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Tami's trust is betrayed by her husband, and so she decided to take a stranger up on an offer.
Tami knew she hadn’t really been taking care of her body the last couple of years. She’d always thought that once the kids moved out she would have the chance to slim back down to her good old days. 30 pounds later she was still a lot thicker than she’d like, and her husband still never seemed that interested in her. Robert had always traveled for work but the last couple of years he was taking more and more opportunities abroad. The money was good and Tami loved the freedom she got from her husband’s income and his absence, but she still wanted the attention he wouldn’t give her. She poured herself into her hobbies, and although her weight loss had stagnated she was getting better at her yoga and palates classes, and loved taking her dogs to local parks. Still none of these filled the void of only having her husband home every other weekend, and even then they rarely had sex.

There was one park in particular that she really enjoyed since it was always empty. She never saw the need to leash her two retrievers and would let them chase squirrels and birds to their hearts content. This March afternoon though she was surprised to see several cars in the parking lot. She muttered to the dogs as she walked past the parked cars to the trailhead, “Must be a walking club boys, we need to make sure we don’t spook anyone.” She knew the dogs were friendly but the last thing she wanted today was some busy body coming after her for not having leashed dogs.

She grabbed her leashes but didn’t put them on just yet. The trail was a loop and most people walked it clockwise, Tami assumed that if she and the walking group both went clockwise they’d never meet and she wouldn’t need the leashes.

I was a pretty nice day, a little overcast, but warm enough that Tami didn’t need a coat. The trail was quiet and empty for the first several minutes. Tami was surprised though when the dogs started to get rowdy. She realized that people might be near and she should leash them. Before she could call them, they both took off into the woods. They charged behind a boulder and Tami heard some yelling. Nothing too bad but the dogs had definitely surprised some people. She jogged to the boulders and turned the corner. She could hardly comprehend what she saw. Lying on a blanket was a woman only a couple years younger than Tami getting fucked in her pussy and face by two guys while several more guys watched and had their phones out. All the men were buck naked except for masks while the woman didn’t seem to care for anonymity.

One of the guys had broken away from the group and was patting her dogs. Tami approached the dogs with the leashes. The man turned to face her, showing no shame or attempt to shield his naked body. She marveled at his cock, not that it was especially big or anything but that he stood their proudly, partially erect. He cleared his throat and she looked up, “You can touch it if you want.” Tami went from curiosity to rage in an instant. Seeing her expression change he quickly back tracked, “Sorry Ma’am, I thought you were here for the same reason we were. I was just trying to be friendly.”

Tami was back to curious and confused. Deep down she felt a dark arousal building around the idea that these guys would willingly fuck her ever way imaginable if she just gave the word. She knew she needed to get out of there, “Thank you for the offer, but I’m married and we’re not really swingers or anything.” She bent down and fastened the collars to the dogs. She stood up and turned to leave.

The man was still standing there looking her up and down, “Too bad, you look like you’d be a good time. If you ever change your mind, just look us up, the Centerville Dog Club.”

Tami was confused because that sounded like an actual organization. She thanked him again for the compliment and got back to the trail. She was still in a bit of shock when she finally got back to her car. On her drive home all she could think about was how in the couple minutes she’d been talking to that man the woman on the ground had swallowed at least two loads. Tami had always spit but this all opened her eyes a bit. She’d always had the fantasy of having multiple partners but that’s all it ever was, a fantasy that she’d always just put out of her mind. Robert would probably have been fine if they brought a woman into their bed but he’d never stand the thought of another man.

It was in that moment on her drive back that she remembered tonight was the start of Robert’s weekend back home. As she pulled into the house she was torn between wanting to pleasure herself or save the energy for when Robert was back. Being the patient wife she was, Tami decided to keep herself together till Robert got home around six.

Robert pulled into the drive way and checked his work cellphone one last time. He figured it’d be safer to just leave it in the truck. Robert hadn’t really understood why anybody would have two phones but after realizing that it meant he could almost live two separate lives he’d leaned into it. Joanne, the clerk from work he was sleeping with had sent him another one of her classic tit shots. She knew how to angle the camera perfectly that you couldn’t see her fat belly, but you could that cute cock sucking face of hers and her juicy tits. Blood started to stir in Robert’s pants and he contemplated rubbing one out before going inside. Deciding against it, he grabbed his bags and walked to the house.

Tami was ready for Robert when he walked in. She’d made sure everything for dinner was put together that afternoon and when she heard the truck pull in she got herself in the right mindset. Normally when he’d come in they’d hug kiss and talk a little before Robert settled down in front of the TV and Tami finished up dinner. This time would be different. As soon as Robert walked in Tami was on him. She went to him and before he could say or do anything she’d locked lips with him. He was a little surprised and dropped the bags. His mind was racing, did she figure him out and this was some weird misdirection? He needed to smooth things over quickly. Before he could react though Tami had her hands on his belt and pulled him to his favorite chair. This wasn’t like her, he thought she was going to suck his dick but he knew she didn’t enjoy that and it was normally just a birthday or anniversary sort of thing.

She quickly undid his pants and pushed him into the chair. He hardened quickly as she licked his shaft. Tami regretted not taking him to the shower or something first, but at the same time tasting his slightly sweaty skin aroused her like never before. There was another sour taste to his cock but she put that all out of her mind and she mentally prepared to deep throat her husband. She could relax her throat and get him all the way into her mouth but she needed to concentrate. She knew by the moans Robert was eliciting that she was doing a good job. Hopefully after this and dinner he’d be up for taking her to bed and satisfying her needs.

Roberts head was spinning, Tami rarely did this and she was putting her all into it tonight. When she began licking his cock he was terrified she’d taste the fact that just six hours earlier he was balls deep into Joanne. The thought of his wife sucking his mistress’s old juices from his cock was almost too much for him.

Tami could feel Robert begin to tense his muscles a bit. She was proud of herself, this would be the shortest successful blow job she’d ever given him. Not only that but she’d make a point of swallowing his load. She knew she’d be getting a treat tonight, he might even go down on her. Robert couldn’t hold it in anymore and finally succumbed. He was surprised when Tami didn’t reach for a napkin or a washcloth but instead pulled her head off and made an obvious swallow. When she lowered her head again to clean what little cum she’d missed Robert quaked with arousal. He thought for a second and realized this was probably the first load of his she’d swallowed. He felt a little pity for the woman, if she’d been this hungry for cock the last couple of years he’d probably have cheated a lot less.

After dinner Robert could tell Tami wanted him to throw her a bone, but three times in a day was beyond his ability. Maybe if she sucked him again he’d be able to get it there but he felt like that’d be pushing his luck. Easier to just find some alternative. Thinking to the videos Joanne would probably be sending him this weekend Robert decided he knew something kinky that might get him in the mood. “Hey Hun, I was thinking, maybe you could give me something to get me through these weeks spent away.”

Tami had never taken naked pictures of herself but feeling a little inspired by what she’d seen earlier that day she thought this might be some fun foreplay. “Of course, I can do whatever you want.” She gave him her sexy stare and he knew this was going to be a good opportunity.

He smiled and returned her sultry sentiment, “I want a video of you getting off.” Tami’s underwear was getting damp just thinking of this. She masturbated in front of Robert as fore play in the past but she wanted this to be special. She got up and began closing the blinds. She saw the confusion on Roberts face and liked it. Other than that afternoon, Tami had only ever fooled around with Robert in their bedroom, it started out of necessity since they had their kids around but now it was habit. Once the blinds were drawn, Tami went to their bedroom to retrieve the toy Robert had gotten her when he first started to travel.

Tami sat Robert down on the coffee table, facing his chair. He took out his camera and started to record. She’d never been good at stripteases but did her best. Sitting on the chair she spread her legs so they rested on either chair arm. Robert now realized how flexible his wife had become, she had herself spread wide with practiced ease. He finally saw the value in those yoga classes. Taking this opportunity he got some close-up footage of her freshly shaven sex. As he pulled back Tami took her little vibrator and began sucking on it. Once she was satisfied with its lubrication she switched it on and started the show.

This was a side of Tami Robert had never seen, partially because Tami had never dared indulge it before. As she worked her way to an orgasm with complete disregard for the camera Robert felt a swelling in his pants. He knew he’d have to convince Joanne to let him video her more often too. As her climax overcame her body and she struggled to keep her legs apart Robert dropped his pants and dove it. He was as eager as he’d been on their wedding night, and since unbeknownst to her he’d cum twice that day his stamina was in top form. The physical pleasure subsided after several minutes and soon she was getting eager for his release. Even though she was slightly uncomfortable she was reveling in the way his desire of her body was making her feel. This had been what she was missing. She felt him building once more and was relieved it was coming to a close. He surprised her, when he pulled out of her all of a sudden and grabbed her leg. He closed them and pulled her head forward. She’d rarely let him cum in her mouth, let alone after sex, but she was caught up in the moment and relaxed her throat has he held her head and thrusts three times. He gripped her head as he came down her throat, she didn’t even have the option of swallowing or not for most of his load. Still embraced by the warmth of his passion she licked his cock clean as he stood there. When they went to bed he spooned her for the first time in years.

The next morning Tami was feeling great. She felt like a sexual goddess and even briefly considered not wearing underwear under her skirt when she went to the grocery store. Her sensibilities kicked in and she decided against it, but she did pick a pair she thought was especially seductive. Robert had gotten up early and gone to the hardware store to pick up materials for his honey-do-list and Tami was trying to figure out what she should do to seduce him today. They didn’t have neighbors nearby so she even thought it might be nice to get him to fuck her outside.

As she pulled into their house she saw Robert’s truck was back in the driveway. As she walked past the truck she heard a chime indicating a text message. She could see that Robert had left his work phone in the truck and decided to retrieve it for him. As she picked up the phone it chimed again. She couldn’t see what the message was, just that somebody named Joanne had sent him a few texts this morning. Tami’s heart began racing. This was Robert’s work phone so maybe she was just a coworker. She was even pretty sure he’d mentioned a Joanne in passing so it was probably nothing. The nagging in her stomach though was too strong, and after guessing Robert would use his last four digits of his social as the passcode, Tami was in.

She was trembling with grief and rage as she saw the messages and pictures. Who did this fat slut think she was? Where did this Joanne get off on sending these lewd messages and pictures to her Husband? Her heart sank as she read the first message that Robert had sent to Joanne that morning, “My dumb wife sucked your juices from my cock last night, she didn’t even think twice about it” included with the message was a picture of his erect cock.

Tami put the phone back, closed the truck’s door, and got back into her car. She was in utter shock. She knew things weren’t great between her and her husband but this was so far beyond the worst she’d ever imagined. She took out her phone and messaged Robert “I dropped the groceries in the driveway, had to leave to pick up something I forgot.”

She’d driven for half an hour before she started to come to her sense again. What was she going to do? She could leave him and go through a divorce and end up with half of his shit, but she hadn’t worked in years and this close to Robert retiring the financial burden would be too much. Also, what of the kids? They were off with their own families now but could she really tear the family apart? She hated that she was walking herself into a corner where despite Robert’s unforgivable transgression she’d end up staying with him. How could she even face him? She pulled into a gas station and just sat in her car. An hour after she’d left the house she received a message from Robert “Hey honey, I’m sorry to do this to you but something just came up with work and I might have to leave early. I’m trying to get out of it”

She yelled at her phone, “Bullshit you fucking cheating scoundrel, you’re just going to fuck that young whore. What does he see in that tart that he doesn’t see in me?” After taking several deep breaths she responded, “Oh no! I understand though. Love you” Maybe he’d take the opportunity and be gone before she got back, maybe she wouldn’t have to confront him at all. She could buy herself two weeks to figure this out. Almost too quickly her phone chimed, “Thank you for understanding, you’re the best. I’ll see you in a couple weeks. Love you too”

“Go to your little slut, see what I care.” She turned her car back on and headed home. A wave of relief crashed over her when she saw Robert’s truck wasn’t in the driveway. She contemplated burning all his belongings but instead did her breathing exercise again. The largest betrayal was that she felt like such a sexual being the night before and now she just felt used and empty.

She realized the time and went to feed the dogs. On the way back she thought back to the previous afternoon. Going to her computer she looked up her local dog club. It clicked pretty quickly that those anonymous outdoor encounters are called dogging hence the organization’s name. The website was filled with innuendo but she couldn’t figure out how these people were meeting. A rage was building up in her where she just wanted to be able to show her husband photos of her getting fucked by strangers. Getting frustrated she eventually clicked on the help button and drafted an email. She explained that she was a flexible mature woman who desperately needed as many pictures as possible of as many strangers as possible fucking her. She even went so far as to strip down and send them a nude photo of herself, face and all.

She hit send and walked to the kitchen for a beer. She didn’t normally drink but she always picked up a couple six packs when Robert was coming home. She laughed at the fact that he had grabbed them before leaving. “That slimy piece of shit.” Saying it out loud helped her. She shook her head as she walked back to the computer. She was shocked that there was already a response to her email. “I was wondering if I’d see you again. If it’s a couple of cocks on short notice you want I can send you an address. Not the cleanest place but it’ll get you what you want.” Tami was happy with this response, let it be dirty, the dirty the better. She replied with her phone number and a picture of her pussy. She received a text a couple minutes later with an address and a time. She still had several hours before the given time so she decided to pamper herself.

She did a nice long yoga session followed by a long shower. With still plenty of time to spare she decided to go all out with her makeup. She was entranced by the idea of her makeup smearing and how whorish she’d look by the end. With half an hour to go she put on a dress that unbuttoned all the way down the front and got in her car. The location was closer than she’d thought but she quickly understood why the guy had said dirty. This stretch of road was mostly long haul trucks avoiding the slowdowns associated with the city. The location she’d been given was a poorly lit rest stop. She feared a little for her safety but realizing that she was just giving it away she was filled with a small sense of control. The dress was pretty but a little early for the season, she’d wished she’d worn a little more but knew she’d be naked soon enough.

She messaged the number saying she was at the rest stop. “Picnic table behind the building” was the only reply. As she turned the corner she saw two men and a woman drinking beers and sitting at one of the tables. As she approached them a familiar figure stood up and walked over to her. “Glad you could make it, I had a feeling we’d peaked your interest.” It was almost a businesslike tone but it was actually reassuring. She felt a little more like she was in control. She was a little surprised to see a woman tonight, but at this point she wasn’t going to push back. Realizing the lust in there people’s eyes filled Tami with a slight sense of pride. She felt a stirring inside her and knew this is what she wanted to do.

The man started again, “Before we get started any rules?”

Tami hadn’t thought this far ahead and was a little lost for words. She wanted to be safe and thinking about what sorts of pictures she wanted and replied “You have to wear a condom in my pussy and ass, I’d prefer you come on my face or in my mouth.” She paused, feeling her control slipping a little, “Other than that, you can’t leave any marks, and I get copies of all photos and videos.” That was good she thought. She didn’t realize how much her voice was trembling by the end of her statement.

“Oh Tanner, she’s all doe eyed. I know you said she was new I didn’t realize this was her first time.” The group chuckled a little and Tami felt deflated. “Don’t worry hon, we’ll go easy. We want you coming back.” She felt a little better but didn’t know where things went from here.

The woman stood up. She had an athletic build, maybe a little stout, but not at all pretty. She looked Tami up and down, “Well dear let’s see the goods, I got first dibs and I plan on getting you ready fore these brutes.” Tami just stood there as her dress was unbuttoned and dropped to the ground. The woman grabbed Tami and sat her down on the edge of one of the benches. The wood was rough on her ass but Tami was focused on this woman spreading her legs apart. She was enthralled as her inner thighs were licked and softly bitten. As this stranger began lapping at Tami’s slit, the guys began taking some photos. Tami didn’t even notice that they both had their dicks out and were starting to jerk themselves a bit.

Tami tried to think of the last time somebody had eaten out her pussy and for the life of her she couldn’t remember. Feeling the tongue roughly brush her folds and then delicately flick her bud was almost too much for her. In no time she felt an orgasm building in her core. She tried to shut her legs but realized the two men were holding her open. She stifled a cry, worried someone might hear. She squirmed as her climax peaked. As soon as she had stopped quivering the men released her legs. Tami just wanted to curl up and be held but instead she was helped to her feet. In a half daze Tami watched this woman strip off her jeans, revealing a hairy unkempt snatch. She sat up on the table a little ways from the edge. The men led Tami to the table and she was bent over. Tami was now eye to eye with the tangled nest of the woman who had just given her more pleasure than she had felt in years. To her surprise she didn’t even hesitate as she parted this woman’s pubic hair and began to lap at her lips. She tasted musky but clean, and although never having eaten a woman out before Tami gave it her all.

While focusing on this woman’s clit, Tami realized her own slit was being rubbed. She knew her juices were flowing and sure enough she felt one of the men begin to enter her. It was weird feeling a condom on a cock, but she was slick enough he entered her with ease. She felt him grip her wide hips and push himself deep into her slit. Tami moaned into the pussy she was eating as the cock began pumping in and out of her. She was completely out of it but still laser focused on the snatch in her face and the dick between her legs.

“God damn, Tanner. This has to be one of the tightest pussies yet. No wonder she’s out here looking for a good fucking. Must have been a while since anyone serviced her.” Tami loved that she was being talked about like that. She worked hard to keep her body tight, and having the random guy appreciate her holes filled her with pride. She was jolted back to the moment as a hand was removed from her hips and brought down on her fat ass. She felt the pain shoot through her body but was able to stop herself from exclaiming. She knew that the woman on the table was nearing an orgasm, and she wanted to get her there. Up until this moment Tami had kept her fingers out of this woman but now she pulled her mouth of her slit and ran two fingers from her clit down into her hole. She was amazed at how easily her two fingers slipped into this woman’s pussy. She returned her mouth to her clit and tried fucking her with three fingers. This too was easily accomplished. Tami was determined to get more of her hand into this woman. Without any warning she was pulled back off the table and dropped to her knees. The cock that had been hammering away at her was now bare and being shoved down her throat. The man only gave a few pumps before he started cuming. Tami was careful not to swallow, and she let him finish by wiping his cock across her face. Tami could feel the warm beads across her cheek and running down her chin. She looked around and saw Tanner with a camera. Tami turned to him so he could get a shot of her buck ass naked, on her knees, with a face covered in cum. She pooled what was in her mouth on her tongue and stuck it out. When she was sure there were ample pictures she wiped the cum back into her mouth and swallowed. Without skipping a beat, she headed back to the woman on the table.

It took a minute to get back into eating out this pussy but Tami began to work her fingers back into the loose hole. Tami had four fingers and most of her hand in the snatch when she felt the next cock enter her own pussy. She was pretty sure this was Tanner and she wanted to give him her all. She lifted her face from the hairy cunt just long enough to exclaim, “Hey big boy, start working my rosebud too, I haven’t been fucked there in years.” Her lips barely were back on the exposed twat when Tami felt a finger pushing into her asshole. She knew she was tight but was a little caught off guard with how painful the finger was, maybe she had bitten off more than she could chew. She focused on relaxing and the feeling of the cock sliding in and out of her juicy pussy. Soon the finger didn’t hurt as much, and a little after that the cock pulled out of her pussy. Tami tried to force herself to relax as her ass cheeks were pulled apart. This time she felt him go all the way into her. He began fucking her ass and although Tami loved how dirty this felt, it wasn’t especially pleasurable.

Tami used this time to focus on the pussy in front of her. Despite the lude things the guys were saying and the slaps on her thick ass Tami began to gently suck on the swelling clit and twist her hand ever so slightly. The woman’s hips began to gyrate and Tami could feel her clenching her cunt. Tami released the clit and slowed things down a little as she tried to work her thumb in with the rest of her fingers. She was so focused she barely heard the woman cry out, “Fuck yeah, get that milfy fist in me you dirty fucking slut.” Tami vaguely registered pain from the woman pulling her hair, but soon enough her thumb had worked its way into the pussy. In another minute Tami had her hand in a fist and was pumping it into this used up slit. She zeroed back in on the clit and sucked hard as she flicked it with her tongue. The woman started to buck her hips and Tami used her hand that was fisting her to stabilize her pelvis enough that she could keep her mouth on the clit. Soon the woman started to cum and much to Tami’s surprise she was sprayed as the woman squirted. Tami felt her body being pulled back and soon she was on her knees again. Her mouth still had some of the woman’s juices in it as a cock was shoved down her throat. A couple pumps later and she was swallowing a load.

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, but as Tami walked into her home she felt more fulfilled sexually than she ever had before. The entire drive back she’d been getting pictures and videos texted to her. Tami took a quick shower and then drew a bath. While she sat in the bath she casually flipped through the pictures amazed at how hot she looked and how happy everyone else in the photos seemed. Despite the temptation Tami didn’t send any of the pictures to her husband. It wasn’t the right time. She knew she held all the cards, now she just needed to figure out the best way to play them. She relaxed into the warm bath water and slowly rubbed herself off to the wonderful pictures from that night.


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Nice story, well written and paced. Now, on to Chapter 2 where Tami cuckolds Robert.

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