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Annie finds her desire overcomes her sense of propriety
Annie. A Noblewoman in lust

Annie, or to give her her full name, the honourable Annabel Eizabeth Mary Weatherby-Hanines, strode across the meadow in the afternoon sun. The village lay before her in deep shadow as the sun began its slow descent to the western horizon. She barely considered that everything she could see she owned. She just felt lonely and persecuted. A woman alone in a man’s world. She knew everyone on her estate were taking advantage of her. It was pure luck that she had inherited the estate as back in 1334 her ancestor Erazmus had stated the estate must pass to the eldest son and in default to the eldest daughter, not some distant cousin as in most families.

She saw the village blacksmith’s workshop and forge at the village edge. No smoke issued from the chimney Tom the blacksmith had obviously gone home early. Annie decided he needed a lesson.

She had known Tom for years, why she even had a crush on him as a young girl, nearly lost her virginity to him in an apple orchard one summers day many years ago, but that was then and this was now. She was the boss and he a labourer.

She never married, with no living father and an idiotic mother she had had to fend off numerous suitors interested merely in her estate, not in her.

She could hardly blame them, her udders were disappointingly small and her buttocks trim in an age where the opposite were concidered attractive. She also found little to smile about and often dressed in a man’s jacket and boots with ankle length skirt as she did today which was hardly likely to rouse a mans ardour.

Tom saw her coming, a fine figure of a woman he mused, such a waste that she hadn’t wed.

“Afternoon mistress, what can I do for thee?” he asked politely as he set down his cup of broth.

“Do some dammed work you lazy idler.” she replied nastily.

“I’ll have thee know I been abour afore cock crow this morn fashioning gates which were to go this after, and I made a batch of horse shoes, I reckon I done me twelve hours and I deserve a rest.

“Impudent cur, how dare you speak to me like that,” she snapped.

“Thee weren’t so fiesty years ago was thee,” Tom reminded her, “When we kissed and I had me hand up thee skirt? Damn near lost thee honour didn’t thee.”

“Hold your tongue wretch,” Annie snapped as she remembered the tingle of anticipation as she had awaited the entry of his fingers within her, and entry which never came.

“That’s it,” Tom expanded, “Thee needs a good seeing to, good solid ten inches of manhood up thee one day and a squawling babe coming back out nine month after.”

“How dare you!” she snapped.

“Thee always did look beautiful when thee was roused,” Tom recalled.

Beautiful, no one had ever called her beautiful, ever. “Less of the back chat and back to work,” she snapped.

“I done me bit for the day,” Tom insisted, “A pie and a pint down the pub then it’s to bed for I.”

“I disagree,” Annie countered, “Five to five is twelve hours, less and hour for breakfast and one for dinner means you have another two hours work for today.”

“You miserly bloody bitch,” Tom snapped, “You dried up shrivelled up bloody old hag, you needs some sense fucked into you before its too late and no mistake.”

Annie stood her ground. “Back to work I say.”

“Maybe it better be I then as what fucks some sense into thee,” Tom sneered, “Raise thee skirts wench I got ten inches of solid Engish cock all ready and waiting to spear thee.”

Annie shivered, fear engulfed her, fear that at that moment ten inches of solid english cock was precisely what she needed.

“I’ll have the constable,” she threatened.

“Thee’ll need the vicar and a christening robe nine months hence when I finished with thee” Tom insisted. “Now what’s it to be?”

“Back to work cur!” Annie snapped. The forge was cooling with clicks and pings, the floor was earth but it one corner was a pile of fresh straw. She backed towards it as she stepped away from Tom.

Tom loosened the stout leather belt around his waist ready to discard his thick leather blacksmiths apron.

“I will have the Constable on you!” she repeated.

“But thee’ll be fucked, Constable can’t unfuck thee can he?” Tom reminded her, “There’ll be a kid to remind thee of I won’t there.”

Tom pulled off the apron and dropped his breeches, his cock sprung free tilting upwards fully roused.

Annie just stared open mouthed.

Tom looked her in the eye. He saw need, desire and lust writ large. Realisation set in. He pulled his breeches back up. “No thee don’t, pretending not to want it when thee’s like a she cat on heat.” “I suppose it’s how thee goes on.”

He grabbed his apron and started to pump the bellows for the forge.

“Oh dear god,” Annie sighed, “How dare you accuse me, you monster.”

“So does thee want to fuck or don’t thee?” He asked.

“No,” she said waveringly.

“Thee eyes says yes, the mouth says no,” Tom observed, “Thee’ll have to say yes afore I fucks thee.”

Annie heard herself say yes, her head said no no no, but in her heart she needed a cock, a child, needed to be a woman.

“And after thee’ll still get the constable?” Tom surmised.

“Yes,” Annie admitted.

Tom smiled “Well raise thee skirts wench and let s get the deed done.”

Annie sat on the fresh straw and lifted her long skirt to reveal stout walking boots and wollen stockings held aloft by tapes and stout wollen under pants.

“That’s no sight to raise a man’s lusting,” Tom observed, but Annie duly lay back and pulled down her pants, “But that is,” he said as he saw her sweet virgin parts for the first time.

Perfect and unplucked amongst the soft downy curls of fur adorning her trim body as it sweetly down from her navel.

“Your first time?” Tom asked.

“Yes,” Annie amitted.

“Thee should have chose a smaller bloke, this’ll hurt like buggery.” Tom warned as he advanced now bared below the waist with is member in his left hand, “Best guide I in.”

He thrilled to the touch of Annie’s soft hand on his member as he eased her knees apart and knellt between them offering her his member to guide towards her now moistened womans parts.

He thrilled to the soft touch of her lower lips against the bulbous tip of his member as Annie gasped at the intrusion as it gently unfolded the soft petals of her vulva as it slowly spread aside the route to her womb. Her hymen stretched and stretched again as Tom persistently eased ever inwards and then quite suddenly tore making Annie gasp with pain or was it pleasure, she knew not. But now released Tom’s member slid unerringly deep inside her until it reached the neck of her womb

“Oh lord that feels good,” Tom husked, “Nice and tight.”

“Nnnnng,” Annie replied as her senses went into overdrive. Her nipples now roused craved attention, she needed his lips on her mouth, her neck everywhere.

He pulled her tight crushing her nipples against him and sought her mouth with his own.

She responded willingly and his tongue ran around her teeth as his member pounded her womb.

His member was throbbing, tingling with anticipation and then suddenly the pulsing reache a crescendo and his seed burst forth flooding her then flooding again and again until she was sated.

They lay entwined for several seconds before either moved.

“Oh lord what have we done,” she muttered.

“Well I reckon we had a bit of passion,” Tom replied, “Bit of what thee fancies does thee good, tha knows, cleans the tubes out like.”

“Yes thank you for pointing out the obvious,” Annie snapped.

“I suppose thee’ll have the Constable on I now?” Tom enquired.

“And you will say I seduced you no doubt,” she challenged.

He though a moment. “I’ll tell nothing but the truth, and thee weren’t complaning when I humped thee and shot me bolt was thee?”

“So now what do we do?” Annie asked.

“Well thee best marry some nob quick smart before thee starts showing thee’s wi child,” he suggested.

“I’ll not submit, not to any man,” she snapped, “I’d rather have a bastard.”

“Well thee submied to I.” he observed.

“Marry I meant, oh lord what a mess.” Annie sighed.

“Same time tomorow?” Tom asked.

“Don’t be so ridiculous,” Annie protested as she finally rushed to dress, “You haven’t heard the last of this,” she snapped and she swept from the building head held high.

Inside she was confused, thrilled, terrified, strangely satisfied yet with a yearning gulf within her which she needed to be filled. She knew she wanted Tom. Wanted to posess him, to entwine naked with him in a meadow full of wild flowers or in a bed with clean sheets.

She tried oh so hard to put him out of her mind as she hurried home.

She rushed upstairs calling for her maid to fetch her bath.

The maid Vicki came running, “Why mistress what on earth has happened.”

“Nothing I need a bath,” Annie insisted.

“Afore dinner, what’s happened?” she asked.

“Nothing!” Annie insisted and blushed profusely.

“Thee’s been fucked ‘ent thee,” she observed, “I knew thee’d push some lad too far and he’d have thee.”

“No!” Annie lied, “Well yes, Tom the blacksmith I need to wash myself.”

“Too late for that mistress, when thee’s fucked thee’s fucked, still there’s one good thing.”Vicky exclaimed.

“And what pray is that?” Annie asked.

“Thee ent no virgin is thee, we can have some fun now,” Vicky suggested.

“Fun?” Annie asked incredulously

“Wi me fist, fist fucking, its what all the married ladies does mistress,” Vicki eplained, “ I’ll fist thee if thee’s amenable, long as thee does I of course.”

“Don’t be so impertinent, fetch my bath.” Annie ordered.

She waited for Vicki and Beth the downstairs maid to bring her hip bath and several earthenware jars ful of hot water from the copper downstairs.

“Help me with my Corsets,” Annie demanded as she slipped off her skirts and leggings.

Vicki undid the laces and helped Annie to slip the corsets off. Annie went to take her bath.

“Cor he must have give thee a right seeing too, thee’s all bruised and sore,” Vicki observed

“Oh god,” Annie sighed, “Is it so obvious?”

“Indeed madam,” Beth interected, “Can’t miss it. Looks like mine did when Vicki fisted me.”

“Oh god, how dare you,” Annie snapped.

“Oh we dares to all right, it’s time we done you too ent it Vicki?” Beth agreed.

“Don’t you dare,” Annie protested but she was naked and outnumbered.

“Thee’s got nice tits, like me mam, want em sucked?” Vicki asked.

“No of course not!” Annie protested, but her nips were tingling and were rousing themselves

Vicki gently caressed Annie’s left breast until the teat strained and then bent her head to suck at it like a hungry new born babe.

“No,” Annie protested but already Beth’s fingers were sliding up Annie’s inner thigh towards her sex.

“Thee don’t need no gentleman, you stick we us and we can have fun with no babies,” Beth suggested as she gently slipped two then three fingers into Annie’s sore bruised puss.

“Is that nice” Beth asked as she eased two more fingers and then her thumb between the petals of Annie’s rapidly moistening bruised vulva.

“Noooo,” Annie protested but Beth’s whole hand was now inside her and forming a fist was pressing against the neck of her womb.

“You’re like a bitch on heat madam, our bitch!” Beth chortled, “Now take this!”

Beth’s pounding fist made Annie cry with pleasure.

“See staying pure weren’t so clever were it?” Beth enquired.

“Nooo,” Annie replied

“You’re turn to fuck us later Madam,” Beth added.

“Kiss me!” Annie pleaded.

Beth kissed Annie on the lips but it was a strong manly chin with bristly beard Annie needed not Beth’s soft skin. A warm pulsing cock not a hard bony fist.

“Enough!” Annie cried but it was too late now, waves of an approaching orgasm swept over her and she cried out with a wordless wail.

“How’s that madam, better than any bloke I know!” Vicki chuckled.

“I want Tom,” Annie said quietly, “Send for him, I need him now!”

“You ungrateful cow!” Beth scowled as she extracted her fist from deep between Annie’s legs. “We’ll send for he presently," she chortled, “But first ‘tis thy turn to pleasure we , ‘tis only fair ‘ent it?”

To be continued...


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