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First story of the series!
As everyone else around the world we have begun lockdown again due to the ongoing pandemic. Twenty-four days stuck at home with online college courses along with my mom working from home as an accounting agent for a pharmaceutical company. During the first lockdown I was a little excited to stay home with less worries of college as online courses were easy and my mother was still leaving home to go to work, I was able to get everything done and still have the day left to lounge around and do whatever I wanted. But this time around it had become repetitive and my courses had started to become more and more stressful as schools had resorted to better ways of running things, as well as my mother was home everyday now but still kept to her regular routines. Wake up, shower and get ready for work; she even still wore her dress suits just in case she had online meetings with clients. My mother was in her early 40s, average height for a woman with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was built almost like a model you would see on tv, curves in all the right places with a heavier chest and stern legs. With milky white skin and a bounce to her step she was probably most guys dream girl but to me she was just my mother.... That was until lockdown began and I had little contact with the outside world.

I lost my virginity two years ago on my 18th birthday from my girlfriend at the time but things didn't work out between us and now I have resorted to porn. And when I say porn I mean all sorts from ebony to dominatrix to ass to mouth. I have watched incest porn before such as mom and son or sister and brother but it was just a video to me. Nothing I would go out of my way for unless there was a certain actress that caught my eye but my main search was always large natural breasts. Not those fake Implants some people get, it's not for me and Ive always been a boob type of guy. My mother seemed sexually active as well; before the lockdowns began she would go out on dates almost every other weekend. One time early in the morning I had to use the washroom and I had found a purple dildo left stuck to the bathroom wall that my mother must have forgot the night before. I didn't really think anything of it at the time as I know people have needs. Who am I to judge when I'm a compulsive masturbater.

Anyways it was Monday morning and I had a lot to study so I headed to the bathroom to take a caffeine pill like I always did when I woke up drowsy. I put the pill in my mouth and drank from the tap before realizing I had taken one of my father's Viagra's. Being the way I am I thought as to why we still have my father's drugs in that cabinet when he passed away years ago instead of processing the thought that I had just taken a pill that will give me an erection for god knows how long. I looked at myself in the mirror calling myself a dumbass when my mother knocked on the door asking if I was almost done so she could have a shower. I opened the door and said "yeah go ahead" trying to go back to my room before the pill kicks in. But I couldn't help but notice that my mother was wearing a one piece silk nightie the same color as her dildo. Her pajamas were the only articles of clothing that showed cleavage otherwise she was always dressed professionally. I glanced at her chest just by natural male instincts taking in the amount of skin that was shown and how I was suddenly becoming turned on by my actual mother. She smiled and said thank you as she passed by to go into the washroom brushing against my body to get through the door way I was blocking. The single touch gave me a shiver of pleasure as I walked back to my room to try to jerk off and hopefully speed up the process of this nightmare. As I entered my room I was already looking up some porn on my phone and threw myself to my bed to masterbate. Right as I started stroking my mother came in without knocking, I covered up as fast as I could but it was obvious what I was doing. "Mom what the hell" I said "I'm sorry, I saw your father's Viagra on the counter and wanted to check if everything was okay". I then realized in the midst of everything I left the bottle on the counter, of course my mother would see it.

It was an accident I said. I didn't know what else to do other then try to masturbate and make it go away. "Oh honey I'm sorry but I don't think that's going to work so easily; your father used to take one on his birthday and fuck me for three hours straight bless his soul". Hearing my mother talk like that especially now of all times was not helping the situation. I felt warm now as if I was going to faint as my mom was standing there staring at me as I covered my privates trying to process everything that has happened all in the last ten minutes. "I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to go shower while you try to relieve the tension from yourself and then I'll come check on you when I'm done and see how your doing okay?" okay mom is all I said as she left the room while I stared at her plump ass. I thought to myself that I must be incredibly horny if Im looking at my own mother as a sexual object. Once my mother left my room I had continued stroking my cock to the first porn video that showed up. After five minutes I wasnt even close so I switched videos then ten minutes after that I still wasnt anywhere near cumming. Mom was right when she said this was going to be harder then I thought. But to my surprise my mom was now in my thoughts as I began stroking once again to the thought of my mom kneeling down on that purple dildo she has. I was harder then ever now and felt myself coming closer then I was with the videos until there was a knock on my door. My mom walked in now wearing a white business shirt loosely done up as she just got out of the shower. Her hair was still wet but she still looked professional as she was wearing her business dress and had little make up on.

My cock was still in my hand as I haven't had time to cover up yet but I decided not to as I was so close to finally cummimg. "Any luck yet" my mom asked as I was staring at her chest using my imagination to picture what she concealed under that shirt and tight black bra. She took a step forward and once again mentioned how my father used to take one and would last hours in bed with her. The single thought of my mother being fucked furiously put me over the top and I cummed on my own chest right in front of her. "Oh my thats a lot son" she said quietly while staring at my penis as some more semen oozed from the tip. For a second it looked like she licked her lips like she might have enjoyed seeing it happen or perhaps missing the times she had it happen to her. I was putting more filthy thoughts of my mother into my mind by accident getting myself worked up again as I was still hard and incredibly horny. If she wasnt my mother but perhaps a girlfriend standing there in my room I would destroy her with sexual tension, fucking her until she was raw. But of course my horrible luck it was just my sweet innocent mother. She took another step towards me now clearly staring at my cum covered dick then looked me in the eyes and said "just like I thought, it wouldn't go away that easy" she sat beside me as if everything was normal even though my hand was still on my erect cock. My mom put her hand on my thigh which sent a shock up my body, "do you think you can do it again and try to lighten your load" she asked me in a sweet motherly tone. Honestly Mom what choice do I have but my videos arent really helping and its not like the times when dad took it and had an actual woman. I then heard my mother sigh knowing she knew I was stressed and in an unusual predicament. "Your right Travis your father had me to help him but maybe I can help you a little to get through this just this one time". I didnt really process what she meant right away being my mother and everything until she moved her soft delicate hand to my cum covered shaft. She slowly stroked my dick looking at me for my approval but I was in ecstasy feeling a womans touch at such a time not to mention that touch was my own mothers. She continued to stroke my rock hard erection picking up the pace while staring at my shaft. I looked into her eyes and was seeing her in a new light. My mother was a very attractive woman to others but now I saw her more then just a son. I wanted her sexually, I craved her now as a man does a woman.

She looked me in the eyes and asked if I was close but truth is after just cumming ten minutes ago I would probably last at least another twenty the way things are going. "Travis I have a meeting in half an hour is there any way to speed this up honey" she said as my eyes wandered down towards her beating chest. Her shirt wasnt fully done up yet and I could see the top half of her breasts pushed up by her tight black bra. She knew what I wanted without me even answering, as she saw what it was I was staring at. She removed her cum coated hand off my shaft and began to unbutton the rest of her shirt until the very last button. Then throwing it on the side of the bed she sat there next to me sitting in her black bra with me still staring at her chest. Raising her hands behind her back I heard her whisper under her breath "I cant believe im doing this" and yet I couldnt believe it either but I sure was glad it was happening. My mother unclasped her bra and then suddenly removed it allowing me to get a full view of her milky white tits. The Tits I used to suck on as a baby are now the tits that I want to shoot my load on. My cock became even harder then I thought were ever possible as my own mother sat next to me topless with her luxurious breasts on display. Will this help she asked already knowing the answer as she went back to stroking my dick. Thanks mom is all I said in return as I oggled at her breasts giving a little bounce with every stroke. I was getting closer now and I knew she could tell as she picked up the pace making her tits bounce even more. "Its alright honey, you can stare at my tits and cum in my hand baby", that sentence out of my mothers mouth was all I needed as I tensed up giving one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had into my moms hand. She smiled as she milked the rest of the cum out of my shaft.

Hopefully that will help she said as she grabbed some tissues to wipe her hand and put her bra back on. "I have work to do now honey, your going to have to take care of yourself for the next bit" she said as she was leaving my room but I had quickly asked once she reached my door if we could ever do this again. She turned slightly and told me this lock down has effected the both of us and that maybe for my birthday she'd let me do my father's tradition. She left my room and closed my door; what she said gave me enough thoughts to last me the rest of the day imagining I was my own father fucking my mom for hours straight. My birthday was a week today and I must have jerked off ten times while being on viagra all to the thoughts of my mother sitting beside me topless.

to be continued...


2021-06-12 15:40:59
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Trib FanReport

2021-06-09 11:12:03
So this was an interesting read. I wish that there were more paragraphs as big blocks of type make it difficult to read.
Viagra does NOT make men last longer....or make it more difficult to cum.
Just sayin'....

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