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This dream actually happened exactly as written. The man in this dream is a friend of mine. When I woke up i texted him at work this exact story ;)
Every few days I'd watch you come into the diner.  You'd sit at the same table; not too small though as you are a very tall man.  You would sit where you could see the door..where I could see you watching me. 

I'd never give you a menu because you'd order the same thing.  “Chef firehouse special”. I think he only made this for you because you two were neighbors! Today was different. Today you came in with a beautiful woman and two boys who definitely looked like you.  I was 99% sure this was your wife and kids.


The owner/chef came out and gave your wife a big hug and said hello to your boys.  He then looked at me and told me to seat you by the window. I took you guys over and gave you menus.  Your youngest son said thank you then blushed.  I gave him a big smile before he blurted out “You are pretty!" 

I smiled even bigger and said, “Thank You!" 

your wife quickly apologizes. I tell her it is flattering then I hear you say “He's  telling the truth you know?” 

My eyes catch  yours for a brief second before your wife quickly apologizes again 

“I am truly sorry I can't take these boys anywhere!"

I wink at her and glance at you before I walk away.  

 I return after a few minutes carrying a tray of drinks.  I give your wife a margarita 

“It's on the house!" 

Your oldest a virgin pina colada,  and I give your youngest a Shirley Temple with extra Cherries! “For the most handsome man at the table!!" 

His eyes lit up while he said thank you about a hundred times!  Then I hand you a cold beer.  Your smile made my lips part slightly before I realized I still need to take your orders.


Your orders were simple; two healthy salads with grilled chicken and two cheeseburgers. I watch as your family enjoys their lunches. Like always you watched me.  My body feels like it is on fire.  It desperately wants to be touched by your strong hands.  I could feel my pussy start to moisten my panties.  I slightly lick my lip when our eyes lock.  You re-adjust in your seat. I watch your hand slide under the table to your cock.  At the same time I see your wife's hand slide across your leg.  Your hand quickly moves to hers. Your fingers entangle.  She leans over to give you a quick kiss.  I want your lips to kiss mine.  I feel my pussy throb.  You squeeze her hand.  I look back up and you smile. My nipples Harden under my shirt. I squeeze my pussy tight.  I'm going crazy watching you.   

The boss walks up behind me.  I can feel the heat of his body.  He is standing closer than normal. I look deep into his eyes. 

“Why don't you go take your lunch." His voice is low and almost smoldery.

"Mmmm OK." 

I want to devour both of you for lunch.  Fuck he is still standing so close. The smell of his cologne is so intoxicating. 

"I need you to close the restaurant tonight"

I nod my head to say yes.  He catches my eyes glancing over to you.  He walks to the side of me.  His crotch grazes my hand. I can feel his breath on my ear.  

"Be careful." 

My eyes lock with his.  I'm not sure who is more hungry at this point. I purposely let my hand slide across the bulge forming in his pants.  He pulls closer.  

"Not here.  Not now."


I let out a deep breath of air. I hear him groan slightly.  My mind was spinning.  He turns to go back into the kitchen. 


I decided to leave for lunch and return back at around 7 pm.  The boss left me a note on the counter explaining he had an emergency to take care of and if I needed anything to call.  For the most part, it was a slow evening. A few customers here and there. Nothing I couldn't handle on my own. 

About 9 pm you walked into the restaurant again. 

“Twice in one day huh?  Can't get enough of me?" I said in a flirty voice.  

“Maybe," you answered quickly. 

You smile, and my heart races.

“The boss asked me to come hang out with you until close.  He doesn't want you to be here alone. I'm on pretty lady duty!” 

I laughed. 

“Are you hungry?  I've never seen you order a salad before?” 

“I'm starving!  The boss said you could make a killer Burger? I'd love to try one.” 

I quickly disappear into the kitchen and return about 15 minutes later with a huge Burger and sweet potato fries. 

“I know you like spicy. This is going to be hot!" 

“How hot is it?” You asked. 

I leaned over the counter and said,“Really really really hot.” 

I watch you tense slightly... Your neck looks so tempting when you are being serious. 

“I can handle the heat, my dear!”

You took a huge bite! Your eyes open wide and your lips let out a small puff of air. I knew it was hot. 

"I have two more sauces in the kitchen if you'd like them," I said with a smile. 

“Bring both!” 

I brought it out and sat next to you. “Do you like spicy?” 

I shrugged. “A little.”

You take your finger and put it in the sauce then slide it across my lips.  My tongue quickly licked it off.  My lips were burning. You could tell. You took your cup and put it on my mouth.  The look in your eyes changed from messing around to intense stare.  I slightly push the cup away.

 “I think I need some ice water!”

I stand and lean over the counter where my glass is.  You enjoy looking at my ass and imagine grabbing it.  Spreading my cheeks while you fuck my ass hard. Your cock begins to harden as you watch me try and stretch over the counter. You stand behind me and lean over my body to help me reach my water.  Your Dick is pressing against my ass and you use the opportunity to grind against me.  You feel my ass push back against you. You grab my hips and pull me hard against you.  I moan.  You turn me around and pick me up onto the counter. You put your hands on my thighs and spread them open. You take your finger and dip it back in the spicy sauce and slide it back in my mouth.  You feel my tongue slide along your finger. You feel me suck. You want to feel that on more than your finger. You pull your finger out and grab my face. 

You want to kiss me so bad as you look into my "fuck me eyes." You back away and go over to the door and lock it.  I lean back on the counter. You turn off the open sign. 

You walk back over and grab my thighs. You watch as my hips Arch off the counter. You grab them and pull me hard against your cock.  I buck my hips desperately wanting to feel you. 

You unbutton my pants and pull them off. 

Your hand slides over my pussy.  You can feel the heat between my legs.  You take two fingers and push them inside of me hard. 

"Fuck you are wet!"

My pussy spasms and soaks your fingers.   You push them deeper as I grab at your arms.      

Your cock is rock hard and aching to get out. You pull your fingers out of me and push them deep in my mouth.  You undo your pants and your hard oozing cock bounces straight up.  I lick and suck your fingers into my mouth.  Your cockhead is right at the entrance to my hot wet hole.  My eyes are begging you.  I try to sit up. Trying hard to get closer to you.  I can feel  your slippery cockhead in-between my wet lips.  You lean down and kiss me.  You can taste my pussy.  I moan into your mouth as your cock begins to slide into me. I can feel the head of your dick rubbing against the walls of my pussy.  It feels so good. I push against you.

"Fuck me. Hard…I want to feel you hit my cervix." 

You can feel my pussy contract, massaging your Dick. You thrust hard and deep. 

"You feel so good inside of me. Mmmmm fuck… I want more"  

You fuck me even harder.  You moan. 

"Please ...oh fuck…. Ughhh... Mmm... Yes aww… Oh my God" 

My pussy is soaking your cock.  The smell of sex fills the restaurant. I feel you get harder.  Feel your pulse.  I'm so close to cumming.  I dig my nails into your arms.  You lean down to bite my lip. 

"I'm going to cum... Mmmnngmnh fuck… I'm Cumming''

My body tenses and spasms driving you insane.  You quickly pull your Dick out of me and blast ropes of cum on my pussy and stomach.  Even hitting my breast. You slide back into me.  A couple more strokes.  Our eyes lock.  We stay until we both catch our breath. 

"I think it's closing time beautiful"  

I feel you slide out of me.  You hand me my clothes.  We get dressed making small talk. 

"Do you want a to-go box for the rest of your Burger?"

You chuckle and say "Thank You. I'll be back tomorrow Darlin.  For dinner!."

I already know what I'm gonna make! 

Just then I hear a familiar chirping sound.  It's my alarm clock.  I can feel moisture between my legs.  I slide my finger between my lips.. Teasing my clit.  I wanted you more than ever now. I think today I'm sleeping in.  

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