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Ted picks up a sexy, mysterious hitchhiker who calls herself Graffiti. From there is gets very interesting.
" Mr. Jansson can you be more specific, more detailed?"

"How detailed?" I asked.

"Why don't you start at the beginning. Leave nothing out."

"It may take awhile."

"We've got all night."

"Ok then."

I thought for a moment. Well if they wanted everything, I'd give them everything.

I'd decided to drive cross country. I was 22, no good job prospects. I was tired of the New York area and thought California or Oregon or someplace would be different. I had all my possessions packed in a few equipment bags in my trunk. My only other possession was the Charger I was driving. I'd bought it a few years ago with the money my father left me when he passed. That was it. I had no remaining connections to my hometown. So, I set out on Route 80 with no particular destination in mind other than reaching the Pacific.

I was cruising through Pennsylvania somewhere south of Wilkes-Barre. I'd seen an exit sign, and decided to pull off for gas and to stretch my legs. As I neared the top of the exit ramp I slowed. Walking along the shoulder was a sight to make any breathing person pause. She had white blonde hair, about shoulder length, maybe a little shorter, she had a large backpack, and short, very short shorts. Denim, with some strategically and not so strategically place rips. They barely concealed an ass to make you cry. Then the legs, they went on forever. When she heard my engine she turned and held out her thumb. That's when I swerved to the shoulder just ahead of her and slammed on my brakes. If the view from behind got your attention, the front view made you stop. She had sky blue eyes, a small nose and a wide mouth with a set of bright white teeth that gleamed when she smiled at me. The backpack pulled on her shirt accentuating a fine looking pair of breasts. No bra in sight. She caught up to me and opened the door. I noticed she had chinese characters running down the back of her left arm. And some kind of design on her right thigh.

"Hi, can you give me a ride?" Her voice was light and friendly. Who could say no?

"Sure, my pleasure. Toss your pack in back and hop in. I'm just getting gas then heading back on the road."

"Cool. Appreciate it." She stowed her backpack and folded herself in alongside me. I tried not to stare, but damn. When she was settled she asked, "How far you going."

"All the way, um, to uh, the west coast." I felt like a fool. She laughed. I'd learn that she laughed a lot.

"Oh, for a second I thought you were being very forward."


"No worry. I like honest guys." I pulled in at the station and got out to pump gas. I noted that she was following me with her eyes as I walked around the car. When I was back in the car she said, "If you're not in a hurry, can we take the smaller roads? Highways are boring."

"I have all the time in the world." I got us back on the road. She looked at me, maybe deciding how she wanted to approach me.

"Maybe this was dumb of me."


"Suggesting back roads."


"You could pull over anywhere and rape me or something." I was shocked to say the least. I'm not exactly the raping type.

"No, I'd never. Why would you..."

"Well you're giving me a ride. Do I have to fuck you or something? Last guy just wanted a blow job. You want a blow job?" I didn't know what to say, would I want to fuck her, well hell yeah to be honest, but shit she was forward. "Are you shy?"

"Well, I didn't think. Just because. Um, can we start with names? I'm Ted."

"People call me Graffiti." Even the simple questions led to questions.


"Yeah. Maybe it's the tattoos. Someone once said it was cause I'm nice to look at but then I wore out my welcome. I dunno."

"I see that tattoo, or tattoos on your arm. What's it say?"

"You read chinese?"


"Then it can mean whatever you want. I just like the way it looks."

"And I see the one on your leg." She pulled her right pants leg, what there was of it, all the way up, showing off a snake wrapping around her thigh.

"And I have these." With that she pulled her t shirt over her head. Yes she was sitting in my front seat, cruising down some Pennsylvania country road, topless. "There's this butterfly on my tit." Oh god, those tits. C cup, but with just the right sag from years of no bras I guessed. Then she turned to show me the dragon on the back of her left shoulder.

"Wow, very nice."

"The tattoos or my tits? Hey watch the road." Yes I guess I had forgotten about the road.

"Um, both. All of them."

"Good answer. What about you? Any tats?"

"No, not me. Is that all of them?" She was putting her shirt back on.

"I'd have to take off my pants to show you those. We'd probably crash, so not now." Not NOW? Interesting.

"So you've seen me, what about you?"

"Well I can't I'm driving."

"Sure you can. Or I can at least." She leaned over and unbuckled my belt. I wasn't sure she'd really do it. Then she opened the snap, and pulled down the zipper. My cock was of course stirring. I wasn't wearing underwear. I rarely do, it's constricting. Because I'm, well, uh I'm well endowed.

"OK, no embellishing." This was the other, female interviewer.

"No, actually I am."

"OK, go on."

She reached in and smiled as she pulled out my now mostly hard cock.

"Finally. I'm so tired of guys with small peckers. THIS I could have fun with." She was on her knees now, leaning over the center console. Next thing I knew my cock was disappearing into this girl's mouth. I'd never had a girl get me too deep, but down it went. Way way down. I was having trouble controlling the speed of the car on the winding road. When I saw a smaller road I pulled in and put it in park. I reached out to cup one of her tits hanging in her shirt. Then I lost all though of anything else as her throat worked over my cock. I held on as long as possible then warned her. She ignored my warning and effortlessly took my load down her throat. When finally she came up for air she looked at me, then down at my cock as it softened. "I think I may just go all the way."

"Wow. That's was..."

"Yeah, I know. Now drive, I'm getting horny." I get myself together then got back on the road. We were wandering through random country roads when we caught up to one of those buggies. Amish or something. As I slowly went around it Graffiti lifted up her shirt and flashed the blonde haired young guy driving it. He seemed to briefly lose control then corrected to get the horse back in the lane as I pulled in ahead of him. Graffiti looked back.

"You about gave that kid a heart attack."

"I'd like to give him more than that. Pull over." I did. A couple minutes later the buggy pulled around us. The kid, he couldn't have been much more than 18. Smooth faced, flaxen hair, blue shirt, straw hat. He stared over as he passed us.

"Wait here." She got out an started jogging to catch the wagon. I shook my head. Just what the fuck was going on here? She must have been calling to him. The buggy stopped and she caught him, pulling herself up on the right side. I sat and watched as the buggy began to bounce. It shook, it rocked. I could just see the back of his head through the opening in back. Then after several minutes of vigourous shaking the buggy sat still. Graffiti jumped down shorts hooked on a finger walking back towards my car. She was cleanly shaved, a small off-centered heart just above her pussy lips. When she got to my car she turned to show a smiling clown, no more than a couple inches wide on her right cheek. She hopped in and wriggled back into her shorts. "Now you've seen them all." I looked at her with my mmouth open, then,

"What was that all about?"

"That? Mostly sex. I needed it. He definitely needed it."

"And you'll just?"

"Fuck who I want, when I want? Yes. No one owns me. So hush. If you're good I'll fuck you later. But when I do you BETTER be good."

"Was he good?"

"Nah, regular cock. Came too fast. But I gave him a break. He's just a kid." As I passed the buggy I looked over. The kid appeared to still be in shock, his cock having shrunken, his eyes staring into space.

"Is he ok?"

"How should I know? I just fucked him."

"Should we?"

"Done with him. Drive."

So I drove. South for a bit then working my way west. I'd hoped to make the Pittsburgh area my first day, but with delays and distractions and smaller roads we were well short of there when Graffiti told me to pull in at a motel. It was a small place. The kind you can find along many roads in America. The type that used to thrive on people making their way from once place to another, before the interstates and chains took over. It was plain, clean. The kind of place we'd stop many more times. I let us into the room, carrying one of my bags. Graffiti lugged in her backpack and tossed it on one of the beds. She looked at me.

"So?" Was all she said.

"So?" I replied.

"So, are you expecting me to sleep with you? To fuck you then sleep in your arms all romantic and stuff?"

"I got a room with two beds. I can't afford to be getting two rooms every night. You can sleep where you want."

"So I don't have to fuck you to keep riding?"

"No, you don't have to do anything. I won't rape you, I won't force you."

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Y-yes. You're really hot. Sure."

"Then I make the rules."


"I fuck who I want. You fuck me if I want. You can also fuck anyone else I find. When I tell you to." I really didn't give much thought to what any of it meant. I really wanted her. I wanted her more as she stripped off her clothes and looked at me stark naked, well except for the tattoos. "I'm taking a shower. Be on that bed over there with your cock ready when I come out. Then we'll see."

She took a long shower. Then she came out towel drying her hair. Her tits bouncing as her hands moved across her head. She looked at me, also naked, sitting on the bed, my cock pointing to the ceiling. She smiled.

"Yeah, I think I want some of that. But first, let's see if you know what you're doing. I think I cleaned up all that kids spunk. Get down here and use your tongue. If I cum, then you can fuck me." I dove in with gusto. I guess she'd cleaned herself well. She tasted clean. I had incentive, I worked diligently, I sucked at her inner lips where they showed through, I nibbled along the outer lips, up to her clit and down to where her pussy opened for me. I let my tongue explore inside, where I hoped to soon be. I worked hard. Never slowing in my efforts. She kept a hand on my head directing me, holding me in place when she wanted more, pushing me down, or pulling me up went she wanted different. My tongue lapped and tickled and flicked and fluttered along. She merely hummed a tune, in pleasure I hoped. After a long while I could sense her hips begin to gyrate. She was pressing harder on my head, finally grasping a handful of my hair, forcing me into her, my tongue flat and covering her pussy, then up to suck at her sensitive clit, moving side to side, around and around I went, her legs snapped shut and held me as I worked faster, my fingers inside, until, until, she released the tension, like a tea pot letting off steam, more of a squeal than a scream, no words, no curses, then just a final "UH". Then she relaxed back on the bed. The next thing I heard was, 'OK, you can fuck me."

It was the moment of truth. Truth be told I hadn't been laid in awhile. Breaking up with my girlfriend was one more reason I was heading west. Now I looked down at this fresh smooth pussy, that little heart tattoo. I looked up at her breasts rising and falling. Still young enough to stand up a bit. Just how old was she? I realized I knew virtually nothing about her. Even her name. Just Graffiti. What the fuck kind of name...

"You going to fuck or stare. Fuck me good but be careful with that thing. My cunt doesn't go all the way up to my tits." Oh right. I rubbed my cock against her. She was still wet from before. I centered myself and slowly pushed in. She held her breath as I pushed further. Then I pulled back a bit, then forward. Letting her get used to my cock. "Ah, that's good after skinny prick today." I pushed harder, deeper. When I reached her cervix I held in place, letting her get used to me. Then I lifted her by the ass and began rocking my hips, finding the right speed to go deep without hurting her. Since she'd sucked me dry this afternoon I was good for awhile. Her mouth stayed open, her head rocked from side to side, her tits bounced and shook on her chest. She wrapped her legs around me, then planted her feet on the bed so she could add her own movements, her hips lifting in time with me, letting me in deep, then back out, then in. When I saw her hands start gripping the sheets, pulling at them I knew she had another coming. I kept up the pace, stretching her insides, drawing her lips out, then forcing my way in. Over and over. I could feel my own coming, but held on, willing myself to wait until she let loose a long breath, clenched her teeth. I waited, just, a, little, bit longer and ahhh, sweet release, my toes curling, my legs cramping, my cum spurting. Oh she was a hot piece of ass. And I'd had her. I thought she was mine. I'd learn that wasn't the case. I let myself down onto her. My cock still throbbing inside. I put me head near hers and tried to kiss her. She turned her head.

"No, not yet. I'm not your girlfriend or something. You fuck good, you even eat pussy pretty good. But I'm not yours."

I sat back and looked at her. My cock, glistening from our fluids, hung between my legs. Her pussy was open, leaking my cum. Her sweeet body lay before me. It was as good a time as any to ask.

"Just who are you?"

"Told you that already."

"No, you must have a name, a real name." She rolled her eyes. Those blue eyes. She sniffed through her nose. She opened her mouth, closed it. "If we're going to ride togther. Spend days together. Do I really have to call you Graffiti?" She crossed her arms over her chest. She looked down at my cock, then up at me. Rolled her eyes once more.

"Dawn. And you're lucky you have a big cock."

"Or what?"

"You don't wanna know." Now I wasn't sure I did want to know. Maybe I should have split. Paid for her night there and hit the road. In the long run it would have been easier. Less interesting for sure. Less painful. But I was still looking down at her, her legs still spread to either side of me. Her pussy promising endless pleasure.

"Can I call you Dawn?"

"Do you really have to? I hate that name."

"Well I can't be calling you Graffiti in restaurants and stuff." Do you have another name, a middle name?

"Gretchen. That's worse."

"Dawn is nice. It promises new beginnings."

"You a poet or something?"

"I write, some."

"Cool. So you're going west to write?"

"I've never seen the Pacific. Or the Rockies. Or anything much west of Manhattan."

"So we can travel the roads of America. Like a modern Bonnie and Clyde."

"Bonnie and Clyde? I don't want..."

"No, we won't rob banks or steal money. We'll steal their virginity, their morals, their pride. We'll fuck our way across America."

I looked at her. Did she mean it?

"Like the Amish kid?"

"Yep, like that." She did mean it. I must have looked confused. "You can call me Dawn. But you do whatever I say." I crawled up on the bed. Dawn got under the covers. I joined her. She moved next to me. I put my arm around her. "That's ok, just don't get too familiar." Too familiar? We'd just had sex. This was going to be some ride.

The next day we made pretty good time. Dawn seemed to be satisfied for the moment. I entertained her with some stories I'd written.

"Don't you have some dirty ones?"

"Like sex stories? Yeah I can add sex scenes if you want."

"Yeah add them." So I did. Dawn wore loose gym shorts and happily rubbed herself as I added more lurid details to the story. That got her through the day. We'd made it to Indiana and found another nice midwestern motel. When we'd both showered Dawn presented me with her butt in the air and told me to give her my cock.

"But don't you dare put that fucking thing in my ass." As nice as her ass looked I was more that happy to bury myself in her pussy, the position letting me rock in and out nice and smooth. She was only a couple inches shorter than my 6 feet so we generally lined up pretty well. I held her ass and gave it to her good and long. After awhile I could hear her quietly, repeating, "yes, yes, yes, yes" over and over. Not loud, not an earth shattering exclamation of joy. More like a mantra, or just her approving of each thrust. Then she lay flat, her right hand buried in her pussy as I got in behind and began in earnest, driving into her listening for her to get what she needed, "yes, yes, yes", then "ungh, ah", and a long sigh. This was my sign to get busy and get done. Her hands were now splayed out on either side, her legs tuck up and under, her ass just raised as I balanced myself and went hard until I drove deep and sprayed her depths with cum. When I continued thrusting my cock, she said, "Ok, enough, don't impale me." I pulled out. Catching my breath.

"Don't rest. Clean my pussy." I got up to get a washcloth. "No, use your tongue." She stayed in the same position, her ass in the air. It took me a moment to work out how, then I got my head underneath. My cum dripped into my mouth as I lapped at her pussy. I wasn't in the habit of tasting my cum, but I was getting in the habit of listening to Graffiti. When she was satisfied she rolled over on her back. "Good enough for me, should be good enough for you." I again lay beside her.

Maybe it was all the driving. Or the late night sex, but I never heard Dawn get up in the morning. I'd just rolled onto my back when the light coming in through the door blinded me. Next think I knew the sheets were pulled back and a high pitched female voice said,

"Oh my god!"

"I told you. And he's not bad with it either. So, you in?"

"Well I've never, with any guests. I could be fired." I sat up as my eyes adjusted. Dawn held the sheets so I couldn't pull them over me. My morning wood was proudly on display for Dawn and..

"And just who is this?" Dawn looked at me. Then to the girl who was in a uniform with the name of the motel just over her smallish left breast.

"Oh this is Sandy. Sandy, this is Ted." I nodded, she giggled nervously, barely letting her eyes leave my cock. "I was having coffee in their little diner over there when I spied Sandy. We chatted for a moment and I had the sudden urge to have her naked in my bed."

"But I don't.." Sandy tried to cut in.

"Yes, yes, Sandy says she doesn't like pussy, or hasn't tried it or is allergic to it or something...."

"I've never. It's a sin."

"It's not a sin, Sandy. What is a sin is covering up a sexy young body and not using it. And what did I promise you?"

"You'd show me the biggest penis I ever saw."

"Is it?"

"I've only seen Bobby Grafton's. It's not like that."

"So now I showed you Ted's cock here. How about you get naked with me and we lick some pussy, then Ted will fuck you with that? Right Ted? You'd fuck Sandy wouldn't you?"

"I, uh, don't know Sandy." Dawn walked behind Sandy and rubbed her shoulders. From there she could whisper encouragement as she began unbuttoning her dress. Whatever she was saying had Sandy transfixed because she stood there, not moving until all the buttons were undone, and her dress had fallen to the floor. From my vantage point Sandy did have a nice little body. Not much in the tit department, but good hips and freckles sprinkled across a cute face. Then her plain white bra was gone and I could see her small breasts, slightly upturned, small nipples. They were soon covered by Dawn's hands as they traced lines around and around, starting well outside the small mounds and circling, circling. Another whisper and Sandy walked to the bed. Damn looked at me,

"Why don't you go shower and take care of your morning piss. By the time you get back I think she'll be ready." I did as instructed. When I returned Dawn was on her back and Sandy was doing her best on her first pussy. Sandy looked over at me, my cock now swinging between my legs the site of her ass causing it to stir. Dawn pushed Sandy back in place.

"She's not bad for a first timer. Speaking of which, she wants you to take her cherry."

"Wait, what? She's a virgin? Bobby what's his name hasn't."

"Nope, he's barely had his hands on these little bitty titties." I walked behind Sandy, unlike Dawn she had plenty of frizzy hair between her legs.

"You sure Sandy?" She looked up and nodded her head. Dawn, unconcerned told me,

"Go ahead, maybe it'll improve her enthusiasm for her current job." This was a whole differnet level than fucking the willing hitchhiker. Unsure I asked,

"How old are you?" With Dawn holding her head in place I heard a mumbled sound that resembled, eighteen. But it could have been anything. Dawn confirmed,

"She said eighteen, now get to it, we can't stay here all day and she needs to get back to work."

I got in close behind Sandy, I let my fingers, slide up her pussy lips, then down and in her tight opening. She was wet for sure, but damn. I was just a random guy. Dawn looked at me,

"Fuck her Ted. Now."

I put my cock against her. This was going to be long slow work. I pushed. Damn she was fucking tight. I pushed again, my head barely entering. I pushed a little further each time. Sandy was now making sobbing sounds as she sucked on Dawn's pussy. I pushed until I reached a barrier. Then looking at Dawn's blue eyes, I pushed through. Sandy's head came up,

"ooooooooooh." Damn patted her head,

"It gets better." I hoped it would. I let myself ease into the tightest pussy I ever felt. Dawn gave up on Sandy and slid out from under, letting Sandy bury her face in the bed, her ass in the air, her pussy being split open by my cock. Dawn moved to the end of the bed. "I want to watch that cock stuffing her anyway. God damn that's hot. She'll barely be able to walk the rest of her shift.

All Sandy had to say was, "ooooooooooooooooo."

Damn grew impatient. "Come on Ted, it's not all about you, fuck her." So I picked up the pace a little. Sandy settled in letting us know she was there as she "oooooooo" and "ooooohed" her way through it. As I got near I was ready to pull out. Dawn said to stay in,

"Tell him Sandy, tell him, be dirty."

"Cum in me. Cum in my dirty cunt Ted. Give me your cuuuuum." Which was all I could wait anyway. With her vice grip on my cock I wasn't going anywhere. I held her ass and flooded her virgin pussy. When I was done, Dawm clapped her hands.

"Good, that was so good. Now clean yourself up Sandy. They need you in the coffee shop. Ted, you want a coffee?"

So we went and had a coffee, and donut. Sandy was walking uncomfortably. I left a nice tip. Back on the road I looked over at Dawn.

"Dawn, that was kind of fucked up."

"Do you have to call me that ALL the time?"

"OK Graffiti, whatever. But what's the deal?"

"Bonnie and Clyde, dude. That there was a prime haul." I shook my head and pointed my car west.

We made Iowa and turned north, just because. Somewhere beyond Cedar Rapids we saw a larger hotel The type of place with a bar and restaurant. There was a business convention nearby and lots of middle aged men roaming about. Once settled we went down to the bar for a drink. Dawn scouted the room. I wondered what she had planned. She looked at me.

"You said you'd do whatever I told you."

"After this morning, I might be concerned about that."

"No backing out now. I didn't get much out of this morning."

"I could take you upstairs and take care of you."

"Oh look at mister big talk. I might need something different. Go upstairs, I'll be up sooner or later." I got up and scanned the room. Some guy, or woman, here was going to get more than they bargained for. I watched TV for awhile, then shut it off when I heard the door opening. I saw Dawn first then a middle aged man behind her. He saw me,

"Hey Graffiti, you didn't say there was a guy here."

"I asked if you wanted to party with me and my friend."

"I was checking out your hot ass and assumed you had another girl up here." Dawn leaned against him, rubbing her tits on his chest. He was breathing heavier as she fondled his cock. He groaned. She said,

"Don't tell me you don't want to give me your big cock." She was practically licking his ear as she put her hand behind her back and held her thumb and forefinger about two inches apart.

"Yeah but."

"No buts. My friend here is too big for me. Show him Ted." I slid down my underwear. "So I need a big cock, but not a huge one."

"Oh yeah, ok."

"But poor Ted needs some help. You suck Ted's cock and then you can fuck me. Deal?"

"I don't suck cock, I have a wife and kids!"

"Hmm, I guess what happens at the convention stays at the convention?" Dawn began removing her clothes. Her target jus't stared open mouthed at the hottest babe he was likely to have. He could just leave and go back to his middle-aged wife and never have a chance or,

"Ok, ok." He was sweating a bit.

"Ted come stand here. Make it easier for Jim? Yes I think he said Jim." I stood by the end of the bed. Dawn sat in a chair to take in the scene. "Go ahead Jim. On your knees, but first strip." Dawn was getting off on belittling Jim. He stripped. Now self conscious about his soft middle, his receding hairline, and his decidedly almost average cock. Then, on his knees he came face to face with mine. Dawn was thrilled. "Go ahead Jim, THAT'S a cock. Suck it, suck it until he cums in your mouth. But don't spill any."

She was smiling, I think she may have been close to an orgasm from excitement, if that's possible. Jim held my cock, his hand big enough to go around. Then her put the head in his mouth and sucked. It wasn't much of an effort. Dawn was unimpressed. "Jeez Jim, I can get that fucker in my throat. Suck him big boy." Jim tried. He really did. At one point Dawn walked up behind him and pushed his head closer to me, forcing me deeper into his mouth. Finally the inevitable, I warned him then began spurting cum into his mouth. He choked, gagged, swallowed and pretty much got it all. When he was done he looked defeated.

"Cheer up Jim", Dawn sounded all too happy as she hopped on the bed. "Now get up here and fuck this hot cunt." Realizing that he was still indeed fucking Dawn, Jim got up on the bed between her legs. Dawn told him. "You lay back, I'll get on top." Jim listened and soon Dawn was lowering herself onto Jim's cock. She did her best to seem engaged and worked him fast so that in just a few minutes he was pumping cum into her pussy. When he'd finished she looked down at him. "Not bad Jim, hope I don't get pregnant."

"What, you're not? Oh my god, how could you." Now Dawn laughed out loud.

"Gotcha. No worries there Jim, but maybe you should be more careful where you stick that little pecker. Ok, on your way. Ted here s going to stuff me good.

"I thought."

"Don't believe everything you're told. Like I don't believe your real name is Jim. I'm pretty sure that ID tag you took off in the bar, right after the ring, said Scott."

Jim had gathered his clothes and what little dignity remained, trying to dress while hiding his now shrunken cock. Dawn stood next to me stroking my own soft cock. Except it was longer than Jim's hard cock. Jim gave one last look at the hottest piece of ass he'd fuck, looked one last time at my cock, wondering if it was worth it and was out the door. Dawn was having a great old time recapping all that had happened, the various guys in the bar to choose from and how much fun she was having. "OK, now after little peckerwood I need a fucking."

So I gave her a fucking. Yeah sure Jim's cum was in there, but Dawn needed cock so I gave it to her. When I'd added mine to Jim's I spent some time caressing her body, tracing over her tattoos, enjoying her amazing form. She seemed to like that and let me hold her as we drifted off to sleep.

When we were leaving the next morning we saw an ambulance pulling into the parking lot. Dawn looked over,

"Poor bastard."

Who are you talking about?"

"Just saying."

We made our way down towards Topeka, then turned north for Sioux Falls. When we went through Lincoln, Nebraska Dawn asked if this was where the guy and girl killed a bunch of people.

"Yeah Starkweather and a teenager. Crazy shit."

"I guess I'd rather be Bonnie and Clyde than Starkweather and what's her name. Not much in that." A little later she said, "Let's celebrate. Pull over." I found a parking spot. "Wait here." So I sat and waited. And waited. Some celebration. And for what I didn't know. I looked over when the passenger door opened. Dawn pushed the seat forward and got in back pushing her backpack against the side, climbing in behind her was a picture perfect midwestern girl.

"Ted, this is Amy. Now drive." Amy was all smiles,

"Is her name really Graffiti?"

"That's what she tells me."

"That's so funny. Did those tattoos hurt?" Dawn assured her,

"Sure, hurt like a fucker. Especially the one on my pussy."

"On your?"

"Yep, my tit too, wanna see."

"I don't know." By then Dawn had her shirt off.

"See right there."

"Oh wow. You say it hurt? I'm not allowed to get one."

"Why not?"

"My mama says..."

"Oh fuck that, you're old enough, right?"

"Starting at the university right here in the fall."

You don't want them all thinking you're a kid."

Amy wasn't sure. Dawn was topless. I was driving. Where I didn't know. At some point would it become kidnapping? I figured I better make some turns and work our way around to stay in town. A couple of rights and Dawn pointed.

"There, pull in there." It was a tattoo shop. Not a dumpy one, but still.

"Come on Amy, lets get you tatted up, then we can fuck." Now Amy wasn't too sure. "No worries, Ted will go first. He needs one."

"Ted will what? Who said?"

"We need to give Amy courage. Let's go." We followed Dawn into the shop. The artist was quickly over to check out what Dawn had and to discuss our needs. Dawn was in charge. "They need something pretty simple, we don't have a lot of time and they're tattoo virgins, well Amy might be a virgin virgin, are you?

Amy was now turning many shades of red. Whatever she'd done she hadn't discussed it with three strangers. She shook her head slightly. Dawn was pleased.

"Oh cool. No worries then, Ted fucks me every night, no need to be shy." Amy just covered her mouth. "OK Ted here can get a little star or something, right by his cock. Wait til you see this. You could tattoo a ruler on it, maybe.

"Hold on, I'm NOT getting a tattoo on my cock." The tattooer looked at me,

"No problem dude, I've tattooed plenty of guys' junk. Let's go over here. Drop your pants. And hop up on the chair." I followed him and dropped my pants. He let out a light whistle. "Yeah that's a bigun. Could put a snake right down that."

"No fucking way are you sticking anything in my cock. I crossed my arms in defiance, my cock just hanging there. Amy looked on in shock. Dawn looked annoyed,

"OK you little wuss, how about he does a star up here above your pride and joy?"

I sighed. "OK I guess."

"See if I fuck you tonight."

"I'll need to shave a patch to get it clean."

"I'll give you an extra ten to shave it all." I was going to complain. I shut up. Her pussy was tight.

"15 and I'll get it nice and close."

"Deal." I threw my hands in the air. A few minutes later I was as bald as Dawn. Then he cleaned me up and started on the tattoo. It really was a smallish tattoo and eventually the pubes would grow back and cover most of it. And I was under instructions not to make a scene for Amy's benefit. Then I was done and he asked,

"Who's next?" Dawn as always was ready,

"Amy here. Amy, top off, he'll put it on your tit where your family won't see. Daddy doesn't play with you, right?"


"Good then they'll never know. And guys who get to your goodies will think it's the coolest thing. Now top off and your bra too."

Amy shyly removed her shirt. Doug the tattooer and I waited. Hell she'd stared google eyed at my cock for a half hour I sure as hell was going to check out her tits. When she unclasped her bra she tried to shield her breasts. Dawn reached for her arms,

"He's tattooing your tit, not your arm." Amy lowered her arms. She had very nice tits. Firm, sitting high, largish areola, thick nipples. Dawn looked,

'Doug here's a professional so he can't say anything, but I'll state the obvious, nice set there Amy. Ted would agree if he could roll his tongue up in his mouth. OK Amy, a heart or a butterfly?"

She realized we were all looking at her. "I can't believe I'm doing this. Butterfly." She sat in the chair. Doug cleaned her breast, very well. She screamed at the first needle, then settled down when Dawn held her hand. When Doug was finished and cleaned up she seemed almost proud of it. Dawn paid. Until this moment I had no idea she had any money. Back in the car I got back on the road, an uncomfortable feeling in my crotch. In the backseat Dawn proceeded to show Amy ALL of her tattoos. Amy asked questions and noted Dawn's fully shaved pussy. Then it got quiet. When I checked the rearview mirror they were making out. I saw Dawn glance up, give me the finger, then wave her hand. I turned back to the road driving aimlessly in the open country around Lincoln. The breathing in the back got more ragged, at a light I dared a look. Dawn had Amy's shorts down and was tongue deep in a hairy blond bush. I went back to driving. Despite my discomfort I soon had a hardon listening to Amy hit peaks I doubted she had before. When she'd finally collected herself she gasped,

"Graffiti, I never had one like that before."

"Spend the night with us. You can have so much more."

"I, I can't. I'm supposed to see my boyfriend Mark."

"Is Mark expecting to get some?"

"No, maybe, we haven't yet."

"But you have?" Amy nodded her head.

"In high school. On the band trip to Omaha. And another time."

"Ooh you naughty girl. Why don't you make an excuse and be naughty with us?"

Amy was silent, thinking most likely. "I don't know."

"Are you afraid? I've been driving with Ted for awhile now. He won't rape you. We won't do anything you don't agree to."

"But my boyfriend."

"Who you're not having sex with, yet. He'll never know. Ted, last time around this part of the city I saw a motel to the left off the road."

I drove on. I found the motel. I paid and got the keys, then parked by the room. When we got out a guy walking towards another room let out a long whistle. "Hey buddy, save some for the rest of us." I just waved. Once inside Dawn suggested we cleanup our new tattoos. That of course required removal of clothes. Setting the stage, Dawn went first. Then naked, she held Amy's hand. Then she lifted Amy's shirt. She hadn't put on the bra again earlier so she stood topless again. Dawn coaxed her,

"Come one, I've seen what you have down there and I think Ted was peaking too. Dawn hooked her thumbs in Amy's shorts and kept going down since there was no resistance. When Amy was also naked she pointed at me.

"What about him?"

Dawn asked, "Do you want Ted naked too?" Amy nodded. Dawn looked at me. "OK off with them." I too was soon naked. Amy was again staring at my cock. She licked her lips.

"Does it hurt?"

Dawn smiled, "Less than a tattoo. After a couple times it feels pretty damn good."

"How big does it get?"

"It gets harder. Thicker. Not much longer. Good ahead, hold it and you'll see."

Amy held my cock. Her fingers not nearly touching. She moved her hand back and forth. Probably the only action Mark ever got. I did thicken and rise, soon hard in her hand. She kept stroking it. Dawn guided us towards the bed. Amy sat, my cock now pointing straight at her. She stroked and looked at it, the large head now glistening where precum was leaking. She leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and licked from underneath up to the opening, collecting a dollop of juice. Then she took the head fully in her mouth and began bobbing her head on me. OK, this girl had sucked someone's cock before. She was stroking and licking and sucking. Stroking, licking and sucking. I warned her, she backed away. She got a faceful of cum. Then another. It was dripping down her face, into her mouth, down her chin, onto her high firm boobs. The last spurts hit a bit lower, but she took it all like a champ. She looked up at me, light brown eyes wanting approval.

"Wow, that felt amazing Amy." She gave me a cum covered grin. Then asked, "Can I go clean up?" Dawn suggested,

"How about I clean you up?" Dawn leaned her back on the bed, then proceeded to lick and kiss my cum from Amy's body, then she worked her way down, teasing her along the way, kissing her breasts, tops, side, underneath, gently caressing, her fingers running down her stomach, into the blond hair, finding her wetness, her pussy begging for attention. Dawn got on her knees and pulled Amy's legs over her shoulders. Then she gave me a lesson on satisfying a woman. I watched as she licked and sucked, working her way around, finding every spot that caused shivers to run through Amy, teasing and teasing until Amy arched her back, let out a cry and pulled Dawn in with her legs, begging for "more, more". Dawn continued until Amy was wrung dry. We lifted her to the top, laying her head on the pillows. We lay on either side of her. Touching her body, caressing her. Kissing her. Dawn didn't kiss me, but Amy turned and locked into a deep passionate kiss. The kind I hadn't had for oh so long. I was lost in this young woman's passion. Then she said,

"Ted. I want to. I need to feel you, inside." I held her kiss, she spread her legs, I knelt between them and quickly positioned myself. I paused, looked at her, she nodded, said, "yes, yes, please." I entered her. So tight, so soft. She gasped. She pushed her hips up, I pressed into her. She wanted me, her inhibitions had been stripped away and she was here in the moment. I was soon deep inside. When I tried to move out, she lifted herself. "J-just keep it in all the way. Stay there. I stayed, inside Amy. She closed her eyes, her head rolled slowly back and forth, her hands touched my shoulders, she sighed. "Mmm, go ahead, I want to feel it all. Don't stop."

I began shifting my weight up and back, she rolled her hips around, bounced her butt off the bed. When I was nearing my orgasm, I asked,

"You sure?"

"Yes, just do it." I picked up the pace, the feeling coming over me like a dam about to burst, then it did. Ahh, that feeling that never gets old, releasing into a tight pussy. She put her head back accepting me, her eyes now closed tight. Then when I'd finished and was about to pull out her eyes flew open, "Mark, what did I do?" Dawn was there holding her hand.

"It's ok Amy. We were just having fun. No one will know. Sleep here with us. Rest. We'll get you home tomorrow." Amy calmed down, rested. In the morning we dropped her off in town, showered, rested, tattooed.

We left Lincoln going north. This had turned into more of a zig zag, north-south and just a bit west. I think Dawn liked messing with good old modwestern values. In Sioux Falls she took her joy from humiliating another business man out for some fun. Sure they were already cheating, that's what she looked for, but once Dawn had them in her grasp she toyed with them, using their fear of being exposed to derive her pleasure. This guy, Frank was the first man I ever fucked. Dawn got him back to the room, the chance at her pussy all the lure she needed. She poured a Scotch for Frank who was looking at me wondering if her was about to be robbed. We didn't take his money, no, we took something more. His dignity, maybe his self respect. Certainly his anal virginity. While Dawn sat on his lap assuring him we meant no harm, she took his hand and placed it on her bare breast. I could see Frank mentally relax as he kneaded her soft flesh. Then Dawn went to work,

"So Frankie, do you really want some of this?" She moved his hand down to touch her soft bare mound. He nodded, still glancing at me. Frank wasn't used to being watched. I got the feeling he mostly did it at home in the dark. By now Dawn had fished out his hard cock. I'll give Frank credit, he had it all over Jim in that regards. Still, solid average didn't work for Dawn. "Aw Frank, I was hoping for more. A big guy like you. Tell you what. If I let you fuck me, poor Ted over there will be bored. So, Why don't we let Ted fuck you while you fuck me? You get to put your little ol' dick in my hot soft pussy and Ted will put his big hard cock up your ass. Deal?"

Frank and I both said "What?" at the same time. Now Frank was looking at the door, wondering if he could make it there before I caught him. I was still sitting with my pants on so he didn't even know the half of his predicament. Dawn moved to the bed sitting with her legs splayed, letting Frank see what she offered. Her fingers moved up and down, she separated her lips to show him what was his, if only. She teased him and coaxed him and drew him in until his cock was as hard as it was likely to get and his brain had completely shut off. He moved to the bed, climbing up between Dawn's legs. She looked at me,

"Ted, there must be some lotion or something in my bag. Please don't let me down." I rummaged around in her bag and found something to ease my way. Then I got behind Frank's hairy ass and well, it wasn't pretty. I'd slicked myself all I could, but when I pushed into his ass, oh how he howled. Now I had NO experience doing this. Dawn had warned me not to ass fuck her. So I pushed, met resistence and pushed some more. This was of course forcing Frank to push deeper into Dawn as he tried to escape my invasion. This pleased Dawn greatly as Frank was balls deep in her and pounding her hard as my cock finally gained entrance to Frank's ass. Frank was crying, and I'm sure it wasn't from the pleasure of fucking Dawn. Naturally Frank's ass was tight as anything on my cock. I thanked the heaven's when I fell it coming over me and was able to unload in Frank. I was just about to pull out and run to the bathroom, when Dawn told me in no uncertain terms that I better keep fucking Frank until he'd finished the job. So I pushed, Frank pushed, Dawn pushed back. We went on like this with Damn demanding that Frank,

"Better not go soft on me. Don't you fucking stop. Cum you bastard. Lucky for me, and moreso for Frank, he finally managed to cum. He quickly fell out of Dawn and I immediately went for a clean-up. Frank lay exhausted, sobbing. Not exactly what you'd expect after fucking the hottest babe in South Dakota at the moment. When I came out of the bathroom Dawn was dressed holding her backpack. I looked at her, then at Frank. He appeared to be breathing, laying like a beached whale on the bed, his shrunken cock withdrawing into its hiding place. "What's up, where are you going?"

"Get your bag, let's go. Leave him."

"Is he ok?"

"Fuck him, he was a lousy fuck."

"Yeah but,"

"Move." I grabbed my bag pulled on shorts and a shirt and followed Dawn out the door. We headed west on 90 driving deep into the night before turning south towards western Nebraska.

"Let's take a pause here Mr. Jansson. I have a question."

I laughed. "Just one?" I looked at my interviewers. He was moving uncomfortably in his chair. She was crossing and uncrossing her legs.

"We'll see." he replied. "Now, you said earlier your car was about all you possessed. I suppose you may have had some cash set aside to stop a few times going direct cross country. Just how were you paying for all these hotels and meals?"

"I don't know. By this time Dawn was handling that."

"So she had money?"

"I guess."

"OK, you can continue."

"Can I have a coffee, it'll be awhile." He looked at the clock. It was 1 am. He let out a sigh, left the room and returned with three coffees. I went back to my story.

We were near North Platte when Dawn picked out a motel near route 80. When we were settled she looked at me. I now knew to be worried when she looked at me that way.

"Ted, this isn't working. These old fucks with their little dicks. It's not enough."

"What about me?"

"Oh don't worry, you'll get yours. But I have needs too. There was a pizza shop just back there. Go round up a few guys. No, make it 5 or 6. Bring them back. Tell them your kinky girl wants to party. When you get back, you sit in a chair and watch. Just watch. Do NOT get involved no matter what." Oh jeez, this could go wrong. Very wrong.

I walked down to the pizza shop. I called over the guy who seemed to be doing all the talking. I asked if he and some friends wanted to party with a hot girl.

"Dude, you're not looking to pick up some guys here?"

"No, no not me. I'm watching."

"Oh like a cuck?"

"Um, uh something like that."

"Cool. Is she really hot, or some fat desperate housewife? Not that it'll matter. Some of these guys would do anyone."

"No, you'll be happy" His name was Chad. He rounded up four friends. Two of them looked like they might be getting their first action. They followed me across the parking lot. When I opened the door, there was Dawn, handcuffed to the head board with a blindfold over her eyes.

"Ted, is that you? Oh Ted please, I need it. I need it so bad. Hurry." I sat on the chair as instructed. I looked over at Chad and made a hand motion indicating that he was welcome to the wet juicy pussy waiting on the bed. He walked up behind Dawn, bent down and licked her slit. She cooed,

"No Ted, not like that. Give me you cock. I need your cock." Not to be put off Chad quickly dropped his pants and stepped in behind Dawn. He appeared to have a decent sized cock and when he pressed it into Dawn she gasped,

"Oh Ted, you feel so big tonight? You must need it too!" Chad looked over at his friends, gave then a thumbs up and went to pounding his cock into Dawn. In his excitement he quickly came in Dawn then stepped aside. The next kid had an even bigger cock than Chad.

"Oh Ted, what's going on? You came but you feel even bigger!" When one of the remaining two laughed, Dawn went into confused mode. "Ted, what's going on? Ted, is that you? Who's fucking me Ted?" Number two soon added his load. Now the pimply faced kid nervously made his attempt. He wasn't nearly as well endowed. "Who's that with the little pecker. Are you in?" The other three started laughing hysterically.

"Ted, oh Ted, I'm being gang raped. Please save me." Chad looked at the fourth kid,

"Shut her up, stuff your cock in her mouth."

"No, NO! Don't you dare!" They were beyond listening to Dawn. The group mentality had set in. Number four got on the bed and pulled Dawn's head up by her hair. He held her by the throat until she opened her mouth. She looked up at him, sneered, "Don't."

He made the mistake of not listening to Dawn. He shoved his cock in her mouth, holding her head as he fucked her face. The next thing we heard was a howl of pain. She'd clenched her teeth down on his cock. He started crying, begging, "OOOOwwww, fuuuuck, let go, PLEASE. aaaaaaaaahh!" The third guy was too far gone, he was cumming in Dawn as his friend lay on the bed bleeding, crying. Dawn looked up.

"I told you not to." Chad looked over at me. I shrugged.

"She told him not to."

"Dude, that's fucked up."

"I think you better get your friend to a doctor. And think of a good story." Chad and number 2 were helping their friend to the door. Three was just getting his pants up. Five looked around his only thought,

"I don't get a chance?" Dawn looked at him.

"Drop your pants." He did. She looked at his hopeful semi-hard cock. She snickered. "Get that shit out of here." His head down he pulled up his pants and followed his friends. I looked at Dawn,

"Really, did you need to maim him?"

"He didn't listen. Now get behind me and finish me off." I at least knew not to ignore her wishes. I stepped up for sloppy fourths. She was well lubed with cum, they'd done a job on her. My cock still stretched her. I gave her what she wanted. A hard fucking to finish her off. When I'd given her one last load she lay forward on the bed, sleeping with her pussy running with cum. I sat in the chair and watched her. This was getting weirder by the day.

We were gone first thing, maybe earlier than that, in the morning. This was becoming a habit. I was starting to understand the Graffiti nickname. Route 80 got us out of North Platte fastest, but we soon started northwest towards Casper, avoiding Denver.

"Too big", was Dawn's opinion, "I like smaller places."

Everybody's heard of 'too much of a good thing'? Well I was getting there. I could have lived with fucking Dawn everynight. She was that good. But regular sex wasn't her thing. She needed a story, some angle. 'Fun', she called it. I think 'mayhem' would be a better word. We found a lonely farmhouse short of Casper. Just a horse farmer, his middle aged wife, and their daughter living there. Dawn convinced them that she'd fuck the farmer, I'd fuck the wife, Dawn made me show her my cock, only if we could both sleep with their daughter. Somehow it didn't take long for them to agree. It might have been Dawn slowly stripping, the farmer's cock growing in his overalls as her body was exposed. His wife had never taken her eyes off my cock. It was just the four of us for now. I sat on the sofa and the wife climbed aboard, quickly taking me inside and riding like she was trying to break me. I looked over to where the farmer was sucking Dawn's tits like he was milking cows. He then bent her over the end of a chair and went to town on her pussy. For a change Dawn seemed satisfied with one of her conquests. She looked back,

"Slap my ass you bastard. Fuck me hard. Hey Ted, is the old lady giving it to you?" I assured her she was doing great. I came first and let her continue pleasuring herself, a faraway smile on her face. Over at the chair, Farmer John was smacking Dawn's ass and ramming his cock up into her. Her butt was bright red, but I heard the unmistakable release of steam. He'd done his job. Lucky man.

When the couple was done they sat together on the sofa holding each other, looking as happy as they had in years. Dawn and I sat and waited. And waited. Around 6 the front door opened and a strong healthy farm girl entered. She'd just driven up in their pick-up, she certainly looked mature enough. When she walked in she looked around,

"Oh, you have company. Hello. I'm Daisy." Dawn walked over to Daisy, took her hand and led her to the chair.

"Nice to meet you Daisy. We just had a nice afternoon with your parents. Now it's your turn."

"My turn? For what?"

"Pleasure. Sexual pleasure. Your parents were very good. So we owe you." Daisy looked from face to face. Her parents seemed to be elsewhere, but happy. Dawn held her hand.

"Owe me? Pa? Ma?"

Ma answered, "Go ahead Daisy, they'll take care of you." Dawn looked at Daisy, held her confused gaze.

"We can go to your room, or do it right here so your parents can watch. Maybe you'll feel safer here?"

Daisy had now settled into a confused state, not questioning or arguing. Dawn had already slipped the top of her overalls off her shoulder. She let them slide down, then slowly unbuttoned the flannel shirt, exposing two large breasts. Dawn opened two snaps and the overalls fell over wide hips, thick legs. Dawn stepped out of them. Her plain underwear soon followed. Dawn nodded her head to me. I joined them and eased Daisy to the floor. There was no resistance as I eased my cock into her. I wasn't the first, and she accepted me without questions. As with her mother, it was a nice easy movement. Dawn was playing gently with Daisy's breasts as they lay flattened on her chest. Then she straddled Daisy's head and let her lick at her pussy where her father had been a couple hours earlier. She never complained, not when Dawn came on her face, not when I deposited a load of cum in her pussy. When we were done she joined her parents on the sofa. Dawn and I made ourselves a snack from the refrigerator, then made our exit. The farm family came out on the porch to wave as we left. I noted that Daisy was still naked.

We were now moving more directly west. I wondered if my time with Dawn was coming to and end. I also wondered what that meant. We stopped near Salt lake City where Dawn entertained a man while I fucked his three wives. From oldest to youngest. Only the youngest complained about my size.

Now we were on the home stretch. We were on 80 through the dry highlands of Nevada, twisting and turning through the mountains. As we came down to Reno we found a hotel with flashing lights and a small casino. As we walked though, the machines began to ring and coins began to flow. When we got to our room Dawn told me to undress. I looked at her as I removed my clothes.

"No lucky gambler tonight? Or a convention loser?"

"No Ted. I want you. You need to give me everything you have, then my time with you is over." Now I was nervous. I'd seen how Dawn could deal with people. But as had become my habit, I listened to Dawn. I got behind her and begane fucking her hard and deep. Somehow it seemed I was going deeper than ever. Balls deep. How could that be. But I kept fucking her hard. Thinking about the things I'd seen, the things that had happened. Oh I fucked her hard, harder and deeper than I'd ever gone with anyone. Dawn began to chant, some incomprehensible language. I fucked her, oh yes I did. Then I looked down, her ass facing up at me, what should have been her puckered anus was open, gaping open. I look down, down, like looking into the fiery pits of hell. I remembered what she'd said. She was panting now, that steam release sound. She was getting close. We were almost done. What then? For the first time I didn't listen to Dawn, to Graffiti. I pulled my cock out and rammed it to the hilt in her ass. She screamed. No release of steam sound. This was, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you motherfucker, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." I came.

Then I passed out. When I woke up she was gone. Her clothes, her backpack. Then a little later you showed up.

I looked. It was now 3 am. I looked at them. They stared back at me, the coffee in their cups ice cold. Agent Williams, the male regained himself.

"That's quite a tale Mr. Jansson. I've been in this business the better part of two decades. Never heard anything like it. You expect us to believe this Graffiti, Dawn, was some kind of supernatural being?"

"I don't know what you want to believe." Ms. Pederson the female agent with the nice set, if you ask me, now joined in,

"We've been following this Graffiti around the country for a good while now. Trailing her path of chaos. You seem to be the only one who can remember any details. Most are dead or in no position to help. Oh sure, there are a few that are still with us. But they're not much help."

They were sitting with their hands on the table as was I. I looked from one to another. I leaned closer.

"I don't know what else to tell you. Am I under arrest?" I put my arms out. Took one of their wrists in each hand. "Tell me if I am. I think it would be better if we all just relaxed and took it easy. It's getting warm in here."

They stared at me. I sat back and smiled. Then I watch as Agent Pederson began removing her shirt, then the bra that was doing yeoman's work with her breasts. Williams stood and lowered his pants, his hard cock poking through his boxers. He lifted Ms. Pederson from her chair and laid her on the table, pushing up her skirt, he ripped her panties from her, exposing a neatly groomed dark pussy, he latched on and began sucking at her tits as his cock found the mark. I watched as the agents fucked without regard for the location or the audience. Williams was pushing hard getting his cock well into his partner as her boobs shook and bounced from the effort. With a grunt he shot his load into Ms. Pederson as she howled in pleasure. They collapsed together. I stood and asked,

"Will that be all?" They looked at me and agreed,

"Yes." "Yes" I walked out the door to the sounds of Pederson trying to suck Williams' cock back to life.

I whistled a tune I'd picked up along the way.

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