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A fantasy tale set in a hospital
He had been laid up in the ICU for well over three months,  but the day was finally coming that Chris was going to be moved to the step-down unit. During the time he'd spent in there ICU you'd grown close to Chris. Here mentioned having family, a wife and kids, but they were always noticeably absent,  none of the other nurses had seen them either.  But he spoken fondly of them and shared how he couldn't wait to see them again. 

Maybe COVID  had  kept them away, so he spent a lot of his nights alone. And no one should have to go through recovery alone. So,  when you could,  you slipped into his room and chatted.

At first it was friendly chit chat, you had  duties to attend to after all.  But as the days passed you got to know him better and made personal trips to see him,  even when not assigned to his room.  You'd felt a connection to him, and it also didn't hurt that he was kinda cute too .

 How he managed to stay awake at night was beyond you.  The hectic mornings would certainly keep him up what with all the poking and prodding that typically took place.  Just too much chaos in the morning. This was the main reason you'd chosen the overnight shift for the last 14 years, to avoid the chaos.  But yet every night he was up,  and waiting for your visit.

After the shift huddle you noticed that he was on your list,  it made you smile.  Not wanting to seem eager you visited all your other patients first.  With the majority being sound asleep it made for a quick start to the shift. 

You saw light flickering from Chris' room as you approached. The curtain was drawn closed and the sliding door was open but maybe an inch.  As you approached you could hear voices,  mainly female and a squeaking sound.  You checked over your shoulder to see if anyone else noticed. With all the other nurses being preoccupied, you decided to approach quietly. Maybe he left the TV on, or maybe his wife had  finally come to visit.

 The sliding door was eased back just enough to slip through, as you reached to pull the curtain back.  The room was otherwise dark except for a cellphone that sat atop the bed side table,  its light flashing before Chris’s face.  At first nothing seemed out of the normal, until the screen lit up bright and you could see that his hand was pumping up and down in his lap.

Grasped in his had was his erect cock. His concentration was so focused on the screen that he didn't see you peek in. The sight would  have normally turned you around immediately,  but seeing him masturbate was starting to turn you on.  On a few occasions you'd seen his gown become a tent when you'd check on him,  but ignored it as best you could.  But now seeing his length in person,  you couldn't help but let your mind wonder.

You checked over your shoulder to see if anyone had noticed,  and none had, the hallway was empty.  You bite your lower lip as your eyes returned to him and his session.  You'd seen your husband do it before,  but this was new,  this was exciting,  and it was beginning to turn you on.  It didn't make sense that Chris wouldn't know when rounds were.  Could he have just forgotten? Or maybe list track of time? Maybe,  but that didn't make the moment any less erotic as you felt your nipples begin to harden and your pussy start to ache.

You checked the hallway again before slipping completely inside the room and shutting the door as quietly as possible.  You wanted to watch him stoke, it was so captivating.  It was arousing as you pressed your back up against the corner,  letting part of he door frame and the curtain keep you in shadow as your own hands began to roam your body. 

Your left slipped down between your legs kneading your panty clad mound,  drawing concentric circles around your swelling clit and then slipping between the folds of your cunt,  pressing the cotton cloth inside. While your right hand graced your shoulder and then cupped your breast, thumb and forefinger seeking your stiff tit through your bra and scrubs. 

Watching him push and pull on his throbbing member was intoxicating.  While his cock was not much different from your husband's , you felt compelled to stay and watch.  His hand moved up and down slowly coming down and back up,  the head just cresting the top of his hand.  A few of pre-cum was fitting at the top, and slowly begin to ooze down his shaft, lubricating his piston further.

Seeing this exchange ignited a fire within. Your breathing quickened, and your pussy began to dampen.  Your thoughts were confusing at first.  ‘I shouln't be doing this, ‘ you thought,  but you couldn't turn your eyes away,  or stop yourself from rubbing your mound, and teasing your kitty.  You wanted to reveal yourself and taste his thick package,  but it was so wrong,  so dirty,  so exciting,  to watch him stroke it out, you had to resist.

You licked your lips and brought your right hand to your lips as you replaced it with the left.  Raising the left to your lips you hungrily tasted yourself,  sending a wave of pleasure through you,  your back arching causing your fingers to slip past the soaked cotton panties and between your pouting lips. Your eyes closed as you imagined his sex driving deep inside you,  spreading you, filling you,  pleasing you.

Your eyes swept over him, continuing to watch as he pounded his meat,  precum oozing out,  you so desperately wanted to suck in his member, to give him the relief he likely so richly needed.  Closing your eyes again,  your hands still working your hungry kitty, sliding your fingers in and out, your hips slowly grinding against your palm.  You stifled a moan,  but yard fit his cock to bury itself within you.

The desire was intensifying, your own climax was building, AMD it sounded like his was too.  Months if aggression had built within and he seemed in the verge of exploding.  You could hear him muttering between labeled breathing. He'd held it for so long it was a miracle he hadn't cum already. 

His breathing quickened, he was closer,  and it enraged you to watch,  your own hand still working your clit and pussy.  As his climax was peeking you finally heard what he was muttering.  It was your name.  He was stroking to your name. 

The euphoria you felt at him calling out your name drove you ever closer to your own climax. It was intoxicating to know he desired you. Your eyes stayed on him as the two of you edged every closer. 

Your body ached for him,  you wanted so much to help, to be a part of his orgasm.  As his grunts intensified you knew he was close.  You watched, eager to see him explode.

His chanting of your own name caused you fingers to do deeper and faster.  Your cunny was leaking in torrents as your fingers slipped and slid inside you. You were so close, you were begging him silently to cum together. Hearing him call for you drive you mad with lust, but you couldn't move, the heat if the moment kept you rooted . But you no less wanted him more and more.

You imagined him lifting up your tunic, exposing your ample breasts to him, thrusting your chest out do that his hungry mouth could suckle at your erect nipples. You wanted to ride his throbbing member right there in that bed.  Work be damned, to fuck his cock was more than you ever desired. 

“oh fuck Alisha,” you heard him exclaim and your eyes met his, as rope upon rope of his hot cum erupted from his throbbing member.  Your own hand hadn’t stopped, as your own orgasm shook your body. 

With eyes still locked the two of you were frozen in the moment. There was a long silence that echoed in the room. 


Returning to the room later that shift, you made sure this time to rap lightly on the glass door before entering. With no response you took a deep breath, held it and peeked around the curtain. Chris was now fast asleep.

Upon releasing that breath you entered the room and went about your nightly patient check-up.  You took note of his vitals and made some notes about an abnormal heart rhythm from earlier in the night. But when you looked back at a the time stamp you quickly realized why. It drew a smile to you face, and caused your heart to race.

Thinking back on that moment, the moment of release, made you moan unexpectedly. Closing your eyes you visualized the moment. His hand had come down and there was a brief pause before the audible grunt and the steaming white hot release of multiple ropes of his cum shot forth. Your own hand had been pressed firmly against your mound driving two fingers deep inside you while the palm of your hand had bore down upon your aching clit. Your own climax spilling forth.

Climaxing with him was euphoric, which was only intensified by having made eye contact. It was a surreal moment, as you two stared at each other. Cum dripping from his throbbing  member while your own orgasm ran down your leg. There were no words exchanged. You simply slipped back behind the curtain and went about your duties.

‘It never should have happened,’ you told yourself. He was a patient and you were his nurse. Stuff like that broke rules and regulations. And if he ever were to file a complaint, the results could be unfathomable. You’re best hope would be that he just let it go. And once he was in step down, you’d never have to see him again.

You suddenly realized that you were facing him once again, your hand, having a mind of its own, was caressing and teasing your breasts. Lingering here and there before traveling down to your waist with great intent. And that is when you finally noticed that Chris must had fallen asleep shortly after orgasm.

You took a hesitant step forward. Your heart beating faster. His hand was still, loosely,  holding his shaft. Even in the dimmed light you could see the stains from where his cum landed. There was some even drying on his bare leg. The sight had you mystified. You bit you your lower lips, bringing your hand up as you did so, as you pondered what to do versus what you yearned to do.

His cock looked enticing. You wanted to touch it. To hold it and caress it. Every fiber in your body screamed to reach out and take it. Stroke it. Taste it. Pure animalistic lust for his sex muscle was all you could think about. Knowing it would be wrong didn’t stop your feet from bringing you to his bedside.

‘to do this,’ you rationalized, ‘to do it right’ you corrected yourself, ‘we need to make it look like this was part of his exam.’ Simple explanation, but your lusty desires would be fulfilled. If anyone saw you you’d pass it off as an examination.  Yeah, that would work.

The side rail released with a pop and you started moving his gown aside to get a better look. Your soft touch was enough to garner a reaction by his cock as it began to harden and lengthen as you went about “inspecting" his now pulsating cock. The head was splitting wide, like lips part for a sensual kiss. Unable to contain your hunger you leaned over and kissed the head.

The kiss must have awoken it, as it suddenly twitched and lengthened further. A smile crept across your face. This naughty foray into patient / caregiver relations was forbidden, yet sexy, and it was making your insides weak and hunger for more. It was causing you to forget you oath and feed into your predatory desires. You were hungry  to have his cock.

Within seconds of that first kiss on his cock, your mouth was soon laying soft sensual kisses along his length. Your hand holding his mast upright as your lips found new places to land. But kissing wasn’t enough, you wanted to taste him, as you began to coat his shaft with your tongue.

Chris must have felt something as his body moved pulling cock away from your hungry lips. You groaned playfully, like when a naughty girl gets her favorite toy taken from her. Adjusting yourself you reposition and hold his cock upright, and bring your lips down around his girth.

There’s a mix of sweet and saltiness to his cock as your tongue and lips continue to eagerly consume his member. As you do his body shifts again. His hips rise slightly, pushing his cock deeper into your mouth. The reaction causes a smile to touch the corners of your lips, encouraging you further.

Your eyes continuously dart to the door. Know one should be checking in on him at this hour, but routines were always changing. The idea of getting caught enhanced the naughty nature of the act. It was thrilling, and your body was reacting to the excitement. To get caught would be troublesome, but erotic too. You were certain that a few other nurses in ICU were just as dirty minded.

As you bobbed up and down on his shaft, saliva started to drip over his balls. Instinctively you reached up, cupping them and gave them a playful squeeze. You must have been hitting the right notes as Chris's hips ground against your face. Adding this to your ‘examination' you continued to suck his hard cock. Your pussy aching now aching to need filled with his sex.

There was no time for that though. If you were gone too long others would start to wonder. This would have to be an oral examination only, the physical,  if ever given the chance, would have to come later. Sliding your hand from his balls to his erection, you began to pump it in rhythm with your bobbing head.

Each downward thrust gave a twist of the wrist and your wet mouth encompassed his shaft. The returning journey up caused the wrist to flip back and you sucked in, your lips  becoming a vacuum. Up and down your head and hand went. A perfect unison as you sucked this throbbing cock. The pace quickening as you can feel his climax building.

This was intense. Thrilling. Erotic. You never thought you’d ever do anything so risky, but you couldn’t resist this chance. You and Chris had connected during this care and it only became stronger when you mutually masturbated. Seeing his sex explode as it did only furthered your desire to have more. You needed more. And you especially wanted more.

His orgasm was cresting when you felt a strong hand hold your head down, burying your face into his crotch. Your airway suddenly gone you tried to push yourself back up, there was a momentary give as air rushed back into your lungs before you found your throat blocked by cock. The assault on your throat was unexpected. Chris's hips your now driving up into your mouth. Your mouth was now a wet pussy that needed to be fucked and filled with cum.

You gagged but no less were enraptured by the sudden change. His cock was ramming into the back of your throat like a jackhammer. Twisting you turned your body to look from the door to him. His eyes were open, and there was a deep hunger coming from them.

His firm grip slowly released your head as you maintained eye contact.  Your head still moving up and down, sucking and stroking every inch of his stiff member. He groaned as you did this, he was right there. You pumped your hand faster as you opened your mouth wide, wanting his milk to feed you and cover you.

Long white ropes shot forth from his cock, shooting into your hungry mouth and across your face. As your hand still worked his length you cover the head with your mouth, more of his sweet and salty cum flooding in. You swallowed . And swallowed again. Your hand never stopping until you were sure he was drained. He groaned and ran his hand gently over your face.

As his climax finally subsided you rose and looked at him. Cum dripped off you cheek and nose. Swiping a finger over those spots you brought your finger to your lips and sucked the cum off, moaning in pleasure as you did so.

His gaze stayed on you as you went to the sink and did your best to freshen up.

No words again were exchanged as you headed out the door. Before departing you looked over your shoulder and you gave him a fleeting a look. A look that said undeniably that there was more to come.

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