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My freshman year of college I expected to learn a lot, but did not expect to learn that I am bisexual. Fortunately, I had a great roommate.
How I learned I was bisexual.

As a freshman in college, I was complete broke. I went to school on a full scholarship with no help from my parents. I quickly learned that free did not include spending money and minor expenses. My roommate was the complete opposite from rich parents and an expense account. They only reason he was in the dorms is that all freshman had to live in the dorms the first year and all dorms were 2 to a room.

As we got to know each other, we learned that he did not know how to clean or do laundry. I did not have money for cleaning supplies or laundry detergent. We worked out an agreement that he would pay me to clean our dorm room and do our laundry. After a few weeks, we became good friends. One night after a few beers, he joked about me being his maid. A few days later, he gave me a French maid outfit as a joke. We laughed it off and I tossed it in my drawer.

I started thinking of the outfit and wondered how it would feel to wear it. I locked the door, tried it on and liked how it felt. The panties were tight, but I found if I tucked my cock between my legs, they were more comfortable. I looked cute in it. I decided to clean the room wearing it. The following week, I wore it again and really got into it. The next week, I was wearing my outfit, prancing around the room dancing to music, when I heard the door open. I was busted. My roommate asked what I was doing. I immediately blurted that I was just joking around, I was not gay or some kind of pervert. He said I should continue cleaning and pretend he was not there.

I was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed but went back to cleaning. When I was done, I asked if I could change back into my regular clothes. He told me he liked this outfit on me and that I should keep it on. I had never been subservient like this to someone, and it was strangely exciting me. I asked if there was anything else he wanted me to do and he told me to get on my hands and knees and clean under the bed. As I did this, he came over behind me and slapped my ass. I yelped but stayed on the floor. He rubbed my ass and then slapped it again. This was something completely new to me. I had never even thought of being spanked, but it was exciting me.

I pushed my ass back and arched my back to stick my ass up. He laughed and said that I was naughty little maid. He sat in his chair and told me to bend over his lap. I got up, keeping my head down and staring at the floor, as I laid across his lap. He slapped my ass again. I could feel his cock was hard and pressing against my stomach. He slapped my ass cheeks a few more times. My ass was hurting and I had tears running down my face, but I was turned on by this. He told me to sit on the ground in front of him. The cold tile floor felt good on my ass. He then shocked me even more.

He told me to pull his cock out and lick it. I had never even thought about being gay. I was a kind of a prude and had never even looked at another cock. He had me entranced, so I reached forward and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He raised his ass as I pulled his pants and underwear down and off. His hard cock sprang out. I moved closer and licked his cock. As I licked it, I moved forward. He slid to the edge of his chair as I licked up his hard cock. I licked the precum off the tip and then licked back down. I licked his balls and then sucked on them. I kissed my way back up his cock until I go to the tip. I sucked the precum that was leaking out and then took his cock in my mouth. I began sucking up and down his shaft. I took him deep in my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat. After a few minutes of sucking he grabbed my head and pushed me down.

He said that his maid was a good cock sucker. He told me to worship his cock like a good little whore. I continued to suck and lick his cock like it was the best lollipop I had ever had. I continued sucking his cock while he talked dirty to me. After just a few minutes, he began to fuck my face, shoving my head up and down his shaft. He grunted as he held my head down on him with my nose buried in his pubic hair while I felt his cum shoot down my throat. I swallowed and sucked until he was completely empty. When he let go of my head, I came up for air. As I started to lean back, he told me to keep sucking and he will have some more cum for me.

I kept licking and worshipping his cock like he told me. He said that he wondered if I was a sissy boy and that was why he bought the outfit for me. I listened to him as I continued to lick is semi-hard cock. He must of have seen something in me that I did not know. I really enjoyed worshipping his cock. I was hoping I could get him to cum again for me but this time I really wanted to savor his cum. He was beginning to get hard again, when he surprised me again.

He told me to stand up, which I promptly did. He then told me to turn around and show my ass to him. He instructed me to take off my panties. As I did, but cock popped out and started to get hard. He rubbed my ass. He squeezed my cheeks and told me I had a cute ass. That was when it clicked in my head that he wanted to fuck me. I just stood there frozen. I had never had anything in my ass before. I had never even considered this.

He told me to bend over the desk and put my ass up. I promptly did as he instructed. He spit on my ass. He used his finger to rub the spit on my hole and began to probe my hole. He slipped a finger in me and began fingering my ass. This felt strangely good. He then added another finger and then another. He was finger fucking my ass and stretching my hole. He then moved over closer behind me. He spit on my ass again and began working the spit up and down my ass crack with his cock. Each time he passed my hole, he would give it a gently push. He did this over and over for what felt like forever. I was anxious to feel him enter me and began pushing back against his cock when he passed my hole.

He asked if I wanted his cock and I nodded my head. He said I needed to ask for it. “You can fuck me if you want to,” I said. He said it sounded like I did not want it and he was not sure if I deserved it. He kept teasing me and I let out a moan. I started to really want his cock in me. I never expected to ever crave having a cock in my ass. “Please fuck my ass, please, I need your cock in my ass, I know I do not deserve it, but I need it so bad I cannot take it, I need you to fuck me, please,” I begged. He laughed and said he knew I was a dirty whore. He asked when was the last time I had been fucked and I admitted that I was a virgin. I then began to beg again. “Please be my first, please open my ass and take my virginity, I have never needed anything like I need your cock in my ass right now,” I begged.

He slowly slipped the tip of his cock in my ass and held it there. It felt amazing. It hurt a little but it was wonderful. He slowly began to work his cock deeper in my ass. He would go in a little, hold it there and then pull back. He kept going a little deeper with each push. I felt his legs against my ass cheeks when I knew he was fully in me. I moaned with pleasure. I told him how good his cock felt in my ass. He grabbed my hips and held himself deep inside of me. I loved this feeling. It was the best feeling I had ever had. “Oh my god, this feels amazing, your cock is completely filling me and I have never felt anything like it, thank you so much for taking my virginity.” He said that it was now time to fuck. He held my hips, pulled all the way back and then slammed into me. He began pounding into my ass. He slammed into me over and over. I was slammed up against the desk as he continued to assault my ass. I just laid there being used as he fucked me.

After about 10 minutes of hard fucking, he said it was time for us to move to the bed. He pulled and told me to lay on my bed. He pushed my legs up and put them on his shoulders. He slid his cock back in my ass. He held my thighs as he began fucking me hard. He was slamming into me and my ass was slapping against his legs. My cock had become hard and was slapping up and down with each thrust. He told me to stroke my cock while he fucked me. I began stroking my cock and after just a few strokes, I erupted cum all over my stomach. He told me to lick my fingers off. I began licking and moaning as I licked my cum. I scooped up what was on my stomach and slurped it off my fingers. He called me a cum slut and told me to keep licking.

He said he was about to cum. I was conflicted. I wanted to drink more of his cum, but I loved having his hard cock in my ass and wanted to feel him cum. I decided I needed it in my ass. “Please shoot your cum in my ass, let me feel you shoot your cum deep inside me, please let my first fuck feel you explode in me,” I begged. He grunted and I felt him shoot his cum in my ass. It felt like he was pissing in my with his hot cum. He kept grunting and fucking me until he was drained. Then he held his cock in my ass. I pulled my ass up because I wanted his hard cock to stay in me forever. Eventually, it went soft and slipped out of me. I pinched my ass tight to keep his cum in me.

He moved off the bed, picked up my panties and wiped his cock off on them. He tossed them to me and told me to put them back on. I tucked my cock back and slipped them back on. I told him that was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. He said he thought I was either gay or bi. I said that I liked girls, but what he did to me felt better than anything I had ever experienced. He asked why I hesitated when he said he was about to cum. I told him I really wanted to taste his cum and enjoy the flavor. He said there would be plenty of time for that. Over the next year, I sucked him off nearly every morning and he fucked me almost every night. The best times where when he went a date with a girl who just teased him. He would come home extra horny and would fuck me twice.
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