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“Jackie, do you know what I promised Eddie for his birthday present?”......“My sister's virgin cunt. I told him he could fuck your tight little pussy."
Gina and I started dating my Sophomore year (her freshman year), and we were now a couple of years out of high school. Due to work and other responsibilities, I was attending JC part-time, but Gina was more serious about her studies. She had already completed her first year and was starting her second year. She was 19 and I was 20 when this incident occurred.

Gina is the oldest of four kids. Paul, George and Jackie were her younger siblings. The kids ranged from 19 thru 14. We had been dating for close to 5 years, so I was pretty close to all her siblings. I got along with all of them, playing video games with her brothers and allowed Jackie to tag along on several occasions. She was always a cool little kid and would always have a big smile for me when I came over to visit.

When we would go out for ice cream, my girlfriend would get upset that I would invite Jackie to come with us. However, we would always drop her off afterwards and go off on our own. My girlfriend would actually get jealous, accusing me of paying more attention to her little sister than her. I was only being nice to her since it would help me score some points with her parents.

Over the past four years, it was hard not to notice how well Jackie was developing. When she was younger, she would always come sit on my lap while I waited for Gina to finish getting ready. Her mom would always tell her to stop bothering me and get off my lap. As soon as her mom was gone, she would jump right back on.

This was cute at first, but as she grew older and her body started developing, it was hard not to notice her budding breasts and her cute little butt. She was growing into a sexy little girl with a very cute face with full lips. Over time, her pajamas evolved from a long sleeping shirts to a crop top with no bra and short cotton shorts that accentuated her cute little bubble butt. The crop top did a nice job of dropping a bit, giving me a peek down her shirt of her A cups with her stiff nipples. At 5'1”, she was light and felt really nice on my lap.

In November of that year, I came over for Thanksgiving dinner. Gina was helping with the Thanksgiving dinner so she asked that I go to the store for some last minute items. She asked Jackie to come with me since she knew exactly what was needed and knew where to find it at the store. Jackie was looking very sexy in a cute little girl way. She was wearing a button-down blouse and a short puffed up skirt that showed off her legs nicely. Without thinking, I paid her a compliment, telling her she looked cute in her outfit. She asked what I liked best about her outfit. I answered truthfully, telling her the skirt was nice and it showed off her legs really well.

“So, do you think I have nice legs?”

“Yeah” I answered nonchalantly. There was a bit of an age difference and I thought I was simply pumping up her ego.

She grabbed my hand and placed on her thigh as we were driving to the store. Fuck they felt nice! I knew that I was supposed to do, but it was simply not possible. Her thighs felt nice in my hand, making it impossible to pull my hand away. At first, she started moving my hand up and down as I caressed her thighs. By the time we got to the store, I was caressing her legs all on my own with no shame. She had long since removed her hands.

We got to the store, quickly grabbed our items and made our purchase before getting back in my car. After putting the car in gear, she gave me a pouty face and asked if I didn't like her anymore. Asking why she would say that, she said because my hand was not on her thight, making her feel special. I gave her a look of concern, not sure if I should've even been doing that in the first place. Reading my face, she put out her pinkie and promised it would be our secret. I hooked my pinkie with hers and afterwards she grabbed my hand and put it back on her soft creamy thighs.

She kept her hands on mine, caressing herself with my hand. As we drove on, she got a bit braver and started pulling my hand up further and further until I felt my pinkie touch her panties. After a few times of bringing my hand up and down against her pantie-clad cunt, she actually started moving my hand up and down against her slit over her panties. She was masturbating herself with my hand. I was both totally aroused with an uncomfortable boner in my jeans and scared that someone would find out.

When we got back to her house, she looked at me with a big smile on her face telling me “Remember, pinkie swear.”

When I left after Thanksgiving dinner, Jackie gave me a hug and a goodbye kiss. Something we would normally do. However, this time half her mouth was on mine and she quickly licked my lips with her tongue. That night I drove home with a boner in my pants and went to bed thinking of Jackie, not Gina. I tossed and turned and jacked off twice to thoughts of making love to little Jackie, wondering how sexy would she look with her petite body and her little tits exposed.

The following weekend, it was more of the same. I was at their house waiting for Gina to finish getting ready while Jackie kept me company. Her brothers were in their room playing video games and their parents were out with friends. Jackie was sitting on my lap with her customary pajamas, a crop top and shorts, only the crop top was cut shorter than normal and it barely came under her tits, showing off her tight tummy. I couldn't help myself and subconsciously started caressing her very smooth legs.

“Did you like my kiss from Thanksgiving?” she whispered. She was definitely getting bolder.

“Yeah, but you shouldn't be doing that. I am your sister's boyfriend and we're gonna get caught.”

“Have you been thinking of me?” she asked as she brought my hand up to her crotch. She grabbed my my finger and slowly brought it to her pussy and once again she slowly started masturbating herself as she whispered to me “I'm not wearing any underwear and I'm getting really wet. Can you feel me?”

She had me in a trance. I was unable to think straight as she brought her lips to mine. She pressed her mouth against mine as I felt her tongue licking my lips, trying to entice me to open my mouth when we suddenly heard Gina open her bedroom door. Jackie quickly jumped off and I sat on the other couch unable to get up.

Jackie came around the corner and apologized for making me wait. I told her that she looked great and it was worth the wait. I had a raging hard on and in no hurry to stand up. Gina stood there staring at me, wondering why I wasn't getting up. There was no way I could stand up and her not notice my dilemma. Thinking quickly, I asked her for a glass of water. This gave me the opportunity to stand up and rearrange my dick while giving Jacking a scolding look, which only resulted in her giggling.

The first time I saw Gina, it was her hair that first caught my attention – her tits were a close second. At 5'4”, her C cups looked fucking awesome on her thin figure. She was on both the school track & field team and the cheerleading squad. All that activity helped her keep a thin waist and a firm ass. Her long auburn hair with curls gave her the sexy look that had all the guys in school checking her out, even some of the teachers.

That evening, after a get-together with some friends, we ended up at my place. I was still living at home with my parents and they were gone for the weekend. We had the house all to ourselves. Gina and I were in bed, talking after having made love.

“Your birthday's coming up. Have you thought about what you want?” Gina asked me. We had been sexually active since her Junior year. She had made me wait for over a year before giving me her virginity as my birthday present my senior year. The year after that, she gave me her anal virginity. She had certainly made up for making me wait since then. We had experimented a lot since then and she was usually up for any kinky thing I came up with.

“We've talked about it before, babe. Are you ready for a threesome?” She contemplated her answer before responding.

“Sure.....only if I also get one for my birthday.”

“Are you serious? Who would you want for your birthday?”

“I don't know, I just don't think it's fair that only you get to fuck some skank and I don't. Besides, who do you want fuck for our threesome?” I knew exactly who. The same little girl that had fingered herself earlier in the day. I decided to just go for it and not beat around the bush.

“Jackie.” I said, nonchalantly.

“Wait! What? What Jackie?!?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face, wondering if she had heard correctly.

“We only know one Jackie” I answered with a grin on my face.

“Holy shit! Are you serious? You want to fuck my little sister? But, she's just a little girl.”

“A hot sexy little girl.”

She stayed silent for a long while. She wasn't saying 'no' so I stayed quiet. She had a pensive look on her face and then turned to me and started slowly stroking my dick.

“You're a fucking perv. Do you know how old she is?”


“And you want to fuck her? My innocent little sister?” After what had happened at Thanksgiving and earlier that evening when I picked up Gina, how could I not?

She pushed me on my back as she straddled me. She pushed my stiff pecker up again my stomach as she started gliding her pussy up and down my dick, telling me how hot it was going to be watching me fuck her little sister, asking me if I knew that Jackie had a crush on me. I told her I had known since we first started dating.

“Does she turn you on? Does her cute little ass look good to you? I've seen how she's been dressing when you come over.” she commented as she continued rubbing her wet cunt hard against my prick.

“I love it when she wears her little crop tops. I get to see down her shirt and her little titties drive me crazy. I really want to fuck her. Would you like that? Do you want to watch me fuck her tight little pussy?”

She was at full speed at this point, rubbing her pussy hard against my cock. I wasn't inside her, but the warmth from her pussy felt real nice. She stood on her knees, grabbed my cock and pointed it straight to her hole as she lowered herself.

“Show me how your going to fuck her!”

I grabbed her and rolled us over, with me now on top. We started kissing as I started fucking her hard. I reached down and hooked my arms under her knees to bring them up to my shoulders, giving me an angle to enter her all the way in.

“This...is...how...I'm...going...to..tuck...your...little...sister” I said as I pounded her hard. The fact that she was asking had me excited beyond belief. The way Jackie had been teasing me by pleasuring herself with my finger while sitting on my lap and purposely not wearing any underwear, I knew she was up for it. I was going to make that little cock tease my little slut.

Gina and I made love two more times that night. At one point, I was on my back with her on top. She was bouncing on my cock with me pushing up as she came down. I decided to test the waters with a little role playing.

“Oh fuck, Jackie! Your pussy feels so fucking good. I love the way your little pussy feels. It's so tight and so wet. I would love to taste your sweet little pussy.”

“Fuck baby! Don't stop, don't stop! Tell me more, tell me more.”

“Oh Jackie, I'm going to get you on all fours and fuck you hard like a little bitch in heat. I gonna grab you and drive my big cock hard into your tight little cunt over and over, in and out, in and out. Do you like that Jackie? Do you like my big cock in your cunt?”

“Uh huh, tell me more!”

“When I'm done with your pussy, I'm gonna fuck you in the ass. I'm gonna make that little bubble butt mine. I'm gonna fuck you so good you're gonna beg me not to stop, just like your sister. Is that what you want Jackie?”

We soon learned that Gina's parents were planning on being out of town in two weeks. With her brother's planning on leaving for a camping trip on the same weekend, Gina and I planned on me getting my present a month early. The weekend before all this, I showed up to pick up Gina. The plan was to do the usual, go out to catch something to eat and then hook up with some friends before we went out to find somewhere to be alone to fuck our brains out. When I got there, Jackie answered the door, telling me Gina was getting ready and her brother's were in their room playing video games.

I grabbed a seat on the couch and Jackie immediately came over and sat on my lap. I got a bit nervous, not wanting her mom to catch us, but she assured me that her parents were not home. She threw her arms around my neck and asked me if I had been thinking about her. Instead of the usual crop top and tight shorts, she was wearing a long shirt. At least what was supposed to be a long shirt. I could only assume it was one from she was younger as it only came down mid-thigh, allowing me to stroke her soft thighs as we sat there, enjoying each others company. If any one would've see us, they would have assumed we were a couple.

“Mmmm your hand feels good.” she said as she put one of her hands over mine and started pushing it up more and more as she softly moaned into my ear, telling me how good it felt. She continued, telling me how much she wished that I was her boyfriend, so we would never have to stop.

“Touch me, baby. Touch my pussy.” by the time she whispered these words, I was gone. I had honestly forgotten about Gina and was enjoying this little girl on my lap that was softly kissing my neck in between softly moaning and whispering in my ear. I moved my hand up as she opened her legs for me and discovered that this little vixen was not wearing any panties. Right away I felt her slit and her wetness seeping through her tightly shut lips.

My cock was miserably uncomfortable and I dared not move in fear of breaking the spell she was under. I took my finger and slowly started rubbing my finger up her slit on the outside, just to get her going. The hottest part about the whole thing was hearing her heavy breathing in my ear, knowing that I was the one making her feel good.

My preview for the following weekend came to a sudden halt when we heard Gina's door open down the hallway. Jackie swiftly jumped off my lap and tried her best to look casual, but I did not bother hiding my hard on. When Gina looked my way her mouth was wide open as she looked at me before it turned into a smile. We said good bye to her little sister and made our way to the car.

“I'm not sure why, but I am so turned on knowing my little sister gave you that hard on. Am I sick or what?”

“Maybe this will help clarify things.” I told her as I extended my finger to let her get a whiff.

She demanded I take her to a secluded place where we could be alone. She was so fucking horny, she fished out my dick out of my jeans and stroked me until we got to our spot. She was wearing a skirt, which was her favorites choice due the easy access factor. I pushed my seat back and she straddled me, long ago having removed her panties. She hopped over, straddled me and had my cock up her pussy in five seconds.

We started fucking me, with her asking me to call her Jackie. She furiously fucked me, trying to get herself off. I grabbed her ass and helped with the up and down as I egged her on.

“You feel so good, Jackie. Your little cunt feels good on my cock.”

“More, more. I'm almost there!”

“Ah baby, you like fucking your sister's boyfriend? Are you a little slut?”

“AAHHHH!! Fuck, baby! Did you really finger my sister's pussy?”she asked as she started cumming.

After I told her the story on how it happened, she was dumbfound, amazed that her little baby sister was turning into such a sexual deviant. It should have bothered her that Jackie was trying to steal her boyfriend, but instead it just turned her on.

We left for dinner and met up with some friends afterwards. The party was a blast, but my mind was on what had happened earlier in the evening, both with Jackie and with Gina demanding that I fuck her the moment she smelled her sister on my finger. We left earlier than our usual time and spent the rest of the night fucking and making plans for next weekend.

When next Saturday finally came around, I could not stay calm. I made my way to work that morning, showing up an hour early. I was too excited and had woken up way early. Quitting time could not come fast enough. People at work noticed my anxiety and asked if I had a hot date planned for later in the day. I just laughed it off, thinking what would they say if they knew the truth. The time finally came and I rushed home to shower, get dressed and make my way over to Gina's.

As usual, Jackie answered the door when I arrived, welcoming me in and informing me that Gina was still in her room getting ready. She had no clue that our plans were to keep her company since everyone else was gone. This time she was wearing her usual crop top and and tight shorts, which looked great on her. She sat on my lap and assured me that it was just Gina and her in the house.

“You made me feel so good last time. I actually had some very special dreams about you all week. Did you dream about me?” This time I did not wait for her to put my hand on her lap, I lifted my arm and put it there myself. I was excited as I moved my hand up her leg.

“Look.” she said. I looked down and saw as she reached down and moved the middle of her shorts to the side, spreading her legs and exposing her beautiful little cunt with sparse hairs. Once again, this sexy little kitten had gone sans panties specifically for me.

“I want your finger in my pussy.” I knew we had time. Earlier, Gina had assured me that she would take her time coming out, giving me time to get Jackie hot and horny before coming out of her room. I started running my finger up and down her pussy, telling her how special her pussy felt. She was focused on kissing my neck as I fingered her drenched pussy. When I first pushed my finger in and breached her lips, the intensity got the better of her and she moaned louder than I expected. I put my mouth on her and she immediately parted her lips and shoved her tongue in my mouth. Her kiss was aggressive and sloppy, but still so fucking hot.

Everything about her felt great. Her little body on my lap with her little tongue in my mouth while I fingered her tight little pussy was the greatest present I had ever received. Okay, maybe third. Fucking Gina the first time and fucking her in the ass were probably the first and second greatest presents I had received. Nonetheless, we continued kissing as I fingered her pussy there on the couch.

When I reached her clit, she screamed into my mouth as she started pushing her hips up, humping my finger as her entire body started trembling. I knew what was happening and loved that I had been the first guy to give her an orgasm. I removed my hand and just held her there, letting her enjoy her orgasm in my arms. It was perfect timing on Gina's part when we heard her door open. Jackie quickly jumped off and sat on the other sofa.

I feigned surprise when I saw Gina come out in a very sexy red silk tank top with matching short shorts. Her tits looked great and her erect nipples made it clear that she was not wearing a bra. Those shorts hugged her ass and made her legs look really nice.

“What's going on?”

“Everybody is gone. We can't leave Jackie by herself.”

She came over and sat next to me before grabbing the remote control to *********** something to watch on TV. I looked over at Jackie and she had the biggest smile on her face. She was obviously excited that we would be staying with her.

“Can I sit with you guys? It's a better angle from that sofa.” she asked with a pouty face.

“Ok, come on over. Just don't be acting all spazzy.”

Even though I was sitting at the end of the sofa, leaning on an armrest, she came over and squeezed her way in, insistent on sitting next to me. We shuffled over and kept watched a rerun of The Big Bang. After a few minutes, Gina claimed she was bored and wanted to know if we wanted to watch something else. We both said sure, only Jackie was not aware of what else she wanted to watch.

“Jackie, if your gonna hang out with us, you have to promise not to tell mom and dad what we do.”

“Okay, I promise” Jackie answered quickly. She felt excited to be included as one of us. Gina went on to explain that we like to watch porn, asking if she had ever watched porn. Jackie was surprised with this revelation and could only shake her head.

“Want to?” Jackie excitedly nodded her head. Gina ran to her room and brought back her laptop. She logged on to one of our favorite sites and linked it to the TV. As we all know there is an array of genres, from simple man/women to any kinky shit that you can dream of. Gina and I knew why we were there and I suppose the anticipation of what was going to happen had us horny.

Gina got up and ran to the fridge, returning with a bottle of wine cooler for each of us. It was enough to lower Jackie's inhibitions without getting her sloppy drunk. It was obvious as time went on that Jackie was starting to loosen up and was not being careful about covering her titties whenever she bent forward, giving me a clear view of her delicious little mounds I was hoping to have in my mouth later in the evening.

While we watched, Gina threw me a surprise, asking me if I was wearing boxers. Confused, I told her I was. She suggested I take off my pants to be more comfortable. Since they were comfortable in their pajamas, I should as wll. The problem with that is that Jackie's little titties had me in an excitable state, although not fully erect.

When I got up and started walking to one of the rooms to take my pants off, Gina stopped me, asking me where was I going. When I told her I was going to her room she shook her head and laughingly told me I had to take them off right there in front of them.

“...and do it slow, we want a show. Right, Jackie?”

“Yeah!” Jackie responded. Other times I think Jackie would've felt shy in front of her sister, but I assumed the wine coolers were getting to her. I decided to play along. Gina quickly turned up the volume on her phone and I started by first removing my shoes to the rhythm. The girls were hootin' and hollering as I continued until I had removed my belt and my hands were on my fly. They were both went quiet and I just stared at Jackie as I undid my pants, slowly undoing the top button before pulling down my zipper. I opened my pants then turned around to give them my back, bending over at the hip and sliding down my pants. I was trying to do my best stripper impression, keeping it funny ands careful to keep my boxers in place. When my pants finally landed on the floor, the girls went wild with applause. I faced them and took a few bows before sitting back down.

While we watched the video, Gina asked her little sister if she'd ever had sex. Jackie shook her head before covering her face in embarrassment. Gina had chosen a male/young female porn. The premise of the story was about a man who had won a bet and was now going to enjoy his friends virgin daughter. From the time the couple started making out, Gina started commenting on the video, telling us it was so hot watching a guy with a young girl. Gina said something that made Jackie pay closer attention to the screen.

“Jackie, that little girl actually looks like you. She's so pretty and has a hot body, like you.” This comment made Jackie smile. The couple quickly moved from the shy little girl learning to kiss to getting undressed and the man getting behind her as he started fucking her. My dick was certainly hard and there was an obvious tent in my boxers. That was when Gina pressed pause on the video.

“Hey Jackie, come over here.” she said as she moved over, making room to let Jackie sit in the middle. Oblivious to what was about to happen, Jackie had a big smile on her innocent little face as she came over and sat between us. It was obvious her little nipples were hard, I could only imagine how wet her little pussy must be.

“Do you know what a cock-tease is?” Still smiling, Jackie shook her head.

“A cock-tease is someone that goes around doing things to boys to get their cocks hard, pretending she going to have sex with them and then doesn't follow through. I heard you've been acting like a little cock-tease with Eddie.” Jackie knew that she had been caught. She did not even try to deny it. The smile on her face quickly disappeared and she dropped her head.

“That's not cool. Look at his cock, look how hard it is. That's what you do to guys when you tease them and now it's hurting. You're going to have to help him with that.” Gina did not necessarily have a stern voice, but more of a calm matter of fact tone that made it clear she was not messing around. She swiftly reached for Jackie pajama top and yanked it over her head, with a stunned Jackie quickly bringing up her hands to cover her cute little titties.

“I heard you like bending over and showing off your titties. Why don't you just let him see 'em? Take your hands down.” Reluctantly, she did as Gina commanded. They were gorgeous! Her tits were A cups with hard little pebbles that got my dick even harder.

“I think Eddie likes your titties, Jackie. You made his cock get harder.” Jackie looked down at my crotch to the obvious tent in my boxers.

“You have to help him.”

“How?” Jackie asked, not really sure what her sister meant.

“Reach in there and pull out his cock. He likes it when I stroke it for him.” Jackie sat there frozen, not really sure what to do. My god, she looked so fucking cute with her little titties there in the open. Gina got up and came over to sit on my other side. She reached in and fished out my hard cock. Jackie's eyes were wide open and she just stared at my dick. This was really happening and I was so fucking turned on.

“Give me your hand.” Gina said as she reached over and grabbed Jackie's hand. She pulled it over and with both hands she wrapped Jackie's hand around my cock. I felt a jolt the moment her little sister's hand touched my dick. Gina had her little sister's hand on my cock and in unison, they started stroking my cock. It was surreal. Gina pulled her hands away, leaving Jackie to stroke my cock all by herself.

“Do it with both hands.” Jackie brought over her other hand and started stroking with both hands wrapped around my cock. Her hands were soft and small, they felt great! At this point, Gina and I started passionately kissing while she shoved her hand down her shorts and started fingering herself.

“That is so fucking hot! Look at her little hands, your cock looks so fat. I can't wait see you fuck her little cunt.” Gina whispered the last part in my ear. She did not want Jackie to know what we were planning. After about five minutes, Gina was ready to move things along.

“Kiss it.”


“Kiss it, kiss his dick”


“Kiss his fucking dick you fucking little cock-tease.” Jackie looked at me with pleading eyes, but I was too far gone to say anything. She was about to touch my dick with her lips and I was not about say anything to prevent that from happening. Jackie lowered her head and I felt her lips touch my cock head. I had to do my best to hold back and not cum at that moment. She kissed it and then lifted her head to look at Gina for further instructions.

“Again. Keep kissing it until I tell you to stop.” Jackie lowered her head again and kissed my head again. She hesitated for a moment before lowering her head and kissing my dick again. She kept kissing my dick over and over and I was loving the feel of her lips on my cock. They felt really nice and soft. By this time, Gina had removed her top and I had one tit in my mouth and the other in my hand. The whole scenario was so unbelievably hot. Gina pulled away for second to look down at her sister kissing my dick.

“Look at me.” Jackie stopped what she was doing to look up at her sister.

“Open your mouth.” Jackie shook her head. She obviously knew what came next.

“You fucking little cock-tease. Open your fucking mouth.” Jackie slowly opened her mouth, just not wide enough.

“More!” Jackie opened her mouth nice and wide, as if she was at the dentist's.

“Put your lips around the head and suck his cock.” Jackie must have figured out by now that pushing back was useless. It was so fucking hot watching as she lowered her head and carefully took my cock into her mouth. My love for Gina grew tenfold at that very moment. My girlfriend was the best, instructing her little sister to give me a blowjob for my birthday.

“She looks so fucking hot with your cock in her mouth. She looks like a cute little slut.” Jackie did what came natural to her and started sucking my cock as she slowly bobbed her head. She really didn't need instructions from Gina. She was a natural and looked so cute without a shirt. Gina and I started making out, enjoying her little sister's lips on my cock while sucking on Gina's tits with two of my fingers deep in her cunt.

Gina started showing signs of an orgasm, so I started finger-fucking her harder and harder, making sure my thumb kept hitting her clit as my fingers went in and out as hard as I could. Her tits were so sensitive that when she was feeling really horny, I could get her to cum by just sucking hard on her tits. I kept my mouth on her and my fingers in her pussy and she soon started bucking against my hand, trying to get my fingers deeper into her cunt. “AAHH, AAHH, AAHH!” was what Jackie and I heard loudly before Gina collapsed back on the sofa.

As she laid there recuperating, I loved the fact that Jackie put my cock in her mouth and went back to sucking my cock. She started slowing down after awhile. I could only assume her jaw was getting tired. Gina came out of her brief slumber and saw what was happening.

“Jackie, come here. Sit on his lap.” Jackie got up and came to sit on my lap sideways, how most girls will sit on their boyfriend's lap.

“Not like that. Turn towards him and put your knees on either side of him.” Jackie turned to look at me as she got up and straddled me before looking back at Gina.

“Take of his shirt and kiss him.”


“Don't act like you haven't kissed him before. Kiss him like you want him to fuck you nice and hard. Now kiss him.” Jackie took off my shirt and brought her lips to mine. At first she behaved timidly, just pressing her lips to mine. I stuck my tongue out and tried parting her lips. She accepted my tongue and we started kissing hard, like lovers.

“Grab her ass, baby” Gina did not need to tell me twice. I reached down and grabbed her little ass for the first time. It was nice and firm, with each ass cheek fitting perfectly in each hand.

“Babe, you guys look fucking awesome! I can't believe you have my little sister's ass in your hands.” While Jackie and I made out, Gina was back to fingering herself . She was completely naked next us on the sofa, masturbating herself while watching us.

“Grind her pussy against your cock, babe. I'm sure she'll like it better than just your finger.” Jackie stared at me with wide open eyes, shocked that I had shared that with Gina. I grabbed her ass and brought her tightly against me. With my erection pointing up between us, I could actually feel the warmth of her wet pussy on my cock. I grabbed her ass tight and started pushing her up and down against my cock. Holy shit that felt amazing!

She was still wearing her shorts and Gina had told her to move them to the side so that her little cunt pressed against my cock! How the hell was I able to hold on for so long, I couldn't tell you. I suppose it was the anticipation of getting to fuck her. This was also the first time Jackie finally showed signs of enjoying what we were doing. She gave a little moan at first, but soon started give out soft moans every time I pushed her up against my cock. Without realizing it, her head was tilted back and her moans were getting louder.

“You like that don't you, you little slut. Does that feel better than his fingers?”

“Yes, yes! It feels so much better!”

I had waited long enough, I needed to get her little titties in my mouths. On the next time I pushed her ass up, I put my mouth on one of her tits. They felt amazing! Her tits completely fit in my mouth and her nipples were nice and stiff. I had been fantasizing about getting her titties in my mouth and it was now happening. They were as sweet as I thought they would be. I sucked on them for awhile, but I was ready to cum. I needed more and Gina read my mind.

“Jackie, do you know what I promised Eddie for his birthday present?” Jackie shook her head, not sure how to answer while she enjoyed my mouth on her titties.

“My sister's virgin cunt. I told him he could fuck your tight little pussy. Would you like that? You wanna feel his big fat cock in your little pussy?....and if you're a good little girl, I might even let him fuck you up that pretty little ass. That little ass that you keep shaking at him when I'm not around.” Jackie immediately turned to Gina and begged her not to. She told her she was a virgin and afraid she was too small for me. Gina assured her that it would hurt in the beginning, but it would start to feel real good after awhile, just like in the video we were watching.

Jackie insisted that she was not ready and did not want to do it. When she tried to get away, Gina grabbed her and wrestled her down to the floor. She turned her on her back and held her down, telling me to come get my present. I knelt between Jackie's legs and pushed her thighs down to keep her from kicking. Jackie continued yelling at us to stop, that she didn't want to.

“Pull her shorts down, babe.” Somehow I managed to pull down her shorts with her still fighting us. I didn't have much time to admire her as she laid there on the floor completely naked while Gina held her down.

“Fuck her baby! Fuck her tight little virgin pussy! That pussy is yours, babe. Happy Birthday!”

I pushed her knees out and lined up my cock before looking up at Gina for final permission before taking her baby sister's virginity. She nodded her head, giving me all the reassurance I needed. I pushed in and kept going until I felt some resistance. I knew what I had to do. I pushed hard and fast, breaking her hymen in one swift motion, same as I had done with Gina. That also ended Jackie fighting us off as she cried out in pain, also like her sister.

I stayed there for a minute, letting her cunt adjust to my cock before I slowly started moving in and out, slowly letting her get used to it. Her pussy was fucking tight. It actually felt tighter than when I fucked Gina for the first time. It felt like her pussy contracted on my cock with every beat of her heart. I picked up the pace, and slowly, her groans of pain turned to moans of pleasure as I relished the heat of her cunt wrapped around my cock.

“Fuck, baby. You guys look so fucking hot! Fuck her pussy real hard baby, make her cum on your cock!” When she said this, I felt Jackie wrap her legs around my waist, trying to pull me in.

“Fuck this feels so fucking good! Fuck me. Eddie. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Gina's fingers were at full speed, close to rubbing off her own clit as I started fucking her baby sister.

“You little slut. You like that, don't you? You like getting fucked by my boyfriend?”

“Yeah, he feels so fucking good!”

Gina kept telling us how great we looked, she loved the way her sister and I were fucking each other. She was amazed on how small her sister looked under me and it was incredible how her little pussy stretched out so wide to take in my cock, telling me her sister's pussy lips were tightly shut around my cock.

Jackie did feel really good under me as I continued fucking her. Her cunt felt amazing and both girls were moaning as I kept furiously fucking her. I lowered my head and we started making out as I kept fucking her. I was in no hurry to cum, but I wanted this so bad, it was hard not to shove my cock in her tight cunt, pounding hard into her, over and over and over.

“Does that feel good, sweetie? You like my fat cock in your tiny little cunt?”

“Yes, yes! Oh my god, it feels like you're all the way up in my chest.”

“I love your tight pussy. I can't believe I'm finally fucking you.”

“Mmm hmmm! Just don't stop! Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, you're making me cum again.” With that, her whole body started trembling, she squeezed me tighter with her legs as she wrapped her arms around my neck. We started aggressively kissing each other with no rhythm to our kiss. Her orgasm was hitting her hard and her whole body was out of control as she moaned over and over.

I continued fucking her hard, knowing I too was getting close. I knew that in less than five strokes, I was going to cum.

“I'm gonna cum, baby! Where do you want me to come?”

“She's your little bitch now. Spray her with your cum, brand her as yours!” I quickly, but reluctantly, pulled out of the tightest pussy I had ever fucked. I got up on my knees and shot my cum all over her. My cum landed on her tummy, her little tits and even her face. This little girl looked so fucking sexy with my cum all over her! Completely exhausted, I laid down next to her and enjoyed the after show.

After recovering from her own orgasm, Gina gave me a bonus Birthday present. She went over and straddled her little sister's naked body and started slurping up my cum. She started licked up my cum from her tummy before making her way up to her tits, not only eating my cum but also spending some time sucking her nipples. I was not aware my girl was into girls. The fact that she was molesting her little sister started getting me hard again. She spent some time there before she looked up. Looking back at her, Jackie opened her mouth.

“Kiss me”

Gina moved up and lowered her lips to meet Jackie's. Right away they started kissing and certainly not like sisters. Their lips were pressed hard against each other's and their tongues were in each other's mouth, dirty dancing with each other. Laying there with her older sister, Jackie enjoyed the special attention she was getting from her.

The night was young and I was stroking my hard cock as I watched my girlfriend make out her baby sister. I knew there was plenty to teach Jackie all about sex before their parents and brothers came back on Sunday night.


2021-09-27 15:31:04
my boyfriend/fiancee one night while staying over and sleeping in my older sisters bed, crawled in bed with me and we fucked for a few hours till my pussy was leaking his cum, i went for a shower and he went back to my sisters bed, my sister came home then and got undressed in the dark room while my lover watched her, when she went to bed he grabbed her and started making out with her and then spread her legs and shoved his fat cock into her virgin pussy, she was receptive and fucked him back inviting him to cum in he cunt instead of messing the bedsheets. after our wedding ceremony my sister joined us in the bridal room and told me i was to share him from now on, thats how my husband became the father of both our kids.


2021-09-25 19:29:34
That was really great. To sit there a watch your sister get fucked, must have been a real turn on. Hope there is part 2 to this beautiful sexy story.


2021-09-24 16:41:03
Every guy's fantasy come true! I like your writing style, too. The perfect amount of reluctance from the little sister.

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2021-09-23 08:41:23
Nice fiction and a guy's perfect fantasy...A girlfriend who enjoys watching you fuck her sister in front of her...

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