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How i took my revenge in Eric and his family
This is a part 2 of a previous story.

In part 1 i told how i was seduced and abused by 3 mens at whose house i worked at. I wanted revenge, although i had grown to enjoy my gay side, but i still believed i was forced into that.

I planned my revenge, they made me their slave so i wanted to do something familiar. Now i was used by all three men, Eric, Jack and Martin for 2 years. Jack had died, Martin was getting married and Eric was usually busy so they had stopped using me. Infact i had not been used for about a month. It was then i got a chance to take my plan into action.

I got a chance to be at home with the their 18 year old daughter, Mary and their 19 year old son Jay. Mary was really hot and she had a thing for me. She once confessed she found me attractive, she was a minor back then so i refused. But she had recently turned 18. She had also gotten more sexy. One day when Jay was out with friends, i was masterbating in my room, i had left the door open so she could see me when she came to call me. She did and to my surprise he barged right inside. I was laying on my bed with my 7 inch hard cock. She came inside my room, locked it. She asked if she could help me out with it, i got up, grabbed her by her hair. I shoved my dick in her mouth. I fucked her mouth till i came. Then i stripped her down and started licking her pussy. She was moaning alot, i was hard again, i inserted my cock in her pussy and she screamed. She was still a virgin, i didnt care, i kept on shoving my dick deep. I was completely inside, she was screaming. I kept on fucking her, after some time her screams turned to moans. She was now enjoying it, kept fucking her till she came. I was about to shoot too, i shot in her mouth. After that she left.

At night i went to her room, i fucked the shit out of her. She could scream as Jay was back home with his friends. She had completely devoted herself to me. I used her every chance i got. I fucked her in the living room when everyone was home. I even made her sneak into their parents bedroom, and we had sex over there. Obviously they were sleeping but the thrill of getting caught made us cum faster.

She was so in love with me that i knew she can help me. I asked her if she would help me fuck her brother at first she was shocked, but then when i threatened to leave her and tell everyone about is she got scared. She agreed to help me. They were best friends, so Jay told her everything including the fact he was gay, and his lover was his best friend. When jay was out with his friends i planted a camera in his room. Now i had a live feed of his room, i was recording him getting banged by his buddy. I recorded a good 3-4 videos.

It was time, i was once again alone with Jay and Mary. I was banging mary in the living room, i asked her to moan as loud as she could. She did that, Jay hearing this came out and immediately confronted us. I moved Mary off my cock and i ordered him to come and suck my cock. He was astonished, he said no and said he would beat me up, i told him to watch a video before he did that. Mary took the laptop out and showed him getting fucked by his buddy. Jay was surprised mary was helping me. After some time Jay gay in and started sucking my dick. I fucked him too. I fucked both of them. Infact after that night i fucked them alot, they had become so addicted to my cock. I made them both my slaves. I also pimped them out to other people whenever we were home alone and recorded that.

Finally i had my revenge on Eric. The only one remaining was Martin since Jack was already dead. One day i got the chance, I heard Martin was getting married. His fiance, Jenny was a total bombshell. she was sexy and had a curvy body. I wanted her too. Now i had known where she lived, i had once went to drop her off. One day, when she came to visit the family i served her a drink i mixed female viagra with it. She got horny, Martin couldnt satisfy her as he was out for a business trip. She was getting really horny, she asked me to take her home as she felt sick. I took her home but i followed her inside, she got startled. She didnt invite me, i grabbed her and pushed her inside. I locked the door, and ripped her clothes off. I fingered her, she was already very horny. She was dripping wet. I showed her my cock, i knew i had a bigger one than martin because he used to fuck me. I told her i can satisfy her more than martin. I asked her give me one chance and ill show you. She was really horny and was forced to agree due to her pussy going crazy. I fucked her and i recorded fucking her. She was a slut, she rode me so much. In the end she enjoyed fucking me more than martin. I didnt even needed the recording to convince her to break the marriage.

Fast forward a few weeks, she broke her marriage. I told her everything that happened with me and she didnt wanted to marry someone like martin. She even enjoyed getting fucked by me more than martin. I left the house and started working at her house. I fucked her alot. Sometimes Jay and Mary would also join us at her place. I guess they all loved my cock. I had taken my revenge.


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