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When Kev meets Carrie she doesn't know that he was a musician. That adds some complications with her father.
"Thank you!. We're The Wanderers. See ya again soon." And with the usual closing goodbye from Ben I gave a last wave with my Fender and exited to my left. We'd had a good show. It was a good crowd at our favorite local club. Now the encores were done and sweaty and happy we filed into the small dressing room to enjoy a beer and other benefits of being in a rock band. The club's main bouncer, Roscoe, waited outside the dressing room. Ben paused to say,

"The blonde with the big tits in the Zep tee." Our drummer and bass player, brothers Sal and Rik Venturi also left requests. I waved him off,

"Not tonight. Gotta work the day job tomorrow." Roscoe smiled and asked,

"Not even a quick bj, Kev?"

"Nope, gotta run." The Clown Show was an oddly named bar and club that often had us signed on for weekend gigs. Two 45 minute sets after an opening group, usually on the popular Saturday night. This one was a more rare Wednesday night as a favor to the owner. He had a band cancel and needed us on short notice. Wanting to stay in his good graces we agreed. This was less of an issue for the other guys, I was the only one with a day job.

It was 1979 and a perfect time for young bands who could play the rock and pop hits of the day. We worked every weekend and some weeknights. Other nights we practiced. Ben Schrader, our lead singer handled all but the heavier rock songs. He was content to live on the less than lavish wages of a small time band. He had a pretty good voice and should have made more of himself. Rik and Sal were a solid base for any band. They'd go on to do a bit of session work and stayed in the business for some years. I was happy enough playing in the band. I was pretty damn good, so I was told, on the guitar, but I really wanted to have more control, do some more of the singing and try some singer/songwriter type material. I'd recently asked Hank, who ran the Clown about performing as the opener, just as a solo. It was still an open question. I washed up and changed in the bathroom, then came out to find a blonde, she did have big tits, with Ben's cock well into her mouth. Rik was making out with another skinnier blonde, while Sal had a mouthful of a more questionable looking redhead's tits. They waved me off as I grabbed my gear and headed for the door. Let's make no mistake here, I had my share of dressing room blowjobs and more. It was amazing how easy it was if you could rip off a few good solos and make eye contact while singing a favorite tune. Getting rich was not the main reason to play in a local band. Still, to go out on my own I was going to need more cash, so I got up weekdays and headed into Manhattan to work in an accounting office of all things. The guys in the band never did understand.

With Thursday night off, I decided not to hang out in my small apartment. I went out for a burger then stopped at a favorite ice cream shop. Sitting down with a sundae, I noticed a couple if young ladies looking my way. At 20 years old, I guess I was a decent looking guy. 5-10, long brown hair, on the thin side. I smiled and waved them over. I was used to being recognized in our area. I was a little surprised when they declined. A small blow to the old ego. As I finished my ice cream I looked over their way again and caught the eye of one of them. She smiled then went back to her conversation. It was the smile that did it, so I decided to take a chance. On my way out I stopped to say hello. They were nice enough about it, but there definitely was no recognition. I liked that in a way. A chance to just be Kevin.

"Can I sit and say hello?" They looked at each other and without saying anything made a mutual decision,

"OK." The girl with the smile offered. I sat and waited a moment, then figured I better say something,

"I'm Kevin. I live up on Central." Smile girl's friend answered,

"I'm Rachel and this is Carrie. She thinks you're cute."

"Rachel!" Well this was going better than expected.

"Fair enough. I think Carrie is cute too." Now she gave me another smile. Her smile was framed by wavy light brown hair, hazel/green eyes, a cute little nose and a dimple on each cheek. Rachel made a serious face,

"Well I guess I know when I'm not needed." She slid out of the booth and stood to go. I thought it would be polite,

"You don't have to go. I didn't mean to chase you off." More unspoken words. Maybe whole sentences,

"No that's ok. You guys talk. I'm going to take off." We both said good-bye then Carrie and I got back to getting to know each other.

"So, Kevin, what do you do?" Hmm, do I take the easy route, or go for the challenge?

"I work in an accounting office, in New York." Well, that WAS my regular job.

"Oh, that's interesting." Probably not, but I was a guy with a job.

"And you?"

"Finishing high school." Oh crap, I better figure out how old she is. She may have noticed my hesitation.

"I'm almost 18." Almost. But she was cute and she seemed to like me as Kevin the accounting guy. We talked about a lot of things, then I offered to walk her home. "OK, but, um, my Dad is very strict, so be ready for it."


"He's old school Navy. He doesn't like guys with long hair. Or guys who walk his daughter home. Or guys who give his daughter a good night kiss, or much of anything else." This would be a challenge all right. So I walked Carrie, Carrie Ann actually, home. I walked her to her front door. Then waited. The door was opened by your Hollywood stock Navy officer figure.

"And who are you?"

"I'm Kevin Frazier."

"Sir. I am Mr. Clarkson, or Sir. For now you can call me Sir."

"Yes Sir."

"Now, Kevin Frazier. Why are you walking my daughter home?"

"Well Sir, we met at the ice cream shop and talked for awhile. Her friend had left, so I offered to walk Carrie Ann home." He looked me over. I wondered if he was deciding if a buzz cut might make me presentable. Or if he should just chuck me into the street. Carrie cut in. She was braver than me,

"Daddy, Kevin was very nice and I was happy to have company."

"Hmfph. Ok, Carrie, you get yourself inside." This left me facing her father alone. "Am I to think you might be back to call on my daughter another time?"

I, uh, well We hadn't discussed, but if it's ok with Carrie, I'd like to." He stared at me. And a bit longer. "Sir."

"We'll see. Thank you for bringing my daughter home safely." I realized the conversation was over.

"Good night Sir." The door closed. My instincts told me to run away from this situation. But I hadn't dated someome for me being me since I started playing in bands in high school. So I called Carrie and we met a few more times. I was invited to her house to meet her parents. Her mother definitely softened the mood. She also seemed to have a bit of sway with her husband. She assured me that he wasn't as tough as he liked to project.

My weeks were now jam packed. With work, practice, gigs and Carrie I was going seven days a week. After a month or so while strolling on a path through the county park she paused. Then she kissed me. Then she asked,

"You said you have an apartment?"

"Yep, up on Central. It's not much."

"Could we go there? For privacy?"

"Are you sure?" She looked down.

"Daddy would freak out, but, I've already done it. And Mom let me get on birth control." That was about all the convincing I needed. Someone wanted me for me. We rode back to my place and pulled each other's clothes off between kissing and touching. It was frantic and fun and a frenzy of entangled limbs and thrusting body parts. Carrie was an energetic kisser and an even more energetic lover. She climbed me like the highest summit and mounted me with ease. She never stopped kissing as I tried to find a handhold while she rocked herself on me like an amusement park ride. I finally got a grip on her nice midsized breasts, with effort bringing one quickly swaying nipple to my mouth. My other hand followed the shape of her butt cheek as it moved to and fro. Between kisses she encouraged me, using my name over and over, "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin...oooh, Kevin. She bit on my ear, sucked at my bottom lip, rocking, rocking, rocking. He pussy's relentless motion on my cock had me ready to burst. I closed my eyes, tried to think of song lyrics, felt her getting more excited, waited as she called my name louder, KEVIN!, then when she clutched herself to me, sat forcing me into her, I let my tension release, cumming in what felt like a flood as she pressed herself to me repeating, "mmm, mmm, mmm." When we'd both been sated. She sat straddling me, "Oh I DO like sex Kevin. And I liked it with you." I was exhausted, I looked at her naked for the first time with me,

"Are you always so..energetic?"

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"NO, wow, that was crazy fun."

"OOh, good. I want to do it more. You feel big inside me. I like it."

"Um, thanks." I'm not really that big, but if she's happy, I'm happy. She sat back, holding my spent cock, turning it this way and that.

"I haven't seen many. If my Dad knew..."

"Oh jeez. He's not going to shoot me or something? You're..."

"Almost 18."

"That too. But in general."

"I won't tell, if you don't. Oh cool it's getting hard again." Then she leaned over me and sucked my cock into her mouth. Now I was fully hard. She rolled over onto her back, "Take me Kevin. Do it again." I looked down at her sexy body, her cute smile, her wavy hair now splayed around her head. I found my place between her outstretched legs and showed her what slow and easy lovemaking could be. She pushed herself up to meet me, urged me to fill her, held on tight with her fingers and nails, then wrapped her legs around my back until we were both satisfied again. "Kevin, this has been a great day."

It had been and memories of that night soon had me working on a new lyric. When I had it mostly finished I introduced it to the band at our next practice. As usual Ben wasn't so crazy about my originals. Mainly because I usually wanted to sing my own songs. He liked being the center of attention. When I took the lead he was relegated to acoustic strumming, tamborine or keys. None of which he practiced all that much. He correctly surmised that I had a new girl. He also guessed that I trying to get laid.

"She doesn't even know I'm in a band."

"And she still wants to fuck you?" Rik, not being helpful,

"No, that's why he's writing a song. Let me look at the lyrics." He grabbed a sheet, "Yep, her name is Carrie Ann and he wants to...hey there's a gap here before, all night long." I grabbed it back,

"No, that's where Sal gives me a three beat fill. No need for the word."


"Not if he hints at it in the earlier line where I want to, dance with her, all night long."

"Hmm, might work."

"If you'd met her father you would NOT put 'fuck' in the middle of that line." So we practiced. It began to take shape. We might try it at a show.

Tuesday night Carrie asked if I wanted to hang out at her friend's house. Of course I went along. This wasn't the friend at the ice cream shop. Stacey's family had a nice house with a piano prominently placed in the living room.

"Stacey plays piano, sometimes we sing together. Want to hear us?"

"Sure. Do you play too?"

"A little. After Stacey has lessons she shows me what she learned and I give it a try." They sat down at the piano and did a bit of a duet on a classic tune. They weren't bad but Carrie Ann was just off. Straining a bit. "What did you think?"

"Good, but..." I couldn't leave well enough alone. But music is music.

"But what?"

"I don't think that's the right key for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Wait a sec. I have a guitar in my trunk." I keep an old acoustic in my car, never wanting to be too far from an instrument if inspiration strikes. When I came back I strummed a few times to find what I wanted. "Ok, now sing along with the guitar. Same song. She did and her voice sounded good. Even Stacey agreed.

"Hey, you sounded really good."

"You think so?" I nodded.

"Now you were in your key. You didn't have to strain for your notes." I looked over at Stacey who was now looking at me with one eye cocked. She stood up,

"Hold on a second." She left the room, then returned thumbing through one of those weekly papers they give away around town. Oh well, looks like the game was up. She stopped on a page, looked at me, then back at the paper. "I THOUGHT so!" She laughed. "He plays guitar some."

Now Carrie was confused. "What's going on?" Stacey looked at her.

"You don't know who he is?"

"Kevin. Frazier. Why?" Stacey thrust the paper at her.

"Not Kevin. Kev. He's Kev Frazier. The Wanderers. They play all the clubs around here. This guy fucking rocks a guitar. You fucked a rock guitarist." Hmm, she knew that too.

"Who's? I've heard of the Wanderers, but you know my Dad won't let me out to bars and I can't get in anyway."

"I can and I saw them a couple weeks ago. And he was hot up there." Carrie looked at me.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I liked that you like me as me, not because I play guitar." Stacey took in the exchange.

"That's actually kinda sweet. But now can you play us something?"

"What do you know on piano, I'll play along and we can all sing."

"Really? I can play along with Kev Frazier?"

"I'm not exactly well know outside this county." Carrie still seemed in a bit of a daze. Then she looked at me,

"So you get a lot of girls?"

"No one since I met you."


"Yes, my drummer has started calling me, the monk." She leapt on my lap and kissed me hard on the mouth.

"Hey, hey, no funny stuff on the furniture." Remenbering where she was Carrie moved over by the piano. We did a few favorites, then Carrie asked when we'd be playing in town and if she could watch us.


"But I'm..." Stacey and I both said,

"Almost 18." Then I added,

"Why don't you both come. I'll let Roscoe know. He'll let you in." That elicited squeals of happiness. Then when we left Stacey's Carrie asked if we could detour to my place. It would mean getting her home a little late, but thoughts of a happy naked Carrie overrode everything. As expected she was happily enthusiastic. She started by ripping my pants down and sucking my cock well into her mouth. Looking up at me, twinkling eyes and a smile full of cock, she licked the length of me, then promised,

"I'm gonna suck you and fuck you better than any groupie." Now that's a tall task because some of those girls, well let's say they do have more experience. But I appreciated the effort. First she sucked my cock then swallowed everything I had. Then she continued sucking and licking me until I was hard enough for her to ride and ride and ride. I held onto her ass and watched her tits swing, her mouth open, her eyes closed, her body using every muscle to use me for her needs and mine. When we collapsed, tired and used up, she lay her head on my chest. "Hmm, so I'm fucking a rock star. Although I know an accountant who fucks good too." We must have drifted off. I awoke with a start. We cleaned up quickly and I drove her home praying for the best. To my dying day I'll never feel more relieved than when that door opened and Mrs. Clarkson was waiting there.

"You two are very lucky my husband was called away. And don't think I don't know what you've been doing." Carrie looked with horror at her mother,

"Moooom!" Carrie ran off to her room. Mrs. Clarkson looked at me,

"Don't worry. I was young once. But a word of warning, Mr. Clarkson would NOT be as understanding."

"We're ok?"

"Be mindful of the time, next time."

"Yes ma'am." I got out of there counting my blessings.

Still, being 20 I never did concern myself with the potential hazards to myself of dating Carrie Ann Clarkson. We continued going to my apartment and I continued to be rewared with the joys of making love to such a cute young woman. Carrie Ann appreciated my willingness to rebel against her father's wishes and I benefited from her appreciation. Our next bit of risky business was to get Carrie into one of our nights as the Clown Show house band. To get the full effect Stacey and I thought a Saturday night would be best. Stacey and Carrie planned for her to stay overnight at Stacey's house. They met there and changed into more appropriate club wear, or at least what Stacey told Carrie would be more appropriate. When I got to the mostly empty bar I found Roscoe and asked for a huge favor. There was some, at the time slight, risk to the bar for knowingly letting in minors. I told him the names and asked if he'd let them in and make sure they got right up front on my side.

"You know this could cost me my job. This must be some very special ladies."

"Yes, Roscoe. I know it's a huge favor. How about, after the show, you join us as part of the band?" I didn't have money to offer, but some hot young ass might be worth the risk.

"You're ok Kev. Lots of you musicians are assholes. But you're ok."

"And you my man, are the best."

I got the band together backstage and asked for their best effort. Of course I got shit for suggesting that they didn't always give their best effort (they didn't). Then I asked if we could play All Night. I originally called it Carrie Ann, but thought it might be too direct. I looked particularly at Sal. He nodded. He'd hit those beats on time. Sal was always on time.

We hit the stage right at 9. There was a solid looking crowd. Those up front, beers in hand ready for some rock and roll. Towards the back were those who wanted some background music while they made their moves on members of the opposite sex. It wasn't so jammed that the kids couldn't dance, but Hank would be satisfied that we still drew a nice Saturday night crowd. I looked down stage left and there were Carrie and Stacey. Carrie appeared to have more make-up than usual, tight jeans, white shirt. Roscoe had done his thing. Ben did the usual intro, asking who wanted to party and we launched into a rocking number that always got the crowd moving. When we hit the guitar solo I made sure to play it for Carrie. She seemed genuinely surprised and pleased that her accountant boyfriend was playing it like she heard on the radio. We went through our usual run of hits, moving from harder rocking tunes, to slower ballads that allowed some close dancing for those so inclined. It was going well until I noticed a slight commotion in front of me. A guy had worked his way between Carrie and Stacey. They were annoyed, which turned to truly pissed when he put a hand on each of their asses. Trying to be a pro I kept on with the song, but I managed to catch Roscoe's eye. A slight nod to the area in front of me and in moments the guy disappeared backwards into the crowd. My man Roscoe.

After a particularly sweaty active part of the set Ben advised the crowd,

"We're going to pull it back here a bit. I'm turning this over to Kev for a new tune he's been working on." Ben moved over to the keys and left center stage for me. I decided to stay on my own mic, right in front of Carrie.

"Thanks Ben. We've been working on this one. The working title is All Night, but it could have been Carrie Ann." I glanced down to see Carrie cover her face with her hands, Stacey was jumping up and down pointing at her friend, letting those around them know that Carrie Ann was among them. I started into the song, a tale of want and need and a bit of lust. When I hit the first chorus the band raised the bar a bit since I wanted Carrie to, dance with me, All Night...Ben and Nik, replied, All Night, Sal hit the beats on time and off we went into another verse, then..Carrie, ..........., All Night, Sal filled that spot perfectly, Ben and Nik, got the All Nights, adding a bit more enthusiasm. Then we and the crowd were ready to go All Night, back and forth call and response. Sal found a way to fit in his fill until everyone knew what that meant. Then they all wanted to go All Night. It had worked. Carrie was both beside herself and slightly embarrassed. When we'd all gone All Night long enough, Ben returned to center stage. He smiled over at me. He knew we had a winner,

"I think I need a cigarette after that." Then we ripped into some more songs of love and lust and rock and roll. After the first set we sat backstage for our 15 minute break. There was a knock at the door. We didn't allow "visitors" between sets. We needed the break. Roscoe stuck his head in the door,

"Kev, can I let Carrie in?"

"Sure!" Carrie and Stacey entered a room full of the smell of sweaty men, cigarettes, pot and beer. "Guys, this is Carrie Ann." I introduced the guys. Rik looked her over,

"Now I understand the song." Carrie, not used to being the center of attention, blushed and shrunk back a little. I went to give her a hug as Stacey managed to find herself standing next to Ben. Carrie tried to quietly ask me,

"That song, you wrote it for me?"


"And the last part, you did mean", now an even lower voice, "Fucking?"

"It can mean whatever you want, that's why I didn't say it."

"Cute, but I think everyone out there knew."

"Did I embarrass you? Should I drop it?"

"No, it's. Well I DO like fucking you all night, but when everyone sings it. I guess it's ok. I do feel special having my own song." I was happy she was ok with it. I was even happier when we hit the stage for the second set. Right after the intros Ben asked,

"Are you ready to rock, ALL NIGHT???" The crowd whooped, he stepped back and start an overhead handclap as he pointed at me. I quickly realized he wanted to start the set with the new song. So I stepped up to my mic and ordered the band,

"Let's go!" This time the crowd knew what was expected. the call and response was enthusiastic from the beginning, the ending went on and on. The kids around Carrie were dancing and pointing when Sal hit his fills. Carrie was beaming and pointing at me, filling the fill as she mouthed, "Fuck you" each time. All Night. The rest of the set continued the energy. We'd hit a new high.

After the show, Carrie and I planned for a quick exit. Stacey said she was staying to party. I had a feeling she and Ben were going to have their own fun. When we got to my apartment, despite Carrie covering my face with kisses, I begged for a shower first.

"But you smell so manly and sexy."

"I smell like an old rag. I need a shower." Carrie was now half dressed.

"I'll join you." She was now fully undressed.

"OK then but it's a small shower."

"I want to be very close to you anyway." So we crowded into my shower. The water sprayed over us, Carrie quickly cleaned my cock, then cleaned it some more, then when it was squeaky clean she took it deep into her mouth. All her attention had me filling her mouth in no time. We were now wet and slippery and very close.

"Take me to bed, now please."

"Can we dry off?"

"No, a man tells a room full of people that he wants to fuck me all night, well he better put up or shut up, rock star." We went to bed, soaking wet. I started by sinking my tongue into Carrie's juicy pussy. She had a nice bush of brown hair, all her lips on display, a clit that protruded when excited. And she was excited. It was no effort to have her singing my praises as she came, coating my mouth with her pleasure. By now I was ready again and quickly replaced my tongue with my hard cock. The energy of the show, of a willing crowd, a band hitting on all cylinders, drove me. I was nearly as energetic as Carrie as I gave her my everything. She implored me to fuck her "all night Kev, all night, just keep fucking me." She was supposedly at her friend's house. So we did, until the early morning. When we were done both of us admitted to being a little sore. It was Sunday. I could rest. Carrie needed to get home, supposedly from Stacey's.

Things were going great. Now that Carrie knew about my other job she could spend more time with me. She was still a month or so from being able to watch our regular shows. I couldn't push Roscoe's friendship too much, although he told me more than once that he REALLY appreciated being part of the band that night,

"I got two honeys that night. Damn."

I had an idea for when Carrie turned 18. We'd started singing together in my apartment. Me on the acoustic and Carrie practicing on the band's electric keyboard that I borrowed. She did fine on duets and singing harmony. She wasn't quite ready to carry a full lead. I talked to Hank again. He still wasn't sure about an early solo act.

"Is it the money Hank? I really don't need much. I'd just like to try some stuff on my own." I'd tried this tack a few times.

"Nah, Kid. I'm just not sure if the early crowd wants to hear a guy on guitar singing slow songs when they're here for a rock show. I can book a newer band to fill the slot." Now I tried something new.

"What if I was accompanied by an attractive girl?" Hank looked up from his newspaper. Now he was interested.

"How attractive?"

"No, Hank. She's not going to wear slutty clothes to show off her stuff. This is going to be class." He was now slightly less interested.

"How old is she?"

"Almost 18."

"When she loses the almost we'll talk." Perfect. We had more time to practice.

Then everything hit a wall. A six foot wall named Commander Roger Clarkson, USN (Ret.)

"Kid, I understand you play in a rock and roll band?"

"Yes sir."

"Explains the hair. You told me you work in accounting."

"I do sir. Five days a week. Never miss a day. And I practice and play with the band at nights and on weekends."

"Hmm. I'm not sure I like my daughter being associated with bands. Lots of drugs and booze and such."

"Sir, I do not do any drugs. Nothing. Yes I do drink beer." He was staring through me.

"It's come to my attention that you have a song, that might be about my daughter." Oh shit. "It seems to be quite popular I've heard."

"Yes sir."

"And a bit risque."

"Well sir, it's not, well, it's not specifically. Sir."

"Play it for me. Betty, come in here dear." I went to get my guitar while Mrs. Clarkson joined us. When I returned Mr. Clarkson informed me,

"I'm not up on what is, or is not current popular music. I'm more of a Sinatra man myself. Betty here does listen to the radio with Carrie and has a better ear for popular music. Play."

I played. I almost felt I was playing for my life. I toned it down some as an acoustic number. I emphasized the dancing All Night, then used a couple slaps on the guitar for Sal's fill. Still I think they understood.

"Kevin, I personally think that's a dirty minded song, and you use my daughter's name in it." He looked at his wife. "Betty, is that a dirty minded song?"

"Roger, you know your favorites sang about the same things. Kids these days sing it in their own way."

"Is he suggesting?"

"Well, yes." Roger Clarkson turned an interesting shade of red. I think he was about to snap my neck. "It's a good song Roger. Carrie is turning 18. She tells me all the girls at school are jealous." His color eased off a bit.

"When do you play again. We will be attending."

"We are, we're playing in town this coming Saturday. 9 pm and 10 pm. I have one other thing I wanted to ask."

"Go ahead. You're already on thin ice."

"I, uh, well Carrie has a nice voice. And when she turns 18 she'd be allowed to be on stage at the club, and..."

"NO. My daughter is NOT going to be on stage with a rock band."



"Roger, let him finish."

"Go ahead. VERY thin ice."

"It wouldn't be with the band. It would be earlier, about 8, just Carrie and me. Acoustic, maybe keyboards. We could do the show here first for your approval.

"Oh Roger, I think it would be nice. Carrie loves music." He was simmering.

"I'll give you my decision after seeing your band and hearing what you plan."

"Thank you sir."

"Are you respecting my daughter. Treating her right?"

"Roger. I've talked to her, Mother to daughter. She's never been happier."

"Hmm. Ok then. You have a better feel for these things. I spent my whole life whipping boys into men."

I got out of there and called Ben. We needed to be sure the Saturday set list excluded our most obnoxious songs. Loud and fast was ok. But tone down the cursing and drug references. And yes, All Night would have to stay in.

"You're living dangerously Kev. Sounds like her old man is about to crush you."

"Dude, you have no idea. It's like staring down a battleship from a fishing boat."

Gig night we all wore our best trashy clothes, cleaned up a bit and I had promises from the guys of nothing illegal in the dressing room. I alerted Roscoe who said he would put particularly tight control on the crowd. And also secure a safe spot towards the back for Carrie's parents. Carrie got permission from her parents to attend with them. This time I slipped Roscoe 50 bucks. It was a lot for me back then, but this needed to go well. Hank even put a bottle of Mr. Clarkson's favorite scotch behind the bar. It was priced out of the range of almost all the attendees anyway. I was more nervous than the night we premiered Carrie's song as I now thought of it. And almost as nervous as our first show early the previous year. We hit the stage and Ben opened with,

"Hey everyone, special guests and all you regulars. We're The Wanderers. Let's rock!" I'd decided to let them get a taste of the show before the big moment. We played well enough. I could see Mrs. Clarkson holding her ears. Mr. Clarkson leaned on the bar sipping scotch and taking it all in. Roscoe had made room for Carrie to get to the stage. Now we were ready, I hoped. Ben,

"I understand one of our special guests is the inspiration for this next one. Are you ready to dance, All Night?" The crowd made the usual party noises as I stepped forward.

"This is for Carrie, who's always my special guest, let's go boys!" The band played without fear. I tried to sing and play and watch Carrie dance and keep an eye on her parents all at the same time. Sal hit his spots behind the dance line, then came thundering in to fill the gap making sure to cover any fans who decided to fill in the gap verbally. We went rocking on to a long, boisterous call and response conclusion. Carrie dancing enthusiastically with friends who were there. When we finally let it wind down I took a bow. "That's for Carrie Ann Clarkson, the finest girl in town." A glance to the back showed Mrs. Clarkson beaming and her father nod his head towards me.

We ripped through the last few songs, added an encore then left for the first break. Back in the room I waited. The guys settled for a beer each. Roscoe popped in,

"Visitors." He raised his eyebrows at me. I gave him a thumbs up. He seemed relieved that he wouldn't have to tangle with Mr. Clarkson. They entered with Carrie. She gave me a hug as I introduced the band. Mr. Clarkson, looked around, shook his head.

"Not my kind of music, and I'll never understand this look, but you boys work hard out there and I'm told what I heard was good." A round of thank yous. I added,

"Sir." Mrs. Clarkson hushed him.

"Oh Roger, they were wonderful. They sound just like on the radio. And that song Kevin wrote was so much fun. All those kids dancing."

"I suppose. Anyway, I wanted to say hello. I understand you need to do that all again in a few minutes. We'll be going. Carrie will stay, but you get her home at a decent hour."

"Yes sir."

"Thanks Daddy." They left and the guys had another quick beer before the second set. We were much looser this time around, delving into some raunchier rock and roll. We closed with All Night and when we left the stage they called for more. We ran back for an All Night reprise, letting them yell whatever they wanted. Finally backstage Carrie quickly joined us. Other girls did too. Some looked at her with jealousy, others more with anger. They soon settled on their band member for the night. I suggested to Carrie that we get out of there. "Isn't there anywhere private. I am sooo turned on right now." She leaned right against me. "I want to fuck you right now." I looked around. I'd been in this room dozens of times. There was no privacy. We'd seen everything about each other for a couple years now. Then I saw the door.

"There's a tiny bathroom over there, but you can barely..." She was already dragging me towards it. One girl who had her skirt around her and was bouncing on Rik's lap looked at us going by,

"Bitch is too good for the likes of us." We ignored her. Moments after closing the door Carrie was pulling at my belt. When my pants were gone she ignored my hard cock long enough to remove her jeans and underwear. As I asked how, she leapt onto me. I was backed against the sink, her legs wrapped around me and her hand trying to direct my cock. When she found the mark she settled onto me and demanded,

"Fuck me Kevin, fuck me." I lifted and dropped her down, she braced her feet on the sink behind me. She held on for dear life, her arms lcoked behind my neck. It was frantic, animal lust. As she neared her climax she started chanting, "All night, Fuck me ALL NIGHT." I did fuck her a few more minutes. Then I came and came. Then we scrambled to avoid making a mess on our clothes. When we got ourselves together we rejoined the group. Most of the girls were gone. The guys applauded. Carrie bowed.

"Damn man", Sal observed, "We were about to send Roscoe in to save her. Or maybe you." We had some laughs. The kind you have with a group you've been a part of for awhile.

But those times were nearing an end. I talked with Mr. Clarkson a couple days later. He acknowledged the reality, for now. I was acceptable for his daughter. And she could do some shows on stage with me. For practice we set-up in their yard and did some songs for family and friends. Then until Carrie was 18 we appeared at a coffee house and a private event. She didn't seem too nervous and we played off each other fairly well. After her birthday I got Hank's ear again and he agreed to try us first on an early weeknight.

"No one here then anyway, but I'll get to see how it goes." The guys were less than thrilled. Mostly Ben,

"Dude, everyone always had their place. Now you're gonna do your own thing? Chicks always kill bands." He was sulking. Rik shrugged his shoulders.

"I didn't think this was going to last forever anyway. I'm going to try getting some studio work. Maybe find more regular pay.

Sal offered, "If you ever want to add a drummer, I'm game." that really pissed off Ben, who felt he was being shunted aside.

"You guys suck." I countered,

"Ben it's not like we're disbanding. If Hank thinks it'll work, I'll open up some nights, then we'll do our regular thing."

"Yeah, we'll see."

Carrie joined me for some early evening shows. Sometimes I'd perform solo. We also tried one with Sal joining on drums. I kind of liked that. This mostly worked around Carrie's last month of high school. I thought we could have a real go of it over the summer. Then the other shoe dropped. Every fucking shoe in town dropped. I heard the dreaded words,

"Kevin, I need to talk to you."

"What is it Carrie. Did I do something wrong? Wh--"

"Shh, no, you didn't do anything. I've been afraid to tell you. I should have long ago. I was thinking maybe I'd change my mind. I am having a lot of fun, but it was always my dream, my plan to.."

"To what?"

"To follow my father. I'm joining the Navy."

"You're WHAT?" A million things ran through my mind. "Is this your father? Is this how he breaks us up, gets rid of me? You don't have to, we could go on the road, we could..."

"Ssh stop please. It's not my father. Well it is and it isn't. I've always looked up to him. I always wanted to make him proud and I always wanted to wear that uniform, to be like him. Strong and respected."

"But the Navy?"

"Please make love to me."

"Of course, I'm just. I don't know what to say. I'll.."

"Don't say anything. I just want you to hold me and love me." So we did. With all the things rattling around my brain I think I set a personal record for long and slow. Rocking and rolling together. Joined as one. After a good long time, Carrie brought me back to the moment, "OK now I need you." I snapped back and focused and loved her some more, then eased myself in deep and let her feel my need for her. Then we lay together, saying nothing, lost in our thoughts. "Kevin?"

"Yeah Carrie?"

"Do you hate me for this?"

I propped myself on an elbow. I looked her in the eyes. Eyes just a bit red around the edges.

"Hate you? No never. I'm not even mad. Confused. Surprised, sure." She hugged me to her and kissed me.

"I'll be good. No one else."

"I appreciate your thought, but don't make promises. You have a whole life ahead of you. You don't know who you'll meet. Just promise to be honest with me. When, or if it's over. Tell me. I'll be waiting for you."

So my girlfriend joined the Navy. She went to bootcamp at the training center. She came home with a cute short haircut. We had one night together, then she was off. I lost interest in the Wanderers. I settled in as a singer/songwriter doing solo shows, playing a lot of songs about longing and loss. I did an album. You may have heard it. More likely not. I'd sit in with friends at their gigs and enjoyed rocking out a bit. I traveled the country doing appearances, my favorite joke being how I was such a rock star my girlfriend ran off to join the Navy. Carrie and I kept in touch. In a long note she confessed,

"Kevin, don't hate me. I did it. I'd been working with a guy in a mechanical area. I was lonesome and it had been so long and we were far from home and he's sexy and big and strong and I needed to be held and we did. On a shore leave overseas, we got a room. It was planned enough, not just spur of the moment. It was something I needed. And I won't lie. It was good. But I miss you. I miss you so much. I won't make any other promises. But we're not together. It was one leave. I love you."

I wrote back to assure her that I understood. I knew about life on the road and temptations and loneliness. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't mention the time or two when I took solace from a woman after a show. I told her I would be there for her. I believed that.

When I heard that the fleet would be in San Diego I flew out and scheduled shows in the area to fund my trip. I'd long ago given up on accounting as a primary job. I was a musician for hire. And I had a thought. I called the base. I asked if there was a way to speak to the Captain of a particular ship. The answer was 'not really', but what was the reason?

"I would like to book a performance for his crew while they are in port." I was told there was a department that handled such things. I assured them that I would do this at no cost if I could speak to the Captain. I left a number for them to contact me with an answer. A day later I was surprised to receive a call. And an address at the Naval base. He would give me ten minutes then pass me off to the appropriate department. When I arrived I was ushered into a waiting area. The young man on at the desk outside the office gave me repeated glances. I wasn't sure what his expression meant. He asked one question,

"Are you from New Jersey?" I nodded. "Thought so." Then his intercom rang and a gruff voice called him in. When he returned he said to me, "You can go in. He's busy, so state your business."

I went in to a small functional office. I stood there in a decidedly non military posture waiting to be told what to do. He looked up,

"Sit. What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to put on a show for your crew while you're in port. To entertain the men, and women."

"Out of the goodness of your heart? What's in it for you?"

"I'd like to request a five day pass or any pass for Seaman Callie Ann Clarkson." He barked out a laugh, then settled back more relaxed. I wondered what egregious error I'd made. He looked me over again. From my shoulder length hair to my scrawny build.

"Well this takes the cake. YOU are the boyfriend of Commander Roger Clarkson's daughter?"


"I would pay good money to have seen his expression the day YOU showed up at his front door."

"It's one I'll never forget, Sir."

"Ha. Ok, McCloskey out there tells me you're pretty good and the crew would enjoy your music. You do the show and Clarkson can have her pass. 3 days. And you better have her back here not one minute late. I hope ol' man Clarkson doesn't kick my ass for this."

"Don't you out rank him?"

"I served under him some time ago. I learned everything I know about leading men from him. Some relationships outlive rank."

"I see. Sir."

"I'll have McCloskey direct you to the right department, with my approval, to schedule a show. And one thing..."

"Yes Sir, anything."

"I'll send along a song request. I'd be obliged if you'd play it."

"Of course! Thank you."

"Dismissed." Even I understood that my time was up. I got everything settled for the next night. The entertainment department sent out an announcement for a live acoustic rock and roll show. Word got around and a decent sized crowd was expected. One area was instructed to attend by their CPO, who had received an order from the Captain.

I had everything set-up and was ready to go. I waited behind a curtain that served as "backstage." Someone from the entertainment committee introduced me as "Recording artist from New Jersey - Kev Frazier." There was polite applause, more of a wait and see crowd than your typical Saturday night rock club. Then there was one gasp from towards the back of the audience and a slight shreik. That brought some laughs and one guy who yelled, "Someone knows him." That drew bigger laughs. I started with a few songs that I was sure this group would appreciate. They got into it a bit more, so I pushed the acoustic a bit and did some toned down but more straight out rock. Then from the right side I heard someone yell,

"Hey, I know this guy from back home. Play All Night." And now the fun began. I stepped back up to the mic and went into my story about wanting to be a big rock star, then my girlfriend left me, to join the Navy!. The guys hooted and howled. "So I've been playing around the country looking for her. You know, there aren't many ships in Nebraska (a couple of cheers), so I heard about a fleet in San Diego. They tell me it's the biggest around." That got the room rocking. "So I'm out here playing these shows in the hope that....Hey Carrie Ann, wanna dance All Night?" The guy on the right shouted, "I knew it, this rocks." but no one paid attention as a Seaman came flying up the center aisle, leaped on the stage and jumped into my arms. Fortunately she started from far enough back that I could set down the guitar. The guys were going crazy as Carrie smothered me in kisses. When she finally got off me, I turned to the audience and said "THIS is why you play in a band! Here we go." Carrie stayed onstage to help get the uninformed up to speed on the choruses. She was dancing and singing and clapping, leading one side, then the other competing for the louder All Nights. And when we got to the last one she leaned right in and covered up my guitar slaps with a loud,

"Gonna FUCK you, ALL NIGHT!" Hey it was a Navy crowd, they loved it, cursing like, well sailors. Now the left side, sang "Fuck You" and the right side replied, "All Night."

Carrie stayed on stage for a couple of more songs, showing her fellow sailors that she could sing too. I then told the crew I needed to slow it down, replying to their groans with the info that this request, came from a higher authority. At least Captain Sears' tastes were a little more recent than Mr. Clarkson's. So the crew listened quietly to me doing Elvis. I wound up the show with some more current rock and closed out by announcing that I was holding one more item from the Captain.

"This seems to be a 3 day pass for a certain Seaman Callie Ann Clarkson." I waved it to many shouts of approval. Also many shouts of

"Go Callie, represent the Navy, All Night." She ran off to gather some things for a couple days then met me to leave the ship. I was again instructed to have her back on base at this exact time in three days. I'd saved to get a room at a 5 star hotel. First class all the way. When we got there, Callie, looking sexy despite her Navy uniform, looked around.

"Wow, the career must really be picking up."

"Maybe not, but this is for you. Something a little more comfortable than a cot on a ship." When we got up to the room she was even more impressed. Champagne on ice, a huge and very comfortable looking bed and lingerie that looked decidedly unmilitary.

"Oh Kevin, I've never worn anything like this, it's so sexy. Let me go change."

"Later. Right now I have a desperate need for you. You're dressed like a freakin' sailor and I want you more than my next breath."

"Hmm, if my man wants me that bad, how can I say no?" Carrie, moved against me, letting her leg rub against me, feeling my arousal, as if there was any doubt. She was soon out of her Navy gear and I was again looking at my sexy girl. I took her in my arms and lavished kisses on her, my hands holding the familiar breasts, cupping her even more toned butt. She now had some more muscle in her arms and legs. Tight, stronger, still all feminine. I kissed her backwards until she hit the bed. I lifted her and dropped her back onto the impossibly plush bed. "Woooo" was her reaction to sinking into the bed. I was on her, needing her, touching and probing and finally finding my goal. With a sigh I sank my cock into her, groaning and moaning as I felt her take hold of me, trying to hold me in and I backed off and thrust again. Our mouths remained locked in an ongoing kiss, trying to make up for lost time, all the while pushing myself into Carrie then out. Grinding together then parting momentarily. Her back arched, her head back, mouth now open, willing me to get her there.

Then signalling that I'd succeeded. "Oooooh yes, Kevin, oooh I missed this, oooh, uh, uh, unghhhhhh." I was right there with her urgently filling her with my cock, then adding what seemed to be months worth of pent up need. I hugged her as I continued to slowly sink my cock into her now very wet pussy. Continuing until there was nothing left to push. I held her, my head alongside hers. We were both breathing heavily, catching our breath.

"Hey, Cal."

"Mmm, yes?"

"What does Carrie Ann Clarkson and a Battleship have in common?"

"Mmm, what love?"

"They're both full of se(a)men." She slapped my back, laughed.

"How long were you saving that?"

"I just thought of it. Really."

"That's as old as the Navy, but is usually told about some port's hookers."

"Oh, sorry."

"No, that's good, for a civilian."

"So what do you want to do with your shore leave?"

"Get laid. All night. And day. You do realize I am never going to hear the end of that song."

"Is that bad or good?"

"You put on a good show. They'll give me shit anyway, but I'll get points for you being cool."

"Cool, hmm."

"None of them would have the balls to make a request from Captain Sears."

"After your Dad, he was a piece of cake."

"Now I'll get shit duty for a couple weeks to prove I'm not getting any favors."


"Nah, worth it to spend time with you. I can't believe you came out here and did all this for me."

"I missed you. I've been roaming around the country trying to stay busy."

"I've missed you too, but staying busy isn't a problem." We fooled around a bit more, touching and teasing, then taking a break to order some food.

"Get anything you want Callie."

"Thanks but I can't put on much weight or they'll run it off me. Still a steak and veggies would be great."

"Done." Over dinner we talked about more serious issues. We both needed to clear the air of the bumps in the road. I admitted to my own moments of weakness.

"Just twice?"

"Yes. I'll tell you as much or as little as you want. It was nothing more than loneliness and boredom. Not an ounce of meaning."

"I believe you. I understand."

"And you, you and whatever his name is don't see each other?"

"We're on different ships now. We agreed that is was just a couple nights of fun."


"At the time. Yes I guess."

"And that's it?"

"Yes, except..."


"I'm not sure I wanted to discuss this. Or should. It could cause complications."

"What do you mean? Did you or didn't you?"

"It was not fun. It was not something I wanted."

"You were raped?"

"No. Yes. I don't know maybe."

"Which was it, tell me."

"You won't think less of me?"

"No matter what you say, I will be ok with you."

A sigh. "OK. We were in port in Hawaii. A group of us out at a bar. I had a couple too may. The others, all sailors, were of course drinking too. I decided I needed to get back. One of them offered to walk me. On the way back he got handsy. I pushed him away but he made like it was a joke. Then he pulled me to him and we kissed. I was drunk, yes I was kissing him too. Then his hands began to roam, groping my tits, working my belt. Now I was worried. When his pants we undone, I started crying. He outranked me. Then his cock was out. He did the thing where he answered his questions for me. Like 'that's it you do want it. There hold me', but I was pushing him away."

"Did you tell him to stop?"

"I don't know, I was drunk and crying and afraid, then he was in me and I laid there and didn't fight. Then he had me suck it so he could cum and not leave evidence."

"That's rape. Didn't you report it?"

"It's not easy. It's a man's world. And moreso in the military. And he ranks me, I'd have to go up the chain to someone on his level."

"Fuck the chain, I'll talk to Captain Sears."



"You don't just go to the Captain." I sat back angry and perplexed. How can this be left alone? "You're mad at me?"

"At you? No, never. But this all sucks. Give me all the info. Name, date, location."

"What are you going to do? You can't go to the press. Anything like that will ruin my career. No one goes, outside."

"I'll think of something."

"Do you still want me?" I took her hand and held her. Then I led her back to the bed.

"If you want me." She did. We made up for more lost time. Then we slept peacefully together. The best night's sleep I'd had in months. In the morning we were up early so as not to waste our three short days. Carrie gave me one of her enthusiastic cock stretching rides. We actually did go out for awhile that day. She showed me around San Diego. We walked through Balboa Park and the old town. That night Carrie treated me to her prancing around the room in her new lingerie. No doubt the sexiest sailor in the fleet.

"Carrie, in that you could bring down any navy on the high seas."

"I like it. I spend days grimy and sweaty and now I feel so, so sexy." Then she crawled along the bed up until she was straddling me and shaking her tits in my face. "Permission to come aboard?"

"Granted. Permission to cum inside?"

"Not until I do."

"Deal." She led me to her. I entered, she rocked. Then we rolled over and I thrust into her. Then she pushed me off and got on her knees.

"From behind. Go hard." I held on to her ass and began thrusting fast and furiously into Carrie, her butt shaking each time I made contact. I reached around and found her clit. It was protruding and waiting for me. I had one finger each side of it and rubbed until she clenched down on me, letting out a screech as she came. I got a good hold of her again and pushed over and over. She fell forward on the bed. I followed holding her hips up just enough to bury myself and fill her wet pussy with my cum. Then I lay down on her back letting her feel me against her as my cock fell from her. "MMM, that feels so good, having you keeping me warm and safe."

Our third day was given to a morning of sex, lunch, then an afternoon lying naked together. Finally the inevitable time arrived. Carrie got back into her uniform and I escorted her back to base. As thousands have before me I watch forlornly as my partner disappeared back into the service.

I went back to the room, having one more day until I left for a few shows in LA. First thing the next morning I calculated the time difference and picked up the phone. I called a number in NJ.

"Commander Roger Clarkson, US Navy Retired, please."

"Speaking. Who is this? I don't go by that here at my job."

"It's Kevin Frazier, Sir. I need to speak to you. Please listen all the way through."

"Is it about Callie?"

"Yes Sir. She's perfectly ok, I just saw her."

"Hmm, go ahead."

"I told him what Carrie told me. Names, date, location, details."

"And what are you going to do about it?"

"I'm doing it sir. Carrie warned me about going outside the service and chain of command and all that."

"And how did you react to this. With Carrie?"

"If you'll excuse my bluntness. I consoled her and told her it changed nothing with me and I made love to her to prove it."

"OK. You did well. Leave the rest to me."

"Thank you Sir."

"No, thank you. And you may call me Roger." He hung up. A month later I received a very long distance call from Carrie.

"What did you do? That fuck who took advantage of me has been brought up on charges. He has agreed to be dishonorably discharged."

"I called your father. I believe that was within the chain of command."

"Oh shit. He's going to be pissed."

"He told me to call him Roger."

"Holy shit."

It was difficult. The long separations with random short visits, then months on the road playing in out of the way places. I thought about putting together a band. Maybe play for larger crowds and feel that excitement from making music together. But that would lead to different temptations. Over a two year period there were changes in assignments, promotions, and a move to the Atlantic fleet. Carrie was on a different ship, still under Captain Sears. When the fleet came in to New York I decided to visit the Captain again. After going through the now familiar run around I found myself outside his office. When I was allowed in he looked up at me from his desk and waved to a chair.

"What trouble are you bringing me this time Frazier?"

"None I hope, Sir."

"Then what can I do for you?"

"I'd like to know what the procedure is to ask if I can marry one of your sailors."

"Let's start by assuming you mean Petty Officer Clarkson?"

"Yes sir."

"And you felt the need to come to me with this?"

"She's under your command."

"Son, this is the Navy, but some things are done the normal way. Now you've got balls I'll give you that. But I want you to really show me how big they are. Two requests. First, go across the river there and see Commander Roger Clarkson, US Navy, Retired. Ask him for his daughter's hand. If you make it back here alive then you will entertain my crew again. This time you will ask Petty Officer Clarkson, on stage, in front of a room of sailors. If she accepts, then we will contact the Chaplain. I'm assuming Roger Clarkson will want a full Naval wedding for his only daughter. How does that sound to you?"

"Fine Sir. Roger has already given me his blessing."


"That's what he requested I call him." Sears looked at me. It was more like he was staring straight inside me.

"You. You called Clarkson. About Whitney."

"Yes Sir, I did." He just nodded his head. "I'll speak to your people about a show. Would it be appropriate to have a full band? It could get loud."

"You've never heard these guns go off. This is the Navy, son. Yes tell my people you can have a band. You'd still do Elvis?"

"Of course."

I contacted Sal and Rik. They were happy to be included and thought the venue would be cool. When I suggested asking Ben, Rik told me not to bother.

"He's let himself go. I haven't seen him in ages. Why don't you just do the vocals? I'll bring a keyboard if you want Carrie to join in. Shit, Kev Frazier marrying a sailor, funniest damn thing ever."

We had a rehearsal at Sal's place. Drummers naturally needed a place to practice that wouldn't disturb neighbors. It felt good to be back in front of my old rhythm section. After trying a few songs we decided to avoid the louder rockers. My voice had been playing mostly more relaxed tunes for awhile now and might give out if I started screaming. Still, we had some fun and felt ready to entertain. They'd set-up a stage on the pier which allowed for a good sized crowd. Even though they were being set loose in NYC, the sailors appreciated some free entertainment. We figured there would be enough local guys so when we hit the stage I did Ben's usual intro,

"Hello everyone, we're The Wanderers. Let's rock!" We went right into some energetic rocking numbers. It was like old times. The outside setting gave it a festival atmosphere, the sailors were loud and having fun. At the usual halfway point I turned to the guys, they nodded.

"This is where we usually take a break", groans, "Fuck it. We're gonna play All Night." And we did, literally and figuratively, "But first, there's someone here I need right up front for this song. Petty Officer Carrie Ann Clarkson, are you out there?" Hoots and hollering from her crew mates as they lifted her and handed her forward. When she got to the stage I pulled her up. Now a "seasoned" performer she walked right to the mic,

"EASY, boys, this is my man here!" She gave me a kiss which naturally brought down the house. I then took the mic,

"Before this next song, which you local guys may know", cheers from the local guys, "I need to make one more request." I looked at Carrie, I think she knew what the question would be. She gave the briefest nod. I knew I was safe. "In front of the fleet, as Captain Sears told be I must, Petty Officer Clarkson, will you marry me?" The ring was produced. She screamed,

"Yes, yes, yes!" The ring fit, then she jumped onto me, legs wrapped around my back, and in front of hundreds of sailors laid on a kiss for the ages. With the crowd cheering she stood beside me and Sal counted us in for the song that we'd be known for. The one inspired by the sailor standing beside me. The song carried on and on, with various versions of what would happen All Night. The show continued, but I was on cruise control. Singing with Carrie, entertaining the sailors, but thinking about later, when I'd have Carrie to myself. We closed with the Captain's request, which now seemed appropriate for the ocassion. After the show he came to see us, thanking us for entertaining his crew, congratulating us and offering to host a full Naval wedding ceremony,

"I spoke to Commander Clarkson. He confirmed that you'd contacted him already. He grudgingly admits that there might be other ways than the military to turn long haired boys into men. You are going to cut that a bit for the wedding?"

"Whatever works best for Carrie. It's her day."

"Good luck you two. Now go see your family and show off that ring. That's an order." I thanked him. Carrie saluted. We drove over to New Jersey to see Carrie's parents. She looked at me as I drove through the tunnel. I looked over,


"I'm waiting for the first time that you call my father Roger. I still don't believe that." I only smiled back.

When we got there the door was barely open when Carrie was waving her hand around. Her mother was beside herself, Roger clapped me on the back.

"You did it. Sears tells me you asked her in front of the fleet?"

"Yes Sir."

"Ballsy, kid."

"Roger, I hope that you can help me with any red tape. I'd like Carrie to have the full Navy deal."

"He did call Daddy Roger. Oh my god, look at you two."

"He showed me a lot. I may be old school, but I'm not ancient. Now, may I call you son?"

"I'd be honored."

"OK son, it seems my wife has made dinner reservations for the two of us. We can all catch-up later. You can use the guest room down the end of the hall."

"Daddy. I'm a Navy Petty Officer on shore leave."

"Or you may just share Carrie's room."

"Let's go Roger. They need to catch-up too. And we'll be late for dinner." The door had barely closed when Carrie was on me. She dragged me to her bedroom, still all pink and frilly with posters of rock stars.

"Hey I don't see any of Kev Frazier up there."

"No, but none of them have ever been naked with me in here either."

"MMM, I guess I win."

I sat at the head of her bed, the first man to be with her here in the room of her teenage dreams. She sat on me so we could be face to face, my cock trapped between us. She kissed me and smiled.

"I always dreamed of having a rock star here with me. I may have entertained myself a few times with that fantasy."

"Will Kev Frazier do?"

"You're my rock star." She lifted up and settled onto my cock, then settled down against me, sitting face to face, joined together. We stayed this way awhile, kissing and talking bedroom talk. I kissed her neck, down to her shoulders. She leaned a back forcing my cock to put pressure in the right spots as I sucked at one nipple, the licked and bit at the other. She moved just a bit, back and forth so we could feel each other inside her. She leaned her head back, her mouth open in pleasure as she felt me stimulating her. Her nails drew lines on my back, her internal muscles worked on my cock, her clit pressed against me. My hands cupped her ass, firm and tight, lifting her, then easing her back onto me. Carrie seemed to have a series of rises and easing off, her body approaching then cresting unto she asked me to slide down a bit, giving her room to begin rocking on me as she liked best. The increased movement now had me building. I was holding her tighter as the feeling rose. Carrie used my body as she needed until all the pent up cresting and easing burst forth in a wave, she shouted and let me know how she felt, how wonderful she felt. Then she continued to ride me until she felt my release, shooting up into her. She continued to rock and rock until I had no more. We had no idea how long we'd been. We washed up and dressed. Carrie now in casual clothes.

We were surprised when we went down the hall to find Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson watching TV. Carrie blushed, I tried to hide a smile. Roger raised an eyebrow. Mrs. Clarkson offered to make us something to eat. She took Carrie along into the kitchen. We soon heard them giggling. Roger looked at me,

"You just keep making my little girl happy."

Fortunately Carrie's room was at opposite ends of the house from the Clarkson's. We had more catching up to do that night.

The formal Navy wedding was way more than I ever imagined. Commander Clarkson looked like a statue in his formal uniform. The chapel held enough brass to take down a medium sized country. Carrie decided to forego the traditional bridal gown for her formal whites. I got a haircut. There was martial music, then a wedding band. I was asked up to perform a song, toning is down to, "Love You" All Night. We danced and ate and mingled. It was a highlight of our time together.

If you like a happy ending, better hop off here. Unfortunately life isn't perfect. It's not all fairytale castles and hit records. We did have some great years, in the time we spent together. But five years of intermittent bliss, with long periods of separation was a strain. Then Commander Roger Clarkson passed away at 62 from a heart attack. That seemed to change Carrie some. Her rock, the base she judged herself against, the person whose approval she needed, was gone. Her mother was there for comfort, but her father had been the person she needed to please.

The next few were more ok than great. Carrie would come home from a new assignment, spend time telling me how busy she was, then use most of her off time catching up on work. I began to feel more like an after thought. Her career had taken control. The balance that was always teetering on edge finally was gone. Where previously we had barely contained need for each other, now she seemed to go along for the ride. I asked,

"Is there something wrong? Have I done anything?"

"You wouldn't understand Kevin. I have so many responsibilities. For people. For areas of ships. It needs to be perfect."

Then almost grudgingly time for me. Perfunctory and by the book. While she rocked on my cock as always it seemed she was mentally working on crew assignments. Then she was gone again. Working towards the next promotion. I filled my time playing around the northeast. A year or so after my 30th birthday I got the dreaded call.

"Kevin, we need to talk. I'll be in the city next Monday." I had a feeling this was coming. The last time together we'd barely been, together. Not to bemoan my situation, I knew what I'd signed up for, but I'd done my part, I thought. I know it's rock and roll, but I take things seriously, whether my music or my vows. And now,

"Carrie, just tell me. No bullshit please." There was silence. Then,

"I was hoping to explain in person. You deserve that much."

"I deserve the truth. Tell me." More silence.

"There's someone else. We've been intimate. Yes a Navy man. I'm sorry."

"That's it? You're fucking someone else. Oh I'm sorry, being INtimate. And you're sorry."

"Kevin, you know how it is. It's so long between..."

"So long you didn't need me last time you were here. Has it been going on that long?"

"Yes. I'm sure you have..."

"I HAVE a lot of needs. I keep my dick in my pants because I'm married."

"Can we meet. Monday?" Now I paused. "Kevin?"

"Yes. But I don't want details. I want papers to sign. It's all or nothing. That's what you owe me."

We met. There were some tears. She agreed to an easy divorce. I went my own way. I suppose there should be some rock and roll sinking into despair. Booze and drugs and hitting rock bottom. But I never was much of a rock star. I put a small band together and played our home area. It was a living. At shows someone would inevitably call for 'All Night'. The band was ready. I'd shake my head,

"We don't play that one any more. Here's a sad one instead," It was a sad tale. The polar opposite of All Night, then...

You offer empty comforts

Then tears fall while you explain

How you've found somebody new

Like somehow that will ease the pain

I don't want to hear excuses

You don't have to tell me why

I've no doubt what the truth is

Make this easy on yourself

Just say goodbye

Good-bye Carrie Ann. I suppose, after all, it's only rock and roll.
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