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I am a sissy cuckold for my wife and daughter. Now my niece!
So here I am sitting on the floor in front of my niece. We have just exchanged oral pleasures although mine included some pain as well. The cage on my penis and balls insured that. She woke me from a nap to let me know she had been instructed to sissy-sit me by my wife and daughter. She informed me she was in charge and I was going to help teach her so she could be ready to join my wife and daughter with their bulls.

"What would you like to do now mistress Kate?" Saying those words to a beautiful young lady that is barely a teen makes my balls tingle even after my recent orgasm. "And thank you for your generous act that allowed my pathetic release." My submissiveness and demeanor cause her to giggle.

"This is going to take a little bit of getting used to, but I think it's going to be fun. I really liked you licking me, Aunt T told me you were good at it. She said that's the only thing you were good were sex is concerned. At least to a woman. I kind of feel like I need a bath. Uncle Sissy why don't you run me a bath with lots of bubbles, and I will let you wash me. How does that sound."

"I do believe the pleasure will be mostly mine mistress, but you need not concern yourself with how it sounds to me, or whether or not I want to do something. I do not get any opinion, I will serve you however you ask, your happiness and pleasure are mine."

"Well then, get to it! How about some tea as well?" I simply smile and nod and with my head down, I adjust my panties, and head off to my wife's bathroom. It has the large tub, and is already set up for glorious bathing. I turn on the hot water, and put in some rose scented bubble bath. I pull out a large fluffy bath towel and put a soft bath mat on the floor. I liked three or four candles, one scented, and scamper off to the kitchen to make tea.

As I pass the living room where Kate is sitting on the couch, I hear her talk as she is texting. "thank you so much Aunt T, we are having so much fun! He is getting a bath ready for me now. I really like his panties, I think I might try and find a pair to match, wouldn't that be fun! Maybe we can do a whole matching outfit!" My little cock strains it's tight cage at the words she is saying.

I brew the tea, adding a little cream and sugar, just how my other Mistresses prefer their tea. I put it in a nice cup on a saucer and take it to Kate in the living room. I kneel in front of her and bow my head offering the tea in front of me.

"This smells wonderful Sissy, how is my bath water coming? I like it hot, but not too hot!"

"Yes mistress Kate", and I head off to the bathroom to check on the water. I give my fingers in and adjust the temperature just a little. Then I dim the lights a touch. I pull out a soft terry cloth robe to cover her with when she's done. My mistress should never be cold!

When the tub is ready, I head back out to the front room to escort my mistress to her bath. I carry the tea for her and walk behind her on the way to the tub. I walked behind partially indifference, but also so I can watch her deliciously cute and round pink bottom. It is perfectly firm, and I cannot wait till my next opportunity to put my tongue inside her ass. I remove the little bit of clothing that she had put back on, and gently help her into the tub.

"That is hot uncle sissy, but not too hot. You did a good job, this time, but I like a little more cream and sugar in my tea. Remember that."

"Yes mistress, I'm so sorry, I will do better next time. Would you like to punish me mistress? Often I get spanked or my testicles smacked when I do something wrong, but you may punish me however you choose, when you think I need it."

She instructs me to bend over the tub

And to place my hands on the bottom. This brings my nose down nearly to the water. I feel her shuffle around and then feel a wet smack on my pink pantied bottom. For some reason I'm startled a little bit and give a little Yelp. She seems to enjoy that and stinks my ass five more times. "Okay Uncle sissy, that's enough. I've never given a spanking before, that's kind of fun! Do you like spanking little girl bottoms Uncle Sis?"

"I admit I enjoyed it very much when I had to spank your cousins bottom. Sometimes I found excuses, but I didn't spank her hard, and I was always sure to soothe her bottom with some gentle rubs after. It would often leave me erect, but I don't know if she ever noticed my little prick poking her tummy. As I say that now, I find it very exciting imagining she did know.."

"Well you naughty little sissy, you were a bad girl even then. I think it's time for you to bathe me." I start to gather the shampoo to wash her hair when she stops me. "I think this tub is big enough for both of us don't you Sissy", she says.. as I get in she tells me to leave my panties on, she does not want to see that tiny little caged penis right now.

She scoots forward and I step in behind her so she can lean her head back and wet her hair. I put a large amount of shampoo in my hands and start combing it through her luscious red curls. I slowly and gently massage the creamy liquid through her hair. It's a very sensual and erotic feeling. I love her crimson hair, and washing it like this is thrilling! After I gently massage her scalp and curls for several minutes, I slowly tilt her head back and rinse out the shampoo. I start the process again with conditioner. As the conditioner rests in her hair I gently massage her shoulders and lightly run my fingertips over or pert young breasts.

After rinsing the conditioner she is resting her head against my chest and had been softly moaning to my touch. I let her rest for a moment and then suggest she stand so I may wash the rest of her. Watching her stand and the water run off her firm teenage body is exquisite. Her skinless taut and supple, and a light pink from the heat of the bath. She is facing away from me, and I watch a moment as a drop of water runs from the small of her back to the crevice of her ass. I lean in and with my tongue try to capture it.

"Unh, unh", she says. "Not until you finish washing me".

I grown a little in disappointment, I believe worshiping her firm young bottom, will be my new favorite pastime. I squeeze a generous amount of flowery smelling bath gel on my hands and rub them together. She balances herself and puts a foot on my chest as I start at her toes and work my way up to her thigh. I stopped there and do the other leg as well. As my hands move to the top of her thighs my fingertips work around just inches from her sparsely covered pussy. I feel her tremble just a little bit.

She puts her foot down into the water and I'm resop my hands and work them around her flat little tummy. I work my way around her hips and gently soap her round butt. My fingertips work their way down to caress the little crease where her little teenage but meets her firm thighs. I bring my fingertips back up through the crevice of her globes, quickly stroking them across her pucker. As I do that she gives a little gasp. I work my hands up her back which brings her close to me and my nose brushes the downy red hair on her mons.

My hands work their way back to the front rushing her armpits, and up and down each arm to her fingertips and back. As I bring them back to her chest I stroke her young breasts and gently tweak her light pink nipples. Her breathing is soft and shallow and her eyes are closed. Has she stands in front of me I remove the spray nozzle and rinse the soap from her body once again brushing her nipples, but avoiding her pussy. I turned her around face the wall and move her hands up above her head. I start at her shoulders and let the spray run down her back and over that glorious ass.

My cage is feeling very restrictive on my little prick as I kneel behind her still in my pink panties. I project the shower nozzle back to the wall and let the warm water spray her shoulders, keeping her warm. I kneel behind her in the tub and stroke my fingers lightly down her ribcage and hips. I pull her hips back a bit and push forward on the small of her back, arching it a bit. The single puts her butt in a very inviting position, with her cheeks spread a little bit on their own. I want to dive in between time first, but I want this to be a sensual experience for my mistress and the anticipation to build.

I caress the globes of her wonderful ass and gently pull her cheeks apart revealing her pink asshole. Moaning just a little with the sight

, I lean in and run my tongue from above her pucker up the crevice to the small of her back. Her body shutters at the touch, but I get the real reaction as I slip back down and put my tongue to her anus. We both moan at the feeling as I swirl my tongue around and gently push the tip into her. With my hands on her ass, I spread her a little further and push my tongue in deep. Her butt pushes back to meet my tongue. I spend a couple of minutes basking in the pleasure of rimming her ass.

She starts really showing her enjoyment with the mewling noises she is making and the movement of her butt. It's time to increase her pleasure and I put my hands to work. One hand moves to her swollen pussy from behind as the other slips around the front, careful not to touch her clit just yet. I push just the tip of my thumb into her damp depths. I feel lubrication and know that she is responding to the pleasure. A little gasp interrupts our soft moans at the penetration. With one hand flat against her mons and my thumb from the other gently probing her pussy, my tongue keeps working in her ass.

Her hips are beginning to move forward and back, as if she is fucking her ass on my tongue. It's time to finish her off, and I pull my head back just a touch and her ass seems to follow. I move my invading thumb, wet with her juices back to her pucker where my tongue just retreated. At the same time I move my hand in the front down to cup her Young labia, putting a small amount of pressure on her clit. Knowing her anus is loose and wet from my tongue I simultaneously push my thumb in deeply, and stroke her clitoris firmly.

"Oh my god, uncle Chris!" Kate moans out loudly, forgetting for a moment my status as a sissy. I spin her around quickly and seal my lips over her clitoris, never letting my thumb leave the depths of her ass. Her hands move to my head as she humps wildly back and forth trying to take my thumb as deep as it will go. I like training her to associate anal penetration with her pleasure and orgasms.

As she comes down from her high, I am just licking and sucking on her swollen lips and clit, never removing my phone from her ass only relieving some of the pressure. Her grinding hips slow and her panting and moans steady. I can't be sure but in the excitement I believe my little caged cocklet erupted. Providing her this kind of pleasure is euphoric. My knees hurt from the porcelain tub, but there is no place I would rather be.

I removed my lips from her and only then slowly ease my thumb from her pert young bottom. I look up to see her looking at me, her blue eyes sparkling from her recent orgasm and say, "I think you are ready for penetration if you wish mistress." She gives a slow subtle nod of her head. I turn off the water and grab the big fluffy bath towel and gently squeeze the water from her long red curls. Then I dry her body and slip on the sofa puffy robe. I quickly dry myself and ask permission to remove my wet panties. She again nods appearing to be in a little bit of a daze.

I got her to the large bed in the Mistresses bedroom. We do not have a master bedroom, because the mistress is in charge. I open her robe and ask her if she's warm enough for me to remove it she says she feels wonderful. I lay her on the bed and scoot her back into the middle with her head on a pillow. I asked for permission to remove my cage so that I may penetrate her.

"You may remove the cage, but I do not want you in my pussy. I guess I'm still a virgin, but I've masturbated with my brush, and it's about your size." She says shyly. "I want to do that this weekend, but I think I want to try something else first." I look at her strangely for a moment before I realize what she means.

"You want me in your ass?" I say, maybe a little too excitedly.

"Well, your Mistresses said that their friends would want to do my ass eventually, so I should start getting ready as well. And your little thing, is a good place to start." She said happily.

"It would be an honor for me to be the first in your beautiful little butt. And I am so glad that the small size of my penis will allow you to adjust to anal sex. The Bulls your cousin and Aunt service are much much larger and even after you are used to me we will need to find something bigger before you take them on. I don't want to let them hurt you, although you seem to enjoy anal attention very much."

" Yeah, I really liked your tongue your finger. And your little wee wee isn't a much bigger than that is it?"

I am not large, but I am also not the size of my finger. But part of the humiliation game is degrading my little "wee wee". So I agree with her, all the while thinking you can say whatever you want about my dick, but it is about to be in that beautiful, tight little barely teenage ass! I release myself from the confinement that is my cage. My penis is red and angry looking from the store strain inside it's confinement, but I am instantly in painfully hard. I pull a pillow over and tuck it under her bottom to give it some elevation and easier access.

I dip my head down giving her a wide wet lick from her anus to her clit. I taste her wetness and her excitement and I spend a moment lubricating her with my tongue. However I know this is her first time, and as excited and wet as she is her own lubrication may not be enough. I shuffle over to the nightstand and open the drawer to retrieve some lube. Neither my mistress and I need it much anymore, although she rarely used it on me even in the beginning. I pump a little bit out on my finger and go back to licking her pussy as i lubricate her anus.

I spend some time on her pissy with my tongue and lips, while I work a finger and then two into her ass. I'm careful not to let her achieve another orgasm yet. But I want her sensations heightened and very near peak. As she gets used to the feeling of two fingers her hips start rocking so she pushes them deeper into her. It appears she has taking quite the liking to anal penetration, and is ready for more. I give one last deep push of the two fingers and a little twist to help lubricate her, then pull them out and ease up to kneel in front of her. I put my hands under her knees and bring them back opening her up to penetration, I look in her eyes and biting her lip she gives a nod.

I bring the head of my penis in touch with the slightly opened pucker of her ass, and ease forward just a little. There is resistance but without too much effort the head pops in. After the crown of my tip, my smallish cock swells a bit along the shaft making me a little thicker than average. I used forward a little bit and she gives a gasp and raises a hand to my hips. I stopped for a minute giving her a chance to adjust. She takes some quick deep breaths and then slows and I push in more. Her eyes open wide and she takes a sharp breath but she does not indicate she wants me to stop. With another push I am all the way in her ass.

I can barely stand the sensation, the tightness and pressure and the heat. I want to explode right now, but I don't move because this is about her. She's taking short quick breaths, and moaning but slowly she starts rolling her hips up and back. She is fucking herself on my shaft and it is a wonder to see. My little teen niece who I had fantasized about before, and while she always seemed a little devilish, I had to assumed was still a bit innocent. Before my eyes she seems to be turning into an anal slut.

I let her go on as long as she wants and she starts pulling her hips back more to make longer strokes. It seems to be taking me easily now and I can feel that her ass has loosened up a little.

Her hand reaches up and grabs my wrist, and she looks me in the eyes and says, "oh my god, I can feel you throb inside me. I need it deeper! Can you do that, and harder!"

"I can do anything you ask mistress", I say. "But I don't know how long I can last. The feeling is too intense!" I groan, and pull back farther humping harder into her ass. Full strokes as deep as I can. "Oh Fuck!" We both say at the same time. Kneeling like this my legs are getting tired, I feel like I need to move around and get more leverage. I pull out and hear a whine from her as I flip her over on her knees, pushing the pillow under her stomach, raising her ass, and push her shoulders down. This is the most dominate thing I have done in months, but I can't help myself.

I have one knee down and one up, and with my hands on her slim hips I can really go hard. I re-insert myself going deep in one thrust, "yes!" She groans loudly. Pushing and pulling her hips back I am slamming deep into her anal passage. Her butt is round and firm in front of me as I'm slamming into her instinct takes over and I give her ass a smack. She helps but doesn't protest so with the other hand I give the other cheek a smack.

"Harder", she groans and a voice that I did not think could come out of her teenage body. I don't know if she means the fucking or the spanking, so I assume it's both. Each time I pull her into me and force myself as far in as I can possibly go I move her hips up and down and around, shifting myself inside her two different angles, as she's groaning and moaning with this new sensation I go back to spanking. Once once on each cheek and then back and forth for a few strokes, then deep and grind and spank.

She is moaning and shouting mostly incoherently at this point. I think I hear my name and harder, and oh God! I can't take anymore, and I have one last surprise for her. She has taken this hard anal pounding with no clitoral stimulation so far, with one last deep thrust and wiggle and grind, as I am deep inside her I reach under and smack her clit with my flat hand.

She screams and I can't tell if it's pain or pleasure or both, but her orgasm starts and it is incredible to see. My hands are on her ass but the motion in her hips is all her own now. They appear to be convulsions but she's working my cock and I can feel the pulsing grip of her sphincter muscle. This is all too much for me and I explode in her ass with my own howl and deep thrusting. I reach back around and rub my hand back and forth over her clit as I put my weight on her back and collapse us to the bed burning myself even deeper.

Kate is gasping for breath, and saying "oh my god, oh my god" over and over again with little aftershocks of orgasm vibrating through her body. I do not move to pull myself from her ass just yet wanting her to eat out every ounce of pleasure from this moment.

I finally slide off to the side where her head is facing pulling myself from her now slimy back door. Curly red hair is now a sweaty mess matted around her face and as I lie there next to her I gently move the curls from her cheeks and from over her eyes. It is then when I see tears and for a moment my heart breaks at the thought that I have damaged her. But slowly her eyes look into mine and she quickly rests the into a hug so tight it hurts. I feel her sob a little against my neck, but her words are telling me a different story.

"Oh thank you Uncle Chris. l don't know what happened, but that is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I can't describe the mixture of pleasure and the pain, it was so intense. Is that weird that the poison made me orgasm so hard?" She had a anxious look in her eyes apparently afraid that she might be abnormal.

"Oh no, sweet Miss Kate. During sex the line between pain and pleasure can get very fuzzy. You are actually quite lucky and I don't believe I've ever seen someone come so hard from anal sex. The Bulls you will be servicing quite enjoy pounding little white butts. They won't be much bigger than I am so you enjoying it to begin with, and even getting off on the pain, that will come in handy. You should feel privileged and special, not weird. You are amazing! And I love you so much!" With that she pulls me close into a tight embrace.

" I love you too, uncle sissy!" She gives me a smile and a wink as she goes back to my submissive moniker. This allows her to get the upper hand again.

"Let me get you cleaned up miss." I get up and go to the restroom and get a wet washcloth with warm water then wring it out. I come back to miss Kate and gently wipe the cum oozing from her gaping anus. "Wait, is that how you clean up Aunt T?" I tell her no it is not. Then without another word I crawl on the bed behind her and start licking the c** that has dripped down over her pussy and then up to her asshole. After I clean her there push my tongue deep inside her ass and slurp out my cum.

" Oh that feels better, keep doing that." She says.

After I get all the cum from her ass I kiss and lick her cheeks where they're red from the spanking. Lightly so as not to hurt her. I know she must be tender. I dip back down and suck on her clit with a finger in her pussy, and in a couple of minutes she has another small orgasm. I slide back up next to her caressing her hair, in a minute or two she is sleeping.

More to come.
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