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Please read first 4 chapters
Please read first 4 chapters.

Chapter 5

Kristin paused uncertainly, this was the first time she had ever touched a cock by herself. What if she stroked too hard? Or too soft? What if he ejaculated before Kellie returned??? She was breathing heavily and her heart felt like it might beat right out of her chest.

She tentatively continued stroking Ethan’s cock, using both hands and trying to mimic the exact same motions Kellie had used. She looked up at Ethan, who had been moaning steadily this entire time, thankfully his eyes were closed. Another glob of precum appeared, and Kellie hesitated, groaned with desire and guilt, and then latched her mouth onto the tip of his cock, slurping up the delicious cum as Kellie had done. Kristin’s pussy was soaking wet, and she could feel how damp her panties were.

Suddenly Ethan moaned, “mmm Kellie, keep going. Go deeper.” She nearly jumped out of her skin and ran out the door. Instead, she froze, wide eyed, lips still wrapped around the head of his cock. She looked up, panicking, but Ethan’s eyes were closed, and he had called her by his wife’s name. Kristin reluctantly but excitedly began moving her mouth up and down on Ethan’s huge cock. She could taste the delicious precum with every stroke now. She tentatively pushed her mouth down even further, until it tickled the back of her throat. The feeling sent a shock straight to her nipples and clit, and she nearly came then and there. She emitted a muffled gurgling moan as she held herself as deep as she thought she could go.

Suddenly Kellie appeared next to her, completely naked, on the other side of Ethan on the bed. Kristin immediately pulled her mouth off of Ethan’s cock, with a guilty and embarrassed look, “I’m so sorry Kellie! he asked me to do that! he thought it was you! I didn’t know what to do! You shouldn’t have left me…”, she whispered apologetically. Trying not to look directly at her sister’s perfect, naked body.

“I heard him asking you to go deeper, and you did great! I’ll have teach you how to deepthroat later…”, Kellie said excitedly, rubbing her hands over her tits and pinching her nipples, lewdly. Kristin gawked at the display. “Get undressed first though. He won’t last much longer and I don’t want to ruin your cute outfit with cum.”

“Wait… I thought it was all going in the pitcher? I shouldn’t be doing this with your husband, Kellie… and you never said anything about taking my clothes off”, Kristin whispered.

“It wouldn’t be as much fun if it ALL went in the pitcher, would it? Besides, I heard you moaning while sucking his cock. Admit it, you’re enjoying yourself. I know I am. It is awkward having you as the only one dressed in here. Now take your clothes off and help me.”, Kellie finished while wrapping her lips around Ethan’s cock and taking over stroking for Kristin.

Kristin reluctantly started getting undressed. She didn’t know why, but she HAD put on her sexiest black bra and panties before coming over, and had also put on makeup. Jesus, she had even shaved her pussy earlier. She had to admit she always tried to look extra cute for Ethan, and maybe she even hoped something like this might happen someday, but the exact situation she was in tonight was more that she ever could’ve imagined.

Kristin removed her shoes, socks, skirt, and finally her shirt. She hesitated at her bra, maybe Kellie wouldn’t make her remove her underwear. She kneeled back down at the edge of the bed, wanting a turn at stroking and sucking Ethan’s cock but not wanting Kellie to know she wanted it. She leaned in closer to watch Kellie’s expert cock sucking skills, fascinated.

Kellie looked up at Kristin and winked, cock still in her mouth and slowly sank down about a third of the way until the tip was at the back of her throat. She relaxed her throat muscles, concentrating, and suddenly his cock sank past her throat barrier about 2/3 of the way in. Kristin let out a shocked gasp, noticing the way Kellie’s throat bulged at the massive invading cock in her mouth and throat. “Jesus Christ… how??”, Kristin whispered to herself.

Kellie removed the cock from her throat, slurping up the saliva from her throat while keeping eye contact with her sister. “It feels amazing. I’ll teach you later if you want. I think he’s about to cum though. Grab the pitcher. We’ll let him shoot his first few shots into there and when he slows down we can share the last bit together. Your turn to suck him for a bit. I want you to know how great it feels to make him cum. Get on the bed in between his legs and take over for me.”, she commanded.

Kristin complied growing excited, her pussy was soaking her panties and her nipples were sharp sensitive points pressing into her bra. Kellie grabbed Kristin’s hands and put them on Ethan’s cock. Stroking with her for a moment, before letting go and having Kristin take over. “Suck my husband’s cock, Kristin. This is all for you. You need his cum.”, she whispered as she moved behind her. Kristin latched her lips onto the tip of Ethan’s cock and moaned at the taste of delicious precum.

Kellie got behind Kristin and unclasped her bra, her tits were so small she didn’t need shoulder straps. Kellie threw the strapless bra onto the chair beside the bed and moved down to slowly pull Kristin’s cute lacy panties down past her hips and to her knees. Kristin put her weight on her feet and lifter her knees slightly to allow Kellie to remove her panties completely. “Oh my god, Kristin, you’re soaking wet! I knew you would love this! Ooooooh and you’re shaved too. You look so sexy!”. She gave her sister a playful spank.

Kristin went deeper on Ethan’s cock until it hit the back of her throat, and again she felt the jolt to her now exposed nipples and clit. Kellie reached around Kristin’s back and cupped one of her small A cup tits, massaging it and pinching gently at one of her nipples. She gave Kristin another playful spank. Kristin moaned in pleasure. Kellie then placed her hand tenderly on Kristin’s shaved pussy and began rubbing gently in small circles. Kristin made a muffled squealing sound and buried Ethan’s cock back down to the entrance of her throat and held it there. She began to squirm and Kellie took that as a cue to rub her pussy harder and pinch her nipples harder.

Suddenly another set of hands grabbed the back of Kristin’s head. She looked up in panic, eyes wide, noticing Ethan’s eyes were now open and locked onto her’s. He began slowly fucking Kristin’s mouth while they stared at each other. He brought her head down on his cock and she let out a muffled gargling noise. All 3 of them could hear the squishing noise of Kellie’s hand rubbing at Kristin’s shaved pussy that was now leaking fluid down her the inside of her skinny legs.

“Girls, I’m going to cum!”, Ethan shouted. Kellie stopped rubbing Kristin’s pussy, eliciting a disappointed whine from Kristin’s mouth filled cock. She grabbed the pitcher while Kristin pulled off of Ethan’s cock, unsure of what to do. Kellie put her face next to Kristin’s and held the pitcher just under them. Ethan groaned in frustrating at their inaction, taking over stroking his cock himself, pointing it down towards the girls faces while sitting up.

“Fuuuuuuck!!!” He yelled as he unleashed a long powerful torrent right at Kristin’s confused face, completely drenching her entire face, hair, and neck, as well as filling her open mouth full of cum. She flinched away in surprise at the blast, swallowing quickly and backing into a kneeling position, but there was no escaping the long powerful blast, and it continued spraying all over her chest and tiny tits.

Ethan leaned forward toward her as the initial blast subsided, quickly getting his knees under him, and then began to aim at Kellie. Kellie, however, quickly placed the pitcher over Ethan’s cock head just below her face, anticipating the next blast. Ethan grunted in disappointment and burst forth a second long steady stream into the pitcher, and after it subsided, pulled the tip up from the pitcher’s lip to aim at Kellie’s face.

Kelly shook her head slightly, “Ethan! Wait! Let me…”, she couldn’t finish the statement as Ethan blasted her open mouth, face, and hair with a third torrent of cum, much of which splashed down into the pitcher below her face.

Kristin, meanwhile had eagerly gulped down all of the semen in her mouth, and blinked opened her jizz covered eyelids, just in time to see Kellie’s face get pummeled with a torrent of semen. Kellie gulped and coughed, quickly using her right hand to clear one of her eyes of the thick covering of jizz.

Kellie grabbed the back of Kristin’s head by the ponytail with her cum covered hand, smearing cum into her hair. “Open your mouth for his load, baby sister!”, she ordered, placing the pitcher beneath her face. She then forced Kristin’s head down on Ethan’s cock to attempt to contain a forth blast of semen. It was a laughable attempt. Ethan shouted as he came, and sperm sprayed out of Kristin’s nose and the corners of her mouth in a river down into the pitcher. Kristin’s eyes grew wide as she attempted a gurgled squeal, trying to pull off of Ethan’s erupting cock, but Kellie forced her to remain, grabbing a fist full of now cum soaked ponytail. Kellie quickly forced Kristin to hold the pitcher in place under her mouth and moved behind her, as a 5th blast erupted straight into her mouth again, spraying out everywhere.

Kristin swallowed continually, as quickly as she could, yelping and whining between each swallow. She began shaking, feeling the rush of an orgasm that seemed hours in the making. Sensing she needed release, Kellie scooped cum off of the left side of her face and reached around in front of Kristin’s body, squishing it into Kristin’s shaved pussy, rubbing hard. Ethan began thrusting his cock into Kristin’s mouth, releasing more cum with each thrust, which she drooled into the pitcher, not nearly able to swallow the flow as quickly as it emerged.

Each time Ethan’s thrusting cock bottomed out, it forced cum down the back of her throat, and caused a bolt of electricity to hit her cum covered nipples and pussy. She began squealing with her mouth full of cock and cum, thrusting her smooth cunt hard into Kellie’s rubbing hand. She moved the pitcher out of the way, wanting to feel more cum on her skin, now allowing the cum drool to pour out over her tiny tits and stomach, flowing finally down obscenely to her shaved pussy that Kelly was massaging. Kristin was convulsing now, unable to control her body, yet Kellie held her by the pony tail firmly onto Ethan’s huge cock.

As she rubbed, Kellie felt an even warmer continual gush of fluid gushing out of her little sister’s hot pussy, mingling with Ethan’s jizz covering her hand. She used Kristin’s ponytail to pull her off of Ethan’s cock, as she gasped for air. Ethan held the tip on Kristin’s forehead as one last spurt of cum bubbled out of the tip of his cock, flowing down and eventually covering her entire pretty face. Kristin’s convulsing also subsided and she finally sputtered breathlessly, “what… what the fuck… just happened to me???”

To be continued in chapter 6?


2021-09-13 21:18:25
Loving the series, waiting with baited breath for chapter 6

Douglas WiseReport

2021-09-12 20:56:36
got to continue with this one HOT HOT HOT


2021-09-10 06:56:31
Please continue! Eagerly awaiting a sixth installment. Thank you!


2021-09-01 05:32:54
Oh yes, definately part 6! The anal cavity absorbs better than any other body part except the nasal cavity.

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