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I've been having some trouble completing stories recently and just wanted to prove to myself I could still do it. I am working in a second installment but I'm unsure if it will get completed. All comments and ratings are appreciated.
“Hey Sierra, do you think you could help me with... oh shit, I’m sorry.” I had barged into the room of one of my housemates, Sierra, hoping she could help me with my latest university essay for my ancient history class but had not been expecting what I walked into.

I was so used to all three of us housemates just strolling into each others rooms when our bedroom doors are unlocked or open that I hadn’t even spared a second thought as I walked into her room but the instant that I see her I know I have fucked up. Sierra is sitting on her bed completely naked with her legs spread wide and her fingers buried deep in her pussy. Two thoughts run through my mind as I see Sierra in such a position, ‘that is so fucking hot’ and ‘oh shit, she’s going to kill me'. I quickly look away and apologise all while tripping over myself to try and get out of the room before Sierra loses her shit and flies into a rage at what was definitely an invasion of her privacy, as accidental as it may be.

“Wait. Corey wait.” Sierra calls out to me as I hurriedly try to leave her room but her commanding tone of voices stops me dead in my tracks.

“I guess you wanted my help with an essay?” She asks as I stand in the doorway to her bedroom desperately hoping this conversation will end and I can escape this awkwardness.

“Yeah, I’ll come back later though when you’re, urm, finished.” I tell her starting to take a step out of her room but I stop in my tracks when she speaks again.

“Wait.” She tells me with an almost nervous sounding sigh, it takes her a couple of seconds before she says anything else and when she does speak again she just asks me a question, “Corey, do you know what quid pro quo means?”

“Yeah, basically it means help me and I’ll help you.” I tell her having absolutely no idea why she is asking me this.

“Corey, I need you to look at me.” Sierra tells me still sounding nervous and confusing me even more but also exciting me because I hadn’t heard her putting on any clothes and I’m certain that she is still standing naked behind me.

I slowly and cautiously turn around to face her scared that this is some kind of trap and when I turn around she will be waiting to hit me for seeing her naked and fingering herself. When I finally face her I see that she isn’t about ready to lash out at me but is instead looking down towards the floor with her long brown hair falling across her face obscuring her brown eyes but leaving enough of her face visible for me to see that she is blushing deeply. I try not to but I can’t stop myself from trailing my eyes down her petite body, over her small and perky B cup breasts and the obviously hard puffy pink nipples that top them, I let my gaze continue to drop over her flat toned stomach and to her bald pubic mound and her pussy lips just barely visible between her legs and finally down her long smooth legs.

“Wow.” I gasp unaware that I had even made a noise until Sierra laughs softly and speaks.

“That good?” She asks looking up at me and sounding like she has regained some of her confidence.

“You’re really beautiful.” I tell her breathlessly, I'm still confused by what is happening right now but also at the same time I can feel myself starting to get aroused by Sierra’s naked body.

“Thank you.” She says with a small smile crossing her face but then her face grows serious and she speaks again, “now for the part where you help me.”

“What, urm, what with?” I stammer out the question feeling like our roles have been reversed with me now being the nervous one and Sierra seeming confident.

“I want to cum but for some reason I can’t do it myself.” Sierra tells me taking me by surprise and making all of the blood in my body rush to my cock.

“You want me to... to...” I stumble over my words and then trail off my question as I think of all the things she might want me to do, finger her, eat her pussy or maybe even fuck her.

“Just start with your fingers and we’ll see what feels right.” She tells me walking towards her bed putting extra away into her hips and leaving me mesmerised by her perfect bubble butt.

I close Sierra's bedroom door and make my way over to her bed before stopping and looking down at her, I’d always thought that she was kind of cute but looking at her like this she seems almost unnaturally beautiful like a painting come to life. Sierra had always seemed innocent to me but seeing her like this makes me re-evaluate what I had thought of her, especially when looking up at me she gently bites her lip and opens her legs wider giving me a better view of her obviously wet pussy. The sight of Sierra naked with her legs spread waiting for me to help her cum has my cock rock hard and throbbing with all the ideas of things I want to do with her.

“Is it ok if I kiss you?” I ask her as I pull off my T shirt and throw it to the floor before climbing onto the bed with her.

“Please do.” Sierra tells me before leaning up seemingly eager to meet me halfway for a kiss.

The kiss starts off almost hesitant like we are both unsure about what we are doing but after a couple of seconds we start to relax and lose the last of our hesitancy. I move myself so I’m resting on my hands and knees above Sierra and as I move we deepen our kiss, opening our mouths and letting our tongues explore each others mouths. I chase Sierra's tongue with my own and then start to explore her mouth letting our tongues dance together at the same time, we switch after a while and Sierra’s tongue follows mine into my mouth. As her tongue chases mine I shift my weight slightly so I can bring up one of my hands and start to massage one of her breasts feeling her moan into my mouth when I do so.

I alternate between massaging her breast and teasing her nipple with my fingers while we kiss, when we break from the kiss both of us are breathing heavily but that doesn’t stop me from starting to trail soft kisses down over her neck and chest until I reach her breasts. I start to use my tongue to tease the nipple of one of her breasts while my hand continues to play with the other, the moment my tongue connects with her nipple Sierra let’s out a loud moan. Her moan spurs me on and I latch onto her nipple with my mouth and start to gently suck on her nipple letting my tongue swirl around it while at the same time continuing to use my fingers to play with her other nipple, every couple of seconds I gently bite down on her nipple while also lightly pinching her other nipple drawing loud moans from her.

I shift my weight again so that I’m resting just on my legs and with my second hand now free I drop it down between Sierra’s legs. I don’t stop paying attention to her nipples as I trail my fingers first up the inside of her one thigh and then up the other making her gasp and moan at my actions. The dominant and controlling side of me enjoys making girls beg and plead with me to stop teasing them and actually fuck them but Sierra doesn’t speak, instead as I finally bring my hand into contact with her pussy lips she thrusts her hips up into my hand.

I run my fingers around her pussy teasing her labia while simultaneously using my other hand and tongue to stimulate her nipples making her soft moans come more frequently. Sierra’s moans make me up my game and after a little while of teasing her labia I suddenly bring my finger to her clit and circle it while at the same time gently biting and pinching her nipples. My actions make Sierra cry out in pleasure and throw her hips up into my hand trying to grind her clit against my hand in an attempt to increase the sensations and start properly climbing towards her orgasm. The controlling dominant side of me doesn’t want to start in earnest yet though because I want to hear her beg me, so I take my hand away from her pussy making her groan from the loss of sensation.

“Don’t stop.” Sierra almost demands of me still trying to push up with her hips seeking my hand and the sensations that come with it.

“I want to hear you beg.” I tell her quickly before returning my mouth to her nipple but reducing my efforts on her nipples making my movements almost lazy.

“Please don’t stop Corey.” She moans after only a moments hesitation, she seems to think that her quick request is enough but when I don’t do anything more than lazily play with her nipples she starts to beg properly.

“Please stop teasing me, please I need to cum, please Corey make me cum, please, oh fuck, please, please, please.” Sierra keeps up her chant of ‘please' while I continue to lazily play with her nipples with my tongue and one hand, after a few long seconds of enjoying the sound of her lust filled and needy pleading I decide to give her what she wants.

“Good girl.” I say softly as I take my mouth away from her breast just long enough to speak before returning it to her nipple.

Sierra sighs seemingly in pleasure at my words, so wanting to start things properly I bite down on her one nipple and pinch her other nipple all while softly pinching her clit. My actions make her cry out so loudly that I swear she could be heard on the other side of town, I worry that I have hurt her but she doesn’t tell me to stop, so I don’t. I change up my assault on her nipples using my mouth to alternate between sucking and licking her nipple while alternating between circling and rolling her other nipple between my fingers. While still paying attention to her nipples I start rubbing my fingers across her opening collecting her juices on my fingers before bringing them up to her clit, I circle the hard little nub one way before stroking my fingers across it and then circling in the opposite direction.

Sierra’s breathing is getting heavier and her pussy is leaking juices all over my hand and her bed as I move back to her opening which I tease for a moment before suddenly pushing two fingers inside her. She moans loudly as I push my fingers inside her, her moans don’t quiet down but get louder and more intense as I start thrusting my fingers in and out of her curling them at the same time to try and hit her G spot. Every few thrusts I bring my thumb into contact with her clit and rapidly rub it for a second or two before stopping and resuming to fuck her with my fingers, it doesn’t take too long before I can feel Sierra climbing towards her orgasm.

“Stop, stop.” Sierra pants, I quickly stop finger fucking her and pull my fingers from inside her confused as to why she had told me to stop especially as she was so obviously close to an orgasm.

“Take off your trousers.” She practically orders me making my already hard cock twitch as I think that she is about to tell me to fuck her.

I quickly climb off of Sierra and then the bed before almost ripping off my trousers and underwear in my eagerness but when I look back at Sierra she is sitting on the bed facing me. Sierra taps the bed next to her obviously meaning for me to sit next to her, her actions destroy any hope I’d had of fucking her but I climb onto the bed next to her anyway knowing that even if I’m not going to be fucking her the chances of me getting a handjob or a blowjob are looking rather high. She shuffles over to me so she is leaning against me and reaches down with her one hand and grips my cock sending sparks through my body as she slowly starts to stroke my cock with her tiny hand making my length look huge.

After a couple of seconds spent stroking my cock Sierra uses her free hand to grab one of my own hands and pulls it down to her pussy. I start to rub her soaking wet sex paying special attention to her clit, I feel her rest her head on my shoulder so I turn my head and gently kiss her forehead which makes her look up at me and then when she does I lean down and kiss her. The kiss is a long, deep and passionate kiss that makes it feel like we are melting into each other with our passion, I can feel her softly moaning into my mouth as we kiss and I gently slip two fingers back inside her and start to slowly move then in and out of her.

“I’m gonna cum.” Sierra moans loudly after a while as she pulls back from the kiss then I feel her grip on my cock tighten and the walls of her pussy start pulsate around my fingers.

“Yes, cum for me.” I tell her my voice almost a growl from the lust I’m feeling, when I finish speaking I lower my head and kiss her neck softly sucking on her tender flesh and as I do Sierra explodes.

Her orgasm hits her hard making her cry out as her hips thrust up into my hand before dropping back onto the bed as I hold my fingers inside her feeling her pussy clamp down around them. Sierra’s entire body shakes as her orgasm rips through her body turning her lovely moans into grunts of pleasure, her pussy pulsate like she is trying to milk my fingers of every last bit of pleasure they can give her. After a long minute she starts to come down from her orgasm, her painful grip on my cock loosens and her violent shaking turns to soft trembling as she collapses against me taking short panting breaths.

“Holy shit.” Sierra gasps breathlessly while still leaning against making me laugh softly before I feel her turn her head and start to softly kiss my neck.

“I want your cock in me.” Sierra growls as she moves spinning around and throwing her one leg over mine so she is facing me and straddling my lap with her pussy pressed against my cock.

“Have you got a condom?” I ask desperately wanting to plunge my cock inside her as she rubs her wet sex against my length making me moan, I hold back though because don’t want to take the risk of getting her pregnant.

“I’m on the pill.” She tells me pushing forward with her hips so her pussy is pressed hard against my cock then she starts to circle her hips.

Sierra’s words wipe away my hesitations so I wrap my arms around her grabbing her ass and lift her up making her gasp. I don’t think that she knows what I’m doing at first but after a moment she must realise what is happening because she reaches down grasps my rock hard cock and guides it towards her entrance. I lower her down feeling my cock push inside her, her pussy envelopes my cock making me moan at the wet, hot tightness of it and when I look up from watching my cock sink into her pussy I can see that Sierra’s eyes are closed and her mouth is open in an O shape.

“Oh fuck you’re so big.” Sierra moans her eyes closed and her voice rough once my cock is buried fully inside of her.

“God you’re tight.” I groan at the same time she speaks while I feel her pussy grip my cock and see her breasts rising and falling with her breaths mere inches from my face.

I tear my eye away from the sight of Sierra’s breasts and look up at her face, her eyes are closed and her mouth is slightly open in a look of pleasure. The expression on her face is so intensely erotic that I have the urge to throw her down onto the bed and fuck her hard and fast making her scream and cry out my name while I mercilessly fuck her until we both cum. I hold myself back as I don’t want to hurt her and I wait for her to either tell me that I can start fucking her or for her to move herself, after almost a minute she starts to raise herself up which I take as my cue to start fucking her which is what I do.

We move slowly to begin with and I use my hands underneath her ass to help her rise up until only the head of my cock remains inside her. Sierra starts to lower herself back down on my length and at the same time I push up with my hips to meet hers. We keep up our actions and we slowly start to get quicker and quicker, the position we are in doesn’t allow for much speed but feels much more intimate than other positions with us being face to face and able to look into each other’s eyes as I slide in and out of her.

I lean forward and capture Sierra’s lips with my own as our pace slows down slightly, our kiss is deep and passionate like all that matters in the world right now is us and what we are doing. I don’t understand why but this feels so much more different than any sex I’ve had before, I don’t feel the need to be dominant and controlling like I had earlier, I don’t even feel the need to fuck her harder and actually quite enjoy the slow intimate pace we have going. We only break from the kiss for a split second to breathe before going straight back at it, our tongues exploring each others mouths as I continue to plunge inside her making it feel like the rest of the world drops away until we are all that is left.

“Come on baby, I want us to cum together.” Sierra tells me her voice dripping with lust as pulls back slightly from the kiss and speeds up her movements until she is bouncing up and down on my cock.

“Oh fuck I’m close.” I moan as her words and increase in speed bring me right up to the brink of my orgasm.

“Yes, fill me with your cum.” She orders me her voice husky and trembling like she is right on the edge of her own orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum.” I warn her a moment before my orgasm slams into making me groan loudly as I explode pumping my cum deep inside Sierra.

“Oh fuck, I love you.” She cries out loudly a split second before she collapses against me, her body shaking and her pussy pulsating around my cock like it is trying to milk every last drop of cum out of me as she orgasms.

The feeling of her pussy milking my cock sends shockwaves through my body making every one of my muscles lose all their strength and I collapse backwards on the bed taking Sierra down with me so she is lying on top of me with my cock still buried inside her. I wait for her to come down from her orgasm as she shakes on top of me and her pussy continues trying to milk my cock even though there is no cum left to milk. I wrap my arms around Sierra and pull her down on top of me loving the feel of her body pressed tightly against mine and as I pull her to me her orgasm seems to increase in intensity again making her whole body start to shake again.

“Oh my god.” Sierra whispers breathlessly as my softening cock slips out of her with a loud wet squelching sound and she finally comes down from her orgasm a few long minutes after it had originally hit her.

“So you urm...said.” I start wanting to ask her about the declaration of love she had screamed moments before her orgasm, I want to know if it was true or if her words were just a product of her lust and the pleasure she was feeling at the time.

“That was the best sex ever.” Sierra tells me as rolls off of me and interrupts me preventing me from asking my question like she knows what I’m about to ask and doesn’t want to have to answer me.

“Yeah, you could get addicted to sex like that.” I tell her with a soft laugh making her giggle then at the same we both roll over to face each other, both of us with dreamy smiles plastered on our faces.

“If you give me a couple of minutes to go and get cleaned up I’ll help you with that essay.” Sierra tells me after a couple of minutes spent with us lying next to each other just gazing into each other’s eyes.

I agree as I do still need help with my essay and Sierra is the smartest person I know and has helped me with essays in the past that got me some of my highest grades. Sierra gives me a quick kiss before clambering off of the bed and pulling on my T shirt, seeing her in my T shirt makes my heart almost pound out of my chest and I have the sudden desire to lunge off of the bed wrap her in a hug and kiss her. A part of me wants to once again try and ask Sierra about what she had said before her orgasm and demand an answer from her on if she meant it when she said she loved me, because if she did those feeling might be reciprocated. I don’t know if it’s love I feel for Sierra but I know that I’ve never felt these things before like I’ve never before wanted to cuddle with a girl after sex but right now all I want to do is pull her back down to the bed with me and hold her in my arms.

“When I get back, if you show me what you’ve got done of your essay so far we can work on it together.” Sierra tells me with a smile as she opens her bedroom door and start the short walk to the bathroom so she can clean up.

“Yeah I’d like that.” I mutter deciding in that moment that I won’t bring up her pre-orgasm declaration of love or the new unknown things I’m feeling for her because I don’t want to risk ruining our friendship. I know that if in the future she ever does bring it up I won’t hesitate to tell her how I feel, but until she says anything I will just enjoy the friendship we have and the memory of what we did together this day.


2021-10-08 04:26:38
Good story well written I'm looking forward to part 2 or 2 keep going

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