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Tommy gets together with Dolly again
Tommy Ainsgarth's Third Time

It were a dark November night in Yorkshire. Tommy and Fred Brassenthwaite were working local passenger north from Donaster wi a D1 class engine, built be Ivatt and as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Tommy were keeping a lookout for guards flag and whistle at Grisedale when he saw Dolly the girl he knew from the engineman’s lodging get off of train. Dolores were Landladies daugher, last thing Tommy knew she were at Grimsby college learning hospitality as she wanted be a hoo er.

She were a stunner, her tits were straining the seams on her cream gaberdine mackintosh, her lips were like rubies, her eyes were like, well eyes, one were blue and the other weren’t, her hair was pure gold wi black roots, and her face, had all the right bits and well thee don’t have to look at it when you’re close up do thee.

“Hey Dolly!” he shouted.

“Fuck off pervert,” she replied.

“Eee, that’s not very nice,” he retorted.

“Nor are you spunkin’ o’er me chin.” she chided.

“I were helping thee learn fellation,” he said as if wounded, “You ungrateful cow.”

“Yeah well I failed didn’t I and I failed again down London,” she sighed, “No bugger wants to screw a Hooer wi a Hull acent.”

“Gee Dolly I want’s to.” Tommy says reassuringly.

“And me,” says the driver.

“I’d have a go ‘cept the missus might find out,” agreed the stationmaster.

“Yer only sayin’ that to be nice,” Dolly says.

“Drop yer nickers and bend over and thee’ll soon find if we’s jesting,” Fred Brassenthwaite adds, “No bugger cares whether thee’s passed exams up yer, any port in a storm.”

“You rotten bugger no one want’s to look at me face when there’ a screwin,” Dolly protested.

“We all that makeup muck on thee looks like red Indian chief,” Fred jested. “Why not stick bag over thee head.”

“Or one of they false heads like alien monster,” added the Stationmaster not all that helpfully.

“Oh fuck the lot of you!” says Dolly.

“Nay someone has to stick on engine to watch water level,” Fred laughed.

“You rotten bastards,” Dolly snapped.

“Thee could climb up here and get screwed on way to Layburn,” Tommy suggested.

“I don’t want to go to Layburn,” Dolly replied.

“More about cummin than going,” Fred laughed, “Cummin’ not going, gerrit? Oh why do I fuckin’ bother.”

“You going to take the piss all night?” Dolly demanded.

“Not all night, there’s goods due in hour or so,” Stationmaster laughed.

“Well thee’ll be laughing tother side of the chops presently,” Dolly snapped.

She put down her case, flipped the catch and took out the biggest carved wooden cock and balls any of them had ever seen..

“Fuck’s sake,” Fred sighed incredulously.

Dolly hoised her skirt shoved her skimpy knckers aside and tried to ram the ebony monster up herself. She failed miserably.

She tried sitting on platform seat so she could get her legs wider but that railed as well.

“Ee Tommy Lad give her one and spunk her up so’s it slides in better.” Fred says.

Now as any railwayman knows engine drivers word is god.

“Right oh gaffer,” says Tommy as he climbs off engine.

“Fucks sake I never meant,” Fred says in disbelief as Tommy walks towards Dolly while pushing the straps of his coveralls off his sholders so as he could get his bollocks and cock and that out.

“Ey up lass let me help,” Tommy says as he takes the wooden cock off Dolly and rams his cock deep inside her..

“Oh shit that’s so fucking good,” says Dolly, “I never been raped before.”

“Oh sorry, I thought thee were up for it,” Tommy says.

“Girl can change her mind can’t her,” Dolly says as she starts working her cunt muscles to milk cum out of Tommy’s cock.

Tommy were humping like a good un, worried that they was making train late. His knob end were banging against summat like a sledge hammer in a velvet glove, or so he thought as he deamily banged her.

“How the fuck did she fail the Hooers exam if she bangs like that?” Stationmaster queried.

“They can’t understand me accent,” Dolly replied.

“What about Hull?” Tommy asked.

“Failed me Fellatio,” Dolly said, “I gagged and near bit his knob off.”

“For fucks sake,” Fred says shaking his head.

“Oh fuck Tommy that’s so good!” Dolly says as Tommy struggles to remember how to shoot his load.

“Thee’ll have to be patient ‘tis me first time wi a wench apart from spunking in thee’s face of course.” Tommy explained.

“No panic,” says Dolly dreamily, “Take thee time."

Somewhere in the dark recesses of Tommy’s mind he realised while he didn’t know how to cum he never kne how to stop his self either.

“Oh fuck I’m cummin, where do you want it Dolly,” Tommy asks.

“Keep it off me face and skirt,” says Dolly, “Easiest thing is spunk inside me probably.”

“Reet oh,” says Tommy and he lets fly like end like a pop safety valve lifting.

“Fucks sake Tommy how long you been saving that up for!” Dolly cried, “It’s running down me leg.”

“Ever I suppose,” Tommy exclaimed, and just kept pumping spunk.

“Bloody good job every John ent as spunked up as thee,” Dolly sighed, “I’m fucking swimming in spunk.”

“Ee Tommy, Best get moving,” Fred says urgently.

“Thought thee wanted a go?” Dolly whined.

“Some other time,” Fred says.

“Its be fucking cause I failed me exam ‘ent it,” Dolly exclaimed.

“Summat like that,” Fred says as he sounds whistle. Even that knocked steam pressure back ten pounds.

“Thee should try Allerton Corsby,” Stationmaster says, “Thee only has to get seven out of ten off of the Parish Council for their permit like.”

“Yeah,” Says Fred, “They only got old Martha at post office and Milly landlady of Dog and Duck on Parish register of hooers.

“How do you mean, Seven out of ten?” Dolly asked.

Fred sighed, “Parish Councillors fuck thee and give marks out of ten, morn seventy per cent and yore in.”

“Oh, I thought I neeeded certificates,” Dolly said weakly.

“You could kip at my place, we’re only five mile from Allerton” Tommy said, “I got a double bed and there’s only me and me brothers Jim and Ginger.”

“I’d rather sleep under a bush no offence.” Dolly says.

“Nay lass thee can kip in waiting room,” Stationmaster says, “Now get going good will be yer in no time.”

Flags waved and whistles blew and old engine creaked and groaned and crawled away from ststion. Tommy waved goodbye to Dolly all the while oblivious to fact he had just gotten her up the duff.

“Put some fucking coal on,” Fred says, “Don’t worry I was talking bollocks, they don’t issue certificates at Allerton all they’re hooers are fucking amateurs.”

“That’s cruel is that,” says Tommy, “Why’d you lie for?”

“She’s thick as three short planks” Fred laughed, “She’ll be asking councillors to screw her and give marks out of ten.”...“Me uncle Matt is a councillor there and he’s got a dicky ticker, ten minutes wi Dolly might finish he off and I’m beneficiary on his will.”

“You rotten sod,” Tommy sighed as he wondered when he’d get to screw Dolly again.

As it happened it were sooner than he thought.
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