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Olivia seems to have issues with her online presentation and ends up multitasking more than she should have.
'God, I'm late! My meeting is about to start!' I yelled by myself seconds after coming from bathroom. I absolutely hate these 9:50 meetings! It should either be exactly something o'clock or half past something. Nothing else. Every time I hear someone saying that "It gives people 5 to 10 minutes time to be ready", I call bullshit. Either people forget what time the meeting is supposed to happen, or they are still in previous meeting. Now I have remote meeting starting in 2 minutes and people are expecting video meeting. And did I mention that I am still pretty much naked?

Let's stop the clock for a moment so I can give some context and set the field. I'm Olivia, 24 years old user experience specialists in one of those not-to-be-named mid-size corporations. My work is basically figure out what are the biggest problems when using the products from my company. And when studies and research is done, I present the findings to everyone in a way that I do not insult every designer, developer and engineer who has worked with the project. They do excellent work but working so closely with something makes people blind for some obvious errors. Anyway, it is going to be one of those meetings at 9:50.

I am good-looking woman. I still actively play volleyball at the local team, so I need to keep myself in shape. It is not national level league but still high enough to be taken seriously. My boobs are nice B-cups and butt is so tight that you could bounce coin off it. Including my womanly assets, I am quite tall, around 180cm and I weigh 63kg. I also have long brown hair and I have been said to have very pretty smile.

For the sake of the story, I should probably mention that I am still technically a virgin. It started from the classic, "I want to keep myself pure for marriage", but by end of college the resolution had been changed to more fun principal, "I like girls, not boys". That being said, I cannot be categorized as pure in any meaning of the word... but I am still virgin. I suppose I could have taken care of it with more penetrative toys but guess it hasn't just come to that.

Anyway, back to earlier this morning, my friend and neighbor Kerri had to leave the town on short notice and in distress asked me to take care of his mastiff, Buddy. I wasn't too excited since the big dog would mean extra effort but she was quite desperate so I couldn't say no. And I do like the idea of Kerri needing to return the favor at some point. There is just something naughty about that girl and I was hoping of getting taste of that. Kerri warned me that Buddy has been rowdy lately, but I directly assured her that I can handle it. She obviously had bigger problems on her plate than to worry about Buddy and me. We had each other’s apartment keys so I told her that she can come get Buddy if I was away. I had some things to take care afternoon so I might need to leave for an hour or so. She was fine with this arrangement.

Well, she wasn't wrong about Buddy being rowdy. My morning was quite a hassle with finalization of my presentation and hiding breakable objects from Buddy's reach. I think most issues with Buddy is his size, not his attitude. He is very big dog. Kerri once told me that he weighs around 80kgs which makes him way bigger than myself. So even the gentlest of push feels intimidating.

It was 9:33 and everything was ready for my "10 o'clock meeting". I decided to take a break and have a cup of tea before the meeting. And that is when everything went to shit. Buddy accidentally bumped into me while I was carrying the teacup. I came crashing down and I spilled contents of the cup all over myself. I swore like a sailor when I realized that I need to change and fix my make-up. Buddy looked very sorry and whined. I couldn't say too mad for him, it was after all my mistake. I patted him on the head and went to the bathroom. In the middle of commotion, I failed to hear the "BING!" reminding me that my meeting will start in 15 minutes.

If I had known that I had to hurry, I would have hurried. But I took my time at the bathroom. I undressed myself and threw the dirty clothes to washer. The near-boiling tea had burned right through the thin fabric and cool water from shower relieved the burning sensation. After few minutes, I exited the shower and I applied some lotion to have it healed quicker. The final thing to do at the bathroom, I started to fix my make-up. It was almost fine as it was, so it did not take too long. Now I just need to figure out what to wear... I have been avoiding the laundry day so the number of different options would not be great.

I came nude from bathroom and noticed the alarm window of my upcoming meeting. But it was not in 13 minutes... it was in 2 minutes. 'God, I'm late! My meeting is about to start!' I yelled by myself. My work is difficult as it is and people rarely want to hear anyone giving criticism about their work, no matter how nicely you try to give it. That means that they will use any excuse to leave and me being 5 to 10 minutes late will most likely suffice. I had no time to waste so I made split second decision to wear the top from one of my trendy outfits. I could not locate the bottom, but it did not matter since the audience was not going to see me fully anyway. I just had to fight through this one meeting by being half naked. To be perfectly honest, the idea gave me tingling and naughty sensation. And what's the worst that can happen?

My speakerphone was connected, video feature activated from laptop and I was able to start the meeting on time.

'Good morning Olivia. How are you doing?' greeted the project manager.

'Very good morning Mr. Williams. I am doing almost excellent. Little bit hassle with my neighbor’s dog this morning. I am very sorry in advance if there is any extra noise from my end.' I replied with as glowingly as I can.

He gave sincere smile and responded by saying 'That is fine Olivia. I think we all have had our issues with remote working for past year. And please, call me Aaron. You are soon going to go through all our short comings. Let's at least try to ease the tension a little bit.'

I smiled and nodded when he continued 'Good morning team as well. As discussed in yesterday's meeting, UX department has made the studies with user groups and will present the results today. All the data is also available after the presentation. If I understood correctly Olivia?'

'Yes, Mr... Aaron. I am more than happy to share the data.' I confirmed.

'Excellent. I am now checking from participants list and I think we have most online. If you do not mind Olivia, I would like to do quick introduction for our topic today. I will start to record now, and stage should be yours in around 5 minutes.' said Aaron online.

'Of course.' I readily replied.

I muted myself while Aaron continued to go through the topic. Even though we had started, I was still very much aware of being bottomless in this video meeting. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. I knew that I could do something naughty like touching myself if I wanted. But same time I knew that if I get too comfortable, I might forget the situation and for example try get up for any number of reasons. I just needed to keep it cool until my part was done and then I could at least close the video connection and get some bottoms.

The one fella who thought that my plan was way too boring was Buddy. He had been lazily walked around the apartment and was now nudging my bare legs with his head. He wanted some attention which I had some trouble of giving. I tried casually to scratch his back outside of screen. But I simply did not have time for him right this very second. I needed to ready myself for the audience.

I was working beside my kitchen table. I usually work from sofa or from my bed but since during the video call I need to look somewhat official, I rather work from next to solid table. Working from anywhere else would have probably prevented the upcoming events but that is way too late now. Due the open space under the kitchen table, I had not noticed that Buddy had been able to crawl under the table. He clearly wanted my full attention and he soon had that. I felt his snout invade my private part between my thighs. This alerted me visibly. I panicked and almost fully jumped up until I remembered that I was in a video call without even panties.

'Is everything alright Olivia? You jumped like you saw a ghost.' Aaron said jokingly.

I had to calm myself and sit back down. I forced a smile in my face and replied 'The dog I mentioned just surprised me. Nothing serious. Sorry about that, please continue.' I could not say that there is huge mastiff trying to assault my bare pussy.

'Very good then. I know that you and your dog must be excited to start but please bare few more minutes.' Aaron jested.

'I'm sure we can manage.' I joked back while thinking that can we actually manage.

During the whole conversation I felt Buddy trying to assault me further. I tried to cross my legs but there was not enough room to do it under the table while Buddy's head was in the way. If something, it would have only given Buddy better angle. I then tried to push him but that just made him push back harder and I feared that he might just make whole chair to fall backwards. I thought about hitting him but as said Buddy was a big dog, he might get aggressive. Only thing I could do was to use my hands to prevent further access. It worked but not for long.

I heard Aaron mentioning my name through the speakerphone and I had to use my hand to unmute myself. Extra room between my legs meant that there was more room for Buddy to maneuver. With only single hand protecting my pussy lips, I could feel his warm breath at the other side of the hand. His rough snout and warm breath were having effect on my most sensitive erogenous zone. Even if I did not admit it to myself, my pussy was starting to react to the assault.

'So, without further ado, Olivia, would you like present the findings for us?' Aaron asked.

Left hand at my cunt and right at my mouse I replied as calmly as I could 'I would be delighted to do it'. I contemplated the situation in silence. I could have disconnected the meeting right there with any number of excuses, but I was sure that I could manage the few slides. After all it was only 15 minutes.

I opened the presentation and started to go through the items we had listed with the focus groups. It was not my first presentation, so I was able go through the topic with necessary professionalism. But it was still no doubt the most difficult presentation which I have ever had. I could feel my pussy moisten against my left hand and Buddy trying to get past the said hand to the source of the smell. It wasn't Buddy's first time to smell something as alluring as female in heat and it had quite good general idea where the intoxicating smell is coming from. He knew if he wanted to have a taste, he had to be relentless. That's how the world works after all.

'Sorry to stop you there Olivia but are you sure about that 4th point in the presentation?' asked one of the team members.

'Our product is not going to have anything to do with that feature, so I do not believe it is relevant for this case.' he continued.

I checked the line and noticed the error right away. It was common copy and paste error. 'My apologies, you are correct. I will have it fixed after the meeting. Thank you.' I replied.

Aaron opened his mic and replied 'We do not need to rush this through. Feel free to edit the presentation while we are going through. Knowing my team, they will probably give even more input during the meeting so we might as well do the corrections right away. If that is fine by you Olivia of course?'

I could not refuse but I really really wanted to. 'Yes, if we have time and you do not mind.' I said.

I would need to use my left hand to fix the error. Trying to type with only my right hand would have been too slow and looked suspicious. I braced myself and lifted the hand between my legs and felt Buddy pushing right to my wet pussy. In matter of moments Buddy was all over my cunt. His tongue was lapping my juices from my labia and every second or third lick he would hit my clitoris. This sent shivers through my body. I am proud how calm I looked in the camera even though I was being assaulted in live meeting. It would ruin my career if any of this came out. So, I simply wiped my soaking left hand before starting to modify the power point presentation. It took few seconds for me to do the changes and push my left hand back between my legs. But I knew I was in trouble. I had started to breath more heavily and my face had started to turn red. It was still manageable, but I need to get this presentation done sooner than later.

I was so close of being done with the presentation. I mean there was only one actual content slide left before the end. And then someone pointed out other correction with my presentation.

'Olivia, why have your focus group tried to login using that URL? I think that was scrapped months ago and currently only gives you access to limited number of features.' a member of the team explained. I noticed that I had copied old link and typed few lines in correctly.

'Thank you... I will have it fixed right away.' I said dread in my mind.

I prepared my resolve and removed my left hand once again. My private parts were once again fully exposed and open for Buddy. His eager tongue tornado quickly shattered all the resolve I had. I wasn't ready for such strong reaction from my lower body. I had not realized how aroused and how in brink of orgasm I was until the rough tongue hit my engorged clitoris. The climax was as powerful as it was instantaneous. Realizing the pending predicament, I tried to hit the big red Leave button but I misclicked and only muted myself. I did not get the second chance to leave as the huge orgasm hit me like a storm. My whole body was convulsing from cumming so hard. My shaking was so bad that I could not focus myself to use my computer mouse. I was moaning like crazy but luckily no one was able to hear me. Since I had my presentation open, my video was also shrank for audience with default settings. I just hoped it was minimized by default for everyone.

'Olivia, it seems that you are muted. Can you still hear us?' Aaron said from the speakerphone.

He continued 'We can see your presentation and your video, but nothing is really happening.'

The climax was mental and physical torture. I knew that I had to get handle on the matter soon. The line had to be disconnected so I could regroup. I forced my teary eyes focus on the screen and by some sort of miracle I was able concentrate enough to be able to leave the meeting. When the screen went blank, I jumped from my desk immediately away from the horny dog. I had to get away so I can handle the situation. Buddy did not follow me immediately which was a surprise. But even bigger surprise was when I saw the chair which I had been sitting was soaked and dripping from my heat. I must've been even wetter than I had realized.

'Fucking bastard!' I yelled at the dog. But he just kept lapping the juices from the chair to even notice my anger. I dried the few tears from my eyes while watching Buddy. The thought of being orgasmed involuntarily by a stupid dog had me shaken me hard. But I did not have time to waste. I had to get back to the meeting like right now. I quickly used hand towel to wipe myself clean and then the fallen chair which Buddy licking enthusiastically. He wasn't happy that I cleaned my pussy juices from the kitchen chair but once I threw now moist hand towel away, he leaped right after it.

I sat down again. This time crossing my legs for protection and started to connect back to the meeting. I still felt so hot that I could not dare open the video feature. I had no idea how much the previous event had affected my looks and I was not willing to figure it out.

'Hello, sorry, can you hear me?' I said somewhat cheerily.

'Yes, welcome back' Aaron said.

'I had some technical difficulties. I am so very sorry. And now it seems that I cannot start the video.' I tried to sound as apologetic and sincere as possible.

'Do not worry. We were almost at the end. Can we finalize the modifications from the last slide?' Aaron asked.

'Yes, of course. And sorry about this all.'

I was relieved. No one seemed to notice what had happened and situation could still be managed. I opened the presentation and did the final modifications with the team.

'Thank you Olivia for the presentation. I hope that you can stay for next 30 minutes while we are spit balling the improvement ideas.' Aaron said.

'I am more than happy to stick around. And if I can help by anyway, just ask.'

'Alright. Now team, please unmute yourself and share the ideas'

One might've thought that the chaos would ensue after dozen or so people open their lines but next several minutes were steady stream of information sharing in orderly fashion.

From that part forward my focus was mostly at Buddy who had lost interest of towel. His eyes made me feel unease and remind me what had transpired just several minutes ago. It was so unreal that dog could do something like that. But it would not happen again. I will make sure of it, I thought by myself. It was like he took that thought as a challenge and he started to move to my direction. I made sure that my legs were firmly crossed and there was no way he could reach my pussy again.

Even though the access to my vagina was blocked, it didn't mean that he would not try. Next few minutes he poked and pushed his snout against my thighs with no success regarding further penetration. I was fearful at the beginning, but I was sure now that I could handle it. I just need to figure out what to do with the dog and what to say Kerri when she gets back. She owes me big time for this. Maybe even intimate-dinner-big level of favor. Maybe even something more exciting... the idea made me giggle in silence.

I resumed focusing on the meeting and even contributed for few points. I did not pay attention to Buddy anymore as he had lost the interest. But suddenly, I felt Buddy pushing harder than at any time before. I felt the chair moving backwards until it hit the side of carpet and start collapsing backwards. And before I could do anything, I also fell backwards hard. If I had prepared for the fall, I would have been able to make back roll with ease. But since I was surprised, that kind of athletism was way above me. I ended up in "half-roll" or "plow pose" if you know yoga. My legs extended over my head while my body was somewhat two folded.

Small disbelieved laughter escaped my lips when I understood what happened. I had clear view of my glistening pussy above myself. It was still moist from the orgasm I endured few minutes ago. It looked hot and I was quite proud of my beautiful pussy. People always think that lesbians does not take care of their body hair, but I have no idea why they think so. I have trimmed my vagina to look as enticing as possible. After all, I love when other girls go down on me. And having groomed nether region makes people want to return. It was funny thing to think about right now...

In daze, I felt like that I was middle of something. I started building up momentum to get away from the uncomfortable position I found myself in. But right when I was going to kick myself back up again, I felt pair of hairy forelegs at both side of my hips when the great dog fell on top of me. I shrieked in surprise. He had jumped from behind my head and his body was now blocking me of getting back up. His strong forelegs locked my own legs under him. I tried to push him with my legs, but he was like unmovable stone wall. And if you have ever tried plow pose, you know how helpless I was. You are pretty much like a turtle on its' shell if you cannot get your legs on ground.

Then it hit me. The beautiful pussy which I had just admired was now in front of Buddy. Buddy, who had just orally assaulted me to an orgasm just several minutes ago. In panic, I tried to cover myself once again with my hands but less than optimal paw placement kept my hands from reaching my vulnerable pussy. Only thing which I was able to do was to support my strained back with my hands. I shouted in frustration and fear.

The commotion was heard by project team, but it was dismissed since everyone knows that there is sometimes noise in the remote meetings. Little did they know that I was about to be orally raped by the dog for the 2nd time today.

I had front row seat for the show. I saw Buddy's giant tongue lolling at the top of my most intimate area. A drop of his saliva from his tongue hit my labia and it made me shiver. Buddy did not admire the view for long and started lapping my sensitive pussy lips. I shrieked quite loudly until I remembered that the line was still open. Hopefully the sounds from my lips were not heard anyone. I already had hard time to cope with humiliation but knowing that someone knew about this would have been end of me.

Next few minutes I had to experience sensations that I had never before felt. Sure, as a lesbian I've had my pussy licked quite a few times but never like this. His surprisingly nimble tongue touched all the right places and it made me squirm under Buddy. I could not admit to myself how good it made me feel but inadvertently I pushed my cunt against the rough tongue of Buddy. Buddy had started by directly lapping my pussy and after few minutes I was extremely wet. I could see how my pussy juices and dog saliva were trickling down on my top wear. It would not take long until my shirt was going to be soaked by our combined juices.

The climax was not sudden this time. I felt it building up long before it was rocking my body. Since I was able to expect it, I was able to fight it. Buddy had changed his strategy during the ordeal. He no longer lapped wildly and directly my pussy but instead he made long and wide licks from the top of my clit to the untouched butthole of mine. Having all those places licked at the same time was driving me nuts. My face had turned bright red from the excitement and having my legs behind my head for few minutes. I was doing my best to keep quiet but anyone who would have been close by would have understood the meaning of muffled moans that was coming from my closed mouth. I prayed the god that those moans did not reach the speakerphone.

No matter how much I fought against the orgasm, it was going to come. I found my body shaking against the floor. I tried to calm my body by breathing and squeezing my back with my hands, but nothing helped. The strong feeling emanating from my teased clitoris and labia were overwhelming. Only thing what my pointless struggle had done was the build-up of my sexual frustration. And it was about to be released hard. To muffle my moans further I had to bite down the soaked shirt. The taste of my heat filled my senses right before I exploded.

I cummed harder than ever before. It was like there was no end of it. Buddy was relentless even when I was convulsing and trashing under his body. He kept his focus and it kept pushing me further and further down the abyss. First time ever I also experienced the female ejaculation. The pent-up orgasm had broken all the valves and I was now squirting all over Buddy and myself. Buddy of course tried to full advantage of this event but some of the liquid landed on my face to only enhance the feeling of my humiliation.

I was breathing heavily when the orgasm finally subsided. The taste and smell of my own pussy was filling my senses, but I was now able to think clearly again. I felt every strong lick on my pussy, but it was no longer sending me towards next orgasm. Due the all convulsions, the licks even hurt a little.

Hearing my name from speakerphone made focus once again. 'Olivia, sorry about all the noise from line. It seems that we might have too many people actively contributing. Did you have any questions or comments regarding what we have discussed?'

I took a deep breath and calmed myself. With much effort I was able to reply loudly and coherently 'No, not at this point. I made notes so I can fix presentation if we deem it necessary'. It took all my focus to nail the words while I was still being tortured by Buddy.

'Fantastic. And are you fine to continue just slightly overtime? I checked our calendars and there is nothing blocking us to continue at there.'

I swore in my head. This has sucked beyond everything already. But I wanted to leave the good impression, so I tried to reply 'Yes, of cour...'

Something sticky landed on my face and into my mouth. And it was not my next eruption from my pussy. Even though I had been blocked by the giant mastiff for quite some time, I had not paid attention to its' loins. I had been too preoccupied by torturing lapping I had been receiving to notice the gigantic cock which the animal was sporting. Small jets of pre-cum was being shot from Buddy's penis all over my shirt, face and mouth. Not only had I exploded on my face by myself but now the stupid dog was doing the same thing. I coughed when I tasted the salty and warm liquid.

'Ok then. Let's resume the conversation. And please Olivia, let us know if you have something to ask.' said Aaron.

'I will.' I replied while trying to prevent any further jets of cum hitting my face by adjusting my legs to block the angle.

You cannot comprehend how bad I felt. It was difficult for my back and for my legs to remain in this terrible position for as long as I have. I am covered with number of disgusting liquids. And I have been now involuntarily brought to climax at least twice by a disgusting animal. I've never felt this dirty before and it was bringing my mood way down. I was able to suppress the sobs, but I could not prevent myself from tearing up. All the while Buddy kept exploring my most private and sensitive parts, trying to figure out a way to erupt my vulva again. Slowly but surely it was going to happen again.

But then I was given lucky break. Buddy wasn't sentient being, even thought it was clearly a smart animal. He did not understand how lucky it was for him to be positioned like this at the first place. The human female exposing herself like I had didn't just happen every day. Buddy, simply wanting to readjust himself to being able to reach deeper in my pussy or maybe in my ass, got up and tried to turn around. I felt my legs and hands being freed. Even though my body had gone through hell, I still had enough energy to simply fall. I was in fetal position in instant, making sure that Buddy could not force himself on my body anymore.

I exhaled. Finally, it's over. No more. I felt exhausted. Small part of me thought that I was never going to be freed. I knew it was stupid, but your mind plays tricks on you. Especially when something is forcing you painfully and blissfully to climax. I hear Buddy whining in frustration above me. He knew that his prize had escaped him. I did not care; I just needed a moment catch my breath before my next move. This time I would not leave anything for a chance. I would mute the speakerphone and get proper pants on me. Then I would lock this beast to bathroom until Kerri was going to return later at the evening.

It took me few moments to gather myself. I felt the moistness between my inner thighs. I don't believe I've ever been this wet before. I touched my cunt only to find it extremely sensitive. Pleasure and displeasure emanated from my clitoris so I quickly removed my hand from my pussy lips. 'No more.' I told to myself again.

The conversation in speakerphone was focusing now on totally different matters and I had gathered enough strength to get up. So, I decided that this would be perfect time to end this. My legs shook when I cautiously got up from the carpet. I could feel my heat trickling down my legs when I am forcing my body upwards. When finally standing, I decided to take small steps to be able to protect myself from further assault attempts and to keep the balance. I looked at direction of my rapist and I saw no kindness in his eyes, nor did I see any maliciousness. He was a dog after all. I could not forgive him, but I knew it was not his fault.

I saw him coming closer. It was stupid of me to take eye contact with him. But in half panic, I did not want to take my eyes away from him. I did not want any surprises anymore. I began to move to direction of my computer to mute the speakerphone. I could at least breath easily knowing that no one would be listening me anymore.

Do you remember that chair which had fallen previously? I sure as hell did not. I did not look where I was going. My legs were already weak from the past experienced and my attention was focused at approaching Buddy. I tripped and I had no way to keep my balance. I could only do my best to soften my landing.

'Oh, for fuck sake' I said to myself after I had hit the carpet. I mean what is wrong with this day. Everything goes to shit all the time. Fuck it, I thought and started to prepare myself to get up again. I kicked the chair further in anger, not caring about the noise it might make. Then I turned around and took support with my hands and knees. Slowly I started to get up. Too slowly...

I felt familiar forelegs on my back and sudden increased weight pushing my raised hands back to the carpet. On my hands and knees, I understood very quickly that Buddy was once again doing his mischief. Briefly, I was relieved that I did not feel his snout again between my legs. But that brief moment of relaxation did not last for long since I felt something else between my legs. Something which I had never felt before my life, it was a hard cock which had been waiting to see action for some time now.

Buddy was humping me hard to find the soaking hot pussy of mine. I felt his loins hitting me like jackhammer. The monster cock was thrusting off-mark from my vaginal opening but that did not mean that it did not send exciting signals to my brain when it wildly brushed over my labia and clitoris. After initial shock passed, I tried to get away from the dangerous situation. But the weight of Buddy kept me firmly under him. When I tried to shake him off, he just applied more force on me until I gave up my struggle. I just have to wait for the moment until he gives up even for a short moment. He gave up when I was on my back before, he would do it again when he realizes that humans and dogs are not really compatible with each other.

Buddy kept thrusting away even without a chance of penetration. The frantic motion of his cock felt disgusting and thrilling at the same time. My previous arousal was building up again in this bizarre situation. But this time it was not nimble tongue lapping me up but a persistent huge cock which was rubbing my vulnerable pussy. And even though I was quite soaked already, Buddy's cock kept trying to further lubricate me with the pre-cum which his doggy cock kept jetting off. The amount of pre-cum amazed me. With every thrust, the cum was being shot all over my loins, shirt and floor. The intoxicating smell of beastly sex confused me.

Even though I was disgusted by the event, I did feel mildly curious about the dick of the dog. I decided to take a look under my body, to see how big it really was. Not only that but my body had tensed up from the second of the mounting and it was starting to wear me down. Heavy dog on my back did not make the situation any easier. So, this felt like good time to try find more comfortable position and satisfy my curiosity. I bowed my head down to see between my arms. It took me a moment but I was able to see the pole of the animal. The cock looked bigger than it was before, clearly it had to be only semi ready last time I had seen it. Now it was at least 20cm long, probably longer. But the scary part was the girth of it. I am sure that nothing that big could penetrate my virginal cunt. I could not see properly but the tip of the cock looked pointy and reddish. Maybe if I go lower, I could see better.

I lowered my upper body so I could rest and see from the better angle. This surprised Buddy and he almost lost his balance. I thought he might actually dismount due the situation and I started to ready myself to jump up to get away. However, he was able to poise and readjust himself to the situation. I felt his paws landing further on my back. And I had perfect visual angle to see how his cock slid off from top of my pussy, withdrew few centimeters and then it was thrust right through to my vaginal opening.

My lubricated pussy offered no resistance against the brutal invader. Neither did my thin hymen. My virginity was taken in one hard push by an animal. The penetration took my breath away and I was silently screaming in disbelief. Not only was experience physically painful, it was also shocking in mental level. Never before have I let a male touch me before, and now I can feel huge cock forcing itself deeper and deeper inside my tight and sensitive pussy. The first thrust was pushed all the way to my cervix and in fraction of second I was turned from the virgin to a sorry bitch full of doggy cock.

It took the beast inside of me a heartbeat to realize that he had finally found the tight hole he was looking for. It felt like he was savoring the moment when he had finally reached the end of my strained tunnel. I stared without blinking the massive outline of a cock which been shoved inside of me. No matter how full I felt myself, there was still solid 5-7 centimeters of dick being left outside. Realization of the event took a moment from me as well but then the moment passed, and Buddy started furiously pumping his member in and out of me. And I could only brace myself and watch while I was being made a complete bitch for a dog at the floor of my home. And all this happening from earshot away of my colleagues.

Thrust by thrust my hole was being shaped to better accommodate Buddy's huge cock. It felt like I was being split in two by Buddy. But surprisingly soon the initial shock and pain was being replaced by shame and arousal. It was a unique sensation. While I was tearing and sobbing, my body had started to accept being fucked and my loins were sending pleasurable signals to my confused brain. I did not know how to react my situation. My body had betrayed me a few times already today, but this was starting to be insurmountable. I am a lesbian who is being raped by a dog and my body is accepting that without any consent from me. It was humiliating.

Although I was lucky that I had not screamed my lungs out from the penetration, I now had to work hard to not moan from pleasure or cry from shame. The speakerphone was very near of Buddy and I, so it would very bad if I opened my mouth even for a brief moment. It was already a miracle that Buddy's loud panting was not being heard by the project team. I had already dodged the bullet when I was licked to orgasm, but this time the risks were multiplied by ten. There was no way that I could mute myself if I started to scream while being fucked by Buddy. If my moans escaped this room, I would not be able to live with the shame.

My abused body had started to relax while being fucked hard by the animal. The savage thrusting no longer hurt like when my virginity was taken. In fact, I had started unintentionally clamping down my vaginal muscles to further enhance the feeling. Obviously, this was felt by Buddy who returned the ball by ramping up the speed of his loins. Subconsciously I was accepting the pleasure and becoming degraded bitch, and consciously I was doing my best to ignore the building pleasure and muffle my moans to my hands and carpet.

I figured out my body's unacceptable behavior when I found myself trying to push my loins against the cock which was raping me. I was shocked from the revelation and little bit disgusted as well. I did not contemplate this any further since I was interrupted by next twist. Either by mine change of pace due the shock or by Buddy's readjustment, his pointy cock had found my cervical opening and was in process penetrating further inside of me. Combination of my own lubrication and Buddy's pre-cum was too much for my tired body and thus Buddy had found a way to bury rest of his staff inside of me.

The further penetration sent new wave of pain and pleasure through my body. I was no longer sure what hurt and what made me enjoy. It was all blurry. The whole cock was now embedded deep inside of me, all the way from my vulva to my womb. The hot jets of pre-cum felt more fantastic than ever which wasn't something that I wanted to admit. Buddy did not slow down even after being able to invade deeper into me. And since he was now able to get his full length inside of me, I was able to feel his ball sack hitting my clitoris with every violent thrust. I found myself moaning harder with the each slap on to my clit.

At the end, I do not know what was the straw that broke the camel's back. Was it the feeling of losing control? Was it being dominated and degraded by an animal? Was it the hot shots of pre-cum that was being shot inside of me? Was it simply being fucked like never before? I do not know. But I do know that I was brought to most earth-shattering orgasm which I have ever felt before. I could not prevent from screaming so I pushed my face to the carpet to suppress my voice. I had no control over myself while violent convulsions rocked my body. Muscles in my pussy kept massaging the full length of Buddy's giant cock by squeezing and releasing the grip. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep my noise down while my body was shaking and Buddy fucking me harder and harder.

In middle of my orgasmic bliss, I felt pressure at the entrance of my pussy. Carefully not to make noise, I opened my teary eyes and watched in horror the fist sized ball at the base of cock. I did not know where it came from and what was the purpose of that ball. But the fact was that it was now expanding my poor abused pussy to the breaking point. Just a 10 minutes ago, two fingers were the most which had ever violated my purity. Now my pussy was preparing to accommodate a freaking baseball. It was clear that Buddy was going force it inside, but it was also clear that it would hurt. I knew that I had to help him and not to fight back. I started to fuck back while doing my best to relax. I felt pain but it was still tolerable. Little by little, ball was being pushed further and my pussy kept expanding. When I thought that I could not take any longer, the ball was popped inside of me. New wave of shame washed over me when I realized that I had been actively and willingly helping Buddy further degrade me.

I saw and most definitely felt the ball swelling further inside me. The outline of the huge ball was visible behind my neatly trimmed pubic hair. Buddy kept fucking me hard but with shorter thrusts. The ball was now stuck inside of me, preventing Buddy exiting my pussy or from me escaping. The ball kept rubbing my pussy walls inside of me and it felt stimulating. I had never tried to find my G-spot, but the giant ball had no problems locating it. Since I no longer felt like being split in half by the ball and it was now actually enhancing the pleasure by tenfold, I climaxed without any warning.

The combination of previous orgasms and newfound G-spot orgasm made me completely forget where I was. When I cummed, I cummed loudly. It did not even come to my mind to muffle myself so that meant that my colleagues were able to hear everything online. I did not care, I was cumming so hard that there was not a single clear thought in my head. My tight pussy was also too much for Buddy and while I was cumming, he started to unload his semen inside of my womb. The unspeakable amount of hot cum filled me completely and I felt like bursting. This just further enhanced my climax and it drove me further heights. My whole body kept trembling helplessly while I was struggling to stay conscious.

I hardly heard the dirty laughter and applauds online. When I was cumming like crazy, the project team was having a field day on this event. No one has ever been this humiliated, like ever. Fucked like a bitch by a fucking dog. I would need to change my name when I recovered from the experience. Alright, they might not know that it was a dog who had forced me to cum like dirty whore, but audio was damaging enough.

'Hehe, alright all. You had your fun guys. Stop it now.' Aaron said online.

He continued, 'It was funny the first time you did this at our weekly, but we have guests today'

I kept moaning during the whole time. I tried to stop but the constant pressure at my G-spot and feeling of being filled with cum was just too much for me. I could not focus enough.

'Oh, for fuck sake people. I muted everyone. Olivia, I am really sorry about this. It seems that some of us has too much free time.' Aaron said as embarrassed.

'Olivia? Olivia can you hear me?' Aaron asked when I did not reply.

'Maybe she had to step away for a moment. Well, good for us that she did not need to witness previous show. Next time it happens, I will make sure that his or her contract is nullified immediately.' Aaron concluded.

When I was finally coming back from the groundbreaking orgasm, I was breathing hard. I could hear the conversation happening in the meeting now better, but I had difficulties to focus on that. I tried to open my eyes but I had to first wipe the sweat and tears so I could see anything. I also noticed that I had drooled during my climax, the carpet under me was wet from the spit. From the mess under my body, I was able to figure out that I had also squirted again. I checked further and amazed how big my tummy was. It took me a second to realize that enlarged stomach was probably cause of obnoxious amount of semen inside of me. Buddy was still stuck inside of me. It made me wonder how long we would be tied together like this.

'Alright. Thank you for the meeting. Thank you, Olivia as well if you can hear us. We will check all the data that you have provided us and if needed, I will arrange another meeting for us. Hopefully a meeting with less interruptions...' Aaron said.

I hear people saying thanks and logging off. I could not reply or logout just yet, I was in mercy of Buddy who had his cock still embedded deep inside of my abused pussy. I had to wait until he was ready to dismount.

About 5 minutes later I felt him trying to pull out. Due to adrenaline wearing off, increased pressure felt painful. He was close of getting out, but the ball must've still been too big. But I did not get bored since only few seconds later I heard someone opening their microphone.

I heard a woman talking with mischievous voice 'I know what took place during the meeting. I was curious who had no common sense to mute themselves, so I checked the recording. And then the video. I do not know what to do with this information. But I will be in touch, Olivia. Thank you, you just made my day.'

I thought by myself, "Yay... going to be blackmailed by a bitch. Not ideal but could be worse I gue...". My thoughts were interrupted by Buddy who has had enough for copulation for this day. I felt like being ripped apart when Buddy kept pulling his cock outside of my cunt. I was once again being stretched to my absolute limit when I felt the huge cock being pulled out from me. I heard loud pop when my pussy lost its grip of the invader. Copious amount of cum was released from inside of me and it started to pour down my legs. The smell was intoxicating. I felt familiar tongue starting to lap the disgusting cum from my pussy. Sudden stimulus triggered me one more of time and I climaxed while soiling the carpet with Buddy's semen, my own heat and very little blood from my torn hymen.

When Buddy left my pussy alone, I was mentally and physically done. I struggled to get myself to shower to clean up. The deposited cum kept streaming down lower end of my body while I walked towards bathroom. It took me over 30 minutes to clean myself since everything ached. Also, it took me a while to empty my pussy from most of the semen which Buddy had pushed inside of me. I was sure that I couldn’t get everything out in such a short time.

I put the bathrobe on and tried to exit the bathroom. Buddy was already waiting me outside. He did not exhibit any signs of remorse and was happily wagging his tail when he saw me. I helped him to bathroom where he happily came, I then slipped outside and closed him in. It was only rational thing I could think of. I also blocked the door incase Buddy would be smart enough to open it.

The meeting was still active at my laptop. I was the sole person inside, no surprise there. I shut down the whole computer and went to bed. I was so tired. In fact, I slept the whole day and was only woken up by the doorbell at the evening. "It must be Kerri" I thought. I did not know what to say. I did not know even what I could say. Everything felt overwhelming.

I opened the door and saw Kerri.

'Hello Olivia. Thank you so much for helping me and Budd... What is wrong?'

I replied, 'Yeah. Not sure where to start from. We need to talk about Buddy.' I signaled her to come inside.

She took few steps in and asked, 'Is everything alright with Buddy?'. Suddenly she stopped and was clearly trying to smell my apartment. My apartment must stink.

Very quietly she started to repeately say 'No no no no no please no... say that he did not...'

I do not know how she pieced everything together, but I was going to find out. 'Yes. Yes, he did...'


2021-09-19 05:28:32
This is literally the most hilarious story I have read on sexstories.com. leaving the articles out gave her an accent which just added to the fun. It was great!


2021-09-10 21:42:10
Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for the constructive criticism. I did expect some feedback directed to my stories at some point. But I must admit that I did not expect criticism regarding the grammar. Do not get me wrong, I know it is not up to standard. I am not only impatient to publish but I am also very lazy to go through the details. AND most truthfully, I did not expect anyone to care. Sorry about that, I see now that I was wrong there.

I promise to try to do better. However, due the subject matter being somewhat personal and sensitive, I do not find it likely that I would be asking assistance. But I will try my best to make my stories as readable and enjoyable as possible. I owe that much for the community.


2021-08-30 16:57:56
You write a good story, however errors in your grammar are unfortunately very distracting. In particular you leave out the indefinite article “a” almost any where it should be used. Please take this comment as constructive, your writing could be so much better and more enjoyable if you had an experienced editor check your work before you publish it. Hope you can take this comment on board and get some help. Thanks for your stories, I will try reading another one now. Best wishes

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