke the girl’s pussy her tits quiver and shake - her boobs much larger than the Black girls.

I roughly paw them both, pulling the puffy nipples.

I wonder if the two were lovers, as I press down on her thighs, holding her legs wide open.

I place my hands on her neck and begin choking her, squeezing her windpipe closed.

The little blond begins trying to scream under her gag, but the lack of air forbids it.

It’s a rasping, gasping sound and music to my ears.

Her eyes are wide and fearful, as she realizes that what happened to her friend is only moments away from happening to her.

Her body is thrashing under me but my thin muscular frame is too strong.

As I pound her exposed pussy I continue to strangle my little blond prize, my wiry hands fast and strong on her slim neck.

My beard is tickling her tits as I close off her windpipe with my hands.

She begins to convulse violently, her cunt squeezing my cock as she jerks.

I give her neck a few shakes, tightening my grip and her spasms fade to a series of quiet shudders.

I feel her pussy fluttering; an involuntary orgasm, a hypoxia induced dream while being choked.

Dreaming of her Black lover licking her pussy, maybe.

Still fucking the sweet little cunt, I notice how still my blond has become. I pause and remove the gag. Her mouth hangs open, her little tongue pink and protruding a bit.

Her blue eyes are locked open and staring. Her body is limp and loose.

Checking quickly I find that she’s dead.

I release her neck, I watch her head flop back onto the sleeping bag, head back, mouth open.

I put my hands on her thighs and push her legs open and start pounding her little pink cunt.

The Blonde bounces and flops like a toy as I use her pussy to get off.

Soon I’m ejaculating inside her in a series of waves, both hands full of the young girl's tits.

Pulling out of her wetness I see another condom full of my cum.

I slept well that night, awaking in the morning before the sun with my cock hard. I had to decide which lovely lady to empty my balls into.

Unzipping their sleeping bags to reveal their nude bodies, I took some time to decide, running my hands over their tits.

The blonde looked like an angel with perfect boobs, asleep in her bag. I decided to fuck my lovely big-breasted blond again, although she was somewhat ridged and cool despite being zipped up tight in her bag all night.

I unzipped her bag fully and turned her over to look at her ass. It was pale and wide, with a perfect butthole.

I slipped on a condom and lubed it up with some hair conditioner from the girls bags.

My cock slid into her asshole while I filled my hands with her lovely hanging tits. I began stroking her body, my scraggly beard laid out on her back as I reached for those big tits.

The Black girl laid in her bag, her cocoa colored tits exposed, head turned and her eyes on us

I reached over and felt her tits as well, placing my hand on her throat and choking her body again.

My long skinny cock was deep in the blonde's tight butthole, slowly stroking now, savoring the feeling and the view.

I filled another condom fucking the Blonde’s beautiful asshole, the orgasm wracking my thin body with convulsions as I jetted cum in her.

I left my two hikers early, knowing that someone would report them overdue and a search would begin.

It could be months before they are found in their tent, zipped up in their bags, strangled to death by some stranger.

I melted into the woods and began walking, wandering, thinking about my next prey.
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