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Jenny and Tory meet a potential new hire.
Joelen and her sexy crew came back in from the pool a short while later while Jenny and Tory were cleaning up the creamy mess they had made earlier. Jenny smiled, “Help yourselves to showers up in my room and whatever clothes you need for the day.” Benita and Lizzie started to walk upstairs but Joelen held up her hand. “We’ve got to get on the road like, immediately there’s a gig up in ‘Frisco and we still haven’t filled er up yet. C’mon girls!” The five girls shared a great big hug and Joelen moaned, “Don’t you all worry we will most definitely do this again!! You know how to get a…hold of me.” The three girls walked out and left Jenny and Tory to their cleaning.

Jenny leaned over to Tory and whispered, “I’m gonna call one of the maids and have her finish up here and slip her a C-note, she’ll be happy with the overtime. Let’s go relax.” Hand in hand they just about floated into the spacious sitting room. They plopped down on a soft leather couch and Tory looked around with amazement. The sitting room had artwork and sculptures from all around the world. Tony the owner had hosted guests from all around the world and some had returned bearing gifts. There was an Ethiopian fertility doll from the 1st century, a Van Gogh from someone’s private collection and a Japanese Geisha Doll among other things. Even if only one room was rented, Tony would hand prepare a fruit, cheese and cracker board and allow the guests to bring whatever alcohol they enjoyed. At 6:30 every evening there would be a meet and greet in the sitting room where guests could sip drinks, partake of the board and get to know each other just before dinner. A few times Jenny hosted and she’d make the guests roar with laughter with her impression of Tony.

Jenny ran back to the kitchen and returned with mimosas. As she handed one to Tory she whispered, “Fresh squeezed OJ and yes I broke out the Dom just for us!” Before she even had a chance to sit back down the front door buzzer went off. “Who could that be?” Jenny wondered and kissed Tory hard before going to the front entrance. She opened the front door to see an extremely cute purple haired girl with the most amazing eyes. Jenny’s mouth hung open for a complete planetary rotation and the girl giggled. “Hi I’m Melissa but please call me Missy, all my friends do.” She promptly slid her finger under Jenny’s chin to close her mouth for her. “I’m scheduled to interview for a position here next week and I happened to be in the neighborhood and decided to check this place out before I did, hope its alright.” Jenny gave her sexiest smile and led Missy back to the sitting room. “I’m Jenny the manager, I’d be happy to show you around.”

They came back into the sitting room and introduced Tory to Missy as her girlfriend. “Girlfriend? I like this place already!” Missy gushed. Jenny offered Missy a mimosa and when she hesitated Jenny told her, “Don’t worry you can hang out for as long as you like, the Inn is closed until the end of the month.” Before Missy could say a word she ran back to the kitchen. She retuned and handed the drink to Missy. She began to give a history of the Inn telling Missy it had been in Tony’s family since they immigrated to the US in the 18th century. The Inn had hosted literally generations, fathers and sons as well as mothers and daughters. There had been many wedding celebrations held there as well as a few births! Jenny was certain there had been a few conceptions there as well.

Jenny led Missy and Tory around the property and could tell Missy was getting more and more impressed by the minute. “Boy this would sure beat working at the Days Inn!” Missy oozed as Jenny led her up to the wood fired sauna. “Have you ever been in a European style sauna Missy?” Jenny leered as she threw a few huge logs on the still smoldering ashes. “I’ve got plenty of spare clothes you can change into if you like.” Missy gave Jenny a seductive grin and moaned softly, “Oh I don’t think there will be any need for that!” She quickly slid off her t-shirt and shorts to reveal her enormous tits, petite body and a purple bra and panties that matched her hair. Jenny and Tory slid down their shorts and tees to show their skimpy tank tops and thongs and each grabbed Missy by the hand into the sauna.

Jenny lit several candles and closed the heavy wooden door. She splashed some creek water on the sauna stones but the fire was not quite hot enough. The three girls sat on the wooden bench sipping their drinks while the sauna quickly grew steamier. Jenny could not help but notice Missy’s panties beginning to strain and a large bulge beginning to form underneath. She watched Missy unconsciously lick her lips as she saw the bulges in Jenny’s and Tory’s thongs as well. Missy cooed, “Ooh I haven’t even been offered the job yet and I already wanna work here!” Jenny looked over to Tory who gave an emphatic nod. Jenny leaned close to Missy and whispered, “I haven’t even seen your resume, but I have a feeling you’ll fit in nicely….”

Tory gently pushed Missy towards Jenny and as Missy was a tad tipsy she just about fell into Jenny’s lips. As her legs splayed out, Tory slid her hand under her ass to feel what was beneath her panties. “Jenny she’s just like us!” And slid her hand up and down Missy’s growing girl cock. Missy let out a soft moan as she felt Jenny’s tongue sliding in and out while Tory fondled her she cock. Missy’s mouth opened wider and her tongue tangled with Jenny’s. She slid her soft hands down Jenny’s front and began to fondle her soft breasts. At Missy’s touch Jenny’s tongue slid even deeper down her throat. Missy spread her legs even wider to allow Tory access to her. Torys soft hand slid in Missy’s panties to find her already rock hard and dripping cock. Tory began to stroke her softly kissing the back of her soft neck and slid a wet finger in her tight hole. Missy let out a wet moan as she felt another finger invade her quivering pussy and began to kiss and lick down the front of Jenny’s body.

As Missy slid down towards the front of Jenny’s bulging thong she arched her back and spread even further beckoning Tory to her bouncing ass. With one swift motion Tory ripped off Missy’s panties as Jenny moved her hips up towards Missy’s juicy mouth. Missy squealed as she felt Tory’s hot tongue begin licking her tight hole. Missy slid Jenny’s thong to the side and slid her cocoa cock into her dripping mouth. Missy moaned as she felt Jenny’s 8 inch girly cock begin to get even harder in her hot mouth. Tory began to tongue fuck Missy’s pussy which made her begin to buck and shake. Jenny started to slowly fuck Missy’s now drooling mouth like a wet pussy. Tory slid her hands under Missy’s gorgeous ass and lifted her up slightly. Tory spread her ass and slid her 9 inch she cock into Missy’s tight hole.

Missy moaned as Jenny and Tory began to rock her body back and forth, their thrusts matching as Tory slid in deep inside Missy’s pussy, Jenny slid out of her juicy mouth. As Jenny slid deep down Missy’s throat, Tory slipped almost all the way out of Missy’s hole to jam it back in again. Without warning Jenny and Tory slid even deeper into each respective hole, held it there as Missy shook, moaned, wriggled and cried out feeling herself impaled on two rock hard girly cocks. Missy’s own cock was oozing freely all over the wooden bench as the two girls rocked her tight hot body between themselves. Tory’s pace increased and she pounded Missy and fucked her even harder as she heard Missy gag and drool on Jenny’s girl dick. Faster and harder Jenny and Tory drove their she cocks into Missy making her eyes roll back in her head. Missy stammered and stuttered, “oooh fuck, ohhh fuck, oh FUCK YES! FUCK ME!!!” Jenny and Torys eyes met as Missy screamed “Cum in my holes, please cum inside meeee!!” Missy thrust Jenny’s cock all the way down her throat at the same time pushing back on Tory to impale her pussy on Tory’s cock. They held Missy in that position and both came hard. Jenny flooded Missy’s sloppy mouth with her hot honey as Tory simultaneously filled Missy’s pussy with a huge load of hot girl spunk. Missy shuddered and moaned as she felt the hot gooey creamy cum fill her greedy holes. Tory and Jenny were still thrusting softly as the last bit of jizz filled Missy. Missy sat up and opened her mouth to show the enormous load of cum in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, slid some onto her fingers and lapped it off hungrily. Jenny slid her hot tongue into Missy’s gooey mouth and Tory joined in letting the creamy cum slide back and forth between three sets of creamy gooey oozing tongues lips and mouths. They flipped Missy over and two tongues invaded Missy’s still quivering hole to lap up all of Tory’s hot spunk dribbling out. Once more the girls came up to share the gooey jizz and the three girls moaned as three gooey tongues licked lapped and shared the hot load.

They sat Missy back against the bench wall and licked and kissed down her still shivering body. Their tongues met over Missy’s huge breasts and circled her rock hard nipples. Hands slid up and down her body as the two dragged their tongues down finally meeting at Missy’s cock. Tongues met over the tip and they shared a kiss with Missy’s oozing cock between their dripping mouths. Jenny licked down one side as Tory slid her tongue up the other. Jenny sucked on Missy’s soft balls as Tory deep throated Missy even harder she cock as Missy slid her hands through their hair moaning lustily. “Don’t stop!! omigod don’t STOP!!” Missy moaned as Jenny and Tory lapped away at her 8 inch girly cock. Jenny reached around and slid a finger up Tory’s hole. She took both Missy’s soft little balls in her mouth as Tory slid her arm around to slip a wet cum covered finger in Jenny’s pussy. “Ooh I’m gonna cum!” Missy screamed, and Jenny and Tory licked their way up Missy’s cock to meet with their mouths over the tip as Missy began spurting a hot huge load over their waiting tongues. Missy shot nine creamy ropes of creamy girl spunk as Jenny and Tory lapped up every drop.

Missy’s hot fresh load in their mouths the came up on either side of Missy and at first dribbled the gooey girl cum into Missy’s wide open waiting mouth. Missy gargled the load and moaned as Jenny and Tory shared another hot wet gooey sloppy cum filled kiss with her. Finally they swallowed and as each girl felt it drip down to their bellies they shared kisses licks and fondles as the cum slowly slid down. Soft moans filled the steaming sauna as hands roamed over soft breasts, tight asses and still oozing she cocks.

Jenny stood and took Missy by the hand. “C’mon lets all get cleaned up, you can shower in my room and I’ve got plenty of clothes you can have to replace the ones we…messed up. Then we’ll have a nice lunch!” Missy’s eyes rolled back and softly whispered, “only if you both cum help me in the shower….”
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