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This will blow your wig back.
Finding myself a widow at 45 was as shocking for me as it sounds. Being divorced once before and then losing my second husband suddenly to flu like symptoms which eerily coincide with covid complications but drastically predate that period. , the term "divorced widow" sure as hell wasn't going to have suitors lined up at my door. At this point I thought the chances of meeting someone for the third time would never happen.

I'm now in my third marriage. (Apparently it is the charm), thankfully to a childhood friend of mine I've know most of my life, honestly this was the last thing I had expected. We have now been married for four years.

Luckily our kids are grown and out on their own, so it's just the two of us.

We grew up in the 80s and were known to be pretty wild in our day partying and having fun. He was only a year older than me when we met in Jr High school, and we had always been great friends, and we stayed in touch throughout our adult lives too, though we never dated back then, maybe subconsciously we knew that wouldn't be feasible as wild as we were, thrre was always "something" stirring. I think we made out once at a party...and nothing ever came of it. Only now after getting together did we share some of the thoughts we had of each other the entire time.

We got along in just about every way, we know the same people have similar histories etc, he was there for me after the funeral, and it wasn't long before he was in my bed, I'm sure people talked, not that it mattered to us.

....except when we butt heads, neither one will back down both being very stubborn alphas and head strong to boot, we were a force to be reckoned with no doubt. Neither one of us would budge. And we both know exactly which buttons to push on each other. Standing so strong in our convictions it often lead to days of not talking, to hot passionate make up sex that lasted for hours on end. Never really solving the issues at hand, and overtime frustrations build up....

I worked part time in a restaurant and he has a auto sales lot that he built from the ground up, so being his own boss alloted him the luxury to come and go as he pleased and he pretty much did what he wanted. Where as I punched a clock and did not have that same luxury.

I had always found Brach "my now husband" attractive and sexy, he was feared by many and that was a turn on as well. The typical bad boy well known around town, not a bully by any means, he had to be provoked. Looking back he's always been very witty, charming, and outright hysterical when he got going...you always had a good time when he was involved. He was a smartass too, and still is.

He had a touch of shyness about him you wouldn't expect but was irresistibly cute. Deep down he was also extremely talented, smart and charasmatic.

So shy would be the last thing to describe my husband which added to his mystery. He had the stature of a gorilla and the head of a overgrown pitbull. That de***********ion i didn't come up with on my own many of people has mentioned the same thing only solidifying the uncanny likeness.

As a matter of fact people meeting us have jokingly made comments to me " so I see your into beastiality", he is a beast of a man with a size 15 shoe and with one hand could palm both of my asscheeks.

We purchased our house 3 years ago at a very reasonable price for where its located, of course it needed repairs and some updates which we did on our own and it turned out beautiful and exactly how we wanted located in a quiet , safe neighborhood.

With all the work and money we put into the house it seems like our relationship payed the price.

I remember on a Tuesday tired coming home from work on what was left of a beautiful day.

I pulled in my driveway and noticed a man walking a dog heading in my direction.

As I got out of the car he was directly behind me where as his dog chose to stop, attempting to leave little doggie mines on my lawn no doubt.

Our eyes met as I was watching the dogs intentions too.

He says hi how are you doing this fine day. He already mentioned it was a fine day so I thought I would match that. so I replied fine... im doing fine.

Is that a lil sarcasm I detect which I admit him saying that caught me a little off guard, sarcasm? No wouldn't be sarcasm I don't do that well I would go straight to kicking your ass before I would middle man sarcasm. Appearantly by the look on his face, My lack of smiling after that statement left him frightfully confused.

He looked at me with that shock and awe look. I immediately apologized and told him I was joking and remarked on how beautiful his ugly little dog was.

Then he chuckled I like you.

Well i appreciate your approval. I replied..

I always liked the big broad shouldered , barrel chested guys like my husband, but found my self somewhat interested in this clean cut average build fine shape of a man.

Dressed in a pale pink polo shirt and the whitest pair of shorts I've ever seen. Did he wash them or paint them to get like that. He's no incredible hulk but I noticed incredible bulk.

But he kind of turned me on in a refreshing way. Damn my luck hes gay probably.. He says nice to meet you my name is Vance this is rouge as he hugged a little wiry haired reddish colored dog I thought to myself how cute, he's gay.

He immediately added his ex named the dog and he got stuck with him.

I just moved in 4 doors down. Nice to meet you Vance I'm Shelby I replied. A moment of relief coming over me ok... he's not gay? .........

UNLESS his ex is a guy? My God the suspense is killing me and how do you politely ask.

But whats more disturbing is why I found myself so concerned to know.

Beautiful house you have here how long have you been in the neighborhood?

About 3 years now me and my husband.

Well judging from what I payed you guys must have paid a fortune for this sprawling estate.

I chuckled, No not actually it was a fixer upper that we went above and beyond with.

Would you like to see the inside I found myself saying in disbelief cause were ordinarily private people and don't mingle with neighbors but this one is kinda cute.

I would love to he replied.

So after a quick tour thru the house we ended up on the back patio under a 4 post awning with our patio furniture under it.

He seemed to be a really nice guy,

I felt a little awkward how much I started gaining interest in him. We sat and talked awhile as the dog intertwined his leash in a pentagram pattern around the furniture.

As I stood to excuse myself to the house for drinks i tripped over the dog leash trap.

Falling to my hands and knees. Thankfully the pain wasn't bad I remembered thinking so I cant be hurt. As I brush my hands together on my knees.

Vance replies " while your down there " is all he got out before I gave him the meanest look he'd probably ever seen, and blurted out well isn't that original.

He looked at me puzzled oh no I'm sorry when you tripped and fell you knocked my phone on the ground its right there beside you but I can get it if it's to much trouble.

I felt like such an idiot no im sorry I reached down and grabbed his phone then for whatever reason I don't know why, I put it in his lap instead of handing it to him, time seemed to slow down and I caught myself staring into his crotch and he noticed too.

I caught his eyes staring at mine staring at him and he had this smirk. I was thinking to myself I would love to indulge in that bulge.

He says oh you thought I was going to say something else well didn't know that offer was on the table.

Before I knew it I was on the table.

We were in an unannounced race to see who could get their pants off faster. The dogs barking the cell phones back on the ground and Vance is humping me like a jack rabbit. A jack rabbit with a 3 foot dick.

I felt like I was in the middle of famous porn film scene and my companion had been overfluffed.

I didn't get to see exactly how well endowed he was but I could tell from the thrusting pressure that it was somewhere between what I would describe as a coke bottle and or a fence post.

The dog barking seemed like a disgruntled porn director angrily barking out orders. Literally!

I was shaking and quivering so bad he probably thought I was having a seizure or had a bad case of Parkinsons that just flared up. I wrapped my arms around his back and gripped my hands like eagle talons into his back. I felt like a little kid on my first ride at cedar point just trying to hang on and not get sick from the intense euphoria from the thrill of the ride.

A couple of times I found myself gasping for air. Like running a relay race only im not letting go of this batton , this was my batton for now and it felt good and I liked it and I wasn't about to pass this batton to nobody else. I know now how those cowboys feel when they get that right bull and they ride it out till it tires and they feel like they beat the bull... on top of the world except this rides gonna be alot longer than that 10 or 15 seconds or at least I hope.

Omg my husband's home I yelled as I heard his truck pull in the drive .

I shoved him off me , he tripped on the same damn dog leash falling on his back.

I stopped for a moment as I caught sight of his cock still throbbing hard and noticibly spewing cum all over the patio furniture, kinda like one of those lawn spickets you see watering a big golf course.

Some even hitting the dog right in the eye, Beautiful money shot director spooge. I thought to myself. That shut him up finally.. which lord I hope I don't go to hell but I thought that was hysterical I just wish I wasn't in such a hurry that I could appreciate the profound humor in this moment.

I rushed to put my pants on and he his at which time we both noticed we had to switch britches.

He bundled up his dog and I ran to the back door.

I quietly shouted for him to wait by the side gate till he heard my husband inside and then to continue out the gate quietly and to muzzle the dog, I didn't care if he had to use his cock.

I hurried in the back door trying to act natural and with every footstep across the tiled kitchen floor I could hear a little smack and squeak from cum I had stepped on out in the patio.

I hurried to the living room to rub it off on the carpet.

.. Just as my husband had already entered the front door and was rounding out from the foyer past me at the same spot in living room. Hey babe how was your day I asked. Good he says I sold that damn Lincoln finally he said with sigh of relief.

I don't know alot about cars but this was one of the model and or year they appearantly had alot of problems with and it was hard to sell. I said well thats great to hear.

He followed with one of his favorite remarks ' theres an ass for every seat".

I said great babe does that mean I don't have to cook we can order out maybe get a big juicy steak from that Steakhouse around the corner.

He agreed. Deal ill call it in, you go pick it up. thinking that will give me time to clean up.

No problem hun. he replied.

After ordering I told him I was a little tired and wanted to take a shower and feel refreshed by the time he got back with dinner.

So I went and grabbed some clean pajama top and botttoms and took a thorough shower.

I felt dirty down to my sole.

I never did anything like this before or well at least since my mid 20s.

After I felt like I steam cleaned my body and took a toilet brush to my vagina.

I walked out to the kitchen and brach was just entering with the food.

My God that smells so good.

Brach agreed and added its so nice outside lets eat out on the patio.

He grabs silverware and plates while still holding all the food and heads to the patio.

I don't remember what I left the patio like when I rushed in the house earlier..

I hope to God theres no bra or panties out there.

Or worse vances underwear how would I explain that. Our sons have never lived in this house and brach hasn't wore anything that size since 8th grade.

I glanced around and nothing. Great what a relief everything appears fine.

Brach puts the food down, and grabs the candles under the table and lights them.

It was a beautiful night a calm breeze coming across the yard. The candles flickering a little at first and then maintaining a nice glow.

By the time he lit the third candle I could see big globs of cum on the table just in front of the bag out of his view.

Here hun let me set our plates. So I hurried and grabbed everything but first by just tearing the bag open and laying it all out there like a platter.

Making sure the opened up bag covered all the DNA sample.

Thank God I did not let him put blacklights out there like he wanted to.

It would've looked like a rave/orgy party on the patio.

After dinner I cleaned up the mess and told brach go relax I've got it..

Me and Vance continued to see each other for short random times in the evening when my husband wasn't home which was pretty risky whereas even though we had a privacy fence, the neighboring houses were 2 story homes so you never know of prying eyes and loose lips.

One day while arranging my closet i tripped over some of my shoes and fell thru the wall. There was a decent sized hole in my closet wall and the adjoining wall had a perfect rectangular like hole right into the bathroom how the hell did that happen i thought,, I hurried around to the bathroom and noticed the toilet paper holder was on the floor it looked fine nothing broken it just pops in the hole in the wall. I sat on the toilet putting it back in place mean while a vision from a porno site popped in my head.

This looks like one of those gloryholes.

Then I got an even better idea if I had Vance in the closet and me in the bathroom. Nobody would see or know what we were doing. Its alot easier to hide a cock then a whole person. I could spend all the time I wanted in the bathroom once I left theres nothing in there to hide.

The next day Vance stopped by when my husband wasn't home yet. I asked him in the house I told him come inside I want you to check something out for me.

So we went into my closet and I moved a shoe rack I had put in front of the missing drywall I broke when I fell I reached in and pushed the toilet paper roll holder out to the floor and I said check that out what do you think.

He said looks like you need some drywall repair. I said stay right here fast walked thru to the bathroom sat the toilet lid down and sat on the toilet I looked in the hole and stuck my hand in and said "give me your cock" I could see his eyes get big and light up and a big smirk on his face as his hands hurried to his zipper he was fumbling to pull his cock out in a hurry. He said oh my God no fucking way you made a gloryhole. I said no I fell through the wall and improvised.

By the time he pulled his cock out it was already rock hard. He poked his cock through the wall and slipped past my fingers into my palm.

My mouth was already salivating I couldn't wait to choke myself with this cock.

I wrapped my lips around it and sucked so hard i pulled him into the wall.

It didn't take long at all until I was choking on his load. Me and Vance have mingled careully around the house a few weeks now and I've had his cock in my mouth on numerous occasions but never was it this exciting!

This brought cocksucking to a whole new level of sexual ecstacy i would have never imagined .

To think something as simple as a hole in the wall and a guy sticking nothing but his cock thru would be such a turn on. I could tell that it really excited Vance too in the record time he came.

His cock rock hard throbbed a swelling surge I could feel each shot of cum charge thru his cock each load and not the normal pause in between shots fired. This was rapid fire 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, my eyes watering and bulging out of my head cum shooting out from my nostrils and getting in my lungs now I'm choking and coughing my God is it going to stop.

Finally as I was ready to disengage. Pulling away his last throbbing burst of cum released. I wiped cum from my nose and from around my mouth and tried to swallow what was still in my mouth all the while choked up over what had made its way into my lungs. I ve heard of waterlogged well I was cumlogged. I seen six guy blowbangs with less cum.

We both realized at this moment that this was going to be our Sexual rendezvous point. How perfect it would be in the closet out of view of anybody and I would be in the bathroom out of view we could carry on our sexual excursions without being noticed. As this carried on for 2 weeks i got a little courageous sucking vance off while my husband was home sometimes him even knocking on the door and talking to me when I have a mouthful of cock which it was very hard for him to understand me.

A few times he approached the door to strike up conversation right when the hail mary mouthful erupted like a geyser in my mouth my cheeks looked like dizzy Gillespie blowing a trumpet! Although i don't think blowing a trumpet would be as fun.

I kind of in a way felt like an evil person enjoying these sexual acts with a neighbor right under the same roof as my husband while he was there..

But the sexual euphoria was like nothing i ever experienced so that superceded all thoughts of guilt.

It got to where I would wake up in the middle of the night next to my husband in bed. He would be snoring away deep sleep , I would wake up horny and thinking of Vance and the gloryhole bathroom.

So one night I thought I would text him it was about 1:30 in the morning and just see if he maybe he's awake or if he might text back. I layed there with my phone tight to my chest on silent in case he text back nothing for several minutes then I jerked startled by the vibration of silent mode notification my God it was Vance he returned my text he was awake also .

I asked him if he felt like coming by, he said sure want me to meet you on the back patio? I said no ill meet you at the front door your going to my closet.

Okay ill see you in 10 minutes.

My heart was racing with excitement. 7 minutes later I heard light tap at the front door.. there he was in a tank top and boxers with the head of his dick sticking out of the slit they have on the front of those things.

I quietly opened the door holding my finger in front of my lips shhhh Hes still sleeping in the bedroom. I said to Vance referring about my husband.

I used my cell phone light to lead Vance into my closet and to platform the gloryhole. I carefully closed the door and lightly made a pass by our bedroom to check that he's still sleeping.

I backtracked to the bathroom that adjoins my closet and locked the door behind me, the house is pretty quiet at night so I figure I would try to be quiet but just on case ill turn on the vent fan, now I really appreciate buying a cheap loud vent fan rather then going with the expensive quiet vent fan.

I didn't turn the light on in the bathroom the nightlight plugged in the outlet above the vanity next to the toilet was all I needed.

I grabbed a towel , pulled the toilet lid down and placed the towel doubled over covering the lid so it would be a little more comfortable and not cold.

I sat down reached over and carefully popped out the t.p. holder and placed it on the vanity, following right behind the removal I seen vances girthy hard cock.

It was among the prettiest cocks I've ever seen about 10" long im not sure of diameter but when my hand is wrapped around it my fingers and thumb can't and won't touch. And when it's in my mouth I feel like my jaws dislocating to fit it in.

I always think of when a pythons eating and its lower jaw dislocates to eat bigger prey. Thinking that made me seem somewhat empowered. Yeah I'm going to devour this cock I was thinking to myself.

The only thing is my prey isn't afraid of me eating him and is more than happy to accommodate. My mouth was already watering I could feel the drool trying to exit the corners of my lips. Both sets I laughed to myself.

I didn't want to start out all aggressive and crazy so I slowly and seductively stuck my tongue out to meet the tip of his dick and while pushing my head into the wall slowly use my tongue no hands and guide his cock gently down my throat, all the while doing a massaging motion with my tongue as it slip past my lips .

I could feel his dick getting harder and firmer. I've sucked Vance off enough times now that I know just before cumming his cock gets rock hard sticking straight out from his body and just before he cums the whole head of his dick starts turning slightly upward the more he's aroused till you feel him quiver and lose it.

When he cums his cock feels like a really thick power washing wand at the car wash and someone's fluttering the trigger.

As much as I liked going down on him hes not getting off that easy this time no pun intended.

No tonight I would do some moderate fluffing and then that wand is going to be powerwashing my pussy.

After awhile of sucking on him in somewhat slow seductive manor.

I hiked up my nighty spun around and plunged my pussy over his cock.

He's bumping the wall into the bathroom, I'm shoving back equally as hard against him to counteract knocking this wall out too.

I could hear purses, hats and whatever else I had hanging on the wall in there hitting the floor. As Vance was fucking me I could feel him moving to dodge the items coming down off the wall.

Jesus christ I need a hard hat.

I heard him say while he was panting for fresh air being closed in the closet.

I thought to myself this hard cock is all I need.

I could tell he was getting ready to cum and sure enough he made one last thrust and held it keeping constant pressure on the wall keeping his dick shoved as deep In my pussy as he could get, I could hear the drywall cracking from the pressure so with both hands pushing against the vanity I pushed back to equal out the pressure on the wall. I didn't want Vance coming thru there like the Kool aid man... Oh Yeah!

Then I could feel it.

The warm pulsating blasts of cum exiting his dick and spraying the entire inside of my pussy. We held ourselves there squeezed tight together not moving like we were gluing an old broken family heirloom together and we wanted to make sure the glue set and it held so mom didn't notice we broke it.

After we both sighed from sexual satisfaction and the relief that we could go back to being quiet, we separated and I immediately stuck the t.p. holder back in the hole. Upon doing so I seen all the fluids running down the wall. FUCK! I said and grabbed the towel i was sitting on and scrubbed down the wall and surrounding floor. You ok I heard Vance say...

Yes I just have some clean up to do.

No problem he said ill lock the front door behind me.

Cool thanks I replied.

After I wiped the mess in that area up. I turned the vent fan off and kept the towel with me to take to bed.

I had a feeling I would probably need it thru the night.

Walking from the bathroom to the bedroom, I felt like a perverted tale of Hansel and Gretel as I left a trail of cumdrops. I was sure to drag a clean spot of towel behind me. As I approached the bed I could still hear snoring perfect I thought as I snuck in bed.

I could feel vances cum leaking making a little cum river down my leg or cum canal sounds better I thought to myself. My beaver needs to build a damn. Damnit I laughed to myself.

I fell fast asleep awaking again about 2 hours later. My husband still snoring away and I was behind him wrapped around him sleeping with my right leg strattled over his legs, I pulled my leg back and could feel I leaked all over him.

I hurried and grabbed the towel and carefully wiped him clean not wanting to wake him up.

I wadded the towel between my legs and put a partition of blanket between us and back to sleep.

This was the most sexually intense and turned on moments for me ever in my life.

It's sucking and fucking through the wall by this hole was a new heightened sexual experience that I had never thought I could reach.

Vance would come by each day around the same time I would let him in the house and you would go to the closet where he would stay until I went to the bathroom I sometimes left him a beer or pop on a small tray in my closet by the makeshift gloryhole.

One day I let vance into the closet and i shut the door as i was walking to the bathroom i seen water pouring from under the laundry room door, I opened it to see water spraying from a hose behind the washing machine.

It appears a supply line had burst, I helped hook them up so I was familiar as to how they are connected.

I hurried and shut the after supply valve off which stopped more water from spewing on the floor but I had to mop up the existing water on the floor, The stick on floor tiles were in great shape so we never replaced those. I'm not about to ruin them now.

So I rushed the mop and bucket and commenced to mop up the water.

Not hearing my husband come home he entered into the bathroom and nestled into the toilet for a #2 setting at what he calls the throne.

As he sat there on the toilet the toilet paper holder fell from the wall and to the floor by his foot , he leaned over to pick it up when he felt something protrude from the wall and poke him in the eye.

I heard a what the fuck and my closet door flung open and Vance running to the front door and gone.

I was in shock my heart fell to my stomach, My God its over im fucked in a whole new way and not enjoyably at all.

My husband ran past the laundry room to the front door Vance was already long gone. He peered out the front not a sign of anything! He glanced back at me and out the door one more time.

He slammed the front door and glared at me and said honey are you ok that pervert didn't hurt you did he.

I gasped and didn't know what to say.

Then I blurted out who the hell was that what the fuck is going on.

He said I don't know hun I sat on the toilet and the toilet paper roll holder fell on the floor by my foot I leaned to pick it up and some guy stuck his cock in my eye.

Even under the horrible circumstances it took everything I had to keep from laughing till I pass out.

All I could do is hug him so he couldn't see my expression and I said omg honey are you ok. Yes he replied did you get a look at him. I said no by the time I heard the commotion I seen a blurr go by the doorway here. Did you say he stuck his cock in your eye? My God honey thats so terrifying I don't know what I would have done had that been me in there.

Were going to have to get an alarm system and a thing of pepper spray for you to carry at all times honey, I'm not having some horny homosexaul do a home invasion and violate my husband! This neighborhood isn't is safe as we thought. I love you baby. Do you need me to kiss your Boo Boo?
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