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Hardy Cochran is a hard working self driven man destined for greatness. He is ***********ed for a mission to Mars in an attempt to find a way to save the people of earth who are dying.
My name is Major Hardy Cochran. This will be the last entry in the Captains log of the intergalactic expedition originating from planet earth. Earth, whose natural resources and beauty have been raped, pillaged and abused to the brink of the destruction and the extinction of the planet.

The mission, code named DESTINATION MARS, was an attempt to discover the feasibility of setting up and maintaining a colony of humans on another planet in our solar system. Mars was the best choice. Our objectives were simple, first to arrive at the planet and determine if it could in fact sustain life. Second was to build habitats and have them waiting for the colonists who would follow in the years to come.

Our communication antenna was destroyed in a Martian desert storm and we have not been able to send or receive messages in several years. The ships that were to follow, shuttling the homesteaders never arrived. I can only assume that the world leaders assumed that we failed and perished and found a second choice, or that all of planet earth’s resources have finally been squandered and our home planet has died. My crew is all gone and I am the sole survivor of a mission that from the beginning was doomed to fail. Yet if you are reading this log, then you are either not from our home planet or you need to know what has transpired.

Either way I feel it is my duty and obligation to start at the beginning and record my life’s journey which brought me to this untimely and uncertain end.

I was born in a small town in rural America on a world which was already sick and dying. From a young age I felt I was different in many ways from my friends and school mates. I truly believed I was destined for a life which would lead me far from the mud soaked fields and hard labored life of my farming community.

All my life I remember hearing talk about a mission to Mars and setting up a colony there. From the moment I first heard the story I knew I had to be a part of it and so every waking moment was spent on learning all that I could about anything that might be useful on such a tremendous and monumental venture.

I was different in other ways as well. I never understood or desired to be around the girls at our school. When other boys were sitting under bleachers trying to look up the girls skirts I was wondering if my penis was ever going to grow and how did it measure up to the other boys my age in school.

Growing up I told myself I was overly shy, but I knew it was so much more. This became blatantly apparent to me as I awkwardly stumbled into manhood, and began to experience the stirrings of sexual desires which did not conform to the strict religious code of the community in which I lived.

My best friend Ron lived on the farm next to ours. Crops had already begun yielding less and less as the world’s air quality dropped and the sun’s rays which were so desperately needed for crops to thrive were slowly being clouded out by the industrial waste pumped into the air. Producing food had become a grueling task and a thankless job that no longer rendered any satisfaction or pride. Being a farming family wasn’t a choice it was a mandate by the government and a way to fulfill your civic duty to the masses.

Ron came from a family of five brothers and I was an only child. Ron spent all his time on our farm trying to help my family make it work, while his brothers helped his parents. We pooled our crops together and somehow managed to keep the government happy and food on our tables.

On one such day it was late in the evening and Ron and I had finished a long day’s work. Ron was unusually friendly and seemed overly interested in me. I didn’t think much about it other than being a little flattered. I had secretly admired Ron for a long time for the way he looked. He stood six foot tall and even as an eighteen year old he was filled out with broad shoulders and a washboard stomach. His arms were well muscled and tanned as much as they could be in the God forsaken dusty air.

His hair was flaming red, like the light of a campfire burning bright under a harvest moon. The top layer of hair gleamed a soft orange, having been faded over time from working outside while his under growth was much darker and shaded the color of the setting sun against the polluted evening sky. There were times it almost looked alive. It grew down to just above his shoulders and took my breath away when it was blown by the wind.

His eyes were an emerald green so clear and pure you would think you could look into his very soul. And his smile……… his smile would light up the darkest room and chase away any sadness simply by being shown on his face. I’m sure the feelings I had when watching him were wrong (by my parent’s standards anyway), but for me they felt right and so I just kept my feelings and opinions to myself.

When he removed his shirt (which was quite often) I couldn’t help notice the patch of chest hair beginning to flourish and spread. It reminded me of a kite with a tail of hair running straight down across his stomach and vanishing beneath the waist band of his jeans. The truth be told we were both built quite the same and yet there was something about watching him work, that often began stirring my cock into action.

Ron suggested we take a dip in the swimming hole near the back of the farm before calling it a day. It sounded good to me and playfully shoving him aside I took off at a full run yelling “I’ll meet you there slow poke!” The watering hole I spoke of was on the back side of our farm. It was really just a wide spot in the creek as it wandered on its way irrigating the fields but over the years whenever we could, Ron and myself and some of our friends had dug it deep enough to swim in. It was secluded, hidden by the shade of a small grove of apple trees and was the perfect place for teen age boys to hide in order to get out of work.

I had always been a faster runner than Ron and by the time he arrived I had kicked off my work boots and stripped down to my boxers. I dove into the swimming hole and surfaced just in time to watch Ron

Take off his clothes. He pulled off his cowboy hat and then his shirt. His chest was heaving and I was glad I was already in the water as I suddenly became aroused just watching him.

Ron bent down and took off his boots and socks. He then stood and unfastened his belt. I had hoped he hadn’t noticed me checking him out as he disrobed. “I’m not going to be able to stay long today. My ma said to come straight home.” Ron said as he tossed his jeans on top of his shirt lying in the grass.

I actually moaned to myself as he turned towards me. His penis was half way erect and perfectly outlined against the tight boxers he was wearing. Instinctively I reached down and covered my cock. I didn’t want my best friend to know I secretly fantasized about him and I being together.

To my amazement Ron turned away from me and said, “Ma figured out I had been swimming last week ‘cause my boxers were wet and got my jeans wet when I put them back on. I can’t afford to have that happen again. He then bent over and pushed his boxers to his ankles. He stepped out of them and picked them up, folding them as he turned back toward me.

I gasped as I stared at the beauty of my best friend, looking at him totally naked for the first time. My eyes were instantly drawn to his fantastic looking uncut cock. It hung long and thick, just at the point when you weren’t sure if it was semi hard or just elongated from the heat and a hard day’s work. His shaft was white and smooth. His perfectly mushroomed head lay hidden beneath an ample foreskin that extended beyond his piss slit enough to conceal the treasure within. It hung perfectly over a large sack of bulging man fruit. His package was nestled in a forest of curly red hair, thick and inviting. As he started to walk to the water’s edge, his cock swung from left to right with astonishing symmetry, like the pendulum of a grandfather clock swinging in perfect time.

I must have been staring because the next thing I remember was hearing Ron’s laughter as he jumped into the water. “Hey haven’t you seen a dick other than your own before? Or maybe just not a perfect specimen; like mine.”

I was shocked! I know I began to blush, my face burning as it must have turned as red as the crotch hair I was just staring at. My feelings had finally betrayed myself without having said a word. Not knowing how to get out of the situation I splashed water in his face and made myself laugh. “No I was just wondering if all of your brothers were as small as you or if you were just a throw-back.”

Ron lurched forward and grabbed me in a bear hug, dragging me beneath the water. The wrestling match was on. I had more leg strength and could easily out run Ron, but his arms were like giant vices and once he got them around me I could never get free. We wrestled often and I usually lost after giving a good fight.

As we surfaced for air I heard Ron say something like, “If I can go swimming without underwear on so can you.” He spent the next five minutes trying to get mine off of me. It became (for the moment) his single goal in life. Finally he got behind me and locked me in a half nelson. “I’m gonna keep dunking you until you take them off.” He then forced my head under water. After the third time I agreed. He loosened his grip and watched as I pulled my shorts off and threw them onto the shore.

“See it’s not that bad.” Ron said as if nothing had happened and he just slowly swam off enjoying his triumph and the evening sun. I swam across to where he was and he went to grab me again. This time it was different as if with my boxers gone my inhibitions were unguarded and free. I made a mock turn to flee saying “Oh, no you don’t!” and then waited for him to use his signature move and grab me once again in a bear hug.

He caught me from behind and to my left. It was like lightning coursing thru my body. His chest pressed up against my shoulder felt like living velvet, soft and warm. His arms reached around me confining me so I could no longer move, were now not the enemy to break free from but strong and manly protection which made me feel safe. As we treaded water he leaned forward and loosened his grip just a little, then whispered. “Now what are you going to do?”

I maneuvered myself just a little and pressed my back into his chest. I stopped treading water with my legs and let my ass settle down against his crotch. My eyes rolled back into my head with delight as I felt his fully erect tool find my ass crack and slide tightly against it pushing my firm cheeks apart. When I did not pull away Ron Loosened his grip and placed a hand on each shoulder. My eyes were closed as without saying a word he turned me around and pulled me into his embrace. Our raging cocks were pressed against each other, each hard and long, feeling ecstasy in this uncharted, forbidden territory.

I opened my eyes to see Ron’s emerald gems staring back at me, his smile brighter than I can ever remember. “Why did we wait so long?” he whispered as he opened his mouth and reached in to press it against mine. I opened my mouth and as our lips joined and became one in purpose. He slid his tongue deep into my waiting maw. Our tongues collided and began to dance together as we twirled together and probed each other for what seemed like hours.

As we kissed so tightly and so completely Ron began gyrating his hips rubbing his cock up and down against mine. The sensation was more than I could handle. I could feel my loins preparing to erupt as my testicles pulled up tightly within my crotch. With our lips stills fused together and our tongues exploring each other’s oral cavity I groaned. “I’m going to cum!”

Ron lowered his hands to my hips. He pushed me down a little and spread his legs. My cock slid under his boiling nut sack and between his legs. The sensation was extraordinary and caused me to buck and plunge my cook deep between his legs. I was in heaven as I did it again and again. I could feel Ron’s erection pressed against my stomach becoming more rigid if that was even possible.

With one final thrust I began to shudder as wave after wave if white steamy seed shot from my orgasming prick, released behind Ron, to float off downstream and away. At the same moment Ron tightened his grip to the point of almost hurting me as he shot his wad between our stomachs which were pressed tightly together.

Even in the water I could feel his sticky semen spread hot and wet against our chests. It was a feeling I never wanted to end. I was Ron’s now and would move heaven and earth to be with him again.

Finally we parted and swam to shore. We cleaned off our chests and stomachs and then dried for a short time in the setting sun and got dressed. Both Ron and I were quiet. We had both wanted what happened to happen and yet there were no words to express how we felt. I was sitting on the ground tying my boot laces when Ron bent down over me and as I looked up gently kissed my lips. “See you tomorrow and forever after that. I have to leave. My ma is going to freak at me being so late.”

I reached over and placed a hand around his ankle. “Yah, see you tomorrow.” I said as he turned and walked away. I gathered my composure and trotted home. With each step I felt lighter than air. I had found the lover of my dreams and he was also my best friend. By the time I got home I had a million plans of what I wanted to do with Ron. I was greeted by my mother and father at the door as I arrived. My mother held an envelope in her hand.

“This arrived today son.” My mother said with excitement in her voice. “You’ve been accepted to the academy in the space program. You leave in two weeks. Your father and I are so proud of you. “

I don’t know how a person’s world can come crashing down around them from the highest peaks by receiving news that they had gotten what they’ve wanted all their life. But that’s what had just happened to me. There were so many emotions running together that they short circuited everything in my mind until it went numb. I stood there speechless not believing the events of the day. I stood there silently, my mind screaming for a way out.

Just as I thought I had the answer about the great expense it would be and the financial hardship it would be for the family my dad added, “And it looks like all your hard work and dedication paid off. Your school grades were high enough that the government is giving you a full scholarship. It’s all paid for! I want you to know I believe in you just as much as you believe in yourself. You are going to put our little farming community on the map. It looks like you are destined for greater things, just like you’ve always said. Now run and grab you some supper then it’s off to sleep. There is a lot to get done in the next two weeks and you can’t afford to be distracted.

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