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This is my first erotic fiction, I am not the best writer so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. I enjoy stories that have a base in reality and could almost be believable with a slow build, I have many more in the pipeline, I hope you like them as much as I enjoy fantasizing about them. This is a multi part series, which is a bit of a slow burner, but hopefully you get off reading it as much as I did writing it.
I was jolted out of my sleep by the phone on my bedside table vibrating, bleary eyed I picked it up and saw a message from the couriers that a package would be delivered today around 4pm. The realisation that this was the package I had been waiting for and I could finally wear something else in my shows, the tiredness was shaken from my mind and replaced by excitement, today was going to be a good day.

Bounding out of bed and starting my now usual morning routine I followed my exercise DVD, noting each time I felt a little more able to stretch further, hold the pose for longer or add a few more reps. I finished out of breath but still buzzing with energy and decided today was as good as any to finally go out for a run, nothing too long, just a lap of the local park maybe, no more than a few kilometres.

Pulling out my recently purchased running gear I slipped on each piece one by one. Having worn bras nearly every day for the last month or so it didn’t feel as strange as I thought it would. If anything it felt reassuringly comfortable, the padding in the sports bra gave the illusion of very small breasts, and the snugness of the yoga/running leggings added to the sensation. Checking myself in the mirror I realised that I would need to tie up my hair, and find a way of disguising the small bulge between my legs.

For the first time ever I was thankful that when soft my penis didn’t stick out much, with a bit of rearranging I managed to smooth it out whilst still being comfortable and not restricting any movement. With my outfit looking not too bad, it drew attention to my face, which without makeup didn’t look great and as I would be running without a mask, my usual shield would be absent. I kept it simple with just a little mascara and eyeliner, some light blusher and tinted lipbalm. I couldn’t risk looking a mess if I got too sweaty, and it was just enough to finish the look. Not the full effect I was used to for my shows, but fine for a quick jog round the park. Although with my hair up like this some little studs in my ears would really help too, but maybe that was for another time.

Phone in hand, earbuds playing suitable running tunes, I opened the door and headed off out. I hadn’t left the house many times dressed as a girl, and never as exposed as this, but the music playing kept my mind focused as I began to run down the pavement. The early morning sun felt great and the air felt fresh and crisp, it was so nice to be out with so few people around, the occasional dog walker minding their own business didn’t draw any attention. With a steady pace I made it to the park feeling really good, my legs weren’t burning yet and I wasn’t even too out of breath.

Entering the park I joined the outer path, looking around I could see a few other people out for their daily exercise; runners, walkers and a handful of cyclists, it was thankfully not busy and I just concentrated on keeping my pace steady. I made a full loop and felt like I could do another so I continued, the running gear was really very comfortable, and I felt at ease in these clothes. As I made my way along the last length of the park I could hear jogging steps approaching from behind and feeling over confident I decided to push this last section.

Despite my extra pace the footsteps were closing in and I was now really pushing it, breathing hard and sweating, as I approached a bench I felt a twinge in my calf, and each stride brought an increasing spike of pain. Levelling with the bench I had to stop, with a limp I leant against the back of it to try and stretch it out, the person who had been following me stopped on the other side of the bench and asked if I was OK.

Looking up I saw a guy, maybe mid to late 20s, in a running vest and shorts and in decent shape. A bit flustered I replied “no, I’m fine thanks, just a little cramp”. He smiled, introduced himself as Marc a personal trainer and physiotherapist at the local gym and continued to talk about what injury I might have done and how to treat and prevent it. I carried on stretching without really listening too much and when I looked back up he had this goofy expression on his face, and I swear he was checking me out. He insisted that if the pain carried on I should get in touch as he handed me a business card. Taking the card and standing upright I could see him scan down my body and then back up and when his eyes met mine he visibly blushed, somewhat stuttering as he said he needed to get back to the gym.

I watched him move away as he continued on his run, I was a little taken back, not just because he had clearly been checking me out but with the business card in my hand, it felt like he’d kind of asked me out too. And then there was this over confident guy who got all flustered when he realised I had caught him looking at my body. I had never had that effect on anyone before, certainly never in my guy clothes, I mean, I guess my viewers might feel like that, but that was so abstracted, they weren’t right in-front of me.

I felt a strange rush of pride, all my hard work over the last months had paid off, I didn’t have all my makeup on and my clothes could have been more flattering, yet I still had that effect on someone else. The more I thought about it the more energised I felt, today was going to be a great day once that delivery arrived, I felt more confident than ever before.

I shook my leg a little and it didn’t feel too uncomfortable, I started walking before resuming a much steadier job with only the tiniest bit of discomfort. By the time I got to the exit of the park the cramp had eased completely and I was able to run all the way back home.

Entering my flat I peeled out of the sports bra and leggings and hopped straight into the shower, I had worked up quite a sweat, and was still buzzing from the run and the encounter with Marc. As I soaped up my body I took stock of how much it had changed, the exercises had really shaped my waist and legs, and given me a nicely toned midriff. My soaped up hands running up and down my body felt great, as my mind drifted to the outfits about to arrive.

There was so much riding on this next phase of shows. I wasn’t far off making enough money to not have to worry about getting my job back. But it was the consistency that needed improving, so I wasn’t only relying on a few shows and contributors. The thought of the new lingerie and doing a show dressed in something sexy immediately engorged my cock and my hand began to idly rub. I thought back to my jogging encounter, and wondered if like my cam show viewers, Marc was now back at his gym shower, stroking himself thinking of my body. It was oddly satisfying to think I could have that effect on someone in the real world not just the virtual.

I reluctantly snapped my mind out of the daydream as today I wanted to be in perfect condition to make the most of my new arrivals. Showered and washed, hair removal cream applied and removed, fully moisturised and smooth I set about blow drying my hair. I had really improved my beauty regime, and it was starting to become much less of a task, which gave me time and energy to try out some of the more challenging items.

I started with the lip plumping gloss, reading the packaging it mentioned they might tingle and sting, and that the effect should last a couple of hours, unless reapplied. Which was perfect as I could decide if it was worth it before the show and then make a decision to carry on using it or not. The colour was a vibrant pink, I really hadn’t thought about that when I bought it, but applying it to my lips following another YouTube tutorial it almost immediately started to feel like it was working. It wasn’t painful but it was a little uncomfortable for maybe five minutes before it settled down, and although I couldn’t be totally sure, my lips did look slightly puffy compared to normal and a little fuller, but it was only a slight change and nothing drastic.

I applied the rest of my face make-up, keeping it simple as I wanted to draw more attention to the new outfit, before adding the fake lashed which went on much easier too. Next up were the stick on nails. They weren’t over the top. Barely much longer than my natural nails which had already grown out a bit, but they were more elegant with what I learnt was a French tip finish. As the glue dried I held them out and admired at my handy work. My reflection looked great, quite natural and not too over the top but I wanted to see if the lip gloss would do much more with another application so I smoothed on another layer, a little heavier than the last time and much the same as before I felt that tingle as I walked over to the kitchen to get myself a drink.

As I poured the glass of water I realised I couldn’t drink before the lip gloss had a chance to try. And then I dawned on me that I would have to get dressed for the delivery as I couldn’t really answer it in my bath towel. The lip gloss was really starting to sting now, much more than the first time and going back to the mirror I could tell this second coat had really done something. It wasn’t like they had been inflated with fillers or anything, but there was no mistaking them now. Looking back at myself they were full and seemed to naturally pout a bit and it really enhanced my features, I was really happy with my work.

Pulling out my only decent set of girl clothes I put them on, careful not to mess up my work, and settled in to watch some TV. I had a few hours to kill before the delivery arrived so there wasn’t much else to do. Flicking through the programmes struggling to find something worth watching, I channel hopped inevitably arriving at the shopping channels, the only time I had come across these before was after falling asleep watching a film and waking up in the middle of the night to find the channel I had been on turned into late night shopping.

It wasn’t that interesting, just some homewares and then random bits of clothes and jewellery, not that I had much interest in them. It did however make me think that I should probably increase my range of outfits to go out as a girl, since I only had the clothes I was wearing now and I couldn’t really keep going to the shops in the same items. I hopped on the computer and entered a search, in no time I had a basket full of items, mainly casual things, but all much better fitting. A range of tops in all sorts of different shapes and colours, quite a few pairs of jeans, even some quite girly shorts, a few different sets of night clothes and to be as comfortable as possible a few sets of plain but form enhancing underwear, padded bras, lycra thongs that weren’t too stringy and a few other bits and pieces, all set for priority shipping that would arrive in a day or so.

I hadn’t noticed how long I had spent shopping until the doorbell rang and I knew immediately that my wait was over. Jumping up to answer the door I was greeted by a deliver man holding a sizable box. I beamed a grin knowing what had arrived and from behind his mask I could see his eyes wrinkle in a smile, “you must have been waiting for this, I don’t think anyone has answered the door as quickly all day” he said, “oh yes, I’ve been waiting for this to arrive for some time”. He passed me the parcel and wished me a good day as I closed the door and dashed over to my bedroom.

I ripped open the box, and in it contained package after package of the things I had bought. I arranged them all out on the bed. I had forgotten how many I had ordered, and in so many styles, some strappy ones all the way up to the corset/basque I’d added at the last minute. Holding that to my body I knew then that I had to save this one for the big show at the end of the week. I didn’t need to put it on to know how good I would look in it.

Like a giddy school girl, pulled off my clothes and stepped into the first outfit, in front of the mirror I marvelled at how I looked. These clothes were all the correct size for me unlike my ex girlfriends items, and I realised even biggies lingerie didn’t fit as well as these. The bra was especially perfect. The cup size and padding gave the illusion of small breasts and after a little adjustment they pushed the skin on my chest into a slight cleavage whilst still being very comfortable. The thong held my package well but the more I looked at myself the harder I became and my once small cock which fit neatly inside the lace began to stretch and tent.

I took those off and moved onto the next one, this was a black lacey affair, the bra wasn’t padded and instead had cut-outs that you could see my erect nipples through. The panties were larger but crotchless and my now solid member and hairless balls could stick freely out. There was a matching pair of stockings and a suspender belt which took a bit of time to figure out how to attach, but the sensation of rolling them up my smooth legs felt divine. Once again back in front of the mirror and my swollen lips opened wide at my reflection and my rock hard cock twitched with what I saw. I twisted and posed and admired at how this one helped exaggerate my shape, even though I was flat chested my ass looked amazing.

As difficult as it was to take this outfit off, I moved onto the next, a purple silky 2 piece. It had a large section below the bra that really helped squeeze everything in and up, it was heavily padded and was by far the most exaggerated. I pulled the French nicker style panties up and immediately hit the problem of my dick not wanting to be contained, it was so hard there was no way I could tuck it in and I settled for having it peeking over the waist band. God I looked good as I stood at the mirror, a drip of precum starting to form at the tip of my cock.

I needed to calm down, I had a few more outfits to try on and I didn’t want to spoil them before the show. I got undressed and gave myself a moment. I was so happy with how they looked, the ones I had tried on were the ones I was least sure would look good and yet I looked amazing (or at least I thought I did, and so did my cock). The remaining items were all even better, more fitted and shape enhancing I had no doubt these were what I needed to push my revenue up higher on a daily basis.

Rather than risk ruining more outfits getting them wet, I settled on one which I would wear for the show today. It was a lacy, bright red chemise top, with a matching g string and stockings, it fit like an absolute glove and once soft I tucked quite neatly into it. I sat back on the sofa to kill a bit more time before the show, but the sensation of the fabric on my body was undeniable. I found it irresistible to not stroke my legs and feel my chest and as a result I started to harden again. I had to use all my will power not to start stroking myself, I had never before been so turned on just wearing some clothes. Maybe it was the combination of my encounter while out jogging but I had so much pent up sexual energy I couldn’t wait for the show to start.

As my hand slid down to cup my bulge I realised I had already soaked the panties, I couldn’t begin the show already this wet, so I removed them and used the hair dryer to take care of the damp patch. I remained pantless until I fired up the computer and logged on as it also helped keep my erections under control.

The show went so well, I was ablaze with lust. I couldn’t get the butt plug in soon enough and so many times had to stop stroking myself and take some deep breaths to prevent an early ejaculation. Thankfully my moderator set up a really well structured reward show, with the targets being met at a steady pace, this was shaping up to be a really good midweek show.

I had been edging for what felt like hours and was desperate to cum, it wasn’t going to take much to put me over the line. The viewers all loved the outfit but I was aware I didn’t want to spoil it straight away and I would have to be careful where I came. Tonight I would just stroke myself as I ground my ass on the bed with the plug inserted, I had become addicted to the feel of it inside me, I loved how it nudged and probed that sensitive spot. I matched my grinding on the bed with the stroking of my hand, the spare one pulling and pinching my nipples. By now I was a hot mess, desperate to cum and I felt that point of no return approaching, each hump of my hips and twist of my nipple driving me closer. When my orgasm arrived it crashed from my throbbing cock in great big loads all over the bed in front of me, six or seven strings of cum shot out before dribbling down my still pumping hand.

I lift up my fingers to show the camera, and immediately someone asks me to lick it. I had never tasted my cum before and I wasn’t sure I wanted to, they weren’t forthcoming with any tokens so I ignored that request and cleaned myself up with a cloth. For the remainder of the show I chatted with the viewers even recounting the meeting I’d had in the park that day. They all said the guy was totally hitting on me and I should call him for a massage, so long as I broadcast it, I laughed them off, there was no way I would do that, not for any number of tokens.

With the computer shut down I breathed a satisfied sigh. Today’s show had been a lot of fun, the build-up and orgasm were really satisfying, I had managed not to soil my new outfit, I made a respectable amount from the show and I had so much more confidence in what I was doing and how I could make this pay. I had a quick shower and removing the plug to clean it I felt an emptiness, when it came to leaving the shower I decided that it couldn’t really hurt to wear it to bed, it felt so good after all. So I slipped it back in, put my night clothes on and climbed into bed, falling asleep as my head rested on the pillow.

I woke in the morning feeling great. Although the plug in my ass did nothing to discourage my morning wood, I went to the bathroom and reluctantly removed it. As much as I would like to, there I no way I could run with it. My legs were aching a little but after a session with the exercise DVD I was warmed up and stretched out, I decided to go for another little run, only today I would keep the pace steady and not over-do it, as well as keep to the side roads to avoid running into that guy again.

I set off with no route planned, just a light jog around the houses. As I approached the middle of one street, there was a house undergoing some construction work, the builders busy on the roof. As I passed I heard a wolf whistle and looked around to see who they were aiming it at, after a second or two I realised it I was the target, and as much as a I hated it when that was done to anyone else, it, like the encounter with Marc filled me with a strange sense of pride. I was doing OK at this, my broadcasts were becoming more successful, and I had progressed enough that even outside of that world I could pass as a girl.

It wasn’t what I had wanted when I started out, but this life of having a full day to enjoy myself and then a maximum of three or four hours ‘work’ in the evening sure beat my real job. And getting positive attention when I was out was just a bonus, the old me never got anything, especially from the ladies.

Back home I now followed my usual post run routine. Getting ready afterwards almost on auto pilot as I carry out various beauty treatments, with an outfit in mind I decide to try another look and go for a splash of that hair dye I bought. I only wanted to add a couple of streaks and I really needed to get a haircut when I had a chance, in the meantime I followed the instructions on the pack, bleaching the strips first before washing and then applying the dye. It was a bright green which was a slight nod to my favourite cam girl, after all in a way I was emulating her whole look even if I would never be able to put the things inside me that she does, I couldn’t ever see that happening.

As my phone beeped with the timer, I washed out the products and set about drying and styling. A little hairspray later and I was satisfied with how it came out. It wasn’t over the top and not too subtle, perhaps a little messy, but the camera would be forgiving so that was alright by me. Not wanting to repeat yesterday’s mistake of getting myself all hot and bothered I decided to leave the makeup and dress until just before the show, and try and find something on tv to watch.

Sitting on the couch my phone began to ring with my boss’s name popping up, nervously I answered. I had spent so long using a higher pitched softer spoken girl voice that I’d forgotten how to speak normally, my boss questioned why I sounded different and despite coughing I couldn’t bring my voice down. After asking some other questions he suggested I get a covid test just to be sure. His call wasn’t the news I wanted to hear, the company was re-structuring, even with a re-opening date they were planning for wide ranging redundancies, and nobody including himself was safe. He said that they would have a firm plan and would have come to a decision by the end of the month, which was just over 2 weeks away.

He hung up, and I was left with the thought that I now had no choice but to make this work. I was good at my job, but it was as boring as hell. The way the jobs market was there would be no way I would find anything else, and even though I had now got essentially two jobs which had enabled me to put some savings away, if I was going to seriously consider the camming thing long term, I would need to invest in better cameras, lighting and maybe a new computer, none of which were cheap.

I was earning about 85% or my usual salary from camming, with last night’s show doing well, there was a good chance that I could make this work. I would just have to keep pushing forward, maybe doing some more requests if they paid well enough.

As I thought about what I would need to do, and how serious the situation was, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting a delivery today, the new clothes were not due until tomorrow, and I moved to the door to see who was there. The same delivery man from yesterday had a small package, he commented that I wasn’t excited about this one as yesterday, to which I responded that I wasn’t expecting a delivery today, he passed me the package and added that he liked what I’d done with my hair. It felt like a genuine exchange, unlike the one with the personal trainer in the park, and despite not being able to see all of his face, his eyes were not trying to sneak peeks. Thanking him I closed the door and immediately went to open the small box.

Inside there was a small bottle of perfume, J’Adore by Dior and a note from one of my fans hoping that I like it. It was strange to receive random gifts, but giving it a quick sniff I was rewarded with a very pleasant feminine smell, the viewers might not get the benefit, but it immediately made me feel good, with images of Charlize Theron looking stunning in that advert, I’d always had a crush on her.

I sat at my computer playing Fortnite when I realised that with the setup I had, I could go back to streaming, hell maybe if I was dressed like a girl it would actually be worth doing this time, of course I’d have to wear something that would help, I couldn’t do it in lingerie without being banned fairly quickly, maybe I could put something together with the new clothes that would arrive the next day, literally any extra revenue would be essential at this point. Putting that thought aside I played through a few levels and multiplayer matches, I found it really hard to talk with a lower voice and in the end just relented changing my name and avatar to something more fitting of the way I sounded. It didn’t take long for guys to randomly try to chat me up and I guess that’s a side to gaming I hadn’t really experienced before, I would be sure to get more of that when I started streaming, but maybe they would also throw some coins my way and like the camming it all adds up.

Getting ready for tonight’s show I went with an all-white outfit, it was strappy, lacy and with some gorgeously soft stockings, the whole things made me buzz inside, double applied lip plumping gloss, lashes, the nails from yesterday and full makeup I was finding it hard not to be turned on checking myself out in the mirror. Sure I could do with a narrower waist, and a few more curves, but with a spray of the new perfume the transformation was complete and I felt and looked amazing.

Tonight I had to literally beg the viewers to give me enough tokens to put the plug in, it had become so habitual to have it there. I recounted the interactions that I’d had that day, the builders whistling the friendly delivery man. They were always met with the same suggestion that I should invite them in and broadcast it, I guess they couldn’t quite believe that I wasn’t gay considering how I looked.

Knowing I had to pander to the room to increase my revenue I followed the requests more than usual, and to be fair they were for the most part very reasonable. Lots of them wanted to see me on my knees pulling the butt plug in and out with my cock pressed back between my legs. I loved this position, but I was aware the precum alone might ruin my stockings never mind a massive load of cum spilling all over them. I reached my spare hand through my legs and stroked, pushing my cock away from my legs. My moans were genuine as the sensations of the plug popping in and out and the pressure on my cock being pushed back combined to edge me closer.

I looked up at the screen and it was a sight to behold, the perfume in my nose adding to the sensory overload. I could feel my balls tighten as the pings sounded out, I needed to cum, I desperately wanted to shoot everywhere but I dare not trash this outfit, so as I felt that initial pulse from the base of my cock, I parted my legs and pumped my hand up and down faster, the plug pushed as far in as I could get it, circular motions on the jewel nudging that amazing spot inside, I blasted a huge load followed by several more, collapsing to my side, careful of the cum still oozing out I collected it in my hand. Once again I was challenged to eat it, and while I didn’t want to, the tokens they promised were sizeable enough to make me think. Two more people said they would pay to see me eat it, and throwing caution to the wind, I dipped a finger in the pool in my palm and brought it to my lips.

Extending my tongue I licked it, there wasn’t an immediate taste, the air was still heavy with the smell of perfume and the combined to something that wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t particularly nice either. Prompted with more tokens I tried a few more times but always a tiny amount, commenting that I didn’t really like the taste, the chat immediately filled with ways to make it taste better, from dietary changes like eating pineapple, celery, wheatgrass, cinnamon, Brazil nuts and being more hydrated to specific supplements which were supposed to really enhance the taste and boost the quantity as well.

Reasoning that it wasn’t horrible at the moment, if I could make it taste better, and people were willing to pay, it could be just want I needed to bring in that extra revenue and make this whole thing work. I thanked my viewers, reminding them to check back in the next day for another new outfit I signed off and undressed to clean myself up.

Looking at myself without any clothes on, I really was happy with the effects of the exercise, I had never looked this good, or felt this good. I was fitter and more flexible than I had ever been before. I stretched a little, bending down to easily touch my toes, something I hadn’t really been able to do before. I was surprised to find that not only could I touch my toes, but I could almost get my hands flat to the floor. I probably would have been able to if it wasn’t for the butt plug still being in and reminding me as I bent over.

I turned in the mirror and parted my cheeks, my ass really did look good with the jewel nestled in there. All those squats and lunges were paying off, it was shapely and firm but nicely rounded. I felt my dick stir again, when I started camming an orgasm like the one I just had would have meant my cock being spent until the next day, I can only presume that it had also increased in its fitness and stepping into the shower with the soap running over my body, I became completely hard.

It would have been very easy to continue to stroke myself, but I loved saving it up for the show, it made those releases all the more intense, maybe if I order those supplements I’ll be able to cum multiple times a day with big loads each time, maybe even do multiple shows. The thought wasn’t helping my erection and I hurried myself back to bed, so I could sleep and recover for tomorrow.
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