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she is now all about his cock
so here it is march 2nd

and he was calling last night but she didnt go. we have had sex maybe 3 times in february and lastnight she made me cum super quick.

so today i was looking at youtube videos listening to music when i hear her vibrator going off . i thought she was just laying in bed... she says just seeing when i would join her. so i crawl up in bed and keep in mind she is using a 10 inch vibrating dildo so there is not much i am going to beable to do but then she informs me that she is not letting my dick go into her. So as im watching her cumming all over her toy whil we have bbc porn going she reaches over and grabs her phone and texts you know who. Of course he replies right back and 20 minutes later she is out the door with me still laying in bed with my dick in my hand. She tells me over and over that she loves me, but for the life of me i dont know why.. i will add more when i learn it. We didnt fuck for another 2 days which was lastnight . She didnt cum or anything but i think she kinda had fun. Tomorrow is their 4 year anniversary so who knows...

Sunday march 10th, She hasnt fucked me since she got back 2 times ago and so here it is Sunday and I thought we made it passed this weekend but nope. She was only over there for 1 1/2 hours and got drilled into like a ragdoll. I went out and tried getting a nut but couldnt. I am so fucked up in the head now that the only thing that makes me nut is them. I have been conditioned now that for me to experience full satisfaction is by listening to them . talk about whacked out shit.. So now we are up to thursday march 14th and she hasnt let me put my dick in her for a long time now, and it is definetly taking its toll on us. because even if i cant get her off she would still get excited during our sex. well now she doesnt even act like she has any sexual desires at all. NONE! that is untill she gets over there. Then I hear the slut that used to be at home or in my shop or wherever i was. So yes she has her sex drive still. its just not with me. Was i warned? Had I not read it over and over and still i let it happen. actually , no i didnt. she did cheat the first time, but she did tell me she was going to. but then she had been saying it for years. So now she has been fucking him for over 4 years. And here are the facts.

1) She has lost her sex drive with me completley

2) We really dont even talk much

3) She lies to me about other workers and guards her phone with her life

4) Wont marry me/no last name and makes no attempt to fix things with her daughter and I

5) Really doesnt care what i do

We kind of go through the motions like we are a couple but the connection is pretty much gone completely. She has to feel the same way. I think she has for a long time but is afraid to make the move in fear of what I might do. plus it makes her look bad if she is fucking some big black guy after I stuck it out thru her cancer. When he did as well and is really the one thing she counted on and used the whole time. Black cock therapy is what she called it. Anyway im rambling so for now ...by bye

So here we are its thursday march 21st at 9pm she is about ready to take a shower and head over there. Her instructions were simple... charge the recorder.

Its a small price to pay for what she is getting out of the deal. They had their 4 year anniversary15 days ago . I would have never guessed it would go down like this way back when we used to roll play. Now she holds out letting me have any pussy and saves it for him. Sometimes she will let me have some after he has fucked her, but even then it is short lived. She always ends up having me jerk off to their recording. Its crazy but thats the only thing i have came to in the last 3 years. Its now to the point that that is the only way i can cum. I have tried with other chicks and with her. Usually if im with someone else, my mind will drift to them fucking and my dick will go limp the girl then takes it personally and there goes any chance of me getting some get back. well she just got out of shower so she will be out of here soon so i will add more later.

It is now 930 and she is finally leaving to go get her pussy wrecked by that big black dick again... after listening to this oneI must say that she really liked it or loved it the told him his cock always hits the right spot and he says she has the best pussy and loves the way she sucks his cock. he says thats his pussy and she confirms saying he owns her pussy. I swear to god. Well she has yet to give me any and its 3 days later but in her defense she hasnt gone over there again either and he has tried . So we both have been denied and as i listen to her right now cumming all over his cock I just wonder why she isnt there. I cant figure it out she is flooding his bed .

But anyway she is sleeping out on the couch and im in here listening and playing with my little dick ... ridiculous and its 530am on sunday march 24th. So i will enter more as it becomes available...

Well what do you know, he started texting early trying to get her over there . So far everyday since they fucked he has been trying for encore. well tonite she will be going back.... so here we go again... more to cum

She hasnt given me any for over a week

tuesday march 26th and im sitting here listening to the last recording and I cant even describe what im listening to without it sounding like a lie. But this guy is literally making her cum over and over and over . Screaming and panting and almost crying in such ecstacy . In between some of these bursts she is telling him he owns her pussy and that she loves his cock and that he always hits the right spots. He is the only one that can hit those spots. She tells me im not even halfway there!! So he is just pounding away then apologizes for soaking his bed.

So she has made no attempt at doing anything with me in fact she doesnt even take a shower before going to bed. This is after she works out twice at the gym.now she is repeating his name over and over and he just keeps pounding his name out of her.

I mean I am not getting any pussy and when i do it is shortlived . So there is no misreading it, it is blatant that this dude owns her pussy. And it would seem complete ownership is what it is. It is definetly not against her will she tells him she loves his cock. By the amount of time she spends sucking it there is no doubt in my mind she really does. She rarely puts mine in her mouth but everytime she goes over there ,that cock is in her mouth atleast 20 minutes. EVERYTIME! so im gonna listen to the rest of this... back soon with final thought...

So march 5th and he says he will be in atlanta for a week so she ought cum get some.Even though she was only gone a hour and a half, He was able to do what i could never do in any amount of time. Now he has been gone 6 days and yesterday tried sending my girl some link onhow unfair society is to blacks and how the white man is gonna pay. That is one of his motivators he says for fucking the shit out of her. They all are in on this and are succeding at taking alot of the white girls away from us.And the number of white guys that feel they have the right to do it,or just like watching it increases daily.We are sponsering our own demise. I know this but still, if i was to try making her stop she would either just start lieing even more or she would just leave me all together. So here it is thursday and we will see if it is an actual week or what. Today is the 11th so tomorrow will be 1 week and this tuesday i believe we are leaving for 8 days to kentucky. Now i am going to guarentee atleast once before we leave but I will predict twice. All i know is this, we had sex this morning and i pounded away for 15 minutes and when she finally opened up it went dry. So neither of us nutted. But im putting blame on the clock. We both had to get to work... to be continued

aprl 5th and 12th

the5th was only an hour and a half of the usual ground and pound but the 12th was a lot more. she even was doing shots there. she broke so many rules that night, i dont even want to get started. I will add more details on this plus my take on it ...........tbc

im not sure how many took place betwen now and the last entry but here it is 11pm on thursday may 16th 2019 Whats new! well what isnt new is her decission to go over there at lame hours of the night . But he has gottenrejected for atleast 2 weeks and I know she hasnt been getting much dick here anyway. She has been pretty much a moody bitch for a couple weeks too. In fact ever since the trip to kentucky. I have been working alot of nights and when i get home she is either in bed un showered or handles it before i get home and is passed out. so i will add more when she gets back.

Well it seems like they both were long over due because they were just caught in the moment just loving the way each other felt. Alot of moaning and plenty of orgasms on his cockl and 2-1/2 hours later she comes in a new lady. Im showered in bed with a porno on and she gets up in bed and falls asleep with her leg up on me. none for me or the next day. Then she is helping me at work when she informs me he called. Within 2 hours she finishes cleaning up on the job, showered up and is on her way to get more of his big black cock. Its just 2 nights later .

Saturday night May 18th 2019... So i am sitting here waiting once again and so are you....

And so after 3 hours she makes it back and acting like they need to take a break. She even sent him a text saying she feels like he is getting feelings. He reassures her that he is not and when I listen to this and every other recording , I would suspect she is the one getting feelings. He is guilty of just fucking the shit out of her. She is on the receiving end of it and sounds like she is the one falling in love. Which makes me think back to when I asked her if she thought a girl could fall in love with a guy with a 10 inch cock just for his cock? Her reply was without a minute to think about it she replies oh definetly. I even have that on tape.

Luckily for me he doesnt hae a 10 incher. No, its almost 12 .

So we fucked when she got home for about 5 minutes . then she force fed me heher pussy while i jacked off.. She then said she was gonna start getting it more often and that she needs it. Well today is wednesday so if it doesnt happen tonite then tomorrow is a pretty sure bet. She has made no attempt to fuck me, So i just wait ..... its now tuesday may 28th and she didnt go over there this weekend despite him texting her thurs, fri and sat. We fucked once since that last time and it was saturday night . I was thinking it went well but after a while it was clear i was just teasing her and she wanted/ needed more . So she grabbed her big black dildo and sat on it while she took both hands a nd pushed down around the base of my dick and had me stroke myself off while listening to her recordings and laughing at me when i squirted on my self.

Fast forward to august 2nd 2020 It has been a long time since she has been over there .. atleast 3 months that I know about anyway. But the last 2 weeks he has really been putting in the effort. But for some reason she hasnt gone.. They have to get a room now cuz he moved out of his sisters. But he has been getting rooms and calling her and she makes up excuses. The last time they fucked we actually got 2 rooms right next to each other they were adjoining rooms but I never unlocked my side. That did not silence the action i heard what so ever. He pounded her to the point i was about to call the front desk. I definetly didnt need to have the room right next door to hear them. I could have been on a different floor. 5 hours later he fell asleep and she snuck out of there and came to my room. She said it ranked in the the top 3 and said feel what he did to my pussy. She then sat on my dick and was moving around and asked if i was in her or not. I said yes but you are way stretched out. This made her laugh out and when she did her pussy just started leaking all over my nut sack. When she realized what was happening she immediately slid up to my face and put her pussy on my mouth and was grinding on me. She had to have been cumming cause she filled my mouth up easily and was moaning as she ordered me to lick it all up. It definetly tasted different ..not bad but I knew i was cleaning his nut out of her as well and so as she was doing this she pushed down all around my dick being careful not to touch it and she tells me to handle it while she is laughing at it saying my dick is such a joke and that I got robbed. She says its an infants dick at best. She says she feels sorry for me and how embarrassing it must have been taking showers with real men when i was locked up. And she is right.... It was extremely embarrassing. I was always teased when I was a growing up also . So ...anyway It is Monday and last night i got to fuck her after not fucking for almost a month and If i last 3 minutes I would be suprised. I asked her if she needed more and she assured me she did and she will be getting some soon... This comes after she ignored his text last night. So I am pretty sure it is going to take place any day now. When it does I am sure he is going to lay some serious pipe down... till thenI wait with a sick stomach.

Well here we go 8/7/2020 and she is going clear down to long beach in a hotel. And get this.... She got all dressed up in this hot tight fitting red dress and high heels. Its Friday night and she left at 10pm. Its been a while so I will add more when I know more.

8 /29/2020 He claims actually they both claim this is the last time. So she was there for almost 2 hours just squirting everywhere. He ended up coming this time after last times marathon session when she was begging for his cum on her face or anywhere he wanted. She did all that then came home and passed out. This time she fucked me for about 3 minutes then finished up sitting on my face and making me beat myself off.

I do know this big black cock is a very powerful thing and women will do just about anything for it...

Sept 2nd 2020 she went there at 10:20 last night and came rolling in about 230 He fucked her good and hard and her pussy was a mess. So stretched out but she still came when she was grinding on me telling me about the sex they had. She finished by sitting on my face and me beating off.

9-13-2020 We partied all night and come sun up we started playing around and I was clearly teasing her with my dick. Not intentionally cuz I was pounding away. She reached over and grabbed her phone and text him. He replied instantly and so she got up and showered and was gone within 45 minutes. She made it back around noon and for some reason there was no recording. Since then he has been texting and it wasnt till today that she is heading back. I have no iidea what happened last time and I am sitting here listening to this most recent one. Pretty amazing i must say. He said he needs it twice a week and he would be cool ... She says no way but not to him just to me but i think that will be no problem for her. Now that dude has no gfriend he is always needy. Big cock has lots of needs. Anyway, it will be interesting when he starts texting again and even more so when she goes... to be continued........

9/16/2020 10:15 pm TO 9/17/2020 2:43AM

Well she came backa little later than I thought but after listening to it I should be thankful she even came back. Just absolutely owning her pussy is the only way to describe what im hearing. So she said he blasted in her then pulled out and was still blasting all over her. We fucked when she returned and after showing me how he destroyed her pussy for me. She got off of me and made me take care of myself. It was during this time she said she would like to get it from him every other day. We will see but im confident that is bullshit.

Monday night 9/20/2020 it was 945 pm when she left and finally made it home after nearly 4 hours and again she has been just rocked. This time i hear her telling him he owns it. . She came home and we were watching a video and she was making comments how i was robbed with my tiny dick. She assured me she will be stepping it up with him. So its Thursday the 24th and Last night I tried fucking her but she got all anooyed because she couldnt feel me so i am thinking tonite she will probably be heading back over there after yoga class... to be continued.....

So its Friday nite at 930 pm and she just got there and is going in and in caps it reads THANK YOU with a heart! So i will let you know more when i know more but i will say this.... I got home from work and she has been a bitch to me like i did something wrong. Lets see what kind of mood shes in when she returns. WELL IT IS NOW 1230 AND SHE HASNT EVEN LEFTHIS PLACE I havnt heard from her at all and i think im gonna go get a room. I know she is just getting her pussy slaughtered right now and there is nothing i can do about it. I am willing to bet 1000 bucks that this recording will have her telling him that owns her cunt. Oh well i am out of here. I will add what happened tomorrow.Slaughtered doesnt do it justice and after 4-1/2 hours i started leaving messages. It took me threatening going over there to get her to finally reply. I must say i was a bit pissed off but now listening to it I can see why she was late. Talk about i orgasm after another .... My god this guy didnt take but maybe 10 minute break the entire time. And she said she would quit if i asked her. Thats bullshit. She would just quit telling me and quit recording because the girl im listening to would never quit and settle with just mine just because i asked her to.... more to cum im sure...

Wedneday sept 29th

And she gets there at 930pm and gets home at 1230

I dont know what to add except this is the 6th time this month with him and only 4 with me. She is definetly stepping it up with him. Just listening to these recordings by myself i have to imagine what they are doing or what he is doing to her. More to come...

Well 2 days later

October 2nd 2020 and she splits at 1130pm This comes after she is doing school work and getting all pissy. She then starts sending me all the texts he had sent her . She strings him along so im thinking she wants to go...but to me she is like nope im not going then apologizes to me... wtf? So i tell her just what i just said to you. She then texts me FINE THEN, i will go... I was like bitch dont act like im asking you to mow the lawn or something. I was like I was just listening to the tapes and it sounds like you might beable to salvage the night and have some fun instead of being miserable here stuck at home. So she laughed out loud at me and was gone in 5 minutes. If she isnt back in 1 hour she wont be back till atleast 4am. Mark my word ...to be continued....

Well at 10.03 she text me she was going in and at 145 she said she just finished and is heading home. Nothing different about this session except she said she was going to get his cock atleast 8 times this month. I reminded her we will be out of town for a week and she said well i better step it up shouldnt i?

October 6th and she goes over there for almost 4 hours of him pummeling her pussy. He is trying to fucking ruin it for my dick October 10th and she is texting with him so it looks like my Saturday night will be at home waiting for her to get her cunt filled up... More to come.....Yep she went and i just finished listening to their hour and a half quickie....The thing that stood out this time is that from the time she pushed record till her first orgasm was 7 minutes and 38 seconds and they pretty much never took a break . 1 orgasm after another then she came home and hung out in the living room for a couple hours before finally coming in the room and fucking me for about 5 minutes then having me jerk myself off. Once again she clowned me on how small my dick is. She wants me to join a website and find her a new bbc to fuck. One bigger better and closer..... Do i dare?? To be cont...

10/13/2020 she got it the minute i got back fom fishing trip and was gone 3 and a half hours. Since the he has tried everyday. We are leaving for a week on Tuesday and tonite it is

Saturday the 17th of october and seeing how that my brother will be here Monday night so it will either take place tonite or tomorrow or both. So stand bye, She fucking needs it as for her attitude.

So i did it. I joined a website called Black to white.It is a interracial cuckold site that white guys can join but only if they are giving up their wife or girlfriend.We can only post pics of our chicks so its not suprising that I got about 40 messages the first day and it was about 2 weeks we took another huge step amd hooked up with a youngster (25) to come join us.

This guy had a big cock like they all have that I have ever seen. Twice my size? Oh absolutely. Actually it is almost 3x my length and girth. I introduced him and went to take a shower so they can get started and they wasted no time when i got out of shower he was doing what I call the Jackhammer technique. Relentless pounding all the way in and all the way out. She was screamingso loud i was afraid we would be kicked out of hotel. Then my secret would be out. It was right before thanksgiving and now it is January 7th2021 the new guy text clearly t his guy has been thinking about her box cuz he is in need

So i dont know when it wll go down or even if it will go down. Im going to bed now . she is in other room on the bed over there sleeping . Not me. TBC..........

August 9th 2021 @10:15 pm and I didnt think i would be adding on to this but here i am . Dude is back in town and amidst all the drama going on she went over there to release some built up tension. To be truthful she hasnt came on a dick for over 9 months and over 10 months since the owner of her pussy has hit it. She hasnt fucked me for 3 weeks saving it up for him. So when she gets back i will add more. But I told her if she does him then she has to do this youngster with a 11 inch uncut cock that has been begging me to fuck her. Atleast i will be able to witness that session. I will probably regret watching it but I do want to be involved somehow. Tbc

8/12/2021And I listened to the tape for the most part. What i heard was him giving out multiple bed soaking orgasms and her welcoming and loving each and every one.ofthem. After all its been almost a year since she nutted. So she even said that it was so much better then she remembered. The first thing she said was she didnt remember it being so big when it was soft. I said really? She said it is well over twice my size when mine is hard. To me that seems hard to believe. But then she puts something on it and itis just saying that his soft cock is over 8 inches.when she came back she wantd to show me how bad he fucked her pussy up but then when she got bored with it ( about 3 minutes) she slid up and put her pussy on my mouth and laughed at me as she made me jerk off.

This has become our way of doing it now and she gave me the heads up this morning and told me she will be getting it again tonite or tomorrow. So stand bye

11:15 pm aug.13 2021-08-13

She is there now and she left about 45 minutes ago. Whenshe came home tonite from eating dinner with her family , she had that look then she told me thathe had been texting her most of the day. She never mentioned anything and in fact she told him she will be joining him without saying or asking. Just a matter of fact, but when I listen to her recordings, see what he is working with and looking down and what i have to offer, i completely understand. He wants his pussy tonite and she is driving 40 minutes to give it to him. When she gets back i will add more......

So before she went inide I told her i am getting a room. That didnt stop her from staying over there and cumming on his cock for 3_1/2 hours. When she came back she jumped in the shower and was anxious to show me how fucked up her pussy was because of him..It truely was. The fucked up thing is I had that other kid on deck to come and fuck her in front of me. But I left my phone on my tire and drove away. I had no phone for 2 days, and she was trying to tell me she was going to start getting his cock every other day and that my dick is cut off again. Well so far that is the only part that is true.

she should have been there tonite if she wants to keep her word.
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