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A mom is enjoying the freedom to be naked at home with her teenage sons and husband and sharing sexual adventures with them.
Chapter 4

That night, I decided that I would spend the night with one of the boys. The one thing I was trying very much to do was to spread our sexuality as equally as possible between the boys so that neither one of them felt I had a preference. Although, if I was totally honest with myself, I really did enjoy being with Ethan more than Sean. He just seems more loving and adventurous. Sean seems to just be enjoying the sex and the wonder of it and is less likely to try new things without some prodding. For example, the way that Ethan ate Sean’s cum out of my pussy without giving it a second thought while Sean is stuck on it seeming to be gay to taste some other guy’s cum. Hopefully, Sean will loosen up as we spend more time together. So, the dilemma was, which son do I spend the night with first? Sean because he’s the oldest or Ethan because we’d have the most fun? I decided that because I had showered with Ethan that morning it would be more even if I spent the night with Sean. I took care of my bathroom needs and kissed Jerome and told him I’d see him in the morning.

I went down the hall and found Sean already in his bed. He looked up when I walked into his room. I asked, “Would you like it if I spent the night in bed with you?”

“Heck, yeah,” Sean replied. “That would be awesome. I’ve never actually slept with a girl before.”

“I know that, silly,” I told Sean. “I’m going to start spending the night with you guys about once a week, if you want. Now, just because we are in bed together, doesn’t mean we have to have sex all night or even sex at all. We could just cuddle and sleep together. Of course, if you want to have sex, you know that I’m okay with that. But simply cuddling and sleeping together is also very fun and satisfying.” Saying that, I pulled back the covers and got into bed with my son. We instantly went into a clinch and started making out. I decided not to grab his cock and start something and let Sean decide what we did.

Of course, it didn’t take too long to find his hand on my tit squeezing it and playing with my nipple. His hand then started to travel downward and found my pussy and quickly he was on my clit. Before I knew it, he had climbed on top of me and was ready to fuck. This became one of those teaching moments again. I slowed him down and explained that he needs to take longer in foreplay to get the woman ready for sex. It takes kissing, touching, and licking to do the job properly. He got the idea and shortly he was down between my legs licking my pussy. While he was doing that, I tried to give him pointers on the fine art of cunnilingus with particular emphasis on the proper treatment of the clit.

After he brought me to a nice orgasm with his tongue, he slid up and slipped his cock right into my very wet pussy. I grabbed his head and purposefully licked all of my pussy juice off of his face before starting to make out with him while we fucked. He started out in a nice rhythm but he was so turned on from the pussy licking that he wasn’t going to last too long and very soon he was hammering away so I encouraged him to go harder and faster. In just a couple of minutes I felt his cock harden and expand and then felt him flooding my pussy with his seed. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of feeling my son filling my pussy with cum.

When his now soft cock slipped out of me, Sean rolled off to my side. I bent down and took his limp cock into my mouth and tried to suck out any last drop of cum I could find and then I used my tongue to lick his cock and balls clean. I needed every drop of his cum that I could find. By the time I was done, Sean was asleep. I pulled the covers over us and I snuggled up to my son and fell into a blissful asleep.

I awoke in the morning and it took me a second to realize where I was. I hadn’t spent the night with anyone but my husband in many, many years. I turned my head and looked at my sleeping son. I just laid there for a while watching him sleep and thinking about all that had happened in the last two days. I thought about getting up and going to my bedroom to climb in bed with my husband, but decided that I should be there in Sean’s bed when he woke up. I saw Sean’s eyes start to flutter a bit and then they slowly opened. “Hey, Mom. Good morning,” Sean said sleepily.

I leaned into him and gave him a kiss. “Good morning to you too. How was it sleeping with someone in your bed,” I asked?

“I loved it,” Sean replied. “It was really comforting feeling your warmth beside me all night. I woke up a couple of times during the night and just looked at you. I thought about touching you and seeing if you were up for sex again, but I decided I should just let you sleep.”

“Well, that was nice of you,” I said, “but remember that I told you that I’d never refuse you for sex so it would have been okay for you to wake me up for something we both enjoy. I am used to your father taking me whenever he wants. I actually enjoy the submissiveness of giving myself to him, and now to you and Ethan, unconditionally. When I am naked, especially when I am in your bed, feel free to take me whenever and however you want.”

Sean said, “In that case …”. He rolled over on top of me and started kissing me and feeling my tits. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him against my pussy so that I could feel his cock as it hardened. Sean started moving down my body, kissing as he went and pushing the covers down with his legs along the way. He nuzzled his slightly scratchy face against my pussy and exhaled his warm breath on my clit. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and buried his face in my pussy and started licking up and down my slit.

His tongue found my clit and he started working it up and down, back and forth and around and around. He pursed his lips around my clit and started gently sucking as his fingers found my vagina and he pushed them in. Once he got me good and wet, he moved back up my body and his hard cock slipped right into my pussy without any guidance like they were made to be together. Sean started pumping into me and I could tell this one was just going to be a good old-fashioned fucking. Sean was so into our fucking that he was just slamming his cock into me as hard and as fast as he could. It only took four or five minutes and I felt his cock get harder. He slammed it in all the way to my cervix held it there as he fired stream after stream of his hot cum into my womb. I held onto him tightly until his breathing came back to normal and his cock slipped out of my pussy.

Sean rolled over and laid next to me. “Wow, that felt good, Mom,” Sean said. “But you didn’t’ cum did you,” he asked? “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Sean. I don’t need to have an orgasm every time. Just feeling you inside me and knowing that I am giving you pleasure is wonderful for me. I told you that sometimes we’d make love and sometimes we’d just fuck. That was a fuck and it was a good one. I loved it and I love you.”

Sean looked at me like he wanted to say something or was thinking something and then he started to move down my body again until his face was in front of my wet, dripping pussy. He was considering licking his cum out of my pussy to get me off, but he still wasn’t too sure about it. “Sean, it’s okay. You don’t need to make me cum. I’m okay, really.”

“I think I want to try it, Mom. I want to be a good and considerate lover.” With that, he made a tentative swipe of my pussy with his tongue. As his cum was starting to drip out of me, I’m sure he got some of his cum as well as my pussy juice in that first swipe. It must not have been too bad because he then buried his face between my legs and started licking with gusto. I wasn’t that far from my orgasm when he came shortly before and then knowing that he was licking his cum out of my pussy to get me off brought me back close to orgasm pretty quickly. By the time that he’d gotten most of his cum out of me and started attacking my clit with his tongue, I was ready to explode.

“Yes, Sean, that feels so good. Don’t stop, I’m so close,” I implored of him. I felt my orgasm coming on so I grabbed the sides of Sean’s head and pushed his face hard into my pussy as I started convulsing in orgasm. I damn near suffocated my poor son because I couldn’t find the ability to let go of him until my orgasm ended. He pulled up off of my pussy and took a deep breath and I knew I’d held onto him too long and too tightly. “I’m sorry, honey,” I said. “It felt so good I just couldn’t let you go.”

“It’s okay, Mom,” he answered. “And licking your creampie wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Your pussy juice just tastes so good that I couldn’t really taste my cum that much. Now I know why dad says he’d lick your pussy no matter whose cum was in you. I absolutely agree.”

“Well, I don’t know about you, young man, but I really need a shower. Would you like to join me,” I asked?

“Hell, yeah,” Sean said. We got out of his bed and headed for the bathroom. When we got there, I opened the toilet lid and sat down to take a piss. I noticed Sean was staring at me as he had obviously never seen a woman pee before.

“Do you want to watch,” I asked? Sean nodded his head. I spread my legs as wide as I could and then reached down to my pussy and spread my labia. Sean got down on his knees in front of me and watched as I released a stream of pee into the toilet. “Maybe next time, you can lay down in the tub and I’ll pee on you like you did to me and you’ll be able to see it really up close and personal,” I teased.

“Like you said before, I won’t know if I like it unless I try it, so, sure, you can pee on me. I’m not too sure about actually drinking it like you did, but it would be kind of fun otherwise.”

I wiped myself and got up and started to flush but then asked Sean if he needed to pee. Of course, he did so I just lifted the toilet seat for him and stood there while he tried to pee. He had a bit of a time getting started just like when I had him pee on me. I guess it’s still a bit embarrassing for him. But eventually, he got it going and shot a hard stream into the toilet and then flushed.

I turned on the shower and got the hot water going and we stepped in and took turns getting wet and then we soaped each other up and rubbed our naked bodies together. I wanted to make sure Sean had the same shower experience that Ethan had the day before. I have to assume that they are going to talk and kind of compare notes, so I tried to keep everything as equal as possible between them.

After drying off, I went to my room and found Jerome still in bed dozing. I peeled back the covers and climbed on top of him. I put my lips to his and it only took seconds for him to be awake and kissing me back. “You smell fresh and clean,” Jerome said to me. “Did you just get out of the shower?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “Sean and I just got out. Were you okay last night sleeping without me? Are you going to be okay with me spending maybe a night a week each with the boys?”

“Well, obviously, I missed you, but it was okay. You do what makes you happy. If you’re happy, then I’ll be happy. I’m sure the boys would love to spend nights with you so I can make do on my own those nights.”

“I am the luckiest woman in the world,” I told Jerome. “I have the most wonderful and sexiest husband. I love you so, so much, Jerome. And now I get to have wonderful sex with my sons as well. I can’t wait to have two or all three of you at once. This whole thing is making me more and more horny all the time. I should be feeling completely sated. Instead, I want more of all three of you than ever.”

“Then we’ll just have to make that happen for you,” Jerome replied. “Maybe you need to be spit-roasted by the boys today. To take on all three of us, you’ll need to be up for some anal. I don’t think you’ve broached that with the boys yet, have you?”

“No, we haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m still trying to teach them a few things and I don’t want to overwhelm them too fast. I think we’ll save the threesome for a little while. Why don’t you get cleaned up while I start breakfast.”

Jerome kissed me and said, “Sounds like a plan.” He got up out of bed and, as usual, my pussy just drenched seeing his sexy, hard body with his big cock swaying between his legs. I watched his tight ass muscles move as he walked to the bathroom. It was all I could do not to follow him in and delay his shower for a while. Instead, I went downstairs and started working on breakfast.

Chapter 5

I fixed a Sunday breakfast of pancakes and bacon. As usual, the smell of the cooking bacon brought the troops down to the kitchen. I sat at the kitchen table naked, with my equally naked husband and sons, eating breakfast like an otherwise normal family. It was starting to feel like our new normal and we were all enjoying the freedom of our nudity and sexuality.

We decided to have a relaxing day around the pool and a late afternoon barbeque for dinner. It was fun having both of my sons’ hands on me as they made sure every square inch of my body was covered in sunscreen. Not to be outdone, I had my fun applying sunscreen to my three men making especially sure that their hard cocks and their balls had a liberal coating of sunscreen. I did such a good job, in fact, that I ended up with three coats of cum dripping off my face and onto my tits. I licked up what I could and left the rest to dry on my skin.

When it started really getting hot out, we all jumped into the pool and started fooling around. I was constantly the meat in a manly sandwich between either my sons or my husband and one of my sons. We had fun making out and touching each other until it got to be too much and I needed a hard cock in my pussy.

I got out of the pool and laid a towel down on the concrete. I got down on the towel on all fours and said, “I need two cocks and I need them now.” Ethan was the first to jump at the chance and got behind me and started rubbing his cock up and down my slit gathering pussy juices on his cock. Sean knelt down in front of me and presented his hardening cock to my mouth. I started licking the head of his cock and then felt Ethan’s cock push into my pussy and push my head against Sean so that his cock was fully buried in my mouth. The boys pushed me back and forth as I was spit-roasted on their nice hard cocks. I could sense that Ethan was getting close to orgasm so I pulled off of Sean’s cock and said, “Okay boys, time to switch.”

Ethan pulled out of my pussy and I spun around and sucked Ethan’s cock into my mouth while Sean pushed into my pussy. I could see Jerome on a lounger watching us while stroking his massive cock. After a while, I was ready for another change and told Jerome to come over and tap in. He decided he wanted to tap into my pussy so he replaced Sean and slid his huge cock all the way to my cervix and started pounding my pussy. He pushed me so hard that it forced Ethan’s cock all the way into my throat. Ethan got into the rhythm and was soon fucking my throat as hard and as fast as Jerome fucked my pussy. I felt like I was in a constant state of orgasm. My pussy juice was running like a river out of my pussy and dripping onto the towel. It was too much for Ethan and he started pumping his cum down my throat while Jerome continued to pound my pussy. No sooner did Ethan withdraw his cock from my mouth and Sean was there pushing his in.

Jerome has incredible staying power and he was still pumping away when Sean shot his load down my throat. When Sean pulled away, I also pulled away from Jerome and spun around to take his cock into my mouth. I started licking up all of my juices off of Jerome’s mighty cock. “I love the taste of my pussy on your cock,” I told Jerome. Then, I had a wicked thought. I pulled off of Jerome and asked the boys, “Anyone care to taste my pussy juices off of dad’s cock?” The boys just froze. “It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

Ethan asked, “Are you okay with that dad? Do you want one of us to suck on your cock?”

“Like your mother said, only if you want to. I don’t have a problem with anyone sucking my cock. It’s not like I haven’t sucked on cocks before. It’s all just for fun.”

Ethan, the adventurous one, got down on the towel next to me. I lifted his dad’s cock up towards his lips and he gave the head of Jerome’s cock a tentative lick. He took another swipe of his tongue around his dad’s cock and then opened his mouth and took the whole head in his mouth. He licked it for a bit and then pulled away. “Damn Dad, I can’t believe how big your cock is. I could barely fit it in my mouth. How do you do it, Mom?”

“Practice, practice, practice,” I replied with a smile. “So how was it? Is it gross to have a cock in your mouth?”

“Actually,” Ethan said, “it’s not too bad. It’s soft and smooth and mostly tasted of you, luckily.” Ethan laughed. “I’d like to see if I can fit more of it in my mouth.” He bent forward and, once again, took his dad’s cock into his mouth. He took a couple inches in this time and I could see his tongue moving around in his mouth around his dad’s cock.

“Don’t forget to suck, Ethan,” I reminded him. “Suck daddy’s cock, Ethan. That is so hot. You can use your hand on his cock to pump him as well. Do it, Ethan. Make daddy cum. Make him fill your mouth with cum. Try to keep as much of his cum in your mouth as you can and then kiss me and share daddy’s cum with me.” I grabbed onto Jerome’s scrotum and started tugging and squeezing his balls. With my other hand, I first stuck a finger in my still dripping cunt to get it wet and then brought it up to Jerome’s butt and pushed my finger into his ass all the way to his prostate. I could tell Jerome was ready to blow. I was curious how Ethan would handle it.

“Fuck,” shouted Jerome. He grabbed a hold of Ethan’s head and started shooting shot after shot of cum into Ethan’s mouth. I could see Ethan swallow some of it and some was dripping out of his mouth and down his chin. Ethan’s eyes were as big as saucers as he took his dad’s cum. Finally, Jerome pulled his cock out of Ethan’s mouth. I immediately pulled Ethan’s head to mine and first licked up the cum on his chin and then planted my mouth over Ethan’s. I stuck my tongue into Ethan’s mouth searching for Jerome’s cum. There was still a pretty good pool of it and we started coating each other’s tongue with cum while making out. When I got a good bit into my mouth, I pulled away from Ethan and swallowed. Ethan did the same.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I told Ethan. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it was weird feeling dad cum in my mouth, but I really loved sharing it with you afterwards, mom. I gotta admit, it was kinda fun,” Ethan said. Ethan turned to Sean. “You should really try some of these things. It’s all fun and no one outside of this house is ever going to know what we do here. I now want to try everything.”

Chapter 6

On Monday morning, I got up and walked down the hall to Ethan’s room. He was still sleeping. I wanted to start his day really well. I pulled down his covers to see that he was sleeping in the nude. We’re all into this nudity thing now, I thought.

I got onto the bed and slowly crept between his legs. Just as I had done to Sean the other day, I started with a gentle blowjob until Ethan woke up. Once he was hard and awake, I climbed up his body and straddled him. I grabbed his cock and held it up as I guided it to my pussy and settled down on it. I squirmed my body around on top of his to just feel his cock moving around in my pussy. I leaned forward to slide his cock out of me and then leaned back to push him back in. I was taking it nice and slow so we could enjoy our coupling. Ethan’s hands came up and gripped my waist and helped guide me back and forth on his cock. It felt so good having Ethan buried in my pussy. I wished we could have kept it up all day, but he had to get ready for school pretty soon so I started speeding up. Ethan’s left hand came up off my waist so that he could grab my tit. He squeezed it a couple of times and then went to my nipple and started pinching and pulling on it. That was all I needed to start my orgasm. My pussy went into spasm and I was bouncing up and down on Ethan as fast as I could. My clamping pussy put Ethan over the edge and he roared and then starting shooting rope after rope of cum deep into my pussy.

When we came down from our orgasms, I was laying on top of Ethan. Our breathing was almost back to normal and we started kissing. We were making out for a while when Ethan pulled back and told me he really needed to go to the bathroom to take a piss. I told him that we both needed a shower anyway so we padded across the hall to the bathroom.

I started the water running in the shower as Ethan stepped up to the toilet. “Don’t go in there, Ethan. Come into the shower with me and let me take care of it,” I said. We climbed into the tub/shower and I got down on my knees in front of Ethan. “Give me your pee, Ethan. Cover your mother in your pee.”

Ethan started pissing a strong stream of pee at my face. I opened my mouth and took in a big mouthful. While I closed my mouth to swallow, I moved my face right in front of his stream and moved my head back and forth so that he totally drenched my face in pee. I opened my mouth and got another mouthful of pee and then leaned back so that Ethan could paint his pee across my tits while I swallowed. Ethan’s pee was starting to slow down when I took his cock back into my mouth to get the remainder of his pee. I kept sucking well after he was done to get every last drop.

I stood up and grabbed Ethan into a hug and he started kissing me. He was, obviously, smelling and tasting his pee on me, but he didn’t hesitate to kiss me and put his tongue in my mouth. “God, Mom,” Ethan said, “you are a hot, kinky woman.”

“Well,” I retorted, “I didn’t see you pulling away from my kiss afterwards. You seemed to like licking your pee out of my mouth and off my lips.”

“Mom,” Ethan replied, “I will always be happy to kiss your lips and put my tongue in your mouth. I don’t care if your mouth is full of cum or piss and whether it’s mine or someone else’s. I love you and I love this new relationship we have now.”

“I do too, sweetie,” I said back to him. “We better get on with this shower. You still need some breakfast before you go to school.” We washed ourselves quickly. As much as we wanted to wash each other, we knew that if we started that, the shower would take too long.

We dried off and went downstairs to the kitchen. I quickly whipped up some scrabbled eggs and toast. By the time breakfast was ready, Sean and Jerome came down the stairs to join us.

As usual, seeing Jerome naked immediately made my pussy wet as an ocean. It was all I could do to let him eat his breakfast without attacking him. As soon as he was done, however, I climbed onto his lap straddling him, grabbed his giant cock and guided into my soaking wet pussy. Sean and Ethan were just finishing eating while I was bouncing up and down on their father’s big cock.

“Damn, Mom,” Sean said, “you’re insatiable these days. It seems like you can’t get enough cock when you now have three of them at your disposal.”

“I know, Sean,” I said while continuing to bounce on Jerome’s cock. “It seems that the more I get from you three, the more I want. I wish the three of you could just stay home with me and fuck me all day long. I’m going to have my hands buried in my cunt all day waiting for you guys to get home. I hope you come straight home after school to take care of your mother’s wet pussy.”

“We will, Mom,” Sean replied. “It’s going to make for a long day at school and it will be tough to concentrate knowing that you are here at home jilling off waiting for us to get home.”

“You guys better get dressed and get going or you’ll be late for school. It probably wouldn’t be good to have to send a note to school that you were late because you had to tend to your mother’s pussy.”

The boys laughed and got up and went up to their rooms to get dressed. Meanwhile, I was still bouncing on Jerome’s cock. He has such incredible stamina. It seems like he can fuck and fuck as long as he wants then decide when he wants to cum and fill me with his big loads of cum. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we started making out while I continued to bounce on him. I felt one of his arms move around me to the table and started pushing plates away. He then stood up with me still impaled on his cock and he laid me down on the kitchen table. He then started really jackhammering his cock into me as the table was scooting across the floor. The new speed took me over the top. I wrapped my legs around Jerome’s waist and pulled him into me as I started cumming all over his cock. He was buried all the way to my cervix and I felt his cock swell and then the warmth of his cum flooding my womb. “Yes, Jerome. Cum. Breed me, baby. Let’s make another baby. I love you so much, Jerome. Don’t ever stop fucking me.”

It felt like he was cumming for a couple of minutes. Of course, it wasn’t really that long, but when Jerome cums, it’s not just three or four squirts. He gives me at six, if not seven, strong squirts of cum and then some lesser ones as he comes down from his orgasm. I have fucked a lot of guys in my life, and I am really loving fucking my sons, but no one fucks or cums like Jerome. I just wish I could lick my own pussy so that I could lick his cum out of me. I love being flooded with his cum, but I love the feel and taste of it running down my tongue and into my throat.

Jerome pulled out of me. I hated the empty feeling of loss whenever he pulls that giant cock out of my pussy. He sat back down and I got off the table and got between his legs and took his cock into my mouth to lick it clean. I love the taste of pussy, especially mine, but when it’s combined with Jerome’s cum, its like the nectar of the gods. I was still sucking his cock clean when the boys came bounding down the stairs to leave for school.

“Geez, mom,” Ethan said, “I can’t believe you’re still going at it. See you guys later. We’re off.”

I pulled my mouth off of Jerome’s cock enough to say, “Have a good day, guys. I can’t wait for you to get back home.” Then I gobbled Jerome’s cock back into my mouth. It was clean, but I wasn’t done yet.

Eventually, Jerome pushed me off of his cock and stood up and pulled me up with him. He kissed me and then lifted me up and carried me up the stairs to our bedroom. He laid me on the bed and we made slow and wonderful love for about another 45 minutes. I remember Jerome getting up off the bed and going in to the bathroom and the shower starting, but when I awoke, the house was empty.

My pussy was a bit sore from all the recent activity, but it was a good kind of sore. I decided that a nice bubble bath would be just the thing to soothe my pussy and get it ready for when the boys got home. I took a long bath and shaved my whole body.

I finally went downstairs to clean up the morning’s dishes and get the house cleaned up. By one o’clock I was done with my chores and sitting on the couch wishing the boys were home. But they weren’t due home ‘til almost three o’clock.
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