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How a mormon is forced to become gay
I am a 21 year old mormon boy. Ever since i was young i was sent to the church. When i turned 18 i decided i didnt wanted to be at the church anymore. I wanted to explore life. I got a job and a shared room with an 18 year old boy. I got a job as a house helper, It was rich joint family. I used to do work like cleaning and taking care of the house. It was good paying job. The 18 year old boy, Ed, who i lived with was gay. He often had men coming over, i spent most of my young age in the church so i had no prior knowledge of sex. I learnt a bit from conversing with Ed, but never quite understood the whole of it. I knew he had sex with men but didnt know how to do it. He tried showing me porn once and the mormon inside me forced me not to look.

Fast forward a few months, i had to move out, the family had a room that they were willing to give to me, as i was mostly late due to my apartment being far away. It was a win win since i didnt have to pay rent to them.

Now the people involved in this story is the house owner, Eric, He was in his 50s, Bald head and a big dad bod. He was married with 3 kids. Another is his brother, Martin, who was 45, He was not married, had a hunky body. Lastly is Erics father, Jack, He was an old man in his 70s but he was strong as a horse. Tall bald man with a bit of a belly fat.

Now i used to take care of the house, help look after the kids and also look after Jack. Its not like Jack needed to be taken care of the man had a strength of 100 men but his family insisted to be looked after since he had two strokes in the past 4 years.

It all went side ways one day. The family was taking a trip out of town, Martin was also out of town these days. I was left alone with Jack. Jack was good to me, and also gave me some money when i took good care of him. Now when we were home alone, at night time cooked gave me food for Jack. I went and gave it to him. After a while i went in to take the dishes and see if he needed anything. Jack was done, as i was taking the dishes out, Jack asked me to give him a massage later at night. The cook had left, I locked the house and checked everything was in order.

I went to give Jack a massage, now i usually gave him a foot massage but today was different. When i massaging his foot, Jack said he wanted a full body massage. I wasnt sure what he meant. He asked me to bring some oil, when i came back with it, Jack was undressing. I turned around and apologized to which he replied no need how was i going to give him a massage with clothes on. At first i felt weird but it was job i had to do. Now jack had a huge cock, it was about 8 inch and veiny. I slowly poured oil on his back and began to massage his ass then thighs. It was time for him to turn around when he turned around his cock had swollen and was erect. It was the firt time seeing someone elses cock hard and that too so close. I went on to massaging his chest, i skipped over his crotch then went to his thighs again. I couldnt keep stop looking at his cock. After that i was done, i was about to leave, he grabbed my hand and said "you left this part" while holding his cock. I stayed there silent and felt shy. He was blabbing all about its alright we are men we can do this together and all. He then asked me dont you enjoy yourself in your own time. I told him that i was mormon and never did anything like this. He asked me to strip down so he could teach me all this. He started stroking his cock. I eager to learn finally gave in and stripped down. My cock was small compared to him and to my surprise it was hard already. Jack held my cock and starting stroking it, i soon ejaculated on his leg. It was so much fun, he asked me how it was and i told him. After that it was my turn. I started stroking him and jerking him off. He was moaning and telling me how good it felt being touched by me. He told me he had been eyeing me since i started working. He then burst out 8-9 jet streams of cum and one of them landed on my lips and chin. I was feeling disgusted but he told me to try and taste it, i actually did i was in too much ecstasy from this feeling. His cum was sweet i licked it clean from my lips. He told me to lick clean the rest of it. I started by licking his chest then stomach. He was enjoying it all, i licked pubic region and went down to lick his thighs. The remaining area were his balls and cock. I first licked his ball and he was semi-hard by then. Then i licked his shaft and he got hard again. He said "Looks like you will have to work on it again" I started stroking it. He told me would it be a good idea to directly suck it and swallow all my cum. At first i hesitated but then i didnt care, i started sucking him like a lollipop. I wasnt able to fit all of it inside, but i was blowing him. I soon felt a warm cum in my mouth, i swallowed it all. After that i got dressed and left the room.

Ever since then it was a daily routine, i would suck him off. I had gotten better at sucking him too, i was able to deep throat his whole cock. He used to call me twice a day and i would drain him down. I myself started exploring this world of sex online, i used to watch porn and jerk off whenever i got a chance. I jerked mostly to gay porn. I wanted to get fucked and all.

I didnt have the guts to ask Jack and by then the family was also back. Jack still used to call me late at night and i would suck him off. It was one day that i was sucking him off that i got caught by Martin. Now Martin saw me blowing him, he wanted a piece on the action too. As i left his room i saw martin standing there. He asked me to follow him to his room. I did and he asked what i was doing, i told him the truth i was caught. He promised me to keep quite if i also gave him some favors. Martin made me get on my knees, and he pulled out a 6 inch cock, it was smaller than his father. I was gave him a BJ and swallowed his cum. He asked me if i was gay, i told him i didnt know since i never did such a thing. After that i ran to my room and jerked off.

I was thinking about leaving because i had this guilt of doing something wrong. Things didnt get any better though. Martin had told Eric since they were best buds. Now i noticed them looking at me differently. They had also talked to their dad about it. Now they planned something. I wasnt called by Jack for a few days. I was really missing sucking their cocks, it was driving me crazy. It was then the lady of the house and kids went out for a weekend. After the cook left at night, i locked everything and went to my room. I was jerking off that i got a message from Jack to come help him. I immediately ran to his room. As i went there i saw Jack, Martin and Eric standing there naked. They were all hard. I got scared and tried to run, martin was fast he caught me. Took me to jacks room. Eric tied me up, they tore my clothes off. Then Jack shoved his cock in my mouth and was fucking my mouth. Martin and Eric were busy licking my hole and cock. I was licked around the whole body. It did feel good but i didnt want nothing more than BJs. Jack took his cock out and Eric shoved his down my throat. Jack oiled up my hole and placed his cock. He gently pushed it inside. I was feeling more and more pain as he went deeper and deeper. I was in so much pain. Tears were flying down my eyes. Jack after entering me fully, starting pounding me fast. He pounded me then switched with Martin. Jack had the biggest cock so martin was easier to handle. I was fucked by them one by one. They fucked me for the whole night. I remember it was 5 in the morning, they had just finished. i laid there tied covered in cum. My hole, my mouth infact my whole body was covered in cum. That whole weekend i was fucked by them all the time. They had wide opened my hole. I was raped by them.

They fucked me whenever they got the chance either together or alone. I was their fuck toy. They also recorded me and i was blackmailed not to leave. I wanted to take revenge, and i did a little later. After some time, Jack had died, i couldnt take my revenge with him, but i took revenge with Eric. i did by fucking Erics 18 year old daughter and his 19 year old son. I made them my slaves. Martin got married later and i also ended up fucking his fiance and breaking their marriage. I will tell this in another story how i did that.


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