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C'mon! Mount me~! Make me your bitch!" Zendaya whined, pushing her hips back against him.

Tessa seemed to realise what she wanted then, and after pulling back and watching the sway of her hips for a little longer, he finally moved up to mount her from behind, his paws hanging over her shoulder as his cock propped up against her butt.
Tom and Zendaya had been in a long-distance relationship for a couple of years by the time she turned up outside his house with a car full of her things, ready to move in with him. It was the first time that they had met each other in person, but Zendaya's home situation had gotten very uncomfortable and she needed an escape—desperate times called for desperate measures, and change seemed like a good idea, especially when compared to the stagnation that she would have had to face otherwise.

At the age of 25, Zendaya was ready to start the next chapter of her life, and as she walked inside the house carrying a box of her things, a dog stared at her from across the room, looking as if it was about to begin snarling at her, though that could have just been her imagination. It surprised Zendaya, and she almost dropped the box that she had been carrying.

Zendaya had known about Tom's dog, not only from their many video chats but from the countless stories that Tom had told her over the years that they had been together. As she understood it, Tessa, Tom's dog, was practically his best friend. They'd been together for over a decade and Tom's dog was one of the most important things in the world to him, to the point where giving him up hadn't even been on the table when the two of them were planning their future together.

The Staffordshire bull terrier continued staring at her until Tom stepped in ahead of her and gave the dog a calming pet. "Don't worry, he'll get used to you," Tom assured her, as Tessa leaned up into his touch. Zendaya loved dogs, so she was eager to form a bond with the dog, but knew from experience not to try doing so until the dog was more comfortable around her. It did bother her a little that she wouldn't be able to partake in cute dog activities so quickly, but not so much so that she wasn't willing to put up with it. After a long day of moving her stuff into the house, she and Tom rested on the sofa, with Tessa at Tom's other side, recoiling away a little whenever Zendaya moved in to give her boyfriend some physical affection.

As it turned out, Tessa was a lot shyer than Zendaya had been expecting. A week passed, and there was no difference in the way that he acted towards her. Another week, and the same. By the time she had been living there for two months, Zendaya was beginning to worry that Tessa would never feel comfortable around her. The last thing that she wanted was for her boyfriend to have to choose between them, but she didn't know how much more of the cold shoulder she could take!

Before she had the chance to voice any of her concerns, she and her boyfriend decided to spend a day in their pool in the backyard. The weather was nice for the first time in a couple of weeks, and they didn't have any other plans. Tom stepped down from his room already in his trunks, then offered Zendaya a small wave, and a smile, as she sat on the couch. "I'm going to head out the pool. Are you gonna head up and get changed?" he asked, to which she offered a nod.

"Yeah! Of course. I'll be out in a sec," she replied, giving him a soft smile before watching him head out. She had been taking her time unpacking, and only recently had she actually pulled her swimwear out from the mountain of clothes that had needed sorting.

She moved up to their bedroom and pulled the bikini that she was planning to wear out of it before setting it on the bed. In the mirror, she caught a glimpse of herself. Usually, she didn't really think one way or the other about her own body, but today she was feeling good. Not only that, but the bikini that she was planning to wear was one that she knew that she looked good in. With a satisfied smile, she began to change into it. Her sweater and sweatpants were abandoned immediately, then kicked aside as she reached up to unclasp her bra

She ran her hands through her shoulder-length red hair and let out a soft sigh, admiring the sight of herself in the mirror for a moment before she reached over to grab the bikini top and slip it on. After that came her panties, which she tugged off to reveal a hairless pussy, and it was only when she examined herself in the mirror once more that she realised that she had a visitor. She looked back over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, hello, Tessa," she spoke, although she still wasn't sure what tone of voice to use around the dog, seeing as her attempts at being nice were met with passivity most of the time. That time, though, the dog did give her a small arf of confirmation, then jumped up onto her bed. She gave him a little grin and showed off her body, only vaguely aware how weird it was to do such a thing. "You like my bikini, Tessa?" she asked, reaching over to grab the bikini bottoms as she spoke, and then she slipped into them. Her hands ran through her hair once more, and when her eyes opened again they looked down at the dog.

Tessa was rock hard! Zendaya had never seen a dog's penis before, but it was obvious that a dog's penis was what she was looking at. Red, veiny, hard and throbbing, easily twice the size of Tom's cock, although she hadn't had much experience with him, either. Nonetheless, she found herself encapsulated with the doggy member, taking a step over towards the bed with a curious look on her face. Tessa looked at her, then began to back up against the back of the bed, which was against the wall, but that moving back didn't stop her from moving down onto the bed with him, on her stomach, and moving closer to the shaft itself.

Carefully, she wrapped her fingers around the base of it and examined it closely. She had only seen a dick a few times in her life, and she had held one in her hand even fewer times, but there was something about the texture of it that immediately made her want to touch it more. The veins along the side of it were plentiful and mostly ran underneath the surface, but each time the member itself gave a mighty throb, she could see those moving, too, pulsating at the same intensity. Precum was already leaking from the tip of the canine phallus, smelling stronger than any precum that she had ever smelled before, though her experience there was quite limited, too.

The first stroke that she gave moved all the way up to the tip and caught that small amount of precum in her palm, then she began to use it to stroke him more effectively. Though her rhythm was slow at first and she was a little scared of hurting the dog, it didn't take her long to work up enough courage to begin stroking him properly. Her hand moved all the way down to the base, right around where the knot had already formed, and then she squeezed him as she made her way up towards the tip again, watching the dog for whatever reactions he might have while she otherwise lost herself entirely in the moment.

When she felt the member begin to throb a little faster in her hands, she knew that the dog was approaching his orgasm. She looked around for something to clean up the mess with, then abandoned all thought of that entirely and resumed her quick stroking, hammering away at the poor dog cock while Tessa himself humped against her hand and panted for breath.

When his orgasm began, it wasn't as ceremonious as she had been expecting it to be. He kept humping her hand for a moment longer and then suddenly paused. Cum began to spurt up from the tip in thin, clear ropes, then landed upon her hand. It was warm, about as warm as she had been expecting, and although the cum spewed from his tip at a smaller rate than she had been expecting, there was so much of it. He kept cumming for what felt like minutes on end, and only when her hand was properly covered did he stop, the knot at the base of his cock beginning to calm down while Tessa himself rested against the bed, apparently satisfied.

Zendaya wasn't sure whether she was satisfied, but before she could think very much about it she heard Tom coming up the stairs. How long had she been in here? Had it really been so long that he had gotten suspicious? She looked upon the cum on her hand, wondering what she should do with it, and then without thinking too much about it she raised her hand to her lips and began to lick her hand clean.

The taste was the first thing that she noticed, salty and powerful. Nothing like any cum that she had ever tasted before, to be sure. Her tongue ran across her hand in stripes, taking the cum into her mouth little by little, and once she had enough of it in her mouth she began to swallow it. Parts of it were still quite warm, while others had cooled—she prefered the warmer ones, where the flavour was richer and yet easier on the senses. Tessa looked on as she lapped up his cum, and Zendaya hoped that he didn't get hard again, if only because it would be hard to explain to Tom exactly why they were in the position that they were.

"Are you alright, babe?" Tom asked as he knocked on the door. Zendaya stopped lapping up the cum and cleared her throat.

"Yeah!" she replied. "Just making sure everything fits right...! I'll be out in a second," she assured, before going right back to licking up Tessa's cum without even knowing whether Tom was still there or not—the longer that she tasted it, the more she enjoyed it.

"Alright, I'll see you in a moment then," Tom replied, before heading back outside again. Zendaya let out a soft sigh of relief as she finished lapping up the cum, then moved to stand up.

"Make sure not to tell him anything," she said to Tessa, quietly, whilst waggling her finger at him, then laughed at herself before heading into the bathroom to clean up before moving outside to join her boyfriend.

Although the thoughts about what she had just done were quite easy to dispel at first, as she began spending time with her boyfriend in their pool, it wasn't long before Zendaya's thoughts began to drift. When she had first agreed to spend the day out there, she had thought that it would provide an opportunity for her to become closer with her boyfriend, perhaps for her to do the things that she had just done with his dog, with him, but she hadn't even thought about him once since she left the house.

Settling at the edge of the pool, she let her feet dip into it, leaning back enough to let the sun cover the front of her body as she took deep breaths, fighting away the arousal that she was feeling. Later on, she would be able to masturbate through the sexual frustration that giving Tessa a handjob had given her, but for the time being she needed to focus on something else—on anything else. Tom slipped over towards her and reached his hands up to take hers, pulling her attention away from her thoughts for a moment.

"You look good in that outfit," he told her, with a bright smile as he pulled her over towards the edge of the pool and then into the water. It was warm, warm enough that she didn't have to worry about settling into the feeling, and even though her boyfriend was stood right there in front of her, talking to her, she still felt her thoughts slipping towards the dog cock that she had spent the better part of the last half an hour stroking.

"Thanks," she replied and recoiled a little when he leaned in to give her a kiss on the lips, though she did eventually relent to giving him the kiss as her hands moved to slip against his waist and she gave him a small smile. She did feel a little guilty for being so attracted to her boyfriend's dog all of a sudden, especially considering how close the two of them were, but perhaps Tom wouldn't mind...? Who was she kidding? She wanted to touch Tessa's cock more than she wanted to touch Tom's... of course, he wouldn't be fine with that. Her thoughts swam as Tom pulled away from her and did the same, eventually pausing as he moved onto the pool's side.

"I'm getting pretty hungry. Do you want me to go and get us some food...?" he asked, standing upright as Zendaya herself slipped back to the edge again, opposing him.

"Sure, I could eat," she replied. Eating would mean that she wouldn't have the taste of dog cum in her mouth anymore, and though she didn't want that, she was getting pretty hungry. She watched her boyfriend leave and settled into her own thoughts once more, and right as she was beginning to wonder whether she could perhaps have some more fun with Tessa now that she had the free time to do so, he rounded the corner to join her at the pool, already seeming to be a little less shy than he had been when she had first moved in or even that very morning.

Grinning at the dog, Zendaya immediately moved to her feet and tugged at the string holding her bikini bottoms in place. They fell away a moment after, and she let out a quiet 'oops!' as the fabric fell to the ground. Then, she reached up to tug at the string holding her top in place, eventually letting that fall to the ground, too. As her nude body became displayed for the dog, Tessa approached her, seeming to look her over. Zendaya found herself grinning as she moved down onto her knees, then glanced underneath him. He was rock hard, just as he had been when he had seen her naked the first time. Good.

She had plans for him, but those required him to play along. On her hands and knees still, she crawled around until her butt was facing him, and then she looked back over her own shoulder to watch his reaction as she began to shake her slightly plump behind back and forth in front of him, eventually adopting a more sensual figure of eight motion, teasing Tessa towards hopefully giving her what she wanted from him. When a few moments passed and he didn't do much of anything, Zendaya reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips open for him.

"Don't you want a piece of this, boy? Don't you want to fuck me? My pussy is sooo warm and tight for you... I bet it'd feel really nice wrapped around that thick doggy dick of yours," she moaned, realising that he probably couldn't understand her, but her words were more for her own benefit at that point than for his. She was already wet and slick, partly owed to her thoughts and words and partly to the sight of that magnificent dog cock. She let out a small whine, and Tessa began to close the distance between them.

When Tessa reached her, at first he pressed his tongue against her inner thigh, lapping up some of the juice that had been collecting there. It took him a moment to get all the way up to her pussy, but when he did, Zendaya let out an eager moan and began to roll her hips back against his tongue. He lapped at her there for a short while, seemingly savouring the taste of her snatch, and she tried to see whether she could get him to move things forward more. "C'mon! Mount me~! Make me your bitch!" Zendaya whined, pushing her hips back against him.

Tessa seemed to realise what she wanted then, and after pulling back and watching the sway of her hips for a little longer, he finally moved up to mount her from behind, his paws hanging over her shoulder as his cock propped up against her butt. She reached down to align him as best she could, but things were moving so fast. Did she really want to lose her virginity to a dog? Her boyfriend's dog? She had thought for a long time that Tom would be the one to take her virginity, but in the more intensely dominant and masculine presence of Tessa, she couldn't help but surrender her virginity to him instead.

With a heavy, needy thrust forward, Tessa slammed his cock up against her opening and missed entirely. The tip of his cock ground against her clit and then his hips thrust so far forward that he ended up smacking her clit with his knot instead, and a second thrust attempt from him a moment later ended the same way, prompting him to hop down for the time being and try to rearrange himself.

As he did, Zendaya lifted up from all fours and looked over at him again, then watched as he settled back and began to lap at his own member. If she couldn't get fucked by him, then using her mouth on him would be the next best thing, she thought and moved over to lay on her stomach alongside him. She had gotten to taste his cum earlier, but had been left curious as to what his cock would actually taste like. She imagined a mixture of salt and bitter, then crawled a little closer, until her mouth was right in front of his member.

Tessa recoiled a little at first, tugging his hips back, but she slipped her fingers underneath his growing knot and wrapped an arm around him to tug him a little closer again. He had to stop being so uncomfortable around her, she thought, and what better way to earn his presence than to show him what he was missing out on when she wasn't around? Her mouth moved up towards the tip of his cock, then she began to run her tongue against it. Salty, just as she had thought, but there wasn't really much bitterness. Tessa did seem to keep himself pretty clean on top of the regular baths that Tom already gave him.

"I bet this is the first time you've had a bath like this, isn't it?" Zendaya asked, as she held his cock up in front of her own face and began to lap her tongue against it, making her way slowly down to the base from the side. Tessa didn't respond, of course, and it wasn't long before it became clear just how overwhelming her oral attention was. Tessa began to pant and thrust against her hand, his canine cock twitching in place. He let out a howl of pleasure as he began to cum, and long spurts began to fire off into the air. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to taste his cum straight from the source, Zendaya rushed up and wrapped her lips around the tip of his member. Each warm spurt of cum that fired up into her mouth was swallowed eagerly down by her, joining that which she had already swallowed from him earlier.

When he had nothing left to give her, she moved her hand down once more to hold him firmly underneath the knot. "Don't go soft on me just yet, I wanna have more fun with you," Zendaya told him, pressing a kiss to the underside of his softening cock, but enough oral attention from her turned out to be enough to get him hard again, and she soon took him back into her mouth to give him a proper blowjob this time.

The slurping set in almost immediately as she gave his member a hard suck and bobbed her head up and down on him. She closed her eyes and took him as deep as she could, as deep as she had ever taken a cock before, pausing only when she reached his knot and realised that taking that into her mouth would be completely impossible, not that she wasn't tempted to at least try. Rather than do so, she opted to squeeze the knot while bobbing her head on him, as if simulating a pussy that might squeeze him in a similar way, and it wasn't long before Tessa was brought to another orgasm, humping up against her mouth as he flooded it with his cum.

As he came, Zendaya took him all the way into her mouth again, then let his warm cum splash against the back of her throat before being swallowed down eagerly by her. Her eyes were open by that point, staring right at Tessa as she smiled around his member, and her gaze made her look utterly elated, not that the dog would be able to recognise such a thing. As she pulled back and took her first breath of fresh air in a short while, she looked down upon herself and saw that she had been so turned on that her pussy was leaking juice onto the floor beneath her. Oops!

Once more, as she bent over in front of him, she began to sway her ass back and forth. She couldn't wait any longer. She was ready to lose her virginity to this dog, to her dog, to Tessa. It would be cheating on her boyfriend, and she had accepted that. Zendaya simply couldn't deny her love for dog cock. She reached back once more to spread her pussy lips open for him, holding back a moan with a bit lip that would have almost certainly slipped out if she had decided to tease the mutt with dirty talk, though she did want to.

Luckily, Tessa got the right idea sooner rather than later and soon hopped up onto her for a second time. His paws came to rest in the same position that they had before, and with an eager thrust of his hips he had smacked right up against her pussy again, and although he had missed, Zendaya wasn't going to let him off with that this time. She reached down and aligned him properly, then held him in place until he thrust his hips forward and slipped inside of her, with Zendaya taking in a sharp breath as he did.

It felt so different to anything that she had ever experienced before. Pleasurable, to be sure, but that was only part of it. Overwhelming. A little painful. He was so big, especially considered to the fingers that she had to compare him to in terms of things that she had taken inside of herself. Immediately, she let out a small, but not quiet moan of pleasure and her pussy began to adjust to the large insertion. It didn't have much time to, though, because no sooner than the dog had pushed inside did he begin to move, his feet barely touching the ground as he settled into a fast rhythm.

Each one resulted in a slap of his hips against her behind, and with the speed of his thrusting those slaps were sounding out very often. Zendaya could barely hear herself think over the sound of it, but truth be told she wouldn't have been able to do very much thinking anyway given just how overcome with pleasure that she was. Her mind was numb, and it felt like she'd had a sexual awakening. Suddenly, it only made sense that she should have lost her virginity to a dog, they were such powerful and virile animals, and sex with them felt so good... although Tessa had only been inside of her for about twenty seconds, Zendaya was thrust into an intense orgasm, her eyes rolling back and mouth hanging open while Tessa thrust on unaware of her pleasurable plight.

Her pussy gushed, with juice running down her thighs and the tight cavern convulsing around the cock inside it, but Tessa seemed to have a longer fuse than he had the last few times that she had brought him to orgasm because even Zendaya's quivering cunt wasn't enough to bring him to orgasm so quickly. And by all rights, it should have because she was tight as could be, her walls warm and wet and welcoming. Tessa pressed on, panting while his hips continued to slap against her, and by the time Zendaya had recovered from her first orgasm she was well on her way to experiencing her second.

When that second orgasm came, the tightening of her cunt proved enough to finally push Tessa over the edge, and he gave his last thrust inside her before slipping that knot in by force. Zendaya's orgasm was pulled away from her momentarily as the surprise of having such a large knot pushed into her took over her thoughts, and then the feeling of his cum splashing into her womb as his cock filled out her pussy entirely pushed her right back into the path of that train crash of an orgasm. Once more, her thoughts were gone, the world around her feeling less and less tangible as her body focused mostly on the feeling of her womb being flooded by dog cum, and she collapsed underneath the weight of it all, leaving Tessa to support himself, though he did a far better job than she did.

Lifting up, Tessa turned around and continued panting as he faced away from her, his knot still lodged inside her. Zendaya could hardly believe it. He was still so thick. Her thoughts managed to return to some normalcy after that, but she still felt overwhelmed. After sex like that, there was no denying it. She was in love with Tessa, her boyfriend's dog. No, in a manner of speaking, Tessa was her boyfriend now, too. As complicated as it was, it also felt right to her, and when his knot finally slipped out of her, she found the strength to clothe herself again and slip into the pool, letting it clean her of the evidence of their time together.

When Tom came back an hour or so later with food, Zendaya had since dress herself up properly and was sat in the living room with Tessa, who was now asleep and resting on her lap. Zendaya gave Tom a grin that he interpreted as her being happy that Tessa was finally giving her some positive attention, and at least in some way, that was true. Tom placed the food down onto their coffee table and then paused, looking at Zendaya. Zendaya raised an eyebrow at him in turn, a little worried that he had, perhaps, figured out what she and Tessa had been doing together, somehow.

"It looks like you forgot to rub some of your sunscreen in," Tom remarked, gesturing to her shoulder. Zendaya then turned her head to look at where he was pointing, and sure enough, some of Tessa's cum had gotten onto her shoulder and had apparently been left there in the interim. As Zendaya's cheeks reddened with an embarrassment that her boyfriend wouldn't properly be able to understand, she gave a light chuckle. "Oops!"

The already steep decline of Zendaya's morality only got steeper from there, with her fitting most of her schedule around being able to slip off with Tessa and have some fun. After the first time, it didn't really occur to her just how messed up it was that she was giving in to such desires. It felt so good that, as far as she was concerned, she couldn't help it. She simply had to have that pleasure, and it didn't matter what people would think of her should they find out, though she did take measures to make sure that they didn't... not that those measures were the most consistent or foolproof.

Zendaya offered to walk the dog as much as possible, and her boyfriend always seemed so happy to see that the two of them were getting along, so he didn't think anything of it, completely unaware that every time she took Tessa out for a walk she was sneaking somewhere quiet and letting the dog mount her. Of all her ideas to find an opportunity to fool around with the dog, that was the one that had the least danger attached to it. Sometimes, she would ask her boyfriend to let Tessa sleep in the bed with them, then spend half of the night (after she was sure that Tom was asleep) either worshipping or fucking Tessa's canine cock until she was too exhausted to do it anymore.

Her attempts at spending time with the dog only became more and more dangerous, as she opted to slip behind the couch one night when Tom and a friend of his were watching something on the TV, then invite Tessa over to take her right there and then. She could, of course, have slipped out of the room and fucked the dog upstairs, somewhere where they weren't in any danger of being discovered, but the more time she spent fooling around with Tessa, the more the danger excited her. There was a part of her that wondered what would happen if the two of them were caught fooling around, and was so unbothered by the idea of being caught that she was almost tempting fate.

All the same, she did her best to keep her moans quiet as Tessa mounted her, even reaching a hand back to slip between her own ass and his hips to make sure that the slapping sound that rang out each time he thwapped against her wasn't too loud—thankfully, Tom seemed to like having the TV pretty loud when his friends were over, so unless he peeked over the back of the couch they likely wouldn't get found out.

One moment that did worry (and excite) Zendaya a bit, though, was when Tom's friend got up from the couch and announced that he was going to get a drink from the kitchen. From the kitchen's door, he would just about be able to see her behind the couch, the sight of her feet and perhaps Tessa's rump as he pounded away at her, but luckily, right as Tom's friend was about to make his return to the living room, Zendaya slipped forward onto her stomach and managed to pull her feet out of view, even if unintentionally. As far as she could tell, there wasn't even a curious glance sent their way—or perhaps Tom's friend simply didn't want to inform him that his girlfriend was cheating on him with a dog.

A little after that, Zendaya had a movie night of her own with a couple of the friends that she had made since moving there. At first, Tessa was simply beside her on the couch, leaning comfortably into the little pets that she gave him, but then she decided that she wanted to push things further. She lifted up the blanket and had him slip underneath it, glancing around to make sure that neither of her friends was getting so curious that they would notice that Tessa was already rock hard, as Zendaya had been playing with him for a few minutes before that. Tessa settled underneath the blanket with only his head poking out from it, and Zendaya moved carefully to align his cock with her pussy before sliding herself onto him.

Thankfully, their time in the bed had already trained Tessa to sometimes simply lay still and allow Zendaya to use his cock, so as her hands settled in the right places he knew not to move around too much. Zendaya slid onto him all the way, then began to slowly move on his cock while she watched the other two girls to make sure that they didn't notice her depravity. It felt so good to be so close to getting caught. God, the thought of it alone might have been enough to make her cum, and within minutes, that danger combined with the feeling of Tessa's knot slamming up against her pussy over and over again was enough to push her over the edge.

She reached a hand up and clasped it over her mouth, covering the moan that followed with a fake yawn as Tessa filled her up with his own cum. Her panties were pulled back into place after that, and they helped to hold his cum inside her, even if said panties ended up with a damp spot where his cum had leaked out onto them. The following day, Zendaya would rediscover them and masturbate in the laundry room by herself whilst sniffing the dried dog cum in them.

Without a doubt, the most depraved moment that the two of them had together was the night that Zendaya met Tom's family for the first time. She'd been on the phone with them before and even seen pictures of them, but this was her first time meeting them in person. She must have seemed normal to them, she thought, as she did her best to play the role of the 'good' girlfriend for their son. As soon as she sat down at the table, though, she began teasing Tessa. She guided him underneath the table and had him lap at her pussy while she conversed with Tom's parents.

Covering up the small sounds of pleasure that she couldn't help but make was exciting, but even more exciting was knowing what awaited her when she was finally able to slip away with Tessa again. She drew the moment out for as long as possible, having her hidden fun with the dog's tongue until he became too rowdy to contain, and then she announced that she was going to the bathroom. About fifteen minutes later, Tom's mother raised a worry that Zendaya was taking an awfully long time in the bathroom, and that perhaps she was sick or something.

"She's fine, don't worry about it. She just takes a while in there sometimes," Tom assured his mother as they continued eating, with him having no way of knowing what was actually going on, no way of knowing that the reason his girlfriend was taking so long in the bathroom was that she was on her hands and knees with Tessa mounting her, his canine hips slamming away at her behind with reckless abandon and no regard held for whether his cock was too much for her... no way of knowing that the next time she spoke to him, when she shook the hands of his parents and wished them a good evening, when she curled up with him in bed, her womb was full of his best friend's cum.

Eventually, she stopped trying to top her own depravity because it didn't seem possible. She had already done a myriad of different depraved things with her boyfriend's dog—Zendaya simply allowed herself to enjoy the moment, every moment that she spent on her knees or laying atop Tessa, or with his cock in her mouth or between her tits. If she didn't have the aftertaste of his cum in her mouth, she wasn't happy. If she couldn't feel his cum settling in her womb, she wasn't content. It was easy to lose herself in her new life, seeing how depraved it was. When her boyfriend asked her out on a date—which by all means wasn't a rare thing—it almost took her by surprise. It was a level of normalcy that she had started to forget.

The idea of a date had even sounded a little fun at first. She wasn't really sure where her feelings for her boyfriend sat anymore, and it might provide a good opportunity for her to figure that out, but when Tom had suggested that they take Tessa with them, Zendaya knew that she would inevitably slip off to partake in more exciting things.

The first place that they went together was the park, and Zendaya held hands with Tom. It actually did feel a little comfortable. It was a love that she couldn't share with the one that had ultimately stolen her heart from him, but she found it hard to listen to the things that Tom was saying. He talked about his feelings and about his job, and about his friends and about his parents, and normally Zendaya would have been happy to listen to all of those things but as it stood she couldn't take it for much longer. The two of them had been taking turns holding Tessa's lead, and the next time that her turn came up, she let herself fall behind a little and then slipped into one of the alleyways after urging Tom into a rant that she knew he would be on for at least long enough to not know for sure when exactly she and Tessa had slipped away from him. It felt a little evil, but, well... she was really horny.

The alleyway that she had chosen turned out to be perfect for what she wanted to do with Tessa. After a straight and long corridor down from the road itself, there was an open space, and then a turn, and it was around that turn that she slipped down onto her knees for the dog, shaking her ass back and forth in front of him, teasing him. The two of them had fooled around together enough times for him to know what she wanted, and he didn't waste any time before mounting her and then sliding his cock into her. His rhythm mirrored that of a jackhammer as he began to move, and Zendaya was practically gone the moment that she felt the tip of that hot dog cock pressing right up against the entrance to her womb.

She tightened around him as best she could, trying to milk his cock, but Tessa wasn't about to cum that quickly. He panted as his head laid over her shoulder, and she turned to give him a kiss on the muzzle. "There's my big boy," she moaned, arching her back to make the slapping sound of his hips against her supple butt even louder than it had already been. "Make as much noise as you want to. There's nothing to worry about, nobody's going to hear us," she assured him, before giving his muzzle another kiss as Tessa continued to pant.

He paused briefly, took a moment to get himself situated on top of her again and then resumed his thrusting. For her part, Zendaya was elated. She threw her head back and let out a loud, needy moan, slamming her hips back into him whenever she could, but she didn't want to throw him off his rhythm too much, so she showed some restraint. It wasn't long from there before Tessa's first orgasm crept up on him, and Zendaya could feel his knot pressing up against the entrance to her pussy each time that he gave a hard, deep thrust inside her. It was only a matter of time... and then it slipped inside.

Taking his knot was never easy, but you wouldn't have believed that with the look that swept over Zendaya's face. She didn't look like she had just taken the largest insertion of her life, she looked overcome with pleasure. The first blast of cum landed inside her womb only a few seconds later, as it always did. Zendaya wondered whether her womb would ever lose the feeling of his cum. With how often she fucked him, it always felt like she had some of him inside her.

Right around when the knot began to deflate a little and Tessa did what he had done many times before, continued fucking her rather than pulling out to let his cum escape her, Zendaya's phone began to ring. She ignored it at first, even when she realised that it was ringing, which was a little after when it had actually started to do so. After it rang out twice and began to buzz a third time, she knew that she was going to have to answer it sooner or later.

Reaching over, she did her best to pick it up and answer the call, though it was a little difficult with how much her body was shaking. Lifting the hand up had prompted her to fall forward a little, but that proved to be a positive as Tessa managed to get deeper inside her now, hips thwapping away at her just as they had before. Of course, the person calling her was Tom, and of course, she struggled to speak down the phone to him as she tried to fight through the pleasure and find some level of coherent thought.

"W-We're... um... down an alley... I don't know how we got here... I thought w-we were... following you..." Zendaya managed, though a moan slipped free from her right after, and Tom sounded concerned on the other side of the phone, as he probably should have done. Zendaya's eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a longer, louder moan before hanging up the call and slapping her palm down onto the ground again, her phone flying some distance as she did. As bad as that was, she couldn't even think about it. She was entirely consumed by Tessa, moaning his name first under her breath and then loudly as he continued to fuck her with all the strength that his comparatively smaller body had.

Time began to melt around then, with Zendaya no longer able to tell how long had passed since the two of them first entered the alley. It was a lot darker than it had been before, but that could mean anything. Perhaps it had been minutes, perhaps it had been hours. In truth, Zendaya didn't actually care about that so long as she could continue getting stuffed with Tessa's perfect canine cock. Her eyes rolled back once more and she reached back to spread herself open for him, collapsing fully onto the ground as she did.

From the streetlights, she could just about make out a long shadow creeping slowly towards them, into the open space not far in front of her. As she pulled herself back to reality enough to properly focus on the shadow, she realised that her phone had slipped out into the open space, too. The shadow, though long and distorted, did vaguely resemble her boyfriend, and from there she did her best to keep her noises of pleasure a little quieter, then reached back to pull her clothes down a little more and ensure that the fabric sat between her bare skin and Tessa's hips, allowing the sounds of his rough thrusting, having never stopped, to maintain a level of roughness whilst not being very loud. For his part, Tessa didn't even seem to notice a difference thus far, happily thwapping away at his owner's cunt with little other care to be found.

As her boyfriend reached the open area and leaned down to pick up her phone, Zendaya shuffled over towards the wall nearby to make it harder for him to see exactly what she and Tessa were getting up to. She looked behind her to catch a glimpse of Tessa, then saw something that might have been concerning if she weren't so overcome with depraved pleasure. There was a child staring at her. He couldn't have been more than sixteen years old, and there he was, watching her dog have his way with her.

The boy didn't seem to fully understand what he was looking at. Why was a woman not very much older than him doing something like that? How long had she been doing that? As Zendaya looked at his face, she imagined those questions being the ones that he wanted to answer, but she could tell from the erection straining the boy's pants that no matter how conflicted he was about what he was seeing, she was still turning him on. That, in turn, turned her on.

Zendaya reached her hand up to press a finger to her lips, signalling for the boy to not say anything about what he had seen, and then looked forward again. For all that she cared, the boy could have the show of his life, if he hadn't already.

Her focus turned to her boyfriend, at least for the time being, as she watched him hold the phone in his hand and examine it, apparently trying to figure out what had happened to it and where Zendaya was. She pulled back a little more, out of his potential sight entirely, and turned her head again to give Tessa another kiss on the muzzle.

"I'm gonna shuffle forward again, but I want you to stay back here, okay?" she asked the dog in a quiet whisper, knowing that Tessa probably wouldn't fully understand her. When she did shuffle forward again, a hand pressed against him was enough to get him to stay where he was, and Zendaya shuffled closer to the corner itself, closer to where she would be able to see her boyfriend. He was looking around for her, but he hadn't quite found her yet.

As she opened her mouth to speak, Tessa gave a particularly hard thrust against her behind and prompted a sudden gasp. She reached her hand up to cover her mouth but it was too late. Tom had seen her, but she had been expecting that much. The worrying thing was that all he had heard from her was a gasp. She hadn't been able to assure him that she was okay, and thus, keep him far enough away from the corner to ensure that he wouldn't see exactly what she was doing, even if the idea of him being able to figure it out was more than a little exciting.

"Stop!" she shouted when he began to approach. "Hah. Just stay over there, I'll be with you in a moment, I just need to catch my breath..." she panted and offered very little explanation for why Tom couldn't come any closer to her, and although Tom looked confused, he did as she said, standing a few feet away, and at such an angle that he couldn't see exactly what she was doing with Tessa, or even that Tessa was there.

After some time spent thinking, Zendaya managed to think up an excuse as to why he shouldn't come any closer. "I was peeing back here! I had to... find somewhere to pee... and it took me a while. My skirt is still down... so don't come any closer!"

Tom raised an eyebrow at her but ultimately did as she said once more. He could tell that something was wrong, but he was obviously having trouble figuring out exactly what that something was. "Are you sure you're okay...?" he eventually asked her, after a few long moments of Zendaya visibly struggling to keep herself calm.

"Yes! Yes... I-I'm just... ahn... I'm still peeing... and it feels kinda good..." Zendaya muttered, coming up with literally the first excuse that came to mind, and though it wasn't a very good one, it seemed to at least stop Tom from questioning much further. Tessa kept on thrusting away at her without a care in the world, either unaware or not caring about the fact that his other owner, the one who he had known for his entire canine life, was standing right around the corner. He made very little noise as he continued to fuck Zendaya, and the knot at the base of his cock pushed up against her entrance once more—he pushed it inside, prompting another sudden gasp from Zendaya.

It was right around then that Tom began to look a little closer at his girlfriend. There was something on her face. He couldn't figure out what it was from the distance he was at, but it looked like— no, it couldn't be cum. "Have you seen Tessa?" he finally asked her, feeling a little awkward. "He's not missing, is he?"

"No! I saw him... I saw him head further down the alley, and I'll go and get him as soon as I'm done here. Why don't you go home...? Then Tessa and I will meet you back there once I've got him." Tom furrowed his brow at her, but he was, ultimately, very glad to know that his best friend and his girlfriend were getting along so well, so he didn't press the issue very much.

"Alright," Tom replied, sounding a little defeated. Whatever questions he was asking inside his head had apparently been enough to exhaust him, but not enough to get him to actually ask any of them. He placed Zendaya's phone upon the ground and then headed back to their house, with Zendaya turning to give Tessa a kiss on the muzzle as he did.

"There's a good boy," she told Tessa, pulling him all the way on top of her again. "Such a good boy. Fuck me like a breeding bitch, I wanna get pregnant," she told him, even though she knew it was impossible for him to actually impregnate her. Despite how impossible it might have been, Tessa certainly gave it his best shot, forcing his knot inside her once more as it began to spurt off against her womb, filling her to the brim all over again.

"We should head home..." Zendaya panted, dropping her head. She glanced around to see if the boy from earlier was still watching them, and he wasn't, but there was cum on the floor where he must have masturbated to the sight. With a chuckle, Zendaya looked forward again, her cheeks flushed. "Alright, maybe just one more round," she said, giving another kiss to Tessa's muzzle before settling in once more. Betraying her boyfriend should have broken her heart, but it felt better than anything she had ever done before.

Would she ever stop? She didn't know. But the more time that passed, the more Tessa began to feel like the one that she was destined to spend her life with.
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