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My journey from gay to a slave
This a story about my first time with my neighbor when i was 18. I knew i was attracted to men from a young time. I never had sex or anything. I never did anything with a man, though i was active with women. I used to workout and was a pretty boy with tiny waist and bubble butt. I was really attracted to older men with a dad bod and hairy bodies. I had subsided my gay side for a long time. I didnt want anyone to know i was gay it made me feel embarrassed. I thought everyone will look at me differently.

One day a new neighbor moved next door, Mark. He was 60 year old man with a big belly. He was hairy and just like my dream man. He had moved after his wife died, i had seen her pictures she was very young compared to him. Mark was really nice to me and my family. I would hangout with him alot, he would mourn his wife.

Few years passed by i had just turned 21. Mark and I had gotten pretty close, He hung out with me alot because i looked alot like his wife. I might add i did look very girly. One day Mark was drunk and he was telling me about his wife. He was comparing me to her. He was rubbing his hands on my legs and saying how they were just like her. He was completely wasted, he took out his phone and starting playing videos. The videos he had recorded his wife fucking, at first i couldnt stop but notice his long and thick 8 inch monster, but then i realized his wife had a cock. There were series of questions in my head like was she a trans, or was it a boy. Mark was drunk and so i questioned him about her, and after series of question his tongue slipped, he told me that she was actually a boy who cross dressed, and that he was also gay. He had sex with multiple boys my age before he settled down. After he dozed off i left thinking is he gay? or more importantly will he fuck me if i let him? I wanted to try something with him but had to wait for a perfect opportunity.

One day when he was getting drunk and he dozed off. I took the opportunity of opening his zip and took his flaccid cock out. I started stroking it, when it got hard i leaned forward and started sucking it. He was leaking precum, and oh boy was it so sweet. I was sucking him and then i heard him grunt. He then soon came, my mouth was flooded with his warm cum. It tasted so good i swallowed it. It was my first Bj. I left after that. After that i took every opportunity to suck his cock after he passed out drunk.

I thought that was it, it would continue to Blowjobs only. I wanted to try other things aswell, but i wanted to make him mine. I finally got the opportunity, my family was going on a vacation trip but i asked my family if i could stay with Mark, i told them i wanted to help him recover and since he was close with me i might help him. I asked Mark to stay with him and he was okay with it, he didnt even ask me why.

Now Mark was also taking an interest in me, since he liked boys and also i reminded him of his lover. Mark also wanted me, he wanted to seduce me too. I didnt know this back then but he told me later. Now just imagine two gay men, not knowing the other is gay, trying to seduce each other. Now i had already sucked him off but he didnt know that, he was passed out at the time. Now Mark started to tease me, he was walking around in jockstrap. His huge dick used to jump. I always got a hard on watching him like this. Mark used to shower with his door open, I accidently saw him alot of time, its not like i didnt wanted to but had to apologize so he didnt think i was gay. I wanted him to feel like i didnt know a thing about him and he was the one who did everything.

Now Mark was thinking his plan was working. He noticed me staring at him all day long. I had also started walking around the house naked and Mark followed. I had i hard one whenever i was with him. We had gotten pretty close, he told me he was gay(its not like i didnt know about it) I took the opportunity to ask him about all the boys he fucked and his type. He told me i was just like his type, he grabbed thigh and started massaging it. I lied to him about me being straight but he had noticed my hard cock oozing precum. He said if you were straight why was i having a boner. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it. His rough hands on my cock, his hairy thighs brushing with mine made me shoot a huge load. After that he said "I wont force you, just remember whenever you wanna try it i am here" while stroking his cock. I watched his jerk off to climax.

The next day was pretty uncomfortable between us, i did still like him, but i realized i was way more comfortable with him being drunk and me being able to do whatever i want without him noticing. We didnt talk the whole day, but he didnt lose hope. I used to catch him jerking off to porn in the living room, he was waiting for me to make a move. He knew i would. One night i woke up to him sleeping next to me, he was hugging me, i could feel his hard cock in between my ass. It made me so horny that i jerked off. He was pretending to sleep, he was observing me, he knew he had me. The next morning i woke up to his sticky cum in between my ass and thighs. He had not fucked me, i think he just jerked off on my ass.

After that it was every night he would sneak and sleep with me. I didnt say anything as i wanted to show i slept before he woke up but he knew the truth about me jacking off. One night i was waiting for him to come but he didnt come. I got up to check why, and i saw voice coming from his room. He was fucking a young boy, the boy was riding him and moaning like crazy. His door was open, he knew i would come watch him, he was waiting for me. When he noticed me there, he was asking the boy to scream how much he is enjoying. I could hear the boy scream "Fuck me more daddy" 'I love your cock" and "I am going to cum". He wanted to show me how much i can enjoy. Honestly i did want to feel his cock inside me. I also liked him alot and it kind of made me jealous watching him fuck someone else.

One day i decided i wanted to take something up my ass. I had bought a dildo and lube from a local adult shop. I also wanted Mark to see, he had went outside, and i timed myself in such a way that he could catch me. I left my door open. I lubed my hole and the dildo, slowly i inserted a dildo up. It was painful but since i could control it all. I slowly managed to take a 6 inch cock up my ass. Mark had already come home i did hear the front door open. He infact was watching me take the dildo. He was watching me jump on a rubber dildo and jack off. The feeling of something up my ass made me cum like never before. Mark saw everything but didnt do anything. After i finished i went outside and saw him there, he acted like he saw nothing.

At night i was woken up by a feeling of pain in my hole. I also felt someone heavy on top of me. It was mark, he had inserted his cock balls deep inside me, the pain had woken me up. I was able to handle the pain. Mark was saying things like how i was his bitch now and how long he has waited to fuck me. He was pounding me roughly. I was in pain but also moaning, it was such a great feeling i came without even touching my dick. Mark flipped me over, my legs were on his shoulder, he entered me in one go. I jumped from the pain but he didnt stop he kept on fucking me. I remember he fucked me for the whole night. I sucked him off many times, he came alot of times. My ass was filled with his cum, i had swallowed him alot of times. I came like 6 times that night. After that i fell asleep.

I woke up to wearing a chastity belt. It was hurting since i was having a boner. My dick was hurting alot. I was trying to take the belt off, it was then he entered. He had his laptop with him, he was showing me the video of me sucking him off when he was passed out. He told me he noticed he had came when he woke up and it was pretty common occurrence everything i hung out with him. He had planted a camera to see what i did when he passed out. He recorded everything even me saying things about his wife while i gave him a BJ. I might add i did say some nasty things. He had planned everything, here i thought i was seducing him but i was caught into something big.

After telling me everything, he told me wear one of his wifes dress. After i dressed up and came outside, there were 15 men standing naked. Some guys had cocks bigger than i had ever seen. I knew what was about to go down. Mark came to me and grabbed me by my neck, he said "You wanted to replace my wife didnt you, let me teach you a lesson" He handcuffed me. Grabbed my cock above the chastity belt, it was so much pain, he dragged me in between those mens. Well i guess you all know what happened next. I was fucked by each one of them, cocks were forced down my throat, i was spanked with a bat till my ass bleed, I was also slapped, spitted on and peed on. The peed down the throat, gave me a piss enema. I had to swallow numerous loads. I was fucked all night, each man atleast fucked me twice.

After everyone was done, i was lying on the floor covered in piss, crying and begging Mark to let me go. Mark came to me, He stood on top on my face and said "You wanted to replace my wife didnt you" and started pissing on my face. After he was done, he grabbed me by my hair. He said "Suck my cock bitch and i am going to tell you a story" I was helpless so i stated sucking him. He then told me the whole story, his wife was never dead. His wife was actually a boy like me. The boy was gay and loved Mark, Mark made him his bitch. He subjected the boy to different kinds of things. He watched him get fucked by so many people. The boy wanted to leave him but couldnt due to videos of him recorded by mark. Mark was sick to the core, it was his kinks. He had also gone to jail for raping boys. He liked making young boys like me his slave and subject them to different things. He did them to the boy he claimed to be his wife, but soon when the neighborhood found out and he fleed. That is when he moved to our city and told everyone the fake story of his wife dying. I was his new slave, he said that i cannot imagine what things he had planned for me.

I was scared but was also being blackmailed by him. I had to do anything by him, i had a crush on this guy. I actually liked him but he was a bad person. Over the next few weeks i was gangbanged, pissed on, forced into BDSM, I had to wear women clothing all the time, He took me to places where i was used like a bitch and i was also fisted. My hole had stretched open. I could not believe how a guy i had liked would be so bad. Things like these continued till i was 28. I had gotten used to all this not like i enjoyed any of this but i had no choice. He blackmailed me for years. It all ended one day when Mark had a heart attack and he died. I never got close to a man ever again.


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