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The final part to my adventures in the scrapyard.
The Doberman paced towards me as I lay on my back in the car. I sat up to greet my old friend, my dick still rock hard and leaking pre-cum after the rough fuckings I had just received. As he approached, I could see the red tip of his dick begin to poke from his sheath. He wanted his turn with me and I was more than happy to oblige. I stood up, deciding which way would be best to take him and let him have his way with me. As soon as he reached me he buried his nose in my crotch, sniffing away at my scent. My rock hard dick throbbed gently as it rested across his snout. He pulled back slightly and began to lick the tip, the feeling was as intense as before as his long, warm tongue worked over every inch, from the head down all the way down the shaft to my balls, still coated in the cum left behind by the other two. I was soo close to finishing so I backed off and turned around, laying myself on my chest in the back of the car. Raising my cum soaked butt to him, I submitted myself to be his bitch. Rather than feeling him mount me right away however, I felt his warm muzzle push between my cheeks, his tongue lapping up the cum as it dripped out. The other two dogs had left me loose and lubed enough that, as he continued to lick away and push his muzzle as deep as he could, I felt his snout slip inside me slightly. I could feel the cum begin to leak out and coat his fur as he lapped up what he could. Each time he opened his mouth slightly to lap up the cum inside I felt his warm breath inside me, his tongue exploring as deep inside my body as he could reach. I moaned deeply and gripped the chair to try and control myself as my dick continued to ooze pre. After he was satisfied he had locked me clean, he pulled out and jumped up to mount me. I immediately felt the length of his member laying across my lower back, it was insane how heavy and long it was coupled with the heat it radiated. He began to thrust gently, only succeeding in rubbing his full length across my back. I was slightly nervous at its sheer size but I know i wanted to feel used by this beast. I raised my butt to him and his dick slipped between my cheeks. He was clearly happy to have found what he was looking for as he began to thrust wildly, the tip jabbing at my balls and across my cheeks until he found his mark. It was then I realised he had been very thorough when he cleaned up the cum that had acted as lube, my hole was only lightly coated with his saliva now. As the tip of his dick pished through my hole the pain was unbelievable, I screamed and grabbed onto the chair as I tried to pull myself forward. His size was easily that of the other two combined plus some more and there was no way I was taking that like this. As I struggled to move forward I felt his paws land on my shoulders, pulling me back. I could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of my neck as he started to snarl gently at first but more angrily as I struggled. I had used him earlier and now he was going to use me whether I was ready or not. He continued to push his way inside me, stretching me wider the further he pushed inside. It felt impossible for it to be this long and thick, the pain was almost unbearable. I knew it had reached the thickest point when he rest slipped in with a pop and I could feel him fully inside me, his knot already starting to grow between my cheeks. My hole still twinged with pain and I could feel the heat of him inside me, feeling almost nauseous as it felt like he was pushing up my stomach. As the pain subsided, he began to thrust quicker and quicker, pushing against my prostate and making me legs feel like jelly. I moaned loudly as he continued to rearrange my insides, pushing myself back to let him deeper. I could feel his knot continuing to grow as he thrust each time, never succeeding in pushing it past my hole. I reached down and began to stroke my dick as he pounded away, doubting whether or not he would manage to knot with me. He began to thrust harder and harder, the knot slamming against my hole each time causing me to yelp. He clearly enjoyed hearing me whine as he thrust harder each time, the knot stretching me wider with each assault. The pain now was almost unbearable as I began to try and pull myself forward. He responded by grabbing the back of my neck with his jaws. He didn't bite hard but it was clear I wasn't to move, tears rolling down my eyes as I almost passed out from the pain. I was his bitch, there was nothing I could do about it. I reached down and continued to jerk myself off as the pain mixed with bursts of pleasure each time he pushed deep inside. His knot had almost pushed in and with one final thrust it popped inside me, locking us together as I let out a whimper. I could feel the pressure in my belly as he fucked me as deep as he could, making me moan loudly. Knowing I had stopped resisting him, he released his hold on my neck and continued to fuck me senseless. He began to speed up, and before I knew it my whole body pulsed with a wave of pleasure as I exploded cum on the chair below me. I moaned and pushed back as he too began to shudder gently before I felt an exploring of warmth inside me. We lay there, knotted together in orgasmic extacy for a good while as he began to lick the side of my face. It felt like he was thanking me but I wanted to be his bitch, I knew I'd be back for more. After a few moments he tried to turn and dismount me, his knot knot pulling against my hole and holding us together. Soon enough, like the others it slipped out with a pop followed by a wave of warm cum. I turned and stood up, looking at my three new friends before me. As they approached and began to lick me clean I knew this was just the start of an amazing adventure, what other friends could I find in my travels I wondered.
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