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Candice is punished for trying to escape.
Candice sat in her room exceptionally bored. She was bored enough that she took one of the adult books and read it. After the second chapter, Candice was surprised how well the book was written. The quality seemed like it was no different and a regular novel. At least up to chapter two. Suddenly, the door crashed open, and a large Latino man came walking in. Candice was extremely startled and frightened. She perked up on the bed and leaned against the wall like a panicked cat. She wanted to ask what was going on, but nothing came out of her mouth. Her hands started to sweat.

“Hello, senorita.” The Latino man said with a smile.

It only took her two seconds to speculate what he was going to do. Candice shouted and threw the book at him. As he approached her, she threw more books and magazines at him. The man just laughed.

“I love a fighter.” He said.

Candice sat there hushed. She was too frightened, and she just could not respond. Her eyes glanced left and right. Maybe he forgot to lock the door, she thought. She opted to make a run for it. With all her leg strength, she sprinted as fast as she could to the door. To her amazement, the door was unlocked. She grabbed the handle and turned the knob. The door yanked open. Regrettably, there were two large guards standing right there. They laughed at her and pushed her back into the room. They then shut the door and locked it from the outside.

“Noooo!” Candice screamed.

Candice banged on the door with her fists. She screamed for them to let her go. The large man just laughed at her. He was around six foot tall but very stocky. He had dark wavy hair and a large mustache.

“My name is Santiago. I am from Colombia. It is a pleasure to meet you, Candice. I paid quite a premium to be the first to train you. I would prefer for you to fight and resist; it makes it more pleasurable for me.“ He said.

Candice pleaded with him. She struggled to explain to him that she was being held against her will. That her parents had money. If he could help her escape, he would be greatly rewarded. He chuckled and ignored her pleas. He asked her if she could guess the first time he tortured and killed someone. If she could guess the correct age, he would be easy on her. Candice took several steps back and leaned against the door, her hands trembling. He must be joking, she thought.

“Go on, guess.” Santiago said.

Mr. Santiago was a little behind the times. Even though the year was 1980, he was still wearing a white wide flared bell bottom jean with a large black leather belt. He had on a tight blue t-shirt that displayed his muscles. The shirt had a white collar. On his left hand he had a Rolex watch. On his feet, he had leather dress shoes. He appeared extremely confident. He looked like he had a lot of muscles, but not like the defined body builder type. More like the type that has lots of muscles, but also lots of fat on top of the muscles, hiding them.

She was too shocked to say anything. She held up her fists in defense as he approached her. He grabbed her by the arms and flung her across the room. He used just enough force that she would only land in the middle of the room. She hit the floor with a thud sound and rolled a few more feet. She then got up and ran to a corner of the room and cowered. He smiled then turned to the door and knocked on it. He told the guards to open the door.

Santiago went outside for a moment and then came back in. He had with him a large carry-on luggage. He opened the luggage and pulled various tools and ropes out of it. Candice screamed and shouted for him to leave her alone when she witnessed those items. She knew those things were going to be used to hurt her. He grimly looked at Candice and told her to remove her clothing. She just sat in the corner yelling at him.

“Senorita, I asked you once nicely. I am not going to ask you nicely again." Santiago said.

“Fuck off!” Candice shouted.

Santiago's face turned from smiling to anger. He threw some rope and other tools on the bed. He then walked to the corner where Candice was trying to hide and grabbed her by her arms. She kicked and punched him with no success. He hurled her roughly onto the bed. Candice had a two-piece night gown that was light blue. The shirt had a large white strip across the chest right above the breasts. It was a button-down shirt, and the buttons were also white. The shorts had designer treads at the bottom made of white cotton.

The pajamas were made from fine silk and were quite expensive. He leapt at her and started to tear her pajamas apart. Candice fought back ferociously. She punched and kicked him in his arms. She punched him in his chest, and she even whacked him multiple times in the face. He raised her up by her clothing and threw her back down the bed. She kept shouting, kicking, and clawing at him.

Candice twisted in his grip. She felt his fingers pressed painfully against her upper arms. His hands bruised her skin with his impossible grip. He shook her so hard she assumed her head would break off. Santiago loved it when the victims would fight back. He always felt that he was blessed to have his job with the Columbian Cartel. He got to do what he loved, and he was paid handsomely for it.

For the Cartel, Santiago was a “Truth Extractor”. His job was to torture the victim until they provided information the Cartel needed. In many cases, just torture and kill the victim, as a message to the rivals. Many times, just to eliminate the competition. He loved it when the victims would resist or fight back. In enraged him, he would then go into a frenzy and really hurt them. However, in this case he had to control himself, as he was instructed by his superiors, no permanent damage must be done to Candice.

One thing that always turned Santiago on was to hear his victims scream. He loved that more than anything in the world. Candice squealed loudly as she persisted in kicking and fighting him. He was tempted to punch her in the face and break her jaw, but he controlled himself. Candice did not care how intimidating he looked or what the consequences were. She was going to break free. He lifted her up and slammed her back against the wall that met the mattress.

Her body thumped against the wall; she was slightly dazed. He was a professional. He did it hard enough to hurt her, but not hard enough to cause any long-lasting damage. He let go of Candice and she laid there weeping.

“God, why. Why is this happening.” She whispered to herself.

He watched her as he unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was large, but not defined. Even if it were defined, no one could tell because his chest was extremely hairy. When he was done, he then removed his belt and threw it on the bed. Candice saw the belt and went to grab it to hit Santiago. Precisely what he wanted. His right hand raised high.

Before she could see clearly through her teary-eyed, the large hand whistled through the air and landed on her face. She tried to use her hands to protect herself, but she was too slow. Candice felt a white-hot stinging sensation to her face. It caused her head to snap to the right and she fell flat on the bed. She lay there dazed, her nose slightly bleeding. Santiago stood over the bed. He gazed down at Candice, smiled at his work. The young woman lay there stunned and sobbed.

Santiago reached down and shoved his fingers into her long, beautiful hair. He yanked her head up from the bed, her mouth gaped open in pain. She squealed loudly. It is as if her hair was being ripped from the head. She had never been physically abused in her life; everything was shocking. Tears filled her eyes and her eyelids sputtered.

“I wish I could hurt you so bad. You are lucky that I have to follow orders.” Santiago said.

Candice spat in his face. Santiago smiled at the defiance. He slapped her again, slamming her face flat on the bed. Candice was bewildered. He grabbed her hair again and shook her head back and forth, making her disoriented. She was tossed around like a rag doll. The creaking of the bed springs echoed around the room. Santiago was extremely rough with her. He then let go of her hair and tore at her shirt. The buttons flew in all directions.

He shredded her clothing with his bare hands, using nothing but brute force. Candice screamed and tried to hold on to as much of her clothing as possible. When he was done her clothes were in shreds. Some strips of the clothing still clung on to her body. She held what was left around her breasts to cover them. She cried and begged for her mom to help her.

The pleading was music to his ears. Her shirt was frayed, but her shorts were still in one piece. Santiago squeezed her breasts, her thighs, and slapped Candice all over her body. Her legs kicked wildly trying to keep him away. He then reached down and started to tear her silky shorts apart. He was strong enough to tear them without too much effort. He went for her vagina, but she kicked his hand away. He slapped her again, putting Candice in a daze.

As she recovered, he reached down and gripped her panties, and with one strong pull, ripped it from her body. Candice was so cute and perfect. He wished he had enough money to own her outright. He would keep her as his toy and slave for an exceptionally long time. Never in his life had he possessed such a beautiful gringo. Candice, on the other hand, had no idea that men could be so cruel.

This was her first lesson into the realities of life and the nature of men. His right hand went for her vagina again, and again she kicked the arm away. Candice was partially naked, her clothes in shreds, she used both hands to cover her breasts. With his left hand, he grabbed her by the throat. He squeezed on her windpipe, causing her to suffocate. Candice grabbed his left arm with both hands. She tried to stop it from choking her. He used his right hand and grabbed a bunch of her pubic hair. With a quick motion he ripped a small amount of her pubic hair from the vagina. Candice went mad with immense pain.
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