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The days of slavery did leave one good legacy.
A Streaker started it all

By Vanessa Evans

Part 5

Most of the afternoon went relatively quietly apart from the last 10 minutes when a client walked in. Angie saw him before he saw her and by the time he was passing her desk Angie’s nipples had gone rock hard and her pussy was tingling something rotten.

“Well hello young lady, I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Hello sir, I’m Angie, an intern.”

Just then Mr. Whitelock appeared and said,

“Ah Mr. Jones, I see you’ve met Angie. Stand up Angie and say hello to Mr. Jones’ properly. Angie has decided to exercise her new found rights.”

“So I see, and very nice too, you’re a lucky man Ted Whitelock being able to look at young Angie all day.”

“Yes I am, she’s certainly improved the scenery in here.”

By then Angie had stood up and as she was shaking his hand she felt her pussy juices escaping and start to run down her inner thigh.

“Well young Angie, I will have to come and visit Ted a bit more often. How long are you here for?”

“Another 8 months, unless Mr. Whitelock fires me before then.”

“He’d be a total idiot to do that.”

“Relax Angie,” Mr. Whitelock added, “I’m not a total idiot.”

“Thank you sir.”

The 2 men went into Mr. Whitelock’s office and Angie tried to calm down before leaving for home. But the thought of the journey home stopped Angie’s arousal level from going down. She’d briefly thought about going home and decided that she wasn’t going to get dressed but now that it was nearly that time she was having second thoughts. She spent that last 10 minutes of her working day thinking,

“Yes I will do it,” then, “no I won’t I’ll put my dress on.”

She kept alternating between yes and no but as the minute hand on the clock reached the top her dilemma was decided for her. Andy went over to her and picked up her bag.

“Hey, that’s mine, give it back to me.”

“Come and get it.”

Andy went straight to the door out onto the street and before Angie realised it she was out on the street and chasing after Andy. When she finally grabbed his arm he turned and gave her the bag.

“What did you do that for Andy?”

“To stop you from chickening out and putting your dress on, and here you are, on your way home totally naked.”

“Oh my gawd, I am aren’t I?”

“Yes you are, and you’re not going to put your dress on are you Angie?”

Angie thought for a second then reached up and kissed Andy on his cheek.

“Careful Angie no lewd behaviour.”

Angie smiled then thanked Andy before telling him that she’d see him in the morning.

“Like that I hope.” Andy said.

“Yes, yes you will.”

With that Angie turned and walked off towards the bus stop with a smile on her face. Although her head was pointing forward her eyes were going from side to side looking at all the other people on the street to see any reactions to her nudity. Mostly there was none, it was like she was invisible, but she saw a few smiles, a couple of gasps, and the odd look of disgust.

Angie had expected more of the latter but she hadn’t even thought about having to stand at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive but she was pleased that she got just more of the same.

Angie also saw a police car drive passed and one of the coppers was looking her way but it didn’t stop.

A man in his twenties was stood behind Angie in the queue and Angie could feel his eyes burning her butt so she decided to turn to face the road which meant that the man would be able to see one of her tits. She soon felt his eyes burning into her rock hard nipple and she swapped her weight from one foot to the other and back trying to rub her protruding clit with her lips as she did so.

The drivers of the buses had always been friendly people but when the driver saw her his eyes lit up.

“Young lady,” he whispered, “naked girls travel for free on my bus, especially the good looking ones.”

Angie smiled, thanked him and walked to the stairs up to the top deck. Angie always travelled on the top deck, if there was one, because she could see more when she looked out of the windows. She’d never really thought about anyone looking up her skirts when she climbed up the steep stairs on a bus until that day. The man that was behind her in the queue followed her and she heard him gasp as he started the climb, obviously looking up at Angie’s wet pussy.

Angie smiled and walked to the back of the bus looking at the faces of the people who’s heads were at her chest height as she passed them. Sitting in the middle of the back seat Angie could see the backs of the heads of everyone on that deck and when they got up, or others came up the stairs, they would be able to see Angie’s naked front because she put her bag on the seat beside her and just about everyone who got up or sat down turned to look at her. Angie saw them in her peripheral vision as she looked out of the window not wanting direct eye contact which might stop them looking.

There were a few people getting off at Angie’s stop and there was a little queue to go down the stairs and the queue had to stop for a few seconds as Angie started to go down with a middle-aged man in front of her. When the queue stopped the man turned his head and discovered that his head was right inline with Angie’s pussy.

For a couple of seconds he stared at her pussy causing it to tingle and get a bit wetter. Then the queue started moving again.

It was only a few minutes walk from the bus stop to Angie’s house and she felt good and proud during that walk. As she approached the front of the house Angie saw Matt walking towards her. He stopped outside the house and waited with a big grin on his face.

“You did it Angie, well done.” He said as she approached him.

“Matt, have you got time for a quickie? I’m so horny right now.”

Ten minutes later a much more relaxed, naked Angie was walking down the stairs to get herself some food.

Justin and Eva were in the kitchen, neither of them paying much attention to Angie’s nudity. After a couple of minutes Matt arrived and said,

“Guy’s did Angie tell you her good news?”

“No.” Eva replied.

“She came home from work naked.”

“Wow Angie, I never thought that you would actually do it, I bet that it was nerve-racking.” Eva said.

“You’re not kidding but at the same time it was so exciting.”

“You mean that you were nearly cumming all the way home.” Justin said, “so it’s permanent nudity from now on is it?”

“Yes and no I’m only going to be naked most of the time but I might need your help some of the time. I don’t want to be going out at night on my own if I’m naked.”

“I’ll escort you whenever you want me Angie.” Matt said.

“Me too,” Justin said, “It will give me the chance to perv on you and maybe some of your naked friends.”

“I haven’t got any naked friends.”

“You might have if this girls naked in public thing catches on.” Justin replied. “You’ll have to persuade lots of your friends to loose their clothes as well.”

“That reminds me,” Angie said, “I need to phone Lucy to see what she’s thinking of doing.”

“Do you think that she’ll streak another football game?” Matt asked.

“I have no idea, I’ll phone her later and find out.”

As they all sat eating Angie realised that being naked around her housemates wasn’t quite as exciting as it originally had been. It was still nice, very nice, but she wasn’t close to cumming all the time. She just hoped that the magic wouldn’t wear off completely.

After they’d eaten and cleared up Angie went to her room and stood in front of her window hoping to see some guys hoping to see her naked again but she was disappointed so she picked up her phone and called Lucy.

“Hey Angie, how are you doing girl, I was starting to think that you didn’t want to talk to me.” Lucy said as soon as she accepted the call.

“Hi Lucy, no, I’ve just been so busy.”

“Naked busy I hope.”

“Yeah, shall we meet at the Red Lion and talk?”

“Good idea, I can be there in 15 minutes.”

“So can I, will you be naked Angie?”

“Yes, you?”

“Of course. See you in 15.”

From opposite directions both naked girls arrived at the same time and went into the Red Lion together. The pub went deadly quite for a few seconds then the guys sat drinking at the bar started cheering and calling the girls over.

Neither girl was at all nervous or embarrassed as they went and joined the men then started sipping the drinks that were quickly bought for them. After a few minutes Angie said,

“Guys, can you just give us 10 minutes on our own please? We need to catch up and do a bit of planning.”

Angie and Lucy took their drinks to a table and for the first time saw that some of the other patrons were still staring at the 2 naked girls. Angie just smiled when she made eye contact with one middle-aged woman who was, along with her man, staring at the 2 naked girls.

Angie started talking first and told Lucy everything that had happened since they last spoke. Then it was Lucy’s turn. Apparently Lucy had gone home the weekend just past and she’d got naked at home. Her mother had been shocked and tried to tell her off but her father was having none of it telling his wife that Lucy was now 18 and could do what she wanted. Both her father and 2 brothers had spent the whole weekend perving on Lucy and she’d enjoyed every second of it. Lucy had travelled back on the train naked and enjoyed the attention of a group of young men who all wanted to talk to her whilst staring at her naked body. She had deliberately sat at a set of 4 seats facing each other without a table between them and the young men had been able to see her bald pubes and slit as well as her tits. Lucy said that the experience had left her VERY aroused.

“So what’s this outrageous plan that you have Lucy?”

“It’s not that outrageous, just something that we’ve both done before and enjoyed doing, shopping. I was thinking of going to the shopping centre naked and slowly going round the shops trying clothes on and getting some lunch at the food hall.”

“I’m guessing that you mean the big shopping centre in the city not one of the little ones Lucy?”

“Of course, may as well go the whole hog.”

“I assume that you weren’t planning on buying anything because I haven’t got much money Lucy.”

“No I wasn’t, I don’t intend buying any clothes, just trying them on and letting all the male partners look at us as we dress then undress.”

“Okay, I’m up for it, what time where?”

The 2 girls sorted out the details then looked over to the guys at the bar. Most of them were looked over to Angie and Lucy.

“Come on Angie, lets get up on that bar, spread our legs and rub one out for them. It’s the least that we can do for them after all the drinks that they’ll be buying for us.”

And that’s just what they did, it was very much like that previous time that they’d got naked in that bar but with an increased number of guys round them. The 2 girls, enjoyed their orgasms and the sexual innuendos which kept both girl very aroused, something that was seen by the guys, their spread, wet, swollen pussies on display for most of the rest of the evening.

When it finally came to time to leave the 2 girls left, promising to be back soon. Outside it was dark and both girls suddenly had a bit of a panic, they were naked and outside in the dark on their own and about to split up and go in different directions. Okay the city didn’t have a problem with girls getting attacked but neither of them wanted to take a chance.

Angie got her phone out, phoned Matt and asked him to meet them at Lucy’s address with a promise that she’d make it worth his while. The 2 houses and the pub were in a sort of triangle and Matt was there waiting for them when they got there. With the help of a street light he had a good look at Lucy after Angie had introduced them then he told her that he wished that he’d seen her streaking the football match to which Lucy asked him if he’d like to be their ‘minder’ for a bit of fun that they had planned for the Saturday. Matt was up for it him saying that he’d do anything for 2 naked girls.

As Angie and Matt walked back to their house she told him about their plan. When they got back Angie invited Matt into her room and they didn’t get to sleep for another hour.


It was a bit chilly when Angie stepped out of the house to go to work the next morning. She was only wearing heels and carrying a bag which contained a dress – just in case, and her nipples were rock hard because of the chill. She was amazed, turned on and just a little nervous by the number of people who stared at her as she walked to the bus stop and stood waiting

The bus was again a double decker and Angie smiled as it approached. The driver smiled as she got on and waved her away when she offered her money. Angie had timed it right and a man followed her up the steep stairs as she thought that she needed to find an elegant way of climbing stairs with her feet well apart.

Unfortunately, the back seat was occupied so Angie slowly walked back to another seat near the back watching the eyes of the other passengers as she walked. She was pleased that most of the men, and some of the women were looking up and down her front as she walked towards them.

Sat alone on one of the double seats with her bag beside her, Angie looked out of the window and reflected on how she had changed over the last few weeks. She’d gone from a shy girl to a very outgoing girl who craved men looking at her naked body, but Matt and Andy were both right, the new Angie was the true Angie, the genie had escaped from the bottle and Angie was pleased that it had.

Before she knew it the bus was approaching Angie’s stop and she stood ready to get off, and let the passengers who were still sat get a good look at her butt as she exited the bus.

It seemed to be busier than usual in the city with everyone rushing to their place of work and Angie was a little disappointed that no one really seemed to be taking any notice of her as she walked the last leg of her journey.

In the coffee shop she had to queue for a short while and she felt the eyes of the few sitting customers staring at her. Instead of facing the direction that the queue was moving Angie had stood sideways facing the sat customers. She wanted them to see her tits, slit and clit that she just knew was hard and standing out from behind it’s hood.

“Wow, good morning Angie.” The barista said when Angie got to the front of the queue.

“My usual please.” Angie said.

“No need to do any more bending to get sugar that I bet you never even used Angie. Is this new way of getting to work permanent or do I need to absorb as much of the beautiful scenery in one go?”

“It’s legal now so it’s probably permanent, at least until the weather takes a turn for the worse.”

“Let’s hope that we have permanent sunshine from now on then. Here, have today’s fix on me, you’ve made my day Angie.”

Angie left the coffee shop a little happier and a little more aroused and had a smile on her face for the rest of her walk.

There were also smiles from her male colleagues when she walked into the office, Andy saying,

“Proud of you Angie.”

When Mr. Whitelock arrived he called Angie into his office. Angie again standing back with her feet shoulder width apart hoping that her boss would look at her pussy and protruding clit. He did, this time for a lot longer than previous times causing the tingling in Angie’s pussy and nipples to get stronger.

“So Angie, it’s good to see that you are sticking with your convictions, do you think that you will keep it up?”

“Yes sir, well until the weather takes a turn for the worse, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the real me.”

“Well Angie, you certainly seemed to be happier yesterday and again today.”

As they were talking Angie was looking at her boss’ eyes and was pleased to see that they were looking at her pussy for most of the time.

“Sir, would you like me to check-in with you each morning to see if you have any other special jobs that you want me to do?”

“That’s a good idea Angie, yes, come and see me each morning, stand there like that and we’ll review your work.”

“Yes sir, anything else?”

There was a pause of a few seconds then Angie was told that she could go back to her work. As she left his office she deliberately walked so that her backside went from side to side like she’d seen models walk on the runway, and she was also smiling, knowing that he only wanted those meetings so that he could look at her pussy.

Sat at her desk she tried, unsuccessfully, to think of a way that she could give him a better look at her pussy. She got an image in her head of her laying on her back on his desk with her legs on his shoulders and him then pushing her ankles wide apart so that he could see right inside her.

Angie was happy to expose herself as much as she could to Mr. Whitelock because it was because of him that she had discovered her true self. She finally got back to her work with a smile on her face.

Andy again went to the sandwich shop with her at lunchtime and he too commented on how happy she looked then he said,

“You really do get off on men looking at your naked body don’t you Angie?”

Being an honest girl she replied,

“Yes I do, when I see a man looking at me I start tingling in my pussy and nipples.”

“Maybe you should enter a few amateur stripper or wet T-shirt competitions, or even join a men’s rugby team. I can just see you in the communal showers after a muddy game and all the naked men rubbing the mud off you.”

“Now I KNOW that you’re a pervert Andy, I’m not big enough to play rugby but the amateur stripper or wet T-shirt competitions sound good, I hadn’t thought of those.”

“I’ll try and think of some alternatives to rugby for you Angie.”

“Thanks Andy, you can stare at my naked body as much as you want.”

“It’s a shame that we haven’t got a stationary cupboard at work,” Andy said, “I could drag you in there and ravage your body for an hour or so.”

“You’d only last an hour Andy? I thought that you were a real man.”

“Very funny Angie. You’d have to crawl out after an hour with me.”

“Sure I would.”

That afternoon Mr. Whitelock called Angie into his office again and she again stood in the same position and he again stared at her pussy for a while before giving her a couple of envelopes and telling her to take them to the court house. Angie smiled and replied,

“Yes sir, will you be following me over there sir?”

“No Angie, I don’t think that my heart could take it. Off you go.”

Angie slowly walked to the court house, her head going from side to side looking to see who was looking at her. As she got near the court house she saw a policeman, the same one as the last time. She watched him all the time and saw that he was watching her. She was a little nervous and was sure that he was just looking for an excuse to arrest her so she made sure that her hands were nowhere near her tits or pussy.

In the courthouse admin office the 2 women were again pleased to see her. This time though they engaged in a lot more conversation wanting to know more about what Angie had been doing with her new found freedom. Angie, of course, gave them a slightly more detailed summary, not mentioning that both her and Lucy had made themselves cum whilst sat on the bar in the pub.

When she told them that her and Lucy were going shopping on the Saturday they wanted details of exactly where and when, it was like they were going to go and watch them. Or maybe they wanted to know so that they could send their men to get them all aroused so that they could go home and ravage the women. Angie hoped that it was the latter because women seeing her naked didn’t do much for her.

Angie finally got away and the same policeman was outside. Angie guessed that he was again waiting for her just to try to catch her doing something that he could arrest her for.

When Angie got back to the office she went to see Mr. Whitelock to tell him about the policeman. Angie again standing in the most exposing position that she could without making it obvious what she was doing.

“Don’t let the idiot intimidate you Angie. Just keep your hands away from you’re genitals and you will be okay.” Mr. Whitelock told her.

Later, back at her desk Angie had an idea,

“What if she had a vibrator inside her and it brought her to an orgasm right in front of the policeman? Would that be classed as lewd behaviour or public indecency?”

Angie needed to do some more research and then maybe discuss the subject with Mr. Whitelock. After she’d decided that she smiled and realised that she was planning to discuss her having an orgasm in front of a policeman with her boss. Something that she would never have dreamed possible a few weeks ago.

The rest of Angie’s day went okay but when she was walking to the bus stop she realised that more people were looking at her.

“Must be more relaxed knowing that their working day was over.” Angie thought.

There were quite a few people waiting to get on the bus and Angie noticed that the woman in front of her in the queue turned away and stuck her nose up in the air when she saw Angie behind her. That made Angie smile and she thought how stupid the woman was, but there again she did look like she could so with losing 20 or 25 Kg which might just have been colouring her thoughts.

Angie was lucky enough to get a seat at the back of the upper deck of the bus although she did have men sat at the ends of the long seat. Angie again sat with her feet firmly on the floor and her knees apart. She watched other men walking down the aisle towards her and discovered that they were more likely to stare at her pussy if they thought that she wasn’t looking at them. This gave Angie the idea of turning her head to one side and pretend to be looking out of the window so that the men weren’t self-conscious about looking at her, but looking at them though her peripheral vision. She also decided to try to find her sunglasses.

Whilst she was looking out of the window Angie smiled when she saw another naked woman walking down the street looking like she didn’t have a care in the world. Angie realised that she too was getting much more relaxed about being naked in public, but that didn’t stop her from being aroused all the time.

When it came time to get off the bus Angie waited until they were at the stop to get up and move forward. She’d realised the previous day that if she was behind a man going down the stairs and he had to stop and wait for others to get off then if she somehow attracted his attention and turned to see who was behind him, his head would be right in front of her pussy.

She had to cough to attract the man’s attention but he did get a close up view of her pussy before turning and going further down the stairs. The experience made the slight tingling in her pussy increase.

Angie had a quiet evening on her own at the house, her housemates being out somewhere and there was no sign of Tom in his room.


The next morning Angie went and knocked on Mr. Whitelock’s door and when she went in she stood in her usual revealing position and waited for her boss to look her up and down and stare at her pussy and clit that was rapidly growing and hardening

“Yes Angie, what can I do you for?”

“Sir, can I ask you a hypothetical question?”

“Of course.”

“Well sir it’s for a friend who has also decided to take advantage of your discovery, she was wondering what the legal position would be if she were to have an orgasm while she was naked and stood in front of a policeman. Say out on the street.”

“A friend you say?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well Angie, if the girl put her hands on her breasts or her genitals she could be prosecuted for lewd behaviour. If she were to start shouting words that are usually associated with women having an orgasm she could be prosecuted for disturbing the peace. If she were to start squirting vaginal excretions that would probably be classed as lewd behaviour as well. Apart from that the policeman couldn’t arrest her for anything, all other indications of her having an orgasm would be internal and very difficult to prove that it was the result of an orgasm. Does that answer your question?”

“What if I, sorry my friend, were to start shaking and maybe jerking?”

“Again that would be impossible to prove that it was the result of an orgasm.”

“So apart from what you have mentioned there is no chance that my friend could get arrested?”

“Correct Angie but I would have thought that she would need some sort of stimulation to be able to have an orgasm without her body being touched.”

“She was thinking about a vibrator sir, possibly a remote controlled one.”

“Don’t remote controlled vibrators need some sort of external antenna or a wire that would be visible? If that’s the case it might come under the category of lewd behaviour but that would probably have to be proved in court. It might just make a very interesting case that would set a legal president.”

“Sir, I believe that not all remote controlled vibrators need an antenna but I suspect that the controlling range would be reduced.”

“Interesting Angie, interesting. Anything else?”

“No sir, thank you.”

Angie stood there for a few more seconds looking at Mr. Whitelock’s eyes and seeing that they were still glued to her pussy and clit. During those few seconds Angie had a vision of her cumming whilst standing there with him watching. She also wondered if her clit got even bigger when she was actually cumming. She knew that it did when she was aroused, like she was every time that she was stood in front of her boss with her legs open enough for him to see her clit but did it get even bigger when she was cumming. Angie decided to have a mirror handy the next time that she was rubbing one out.

“Thank you sir.” Angie said when her little daydream ended “oh, you said that you wanted to see me each morning.”

“Yes Angie, I did, what are you working on today?”

Angie explained what she was, and would be doing for the rest of the day but she was sure that Mr. Whitelock wasn’t listening, his eyes were staring at her pussy.

“So that’s it sir.” Angie loudly said.

“Oh yes, thank you Angie, you may go now.”

Angie again walked out of his office with a smile on her face.

Back at her desk Angie mentally went through her finances to see when she would be able to afford a remote controlled vibrator. Unfortunately she would have to wait until the end of the month.

The rest of the day, in fact the rest of the week went very much the same as recent days with Angie getting more confident about being out on the streets and on buses totally naked. One night she had invited Matt to spend the night with her and the next Tom. All the being naked was leaving Angie with a thirst for sex.

On the Saturday morning Angie and Matt set off to meet Lucy to go shopping. They met her outside her house then walked to the bus stop that would take them to the big shopping centre on the other side of the city. The bus was a single deck one and Angie was a little disappointed that she couldn’t go up any stairs with, hopefully, a man following her up. They did however sit near the back of the bus, the 2 girls slowly walking down the aisle with Matt behind them.

Of course Angie had been to the huge shopping centre before but it seemed different this time. All Angie could think of was that this time she was naked. During the walk to the bus the 3 of them had talked and it was agreed that Matt would let the 2 girls do whatever together and that Matt would walk a few metres from them, pretending that he wasn’t with them but close enough if they needed him. Matt was happy with this because it gave him a better chance to look at their nude bodies.

Walking into the shopping centre the 2 girls were approached by a security guard. Matt saw this and moved in.

“Good morning ladies,” the guard said to the 2 slightly nervous girls, “just to let you know that we know about the change in the law and that you won’t have any trouble from any of the guards unless you start doing anything inappropriate.”

“Thank you,” Angie replied, “but just to let you know the law hasn’t actually changed, it’s just that a long forgotten law has been discovered, the media picked up on it and now it would appear that half the country knows about it.”

“And you would know this how?”

“I work at the law firm that discovered the law.”

“Is that right? Well please pass my thanks on to the relevant people, having naked girls wander around here really makes my day.”

“Our pleasure.” Angie said and her and Lucy walked off with Matt following at a distance.

“Well that’s one problem that we won’t have.” Lucy said as they approached a fashion shop.

“You’re expecting problems Lucy?” Angie asked.

“Only resisting some of the gorgeous clothes that I hope we will see.”

The staff in the first fashion shop that they went into just stared at them as they browsed through the racks.

“Looks like the shop staff got the memo.” Lucy said.

“Do we try clothes on out here or should we go to the changing rooms to do it?” Angie asked.

“Good question Angie, maybe there will be some men standing outside the changing rooms and we can accidentally touch ourselves getting changed with the curtains open.”

“Settled then.” Angie replied.

And that’s what they did in all the fashion shops. In some they were lucky and had men watching them and some they weren’t. Well there was always Matt watching them but he didn’t really count.

When they went to the food hall for a drink and snack they sat with Matt and he told them that he’d had a couple of conversations with men that were standing outside the changing rooms, them not realising that Matt was with the 2 naked girls, and Matt passed on the compliments that the men had said about the girls and also what they had said they would like to do with the girl’s bodies. This amused and pleased both girls and they both admitted to Matt that the comments made them horny.

Matt also told the girls that he’d felt a bit guilty and that some of the shop assistants had stared at him as if he was just there to perv on the naked girls, which of course he was.

“Don’t let them get to you Matt.” Lucy said, “We know the truth and that’s all that matters.”

After their lunch they decided to go up a floor and see what was up there. This brought a whole new experience to both girls. Neither of them had thought about how exposed their butts and pussies would be to the people following them up the escalators. It was Matt who moved in and suggested that they wait to get on until a man, or men, looked like they were going to get on the escalator then make sure that they get on first.

Both girls quickly smiled as it all fell into place and that’s what they did, usually standing side by side but on different steps. It was Angie that suggested the different steps so that they could easily stand with their feet apart without banging into each other.

This teasing of the men behind and below them quickly became more important to them than clothes shopping and in the next hour or so they had gone up all 7 escalators in the complex multiple times, each time timing things so as to give pleasure to both the men and the 2 girls.

By the time the girls had had enough for one day 30 or 40 men must have had a good look at the 2 wet pussies and hundreds of people had seen them naked. Numbers that both girls were proud of.

On the bus back across the city the sexual excitement of the 2 girls was very obvious to Matt who invited Lucy back the his and Angie’s house. Eva was out but Justin was there and before long Matt and Angie, and Lucy and Justin were making out on the sofas. The guys fucked the girls to orgasms but neither girl was sated and they changed partners for another round of fucking.

After another round with their original partners the girls had had enough for a while. They phoned for pizzas to be delivered and both naked girls answered the door to a pleasantly surprised delivery guy. After pizza a few beers and quite a bit of talking Justin escorted Lucy back to her place and Matt and Angie went to her room for some more benefits.


On the Sunday Angie decided to go to the gym again, and to go for a swim afterwards. But this time Angie didn’t take any clothes to wear. When she got there the student who was manning the reception just stared at her as she signed in then went to the ladies changing room to leave her bag. In the workout room everything stopped when she walked in and went to start her routine.

Things slowly started to happen again as most of the guys and the 2 girls went back to what they were doing. No one said a word until one guy decided that he wanted to lay on the bench and lift some weights. Unsurprisingly when he wanted someone to spot him he turned to Angie. She was on her back on the mats doing some leg stretches at the time and he just stood there looking down at her spread pussy until she got to her feet.

He finally managed to ask for her help and soon he was on his back looking up at her wet pussy. Angie looked at the weights that he was lifting and saw that there was only 1 x 10 Kg disc on each end of the bar. Angie smiled to herself convinced that she could easily have lifted that bar, but she wasn’t complaining, he was a man looking at her pussy close up.

Angie wondered if he was one of the men that she’s spotted for the previous Sunday because if he was he wouldn’t be able to see any more of her pussy than the previous week but he would be able to look up her front and see her tits with their rock hard nipples.

Once that man had finished Angie had the same problem as the previous week, a constant stream of men wanting her to spot for them. She also had one of the girls ask her. Having a girl getting a close up of her pussy wasn’t something that turned her on, but at the same time it didn’t turn her off so Angie helped the girl and looked down at her as she was probably looking up at Angie’s pussy. Angie noticed that the girls nipples were poking at her top and wondered is she was getting turned on and if she was a lesbian.

Again it took Angie twice as long to finish her routine and she noticed that none of the guys left the room before she did.

After the workout room Angie had decided to go for a swim, get some lengths in. At the pool’s entrance the girl manning the desk looked at the naked Angie and when their eyes met the girl said,

“Yes, I know that it’s legal, you’re not the first naked girl today.”

“Is the other girl still here?” Angie asked hoping to meet her.

“Sorry, she left about 30 minutes ago.”

Angie was disappointed but she still went to the changing room to put her things in a locker.

As Angie walked out to the pool she saw that there were more people there than the previous week. A couple of them were staring at her but Angie dove in and started her lengths. Fifteen minutes later Angie stopped swimming and got her breath. She’s loved the feeling of the water rushing by her pussy and nipples but she was out of breath.

As she stood there she looked at all the young men there to see if one of them was Tom, the guy from over the back of her house, but she didn’t recognise any of them. What’s more, they were all concentrating on their swimming so she decided that she needed some other exercise that would get people looking at her. As she climbed out of the pool and walked to the changing room she suddenly smiled.

“I know, I’ll go jogging, I’m bound to have all sorts of people looking at me if I jog through the centre of the city.”

With a more upbeat frame of mind Angie got her shampoo and went for a shower only to discover that she was alone there. As she was rinsing off her right hand went to her pussy and started rubbing around her clit. One orgasm later she was still alone so she got dried, collected her belongings and headed home, confidently walking along the street without a care in the world.

No one else was at home so it was a quick change of shoes, fill her little water bottle and out she went again. Angie had a 5 mile route that she usually jogged but that route was designed to keep her away from roads and houses as much as possible but on this day she headed straight for the city centre.

No one could possibly say that her tits were bouncing about as she ran but the internal mass was going up and down a little and it was certainly visible from the outside. The other thing with jogging naked was that the breeze that she was creating was tickling her pussy and nipples which was keeping her slightly aroused.

On she ran passing people going both ways. She quickly realised that people were stepping out of her way when she was used to have to run around people. Then she realised that stepping out of the way gave them the excuse to turn and look at her butt as she ran away from them.

Angie ran down the main shopping street and wondered if she was distracting some car drivers but she didn’t care, that was their problem. One of the cars was a police car but it didn’t stop and there was no way that the occupants could not have seen her. She thought about tits again, could naked girls with big tits running be classed as lewd behaviour? After all they would be bouncing about looking like the girl would be in some sort of pain. She took a quick glance at her own tits and was pleased that she only had small tits.

All the people looking at her was arousing Angie, not enough to make her cum but enough to make her think about getting fucked. Angie changed her planned route and headed for Tom’s house. Fortunately he was at home and to the delight of his housemates she went in. After a shower with Tom during which she relieved most of her arousal, and Tom’s sudden arousal, she joined them all for a few drinks during which she revelled in the attention that they gave her, especially as some of the time she sat opposite them with her knees slightly apart, and some of the time she sat on Tom’s lap with him idly playing with her clit as they talked.

After another session of benefits in Tom’s room he went out with her to the fence between the gardens and helped her climb over the fence back into her garden.

As Angie walked up to her room she thought about all the sex that she’d had recently and decided that 2 + 2 did make 4. All the sex was a result of her nudity. It was a happy Angie that climbed into her bed that night.



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