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A true story about Jennifer, a married woman with whom I shared a passionate few months.
Again, this is a true story - as those of you who have read any of my other posts will know, I don't write fantasy or fiction, I only write about things that have actually happened to me. I occasionally change names, but other than that, there are no alterations or embellishments to what I write.

This story is about a girl called Jennifer (real name). I met Jennifer in 2007 when I was training to be an EMT. During training, all students had to do a certain amount of clinical training hours in the field, sometimes in the ER, but more often on an ambulance. For one of my clinicals, I went to a private ambulance service in the city where I was living. There were several crews working that day, and I wasn't the only student there. I was assigned to ride with an all male crew, much to my disappointment, as one of the paramedics on one of the other units was an absolutely beautiful creature. She had long, absolutely perfect auburn hair, amazing skin, beautiful blue eyes, and a great personality. It was quite difficult to tell what kind of body she had - it was late October, a bit chilly, and she was wearing EMS pants and a thick jacket. She was taller than me, and definitely not slim, but she didn't appear to be fat either. I guess voluptuous would be the best word to describe her.

Between calls, the crews kicked back at the station and Jennifer and I got to talking about things. She was engaged to be married to a local firefighter, and judging by the way she talked about him, she was very much in love with him. However, she was a little flirtatious, but I took that just to be the way she was - friendly, and very touchy feely. Bizarrely, at the end of the clinical, she asked for my email address - that's right, email address, not phone number - I'd visited Europe previously and she wanted to go, so she said she wanted to pick my brain a bit more about my experiences there and where I'd recommend she visit.

Months went by and I never heard from her. I qualified as an EMT and went straight into the paramedic program while working for a local EMS agency. I didn't even see her in passing at any of the hospitals. The one day I got an email out of the blue from her, asking about France and the UK. She told me she'd gotten married and she and her husband wanted to visit both places. Since I'd visited both on the same trip, I told her the places I'd liked and disliked. She thanked me, then I heard absolutely nothing from her again.

About 2 years later, I'd qualified as a paramedic and was working full time for one agency and part time for another. One day, a bunch of new hires arrived at the main station of my part time agency. One of them, much to my surprise, was Jennifer. She recognized me immediately and we started talking like old friends. It was summer time, so she had on a white EMS shirt and pants, and I could tell that her figure, while a little bigger (curvy?), was absolutely stunning. She was turning heads, that's for sure.

Weeks went by, and I saw her several times. She was always happy and ready with a smile. She sported a big diamond engagement ring and a very visible diamond encrusted wedding ring. Several times, her husband stopped by the station to see her. I was more than a little jealous. I was in a relationship with a local nurse at that time, a girl from Puerto Rico, so I didn't think much of my chances with Jennifer (she knew and was friendly with my girlfriend), but it didn't stop me lusting after her. One day, however, I found myself being rotated at the last minute to a different unit, and ended up working with Jennifer. Due to call volume that day, we were sent to post in a central location in the county, and had to basically just sit in the ambulance and wait until we either got a call or were told we could go back to the station. The conversation flowed freely. She told me she was very happy with her husband, her job, her life, but at times she got bored and wished she could do something crazy. I was about to question what she meant when she said "Look!" and pointed across the parking lot. A truck driver had parked his rig and was walking into a small nonde*********** building opposite us. "That's a brothel," said Jennifer. I was aware of that already, and told her so. Then she said, "I don't think I could do that for money." She hesitated for a few moments, and blurted out, "Yes, I absolutely could. If a guy gave me enough money, I'd do whatever he wanted." I was a bit shocked, but wanted to keep the conversation going, so I asked how much money it would take. She just looked at me and said, "A lot". Right about that time we got a call, and the conversation ended, but it made me think she wasn't as squeaky clean and innocent as I'd always thought.

In the years that followed, I worked multiple shifts with her, and she seemed to get more and more comfortable with me, to the point that she would text and call and stop by to see me at my other job, often in the middle of the night when her shift was over. She started to hug me a lot as well, which I loved, because you could feel her huge breasts pressing against me. Jennifer was bigger than me (taller) and heavier, but absolutely beautiful. She was probably about 5'10" in her bare feet.

One evening (I think it was in 2013), about 7pm, out of the blue, I got a text asking me what I was doing. I told her I was just chilling and watching Netflix. She asked if I wanted to meet for a "drink or something" and I said sure. She said she was bored because her husband was at work. He worked 24 hour shifts and had agreed to work an extra shift, so he would be gone for the next 36 hours and she was feeling at a loose end. She asked if I would pick her up, to which I agreed. My girlfriend worked nightshift and had only just started her shift as well. I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth, and headed out the door, driving across town to her house. She was waiting on the porch in a tank top and short shorts, and I have to say it took my breath away. She was so fucking hot, sexy, gorgeous, curves in all the right places, and I could feel my cock springing to attention in my pants. She jumped up when she saw me and hopped over to the car, tits bouncing along the way, I could see her nipples pointing through the fabric - no bra. I couldn't believe my luck!

Once she was in the car, I started driving towards a local bar, but she stopped me and said she wanted to go to the park instead. We ended up lying on the grass in the park, staring up at the sky and talking for hours. The sky went black, the stars came out, and Jennifer started to shiver. She moved closer to me, until our bare arms were touching and her left leg sort of flopped over mine, her flip flop loosely hanging from her foot. I was so fucking horny at this point - I'm sure she could see the bulge in my pants. We didn't talk about anything sexual at all, but there was definite tension. Eventually, she was shivering nonstop and asked if we could go. I started to drive back to her place, but she asked if she could come to mine to watch TV for a while. Again, I agreed, and turned around.

Fast forward about 20 minutes, and we're sitting on my sofa, and she wants to watch Game of Thrones (season 1, which I'd just bought on DVD). Imagine how I felt - a scantily clad hot sexy gorgeous woman who was married to someone else, late at night, in my apartment and asking to watch what is basically soft core porn with me. So of course, I put it on, and we started to watch. She scooted close to me, then wrapped my arm around her. It wasn't long before the first gratuitous sex scene came on, and I could see her chest begin to rise and fall more quickly. She wriggled even closer to me. I wasn't sure what was happening, but I was sure as hell turned on. The bulge in my pants had returned. Jennifer turned her head towards mine, and asked "Do you ever wish you could just forget everything and have the most amazing sex ever?" I said that I definitely did. She then turned and looked directly at me and said, "You can touch me if you want". I was shocked and ecstatic at the same time - I couldn't believe what she was saying!

Immediately, I turned towards her, tilted her chin towards mine, and started to kiss her softly on the lips, then harder and harder until we were both turned towards each other on the sofa. My hands roamed freely over her body - so curvy! - over her clothing, under her tank top and up her back. Her left leg wrapped itself around my body and she pressed herself into me. I felt my hard cock press against her leg and she began to grind against it, round in circles, making me harder to the point I thought I might cum right there! We went on like this for a while, kissing, exploring, touching through clothing - my right hand made its way down to her chest, fondling her left breast and pinching her nipple through her tank top, then slowly easing its way down to her belly, unfastening the button of her shorts, and slipping down, feeling her wet pussy through her panties. I began to softly caress her pussy with my fingers, feeling her growing wetness. She stopped kissing me and began to thrust her hips towards my fingers, desperate for me to put them inside her.

I couldn't stand it any more - I sat up, pulled her up, and lifted her tank top over her head. I stopped short at that point - her breasts had popped out and they were so big and firm and perky I was absolutely in awe of them. I traced my fingers over her neck, down towards her chest, and took a breast in each hand (my hands honestly weren't big enough for them) and began to suck as if my life depended on it. She was breathing heavily, and put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me harder against her. She began to moan out loud, letting out a string of "yes baby, yes baby, yes baby" and clearly getting more and more into it. My hand again worked its way into her pants, this time under her panties, and I put the tips of two fingers into her pussy. She was soaking wet, parted her legs a little and I finger fucked her to her first orgasm. She began to scream and jerk around, thrusting her hips towards my hand, wanting my fingers deeper and deeper inside her.

After that first orgasm, I stood up, pulled her up with me, looked her straight in the eye and unfastened her shorts all the way, and in one firm motion pushed her shorts and panties down over her ass and onto the floor. She stood there for a second, then stepped out of them. Here she was, Jennifer, the girl I'd known for about 6 years now, naked in my living room, with me fully clothed. I then suggested we go to the bedroom, and turned her around and started to steer her in that direction. While she walked in front of me, I took in the sight of her body from behind - her ass was pretty big, very round, with lots to grab onto. Her legs were long and sexy and smooth, her pussy fully shaven (and dripping wet), her breasts perky but bouncy, her back smooth and without blemish.

We collapsed onto my bed. Still clothed, I grabbed her legs and pulled her, on her back, towards the edge of the bed. I got on my knees, grabbed her ass and roughly buried my face in her beautiful pussy. She came almost immediately, thrusting against me and moaning loudly - I knew the neighbors could hear for sure. I stayed buried in her pussy for about 15 minutes, giving her three more intense orgasms - she moaned and gasped and screamed the entire time, shuddering like crazy and bumming hard.

I couldn't stand it any longer - I stood up, pushed my shorts to the floor and took of my t-shirt - she looked up at me, sat on the edge of the bed, and stroked my very hard cock through my boxers for a few moments. She then pushed my boxers to the ground. My cock sprang to attention right in front of her face - she knelt on the floor, took my cock in her hand, lifted it up, looked up at me, and licked the full length of it from the bottom. She looked up at me as she did so, and said "bet you didn't think we'd ever be doing this, did you?" I told her I'd fantasized about it many times, at which point she started teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue. I was in ecstasy at this point, and was dripping precum all over the place. She then took me in her mouth and gently worked her way up and down my shaft. I could barely keep my eyes open, it felt so good. It was incredible. When I looked down, I could see that she was working my cock with her mouth, tongue and left hand, while she was masturbating herself with her right hand! What an amazing sight.

This went on for about ten minutes or so, then she pushed herself up onto the bed and said "Fuck me now". I hesitated and asked about a condom, but she didn't care - she laid back, opened her legs, and started to play with herself again. I got onto the bed, rose above her, and eased myself down towards her. She grabbed my cock with one hand and guided me towards her opening, and I felt myself slip easily into her warm, tight wetness. I slid in quickly and in one easy motion. Feeling me go in, she gasped, and started to breathe heavily again. I started to work slowly in and out of her, and I leaned down towards her and kissed her lips. I felt her tongue seeking out my own, and I felt her hands on my ass and her legs start to wrap themselves around me. Her hips eagerly thrust against mine with every push inside her, and the sound of her wetness as our bodies collided was intoxicating. I could taste my precum on her lips as she pushed harder and harder against me.

I didn't want to cum yet, so I slowed down - I'd been fucking her so hard that I was completely out of breath. I then pulled myself out of her, laid on my back and asked her to get on top. She smiled and straddled me on the bed, easing herself down onto my rock hard dick, guiding it into her hole. I watched it disappear easily inside her. Once it was all the way in, she just sat there for a minute, wriggling a little, and letting out little moans of ecstasy. She then put her hands on my chest and began to slowly grind round in circles, slowly at first, then faster, and faster, and faster - the faster she got, the less she would grind in circles - eventually, she was fucking me hard just by rocking backwards and forwards rather than up and down, pushing her hands into my chest. Her eyes were closed, and her beautiful tits were just bouncing all over the place. It was an absolutely amazing sight to see. She would occasionally look down at me and smile, before throwing her head back and moving even faster.

It was at this point that she seemed to lose all inhibitions, and the dirty talk began. She let out a string of obscenities, and threw in lots of phrases like, "I'm a dirty fucking wife", "I love being a fucking whore", "how does it feel to be fucking another man's wife", "make me your bitch, dominate me, cum in me", "I want your cum", and "this is so fucking dirty". It was so fucking hot. I could sense that she was getting close to orgasm again, and I wanted to cum as well. I'd denied myself several times just to keep going, but that simply wasn't an option any more. As she started to tense up, I could feel my orgasm rising within me - I pushed up into her with all my strength and released spurt after spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her pussy. She said "yes, I can feel it, I can fucking feel it!" and she continued to rock back and forth, squeezing every last drop of cum out of me and into herself.

After I was spent, I continued to shake. Jennifer continued to move on top of me, but slower, until she too was exhausted. She kept me inside her, and slumped on top of me. I kissed her head and ran my hands gently along her shoulders and up and down her back. She was breathing heavily, but her breathing was beginning to slow down. Eventually I softened and my dick slipped out of her with a little pop. It was followed by quite a lot of my cum, which leaked onto my leg and onto the sheets. Jennifer reached down, felt it, scooped some of it up, and put it on the tip of her tongue. It was so erotic to see her do that.

We laid there for what seemed like ages, then got up without words and shared a shower. We kissed passionately in the shower, and I admired her body, caressing her and touching her. I finger fucked her to orgasm again, and before I knew it we were back in my bed for a repeat performance. It was an incredible night.

Jennifer was my secret lover for about 4 months after that. She eventually confessed to her husband, although she never told him who I was. The sex was incredible - we would do it at my place, at her place when her husband was at work, both our cars, we even would sneak out at night and do it in the open air where people would have seen us at any other time of the day. I miss Jennifer - I rarely see her now - I've left the profession, she's still in it, but we shared an intoxicating few months together that I will always remember.


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