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Please be patient with this tale. This is 100% true and has been something I have thought about writing about for a long time. I may not be the best writer but this is how it happened and I am sticking to the facts instead of embellishing.
The first rays of sunlight hit my eyes. Through barely opened eyes, I saw the blurred line of Marie's body against the sunlit window, the curve from her knee crossed over the other, working up her hip and then back down her waist. The curves continuing up her body, the sudden fall off of her neck and then her face, Aphrodite incarnate. Her eyes closed, mouth slightly agape, soft breathing. The sun was glowing on her face.

My hand worked along her skin, feeling her warmth against my palm. My hand worked across her flat stomach, feeling her belly button beneath my finger tips, working down just above her mound, my palm flat against her, for some reason it intrigued me and made me feel something knowing part of me was deep inside of her under my palm.

Knowing that just hours prior, my cock had been in her very depths spreading my effluence inside of her. Knowing full well that what came from me could be joining with her at this very moment. I felt my cock stir at that thought. So young and yet the thought of this sinful deed stirred the embers in my loins.

Marie suddenly shifted, she lay on her back, one leg bent at the knee, propping up the blankets as they rode lower on her body. Her breasts trying to split apart to either side of her, nipples, trying to hide and yet a noticeable terrain shift on her glorious mountains. The peak of which sat propped above the rest, begging for attention, knowing they would harden and grow at my very touch.

The blankets were stationed to end just above where her legs met, seeing just the top of her slit, the smoothness of her mound, her flat stomach meeting seamlessly with her nether region. My finger tips trailing across her body, slowly tracing lines from north to south, teasing along her mound, feeling the soft skin beneath me, working along her muscles taught beneath her skin, feeling the rise of her abdomen with each breath. A finger errantly tracing beneath the blankets, feeling the start of the fall into her tasty peach which I could still taste leftover juices on my lips.

I felt Marie’s body start to stir, my head propped up on my hand, the blankets around my waist, her eyes slowly opened. She stretched her arms above her head, her breasts rising with her and with her awakened state, her nipples started to react to movement.

I watched all of this in silence, her eyes scanned the room and then found mine, the instantaneous smile told me a bible’s worth of information, she did not regret last night, as I did not either. She shifted her body closer to me, pulled my arm under her head, pressing me to my back and laying her head on my chest.

I could feel her breathing settle, her breasts came to rest against my side, feeling a hardened nipple softly caressing my side. Her arm lay on my stomach.

The silence was not tense, it was welcomed as we just felt each other’s bodies settle against the other. Feeling the match of two become one.

I felt Marie take in a quicker breath “I can still feel you inside of me, I can feel your warmth in me, I know it was hours ago, but I can still feel the void where you left me….it doesn't feel right now”

I looked over at her, knowing that I had started to feel an internal ache for her the moment I woke, and knowing that she felt something so similar spoke volumes to me.

I did not ask, I did not hint, I just looked in her eyes and I knew. I slid my arm out from under her and crawled on top of her. She needn’t feel that void any longer, I knew the cure for this ailment.

I split her legs with mine, feeling her skin against mine, my forearms the base for my body as I hovered over her, she rested her knees against my side, spreading herself wide for me. My cock had already risen, knowing it was going back where it belonged.

I learned at that moment that a female body is built in such a way that it will lead a man to her hidden treasure just with her form. The legs slowly guide, leading to thighs, the curve of the thighs leading to the convergence, every curve, every angle, perfectly aligned to assist in finding the home for my male member.

She looked into my eyes, feeling my throbbing cock as it pressed between her lower lips, her nectar already flowing, wetting the tip of me as I probed, feeling her lips part and close around the glans as my cock slowly slipped inside of her.

Marie sucked in a deep breath, feeling the stretch as I worked my way inside, her walls so tight that I felt as if I were going to be squeezed out. Her warmth flowing inside of my cock and up into my body.

I felt our bodies meet, I knew I could push no further. She smiled and leaned up, kissing my lips and sliding her tongue into my mouth. I lowered my body onto her carefully to not press too hard, feeling her breasts pressing against me, her legs wrapped around me pulling me so as to not let me go.

I didn’t feel the urge to move, at full depth, this is what felt right. Our eyes opened after our passionate embrace, Marie's body shifting, her clit rubbing against my body causing her to shudder and exhale against me. I pressed harder against her, grinding my body against her, bringing more pleasurable waves through her.

I slowly withdrew my incestuous cock, coated with my cousins fluids which were dripping just for me. I felt her body reacting as I rubbed her insides with my shaft, slowly inserting and withdrawing, thrusting my cock a little harder each time, our bodies starting to react as the exchange in force increased. She started to thrust her hips up to meet mine as I pushed deep inside of her.

My hands bringing hers above her head, holding her down as I lifted myself up slightly, giving myself more force to pummel her insides with my invasion. Her moans growing as time went on, her insides milking my shaft with every withdrawal.

I reached my lips down and kissed her neck, sucking softly on her flesh, working down and nibbling on her neck here and there, mewing noises escaping her lips as I did, continuing my thrusting deep into her insides. Feeling her juices flowing ever faster, her body was becoming electric.

I felt her tense up and her insides start to pulse, throbbing around me as she cried out, loudly, not holding back. I held still feeling her body shuddering in waves, she fell back, eyes closing in exhaustion. I was not yet finished but I gave her a minute to recover.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, feeling my cock still hard in her depths. She pushed on my shoulder and I took her hint, she rolled on top of me, feeling her pussy push down even further if that were possible.

She positioned her knees at my sides, her hands on my chest and she started to ride me, this position afforded her better ability to rub her clit along my body as she rode forwards and backwards, up and down, riding my cock as if she were in the local rodeo.

My hands on her hips, I would occasionally pull her down against me and thrust up, pushing just that extra bit into her causing her to yelp and moan. I could feel my juices start to rise, I knew I would be letting my warmth overtake her very soon.

Her breasts were swaying above me as she rode, her head back, eyes closed in the pleasure she was taking from this. I reached up and grasped, my palms feeling her nipples harden at the sensations, feeling her breath intake, I softly fondled, allowing my finger tips to softly squeeze and tease her nipples.

She looked down on me as she rode “How does it feel to be fucking your cousin, to have your cock so deep in her, can you feel my pussy squeezing you? Can you feel how badly I want you to shoot that warmth inside me again?” As she said this I felt her inner muscles clamp down on my cock, this naughty thought and this incredible feeling took me from near close to the edge, I let out a loud groan and she knew from the look on my face.

She braced herself with her hands on my chest and continued to ride me hard. I felt my cock swell inside of her, this must have been noticeable because she was suddenly crying out, I could feel her reaching orgasm again as my cum rocketed out of my cock and again coated every last bit of her inside.

Feeling a never ending flow of incestuous fertile sperm shooting deep into my cousin's body, filling her womb, allowing my seed to meet her egg, the risk of impregnating her only seemed to make the orgasm stronger. We knew what we were doing was wrong, and yet we could not stop it, we craved it.

Our bodies collapsed from exhaustion, her laying atop me, my cock still inside of her, softening, my cum and her juices starting to leak around my shaft as I slowly slipped out, not caring that my fathers bed would be soaked in our combined fluids.

She kissed me softly, rolling off to my side, we both lay looking at the ceiling. “I can’t help it, feeling your juices fill me up is unlike anything I have ever thought I could feel, I couldn't have imagined it would be this amazing….you have to know the risks we are taking right?”

I nodded, still trying to catch my breath “I know….but like you said...one day at a time...we will figure this out….I just can’t imagine not having you, we fit together perfectly”

Knowing the morning was growing late and BD would be home in the early afternoon, we slowly made our way to the shower, both of us too spent to do more than give the occasional fondle and caress, we spent more time kissing and holding each other, letting the water wash away the nights sins, sins I would gladly commit again.

Mere minutes after we finished picking up the apartment of our shed bathing suits and any signs of our activities, BD walked in...I had just come into the doorway of his bedroom when I realized we had forgotten one item...the bed was still full of our combined emissions.

BD went to the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge, I quickly threw the covers over the bed...having just enough time to straighten up the comforter before BD walked into the living room. I came out and greeted him, acting as if nothing had changed.

BD apologized for disappearing and promised to make it up to us, nothing more was said of it as we sat down to watch some tv, he quickly fell asleep on the sofa. Marie and I snuck out to the balcony and enjoyed the sun as we sat in the loungers laughing about how close we were to being caught. I looked at her stretched out on the lounger, soaking up the warmth of the sun, knowing now what that feeling inside meant, and knowing that it continued to grow. We sat listening to the doves in the eves and the little lizards scampering over the cement, as the afternoon wore on.

BD came out and let us know we were going to go out for a quick dinner, and then would head off to a local outdoor museum as there was a star gazing event going on tonight. He had met a worker there, his date from the night prior, and she was going to give us a priority tour.

We changed into fitting attire for an evening out. I had on a button up gray shirt with some khaki shorts and belted sandals. Marie a flowing mid length skirt with a flowery blouse.

The evening's events were amazing, outside of Tucson the night sky lit up with millions of twinkling stars and hundreds of star formations. Bats flew overhead, the tour guides pointed out the planets, some being easy to recognize such as Mars and others not so much. They had telescopes available.

We were able to see constellations and nebulae, it was magical to see things so far away and yet so visible. I was able to enjoy quick sessions tucked away in the dark with Marie, looking at different clusters of stars or planets and whispering soft thoughts to her, my hands around her waist, able to get away with great sins in such dark settings.

It was that evening that BD laid out his plans for our next adventure. We were going to Puerto Peñasco Mexico. We would leave the next day, as it turned out BD had invited his new date to come with us. This meant only good things, this meant separate rooms, and this meant more free time to roam a new place with new adventures to find. We were excited and he seemed happy to have had such a wonderful idea, but we both knew the excitement stretched beyond that.

The evening went late and we returned to the apartment in the early hours of the morning, everyone was so exhausted bedtime came fast, my body still recovering from our early morning activities, I was happy to just lay next to Marie, feeling her leg against mine, she was asleep in a flash and I could hear BD snoring in his room, I laid my arm over Maries stomach and held her close as I drive off into sleep.

My dreams ran rampant through the night, dreams of far away places, beaches, and a beautiful lady, hair flowing in the wind. I woke knowing who that was, it was still dark somehow, my body denying me sleep in exchange for a trip to the bathroom. I relieved myself and was coming back to bed when I found an awake Marie, looking at the clock I noted it was actually almost time for the alarm which would wake us to start our road trip south. I laid back down to rest until that time, when Marie started to scoot down the bed, she had other ideas besides sleep. Her body under the covers I was not able to see her movements, but I felt her coming closer.

Her hands pulled my shorts down to my thighs, uncovering my quickly growing cock, I felt her lips caress the tip and start to suck me into her mouth. Knowing BD was only feet away on the other side of the door I held in my groans but internally I was screaming as I felt her tongue working its magic along my shaft, sucking me further into her mouth.

I could feel her pushing the head down into her throat, soft noises as her saliva and my pre-cum worked together in her mouth. Hearing my cock as it caused her to softly gag and yet still she pushed it further into her throat. Feeling her lips press against the base of my cock and her chin touching my balls I knew she had all of me in her mouth.

She worked back out and proceeded to fuck me with her mouth and tongue. I knew our time was short so I allowed myself to get worked up fast. Feeling my cum rocket forth into her mouth, her lips suctioning tightly around my shaft not allowing a single drop to escape.

Feeling each jet coat her tongue, feeling her hum around the head of my cock as she enjoyed the feeling of my fluids in her mouth. She climbed back out from under the covers and made a show of swallowing my emissions, she then came up and slid her tongue into my mouth. Kissing me deep, tasting the leftover flavors from seconds prior was extremely intoxicating, knowing how much had been inside of her mouth, knowing how much she enjoyed my cock filling her mouth and throat, I was lost.

We were startled as the alarm started to play, quickly adjusting our clothing and getting out of bed. The ride would be long, but we knew this trip would have plenty of fun ahead.

It was still dark out when the car pulled out of the parking spot, BD’s new friend was riding shotgun, this put Marie and I in the back seat. We had brought blankets so we could try and sleep some more.

The start of the ride was uneventful, watching the sunrise over the mountains as we exited Tucson and headed south. We crossed into Mexico in Nogales and started south west towards our destination.

We stopped in a small town for some breakfast and got out to the smell of fresh tortillas being made. I walked into the restaurant making a run for the bathroom to relieve my overflowing bladder. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Marie, she looked at me as I continued to relieve myself “....what….I don't speak Spanish….I read it wrong” she smiled as she went into the stall.

I knew that was bullshit but who was I to complain. I went to the sink and was washing my hands when Marie came out of the stall. She walked over to the next sink, looked over and winked at me “What…..I can’t have fun on vacation?” she laughed as I just smiled and shook my head.

We finished washing our hands and I made for the paper towels, she reached for the door handle and I put my hand on the door. She looked up with a confused look, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. It had only been a few hours but I already ached for her lips.

I pulled her body against me and locked my lips with hers. Her tongue darted between my lips and we held each other as our tongues mingled and lips locked, tasting sweet cherry from her lip gloss as I was lost in her embrace.

It felt like hours but I knew it was only a matter of a minute or two, I finally was able to break away. I felt as if I had run a marathon, she took my breath away with her lips, her body felt like the missing puzzle piece with how it connected with mine and I hated feeling her pull away.

She gave me a look, her eyes saw into my soul and her eyes asked me to fuck her. I would have followed her to the lip of a volcano with that stare. Before I was unable to stop myself, I let go of the door and let her open it up to head out.

We walked out and met up with BD and his date, breakfast was delicious, they knew how to make a mean omelet and we were quickly full and on our way.

The road was empty and the trip was going smoothly. The AC was blasting cold air through the car and Marie and I were sharing earbuds to listen to her music. We were sitting under the same blanket as we were chilled from the direct cold air vents above us. My hand was on her thigh, she was wearing cotton shorts and I could feel her warm skin through them.

Bumps in the road had my hand vibrating on her thigh and I shifted to get a better position to rest when I felt my hand on the inner curve of her thigh. I looked over and her eyes were closed listening to the song, figuring I would be a smart ass, I started to trace my fingers up her inner thigh, making small circles waiting for a response.

Looking over, her expression was stone still as she listened to the music. My finger tips had finally reached the hem of her shorts on her inner thigh. I knew I had to up the ante, so I slowly slid my fingers under her shorts leg and kept tracing lines up, still...no response.

I felt my fingertips reach where her legs met her pelvis and was shocked to find no panties, I know I should not have been surprised but these shorts were so short that if she had bent over you would have seen she had no panties on.

I finally saw her open her eyes and smile smugly, yes she had won this round too. I was bound and determined to take a win from this. My finger softly hooked under her shorts until I felt her smooth pussy lips under my fingers. I started to softly trace up and down, feeling her legs open a little wider slightly.

I could feel the blood swelling her pussy lips under my fingers, splitting her open and giving my finger better access. Juices were starting to flow and my fingertip was quickly wet, I used that to slide up around her clit, teasing the hood, I could feel her suck in her breath. Finally I had made progress.

My finger sliding down I could feel her getting hotter, my finger finally reached her soaking wet entrance, her juices were flowing out, I could feel from my palm that her shorts were already getting very wet, my finger split her pussy lips apart and started to slide in her, she shifted her hips causing my finger to quickly slide in deep. I could feel her inner muscles squeezing my finger as I hooked it up inside of her.

The blanket hiding our sins from BD but we quickly realized we could smell her arousal coming from under the blanket. Thankful for the ac blowing all the air back we knew we had more time before the smell reached the front of the vehicle.

I used my thumb and started to rub her clit softly in circles as my finger went in and out, bringing with it a flood of juices running down her ass and soaking the car seat. I felt her internally groan and she covered her mouth, biting the blanket as I continued to attack her feminine treasures. Feeling that she was working towards a quick orgasm I continued my repeated movements, feeling they were taking her fast.

I could feel her legs shaking with my hand tucked between her legs, my hand soaking wet and warm as I continued to rub her clit and finger her deeply. I pulled out a last second thought and quickly slid in another finger. This caused her to quietly yelp, thankfully there was no movement up front.

She looked up at me, desire in her eyes, knowing how badly I wanted to kiss her but withholding. She continued to look me in the eyes as I felt her body tense up and then her inner walls were contracting and squeezing my fingers. She bit her lower lip and breathed out with a soft moan.

Feeling her juices gushing out around my hand, I knew she had soaked a large spot on the car seat. Her body started to relax and she whispered “I have been hoping you would take the initiative since the restaurant, that felt so good”.

I pulled my hand out from under the blanket, and making sure to keep out of the sight of the rear view mirror, I stuck my finger in my mouth and made a show to her of licking all of her juices off my fingers. She tasted so tangy and sweet, I couldn't wait to have my next opportunity to taste her directly. I knew that this trip would provide more opportunity for privacy. I had hope of so many great things to come.

We sat quietly for the rest of the trip, thankful that BD had decided to save gas and open the windows, so the smell of Marie's wet pussy vacated the car, though the wet spot was long to dry.

We started to notice a change in terrain and suddenly the horizon changed from the blue of the sky to the blue of the ocean. Before us lay the coast, and on it was spotted many resorts. We were at our destination.

We pulled up to a towering plaza and a valet took our luggage and the car to park it. Walking into the building we felt the cooling flow of conditioned air come across us. The front desk was busy so we sat on some couches in the lobby while BD checked us in.

We took our small essentials we had kept from the valet and carried them up to the rooms. The luggage was not far behind. As it turned out, what BD thought was adjoining rooms, was actually at a corner, putting us down an offshoot hallway with a slight separation between the rooms. We got our keys and instructions to shower, change for dinner and meet them in the lobby in an hour.

We put the key in the door and walked in to find that we were given the better view, there was a balcony overlooking the beach and the ocean, the air flowing off the gulf flowed into the room as we opened the doors. The smell of the salt and of some vendors down the beach came across us and we just sat looking out at all the people.

After a few minutes of people gazing Marie opted to take the first shower and stole for the bathroom. I unpacked my suitcase as we would be there for a few days and put away the luggage. I decided to help and unpack Marie's suitcase as well, so I started to put her clothes in the dresser and came across some of the clothes she had bought at the mall a few days prior. Including a flowing white dress that came down to her ankles. It was a wrap of sorts with a tie around the neck. Feeling the material, it was so soft against my skin.

I left this on the bed and picked out my clothes for dinner.

Marie came out of the bathroom and looked at the bed “So you are picking my clothes now?”

I replied “Well...I was trying to help by putting away your clothes and it looked like a beautiful dress for our first night here, you don't have to wear it but I sure think you would look pretty in it”

She looked for a second and replied “We will see, but for now, you need to shower or we will be late”

I hastened my retreat to the bathroom thinking I had messed up, I took my shower enjoying the cool water cascading over my body, calming me from all the excitement.

I made sure to wash myself completely, feeling the soap on my cock, i gave it a few slow strokes enjoying the feelings as the slippery soap allowed me to fuck my hand. I enjoyed the sensations and then stopped myself. Knowing I had a better chance with privacy for some better fun later.

I came out and found the room empty, the dress was off the bed and one room key was missing. I went to grab my clothes and noticed that the shirt I had picked out had been replaced, my outfit was now made up of khaki shorts and a white button up shirt. I dressed in it, grabbed my key and made my way down the stairs.

There in the lobby, I saw her from the glass elevator, her hair was down her back, she was facing away. The dress fit her like a glove and she stuck out in the crowd. She turned around as the elevator bell dinged and smiled when she saw me. I could have melted.

I walked over, my jaw was probably on the floor, I opened my mouth to speak and could only get out “I……..I mean……….it's………..wow”

She put her finger under my chin and closed my mouth replying “Yeah you look pretty good yourself”

We sat and waited for BD and his lady friend for a few minutes and finally met up.

The resort had an in-house restaurant that was rated highly. We sat out on the patio in the failing light and enjoyed our dinner. The food was excellent and we got to know BD’s date a little bit, her name was Jasmine and she was Guatemalan, she had a few kids and was recently divorced. She had a very pleasant demeanor and was friendly to chat with.

After we had finished our food and the bill was paid, Marie and I decided to go for a walk and BD and Jasmine headed to a local night club. We were given fifty dollars each and told to make it last the night.

As we were going walking on the beach we knew that would not be a problem. We stepped off the patio and onto the sand. We took off our shoes to enjoy the sand under our feet. We started to walk down the crescent shaped beach, watching the sun head towards the horizon, closing in on the end of evening.

We were on the water line enjoying the water hitting our feet, Marie light lifting her dress to keep it out of the water. The sound of the surf, a distant musician playing on the beach, it was a magical place and had me hypnotized. Marie and I talked about things we could do in town over the next couple of days, where we wanted to go, what we wanted to look for.

After a while we found ourselves ready to be back in the resort so we made our way back. Heading up with our shoes in our hands, we reached our floor and entered the room. I threw my shoes in the closet and walked to the mini fridge.

I grabbed two bottles of cold water and looked up to see Marie heading out to the balcony. I joined her and sat down on a lounge chair. She was standing against the railing watching the sunset, as I took a sip of my water my eyes suddenly fell upon her, the sunset was sending rays through her dress, the white fabric creating a shadow box that highlighted her form under the dress.

I could see a dark outline of her breasts and the curve of her stomach under the dress, curving down to her hips, her legs were spread and I suddenly realized, she had no underwear on, I could tell because I could see the cleft between her legs and could see the direct outline of each lip separate.

My body took control and I stood up, walking over to the railing, Marie turned and the wind blew her hair back slightly, the sunset glow on her skin creating a yellowish hue and making her look like a goddess. She smiled at me, putting her arm around my waist, she came closer.

I looked into her eyes, whispering “Who are you, a month ago, you were Marie my cousin, tonight….you are that and something else, you are beautiful, and I am lost in you”

She blushed and did not respond, she just pulled on my body and leaned in to kiss me. I could tell she was appreciative of the comment, and I couldn't stop myself from kissing her deeply. In front of all the people on the beach and below, I locked my lips and danced tongues with my cousin and I couldn't have cared less who knew about it. Feelings had been created I couldn't come back from and I wanted to shout them to the world.

She pulled back and then put her head on my shoulder, resting against me. I sat holding her not wanting to be anywhere else in the world. As the sun set over the horizon the lights came on below and people became more scarce.

I held Marie’s hand and brought her into the room. The light of a lamp across the room was the only illumination.

Marie reached out and quietly started to unbutton my shirt, pulling it back off of my shoulders, baring my upper half. She reached down and undid my shorts letting them fall to the floor. Leaving me in just a pair of boxers. She hooked her fingers under my boxer band and pulled them down around my hips, letting them fall to the floor, my cock hanging against my thigh but quickly starting to shift as blood flowed to it.

She reached behind her and grabbed her hair, pulling it to the side revealing the tie for her dress. I reached up, pulling her close to me, and put my hands behind her head, feeling the ties. I kissed her as I pulled the tie ends feeling the knot give way. The weight of the dress pulled it down and suddenly where there was fabric previously, there was now bare skin.

I reached down and slid my fingers along her sides, stepping back, I took in the form of beauty before me. Her soft skin, hair flowing over her shoulder, her breasts large and yet high with young age. Nipples hard from the cooling night air. Her stomach taught and smooth, hidden partially by shadow, the slope down and the joining of her legs, seeing the hint of her nether lips under her mound, both smooth and soft looking. I led her back to the bed, pulling back the covers.

She laid down and I crawled onto the bed hovering above her. She reached up and cupped the side of my face, I leaned down and kissed her. Knowing we had all night, I took my time, enjoying soft kisses and whispers to each other. Feeling the warmth of her skin radiating the short distance between us, my cock was hovering above her mound, ready to feel her surround me again.

I wanted nothing more than to look into her eyes and feel this pleasure, I lowered my hips, feeling the tip of my cock trace along her slit, feeling the heat of her inner folds soaking into me, reaching the wet nectar from her flowing out ready for me.

I slid my cock up against her letting my shaft split her apart, soaking myself in her juices. Her breath quickening, her soft moans escaping her lips. I lowered my hips and felt my cock head line up with her opening. I was bringing my body back to where it belonged. I felt her lips spreading around me, the tip started to slide in, my instinct kicked in, my mind speaking to me….



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