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How i became a gay bottom and got stuck in a serious mess.
Hi i am Arbab, I am an 24 year old gay bottom. This story is about my first time. I was 18 at the time. I had recently recovered for an accident that left me paralyzed for 5 years. I spent most of my time at home in my bed not able to move but then i had a surgery that was able to help me regain the use of my body. Well I did belong to a rich family, i wasnt much worried about skipping my studies. But i had spent the fun years of my life on a bed. I couldnt even jerk off let alone have any sexual activity. After i was healthy and all of these things got escalated, after i found about porn, i just couldnt stop jerking off. I would jerk off 3-4 times a day. I usually watched straight porn, but i was intrigued about gay porn. I never dared to watch it, but one day i did. After that i was hooked, i would only watch gay porn. I would imagine how it felt to get fucked. I wanted to try it with a man since i lost all hope that i will ever get a women in my life, i was fat and had a small cock. So i was getting this thought in my mind about trying it with a man but who? I couldnt just go and meet anyone if it got leaked that i was gay it would hurt my family's reputation.

Well it was this one time, my family had to leave the country for a month. I didnt wanted to go so they left me home. I had two house helpers, Imran and T. Imran was a 55 year old man with a dad bod, he was hairy all over his body. T was also i his 50s, he was tall dark skinned man. He had a muscle body and a long moustache. Now ever since i started watching gay porn, i kind of started getting feelings for T. I used to imagine him when watching porn. I never dared trying anything with him, he looked intimidating.

One day i was searching the web, i came across gay dating apps. I downloaded them, and started to see who was nearby. To my surprise there was one person very close to my location like a few meters away. It was either someone in my house or probably some neighbor. I opened the profile and asked for a picture. The guy sent his picture and it was T. I immediately deleted my profile, i didnt want him to find out.

Now i was more and more horny for him. I wanted to seduce him. I didnt know how, so i started thinking about how can i get him. I used to leave my laptop on with gay porn, and whenever he came into my room i used to act like he caught me off guard i immediately closed it. I also left the shower door open so he can peep inside. It worked he was now more interested. He and i became close now, he used to spend time with me giving me company. We used to hang out in my room till i fell asleep. He had also gotten very touchy, now i used to wear boxer trunks when i was in my room, he used to keep his hand on my thighs and massage them. It gave me shocks in my body, i was getting hard on. I knew he was now interested in me so i took every opportunity to let him enjoy.

One night we were in my room watching tv, I was constantly telling him i was sleepy and i tried to pretend i fell asleep. He was still there sitting next to me, he picked me up to the bed thinking i had fallen asleep. After he put me in bed, he laid there next to me. I said in a sleepy voice "it so hot in here", and pushed down my trunks. Now he was thinking i was doing all this in my sleep. My smooth bubbly ass was facing him, after a while he was still there. I squinted my eyes to see, he was there with his 9-10 inch monster cock in his hand. He was jerking off towards me. I soon saw him get up and come close, then i felt some warm liquid on my ass. After that he left, his cum was dripping down to my hole and balls. It was then i was confirmed he wanted me. He had caught the bait.

Now i was just thinking about how to make him fuck me. Although i was a bit scared if i would be able to handle his cock or not. I couldnt talk to him face to face, so i went back to the gay dating app. I messaged him, we talked he asked me for a picture. I sent him a picture of me, after that he didnt reply to me. I thought i screwed up, Disappointed with the outcome i went to sleep. After about 4 hours i had woken up due to my asshole in my pain, I was laying on my stomach with my trunks pulled down, my ass was oiled up. There was a 10 inch cock halfway down my hole. T was on top me pushing his cock inside, i asked him no more as it was hurting but he was very abusive towards me. He didnt care if it hurt me, he kept pushing it deep and deep i was screaming in pain. My screams were so loud that even Imran heard them and came running to my room. He saw me getting fucking mercilessly by T, I asked him to help me but that bastard took his clothes off and shoved his thick 8 inch cock in my mouth. My hole was bleeding, i was crying but they didnt care. They fucked me one by one. After some time of fucking the pain was gone, i was now enjoying the feeling of their cock in me. I was oozing cum from them hitting my prostate from inside. I would feel their cocks down my stomach. T fucked me good then came inside me, took his cock out and then imran pushed his inside. T shoved his cum covered cock in my mouth and started peeing, i gagged and chocked but had to swallow his piss. Imran also exploded inside my ass, then started peeing inside me. I was screaming my ass was about to explode but they held me down and gave me an piss enema. Imran kept his cock inside for 15 mins, till T was hard again then they switched places. T was again fucking my ass with cum piss leaking out of my hole. I dont remember how many times i was fucked, i just remember waking up in the morning, covered in cum and piss.

I washed myself, my hole had been stretched out so much. Imran came to my room naked and held his cock. He said "breakfast is ready" I told him i was too tired but he didnt care he grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He shoved his cock in my mouth and started peeing. I was forced to drink it all up. Then he fucked me for good 30 mins and came inside my mouth. He told me to rest as i had a long night coming up for me.

I was really tired so i slept. I woke up at mid night, with 10 men around me naked. They were all laughing at me, two of them had their cameras on they were recording me. I was scared, Then T came close to me and started kissing me. He was squeezing my balls i was in pain. They tied me up and then started spanking me. They spanked me till my ass was red, i was kicked in the ball, they squeezed them too. I was in so much pain. A dildo was forced inside my mouth and tapped to my mouth. After that the real thing started, they fucked me one by one. Each one of them came inside a glass, after the glass was full, my asshole gaping after the fucking. They poured all that cum inside my hole. Then T shoved his cock inside deep down to the balls. They all were laughing at me and recording me. T started pissing down my hole, all that cum and piss was felt inside my intestines. I felt like puking but couldnt due to a dildo tape to my mouth. I was fucked multiple times by all ten men. My videos were recorded so i dont tell anyone or bail out. I must say i did enjoy the fucking part but the rest of pissing, enema was disgusting to me. I woke up in the morning covered in piss and cum.

For a month i was gangbanged everynight by countless men. They paid T and imran for arranging this, i did enjoy it but also felt disgusted. After my family returned, it was just both of them fucking me by sneaking into my room. I couldnt protest or say anything due to my videos being recorded while fucking. I did with time started loving it all of this. Whenever my family went on bussiness trips i was pimped out, i was fucked mercilessly by groups of men. The most i remember was getting gangbanged by 30 men. They would even take me out at local cruising spots and i would get gangbang in public. This had become my life, but then i fell in love with a guy online, he was nice to me and also willing to help me get out of this mess. He was a rich man and had connection, he forced T and Imran to delete the videos they had of me. They also left the job. I was free now, i had promised that man to give him my ass once he helped me. He had a thick monster cock, 12 inches of hard veiny cock. Biggest i ever seen and would take. I will tell you what happened with him in another part.Thankyou for reading this story of mine.
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