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A girl goes on holiday to live her exhibitionist fantasies
The Exhibitionist Girl’s Solo Holiday

by Vanessa Evans

Part 3

I woke when it was still dark outside and I got to my feet and went out onto the balcony. I was suddenly wide awake when I saw a group of young men walking towards the hotel. I quickly went into my room and got the plastic water bottle and went back outside and started to pretend to drink whilst making the bottle crackle.

It worked and first one, then all of them looked up and saw the naked girl with her legs wide open. One of then shouted,

“Hey beautiful, wanna come and play with us?”

I looked down pretending to just notice them then shook my head sideways and started rubbing my clit. It was a bit tender at first but I wasn’t going to stop until those men were walking away. Probably fortunately, that didn’t take long and seeing no one else out at whatever time it was I went back inside and dropped onto my bed again.

I went back to sleep quickly.


When I woke again my phone alarm was sounding and I dragged myself to the bathroom. Thirty minutes later I walked out feeling a lot fresher and wide awake. I tied a scarf around my hips with the knot over my pubic bone and went for some breakfast. The girl was still on reception and she smiled as she said,

“Buenos días.”

I was a bit early and the coffee and some of the food wasn’t there so I sat and waited. A young couple that I’d seen in there before came in and the girl gave me a filthy look when she saw that I was topless. I smiled and said to myself,

“Wait until you see what I’d nearly wearing for a skirt.”

Discretely I tucked the ends of the scarf in the top to make sure that my bald pubes, slit and clit would be clearly visible when I stood up.

When the coffee arrived I got up and slowly walked passed the couples table and watched first the girl, then on my way back, the man having a good look at my pussy. I was smiling as I started sipping my coffee.

I did the same when I went for some food and enjoyed the girl’s look of disgust.

Breakfast over I went to my room and got my things ready for the day then I went out onto the balcony again. When I saw that breakfast room couple walk out of the hotel I got the water bottle and made it crackle. They both looked up and saw the naked me with my legs spread a bit and I smiled and waved at them.

I stayed there, hoping for more voyeurs, until it was just before ten. Deciding that going out naked in broad daylight was different to going out when it was dark, I tied a scarf round my hips, put my sandals on and picked up my sunglasses and bag and left my room. The old man had taken over from the girl and he only gave the topless girl with her pussy on show a cursory glance before going back to whatever.

I was still looking at him when I heard a male voice and turned to see two young men pulling cases walking in. They did a double take of me then walked to the old man to check-in with a smile on their faces.

I was just about to say hello to them when I heard Ethan’s voice,

“Come on Sadie, get that skirt thing off, you’re going to be naked all day.”

The two newcomers turned and watched me untie the scarf and stuff it in my bag.

“You guys are going to surround me so that no one can see me aren’t you?” I asked.

“Not a chance Sadie, you want to be seen and seen you will be. By the way, how are you this morning?” Ryan asked.

“A bit sore but okay. Are you going to make me walk to the quads in front of you like this then?”

“Yes we are.” Ethan, Max and Harry replied.

And I nervously did with only four people, that I saw, looking at me.

With my bag in the carrier at the back of Ethan’s quad I climbed on and waited for the guys to get themselves organised.

I was expecting the guys to head straight out of town but they didn’t, they drove down what seemed like every street in town, slowing right down whenever there were any tourists round. Just as the previous day my tits were on display but not my pussy. Because I had no straps or strings on my sides and anyone who looked would be able to see that I was naked.

As we drove down the short length of dual carriageway a police car came the other way but no blue lights came on and we didn’t see them again. Finally we headed out of town and headed for the other beaches on that side of the island that we didn’t go to the previous day.

I recognised where we were going when we drove along a long straight road, it was Cala Conta beach. The quads couldn’t go where the bus went so the guys drove off road where all the cars were going. It wasn’t an organised car park just open land with lots of bushes and people were parking anywhere that they fancied.

The guys parked and locked the quads and when I got off I asked the guys for at least my scarf because people walking from their cars weren’t naked. As I had hoped, all the guys said “no” and I had to (ha) walk with them wearing only my sandals and sunglasses.

They led me in amongst all the parked cars with lots of people seeing me naked, then they did a sort of loop and came out on the road and we walked towards the beaches alongside the road with cars and other vehicles arriving. The guys could have avoided going through where the security guards were controlling the barrier to only let authorised vehicles through but they didn’t and thankfully the old security man didn’t say anything about my nudity.

Round the corner I told the guys where the nude beach was and where the main beach was and we walked up the incline to where we could see the nude part.

“That’s too small to really show you off Sadie,” Ryan said. “let’s go and look at the main beach.”

Well that meant walking passed the cafe and I’d seen a huge security guard there the previous time that I went there, but this time I was going to be completely naked when I walked passed the cafe and maybe that security guard.

Thankfully we didn’t see the guard but we did see lots of other people because a bus had just dropped off dozens of holidaymakers, the majority of them walking our way. I felt nervous and excited being the only one naked but no one said anything, maybe because of the five guys that were with me.

Anyway, we walked down to the main beach which isn’t that big, and along the water’s edge passed all the people that were already there. I saw a few people looking at me and one woman covering the eyes of a little boy which I thought was totally stupid as the kid was too young to even be thinking about bodies.

At the end of the beach Ethan said,

“This isn’t going to be any fun guys, we can’t fuck Sadie here without someone complaining, let’s go and find a better beach.”

All the guys agreed and so did I. No one had said that I was going to get fucked that day but I had been hoping that I would. I’d never managed to count the number of times that I’d been fucked the day before but I know that it was over twenty, and I’d enjoyed every bit of it, even the fun in my bedroom not so many hours ago.

Coincidentally, as we started walking off that beach Ryan asked me what I thought about all of us being engaged in sex acts at the same time.

“Well, it was certainly a first for me and I have to say that I enjoyed it, even getting fucked in my butt. I liked it when the two cocks shot their loads all over me, especially when the other three were cumming inside me at about the same time.”

“So you fancy a bukkake do you Sadie?” Ryan asked.

“Yes, I think that I do.”

That conversation ended with us walking back to the quads passed all the people walking along the road to the beach. I was thankful that the guys had arranged it so that I was at the front so people saw me as they approached from a distance, but no, Ryan turned and started walking backwards alongside me and said to the others,

“Guys, Sadie fancies a bukkake, do you think that we can help her out?”

I didn’t know what to do or say, not that I had a choice because all of them said that they would help me and I wondered what was in store for me. But having thought that the tingling in my pussy had certainly got stronger.

We walked back along the road, passed the security man and right to the end of where cars were parked. Then we turned back and headed off road to where the cars were parked. There were still quite a few people arriving and walking from where they’d parked and quite a few of them looked at the naked me as we walked to the quads.

When we got to them Ethan told me to get on his quad but to sit in the driver’s seat and face the back. Not knowing what was going on I did so then I was told to lean back and rest my head on the handlebars. I was effectively laying along the quad with my feet either side of the seat leaving my pussy spread a little.

Then all the guys got their cocks out and started wanking. I reached for the two nearest and took over from the male hands. I was going to get the bukkake in the middle of that car park with people walking passed and quite a few of them looking over.

What’s more, my head was slightly raised and I saw a couple of men stop and watch. They were stood beyond the back of the quad and would be able to see all of my pussy which made the whole situation more arousing for me.

It was Ethan who came first and he moved closer and shot his load all over my tits. The others weren’t far behind Ethan. The two that I was wanking warned me and I pulled them towards me and both covered my face with their cum (I’d managed to take my sunglasses off as soon as I realised what was going to happen which was a good job because some of the cum went towards my eyes which I managed to close right at the last split second).

Then I felt another load land on my stomach and pubes closely followed by the fifth load onto my tits.

Ethan was the first to speak,

“Don’t wipe any of it off Sadie, just let gravity and the sun do what they want. I’ve got your sunglasses and I’ll put your crash hat on then I want you to sit up, turn and sit where you normally do.”

“Can I wipe it out of my eyes please?” I asked.

“No, I’ll do that for you.”

He did and then he put his finger in my mouth to clean it for him. When I was in my seat I could feel the cum slowly creeping down my body. The guys got ready and just before we set off Ethan put my sunglasses on me saying,

“I’m not going to go very fast so don’t lean on my back, I don’t want cum all over my back.”

I smiled and thought that I didn’t want to rub it on his back, I wanted it to dry on me.

Just as we started moving I looked around and saw that the two men who had watched all the action were still watching me. I wondered what they were thinking,

And dry on me the cum did, quite quickly.

As we were driving along the long, straight road Ryan who was driving the lead quad saw a sign that he thought was to a beach and we all turned and followed the road, then track and soon we found ourselves on another little beach that had a lot more rocks than sand.

Nothing was said but the quads turned and we headed back up the track.

Back on the road the guys just kept driving, occasionally stopping to look at the view. Before I realised it we were near the airport and heading to my favourite beach.

This time we parked right near the slope down to the beach where quite a few motorcycles were parked. Whilst the guys were locking the quads I was just stood there holding my bag when another motorcycle arrived. On it was a young couple and as they got off their bike the girl saw that I was naked and that my skin looked funny. She stared at me right until the guys were ready to walk onto the beach.

Our time at that beach was much the same as the previous day but with a few differences.

For starters the walk to where we were going to settle was with my face and front covered with dried cum. There was, as usual, a few people looking at me but I didn’t know if that was just because I was naked in the clothed area or if they saw and realised what was on my skin.

The guys all fucked me in the sea in front of the clothed people and again I have no idea if any of them realised what we were doing. Again the guys coated me in sunblock making me cum as I stood there. To start off with no one was close to where we spread our towels but some young couples settled close to us and as one of the girls was staring at me I wondered what she was thinking about me being naked with five guys all with shorts on. I was and wasn’t disappointed when none of the girls that settled nearby got naked as well.

Again we went to the beach bar for a drink and an ice cream with me totally naked and no one complained.

After more sunbathing the guys went for a walk on their own and the headed straight for the area where all the naked people were. I guessed that they wanted to look at the naked women. Whilst they were gone I lay on my stomach with my legs spread wide and my right hand underneath me idly playing with my pussy. I didn’t cum but anyone walking along the water’s edge will have been able to see what I was doing.

Later it was another walk through the woods then the car park and along the road to the quads. I like walking naked in places where no other people are naked and they’re probably not expecting to see a naked girl.

The guys drove through Play d’en Bossa again, and stopped at the same fast food place. I wasn’t so nervous going into that place naked again even though there were more tourist there and when we sat outside to eat there seemed to be more tourists walking along the footpath and more guys spotting that I was naked.

The guys did the same drive around Ibiza town but this time there wasn’t a police car stopping alongside Ethan’s quad but there were other cars and I saw some guys staring at me before their car moved off. They could only see one of my tits but the lack of straps told them that I was naked. I just wished that I could have shown them my pussy.

And they did the same tour of all the busy streets in San Antonio before taking them back to the shop where we got the quads from. The man there almost ran out when we pulled up and he was staring at me as I climbed off and casually got the scarf out of my bag and wrapped it around me, tying the knot over my pubic bone whilst he stared at my naked front.

As we were walking back to the hotel I asked Ryan why the tours of Ibiza town and San Antonio again.

“Because we wanted to look at all the girls and we knew that you’d want to show yourself to all the men.”

“Thanks, but I wasn’t able to show myself that much sat behind Ethan.”

“True but people could tell that you were naked. Maybe we should have put a towel on the handlebars and had you sitting on it with your legs spread wide?”

“Like when you took those photos of me sat on the handlebars. I’d have liked that but Ethan wouldn’t have been able to see where we were going.”

We went to the hotel’s swimming pool and all the guys fucked me in the water. There was no one else there to watch us which disappointed me.

The guys didn’t carry me around the bars totally naked and spread open for all to see that night, they decided that they wanted a relatively quiet night and they went to a local bar.

Me, I went for a walk around the noisy and the quiet parts of the place. I wore another way too short skirt that had me feeling naked below my waist and another crop top that barely covered my nipples.

The guys arrived back at the hotel at the same time as me and I grabbed Ethan’s hand and led him to my room me telling him that it was his reward for driving me around on the quad. Again I kicked him out afterwards so that I could display myself to the pedestrians below and the people on the balconies of the hotel opposite.

On the middle Saturday I decided to get the bus to Ibiza town as usual, but to spent the day wandering around the town. The quad bike trips there had made me want to just wander around and have a better look at the place. I wore yet another way too short, flimsy skirt, a see-through bikini top and one of my butt plugs. I didn’t go there to deliberately show myself but wearing what I was I knew that it would happen.

I liked Ibiza town, a mixture of small shops, bars and restaurants. There must have been office blocks there and I guessed that they were above the bars and restaurants. I went down to the harbour and watched the boats coming and going and the people getting on and off the ferries then I went and wandered around the narrow streets with all the little shops, a lot of them being fashion shops that looked as if they catered for the rich people that must visit the town.

Then I wandered into the old part of the town and imaged that for the people living there living there it must be very much like it was hundreds of years ago. A beautiful place to visit but not somewhere that I’d like to live all the time. Having said that, I think that I could put up with living there if it meant that I had easy access to the beaches and was able to walk around nearly naked all the time.

By the time I got back from the old part it was starting to get dark. I’d read about the, shall I say ‘unusual’ people who emerge at night and I saw one or two of them as I headed back towards the harbour. ‘Unusual’ is the polite way of describing those people but hey, I’m an exhibitionist and there aren’t that many of us around so I guess that I am ‘unusual’ as well. ‘Live and let live’ is what I say, besides, lots of people who dress like that may be really nice people if you get to know them.

Anyway, enough of my ‘life’ chatter, when I got to the harbour area I saw that the place was crowded, people everywhere. I walked to the narrow streets and the place really had come to life. Some of the outfits that people were wearing made me feel over-dressed, the place was amazing.

I managed to get a small table at a small restaurant and I sat eating and watching the world go by. Truly amazing.

After that I walked and came to an open area that I’d walked through before but this time it was full of little tables with hundreds people standing around drinking. I decided to try to get a drink myself and I never made it to the first bar that I tried. There were just too many people and some of the men and even the women (although I wasn’t quite sure that some of them were women) were groping me. Not that that bothered me, in fact I quite enjoyed it. My worry was that my clothes might disappear.

Anyway, I gave up on that bar and worked my way out and to a quieter bar where I did manage to get a drink then I leant against a wall and watched. I had to tell a couple of young men that I wasn’t interested in going back to their hotels, or even their yachts, with them but that didn’t bother me. I took it as a compliment that they thought I looked good enough to ask. Although I guess that my clothes did give the impression that I was up for it, even for sale.

Eventually I decided that I’d had enough of the cultural side of Ibiza and headed off towards where I could get the bus back to San Antonio. As I walked I realised that that day my body had been covered more than any other day of my holiday. I hadn’t deliberately flashed my pussy at anyone, but having said that my skirt was so short that goodness knows how may people must have accidentally seen my butt, pussy and tits. A sort of consolation prize.

Judging by the number of people on the bus I got the impression that it might have been the last bus of the day to San Antonio but that didn’t bother me. When I got off the bus at the bus station I walked back to the hotel, stopping at a bar for a drink and watching the partially and totally drunk people make their way back to their hotels.

Back at my hotel I said hello to the girl on reception then went to to my room for my usual showing myself to the people walking by and in the hotel opposite.


So far I haven’t mentioned any people in the hotel rooms on either side of me, that’s because my room was at the end of the short corridor so I only had one neighbouring room and no one in that room next to me for the first few days. Even then the couple that arrived didn’t come out onto their balcony much at all.

The first time that they came out they looked a little shocked to see me totally naked but they soon got over that and we chatted for a while. The guy was staring at me all the time and so was the girl but I got the impression that she wasn’t too happy that I was naked in front of her boyfriend. After that I hardly saw them and when I did it was only when they put their towels over the railings to dry.


I did go back to the wet T-shirt bar a week after the first time and I did enter the competition again, and I won again. There was a couple of differences the second time, for one thing I took the five guys along with me, not for protection, they asked to come along after I told them what I had done and what I was thinking of doing. Another difference was that I orgasmed twice on the stage, once during each stint. I’d lent my phone to Ryan, shown him how the app works and given him strict instructions that he was to turn the vibrations on to full blast as soon as I walked onto the stage.

The thing was, I hadn’t told him that I wanted the Lush to be on full blast just for my second stint and he turned it onto full on both sessions. The bright lights that were shining on me prevented me from watching the audience as I was cumming but I knew that they were watching which was nearly as good for me. Also, after it was all over the guys told me some of the comments from the people around them and word had spread that I was actually cumming and not just pretending.

Cumming whilst naked and caressing my body in front of all those young men was a totally awesome experience that I want to have over and over again. I was a little sad that the next wet T-shirt competition was when I’d be back at home.


Over the weekend in the middle of my holiday the old man and the young girl on reception swapped over so that the girl was working days. That meant that she was on duty when I went down for my evening swims in the pool, and I’ve already mentioned I started going down there totally naked.

The first time that the girl saw me going to the pool totally naked she called me over and started asking me all sorts of questions that were basically small talk to try to keep me stood in front of her. I’d already worked out that she liked seeing my body so as I stood there I spread my legs a bit knowing that she’d get a better look at my clit and the rest of my pussy.

She was having real difficulty looking me in my eyes which meant looking up as she was sat at the desk and I watched her eyes staring at my pussy most of the time. She is a pretty girl and I think that I’ve mentioned already that I’m not a lesbian but I do admit that I’m a bit bi-curios. One day, if the circumstances are right I might just hook up with a girl to experiment but it wasn’t going to be with that Spanish girl. I had five guys that were giving more cock than most of the girls on the island were getting, and I was happy.

We talked for a good five minutes before I managed to escape when a young couple came down the stairs with their suitcase and wanted to check-out. I let them have a good look at my naked front before escaping and continuing to the pool where the five guys were throwing a ball around in the pool. I jumped in and joined them where I had a lot of skin to skin contact.

That particular night I didn’t go out with the guys, I just went out on my own, wandering around watching people and sitting in cafe’s where people walking by could see my tits through my see-through top and up my barely there skirt to my pussy. I’ll always be amazed at how unobservant people apparently are, if they just spent a little more time looking at what’s in front of them they’d find things a bit more interesting.


Another evening, early on in my holiday, after my swim in the pool I decided to go and look around the shops. One interesting thing that I found was some crochet swimsuit cover-ups They were multi-coloured and the holes all over them. On some of them the holes got a lot smaller over my tits and pussy but I found a few that the holes were all the same size, big enough for my nipples to easily go through them and I could easily see my slit when I tried one on.

I bought one of those and wore it with nothing underneath a couple of days when going to the beach.

Another thing that I found was lots of flimsy, see-through sarongs and scarfs. I bought a couple of the shorter ones that only just went round me and left enough to tie.


Two more times thee guys took me out totally naked and carried me around with my legs wide open and each time we ended up at the bar where the manager let me lay on the end of the bar and guys come and eat my pussy. The manager said that it was good for business. One time one of the barmen poured shots onto my belly button and invited people to suck them up from there. Even some of the girls were doing that, one of then fingering me whilst she did so.

One time when I was being carried down a street with my legs spread wide we saw a police car slowly drive by but it didn’t stop. I guessed that they were used to scantily clad and even naked girls walking around and even being carried around. We weren’t causing any problems so I guessed that they weren’t interested.

Each subsequent time that they took me out totally naked we ended back in my room with me having sex with all five of them at the same time like we had the first time. The slight difference the second and third time was that a number of phones were propped up on whatever they could find and my five way sex was recorded on videos.

My phone was one of them both times and I was looking forward to viewing those videos when I got back home.

The last time that they took me out naked was my last night and I thought that it was an excellent way to end an amazing holiday.


But that wasn’t quite the end of my holiday, I still had to get home and that included the reverse of me getting there. For the journey I wore a flimsy, crop cami that is a firm fit. It’s not see-through but with my nipples being hard all the time I was sporting two nice pokies all the time. With it I wore one of my ultra short skirts that is shorter at the front than at the back. What I was showing, or not, depends on how high I wore it on my hips.

I thought about wearing one of my butt plugs and my Lush but I was a bit worried about what would happen going through the security scanners and also, having the pink antenna sticking down below the hem of the too short skirt might attract sone attention from people in positions of authority so I just packed the Lush in my suitcase and put one of my butt plugs in my bag.

Of course, with me having to haul my suitcase all over the place I had to bend over quite a bit and, although I wasn’t looking to see who saw what, my butt and pussy must have been seen by some people.

Check-in time at Ibiza airport is much like at English airports and I had hours to kill between checking in and the flight so after going to the toilet and inserting my butt plug I took it as an opportunity to do some serious pussy flashing at holidaymakers returning to wherever and therefore not wanting to take the time to complain to the authorities.

With my bag in one hand, my phone in the other hand and my sunglasses on I wandered around the departures hall looking for places where I could sit opposite young men then I’d sit lazily with my knees open hoping that the young men would see what was on display as I pretended to do things on my phone.

I had some rewarding successes before hearing the call for my flight. I was a little concerned about the airline staff taking exception to my ultra short skirt but there were other girls wearing skirt nearly as short as mine and as I boarded the plane I held my bag in front of my pussy and the cabin staff did no more than smile and say hello to me.

Again I’d reserved a window seat and waited until near the end of the queue to board and I was again pleased when I saw that two young men were already sat in the row of three seats.

Getting over to my seat was again fun. I don’t know if the guys deliberately didn’t move out to the aisle so that I’d have to almost climb over them to get to my seat or if they just didn’t care how difficult it can be with them being the size that they were. Whatever the reason I had to get over them to get to my seat and I just knew that they were going to get an eyeful whichever way I decided to do it.

The first time that I squeezed passed them I did it with my back to them and I with the help of one of my hands in front of me I made sure that the back of my skirt rose up so that they could see my bare butt and my butt plug. When I finally sat down I looked their way and they were both staring at me.

I smiled at them and said,

“Hi, I’m Sadie, I hope that you had a great holiday.”

That started a conversation that went on for quite a while. In response to their questions I told them that I’d spent most of my holiday on the beach at Ses Salines.

“Isn’t that a nudist beach?” One of them asked.

“Yes it is and I have no tan lines to prove it.” I replied.

Going back in time a few minutes, when I’d got sat down my skirt wasn’t covering any of my thighs and I saw the eyes of both of the men going from my lap to my pokies then to my face. I fastened my seatbelt and left my bag on my lap until the cabin crew had gone round checking that all belts were fastened then I moved my bag sideways and let it rest on my thigh furthest away from the men so that whenever they turned to talk to me they would be able to see my bare thigh right up to, but not including my slit.

If only the airlines had spaced the seat rows out more I would have been able to sit lazily and let the men see my slit.

Anyway, about two thirds of the way through the flight I decided to go to the toilet and this time, and on the way back, I decided to squeeze passed them facing them. Again, both times, I used one hand behind me to ensure that my skirt at the front rose up and let them see my slit. It was the best that I could do under the circumstances but it did give me some pleasure when I looked down and saw where their eyes were looking.

Back in my seat I had a naughty idea. I put my bag on my lap with my window side hand under my bag. My fingers could just reach my clit and I slowly brought myself to an orgasm whilst just sat there. I saw both guys looking at me, especially when my body started shaking with the odd jerk or two and I vaguely remember letting out a couple of reasonably quiet moans.

Nothing was said by either men and I closed my eyes and relaxed as my fingers slowly toyed with my clit right until the pilot announced that we were starting our descent down to Gatwick.

I may not have been able to join the mile high club but at least I’d managed the next best thing.

Getting my suitcase off the carrousel proved to be a bit interesting, I was stood waiting next to a group of young men and when I bent over to get my case I must have been showing my bare butt and probably my pussy between my cheeks because I heard one of the young men behind me say,

“Fucking hell mate, look at that.”

I tried to keep that pose for as long as I could but, as I’m sure that you know, those carrousels move quite quickly. When I stood up with my suitcase in my hand I smiled at the men as they made a gap for me to get through and said,

“Thanks guys, I hope that you enjoyed the scenery.”

I walked away, pulling my suitcase, with a smile on my face.

The train from Gatwick to Victoria was uneventful then it was the London underground. Again I’d planned my flight so that I arrived in London when hundreds of thousands of people were leaving work to go home. The underground stations were as windy as ever and I could feel my skimpy skirt fluttering about as I went up and down the escalators and I’m sure that a few people must have seen up my skirt to my bare butt and pussy.

The train across London was as I hoped, crowded, and I had to stand. I again stood with a foot either side of my suitcase and for a short time I was lucky to feel a hand slide up my bare thigh and invade my dripping pussy. I didn’t cum but my arousal level did rise quite a lot.

The overland train journey wasn’t so exciting. My reserved seat had me sitting, in a group of four seats but there was people in the other three seats, and the table between the two rows was there. That only left me able to show my pussy to the people walking up and down the aisle and even then their view was partially obscured by the table.

By that time I was a little tired and also quite a bit sad. My holiday was just about over and I knew that I’d have to go back to work in a couple of days, but at least I’d had a truly amazing time and exposed myself to an awful lot more men than I’d expected to. I’d also been fucked a lot more times than I’d expected.

As I sat there for the rest of my journey home I recalled lots of the awesome events and my pussy got even wetter as I tried to work out which day I had been fucked the most times, which day I’d had the most orgasms, and which day I’d been seen naked by the most appreciative number of men. I also got my phone out of my bag and watched one of the videos of me having sex with all five of the guys at the same time.

I was both sad and very happy all at the same time.
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