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I went to stay a few months with my uncle who lived in the countryside. This story is about how i found my new sexuality.
This is a story about me. I am 19 year old boy. I am 5ft 7 tall, i have a chubby body and girly curves. I was straight up till this life event takes place. I was still a virgin though. I didn't have much luck with the girls due to my un-attractiveness and also my small 4.5 inch cock. Ever since i learned about homosexuality i was totally against it. Well it was about to change.

First a little information about the people in this story. First one is Ed, he is a 18 year old bisexual. He is about the same height at me. Pretty slim, and has a nice bubble butt. He was my best friend and also my second cousin. Second one is my distant uncle, the father of Ed. His name is Dan, He is 6ft 5 black man. He is in his 60s. He isnt Eds real father, He adopted Ed when he was 3-4 years old. Up until the event took place, i have seen Dan only a few time. Ed lives with me and my family because his college is in the same city.

Now coming to the time all this life changing event took place. I didnt know Ed was Bi, i mean he was good looking and all had a girlfriend too. We were best friends, so one day he confessed to me that he was bi and had sex with plenty of men. I was disgusted at the time. I distanced myself from him and sooner we stopped talking, everyone was fine with it except me. Ofcourse he was troubled by this, Ed talked to his father who knew about his sexuality, that how our friendship ended ever since he came out to me. His father loved him alot, so he wanted to do something about it.

We had our summer break, three months of break. I was trouble finding a part time job, Ed already found one. Ed mentioned about this to his father, and one day i received a call from Dan. He told me that he has a job, it was just general housework and he was paying me good. Now Dan lives in the countryside, so i had to travel to his place. He lived alone every since he got a divorce, the whole point of him giving me job was to teach me to accept peoples sexuality while i was working at his place. Well that was his initial plan but later that plan changed.

I hopped onto a bus and went to Dans place. Now i had seen dan in about 5 years, the last time i saw him was when Ed moved into our place. Well seeing dan he used to be a fit hunk, now he had a belly. I mean its not like i had changed for the better, the last time he saw me i was also fit now i had gotten chubbier myself. Dan welcomed me and helped me settle down.

A few days went by normally, i spend most of my time working on his garden. Dan spent most of his time in the living room watching tv. He usually is in his underwear sipping beer. He walks around the house in his underwear. At first it was weird but later i was used to it infact i myself would walk around shirtless the first few days. Then it escalated to a just walking around the house in my underwear just like Dan. Dan was not gay but looking at my thick thighs and huge bubbly ass he was getting turned on, i mean thick women were his weakness. One day after work me and dan were watching a movie, both in our underwear. Dan offered beer, we started drinking beer, now i dont drink much so i have low tolerance. After a few beers i was buzzed out, Dan took the opportunity to chat about sexuality, he wanted to know my views and all, i was drunk and i told him everything. The last thing i remember was us talking about why i hated people who were gay or bi, i only remember the joke he said "those who hate being gay are the ones who want to try it out the most" After that i dozed off.

I woke up in the morning both me and Dan got drunk and slept there. When i woke up i was sleeping on Dan hairy thighs. The first sight was his junk touching my nose and the smell of his sweaty underwear. I was raging a hard on too, i got up and ran towards the bathroom. I was rubbing one out and the thing he said last night was constantly coming to my mind and the smell of his underwear. The next whole day i couldnt stop thinking about it, i couldnt also stop staring at his junk. He noticed this too. A few days went on like this, he had noticed me quite interest in him, i was too jerking off thinking about him, i couldnt believe i was thinking about another man while jerking off.

One night he was in his bathrobe, and he called me out from my room, i went and he said lets get drunk. I sat down next to him, and we starting jugging down beer after the other. I was soon drunk, and he was too. We were talking about his sex life, he was telling me how he loved thick women, and then he said "i would probably fuck a man with a big ass" while looking at me. I dont know why it made me excited, was it the beer? or did i actually wanted it? Well after a few more beers i dozed off. When i was sleeping, Dan took every opportunity to check me out and feel me up. He wanted to fuck me, but was waiting for the right time. I was sleeping and he could let this opportunity go by could he? he opened his robe and place my face near his cock, he started jerking off. He had monster, a 10 inch veiny cock. I wasnt very thick though just long. He opened my mouth and placed his cock inside. He thrusted inside my mouth until he came in my mouth. After a good orgasm he dozed off aswell.

Next morning i woke up in the same place. I had his soft cock in my mouth. I could smell this cum, the scent made me so turned on. I took his cock out, and taste of cum from last night was so good. He was still asleep, its what i thought atleast. I knew i could try something before he woke up. I leaned over and put his soft cock in my mouth. I started tasting the flavor of his cock. He was up and was just pretending to sleep. I removed his cock from my mouth because i was scared he might wake up. I went to the bathroom to jerk off. I thought about him while jerking off, and it was one of the best orgasms of my life. Dan knew i was liking it.

One day, dan was showering with his door open. I was doing some housework. I noticed the door was open, i wanted to look inside. I peeped inside and saw him jerking off. It was the first time i had seen his rock hard cock. It made me feel ashamed about my tiny cock but it also gave me an itch in my asshole. My mouth was watering now. Was i really turning out to be gay? I left the area and went to my room. I couldnt stop thinking about the fact i liked all this. Did i actually wanted to be gay all this time? is that why i hated them? I ended up watching some gay porn for the first time and jerking off. I liked it more than straight.

Few days went by like this, me watching Dan jerk off in the shower. I really liked jerking off thinking about him. One day i was waiting for him to go for a shower, he went inside and i followed him soon to peep at him. As i went near the door, he caught me, he wass standing naked and still hadnt gone in the shower. I thought i am fucked, he made a joke about me watching him. I made an excuse that i had to pee badly, he gave me way and told me to go ahead. I said "It can wait till you shower" and he replied "Didnt you wanted to pee badly or are you feeling shy?" I stood there silent infact i was staring at his flaccid cock. He then said "Dont worry we are both men nothing to be shy about" I finally gather some courage and went to pee. He was taking a shower in front of me. While i was peeing we were chatting, he then said that completely shocked me. He asked me to join him in the shower and rub some soap on him. At first i stood there frozen, but there was this excitement inside me. I took my undies off and hopped inside the shower. He gave me the soap and rubbed his back on to his ass. Now it was time for the front I was having a hard on and i thought he might see it. Well he did but was quite about it. I soaped his chest and legs. It was time for his cock. I grabbed his semi hard cock and soaped it. He was getting hard, watching it twitch was making me red. He was enjoying it. His cock was completely hard within seconds. Precum was oozing from his cock. It was then i thought he might get the wrong idea, so i stopped even though i didnt want to. After that i told him i was done and left the shower.

I went to my room and jerked a huge load off. I came out to see him sitting naked. "Dan umm youre naked" i said. "Well you already seen me naked and its way more comfortable like this, I hope you dont mind it plus you can be naked if it makes you comfortable" he replied. I dont know what got into me, i took my undies off. After we were naked around the house. We both were raging a hard on always. I kind of liked all this. We both wanted eachother but were both waiting for each other to make a move.

It was one day i woke up to him sucking my nipples. I pretended to sleep and was enjoying it. I wanted more, i turned around facing my ass towards him. He started caressing it. Kissing my feet, then slowly kissing up to my thick thighs and licking them. I was hard and oozing precum. He spread my cheeks and licked my hole. That feeling was the best, i shot my load within seconds. He knew i was up. He pulled me near the edge and started rubbing his cock all over my ass. He placed his cock in between my ass. Was he going to fuck me? was the only thing that came to my mind. But he just rubbed his cock between my ass, he didnt insert. He rubbed his cock on my hole and burst out stream of cum on it. He left me there and left the room. I stayed there thinking what had happened just now.

He did this every morning before i woke up. Then it was weekend again, we always drank on a weekend. He was already jugging beers when i got home from cleaning the pool. He already had a can open for me. I didnt know he had spiked my drink. After a few beers i passed out. I woke up at 4 am, and the sight i saw scared the shit out of me. I was lying naked, dan also naked next to me. I noticed something in my ass, i had a butt plug inside. He cock was there sticky and there was also some lube on table. I got up and ran to my room. Did dan fuck me while i was out? I took the butt plug out and it hurt a bit then a load of cum spurted out, my hole was thrice its size. I was sure he had fucked me. Thinking about what he might have done was making me hard. I was jerking off to imagining him fucking me, it that when my sight went towards that butt plug. I inserted it, my hole was so open it went inside with ease. Jerking off with a plug inside was a different feeling. I shot a huge load on my chest. I was really tired, the effect of booze still hadnt left and i fell asleep shortly after with the plug still inside.

I woke up in the morning to my legs in the air, and dan thrusting his cock in my hole. His face was burried on my tits. I wasnt feeling any pain only pleasure. I tried to act like i didnt want this, i tried to stop him, "Please dan im not gay stop it". "You are more gay than most guys out there, shut up and let me pound your ass" He was abusing me and spanking me. My ass was red from the spanking. I was hard too and about to cum. Everytime his cock touch my prostrate i leaked precum. I soon exploded without touching my dick. His cock was hitting deep inside my hole. I was enjoying it. I was moaning like crazy. He fucked me in various different position before filling me up. I came thrice during the pounding. I fell on top of him after an exhausting fuck. I never imagined any of this would happen and if i would like it.

Over the next two months i was fucked mercilessly by Dan. He used me as a slave, saying it was revenge for how i treated his son. He even told me that his original plan was to make me understand Eds sexuality but this was way more fun. He even invited his friends over and they all gangbanged me. I was fucked so much that i turned into a complete slut. After i went back, i apologized to Ed. He was happy we became friends again, obviously i didnt tell him what happened at his dads place. How i was turned to a complete slut by him.

I wanted to get fucked more than anything but i was shy. I wanted this side of me to be secret, i didnt wanted to seem like a hypocrite infront of everyone. Dan also made me keep it a secret. In my next story i will tell you how i went to meet this man and he turned me into a prostitute.
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