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It’s strongly recommended that you read parts one and two before this, if you haven’t done so already. Parts in italics are meant to represent dialogue spoken in Korean, by one or more characters. Dialogue with grammar and syntax errors are intentional and meant to reflect how Koreans learning English often speak.
Chapter 1: Busted

Sumin and I had both shut our phones off during our time together so there were no distractions. So after I had dropped her off downtown and she reactivated her phone, there were several Kakao messages that came through all at once. The most relevant being from one of her school friends, Jihyun.

“Teacher, what I should do?” she had pleaded.

Fuck! Fuck fuck! God damn fuck son of a bitch! This could be bad. Already I started calculating what it would take to leave the country, where I would stay when I randomly showed back up in the States and how I would explain my sudden arrival. “Well, see mom and dad, I had an affair with a student and I had to flee the country just ahead of getting fired, being publicly shamed, and run out of town on a rail. Is the guest room still available?”

Yeah, not a conversation I wanted to have. And all of that wasn’t even mentioning the absolute tarring and feathering I’d take from the teacher community. The actions of one teacher tended to reflect poorly on the whole group. I’d be lynched, metaphorically speaking. It wouldn’t matter that I wasn’t the first teacher to do this, or that it wasn’t illegal, it would only matter that I got caught. Hell, Korean teachers would sexually assault students and not even lose their jobs. Not kidding. But I was a foreigner and different rules applied to us.

I snapped myself out of that downward spiral and tried to focus.

Me: What did your friend say?

Immediately screen caps of their conversation popped into our chat. All in Korean, but I could understand well enough. Some of my translations are not literal, just approximate. Koreans don’t really say ‘OMG’ or ‘WTF’ for example. But there are equivalents.

Jihyun: Hey! I thought you said you were busy today? What are you doing downtown?

Jihyun: OMG whose car was that? Was that a foreigner? You kissed him! WTF?!? (shocked) (shocked) (shocked)

Jihyun: Answer me! (angry) (angry)

Jihyun: Where are you going? You’d better tell me what’s going on! Do you have a foreigner boyfriend? How old is he? Is he paying for sex? Are you crazy?

It was actually a perfectly logical assumption for Jihyun to think that Sumin was engaging in prostitution. The reality was that a lot of high school girls did that, and unfortunately. They would read online that it was easy money they could use for shopping and as I mentioned early on, image was everything here. If your parents weren’t rich enough or as free with their money as you liked and you wanted to buy the hottest new fashion, there were online cafes and group chats where arrangements could be made.

But the girls meet up with some old guy, give him a handjob or blow him, let him grunt on top of them for a few minutes, and they’ve got a hundred bucks for shopping. I hadn’t thought about that at the time, but it happened here enough that of course her friend would think Sumin had started selling her body.

The timestamp indicated that she had finally answered a little while after I dropped her off and she had reactivated her phone.

Sumin: What are you talking about, I’m at home studying. I didn’t go downtown today. (confused)

Jihyun: Yah. Do you wanna die? Don’t lie to me, I saw you! I called your name but you didn’t hear me! Then I saw you get into that car, the blue one with a foreigner guy. I was almost to the car when you started kissing him! (OMG) (OMG) Are you selling yourself?

Sumin: What? Never! I would never do that! (shocked) (shocked)

Jihyun: Then is he your boyfriend? How old is he? Is he a soldier? Did you have sex with him? Does your mom know? (OMG) (OMG)

Sumin: No, I…

Jihyun: I’m calling you! You’d better answer this time!

And that’s where the conversation ended.

Jihyun had the right of it. She’d caught us red handed. My car, a three-year old Avante, was blue. If it was white or black there might have been wiggle room since, no joke, 99% of the cars in Korea of any make and model are white, black, or grey. Not me, though. I had to be the rebel and get the blue car. Such was my panic that I briefly considered setting the car on fire and driving it off a cliff. Gotta hide the evidence.

Me: Did you tell her?

Sumin: (crying)(crying) I say a little. Teacher, she already know and she know if I lying. What do I do, teacher? I’m so sorry ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ I try to keep secret! (crying) (crying)

Me: It will be okay, don’t worry. Did she tell anyone else?

Sumin: No, Jihyun is best friend and she won’t say to other person I have boyfriend. But I still scary. I don’t want you to be problem because me. (worried)

Me: Hey, it’s not because of you. It was an accident. I’m not angry. It will be okay, I promise.

Sumin: (nervous smile) Teacher what do I do?

Me: What did you tell her?

Sumin: I tell her you are not boyfriend but that we have date today. I think she know you are my English teacher. I say to her we are not have sex but I think she know I lie. (scared)

Me: Okay. That’s not so bad. Is your mom home?

Sumin: Not yet. Maybe soon.

Me: Okay. Try to get some rest and don’t worry. We’ll talk about this on Saturday, okay?

Sumin: … Okay teacher. I wish you are here now. (heart eyes)

Me: So do I. We’ll talk soon.

Chapter 2: Damage Control

The next day was torture. Sumin and I chatted a little bit but there was no flirting, sexting, or photos. We were both a little too tense. I learned that Jihyun had cornered her in school and decided conclusively that Sumin and I were having sex. Sumin doesn’t have much of a poker face, apparently. It was one thing to deny via messages, another thing to look someone in the eye and tell them the same lie. Once she realized she couldn’t bluff her way out of it, Sumin had admitted that she had had sex with me.

From the way it sounded, Jihyun had thought that was amazing. She pushed for all the sticky details, but Sumin had done her best to not give anything away. She was fighting the good fight however, I could tell she was very stressed out and my heart ached for her. She didn’t want to be the one responsible for all the bad things that would happen if word got out. I felt terrible because I didn’t want her to feel like it was her fault. Especially when it wasn’t. Her friend spotting her downtown was a freak occurrence. When you got right down to it, I was the adult in this situation and it was ultimately I who allowed this to go as far as it had.

As I approached her building for our normal Saturday lesson, my stomach was in a knot. I had a podcast playing through my headphones but I had stopped pretending to listen a long time ago. In the elevator up I had wild visions of police waiting for me at her floor and being led off in cuffs as they looked for a way to throw me in jail, even though I hadn’t technically broken any laws. There were no cops, of course, I needed to stop being so melodramatic. But Sumin did open the door before I even hit the bell. It swung open quickly and I could see immediately that she’d been crying. Her eyes were a little puffy. Not like sobbing uncontrollably with snot dripping out of your nose, but she clearly wasn’t having an easy time.

As soon as the door closed behind us we embraced and I kissed the top of her head.

“Hey,” I said, trying to sound soothing. “It’s going to be alright.”

Really? How do you know?” Her voice was a little muffled with her head buried in my chest and I could feel my shirt grow damp as a few fresh tears flowed. She sniffled.

“Did Jihyun tell anyone?” I asked, already knowing the answer.


“Then she’s probably not going to. She didn’t tell her parents, or your mom, or any other friends.” I was doing my best to sound reassuring. I figured if she hadn’t already run to tell a teacher or her own parents that Sumin was having sex with an older foreigner the chances were good that she wouldn’t. Maybe our worlds weren’t about to crash down around us.

My words seemed to have the desired effect and Sumin pulled away. She brought her eyes to mine and I could see her searching my face, perhaps trying to determine if I really believed what I was saying. I guess she was satisfied because she grabbed me by my belt and pulled me straight into her bedroom. I almost tripped trying to get my shoes off before stepping out of the entryway. (Wearing shoes in a Korean house is one of the biggest cultural taboos there is.)

She dragged me through the door and, with a surprising amount of strength for her small frame, pushed me onto her bed, then straddled me. We started making out heavily, each of our hands running over the other’s body as much as the position would allow. After a few minutes of uninterrupted necking, as the kids say these days, we broke for air. She could feel the hardness in my crotch and she pushed down on it knowingly.

Chapter 3: Ride ‘em, Cowgirl

“I missed you, teacher.” Her eyes kept scanning my face.

“I missed you too, Sumin.” I slipped my hands up the back of her tank top and gave her a back scratch. She arched into it immediately, like a cat. I let my hands continue up the back and the shirt slipped effortlessly over her head exposing all that light tan skin. She pressed harder into my crotch as my hands began to massage her breasts.

“I want to have sex now, teacher. So stress yesterday and today.” And she began to unsnap my shirt buttons.

“Say, ‘I want to fuck you’ or ‘I want you to fuck me’ instead of ‘I want to have sex now’,” I told her. “It sounds better. Sexier.”

With my shirt open, she brought her face in close and began to kiss my chest and my nipples, which she knew I liked. Then she started upwards towards my neck, which she also knew I really liked. Her hot breath tickled the hairs on my neck and I felt the hairs on my arm stand up. Her teeth found my ear and she nibbled on it, then she whispered low into my ear, “I want to fuck you, teacher. I want your cock! I every day masturbate because no your cock...” I groaned as she started to bite the skin on the side of my neck and my hands slipped under her shorts. No panties again. That’s my girl.

I sat up, pulling her tight to my body as we began to make out again in earnest. After a moment, I rolled her off me and then got up to begin undressing. All she did was slip off those little shorts she was wearing. I fell upon her then, our naked bodies writhing together. I let her push me onto my back once more and she straddled me. Her hips flexed backward and forward as she moved my cock towards the front, then sat down, running her slit up and down the length as she braced herself on my chest and moaned. I moaned right along with her.

“You’re so beautiful,” I told her, enjoying the hot slickness of her as she continued to move back and forth. Her hair was over her shoulders and cascaded down in a long black wave, almost to her stomach. Her nipples would peek through every so often as her hips never ceased their motion along my shaft. I wasn’t wearing a condom but she didn’t seem to care and I was too in the moment to stop her. I knew I should have but her taking control was such a turn on that I was worried if I did, it would break the spell.

After what seemed like hours but was probably less than a minute, Sumin decided she was ready. Raising her hips slightly, she took my slick cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. Once she had it lined up, without waiting, she plunged herself down on my cock, causing both of us to cry out simultaneously. Her pussy still gripped like a fist and I could feel the walls of her opening move down my full length until we were pressed together. Her hands were braced on my chest and her nails pressed in a little painfully as she shuddered at the sudden but welcome intrusion. Her back was arched and her head back as she adjusted to me inside her.

I’d never entered her so forcefully before, so I’m not sure if she knew what to expect. While she was definitely no longer a virgin, this was only what… our fourth time?

“Teacher!It’s so much better without a condom” she half groaned and half growled as her hips began to move. “Mmmmm... I love your cock!”

“I love your pussy!” I told her as I began to try and match her rhythm. And I had to agree. I’d used condoms so much in my life that I’d almost forgotten how good bareback feels. Not knocking condoms, but god damn.

She brought herself down and put her head against my neck and began to suck me and bite me. “Fuck me, teacher! Fuck me!”

When a teenage Korean sex kitten tells you to fuck her, you fuck her. I began to arch my hips into her as she whimpered into my ear. Her chest lay flat against me and I could feel the tenderness of her breasts smashed against my chest as I thrust upwards. Sumin was in a world of her own. With her head on my shoulder I could hear her whispers of pleasure. Each thrust of mine brought a quiet but high pitched exclamation of ‘yes!’ from her, but in Korean it sounded like jo-ah. “Jo-ah, jo-ah, jo-ah!”

She pushed herself up after a couple of minutes, which was good because that position was wearing me out a little. She rocked back and took me as deep as possible. I felt my cock hit something solid inside her pussy and saw her wince a little as she readjusted. Then, hands once again braced on my chest, she began to move herself. Slowly at first as she found her rhythm, then a little faster.

Her eyes widened as they met mine. She’d found a new form of pleasure, one where she could control the speed and the depth. I've found that it’s best not to move when the woman wants to set the pace, no matter how much I want to. Tends to just throw things off.

As she began to experiment with positions and speed, I busied my hands caressing her body and telling her how amazing she was. Once she’d found a pace that worked for her, she started fucking me in earnest, her moans filling her bedroom, and echoing off the bookshelves filled with course books. Her pussy gripped my cock like it had a will of it’s own and her body quivered as her first orgasm began to overtake her and her pussy squeezed around the hard flesh that was giving her so much pleasure.

“Teacher!” she gasped. “Teacher! Ahhh!” Her cry trailed off as her muscles unclenched and she sagged down, laying herself once again on my chest while my dick was still throbbing inside her. I flexed it, knowing she could feel it swell slightly, and she purred, moving her small hips in a slight circle. I kissed the top of her head and said, “Roll over onto your back.” she complied and I positioned myself between her legs and then folded her legs up and placed her tiny little feet on my chest. Her ass was arched up slightly and her swollen pussy bulged out almost obscenely between her thighs, which were pressed together. She curled her toes, pinching the skin of my chest which made us both smile. Looking into her eyes I began to run the head of my dick slowly up and down her soaking wet pussy. She pushed forward, trying to capture the head, but I moved back just enough to keep her from swallowing it. She pouted.

Chapter 4: Teasing

“Does my little sex monster want more cock?” I said, playfully.

“Yes, teacher. I want more your cock.” She grinned at our little game and I saw a blush rise up in her cheeks.

I rewarded her by pressing my shaft firmer the lips of her pussy, gliding the ridge of my cock along her clit and then pressing up, sliding each vein along the tender little nub, making her shudder. As I pulled back, she pouted some more with a little ‘hmph!’ and her hips were pushing upwards again, trying to find my dick.

“Are you my slut, baby? My little teenage slut?” She knew fully what the word meant and she embraced the title. At least while we were in the bedroom.

“Yes, teacher!” she whimpered “I’m your slut. Fuck me, teacher…”

I put the head of my dick against her eager hole and inserted it just a little, maybe an inch. She inhaled and pushed herself forward, but I backed out.

“Yaaaaah!” she half cried, half laughed. I conceded a little and began to run my cock back up and down her pussy, stopping at the bottom to let just the tip enter her before pulling out again.

“Not yet,” I told her, grinning. “I want you to say please. Say ‘please fuck me, teacher.’

Her eyes were closed as my cock found her opening again, giving her just a little before pulling out again. I was in almost as much agony as she was. It was extremely erotic drawing these reactions from her, hearing her say those words, knowing that all she wanted in the world at that moment was my cock, but I held off. One of the advantages in our age gap was I’d developed much more control and patience than when I was a kid. I tried to use that to my full advantage. I never could have done this when I was her age.

“Please fuck me, teacher!” she panted. “Fuck me! I need teacher’s cock!”

“Look at me, baby.” I told her.

Her dark round eyes opened and found mine and I immediately sunk my cock all the way into her pussy. I watched as her eyes widened almost comically at the feeling of my cock burying itself inside her and the breath exploded from her lungs as we cried out together. It was bliss. I pulled out slowly, groaning at the loss of feeling. I wanted to fuck her hard, to thrust into her until our bodies couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore and we collapsed into unconsciousness. But I paused. With the head of my cock once again held steady at her opening.

“Teacher! Why!” she complained in frustration before groaning and trying to capture my cock again.

“Are you my slut?” My voice was tight with desire, but I wanted to draw this out.

She locked eyes with me again. “I’m your slut, teacher!” I drove hard into again, bringing another cry of pleasure from her and a growl from me, then pulled out. She was panting and I was breathing hard. Her legs were quivering and she whimpered, “Please fuck me, teacher! I need your cock!”

“Is this my pussy?” I asked.

I saw her brain try to cut through the fog of her arousal and desire as she translated the words in her head, then after a moment, she nodded vigorously. “Yes, teacher. It your pussy. Fuck meee!” she begged.

And I did. Our eyes locked again and I grabbed onto her hips pulling her into me as I fucked her. I didn’t pause anymore, the teasing had gone on long enough. Her body sank into her mattress with each thrust and a let out one long groan that was punctuated with a high grunt each time my cock bottomed out in her pussy. After a few moments of the deep penetration allowed by having her legs bent with feet on my chest, I opened her legs, which immediately flew out to the side. I lowered myself onto her and kissed her hard, almost painfully as I rammed my cock into her. Her arms went around me so hard there was an audible slap and she wrapped her legs around my hips. “Take my cock!” I growled, my breath coming hard.

She held herself tight against me as our hips slapped together. Her fingers were digging into me once again and I felt that sweet sting of pain. “Teacher! Teacher! Tea-- T--” And she squealed as her body clenched up once again, cumming on my cock. I slowed my thrusts, but didn’t stop completely. I loved the sensation of her pussy contracting around my dick. As she twitched, I bent my head to her shoulder and bit down gently and growled. “Ohhhhh my god! Ohhh my god!” she panted. “Teacher not finish?” Her breath was ragged. I chuckled.

“No, not yet. Almost.” I was still moving my dick but I wanted her to catch her breath.

“Wow,” she said, laughing, then kissed me. “Teacher,” she said after we broke apart. “I want suck your cock now.”

Chapter 6: Role Reversal

I didn’t pause my slow fucking of her, but I was so thrilled at hearing those words come out of her mouth that it took me a few seconds to answer. She simply looked up at me with a seductive smile on her face. Sumin knew how much I loved blow jobs.

“We can do that…” I said, accentuating my words with a hard push into her pussy. “Are you going to swallow all of my cum?”

Sumin nodded. “Yes, teacher. I will swallow all of cum.” I smiled at her and she smiled right back.

I pulled out of her which caused us both a groan of displeasure. Sumin was a little slower moving though and admitted that she was a little sore. I apologized but she said to not worry, it was a good kind of sore.

With my cock still hard and waving around like a drunken flag pole, I set myself on the edge of her bed and Sumin got down on her knees. Her little hand went up and began to massage my balls which were heavy and tight with my load. Our eyes met and we sat silent for a moment with just her hands caressing me.

“Do you like it, teacher?” she asked, coyly.

“I do, baby.” I ran my fingers through her hair and brushed some locks behind her ear. With her other hand she began to stroke up the shaft still slick with her juices. She held my gaze for long seconds before focusing on the task at hand. She was still a little clumsy about it and I offered guidance here and there, but she was a quick study, as I have mentioned.

I leaned back a little, enjoying the raw sensation and the anticipation for when she took me into her mouth when suddenly her hands broke off. With a start, I looked down to see what she was doing, but she just sat there, looking innocent and cute, knees tucked underneath her, while my dick throbbed. She was watching it bounce and giggled. “Wah!” she exclaimed. That’s a Korean version of wow.

Seeing how much it amused her, I flexed my kegel muscles a few times, making it bounce a bit more, which got more giggles.

“Do you want more, teacher?” She drew out the more, so it sounded like moooooore.

Ah. I got it now. Turn about was fair play, I suppose. I grinned back at her. “Yes, I do.”

Sumin shook her head. “Say pleeeease…” She smirked. I guess she wanted revenge.

“Please suck my cock, Sumin.” I said, dutifully.

“Good boy!” she piped back and I had to laugh. She grabbed my cock once more and I groaned in pleasure. As her hand started up and down again she brought her face close, licked her lips, then sucked the head into her mouth making me twitch. “Oh, yes Sumin!” I exclaimed. Her tongue swirled around the fat swollen head of my cock and I vocalized my approval. Her hand began to move faster and her other hand was back at my balls hanging over the side of the bed, tugging on them. That I was still covered in her pussy juice didn’t seem to phase her at all. I was in heaven. Then with a pop, her mouth came free and her hands broke away.

“Gah!” I cried out, my dick needing no help from me to begin spasming. The lack of sensation was so acute that it was almost painful. I was gasping. I looked down at her and she had the biggest shit-eating, cat-ate-the-canary grin I’d ever seen on her face. “Sumin, please!” I cried, half laughing, half groaning. Loving my torture, she just wiggled a little and laughed.

“Teacher,” she started. “Is this my cock?”

Why that little… Laughing, I said, “Yes, baby, that is your cock.”

And once again, she squeaked back at me, “Good boy!”

My god, this girl was unbelievable. I didn’t even mind the role reversal. I’m only dominant like that situationally, it’s not a major kink. I’m more than happy to let my partner take control and Sumin had done it with no prompting from me. And that was just fine.

Finally, taking pity on me, she came back in and began the blow job in earnest. She started with my balls, sucking each one gently into her mouth while her hand continued to stroke. Then she gave a long lick up the underside and immediately swallowed down as far as she could. She couldn’t take it all, but she was trying. She made a gagging sound and backed off, but then came back in and tried some more. She couldn’t deep throat but I had no doubt she would learn eventually.

Watching this petite Korean girl, with her long silken black hair, tan skin, and chocolate-brown nipples take my cock as deep as she could was simply too much. My balls went hard and I cried out that I was cumming. Sumin’s mouth stopped but her hand kept working as I grabbed the back of her head and blasted my cum straight into her mouth. Sumin made a strangled ‘Mmmmmng!’ sound. She started choking a little as it shot right into the back of her throat but she never stopped or broke away.

I came so hard my vision went white for a moment, every muscle in my body tight with pleasure. “Sumin! Oh fuuuuck!” From somewhere beneath and in front of me I heard more ‘mmmmm!’ sounds as her mouth filled with shot after shot of my seed. “God!” I cried out and fell back onto my elbows. This caused a little bit of a painful stretch on my cock as it was still in Sumin’s mouth, but she rose up, never releasing it.

Once the pulsing stopped and I could catch my breath, I looked down to see the head of my cock still between her lips, which were pulled tight as she tried to grin without letting my cock slip out of her mouth. Now that I was looking at her, she contracted her lips and began to pull off the head of my cock but keeping a tight seal so as not to let any cum lose.

“Gaaaa!” I cried out and jerked as her tongue and lips passed over the head of my dick which was extremely sensitive after such a powerful orgasm. Once my dick popped free, it flipped up and smacked against my stomach. Sumin just stared up at me with a mouthful of cum. She opened her mouth to show me, and her tongue was coated in my thick white seed. Once she was sure I got a good eyeful, she closed her mouth and, with an audible sound, swallowed it. And she didn’t spill, just as she’d promised.

“Sumin, that was incredible.” I said, my breath still heaving. “Where did you learn that?”

Sumin visibly preened at the compliment. “I see that. In Japan porno movie. Japan girl always show tongue after she finish.” She licked her lips. “Did you like that, teacher?” She scooted forward as I sat back up, and she leaned against my left leg, letting her fingers trail over my semi-hard cock. She saw a fresh drop of cum at the head and caught it with a flick of her tongue.

“That might be one of the best blow jobs I’d ever had.” I said, honestly.

Really? Don’t lie!” she chided.

“Really. It was amazing.” And I wasn’t lying.

There had been some teeth on occasion but she was much better than that first time. However, it wasn’t the skill that had put her into contention for greatest of all time, it was the eroticism of the whole thing. It was her pure sexuality. As I’ve mentioned before, she came at sex with such an open mind that the whole enterprise became care free. In chats and conversations we talked openly about what we each liked and how we wanted to please each other or do to each other, and there was no hesitation, no deception or shyness. She trusted me with her desires and I trusted her with mine.

I was pulled from my thoughts by the feeling of her warm lips kissing up and down my shaft. She was almost nuzzling my cock. Knowing that her knees had to be uncomfortable, I pulled her up to me and kissed her. Then we rolled back onto the bed amid sounds of squeals and laughter.

“Did you like teasing me?” I asked her as our skin cooled in the chill air from her a/c unit.

“Yes!” she said, enthusiastically. “I like it when you say please to me. And, it is my revenge!” Her hand, which was idly stroking my cock, squeezed as if to emphasize the word. I corrected her Korean use of the term, which sounds like boke-soo.

“We can do that anytime you want,” I told her. She smiled as she pondered some possibilities.

Chapter 7: What To Do Next

Now that we’d relieved some of the tension, the subject of conversation turned back to what to do about Jihyun. As we cuddled naked in bed, the room smelling of sex, she showed me her phone.

There were more texts that she hadn’t screen capped and she allowed me to scan through. I didn’t understand everything, they were using a lot of slang, but I got the gist of it.

Jihyun was very interested in the sexual aspect. After the first few salvos of questions, wherein Sumin admitted that I was her English teacher and we’d only started having sex in the last couple of weeks, it became overtly sexual. Jihyun asked about how often we’d had sex, where were we doing it, and perhaps most importantly, how was it. Did it hurt, were the stories true, and how big was my dick, etc. Sumin, to her credit, didn’t give much away.

Sumin admitted it had hurt a lot the first time but that I was slow and gentle and it doesn’t hurt now. She deflected the questions about how big my dick was and the frequency. I’ll admit to being proud about her confessions to Jihyun about how amazing the sex felt. And I will also admit I liked the glowing reviews she gave our sessions, even if she didn’t give specifics. It’s always nice to know one’s work is appreciated, after all.

I know she didn’t have anything to really compare it to, but she would one day and I hoped our time together would leave her with good memories. Sumin was showing herself to be an extremely sexual creature and I hoped she would have many more rewarding sexual experiences after me. Most importantly, I hoped I was teaching her what a healthy sexual relationship was, so that she would know she didn’t have to put up with any bullshit from guys in the future.

“What should we do, teacher?” I’d finally broken the habit of her making ‘should’ questions as a sentence.

“Do you want to tell her everything?” I inquired.

Sumin thought for a moment. “Jihyun is best friend and we sometimes talk about boy or sex. And she have sex before with boy from other school but she say it not fun. Usually we talk these things but I not talk much because I not have sex then.”

“Can you trust her?”

Again, there was a pause. “I think yes. She not tell anyone so I think your say is right. She will not tell to other people. She said she not do that. Just I worried.”

“Well, honey, she is your best friend. I wish she didn’t know, but she does. If you want to tell her I will trust you.”

“Really?” she seemed to doubt the sincerity of my words. “Isn’t it bad to talk about that?”

“I know some girls like to talk about their boyfriends with their friends and, like I said, she already knows that we’re together. You can tell her whatever you feel comfortable with, sweetheart.” I kissed the top of her disheveled head.”

As we lay there with the time fast approaching where I had to leave, her phone buzzed. She picked it up, unlocked it and checked. Sure enough, it was from Jihyun.

Jihyun: You had class today, right? Did you have sex again??? Kkkkkkk

Sumin looked up at me, wanting to know what to do.

“You can tell her,” I said. “If you want.”

Sumin: Yes…

Jihyun: (OMG)(OMG) Amazing! So amazing!

Sumin began typing at lightning speed, her fingers zipping back and forth over the Korean characters. As I read her message, she glanced at me before hitting send. I nodded my consent, smiling. I think deep down she was dying to tell someone.

Sumin: I sucked his dick, too… (blushing)

Jihyun: What!!!!! You’re crazy! K k k k k k k k k

Jihyun: What did it taste like? Did he shoot in your mouth?

And that’s how the conversation went for the next few minutes. Sumin didn’t share everything but considering that she was now the one with far more experience than her friend, she had the superior position with regards to sex and I think she was enjoying it. If what she’d said was true, her friend had had sex at least once with a boy whereas before the two of us, Sumin had only gotten a little handsy with one. In true Korean student fashion, apparently there was some competition involved. But at least with this, it seemed to be a friendly competition.

Right as I was getting out of bed to get ready to leave, Jihyun dropped a bombshell.

Jihyun: Can I take an English lesson with him, too?

Sumin’s eyes went wide and she looked up at me. I looked at the phone, double checking I understood the message, then looked back at Sumin.


Chapter 8: Referrals

I mentioned before how I got new students. Because of my work visa and the law, I can’t advertise for private English lessons so all of my new students are referrals where one person shares my info with another who is looking for a teacher. Never did I expect to get referrals for my prowess in the bedroom. I mean, I’m not some Don Juan De La Nooch or some super cock. I just try to give at least as good as I get in the bedroom. But now, here we were.

After a very pregnant pause wherein neither of us spoke, Sumin began typing at speeds only teenagers seem to be able to achieve.

Sumin: You… want to study with Drew Teacher???

Hey, I’m Drew, by the way. Nice to meet you. Enjoying my little tale of Korean indiscretions? Hope so.

Jihyun: Would that be okay? You said he wasn’t your boyfriend…

Sumin looked up at me again, her face a mixture of emotions.

I finished buttoning my pants then sat down next to her on the bed, my mind racing. We both knew that Jihyun didn’t want to study, she wanted some of what Sumin was getting. But did I want to give it to her? Did Sumin want me to? Was she up for sharing and did I want to be shared? I mean, hell yeah I did but did I really? Then there was the increased risk factor. The more people that knew a secret, the more likely that secret was to get out. We were already walking a very thin line with Jihyun having the knowledge that she did. What if her mom had a habit of checking her phone, or she had a pervy little brother who liked to snoop on her and knew her phone login. I already knew that Sumin didn’t have siblings and her mom trusted her enough to mostly let her run around unsupervised, but I knew nothing about Jihyun’s situation.

“Sumin…” I began, haltingly. Fuck. I didn’t know what to do here. If I agreed, would that hurt Sumin’s feelings? Would she feel cheated on? And what if I refused and Jihyun got angry, would she tell someone to get revenge. A kind of ‘if I can’t have him no one can’ situation? I tried to continue.

“Do you want her to have a lesson with me?” No, that was wrong. This was no time for euphemisms. I asked again. “Do you want her to have sex with me? Because you know that’s what she wants.”

Sumin’s face creased with what? Concern? Sadness? Worry?

“I don’t know…” Her voice was a little quiet. “We are not couple but little have that feeling. And Jihyun is the my best friend. I want her to have good feeling with boy, too. Other boy was not give good feeling to her when she do sex with him.”

Her English was slipping bad, which was a sure sign that she was under stress. I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder. She continued.

“And you are very good teacher. English and... “ I heard the smile in her voice. “Sex.” I chuckled.

“If we say no, do you think she will be angry?” I probed.

Sumin contemplated for a few seconds. On the bed next to her, her phone buzzed with more message arrivals but she didn’t reach for it to check.

“I think maybe no,” she said, before continuing. “But I think maybe her feel is hurt. She is little like me. That why she d--” she caught herself. “That why she have sex with other boy. She really want to know about that so she pick that boy and they went to singing room for have sex. Later she say that was bad mistake. Little bit because of her I want to have sex with you and not with Korean boy.”

That made a lot of sense, actually. I thought back to that conversation we’d had just a couple of weeks ago where she talked about not wanting to have sex with a Korean boy. At the time Sumin said she’d read that some Korean boys weren’t so hot in the sack, but it looks like she had some information straight from the horse’s mouth. She’d also mentioned that a ‘girl at her school’ had sex with a boy and now hearing about Jihyun I was fairly confident that that’s who she was talking about.

“But would you be hurt if she has sex with me? That’s more important to me.”

She sat up and searched my face, her dark brown eyes looking like deep pools of inky blackness in the fading light of the summer afternoon. Finally, she said, “If teacher have lesson with her will you still want lesson with me? Jihyun much prettier than me.”

Ooof. Okay, how to handle this one.

I cupped her cheek in my hand and looked straight into her eyes. “I don’t want to stop having lessons with you. I don’t care how pretty she is. She’s not you and you are very special to me.”

I actually saw her eyes moisten up. “Really? Promise?

“I promise, Sumin.” I held up my hand to do the Korean-style pinkie swear. She laughed and sniffled a bit, then we pinkie swore and I kissed her. I grabbed a couple of tissues from the table by her bed and wiped the few tears away that had run down her cheeks.

Sumin reached behind her and picked up the phone, swiping it open and returning to Jihyun’s message window. There were a handful of messages waiting.

Jihyun: My mom wants me to practice my English anyway since I don’t go to an academy anymore. And I told her that your teacher was really good. So she said if I want, I can take a lesson with him. k k k k k k k k k

There had been no response for a few minutes while Sumin and I talked and Jihyun had sent another message.

Jihyun: Are you okay? Are you mad? (worried) (crying face)

Jihyun: Please don’t be angry! (crying face) [/i]If he’s really a boyfriend I won’t have a lesson with him! [/i]

Jihyun: (crying face)(crying face)

Looks like the delay had really freaked her out. Sumin started typing. She finished her sentence, but there was a pause before she hit send. Then her thumb tapped the screen.

Sumin: Sorry, we were talking. I’m not mad! Don’t worry! (hug emoticon)

Sumin: You can have a lesson with him, too (wink) (wink) k k k k k k k k k

Chapter 9: Group Class

After trading numbers I met with Jihyun’s mom the next day and we discussed the class and terms. I wasn’t sure exactly how this was going to work until her mother brought up the idea of a group class rather than two individual classes. I’m a fan of group classes because it’s almost double the money for the same amount of work. She then suggested having a two hour class with both girls instead of just the one hour class. Apparently she had already discussed it with Sumin’s mom. I couldn’t believe the sheer dumb luck of that. I told her the price would change, but it was still reasonable, and she accepted immediately.

I also had the chance to meet Jihyun for the first time. She was taller and much curvier than Sumin. Not fat but she had what Koreans sometimes call apple hips, which just meant a generous curve to her hips, and she had ample breasts. She was wearing a print t-shirt with a scene from, of all things, The Breakfast Club, the John Huges movie from 1985, and a pair of black shorts. The shirt had all four characters standing up on the table doing the dance along the second floor of the library where they all walk in unison. But her large teenage breasts pressed alluring against the fabric and stretched it slightly on the sides.

Where Sumin’s hair was long and black, Jihyun’s was much shorter, barely to her shoulders. Her face was--like her body--a little more filled out than Sumin’s was. Her cheeks rounder, her chin softer. If she was five years older she would be what we might refer to as voluptuous, or a little thicc, but as she was still a teenager, she was maybe just well-developed. I could definitely see why Sumin might be envious of her, though. Jihyun had the makings of a pin-up girl figure whereas Sumin was much thinner and toned. She was bordering on what Koreans would call fat, although their definition of that was much stricter than what Americans would use. She was fat compared to a runway model, but that’s it. She had a sort of sultry beauty to her features. The more I looked at her the more I imagined what I wanted to do to her. I suspect she was thinking the same thing.

See seemed a very energetic girl and through the whole interview she was blushing and eyeing me openly. I was a little worried her mom might get suspicious. But she only commented that Jihyun was acting strangely. I think it was just my paranoia getting the better of me. After all, why should she suspect that I’d be fucking her daughters brains out (or she fucking mine out) at our class next week?

With the arrangement made, information swapped, and the schedule set, all I had to do was wait.

Over the next week Sumin and I chatted a lot. More and more the topic centered around Jihyun joining the class and after her initial reluctance, she seemed to be getting into the idea.

Sumin: What will we do in class, teacher???

Me: We will be studying together…

Sumin: Will we all have sex together? (OMG)(OMG)

Me: I don’t know. Maybe? I have never done this before.

Sumin: (worried)(worried)(blush) I think teacher is pervert k k k k k k k k

She said it in Korean, which sounds like byun-tay.

Me: k k k k k k k k Maybe but I am your pervert. (wink) We will have to see what happens.

A photo came through of Sumin naked in her bed, laying on her side with one breast poking out into the air.

Sumin: I’m pervert too, teacher! K k k k k k k k k k k so horny right now.

Sumin: I think I want see you and Jihyun… I want her suck your dick too! K k k k k k k k k k (OMG)(OMG)

Me: lol yeah I think you’re a pervert too

I sent her a picture of me in front of the bathroom mirror with my cock proudly erect.

Me: Tell me what you want to do with my cock.

She did.

As I sat in my car outside Sumin’s building the following Saturday, I tried to figure out just how I’d ended up in this position. In less than a month’s time my life had turned completely upside down. I went from a paid-by-the-hour English teacher to having the most amazing sex with a stunning, intelligent, vivacious teenage girl who was now sharing me with her friend who could pass for a pin-up girl without much effort. Maybe I’d died and gone to a sexy teacher heaven where the educational drudgery stayed the same but the benefits improved significantly upon death?

My fingers drummed nervously on my steering wheel as I tried to calm myself down or psych myself up. I couldn’t figure out which. “You can do this,” I told myself. “It’s no big deal.” As you can see, I was nervous. Could I really pull this off? Why was I already not deported? This was so fucking stupid. So dangerous. Yeah, I wanted to do this. It was like a dream come true, but I was also nervous at the prospect. Two chicks at the same time, man. Right? How many guys would turn that down? I knew it happened to other people but it had never happened to me.

I took a deep breath and got out of the car and walked towards the building.

Buzzing myself in, I rode the elevator up with a young mother and her toddler son. The kid stared at me openly while holding his mother’s hand. She was content to ignore me as she lazily scanned her phone. They got out on 20 and I continued to 23.

“Our door code is 4561,” had been Sumin’s message earlier that day. “Come to my room.”

They were planning something. Throughout the week the two girls had been chatting almost non-stop about the coming lesson. From what Sumin was telling me, she was feeling much more confident about the class as the idea settled in. She talked a lot about what she wanted to show Jihyun. She seemed to be taking on the role of tutor and she said she was giving Jihyun a lot of advice. Jihyun, she said, was excited but very nervous. There’s theory and then there’s practice, after all.

I activated the electronic keypad on her door, punched in the number, and the lock disengaged. No, my fingers weren’t trembling, thank you very much. I entered into a darkened apartment, the only sound was the a/c whirring in the living room. No lights were on and the curtains were drawn. Spooky.

I walked through the entrance, leaving my shoes behind, and turned left past the coat closet to Sumin’s bedroom door, which was partially open. I could see the light from her night stand lamp and hear whispers. Knocking, I slowly pushed the door open.

Both girls were standing there in a matching lingerie set. It was a deep burgundy red with a sheer lace covering over their breasts and crotch. Looks like they’d gone shopping. Together, this time. I can only imagine what the sales clerk thought.

They were standing side-by-side with Jihyun on the left and Sumin on the right. They had their hands behind their backs and both girls were pushing their chests out slightly. And Jihyun’s breasts were just as full and amazing as I’d imagined. They were a healthy handful and my mouth practically watered at the thought of sucking on those nipples. I’ve always been a boob guy.

I looked them up and down, trying to burn the image into my brain. This would be spank bank material until I died. I could see the dark patch between their legs and, oddly enough, Jihyun’s bush was noticeably smaller. It looked like she trimmed it. I could feel my cock straining the front of my shorts and I had to reach down and adjust it to relieve some of the pressure. This appeared to break the spell. Sumin spoke first.

“Hello, teacher.” Her smile was huge. “We get ready for you.” She raised her hands up over her head, stretching her torso, then wiggled her hips before spinning around, giving me the full 360 degree view. “Do you like our new panties?”

“You look amazing,” I stammered. “You both look absolutely beautiful.” Sumin simply smiled but Jihyun, who still hadn’t said a word, blushed a deep crimson and averted her gaze.

Sumin noticed and said quietly in Korean. , “Don’t be shy. He told me he thought you were very pretty. Say hi!

I broke the tension first, having understood her just fine. “Hi, Jihyun.” I smiled at her.

She dipped her head in a slight bow and said quietly “Hello, Drew Teacher.” Her voice was almost a whisper.

“Teacher,” Sumin began. “I think she is very shy.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “We can go slow. And you told her she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to, right?

“Yes, teacher.” Sumin nodded. “I tell her that already. I told her you are gentleman.”

I stepped into the room, dropping my bag at the door, and walked up to Sumin. I took her in my arms, her skin cool against my bare arms, and kissed her deeply. I slipped my hands down her back and palmed her ass and she purred deep in her throat. When we broke apart, I saw Jihyun off to the side, watching us intently. She looked both like she wanted me to kiss her but was also afraid that I would. I held out my hand for Sumin’s and did the same for Jihyun, who slowly placed hers in mine. Then I walked them both over to the bed and sat them down. I went over to Sumin’s small desk and pulled out her chair.

“Let’s talk first,” I said. Sumin looked a little disappointed, I think because she had gotten all dressed up. Seeing this, I said “I think this was a good idea, but maybe too fast for Jihyun. Maybe she’s not ready for this just yet.”

Sumin thought over what I said, then she looked a little embarrassed, realizing her mistake. “Sorry, teacher!” Then she turned to Jihyun and spoke rapidly in Korean. “Is he right? Are you okay? Did I make you feel bad? I’m so sorry!

Jihyun shook her head. “No!” She paused. Well, maybe a little. I wanted to look sexy and I thought this would be okay but… Now he’s here and I’m a little scared. I don’t know what to do!”

I brought my hand up. “Jihyun, you don’t have to do anything if you’re not comfortable. You can put your clothes back on if you want to. I think maybe this is a little fast for you.”

She nodded. “Little. But,” she added quickly. “I want… study today!”

“Okay,” I told her. “We can. But I want you to feel comfortable and safe. You’ve had sex before, right?”

Jihyun nodded and I asked her to tell me about it. What she told me, in a mixture of Korean and English, was that she’d had sex only once with a boy from a neighboring school. It happened about six months ago. They’d met downtown and gone to a singing room. They’d had sex but she said there was no oral, very little foreplay, and his dick was so small she could barely feel it. From start to finish the whole thing lasted barely ten minutes, of which the sex was only a few minutes of that total time. He’d pawed her breasts so hard that she had bruises afterwards. Japanese pornos strike again. Seriously, what’s up with the breast pawing?

After that, they’d awkwardly sung a few songs, he asked her if they could have sex again, to which she declined feigning soreness, and then they’d left. She said they messaged a few times after that but after a week she had tried to put the whole thing behind her and stopped talking to him. She was extremely disappointed after having it built up in her mind to such a high degree.

Since that weekend last winter, she hadn’t tried to sleep with anyone and hadn’t even dated. Not that she had a lot of time with her study schedule, even if she’d wanted to. I did learn that a couple of weeks after she’d had sex with the boy, a few of his friends suddenly started messaging her, asking to meet and she realized that he’d told his friends that she was a girl willing to have sex. She’d cursed at them and then blocked them. She was furious that he’d told his friends, which he of course denied, and then she blocked him, too. So she didn’t exactly have a good first time experience. But then, when Sumin had told her just how much fun she was having, that the sex might actually be good, she had really wanted to try it. So she was scared but determined.

Through this whole story Sumin had sat next to her best friend looking sympathetic and had reached out to hold her hand. She knew the whole thing already, of course.

“So,” I asked delicately, “What would you like to do today?”

Jihyun looked at Sumin, then looked at me. “Maybe I can little watch first?”

I looked at Sumin, who looked back at me. She nodded. “It’s okay,” Sumin confirmed.

“It’s okay with me,” I said. Jihyun smiled, looking relieved. I turned back to Sumin. “What should we show her?”

“I want you to lick my pussy, teacher.” Sumin grinned wickedly. “I always think about your tongue.”

When your sexy as hell Korean student tells you she wants you to lick her pussy while her hot-as-fuck best friend watches, you lick her pussy.

“Do you want to watch that?” I asked Jihyun. I don’t think she fully understood what was about to happen given that she didn’t have about a month of sex and sexting to pick up the language, but she nodded anyway, her eyes wide. Her nipples, the areolas much larger than Sumin’s, were a pale tan beneath the see-through fabric of her bra and the nipples were large and fat with arousal.

I turned back to Sumin and said, “I would love to lick your pussy, sweety.”

“Oh yeah!” she exclaimed, and giggled.

I stood up and pulled off my t-shirt and Sumin sat forward on the bed and went to work on my pants, first undoing the belt, then the button and zipper, before sliding them down, boxer briefs and all. My dick was so hard that she had to yank on the waistband of the boxers to get it over the bulge. But finally it was free and I uttered a sigh of relief.

Jihyun gasped at the sight which got a smile out of Sumin. Glancing over at her, Sumin asked “Should I lick it?

Doesn’t it taste bad

Nope!” Sumin replied. “Drew Teacher always takes a shower before he comes over and it’s very clean.” She brought up a finger and collected some of the copious amounts of precum that was running from my cock like a fountain. She turned her gaze back to me and slowly brought her finger to her mouth, smiling as she swallowed.

“Yummy,” she said. My dick twitched. Then she leaned forward and sucked half my cock into her mouth in one gulp, applied a lot of suction, then pulled herself back off my cock with an audible popping sound.

“Fuuuck!” I cried out, laughing. The little show-off!

“Uh-muh!” Jihyun said at the same time, which is a Korean equivalent of ‘oh my god’ or ‘oh shit’. “You really put it in your mouth!” And she giggled.

“I really like teacher’s cock,” Sumin said. “But first I want him lick my pussy.” Giving my cock a couple of strokes she got back up onto the bed and laid down, her legs still dangling over the side. She crooked her finger and made a little ‘come here’ gesture. I loved it when she did this; when she told me exactly what she wanted. I can’t speak for other guys but almost none of the adult women I’ve been with would ever say directly, even when I encouraged them.

I grabbed a pillow from her bed and placed it on the ground between her legs, then settled down on my knees. I began to kiss up her thighs and I saw Jihyun move closer to see what was going on. I pushed my nose into her pussy, the lace of her panties scratching me a little, and breathed her in. The warm smell of her pussy made my cock twitch again. I kissed her all around, pushing my tongue into the fabric, teasing her. Sumin brought her hands to the back of my head and pushed me in harder while thrusting her hips up.

“Who’s pussy is this,” I asked Sumin.

“Mmmm, it’s your pussy, teacher,” she answered without hesitation, her voice low and heavy with desire.

I slipped my hands under the waistband of her panties and began to pull them off. After a little bit of maneuvering, I dropped them to the ground. Sumin watched me eagerly, her body propped up on her elbows as I brought my face in close. I saw her reach her right hand over and grab Jihyun’s hand and Sumin gave her a big smile. Jihyun had a look of astonishment on her face but she was engrossed in the whole scene.

I hardened the tip of my tongue and placed it at the base of her pussy and brought it up slowly. Sumin gasped and shuddered and her body flopped back down on the bed. “Yeesssss, teacher!”

I drank her in, sliding my tongue deep into her pussy and thrust as deeply as I could. She writhed on the bed as I shifted my attention back to her clit, alternating between circling it with my tongue, then flicking it directly. I brought my fingers up and inserted one into her, curling it up and locating her g-spot. Her back arched up and she placed both hands on the back of my head again as she cried out. “Teacher! There! There!” Sumin was incredibly turned on and it didn’t take her long to reach orgasm. As I felt her getting close I once more sucked her clit into my mouth while my finger stimulated her from the inside, and she exploded. She pulled my head hard into her pussy as she shuddered and thrashed. Her muscles contracted around my finger and I stopped moving entirely, letting the pleasure wash over her.

Once she had collapsed back onto the bed and her grip loosened on the back of my head, I looked over at Jihyun who looked stunned.

Unni, are you alright?[/] Jihyun asked, astonishment and just a twinge of fear in her voice. Unni is a term Koreans use for an older female friend. It sort of translates as sister but not related. I’d never asked before, but that meant that Sumin was older than Jihyun. It wouldn’t matter even if it was just a month or two, they would still use the honorific.

“[i]I’m great.
” Sumin said, languidly. “You should let Drew Teacher lick you, too.

I surreptitiously wiped my face while Jihyun was paying attention to Sumin. I didn’t want to freak her out unnecessarily. Sumin didn’t care about the wetness, she even seemed to get off on it a little bit, but Jihyun was dealing with enough already and wasn’t sure how she’d respond to that. Better safe than sorry.

It feels so good! Sumin continued. “You’ll love it!

Jihyun looked at me, then back to Sumin, then nodded. “Okay….”

“Are you sure,” I asked her, trying to sound reassuring.

After a few seconds she nodded once more, then said, “Yes. I sure.” She gave me a small smile as Sumin guided her down to the bed. She was talking softly to her, encouraging her and telling her what to expect.

Jihyun assumed the same position Sumin had, her body lying across the width of the bed with her legs hanging over the side. Sumin was tucked in next to her, holding her hand as she watched me with a strange smile on her face. And was that… lust? Envy?. I settled between her legs just as before and started slowly.

I caressed her legs, which made her jerk slightly, but she didn’t pull away. Next I began by kissing the inside of her knees, then moving farther up. I could feel her muscles trembling with what I assumed was nervousness and I could hear her shuddering breaths.

“Are you okay,” I asked her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” came her quick reply. “Just little…” she struggled for the word. “Nervous.” And she chuckled. “Unni, what am I doing? Oh my god!”

I continued forward until I got to the center of her legs, her teenage pussy just in front of my nose covered by her new panties. I placed a kiss right over the top where her clit hid beneath the fabric and the folds of her pussy, which elicited a little squeak from her, then I moved off to the sides, kissing and licking that spot where her legs joined her hips. I spent a couple of minutes kissing, rubbing, and sucking on all that delicious flesh until her hips were arching up in anticipation. That’s what I was waiting for.

“I’m going to take off your panties now,” I told her.

“Okay,” Jihyun said quietly. She raised her hips and I pulled the fabric over the generous curve of her ass, then slid them down her legs. Finally, her pussy was in full view. And as I suspected, I could see evidence of her trimming it down along the sides. I wondered when she’d started doing that and why?

As I moved in and prepared, I could still hear Sumin whispering to her, telling her how good it was going to be, not to worry, she could stop at any time if she wanted to and I wouldn’t be mad. She was turning out to be an excellent teacher’s assistant.

I kissed the skin just to the sides of her pussy, which I could see was already wet, and let her acclimate to the idea that there was a guy between her legs about to lick her bare pussy. Then, as with Sumin, I hardened my tongue and licked from the bottom all the way to the top.

“Uh-muh uh-muh!” Jihyun cried out and she pulled away from my probing tongue, before I heard her giggle. Sumin joined her. I didn’t press, just waited for a second.

“Do you want more?” I asked her, kissing her thighs as I waited.

“Yes, teacher.” she said, her voice husky. I slipped my hands under her legs, bringing them up over the top so I could grip her more firmly.

“Teacher, it so sexy!” Sumin said, and I glanced up to see her grinning down at me. “I like see you do that.”

I winked at her, and set to work. I brought my tongue back and placed it at her small opening, pushing in slowly. This time, instead of her pulling away, she pushed into my tongue, trying to get it in deeper. The room was filled with the sound of her exclamations and cries as things she’d never felt before washed over her senses.

I noticed too that she tasted different than Sumin did. Sumin had almost no flavor, assuming she was freshly washed. Jihyun’s was more… I guess acidic is the right word. She didn’t taste bad at all, but there was a slight tang that I didn’t notice with Sumin. I suppose that was true with all women, I’d honestly never thought about it before, but licking two pussies back to back allowed for comparison.

I pulled her tight into my face as my tongue pushed as deep into her hole as I could. My nose was right up against her clit and I tried to stimulate it as best as I could but it was hit or miss between my head moving and her hips bucking. I reached one hand up for her breast and found a hand already there. I knew it wasn’t Jihyun’s because both of her hands were on the back of my head. Bringing my eyes up I could see Sumin with a tit in her mouth! While I was busy with Jihyun’s pussy, Sumin had leaned over Jihyun, pulled down her bra and was sucking Jiyun’s right nipple into her mouth, her other hand massaging the left one. Sumin’s other hand was between her legs, rubbing her own pussy. Christ, I almost came right there. Sumin saw me looking and flashed me a wicked smile, Jihyun’s nipple still between her teeth, then resumed her task.

Jihyun was uttering a long strings of ‘uh-muhs’ and oh my gods, and her body began to tense up. Her orgasm was approaching. I could hear her gasp and I heard Sumin begin to moan her pleasure also, her mouth never breaking with Jihyun’s supple breast. I shifted my attention upwards to her clit and moved my right hand to her opening, sliding one finger in. It was tight, much like Sumin had been that first time, and I didn’t want to try for two. With my tongue flicking her clit, Sumin’s mouth on her breast, and my finger deep inside her, she came.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” she cried out as what might have been her first ever orgasm tore through her body. Her hips jerked convulsively and I pulled my face back, but my finger stayed inside her. One of her arms reached up and gripped Sumin’s head, holding her tight to her chest as her body shuddered. As Jihyun’s orgasm began to recede, Sumin’s hit her and I saw her hips twitch as she fingered herself to completion. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen in my life.

Jihyun’s body went limp and Sumin sat up, also a little glassy-eyed. She looked at me, then at Jihyun’s exposed breasts, and then looked embarrassed. Jihyun, coming out of her haze, realized fully what had happened. I think in the heat of the moment she hadn’t really registered that her best friend had started sucking on her tits but looking at her bra and the wetness still around her nipple, she stared for a moment, then looked at Sumin, then they both laughed. Jihyun slapped her lightly on the arm. “Yah! I’m not a lesbian!

Sumin tweaked her nipple. “Neither am I! And they laughed together. “I just want to taste that.”

“Did you like it?” I asked them, and looked at both Sumin and Jihyun.

I don’t know!” Sumin said, blushing.

I don’t know, either!” Jihyun echoed. And they both succumbed to fits of laughter. Jihyun was getting a lot of firsts today.

As fun as it was, my cock was about to burst. I pulled Sumin to me, and we kissed passionately, letting her taste her best friend on my lips. If that bothered her, she didn’t show it. Already knowing what I wanted, her hand found my cock and began to stroke. I reached for Jihyun who sat up beside Sumin and I kissed her, too. Slowly at first, then a little more forcefully. I felt another hand on my cock and broke away to see Sumin guiding Jihyun’s hand. Jihyun looked down too, almost in awe as she began to move on her own.

“It big, teacher!” Jihyun said. I just smiled. I stepped away from the bed and had them each get on their knees in front of me.

“Sumin, why don’t you show her what to do?” I suggested.

“Yes, teacher.” She was using her cutesy voice.

Sumin proceeded to explain to her in Korean about what she should do. I heard her explain that it will be a little hard at first until she practices more, that her jaw will get tired and that she should watch out for teeth. She said they would take turns so if Jihyun got tired, she would take over.

Jihyun took the center position, her hand gliding awkwardly up my shaft, and with Sumin massaging her tits from behind, she brought her tongue to my cock. She licked up a bit of precum experimentally, just as Sumin had that first time. Sumin leaned in behind her and said, “Put his dick in your mouth as far as you can.

Jihyun obeyed and I groaned loudly as her hot mouth swallowed my cock. “Oh fuuuuuck!” as my hips pushed forward. Jihyun immediately gagged and pulled back, but with comforting words whispered in her ear by Sumin, she resumed. Her hand worked the shaft and her mouth stayed on the top half of my dick as she tried to get a rhythm going. Every time I got close, her teeth would nick me. I didn’t say anything though, I didn’t want to discourage her. There wasn’t a lot of sensation as she only had a rough idea of what she should be doing. She was just figuring out how to apply suction when her jaw started to cramp up.

“Teacher,” she said at last. “Mouth hurt.” And she gave a frown. No one gets it right the first time.

I bent down to kiss her gently. “You did great!” I told her.

“Teacher, me!” Sumin jumped in. To Jihyun, she said, “ Lick him here. Gently, though.” Sumin pointed to my balls. She nudged her forward and I watched as Jihyun positioned herself slightly in front of Sumin and tentatively took one of my balls into her mouth while Sumin gobbled my cock down. She was eager to swallow my cock. My body rocked back and forth as she did her best to swallow my whole length. Her other hand was between her legs again, rubbing her pussy furiously and Jihyun was licking my balls. I could have died a happy man right there.

This only went on for about a minute before I felt my orgasm approaching. “I’m going to cum!” I announced, grunting in ecstasy. Sumin pulled off my dick with a pop and her hand started stroking furiously.

“Teacher, our face!” she urged and grabbed Jihyun, pressing her face close to hers. Jihyun squealed and looked a little panicked but Sumin knew exactly what she wanted and knew how much I liked cumming on her face. My back arched, I threw my head back, and cum exploded out of my cock. “Ooooh my god!” I yelled, almost falling over. Sumin’s hand had never stopped. My body shuddered and I heard the cries of both girls as my dick spasmed again and again. Finally I did lose my balance and my hand shot out, grabbing onto the Sumin’s desk chair as I sat down heavily, the cheap fabric scratching my bare ass, and my breath coming in deep gasps. I stared down at the sight before me.

Oh my god!” I heard Jihyun cry. “It’s all over my face!” She half whimpered, half laughed. Sumin started straight up laughing.

Jihyun had a lot of cum on her face and so did Sumin. She had aimed well. She was already scooping it up off her face and chest and putting it in her mouth. She urged Jihyun to do the same. “You should try to eat it all,” Sumin advised, grinning as she cleaned herself off.

As for Jihyun she had recovered from the shock of her first facial and had started to mimic Sumin. She was uncertain at first, but after a couple of finger-fulls of my seed, she decided it wasn’t that bad, and continued. Sumin, mostly clean, began to help her, scooping a good bit off of Jihyun’s right breast and slowly feeding it to her. “Eat until it’s clean! she giggled, as Jihyun sucked the cum off her finger.

“Yah!” Jihyun scolded her, laughing. “You crazy bitch!” But she continued to let Sumin feed her my cum. Sumin moaned as Jihyun sucked her fingers clean.

I got up then, my legs weak, and stood over to them. Cum was still slowly dripping out of my cock and I held it out in front of them, Jihyun first. She looked up at me, her eyes wide, and understood what I wanted. Like a good student, she stuck out her tongue and collected the cum, then wrapped her full lips around the head of my cock, nursing like a baby with a bottle.

“Good girl,” I cooed to her, sliding my semi-hard cock deeper into her mouth. I saw Sumin looking at my cock hungrily, so I pulled out of Jihyun’s mouth and placed my cock on her waiting tongue. I watched with fascination as she slowly swirled her tongue around it and then sank almost my entire length into her mouth, never breaking eye contact.

“You’re both very good students,” I said to them. Sumin batted her eye lashes at me, my cock still sliding in and out of her mouth, and Jihyun smiled as well, blushing. “Thank you, teacher.”

My god, I was in heaven.

To be continued…


2021-07-26 06:23:00
Wow. The pacing in these three stories has turned the heat up to 10. Your teacher could also teach writing, but I'm glad his attention is elsewhere.

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