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I get the opportunity to become a Sugar daddy, and I make the most of it

Sometimes I get the strangest fleeting memories. This ever happen to you? I mean, take right now. Antionette, this absolutely gorgeous ebony beauty 20+ years my junior is on her knees, grinning as she tugs down my boxers. As she takes my full caucasian cock in her hands I’m reminded of how I very unexpectedly became a “Sugar Daddy”.

I groan as as my fully erect penis probed it’s way into the back of this gorgeous woman's throat. I glance over to the three sided mirror and enjoyed ‘the look of her bare, dark-skinned breasts as the move and sway to her head bobbing. this is supposed to be a 'quickie,' but I love the feeling of being treated this way so much that to stave off the inevitable, my mind goes back to the beginning,,,


Since my wife had passed, our some had made a point of spending a lot of weekends with me. In graduate studies, some were just work for him, but soon other grad students began to 'filter in', mostly because word got around that Chis's dad was an excellent cook. After several months, it became a bit of a game, in which every 3rd weekend I would make a huge, home cooked meal, and small group of grad students would try to consume it all in one sitting. I have a passion for cooking, so I was really enjoying the company and the game as much as they were. Each visit brought one or two new faces, an one of those was Antoinette Williams

Antoinette stood about 5 ft 3in, with a petite, slim body and narrow hips, not really ‘Thick’ as one might expect of other African-American females. Her skin was a dark, smooth chocolate brown, C cup breasts, with a totally adorable button nose. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and went mid-back, fucking mouthwatering is the single best word to describe her

So I found it both flattering and curious that she seemed to prefer my company to the remainder of the crowd. It’s always great to have a gorgeous woman at your side, and we mostly discussed my recipe, but my mind was starting to spin

“Ant, you mentioned saving for school. So you’re a bit older than this motley bunch? I only ask because you look their age at best.”

“Wow Mr.Rob, you’ll make me blush “. She said, obviously toying with me. “Yeah, I lived at home and worked for almost 4 years to save for my undergrad. The University gives me a small stipend, but I only just get by. And I do mean just.”

I nodded, knowing she must be good with her money. Gorgeous and smart, a deadly combination! As the night wore on, I explained that I was semi retired from Law, and owned several rental homes here in Apalach. I also kept a small office in the capital where the boy and his crew went to University because hey, a lawyer never really retires, right? But most days are spent here on the coast just outside Apalach. It was nice to note that Antoinette stayed right with me and she did give me more than the odd touch. My mind began to spin even more.

It seemed that the guests ere more interested in gaming and watching TV/thier phones so we pretty much had the open kitchen are to ourselves. At some point, I got up the nerve and said "Antoinette I hope this doesn't sound sexist or demeaning, but I cannot imagine why there isn't someone taking care of you."

I could hardly believe those words popped ot of my mouth! But the gorgeous Antionette just giggled. "Hey I like that idea. Are you offering?"

I almost choked on my beer & tuned a full shade of red before she let me off the hook with a loud laugh and a hand on my chest. "Relax Mr. Johnathan, I'm just teasing.". The rest of the night was more about the dinner that was finally ready, but I caught Antoinette Williams looking at me several times, and she appeared to be thinking. Goodness knows I was


Later the following week I was in the Capital on business. I was sitting at my favorite Vietnamese place enjoying some Pho’ when none other than Antoinette herself dropped into the seat across from me.

“Well well,” she said, with a wry grin, “what brings you here, and is this seat free?”

Antoinette was wearing a short, and I do mean SHORT denim skirt paired with a form fitting black top, and she was so mouth watering that I could do little more than nod.

"You know for such an esteemed lawyer," she said, "you seem very quiet around me. Could there be something you'd like to share?" Again, than look. I was about to respond when she jumped right in. "Johnathan, remember thee other day when I made you choke?" I laughed, and nodded. "Well since then, I couldn't stop thinking about it." Antoinette had slid her chair nearer to mine and put her hand on my thigh.

She smiled in a way that would charm any man at any time, bar none. "Johnathan, I'd like to make a proposal. I propose that you take care of me, just as you joked the other night. We could have a lot of fun together. It could be our little secret. I've never even considered something like this before, but I know you find me attractive, and I'm tired of depending on Goodwill. You're an attractive man with no attachments, so what do you think of my proposal?"

I stared in silence for a minute, then finally said "Do you know why I like this restaurant?"

She looked a bit surprised, but bit. "Don't know???" and raised one eyebrow like Spock

"Because I live literally across the street." I plopped a $50 on the table and stammered "let's go."


Any doubt of what was to come was removed once we were inside the door.. I started to show her the place but she instead tugged my hand turning me to her, and kissed me deeply. Antoinette then pushed me down onto the couch and began to playfully strip for me.

I couldn't keep my eyes away from Antoinette’s shapely legs, ass & body. She had a petite frame, with legs that weren’t at all ‘thick’. Her ass was a perfect chocolate apple shape, and her C cup breads made my mouth water. Her dark dark nipples were erect like FAT erasers, and as much as I wanted them in my mouth, I had another plan. All women have a taste, and I VERY much wanted to taste this ebony goddess.

Firmly I grabbed This ebony princess and lifted her up onto the counter. I lifted her hips and stripped off her lacy panties and opened her legs. I began with Her toes, slowly kissing and licking my way up her ankles, shins, thighs finally reaching that delicious sweet wonderfully tasting pussy. Antoinette leaned back on the counter bent her knees and lifted her legs to give me the correct angle. My tongue ran up and down her delicious pussy, softly licking her lips and sliding my tongue inside. She tasted incredible – I wish I could bottle it!

I circled my tongue around Antoinette's clit which got her hips to move and her soft sexy voice moaning to the movements of my tongue. I licked from her clit to her sweet little rosebud where I heard Antoinette cry out "Oh – OHHH!" Antoinette began to press my head deeper into her pussy as I sucked on her clit. I took my finger and slid it into Antoinette's tight little ass, and with a scream I made Antoinette cum all over my face.

She lay there but just a moment, panting, before she got off the counter, saying “Oh my goodness, where have you been all my life?” I then enjoyed it as my new Sugar Baby undressed me. “Let’s see what I get to work with, Daddy.” She said down low. In no time, she was as this story started, on her knees, tugging down my boxers, my doubled-over dick popping out like it’s on springs. She grinned big and said “Oh my yes, this will very-much do Sir.”

With that totally sexy, wry smile Antoinette leaned took the head of my cock into her mouth, and she swirled her tongue around the head. Then she licked the shaft. a few times before sliding my cock into and back out of her mouth. She grasped it with her right hand, stroking it softly. "Does that feel good Johnathan?"

"Yess, yyess it does," I stammered, followed by "OOOOOH DAMN," as this incredible ebony princess proceeded to suck my cock with amazing skill. Slurping and sucking, her head bobbing up and down. Then stroking it with her left hand as she reached down to rub her pussy with her right. The suction of her mouth was incredible. And her sexy moans as she sucked was driving me crazy.

“oooh…I-I-…” I managed to get out. I new I wouldn't last too long but I wanted this to go on forever.

"Mmm Johnathan, I love your cock, it's so thick and hard. I want it so fucking bad Johnathan!" Stroking faster now with one hand as she sucked on the head.

"OOOOOH Antoinette, I am going to cummmm!" I cried out . But my warning only encouraged Antoinette to work harder. I grabbed Antoinette's head and with an equally loud roar began to shoot my cum into her mouth. Antoinette was trying to take in every bit, but some was

dripping out of her mouth back onto my cock. Looking up at me she opened to her mouth so I could see my load in her mouth, then with a smiling gulp she swallowed it all. After swallowing and wiping her mouth she sprang back up with a huge smile in her face. "So what do you think, do we have a deal?" she said, grinning and stifling a chuckle.

“Damn Straight.” Was about the most I could get out at this moment.

I was ‘in recovery’ for a few minutes, but this was not the end, as I intended to make the most of this opportunity. I mean, at first blush, this was crazy. Antoinette was less than half my age and still living at home while in grad school! But then I figured that sometimes you don’t pick the opportunity, it picks you, so I decided to go with it and enjoy myself.

"I have always been into older guys and you keep in such great shape Johnathan. You look so good." She certainly knew how to work it. I do try to stay in shape, biking, rowing, and swimming, so it was nice as Antoinette's hands were rubbing my chest. I reached over and kissed her. She opened her mouth to meet my kiss. Our lips locked, tongues swirling while Antoinette's right hand was now lightly jacking me. In no time, the old boy was stiff again. Damn that girl got skill.

After a long wet kiss, Antoinette pulled away and placed her leg over and straddled me. The feel of her sitting on me cpmpleted the erection. She rotated her hips on my crotch and whispered, "Mmmm, I like what I'm feeling." I glanced over at the mirror and could see it was luckily turned so that I could see this woman riding me cowgirl, and it was quite a sight.

We kissed passionately. As we were making out, my hands began to caress her ass and back and then shifted to the front. I slid my hands up to her wonderful nipples were rock hard, and began to tug and manipulate them, much to her delight. The size and shape of her tits were perfect and sucking her nipple I caressed her right. I alternated from one breast to the other. She

moaned lightly as her hips continued to rotate on my crotch. By now, my dick was phone-pole hard and leaking fluid

She was using her pussy folds to rub the length of my cock as Antoinette whispered, "You want to fuck me Daddy? You want to put that big hard cock inside of your baby don’t you?"

I couldn't take it anymore. I picked Antoinette up. The sudden move surprised her and she gasped. I lifted her as she guided the tip of my cock to her swollen wet pussy. In one motion I pulled her smoothly and firmly down, and drove my cock deep inside of her. "OOOOH

fuck yessss," she screamed. Holding my Sugar baby’s hips I began to use her, lift iand puching her down as I thrust, pounding into her with my cock.

Her hands were on my shoulders as she moved up and down on my cock. The more I fucked her, the louder she would get. "YES, OOH YES, YES". My hands moved to Antoinette's ass, bouncing her on my cock. She gave me a little yelp and BIG smile as I gave her ass a swat, and then began to work her hips, telling her “Baby girl you fuck this cock.” I enjoyed myself as I did this several more times.

As great as this was, I didn’t want to bust it this way, so I slowed, then lifted her off my cock, switching to missionary. My Sugar baby seemed to understand as she lifted her right leg up over my shoulder and spreading her left leg out to give me the best penetration of her wonderfully tight little brown & pink pussy. I quickly shoved my cock in as deep as I could go and began moving slowly as I was catching my breath and enjoying the feeling of her tight wet pussy, but Antoinette wanted it fast and hard.

"Fuck me harder Johnathan,” she all but begged, “Give me that cock baby, fuck me...Oh fuck yesss, Johnathan your cock feels so fucking good!" I started thrusting harder and faster. My cock sliding in and out of her luscious pussy and my balls slapping against her ass. Again Antoinette began convulsing, and screamed, her second orgasm of the day. Hearing Antoinette scream and feeling her pussy contract against my cock was all that I could take. I began to cum into Antoinette's pussy as her body continued to quiver, her eyes shut and her head tilted back, biting her lips to keep from screaming any louder.

Antoinette and I laid there on the couch catching our breath and recovering from the most incredible fuck I had ever experienced. My flaccid cock had slipped out of her, and Antoinette slid to my waist, and licked me clean.

She then gathered her clothes and went into my bedroom. I heard her rustling about, and when I got up and went in she said, “Daddy, I was about to go. I have a class in 90 minutes and need be in some resemblance of order.” I walked over and gave her a kiss, and told her there was a new toothbrush in the bathroom if she needed it. I pulled on my underwear, and from the wall safe I pulled a few hundred dollar bills, and put them in an envelope. I then enjoyed the show, watching this incredible ebony woman dress sand prep, which she did quickly and with great skill.

“How about you pack a bag and tomorrow we go to my place on the coast? No one is coming by this weekend.” I said, as we stood at that door. “Wow your baby-girl would really like that. I think it would be fun to see how much of this we can do.” She kissed me and then in a lower voice said “I should tell you that I have always wanted a man, to find then really push my limits.”

Indeed, I thought, and smiled.
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