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This story is about i became a women.
I am an 18 year old boy, i suffered from a hormonal disease, my body releases too much estrogen(Female hormone). It made my body a lot girl-like, clear skin, no facial hair, a size curvy ass. I also had a small cock about 4 inches erect. My personality was also more like a girl. i was shy. I was attracted more towards the same sex aswell. I spent most of my teenage years at home, i was homeschooled and had a personality doctor to help me become more boyish. My mom was really worried that i might turn out to be a girl and people would shame me.

Well coming to the main part, it was my 18th birthday. My family had a huge party for me. All my family was there, even the distant members. Now at the party my moms uncle(John) and brother(Ed) were also present, they were eyeing me alot. It was also that they had seen me after about 10 years. They talked to my mother, she explained my problem and how i have been affected. To her surprise, they proposed they can help me. They told her they can bring the man out of me if they took me to village, where they lived. My mom first hesitated because they wouldnt let me leave the house let alone send me to village. But she wanted to cure me she wanted a man so she asked them to take me with them. My family explained me how i was going on a trip with them, i didnt care about anything else, i always allowed to leave the house apart from doctors visit.

A few days after my birthday, i left with them. It was a long journey i slept in the truck most of the drive. I woke up in a bed, we had already reached. Ed had picked me up and took me to a bedroom. I got up and searched around the house. It wasnt a big house. I saw them sitting in the living room and watching tv. They were drinking, as long as i know no one drinks in my family. John saw me and invited me, he was drunk so was Ed. He asked me to sit in his lap, i did. He said that he wanted me to keep them drinking a secret. He had grabbed my thigh and said "your family wants us to make you a man, but we dont want that". After that he told me to get some sleep. I went and woke up the next day.

We had some breakfast and then they asked to show me around the village. I was excited. We visited different places in the village. I saw all the men there were staring at me, it did make me uncomfortable. When we reached home i asked John about it, he kissed my cheek and said its because you are a beautiful boy.

Later i wanted to pee so i went in the bathroom. I went inside to catch Ed showering. He was totally naked. He didnt lock the door. He was tall hunk, with nice muscles. It was then turned around and saw me. I saw his huge dick, it was the size of my arms definitely. It was my first time seeing another man naked. I immediately ran due to embarrassment. John caught me running to the living room.

John: What happened why are you running kiddo?

Me: I accidently went inside the bathroom while Ed was showering

John: So what kiddo we are all men here nothing to be embarrassed off

Me: But...

John: How about this we will make you more comfortable how about we three stay naked at home, no one will catch us and it will be our little secret (He said while grabbing my shoulder)

Me: I dont know how this will make me more comfortable

John: Trust me kiddo it will

While we were having the conversation, Ed came out with towel wrapped around, he asked what we were talking about. John explained him everything. He was delighted and threw away his towel. In a matter of seconds John started taking his clothes off. John had an even bigger cock. They both were naked infront of me waiting for me to strip. I knew i had to choice but to strip. It was then they saw my curvy smooth body for the first time. I usually wore baggy clothes so they had no idea i was hiding such a sexy body. We all sat down to watch tv. I was in middle of them. I couldnt stop but stare at their cocks. They were drinking and soon were drunk. John was noticing me staring his cock. He asked "is something wrong with it?" while grabbing his cock. I stood there silent, he put his hand around my shoulder and asked me again. I told him about how his cock was so big. He laughed and said i could make it bigger if i wanted. He told me if i stroked his cock up and down it would get bigger. I was watching him with full attention. It was then he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He asked me to do it. I couldnt help myself but do it. I was jerking him off and soon his cock got longer and harder. Ed looking at us couldnt help himself, he grabbed my other hand and place it on his cock. I was jerking them both off. Soon they were oozing precum, and i had noticed i was getting hard too. John grabbed my cock and started stroking it. It was my first time too. They both came and they came hard. Their cock sprayed cum like a fountain. After that it was just me, i too came within minutes, John scooped my cum and licked it from his fingers. I felt so tired and they were drunk too. I slept there and they too passed out after some time.

I woke up sometime later, my face was on Johns crotch. My legs and ass were on Eds crotch area. They were completely passed out. I wanted to play with their cocks again but i was feeling shy. They were passed out so it was a great opportunity. I first held Johns cock and stroked it till he came, he was grunting in his sleep. After he came i wanted to taste his cum like he did mine. I scooped up all the cum on my fingers and licked it, it was so sweet. I did the same with Ed and then went my room to sleep.

Next morning i woke up and i was feeling a bit ashamed to face both of them. I didnt leave my room, but i also couldnt stop thinking about what happened last night. I was getting hard myself, i stroked my own cock. It was then John entered. I got startled for a bit. He came and said its alright we all do it. He came and sat next to me. He was asking me if i liked what we did last night, i just nodded. He also asked if i was thinking about it when rubbing my dick. I again nodded. He leaned forward and asked me if i wanted to do more fun things with him. I just looked down at his cock it was hard and twitching. He leaned over and kissed my lips. He saw i didnt stop him so he kissed me again this time with his tongue. Oooh the feeling was so good. Then got up and said Ed was leaving for 3 days due to a business trip and that if i wanted we could have more fun in those three days. I was smiling so it was a good sign for him. After that he left.

In the evening Ed packed his bags and left for his trip. After seeing Ed off, John directly came to me. He lifted me up by grabbing my ass and kissed me. Then he took me to his bedroom. He made me lay down on his big belly. He and I were kissing. He was hard now and his cock was touching my small balls. It was all so erotic. He then started rubbing his finger on my hole. This feeling was so good. We broke the kiss.

John: Do you want to be a boy or a girl

Me: is it possible for me be a girl?

John: If you want it i can make you a slut, so tell me you want it

I nodded.

Then he said tonight i will change your life but ill have to do everything he said and i agreed

At night after we had food, he was drinking. He made me a drink and said it will help me enjoy more. I gulped all of it. After a while the drink was taking its affect. He asked me to grab his cock and stroke it. I did what he asked, i stroked it till it was hard and oozing precum. Then he pushed my head towards his cock, he said open your mouth. I opened my mouth, its like i had no control over what i was doing. I began taking his cock in my mouth, i wasnt able to fit it. He was pushing it deeper and deeper, i was gagging and choking. I was soon able to take it deep down my throat, my nose was touching his pubes.

He then picked me up while i was sucking him. Took me to his bedroom, we were in 69 position. Then i sensed his wet slippery tongue on my hole. It was so good that i burst out splashes of cum on his chest. We continued to lick and suck eachother for about 10 more mins. Then he made me get on all fours and came behind me. He caressing my back. Spanking my ass. He then took out some lube and lubed up my hole. I soon sensed him insert a finger, it was pinching pain. I soon felt his whole finger go inside and out, after loosening my hole it was another finger insert. In no time i was able to handle 4 of his fingers. I was about to cum too. He then stopped. "Please dont stop please" I said. He laughed and told he was going to insert something else which will make me more happy. I begged him to insert it quick. I soon felt his cock on my hole. I was still to big for me, as he inserted the tip i jumped in pain. John had grabbed me tightly and started pressing more and more inside. It was hurting but the alcohol was doing its affect in reducing the pain. When he completely entered me, he let his cock set for a good 2 mins. Then he started pounding me and pounding me like i was a bitch. He was thrusting so fast that i ejaculated. I fell down after that i was completely down, i was tired. But john wasnt done yet. He fucked me for 30 mins before cuming in my ass. The warm feeling of his cum made me ejaculate again.

After that i passed out, John told me he had fucked me all night. I even woke up to my legs in the air getting fucked by John. I had completely surrendered to him. Till Ed returned he fucked me alot and good. After Ed returned i had sex with him too, infact it was a threesome between us. They both fucked me alot. I was even pimped out to the horny villagers at night, i had no objection as i enjoyed it alot. I was asked by customers to wear lingerie and female clothing. Then i was used by them. My hole was completely destroyed. I was able to handle the fattest and longest dick. I was pissed on and used as toilet.

Over the next two months i was used by numerous men. I had become a nympho. John and Ed also trained me on how to act like a man and subside my female nature so people dont get the wrong idea. My family would never accept me being gay so it was the only way. Also this one time i was roaming around the streets in a tight clothing revealing my curves at night that i was grabbed by 6 men and they raped me. I had to handle 2 cocks in my ass too, they came inside me and also pissed inside both my holes. I was left at Johns door step covered in cum and blood. After that we decided it was best for me to act masculine. Well my mom was happy that i turned out to be a man when i came back. After that i got home i pretty much sucked every gay man in the city and got fucked by countless others.
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