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Meeting a stranger in a hotel bar can lead to excitement if you allow it.
Back in 1982 I was staying in a hotel in New York. It was my first trip abroad for my UK-based company and at 22 I was feeling very grown up. It was during the World Cup finals and I was glued to the TV in the hotel bar which was the Spanish language feed. (The only coverage).

There was one other guy there watching and we got to talking about the game as we watched. He was also visiting, from France, and we were both very interested. He spoke English well but not Spanish and we were doing our own commentary. He was another businessman, called Etienne, about 45, well dressed and very friendly and I was enjoying his company.

After a while a few other guests came in and asked for the baseball to be turned on. The bartender switched the channel. I complained but to no avail.

Etienne asked if I wanted to finish the game with him in his room. I agreed and we headed for the elevator. We got up there and found the right channel on the TV. Etienne ordered down for some more drinks and snacks.

As with most hotels, the best place to watch was sitting together on the bed. We took off our shoes for comfort. It felt a little odd to be sitting on a bed with a man.

The game came to an end and we were still sitting there. Etienne asked if I wanted to watch a movie since we hadn't finished our room-service snacks. I was OK with it so he pulled up the PPV menu. There were the usual things and there were some erotic movies to watch. Back then porn was not as readily available and I was very interested to see some so he ordered up a dirty movie.

Almost as soon as it started I became quite aroused. Even though it was pretty soft-core, it was the first dirty movie I'd ever watched and was more exciting than anything I had seen in my life. My cock became very hard and I had to squirm around to get it into a comfortable position inside my jeans.

Etienne noticed my discomfort and laughed. He pointed down at his own crotch and it was clear that he was also erect.

This was a weird situation for me. I had never done anything with another guy and yet I was fascinated to see the bulge in his trousers. He started rubbing it gently while I watched and said I should do the same.

I was very excited. Watching Etienne and watching the movie. There was a girl on the TV stroking her boyfriend's cock and Etienne on the bed rubbing his. I started stroking myself through my jeans and then without saying anything he leaned over and started unbuckling my belt. I stopped moving my hand, but I didn't stop him from undoing my clothes.

After my belt was undone, he undid the top button and pulled down the zipper. I just sat there watching him. He was easily twice my age and a man and I should have been getting up and out of his room right then but I was fascinated by what he was doing and very turned on.

Etienne told me to lift up my hips so he could slip my clothes off. I did so and he got up and stood at the end of the bed and pulled my pants down and then off completely. He told me to take off my shirt as well, which I did.

So now I was on this older man's bed completely naked with a big erection as he stood over me. He stared at my bare body and started rubbing himself again. I was embarrassed and covered my hard penis with my hand but he told me to take my hand away and let him look at me.

His tone was quite commanding and I was intimidated so I did as I had been told. He reached down and took my ankles in his hands and spread my legs apart and then stood back up and undid his fly.

He reached in and pulled out his hard cock. It was very big; much bigger than mine. He looked at my eyes as he showed it to me. He asked if I liked it. Well, I never thought about liking cocks but I was impressed and told him I liked it.

That seemed to be the signal he wanted and he quickly undressed and came round to the side of the bed I was on and stood with his big hard cock right near my face.

"Touch it," he said. But I told him No.

"Touch it," he said again and reached down and grabbed my wrist.

He brought my hand to his cock and made contact with the back my hand.

"Touch it." His grip on my wrist became uncomfortable.

I opened my fingers and took his erect penis in my hand.

"Now stroke it," he told me, and with my wrist still in his firm grip he moved my hand up and down the shaft of his cock. He relaxed his grip a little and told me to keep going.

"That is better," he said, and I continued to stroke his cock after he let my wrist go.

Then he said I should stroke my own cock with my other hand as I jerked him off. I took my cock in my other hand and realized that it was as hard as I had ever felt it.

I started stroking myself while I masturbated this older Frenchman who had taken control of me. He told me I was doing well and asked if I liked what we were doing.

I actually was enjoying it. The feel of his cock in my hand was nice and I told him so.

Etienne told me to move down further on the bed so I was lying flat and then he came and lay down beside me, never letting my hand let go of his cock.

As he got down with me, his hand reached out and moved my other hand away from my own cock and he started wanking me. His body felt hot alongside mine and his strong hand enveloped my penis. Then I felt his other hand on my head and it started pushing downwards. I resisted a little but his strength and insistence made it clear I should allow myself to go down and soon my face was right in front of his big stiff cock.

My lips were tightly closed but I knew what he wanted and I knew I couldn't resist. I opened my lips slightly. Etienne moved his hips towards my lips and I felt his hard cock enter my mouth.

"Suck me," he said, and pushed in deeper.

I felt his hand against the back of my head. There was no escape. More of his cock entered my mouth and I reached to take his shaft in my hand to stop him choking me.

He definitely liked this - my hand round his shaft and the head of his cock in my mouth.

"You have done this before," he said, but I hadn't. I was just stopping too much going into me.

He began moving his hips rhythmically and was fucking my mouth. Told me to suck and lick him and I did so. He reached down and his hand enveloped my own and he squeezed. He was making me grip the shaft of his cock tighter as I sucked him off. Showing me the way he liked to be handled.

Etienne rolled onto his back and I went with it. I was now on my knees between his legs and sucking him. His hand came away from my head but he told me to keep going and I did as he commanded. I was becoming less reluctant, by this time.

Etienne turned 90 degrees on the bed and made me turn with him. I realized that my bare ass was sticking up as I sucked him off and this new position allowed him to watch it in the mirrored doors of the closet.

It was clear that a blowjob wasn't necessarily going to be the end of this and I didn’t think I would like to feel his big cock in my virgin ass. I thought that if I could make him come he would be satisfied, so I began to really work over his cock as best I could.

I sucked and licked the head of his enormous penis as I stroked the shaft. Bobbing my head up and down on him and trying everything I could think of to make him come. I reached up between his legs and started fondling his balls as I sucked his cock.

He groaned and spread his legs further when I did this and lifted his hips. I got the message. He wanted me to touch his ass while I sucked his cock and so reached under his balls and massaged the cheeks.

He moved slightly and my fingers found the crack of his ass. He was inviting me to finger his anus while I gave him his blowjob and I thought this would have to give him the orgasm that might save my tender virgin ass.

My fingertip found the tight pucker of his hole and I tickled it for a moment. I had a girlfriend that had done this to me and I knew how good it feels.

But Etienne wanted a little more.

He shifted himself toward my finger, clearly telling me to push into him.

Some of my saliva had dribbled down from his cock and over his balls and down into the crack of his ass, so there was some lubrication and, as I pressed against his asshole, my finger slipped right into him. He groaned and humped against my hand and I slipped in further.

I started sliding my finger in and out of his ass in time with the sucking and stroking on his cock.

His hand came back to my head and he ran his fingers through my hair while I sucked and finger-fucked him.

Having someone run their fingers through your hair is a wonderful sensual feeling and I concentrated on that.

I was actually getting into it all by now. I still wanted him to come though,but it was not to be.

I guess Etienne concluded that the great job I was doing on his cock was because I was a willing and experienced partner, not that I wanted it over.

And since I was such a willing - and submissive - partner I would definitely like being penetrated.

His hand in my hair took a grip and he lifted my mouth from his cock. My finger left his ass and he moved out from under me.

He gathered all the pillows on the bed into a pile and told me to lay on them with my ass up for him.

"I've never done this before." I told him, but he didn't believe me. Didn't care, I think. By this time, he was going to fuck me no matter what and told me so.

I gave in then. Just asked him to be gentle.

I lay down, my face against the sheet and my ass felt so high off the bed with all the pillows under my hips.

Etienne went to his suitcase and brought out a tube of lubricant. I watched as he took some on his palm and rubbed it the length of his big hard cock. Then he took some more and I felt its cold wetness on my ass. His fingers slipped between my cheeks and he slid them up and down and finally he found the tight pucker of my anus. He took more lubricant onto his fingers and I felt him press one finger against me. This was new. I had only had the outside of my ass tickled before but Etienne was pushing into it.

I felt his finger press in and my ass went very tight against it.

"Relax," he said.

"Relax and you will enjoy this."

I tried to relax and felt his pushing his finger against me again. And again I was tight, until I finally figured out somehow to relax my sphincter against my body's natural tendency.

His finger slipped inside me.

I groaned like he had done earlier. I was surprised by how much I liked how it felt. And now the whole situation started to arouse me. My naked body with my ass up in the air in the hotel room of this older man and he was shoving his finger into my ass.

His touch felt good and I started to push back a little. His finger went in and out of my ass and then I felt him introduce a second.

It felt like the first one all over again. My body tensed up and it took another effort to relax enough for it not to be uncomfortable.

Once I had accommodated his second finger, he started to move them independently inside my ass. Each time, stretching my hole a little more.

He took his time and could tell that I was relaxing. When he started using his third finger I welcomed it.

I reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands and spread myself for him.

Etienne asked me "Are you ready?" I knew what he meant.

A couple of hours ago I hadn't even considered the possibility and now I was not only ready, I was eager. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to feel a cock enter my virgin ass.

His cock. This exciting older foreign gentleman who was so assured and so sexy and who's cock I had been sucking.

I wanted him to fuck me right away and told him so.

"Yes Etienne, I'm ready. You can fuck me. Fuck me up the ass."

His fingers withdrew and I sensed him as he positioned his body behind me. I moved my legs further apart and raised myself towards him. His hands rested on my cheeks and I felt his meat find the crack.

He humped against me for a few moments. His cock sliding up and down between my cheeks. It was torture. I wiggled as he teased me, wordlessly begging to be entered.

One hand came away from my buttock as he took his meat and set it against my asshole. Then he started pushing his cock against my opening and it started slowly going into me.

His fingers had done a good job of relaxing me, but his cock was still bigger and a lot longer. My ass stretched even more than earlier to take it. He sensed me straining and went slowly. Allowing me to take him without a lot of discomfort.

It seemed like forever for the entire length to get all the way in.

I stayed as still as I could and relished the sensation as his cock reached its full penetration and I felt his pubic hair tickle against the sensitive cheeks of my ass. My knees were trembling a little as we stayed in that position for a few moments.

Etienne took my hips in his hands and pulled me closer to him. I felt my bottom squashed against his pubes and his cock going even deeper into my ass.

Then he started to withdraw. He moved very slowly and again it seemed to take forever before only the head of his cock was still inside me.

Then he moved back into me and repeated his movements.

Each time going a little faster. Each time he bottomed out inside me his thrust was more powerful. In and out. Harder and faster. Each time his body crushed against my ass I felt more power until my position on my knees started slipping and the pillows were flattened.

And then I felt Etienne lower his entire body against my and he was grinding his cock into my ass. His hands reached up under my armpits and grasped my shoulders as he pulled his cock into my body.

He grunted slightly with every thrust and I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

I humped back against him in time with his motion and lifted my ass to meet him.

He whispered into my ear..

"Do you like it?"

"Do you like my cock?"

"Do you like a big cock in your ass?"

Do you like being fucked?"

It was foreign to how I saw myself and I felt ashamed, but each time the answer was the same:

"Yes." I whispered. "Yes, Etienne. I like it."

I wiggled my ass for him and reached behind me and felt his strong body on top of me and said

"Please come, Etienne. Come in my ass."

And that's what he needed. His movements sped up once again and his thrusts became frantic.

I felt his cock harden even more and then he groaned one last time.

He thrust in as deep as he could and I felt his body tense and spasm as he unloaded his balls into me.

The friction of my genitals against the pillows as he fucked me brought me to orgasm at the same time. I squeezed my ass as I came which made his orgasm even more intense.

It seemed like it took him several minutes to finish shooting and then he collapsed onto my body and lay there with his cock still deeply impaled in my bottom.

After a little while his breathing came back to normal. My stretched hole burned, but it a nice way. As he lost his erection my hole was able to relax and felt even nicer..

Eventually, he lifted himself up on his arms and pulled out.

I hadn't even wanted this to happen but I was elated that he had fucked me and that I had been able to give him such a good time.

We showered together and dressed and then it was time for me to leave.

I still felt shame for doing homosexual acts, but how good it felt was more compelling. At the door, I turned and told him there was another game on TV tomorrow and asked if it would be OK to come and watch it with him. Of course he said yes.

Etienne fucked me several times after that. The last time was during the final. I'll never forget watching Italy beat Germany with a cock buried in my butt.
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