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Lottie has some solo fun, and gets caught by daddy.
Hi, the name’s Charlotte. My friends and family called me Lottie.

As far as regular nineteen-year-olds go, I was pretty regular, except for one tiny little thing.

I was into incest porn.

No, I didn’t intend to fuck anyone in my family, that’s wrong. I liked the taboo nature of incest, okay? Something about doing it with someone in your family, how it’s so wrong, flipped switches inside me. My hobby was to have a really good time with Mr Bunny, my trusty vibrator and some hot incest vids I found off the internet.

I lived with Mom and Dad, so most of the time, I had to do it on the down-low. No moaning, Mr Bunny turned down to the lowest setting under the sheets so no one would hear and it’s either mute or headphones in when I’m watching Daddy fucking his daughter.

Yeah, that was my jam. I didn’t mind a bit of brother-sister porn, but the thought of being bred by my own daddy always got me off.

So it was a Wednesday afternoon. College classes were over. Mom was out somewhere- at the spa with her friends or shopping as usual. Dad and my bro were working still, so I had a good few hours alone in the house.

That meant a few hours of uninterrupted privacy to play.

I had to admit; I was excited! The rest of the week, waiting until today, made me feel hornier than a nun at a stripclub.

The driveway being empty was a sure sign that no one was home. I stuck my head into my brother’s bedroom to make sure he wasn’t in and then tossed my schoolbag on the floor.

My body thrummed with urgency, but I like to take my time. It was like… Marinating a steak. I would strip my day’s clothes off and change into something a bit more comfortable. That meant a vest top and some panties. If anyone came home, I could always kick the door shut and pull on some pajama bottoms. Those were on the floor, ready.

Yeah, I really thought his through.

Fuck, I licked my lips. School was busy as hell lately, and I had assignments coming out of my ears. I could feel it already. When I get my much needed orgasm, I just know it’d wash away the stress too. I waited all day for this. Last night, in some obscure pro-incest forum, I downloaded a really hot video. Daddy-Daughter too, so I knew it was going to be great.

I led on my bed and rubbed my thighs together. All that was left was to get Mr Bunny, but not right away; I’d be too tempted to use him immediately and spoil the fun. I was going to make sure I watched most of the video before I start playing.

So, phone in my hand, I scrolled for the video and pressed play.

A girl about my age, college level, maybe, was sitting on a sofa, looking bored and watching TV.

The scene looked like it was shot through a video camera.

The screen closed in on her. She turned, looks, and smiles at me.

“Hey, Daddy.”

The guy behind the camera didn’t say anything, just unzips his pants and pulls his flaccid dick out.

“You want me to help you with that, Daddy?” she said, looking up at the camera.

“You know I do,” the male voice crackled through the screen.

He grabs the back of her head and she took his cock in her mouth.

He was rough, demanding. He was using his daughter’s mouth for his own pleasure. Why did I like that? The girl’s face was tight, but I knew she was enjoying it, being treated like a fuck-toy by Daddy…

The quality of the video was amateurish, but in my opinion, that only adds to the authenticity. Just call me a connoisseur.

The sound of her cock-sucking was squelchy and tinny through my phone’s speakers.

God, that was so hot. I wish Dad would do that to me; just grab my face and shove his cock in my mouth…

What? A girl can have fantasies!

A hand drifted upwards and pinched and tugged at my nipples through the fabric of my top.

My thighs grounded together and I could feel wetness blooming between my legs…

Shit, I don’t think I can last through the entire video without touching myself.

I felt a different fullness between my legs.

Ah, crap.

I needed to pee.

I tossed the phone onto the bed and went to the bathroom. I’ll rewind it back to the part I left off when I come back.


I really needed that.

A bad habit of mine was to forget to do things when I’m rushed. I skipped breakfast and lunch and evidently, I didn’t bother with bathroom breaks either. No harm, no foul.

I’m also a little OCD. Or ADHD, or whatever you call it. Sometimes things just grab my attention. So, I probably wasted a good ten minutes squeezing blackheads out of my face when I passed the bathroom mirror.

At least I can focus on the sexy task at hand now.

I didn’t expect to run into my father when I walked into my bedroom.

He was by my bed, with my phone in his hand.

Oh fuck! He was watching the video!

The girl moaned and begged as she was being fucked by her dad. At least that was what I pictured, based on the erotic noises.

“You like Daddy’s cock, slut?”

“Lottie, what is this?” Dad asked.

“Oh, hey dad, it’s not what you think,” I said.


Okay, so it was what he thought.

My heart slammed around in my chest. My stomach was in knots.

God, somebody kill me already.

Dad turned his eye from the phone and looked me up and down. He took his time too. Was he looking at me in a different way?

Then he smirked and tossed the phone to me.

“Don’t let your mother catch you with that stuff.”

“So, you’re cool with that?”

“Yeah, no probs. I find that kind of thing hot too. Must run in the family,” he chuckled.

“Cool,” I said, not really knowing how to respond. “Uh, why are you home so early?”

“Accident at work. One of the lads drilled through a water-pipe so there’s nothing to be done until the higher-ups straighten it out. Everyone was told to take the day off.”


“I’ll leave you to it. I guess you have fun when you’re all alone in the house?”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Sorry Dad, is that wrong?”

“Hell no, I’m just glad someone has the time to do it. I have no time or the chance to do it. Otherwise, I’d be doing the same thing myself,” he laughed. “Sorry, over sharing.”

“No! Dad, it’s cool, really. I don’t mind sharing and talking about stuff like this. I always felt it was weird to be into this sort of thing… and now I know you’re into it too. You are into it, aren’t you?”

“Into what?”

I felt my face flush. “You know… Incest.”

He smirked, and then I knew Dad was just messing with me.

“You jerk!” I said, giving him a friendly thump.

We laughed at that, and what’s left of the tension in the room dissipated.

“Okay, hon, I’ll excuse myself. There’s still time before Josh and your mother are home. Have a good one.”

God, I can’t believe I was going to say it. It was pure madness, but something inside me made me do it.

“Dad, you said you didn’t have time to uhh, sort yourself out. You think you’d want to do it, like, right now?”

“Lottie, are you suggesting that I should jerk off with you or something?”

I licked my lips. “Well, we do have the place to ourselves. I don’t mind, if it’s not weird or anything.”

Dad flashed me that warm smile that always seemed to melt me. Well, something else was melting, and I never really felt this way before. Okay, I might have the occasional incest fantasy about my Dad, but I didn’t expect it to actually happen. Not that it was going to happen! This might be, I dunno, kinda exciting if he’s cool with it. I mean, we’re both adults. What’s the harm?

“I think I’d like that very much.”

I didn’t waste any time jumping onto the bed before I chickened out. I got comfortable and Dad joined me. It was a double-bed, so there was plenty of room.

“So, what are you watching?”

“Uhh, a daddy-daughter scene.”

“You like that sort of thing?”

The butterflies fluttered manically in my gut. “Yeah, I think that’s hot.”

“Me too.”

I pressed play, and we watched in silence.

Jesus, the father was really driving it into the daughter. At some point, he placed the camera on the side or something, and we had a shot of him fucking his daughter hard. All we could hear was her moaning helplessly. I tried not to groan under my breath as I heard the sound of his cock driving in and out of her.

Dad was beside me, equally stunned. I never knew how musky and masculine his scent was. He was working all morning, so he had a tinge of sweat, which went right to my head. I glanced to the side, and his chest was raising and falling.

His hand was between his legs. Holy fuck, was he trying to hide his boner?

Now or never.

I was holding the phone up so we both could watch the scene. With my other hand, I buried it between my legs. Shit. I was fucking soaked. I felt Dad’s eyes watching my fingers move over my pussy, under my panties, but he didn’t say anything.

I didn’t think he knew where to watch, either the phone or my hand.

It felt too good, and Dad watching me masturbate only added to my excitement.

“You going to sort yourself out too?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

It was kinda cute to see Dad being so bashful.

I sucked in a breath as he moved his hand away from his pants. His cock tented against the seam! Dad struggled for a bit with the zipper, and I almost moaned out when he managed to fish his dick out.

He… Was… Huge..!

“You sure you don’t mind me doing this?”

“No, Daddy, I don’t mind at all.”

Fucking hell, just do it already. I want to see you jerk that monster.

He cleared his throat and wrapped his fingers around his shaft. Dad had big strong builder’s hands and even he barely wrapped it around his shaft.

I tried not to stare, but I was mesmerized.

Dad was trying to hold in his moans as he pumped his cock. The way his fingers went up then down in a slow, steady rhythm was hypnotic.

Then precum leaked out at the tip.


“Oh shit, sorry honey. I tend to leak when I’m really turned on.”

“You enjoying the video?”

“That’s one part of it,” he grunted.

Fuck, we didn’t say much more after that.

My clit ached painfully and each time I circled it with my finger, my hips would buck involuntarily. Even with Mr Bunny, I never felt this good. The panties pushing against my fingers felt restrictive, so I pulled them aside for easier play.

“Fuck,” Dad growled.

“What is it?”

“Just that, you have a really pretty pussy, Lottie.”

“Thanks,” I said.

My heart raced as I watched Dad pumping away. He wasn’t trying to rush it, but I sensed his pressure building. Or was it mine? He couldn’t keep his eyes off my pussy, and I loved how that made me feel.

“Daddy, would you like a hand?”

“You, you want to touch me?”

“I thought, maybe it’d be more fun if we helped each other out. Just an idea.”

He swallowed. “I’d love that, honey. Only if you’re sure.”

I smiled and reached over. Daddy hissed as I gripped his cock. It was burning hot and pulsed in my hand. I licked my lips and pumped him. A weird thrum of excitement coursed through me, as my pussy-soaked fingers were touched him. My own nectar was being rubbed into Dad’s cock!

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned. “Feels so fucking good.”

Every time I dragged my hand up to his tip. His cock would twitch. I kept doing it over and over, and more precum leaked out and dripped over my fingers.

I wondered what it’d taste like…

“Daddy, do you think you can help me out too?”

“Sure, baby.”

His meaty hand reached over and danced over my trimmed pussy. He spent a few moments running his fingertips through it.

“Sorry, I know guys prefer it shaved,” I said, feeling like I disappointed him somehow.

“Oh no, honey, not at all. I like a little bit of hair. Makes you look so womanly and sexy.”

I tried to focus on his cock in my hand and not his on me. But it was hard.

“Fuck!” I cried out as his fingers found my clit. Daddy’s hands were rough and calloused, but felt so fucking good on my sensitive clit. That seemed to encourage him, and he teased me a little.

Lightning bolts of pleasure coursed through my body. I dropped the phone, but neither of us seemed to care. All I could hear was the sound of moans on the floor beside the bed.

Then a tip of Daddy’s finger found the entrance of my pussy.

My hand clasped over his wrist, gripping him tight. “Daddy…” I begged.

“So hot, baby girl. You’re so fucking hot.”

His digit disappeared inside me.

“Fuck..!” I cried out. Daddy’s thick finger delved into me, parting my folds and explored the tight wet inner walls of my pussy. His hand felt so strong and relentless as his finger sank so deep into me, his knuckles rested against my entrance.

“Such a bad girl, getting so turned on like this…”

Dad pumped his finger in and out, making my pussy make lewd, nasty sounds. My other hand let go of his cock, instead twisting into his shirt, tearing fabric as I held on for dear life as I rode against him. Daddy’s finger felt better than any cock I’ve had up till now.

“Daddy…” I sobbed. “Stop, please… I’m going to… I’m going to..!”

“Cum baby, cum for me, I want to feel it.”

I gasped, sucking in air. I felt myself fall over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out. My entire body spasmed against Dad as the most intense orgasm of my life exploded inside me. He kept pushing his finger in and out, but in a steadier, slower rhythm. Hot tears streaked down my face as I sobbed, overwhelmed by white hot pleasure.

Spent, I sank back into my bed, just laying there, drunk from my post-orgasmic glow.

My dad just made me cum… And I loved it.

Dad leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said.

He simply smiled. “Glad to help.”

Dad turned to give me a side cuddle, and I felt his rock-hard cock jab into my leg.

“Oh God, sorry Dad… I forgot.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

I grabbed his cock. Daddy hissed, his cock pulsed with need. It was slimy with precum.

“I want to, Daddy. It’s not fair for you to make me feel so good and miss out yourself.”

Daddy lied back onto the bed, making himself comfortable.

My tongue ran over my dry lips as I watched his cock throb in my hand as I stroked up and down his shaft. I never touched one this big before. All the boys I messed around with were disappointly small.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with a small dick, but knowing that my daddy had such a big one… Well, it made my pussy ache all over again. My hand traced along the thick curve of his shaft. Every time I reached the tip, I gave it a slight twist, drawing out a low guttural groan out of him. I loved that sound.

More precum leaked out, and Dad covered his eyes with his forearm. He gritted his teeth, looking like he was in pain.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“Oh, God no, baby girl. It feels too good.”

I kept watching his dick, pumping it in at a slow, lazy pace.

The thick, musky scent of his arousal went straight up my nose.

It pulsed and twitched in my hand…

I swallowed.

It looked so… tasty.

Dad’s eyes were still covered.

I’m sorry, Daddy, I can’t resist.

Thick, salty-sweet precum slathered all over my tongue as I enveloped my mouth over his cock.

“Mmph..!” I groaned, relishing in the taste.

“Oh, God, Lottie..! Oh fuck, what are you doing?”

My tongue swirled around his cock-head and was rewarded with more precum.

“Oh fuck…” he growled, twisting his fingers into my hair. “Fuck, don’t stop.”

My hand joined in with my mouth, pumping his shaft furiously as I sucked. I hoped I wasn’t too bad at it, but the way Daddy kept thrusting his hip, driving his cock into my mouth, made me think he was enjoying it enough.

“I’m going to cum, baby,” Daddy warned.

“Cum, Daddy, feed me your cum,” I gasped before taking it back in.

His cock was more urgent, stabbing at the back of my mouth, almost making me gag. The bed creaked as he rocked his hips, overwhelmed with the need to cum.

“Fuck!” he cried out.

My eyes went wide as Daddy’s cock swelled up in my mouth. Then a hot, thick load of cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, wishing I could savor the taste, but another shot hit me, then another, flooding my mouth.

I mewled and tried my best to swallow it down, but there was too much. Semen leaked out of my mouth, running down my face and neck. Some dripped all over Daddy’s cock, but he was too busy ejaculating to care.

His whole body constricted one last time, easing out one last load into my mouth, before he collapsed back on the bed.

“Oh, God,” he gasped. “Fucking hell.”

“Did you like that, Daddy?”

“That was… amazing.”

I smiled and cuddled up to him.

He held me in his arms, and we laid there, not saying anything and waiting for our breaths to settle. I stroked his arm while he caressed my flat tummy.

Daddy looked at me, his eyes filled with warmth and lust.

Then he leaned over and pushed his lips over mine.

I kissed him back, and then he returned the kiss. It was kinda sweet, really. Just cuddling and kissing with Daddy. His lips ran traced over mine, and then he delved the tip of his tongue into my mouth.

“Daddy, no,” I gasped. “My mouth is covered in your cum.”

“I don’t care,” he growled, and he rolled on top of me.

My eyes went wide as he pried my mouth open, exploring me, tasting me.

God, Daddy was so intense.

We French-kissed as I felt the weight of Daddy’s body on top of mine. He pulled up my vest, exposing my tits.

“S-sorry, they’re not that big,” I said, my face flushed.

“They’re beautiful.”

He moved down and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking and teasing it.

“O-oh God…” I moaned.

My fingers curled into the bedsheets as I let my dad play with my breasts. My pussy was getting soaked again.

And then I felt his cock rubbing up against me.


His face was tight with need. “I’m so sorry, Lottie. We shouldn’t cross the line. But I can’t help myself. Can I have a taste? Just a little?”

I thrusted my hips in response, my lips kissing the underside of his shaft.

He groaned, took his cock in his hand and ran it against my inflamed pussy. His dick was getting slick with my juices, as he ran it up and down from base to tip.

I bit down on my lip. It felt so good.

My heart pounded against my ribcage, knowing that Daddy’s precum were leaking out again, marking me with it.

Knowing how perilously close we were to crossing the line.

“Daddy…” I begged.

A primitive growl escaped his lips.

His legs splayed mine open more, exposing my teen pussy to him.

“I’m so sorry, baby.”

He pushed, feeding an inch of his cock into my tight entrance.

Every nerve in my pussy fired up, making me moan. “Fuck..!”

Daddy’s eyes were glazed over. I could tell he was mad with lust. There was no way he was going to stop now.

Not that I wanted him to.

I pushed my legs open more. “Give it to me, I want all of you inside me.”

God, I was so wet. I could feel my juices leaking out, coating Daddy’s rock-hard cock with it.

He obliged, pushing his hips forward and impaling me with his cock.

“D-daddy!” I cried out. I was so full. So fucking full. The inner walls of my pussy stretched around his invading cock.

“You okay?”

My hand caressed his thick, solid chest. “It’s a little tight, but I’m okay. Keep going. Please.”

He nodded and slowly fed more into me.

We were like that at a time. I was half gasping, letting my body get used to his thickness, and he was giving it to me, but trying not to give in the urge to just shove it all the way inside me.

It was kinda hot.

My mind was a haze of pure bliss. The more Daddy filled me with his cock, the foggier my mind went.

Eventually, I felt the base of his cock rest against my entrance.

“It’s all in sweetness, I’m all the way inside you.”

My hands reached over, and his abs pressed against my palm. “Oh, God.”

“I’m going to start moving now, okay?”

I licked my lips and nodded.

Daddy did it slowly at first, still worried he was going to hurt me. It was tight, but the more his cock pulled out and disappeared back into me, the easier it felt. He liked to tease me. His cock would draw back slowly, raking every inch of my pussy, until his tip was at the entrance.

And then he shoved it all the way in.

“D-daddy,” I groaned.

“You’re so tight, Lottie. So fucking tight.”

The bed creaked as Daddy slammed into me with abandon. I couldn’t stifle my cries of pleasure anymore. Someone could come home, and I’d be too much in pleasure to care.

I wanted to be fucked by Daddy. This was a dream come true. Nothing would ruin it for me.

Daddy was enjoying it too. I could tell. His face was tight with pleasure and I knew he was holding back.

“I’ll pull out soon, I promise. You just feel too good.”

My legs hooked over his back and I drove my heels into his ass.

“No, don’t,” I purred. “Cum inside me, Daddy.”

Oh god, what was I doing? It was like someone else has taken over me entirely. A switched flipped down inside me, and all I could think about was how good it’d feel to be filled up with cum.

Daddy’s cum.

I wasn’t even on the pill.

He’d surely impregnate me if he did.

My hands hooked over his neck, pulling him close to me. I kissed him and moaned. His tongue found mine, and he devoured it like a starved man.

“Cum in me,” I whispered into his ear. “Cum inside your daughter’s fertile pussy.”

Daddy growled.

His nails dug into my hips, sending a sharp pain through me. But it felt good. Like he was claiming me as his.

His hips moved harder and faster, driving his cock as deep as he could inside me, desperately trying to reach the entrance to my womb.

I giggled. Daddy turned completely feral. His teeth were finding my flesh to rake against. He sucked on a breast, biting and tugging at a nipple, or biting the fleshy globe of my breast, bruising and marking me.

His tongue licked up the sweat that I made until he found my neck.

Then he sank his fangs into me.

“Ugh..!” I cried out. Daddy was making me mine!

His hands found my wrists, and he held me down, not letting me escape.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned.

“Cum, Daddy!” I sobbed. “Please give it to me.”

Daddy roared. His entire body tightened up on me.

His cock swelled inside me, stretching me more. I sobbed as another orgasm enveloped me, triggered by Daddy’s molten hot cum blasting into my pussy. I tightened my thighs around him, driving my feet as hard as I can into his ass, pulling him as close to me as possible.

I knew my womb was sucking his cum up, drawing it deep into me.

Daddy’s cock kept pulsing. Each twinge sent a fresh bolt of pleasure reverberating through my sensitive body.

Eventually, he stopped cumming and his climax ebbed away. Then he collapsed on me.

I stroked the back of his head, soothing him as he sucked in air. I chuckled to myself as my hips started to feel sore.

I haven’t had a work out like that in a while.

“I need a smoke,” Dad said.

“You smoke?”

“I used to. But I quit after you guys came along. But I remember how nice it was after having sex that good. Don’t tell your mother.”

“There’s a lot I can’t tell her,” I laughed.

Dad felt a little better, and he slowly eased his cock out of me.

I groaned as my cunt suddenly felt empty without his cock inside me. His cum leaked out of me, seeping into the bedsheets.

“I’m going to have to clean that before everyone comes home,” I said.

We both laughed.

It was getting late, and Dad put his clothes back on while I pulled on some pajama bottoms.

“You don’t… Regret this, do you?” Dad asked.

“Huh? No, not at all, Dad. It was kinda hot.”

“Good, cos I don’t either.”

“Hey, Dad.”


“You think you can be free on Wednesdays from now on?”

He looked at me and smiled. “I’ll bend over backwards to make it happen.”

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