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“Are you available this Friday? I have two forty-five year olds who are leaving for home on Saturday. They are business partners in the fashion industry, who like to share life’s pleasures. They want to share a local man before they leave. A younger, hung man,” my agent Ada informs me over the phone.
I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

To my great pleasure I have learnt physically attractive, forty-five year old women can be wonderful sex partners. They have long lost any inhibitions, are sexually experienced, are able articulate what they want and very often have ripe, lush bodies.

When I arrived Adele and Sam were dressed in short, hotel suppled dressing gowns.

“Have a shower for us,” Adele smiled as she handed me another gown.

A few minutes later I made my entrance for them wearing the gown wide open, to show my closely shaved, large flaccid cock.

I always get a buzz when flaunting my cock for a new sexual partner. This time, two new and glamorous partners, a female and a male is a huge, extra buzz.

“We have no sexual inhibitions and we are bi-sexual. My partner Sam wants to watch a younger man, with a large, thick cock, fucking me. He wants me to suck his cock while you are fucking me. And we love our second man to talk dirty to us. Very dirty. Are we on the same page?”

“Ada told us you were ten-inches when erect. What can we do make you erect?,” Adele asks as Sam removes her gown.

Adele meets my expectations, she has a ripe, lush body and is able to articulate what she wants and expects, and as I soon confirmed, has long lost any inhibitions.

Her partner Sam is is a well built, good looking man.

Her taller than average, naked, lily-white naked body with trimmed, black pubic hair for contrast wearing just, black high heels is an instant turn on for me.

I am pleased to see she has a ripe, lush size-14 body as she struts to display it for me, and a huge, firm ass, C-cup tits and glorious thighs.

Adele is kissing me passionately as her partner, Sam, removes my gown.

My full-on, ten-inch erection is poking out of my gown as I tease it with a fingertip.

“Your cock is huge, fucking huge,” Sam mutters as he removes his gown.

Sam is stroking his average size erection as he and his partner ogle my erection as I lightly stroke it for them, standing with my legs apart.

“We both want to have you, your cock is magnificent,” Adele whispers as she has one hand on my erection and the other on her man’s.

“Where and how do you want to fuck me while my partner watches?,” she asks.

“Like this,” I tell her as Adele and I are laying sideways on a bed. I am grasping her glorious ass cheeks as Sam stands close by, looking on as he teases his erection.

“Let’s fuck Michael. You know he wants me to suck his cock while you are fucking me,” Adele whispers as I slowly slide my erection into her.

After a few minutes I am building up a rhythm as I slide the full length of my erection to her and slap against her ass cheeks. Sam is teasing his erection with a fingertip while he watches.

“You know what I want honey, do it,” Sam moans.

“Tell me what it is you want Sam?,” Adele teases.

“A blow job while a younger man with a huge cock is fucking you.”

“You know what I want honey, do it,” Sam moans.

I have her ass cheeks in my hands as I continue fucking her, slowly, ever so slowly.

She is sliding a hand along her man’s erection as she sucks just the tip of it.

We are in slow sync as she slides her hand along his erection in rhythm with my thrusts.

“You know what I want honey, just like you promised me, do it,” Sam moans again as he commences sliding his erection between Adele’s tightly pursed lips in a fucking motion.

Over the next ten minutes I increase the rhythm, pace and speed of my fucking and Sam emulates me.

“I love the noise I am making as I slap into your magnificent, big ass cheeks. So does my rock hard erection,” I whisper loud enough for both of them to hear me.

“Your partner is a wonderful fuck Sam. She has had two orgasms already.

“Am I turning you on while you watch me fucking your lady with my ten-inch cock while she is sucking your cock?

“Do you like the noise we are making Sam?”

“That was my third orgasm,” Adele whispers.

Without saying a word Sam stands up and commences masturbating.

“I am almost ready to cum Adele and Sam. Would you like to watch me masturbate my thick ten-inch erection for you. I really would like to.”

“Yes, we would,” Adele smiles as I stand resting against the wall.

“One hand or two?,” I tease as I ogle her ass for extra stimulation.

I am in my element, my exhibitionist streak enjoying masturbating for a sexy older couple.

Sam is emulating my every stroke as he masturbates while ogling my erection.

I have my hand tightly wrapped around my shaft as I stroke the full length of it. I can’t hold out much longer.

Adele has eyes for me only. Her glorious ass is wonderful eye candy.

Sam is red in the face and breathing very heavily. He is muttering incomprehensibly as he is the first to blow.

I have one hand on Adele’s glorious ass as I tease the tip of my erection with a finger tip and thumb tip.

“Watch me Sam, watch,” she whispers as she slides a clenched hand along my shaft.

She is kissing me passionately as I silently count, one, two, three …… nine, ten.

“Are we good Michael?,” she smirks as I have a mind blowing orgasm with her hand on my erection.

Thirty minutes later as the three of us wind down in the sit down shower room, Adele takes the initiative.

“Sam wants to give you a blow job while I watch Michael. He can’t keep his eyes off your cock. Even flaccid you are very impressive. What can I do, or we do to give you a second erection?,”

“Oil your glorious ass while he watches,” I respond, relishing the challenge as I pour oil over my hands.

Adele is standing legs apart, with her hands on the wall for support as I oil her glorious ass cheeks with Sam watching on.

“Ada told us you have an ass fetish, Michael,” she tells me as Sam watches me sliding my oily hands over her huge, firm ass before I run my fingertips along the insides of her glorious thighs.

“I want you face down on the bed, Adele,” I tell her after we move to the bedroom.

“You have given me a new erection. Now suck my cock while Sam sucks my nipples,” I tell her as she rests on her elbows while I am looking down on her oily ass cheeks.

“I love looking at your magnificent ass while you are sucking my erection, Adele.

“And even better with your man sucking my nipples.

“Tell me what you want to do to my ten-inch erect cock Sam, while your lady watches?,” I tease, very turned on at the sexual pleasure I am receiving.

“Do you like your lady watching Sam?

“I do, an extra turn on for me, especially after I have just fucked her.”

“What else would you like Michael, while I watch Sam give you a blow job?”

“I want to sit on a chair in front of the wall mirror, side on, so I can watch,” I tell them.

“And I want to fondle your ass at the same time.”

I am enjoying flaunting my second, full-on, ten-inch erection for the session as they watch me slide on a cock ring and clip it under my balls.

“Now stand behind me Adele and kiss me while Sam sucks my cock,” I smile as I settle on the chair while Sam teases his erection, then the full length of my erection with his tongue and lips.

“Show him how good you are Sam. You always wanted to blow a huge cock,” Adele tells him as she watches him sucking my balls.

“That is awesome Sam, fucking awesome,” Adele moans as Sam has four-inches of my erection between his tightly pursed lips.

Sam is very talented and my erection is responding as he sucks with his lips and tongue in unison.

I have learnt that a blow job from a man can often be far superior to one from a woman. Only a man can understand the subtle nuances involved.

Even better when his lady is watching, enjoying and tongue kissing me while I fondle her glorious ass.

“We have never had a man with a thick, ten-inch erection. You are magnificent Michael,” Adele whispers.

“And look at the veins in your cock bulging.”

“Lick and suck my nipples,” I tell her as I rub a hand over her glorious ass.

As he gets into a rhythm Sam is showing me and his lady he is incredibly talented.

I am watching in awe as he is sucking along half the length of my erection, really sucking, then releasing it from his lips, blowing on it, then starting over.

“He really is good, isn’t he?,” Adele asks me as she runs a finger along her cunt lips, aware that I am not going to last much longer.

Sam is expertly teasing and edging me as he is lightly sliding his closed hand along the full length of my erection.

Then sucking along just the top two inches of my erection. Then edging me by lightly sliding his closed hand along the full length of my very wet erection.

After repeating that process five times I am ready to explode. “So good, so fucking good,” I am moaning as he sucks along just the top two inches of my erection the next time.

I have a hand on his lady’s ass as she tongue kisses me. My whole body is spasming as I fight to hold back and heighten my orgasm.

Then a huge, long orgasm as I hit the back of Sam’s throat.

“He really is good, isn’t he?,” Adele reminds me as we wind down.
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