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They were in love, Josh thought but Alexa was unfaithful; cuckold.
Cuckold Story


College is such an amazing time. Boys becoming guys, guys becoming men, bodies changing physically, mentally, sexually. Cocks growing, hormones flowing, balls storing the fuck juice, always enough to be ready to fuck gay boy asses and the slutty pussies. It was not much different for Johnson. He was fucking left and right. No ass was denied, no pussy was refused or spared. The only little bit of a hitch was that Johnson lived in a rented house with a good friend Josh and Josh had a very pretty girlfriend, he was known to be getting married to her soon. Alexa lived only 5 minutes away in an all-girls dorm facility of the college and visited Josh almost daily, especially very early in the morning after completing her jogging session, for sex from Josh. They fucked usually once before Johnson was awake and she left soon after getting Josh’s hot seed in her cunt. Only once in a while, Jackson would wake up as she slammed the door shut after her exit from the house and with the cock ready at full mast, he would release his own tensions before drifting back to sleep or getting up and getting ready for shower, breakfast and go to college for another day of ass or pussy hunting as a routine.

Josh and Alexa had been dating for little over 6 months now. Josh was big, tall guy with pitch black dark hair, looking very pretty on the handsome and famous football player and a lot of fun in bed. For some stupid reason, one evening Alexa showed up at Josh’s rental apartment. She wanted to know if he was in a mood to take a walk and go grab something to eat from outside instead of the same food, she would get at the dorm cafeteria. Surprisingly, Johnson opened the door as she rang the bell.

Johnson was also tall like Josh but he had greyish salt and pepper hair instead of dark black hair, like Josh had. Johnson was also good looking but not as stalky as his footballer friend. Plus, Josh was more like a jock, studying to be a sports teacher and wore jeans and colored t-shirts all the time, whereas Johnson was planning to be a financial adviser and he was always well-dressed and this evening was no exception at all. Alexa knew Josh did not mind to go out for the greasy cheeseburgers and a serving of large fries. She immediately noticed Johnson being bare feet, in a white pants with almost red silky t-shirt. She had wondered how two such different individuals could be such good roommates and such good friends also but she could see it happening.

Alexa asked him if Josh was in and Johnson told her that he was in but he was sleeping and his bedroom door was closed. Alexa cooed, “Ah, BS! I only wanted to know if he would like to go out for a bite to eat”. Johnson chuckled out loud as he asked her that if he lets her in, would he be allowed to tag along. Alexa also laughed and Johnson got to a side, letting Alexa walk in.

“Please wait a few minutes and if he does not wake up and come out, we shall try to wake him up with a proposal to go out for eats”. Johnson suggested and Alexa took a seat as gestured by him. She said that she would not mind for three of them to go out for eating as they did off and on. John went to the kitchen and returned with the bottle of scotch and ice with some munchies and while they hung out they enjoyed the scotch on rocks. As Lexa did not have anywhere to go but to her room and sit with her books, the time was almost a non- issue and apparently, it looked as if they over indulged. John was talking particularly saying that for all the time, they had spent together, he really did not know much about her. Alexa looked at Johnson and in her heart, she also admitted that she did not know much about him. He looked very sexy to her and his sex appeal was exceeding for some reason. The knowledge about Johnson, having a lot of sex was wakening her interest in him. “I do not know much about you also”. She finally confessed to Johnson.

“I am so ashamed, I do not know much about you, except the pretty name you have”. Johnson said, as he poured one more glass for each of them, he started asking about her classes, life interests, roommates and pretty soon they had shared enough information as though they were really good buddies. As they finished the glass, Alexa decided to leave but Johnson told her that to celebrate the starting of a new level of relationship with her, he wanted to do something for the last couple of months and now he thought, it was the best reason and time. With that he moved much closer to her and brushed his lips across her very delicious, juicy and tasty lips. She thought, it must be the scotch or why else, she would let her boyfriend’s very good friend kiss her and then the thought soon dissipated as it came to her.

With his lips touching her, Alexa felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and she quickly leaned in to wrap her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Johnson responded by deepening his kiss. His tongue slid smoothly in her warm, wet and willing mouth. His arms also went around her and they fell back on the sofa. Their lips and tongues were still writhing together. John slid his hands along her back, pushing, tugging her t-shirt up and groping her bare skin with his long, strong and warm hands making her want more. He had pushed her shirt up around her armpits and now he could not go much further without breaking the kiss. He pushed back a little, sat up a bit and looked in her eyes, as if asking if she wanted him to go on. She knew to stop but she could not help herself and pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to the floor, almost protesting for him being all dressed up while she was half naked for him. She called it totally unfair and asked him to fix it.

With that she pressed him against the sofa cushion and started to unbutton his shirt, peeling it off him and letting her finger nails graze over his muscular chest, nipples and her hands then came down to the waistband for unfastening him there as well. She only brushed her fingers across his growing bulge in the pants, making him moan with desire.

Johnson took her back in his arms, nibbling on her neck to make her huff and groan. One of his hands brushed against her almost bare leg and crept higher up under her skirt. His fingers were reaching up to her damp bikini. She shivered at his touch, thrusting her hip against his hand, craving his stronger touch. He hooked his finger in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down while she wiggled and twisted and the panties came off. She felt his finger once again. Johnson leaned and began licking the red nipples, still covered with the brassier fabric while he stroked her upper thigh, whispering in her ear to remove the bra and she did gladly. Reaching behind, she undid the hooks, letting the bra to slip down her arms to the floor. She felt a rush of pleasure through her core as he touched those mounds and said that she was so beautiful. She was blushing, feeling guilty a little bit. She knew Josh was not a very romantic guy and he had not complimented her like this in a while but it did not mean, she was excused to let his roommate seduce her, while he slept in his bedroom. Johnson leaned and cupped her breast with his free hand and bending his head, he swirled his tongue around her already sensitive nipple teasing it to get hard before sucking it in his mouth while she moaned very loud.

Johnson reminded her that it was not the time to wake Josh up and she also knew and was not at all in a mood to stop what she was enjoying. She remembered Josh only feeling her pussy, if she was wet enough as the best foreplay whereas Johnson was doing all to arouse her passion for a grandiose fucking and she did not want it to stop, rather she needed it to continue. No doubt, Johnson was also happy to comply as she wanted and started to concentrate on her breasts for licking and sucking. At the same time his other hand had moved farther up her thigh and now his knuckles were grazing her very soft pussy folds making her twist and wiggle against his hand. Slowly, one of his very long fingers ran into her kitty hole along her cunt cleft probing much deeper in her drenched honey pot. Alexa hurriedly bucked against his hand as he slipped another finger into her and began the fucking moves of in and out with both the fingers. She was loving it but she thought, it was not fair to Johnson and shifted on the sofa to get closer to him and his crotch for a better angle to allow him to thrust his fingers even deeper in her cunt. Her hands, finished unzipping his pants to slide off his legs and she could feel the hardest bulge of unbelievable proportions in his underwear while he continued to do the magic of fucking her much deeper with his long fingers. She could tell, Johnson’s cock was longer and its volume was also more than Josh. She knew his cock would feel much better buried inside her and she wanted to have it in her as soon as possible.

She pulled away from him, removing his hand from her skirt and stood up, pulling him also to stand up beside her and removed his underwear off him, exposing the marvelous man dick to fuck. In the same one move now she made him sit back on the sofa and knelt in front of him. She could see, he was really huge and looked very sexy with his long legs and developed thighs. His cock stood out proudly from the platform of nicely trimmed pubes. It was positively longer than Josh’s cock and much thicker too, even looked far more experienced and skilled like Johnson himself. She wanted to taste him now and lowered her mouth to his crotch and placed her wet lips on his engorged cockhead, licking around the ridge before locking her lips around the very thick shaft to suck it in her throat.

Johnson moaned and quickly held her head to steady him, while combing her hair with his fingers. She sucked and tried to take in as much as she possibly could before sliding back along his hard cock length. She repeated the activity while flicking her tongue against the very big head and the most sensitive underside of the cockhead. John moaned once again. She did not move but only raised her eyes to see and was very glad to find his head thrown back in very deep ecstasy and his eyes closed tight with immense pleasure. While she was looking, his eyes opened up and he sat up and pushed her away from himself. It was then, she realized that someone was behind her in the room.

“Aah shit, Josh! This is really not, what it looks like”. John said.

“Oh, really”. A familiar voice of Josh was heard from behind her. “You mean, this is not Alexa, my very own and very dear Alexa, on your cock and sucking you off”. Josh said. “I am sorry buddy for being mistaken but she gives a great head too”. Alexa quickly turned to look at her boyfriend, standing in the middle of the living room in only his boxers and his painfully stretching, obvious erection was visible. She turned back to look at Johnson, who looked as stunned as she was.

“Do you mean, you are ok, if she sucks my cock”? Johnson said with a shock.

“What Do I have to object? It is between your cock and her mouth. I thought, you understood what I meant”. Josh sounded a bit callus and disconnected. “Could I watch please”? Josh added.

“Wow”! John never thought, Josh was such a cuckold. He thought, Josh would be very jealous of him but no! Josh had a wilder side as well, completely unknown to Alexa and Johnson both. With a very strange look on Johnson’s face, Alexa could tell, Johnson and Josh had never shared a woman before but now Josh was very much up and ready for it. He walked slowly, with his erected cock bouncing over the balls from side to side, came to the sofa and sat on it without saying anything more. It was very strange for Johnson and Alexa to fuck for an audience but it was extremely exhilarating as well. Alexa was not sure, if she had ever sucked anyone or she could suck anyone with the expertise, she sucked Johnson; but now she was performing for Josh and he was getting turned on as well. It did not take more than 10 minutes and Johnson’s head was thrown back, his neck was stretched and he growled as he started to shoot his lava. Lexa was looking at Josh as well from the corner of her eye.

He had taken his cock out and stroking it as she sucked out his best friend, turning her on even more. The thought of 2 men lusting for her, watching her take the cock in her mouth to suck the cream out was extremely hot for her. Alexa slurped all the sticky cum delivered in her mouth by Johnson. She was never so horny before this. By now, Johnson’s cock had limped but Josh was hard and ready to go. She got off her knees and sat on the sofa between slumping Johnson and very alert Josh on the other side. She helped Josh take off his boxer to completely reveal his raging and dangerous looking hard-on. She could compare, Josh’s cock was smaller but it was also very beautifully carved and structured, thicker to look awesome, red and purple. She knew from her experience, how tremendous, it would feel, gone in her pussy. All of a sudden, Josh announced, it was his turn and pulled Alexa on top of her. No foreplay as usual, Josh wedged his legs between her knees and made her straddle him. With both hands, josh pushed her down on his bamboo. Her very wet and slippery cunt closed around the dick as he began to thrust into her cunt and she ground her clitoris against his pelvis. They were rocking back and forth. Josh was pounding into her pussy and now, Johnson had come around as well and watching from the other side.

With each thrust of Josh in Alexa’s kitty and bouncing of sofa, Johnson’s limping cock bounced up before falling down on his balls but soon it was bouncing less and less as it got hard and stood towards the ceiling. Alexa knew, he wanted to get back in action but she was almost ready to orgasm and could not stop. Finally, her body, could not take much more and she got a loud screaming relief. Josh continued to fuck her as she held his shoulders and made him to slow down before blasting his relief. Alexa had had Josh release in her pussy many, many, many times but Johnson had given her an altogether different feeling and she was wondering if her boyfriend would ever be so willing to share her with his best friend. She liked Josh; her boyfriend but Johnson was special. She knew, what she did so far would not be possible to continue happening in future life and things would change. She decided, she wanted Johnson to cum in her pussy at least once.

With a swift but smooth movement, she got up on her knees, plopping Josh’s dripping cock out of her pussy. Josh was in a shock and total disbelieve because he was getting close to cum. “My dear, I have a surprise for you. I do not want you to finish so quickly”. She told Josh and turned around to face Johnson. Then she came off the sofa and made Josh to lay on his back on the living room carpet. With Josh’s hard cock pointing towards the ceiling, she squatted him, facing Johnson and came down slowly on Josh’s cock to prong her in her asshole. Josh could almost tell, it was to happen. It was still warm, it was damp, it was smooth and still he could not tell but it was different and lovable. With completely wedged on Josh’s skewer, Alexa raised her legs slowly to drop back on Josh’s chest and now she signaled Johnson to put his jumbo cock in her pussy. Johnson held his cock and guided his tip between her wet cunt flaps to slide in her. “Oh God! It feels so good”. Johnson whispered as his balls stashed against her cunt lips. Alexa could feel his long length brash at her cervix. Josh could feel Johnson’s cock rub his cock with a thin sheath in between them.

It was slightly difficult but starting with slow rocking, back and forth together, they established a nice rhythm. Josh raised her to pull back out of her ass while Johnson thrusted far deeper in her cunt and then Johnson held her hips to pull back out of her pussy and pushed her solid on Josh’s cock to bury in her asshole. The sweet sound of sex was continuously produced from her tight anus and the pussy invaded by the thick sex muscles repeatedly, thinning her out for the pleasure of all three of them. Initial pain of double penetration had quickly changed in the pure pleasure with hard fucking in her ass and pussy. Alexa was enjoying the fullest feeling ever. Slowly, Alexa was starting to push her hips against both cocks turn by turn and the boys also started fucking her with the same tempo of her body getting aroused for a mutual burst out.

Sure enough, Josh began the hard grunting first of all, after fucking her in her pussy as well as in her ass and she felt the warm cream of him shoot into her ass. He was not even done spurting his load and collapsing, when she felt her swollen clitoris rub against Johnson’s pelvis, making her slide over the cliff with a very strong push of her orgasm. Josh’s cock pulsing and throbbing rubbed hard against Johnson’s cock in her pussy, only separated with a thin membrane and it made Johnson to unleash his load into her waiting pussy.

Both Josh and Johnson held Alexa in the middle and struggled to push every drop in her ass as well as in her cunt to completely saturate her before dislodging. Everyone announced that it was an incredible exercise. Everyone also believed that things would change as a result of this luscious play but everyone was also happy and content for now. Of course soon, Josh and Alexa broke up but Josh and Johnson stayed as the best friends and Josh even did his part as the best man when Johnson and Alexa got married.

The End. Please vote and send some comments also. AWC May 28, 2021.
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