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My sister was a lesbian for three years but when her girlfriend took my cock she decided she would try it
I couldn’t believe Janet changed her mind and wanted to play.chapter three .

I was in awe watching my sister climbing up on the bed naked and motioning for me to come closer.Her hand was outstretched waiting to take my cock and do what she has never done before with a male .I took my time moving removing telling her how beautiful she looked and I was honored to experiment with her all alone. All my thoughts of Donna had faded seeing Janet's small breasts ,firm belly and her blonde bush waiting for me.

I would have loved to drop to my knees and place my face between her bony hips but I was sure Donna could do it better. This time she wanted my cock in her hand,in her mouth and hopefully before it was over deep into her pussy.I thought I saw a sparkle in her eyes before they widened as she placed her hand around it.

I stood still as she tipped her head from side to side examining my shaft and balls.”It is nice “she said, squeezing it “it’s pretty hard too” then slowly began to stroke it.I placed my hands on the side of her face and kissed her forehead when she looked up .I said “It’s all yours now do whatever you want there is no rush”.

I lowered my hands to her shoulders looking down at her small breasts and her tiny nipples . I was thinking about what I was going to do when it was my turn to explore.One of her hands was cupping my balls, the other had a firm grasp on my shaft. The sensation of her tongue licking up and near the head felt terrific and I told her so.

Complementing her actions seem to make her more relaxed and eventually more daring.She rarely made eye contact with me which I understood being her brother and all. I was trying to see every part of her body that I could from my standing position.When her mouth finally latched onto my cock her long hair dangled tickling me causing me to jerk suddenly.

Janet sat back looking up “I’m sorry “she said as if she had hurt me “no your fine”I said. She began sucking and stroking me and after a few minutes seemed comfortable doing it.She even didn’t mind me reaching down rubbing my hand along on her breast. I knew she was enjoying my cock as well as my hand feeling her firm breast by the way her nipples became harder,

After a while I asked her if I could lay down twitch she allowed me to so so. I leaned in to kiss her but she turned her head suddenly allowing me to only kiss her cheek. She must have liked it by the way her hand held my head moving it down on her neck and sighed.She never let go of my cock all while I kissed and sucked on her neck until she laid back beside me.

She placed her hand over her eyes when I leaned into her chest and kissed on both nipples.I knew she was trying not to think of me as her brother when she tossed a pillow on herself to hide her from seeing me.I understand her dilemma so I started to kiss lower to where her hands continued to move me lower.

I could feel her hard belly rising and falling when she took deep breaths, then I slid my arms under her slender legs.She cried out yes pushing her hips up when I parted her lips and took a lick up her slit.After watching what she did to Donna I tried to reenact her motions by running circles around her protruding nub. I continued to lick up and down enjoying the taste of her warm juices.

After playing and licking up the flow from within her pussy for a while she let out a long moan. When her legs shook I pretty much knew she had an orgasm so I backed away and rolled her over on her belly.When I moved in between her legs she instantly lifted her but up to me, that was a signal she wanted me to fuck her.

I gathered her hair away from her face and whispered if I could fuck her.She nodded her head yes “go slow though” she said and closed her eyes.When she felt the head of my cock touch her hole she opened her eyes and grabbed the sheets. I paused when the head pushed a little inside her then asked if she was alright. Her response was a nod of her head and a push with her butt to get me in farther .

She wasn’t too tight yet tighter than Donna, she was handling my small 6 inch pretty easily, which was a relief. I began slowly fucking my sister watching a smile come to her face ,it appeared she liked what I was doing. I was glad she was enjoying me inside her, it gave me hope that this was not a one time thing.

She was pretty wet which made it easier for us to fuck ,and we fucked at a slow and steady pace for a good twenty minutes . All the while her smile never left her face even when I asked her where she wanted me to cum.She lifted up on her knees and elbows. She had her hands holding her head and softly said “cum in me”.I asked her if she was sure and she said “yes I want to feel you cum in me”.

After a few more minutes I said I was cumming and grabbed her hips. I held her tight against me so she could feel my cock jerk when I empty my cum deep inside her. She stayed pushed against me long after I was finished with the biggest smile I have ever seen on my sister. When I finally pulled away I laid down beside her,I was surprised when she gave me a kiss.

Leaning on one arm she snuggled against me looking and smiling just inches away from my face. She ran her hand up and down my chest “ so what do you think, I mean I thought it was so much better than a toy.I know it is supposed to be taboo for brother and sister to do what we just did “she said . Then she just said “fuck that taboo shit ,It was fun wasn’t it”, I chuckled I loved it then gave her a quick kiss.

“I know I am not as good as Donna “I said being interrupted with Janet saying I will get better with time.”Does that mean there will be another time” I said , Janet laughed “about a half hour from now when Donna gets here”.She gave me a kiss “come on let's have another piece of pizza” then stood up taking my hand.

We walked back down to the kitchen still naked giggling like kids “you have changed my way of thinking “she said.I grabbed a couple of sodas then wrapped my arms around her as she got our pizza. “Careful” she said then pushed back against me “Donna told me not to wear you out”.

After talking and eating for a while we decided to wait for Donna out on the front porch. Still naked I turned off the porch light before going out so anyone passing the house couldn't see us. Our home was pretty secluded so we were pretty sure it would be safe where we settled. Janet sat down on the bench taking my hand positioned me in front of her where she instinctively grabbed my cock. “This is just a warm up” she said “don’t cum” then began sucking on my cock.

By the way she was sucking on me , that told me she was now pretty comfortable with this taboo activity. I had thought about doing things with her for months so the taboo bit had long faded from my mind.For a girl that has never given a blow job she was sure doing great taking me deep in her mouth without tears or gagging.

Several times she would stop and remind me not to cum, but boy it was hard to hold back,luckily Donna showed up and she had to stop . At first she didn’t see us but when we whispered to her she turned around.

The look on her face was priceless,”holy shit “she said then her jaw dropped. “When we left earlier you were insistent that you wasn’t going to have sex with our brother. Now look at you sitting outside stroking him, and naked to boot”she said sitting down beside Janet.

“Well I saved you some “Janet said, giving Donna a kiss . The evening got much better but you will have to read about it in the next chapter4


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