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Kes is on her way to the mess hall to show her boyfriend her new sexy sweater.

Star Trek Voyager was a Sci-Fi TV show in the 90’s about a space ship trapped in unfamiliar part of space far from Earth and struggling to get home.

Kes was an alien from a species called Ocampa.

She had large pointy ears and a blonde pixie hair cut. She had very large breasts and a shy personality and a soft breathy voice.

Nelix was an alien called a Talaxian.

He had a catlike appearance with fur on part of his face and a high pitched voice.

Tom Paris and Harry Kim were human crewmembers on the spaceship.

Janeway was the human female captain of the ship who was responsible for stranding the crew in unfamiliar space to protect the species Ocampa from the species Kazon.

Kazon were a violent race that attacked Voyager and the Ocampa to plunder resources.

A replciator was a piece of technology from the future that allowed people to synthesize whatever they want from a de***********ion given to a computer.

Risa is a planet dedicated to vacations. People who go there always dress for the beach and like to have open relationships.

The Holodeck was a virtual simulation room where objects made from computer pictures can become real as long as they do not leave the room and can touch or be touched by people.


Kes was on her way to the mess hall to show off her new outfit to her boyfriend Nelix. They had been on board Voyager for a few weeks and she had just earned her first replicator rations. She had decided to spend them on a new top to impress her boyfriend and had settled on one from a planet called Risa.

Risa was a planet dedicated almost entirely to tourists wishing to relax away from work and responsibilities. Furthermore, it was a planet mainly for people wanting to cut loose and be more open. It was common for people on Risa to dress in swimwear or intentionally skimpy outfits.

The top that Kes had chosen to replicate started out as a normal backless turtleneck but on the front chest part the fabric was so slender that the edges just barely covered the nipples. From the side, practically Kes’s entire breast profile was visible. She was a little concerned but according to the computer database, it was normal attire for Risa and for couples. The other men could stare at her and be jealous of Nelix but he was the only one who would be seeing the rest of her breasts later that night.

As usual, Kes found her boyfriend in the mess hall, cooking food for the other crewmembers. The moment the doors opened, Kes heard whistling and cheering from the male members. Nelix looked up and waved at her before returning his attention to the roast he was working on. After a moment he did a double take. “Kes, can I have a word with you in the galley?” he asked in his normal sweet but authoritative voice. Kes was not the dominate person in their relationship and did not have the option of ignoring his request.

“What do you think?” she asked in her normal and unintentionally breathy voice. It was just the way she talked but it got the attention of the males on board the ship and kept Nelix on guard for potential suitors.

“Well, I can’t say it doesn’t suit you, sweetie, but I also can’t help but think there was a better place to show it off to me and that was the privacy of your or my quarters,” he explained in a calm and sweet, but obviously annoyed tone. All Talaxians had a similar high pitched voice with a slight squeak to it like a meowing cat, but Nelix’s was even more pitched. It made him sound like he was always skeptical and it somewhat annoyed Kes. She felt like he did not trust her.

“According to Risa traditions, a male should show off the form of his female so that all the other males realize how good he is at attracting a mate,” she used the computer database to justify her behavior.

“Sweetie, I don’t need the 5-dozen men on this ship to know what your assets look like. They have probably all rendered them in the holodeck for their own pleasure at least once each since you came on board. We are far from any other acceptable females and you are the loveliest in the bunch.”

“Should I be flattered or disturbed?” Kes was a little concerned.

“Both, obviously, but it’s not like you can stop them. They have the right to their imaginations. It’s like if they drew a picture of you and kept it for themselves. They can look but they can’t touch. But you don’t have to go making it easy for them.” He put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her.

She blushed before turning to leave. She was obviously disheartened though. Her plan to impress him had backfired. “Hold on, sweetie,” Nelix felt bad sending her away like that. “I’ll be by your quarters later to let you know what I really think. I won’t tell you to still be dressed in anything else, but I want the honor of taking that off of you myself.” He flipped her nipple underneath her sweater with one finger, causing her to gasp. She giggled while scurrying out of the galley.

“Would you look at that?” Tom Paris spoke to his dining partner Harry Kim. “They are flirting right next to the food. Unbelievable.”

“You’re just jealous that the alien cat monster has a pointy-eared girlfriend while you can’t even get a second date with either of the Delaney sisters.”

“So? Is it wrong for me to be a little shocked? I mean, look at me and look at him. I’m younger, taller, and in better shape. What does he have that I don’t?”

“Whiskers?” Harry suggested.

“Very funny, Ensign. How about we take a little trip to the alien’s quarters to see if she’ll let us in.”

“Tom, she’s taken, let it go.” Harry was not interested.

“You don’t think she would get around behind Nelix’s back? She looks like she can handle more than one man at a time.”

“Even if she did, I don’t feel comfortable being that guy,” Harry admitted.

“Well it can’t hurt to look, can it?” Tom gestured to the galley where Nelix had just turned off the stove and hung up his apron. “I know how to get habitat doors open without any sound. Aren’t you curious what two alien’s look like when they… interact?”

Harry sighed loudly before standing up. He did not approve of Tom’s behavior but his curiosity outweighed his better judgment.

It took Tom longer to get the door to Kes’s quarters open than he intended. By the time he and Kim were able to peek inside, Kes and Nelix were already atop the bed and missing most of their clothes.

Kes was resting her chin on her forearms at the foot of the bed with her butt poking up in the air on the opposite end. Nelix was pinching her peach flesh and teasing her while rubbing the slit of her cunt with his fingers. Even from the door, Harry and Tom could see her round butt. They had always been impressed with her swaying hips when they saw her in the corridors but now they knew what her clothes hid and it was marvelous.

“Ouch, not that hole!” Kes hissed at Nelix when he began to poke her anus.

“Telaxian phalluses are notoriously thick but short,” he explained. “I need to put it somewhere more sensitive and tighter,” he made an excuse.

“You have barbs on your cock meant for latching onto the vagina. You’re going to tear my asshole,” she complained.

“You should’ve thought of that before you said I was small last time,” he refused to back down. Kes grunted in pain when he pushed into her.

“I didn’t say you were too small for me, just smaller than the Kazon,” she tried to explain.

“What Kazon?” Nelix gripped Kes’s shoulders tightly.

“Ow, stop it.” She slapped his hands off of her. “Just before you and Voyager came to rescue me, I had spent several days in their camp. Obviously they didn’t leave me alone that whole time.”

“You had their cocks inside you!” Nelix’s voice became higher pitched, almost wheezing with anger. He gripped her butt this time, leaving red marks.

“They gang raped me. I didn’t enjoy it,” Kes tried to explain.

“I thought I was the first to penetrate you. When you said your species only lived for 9 years, I thought I could monopolize you for that time.”

“Ow, I'm sorry, Nelix,” she apologized. “It was really bad. They tore me up inside. The doctor had to repair my ruptured organs. If you hadn’t rescued me when you did, I would have died within a few days.”

“They nearly fucked you to death!” Nelix was getting even more angry.

“What a way to go. I'm so glad it didn’t happen,” Kes only felt relief.

“I'm sorry I don’t have the prowess to literally fuck you to death, my dear. I’ll try my best though,” Nelix continued his feelings of inferiority.

“Are you joking? It wasn’t because they were good at it. They stuck metal objects inside me, Nelix. I got raped by a plasma coil. The doctor had to perform surgery to get it out of me. He said that if my womb was in the same spot as a human’s I would’ve never been able to have children.”

“They were deeper inside you than I’ll ever be,” Nelix only gathered one thing from her explanation. She screamed when he grabbed both of her ears and yanked on them, forcing her head back. “Fucking whore.”

“Nelix, stop. Those are really sensitive,” she whined.

“So what. Just have the doctor fix them up later. I'm gonna show you what rough sex is really like.” He twisted both her ears until they began to tear away from her head at the base.

“Please stop!” she pleaded while reaching over her shoulder.

He grabbed her hand and yanked on it, nearly dislocating her arm and making her scream. “Ocampans really are weak compared to other species. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kazon or Telaxian, we’re practically twice as strong as you. Getting fucked by one of us must be like giving yourself to a beast. You could’ve stayed underground with others like you, but you wanted to come to the surface to find us. You yearned to get dominated like this, you little slut!” He pushed her face into the bed and slammed his barbed cock into her anus so hard it tore and began to bleed.

She wailed in pain, slobbering and sputtering for him to stop and that he was hurting her. He refused and continued to taunt her, warning her she needed to admit it first. “Fine, I'm a slut. I came to the surface to get fucked like an animal by aliens. When the Kazon were done with me, they let their mounts fuck me next. I’ve had a ten inch Kazon Lizard Horse’s cock inside me before. It hurt almost as much as the plasma coil.”

Nelix threw Kes’s head at the foot of the bed so hard it collided with the board with a loud crack. She lifted her face to stare at him dizzily with blood trickling down from her forehead. She was disoriented and unable to speak for a moment but began to yelp in pain when she felt Nelix’s cock tensing inside her. The barbs dug into her bowel walls as he sprayed his cum into her asshole.

She clutched at her stomach and bit her tongue to keep her voice down as she endured the pain. His cum stung the rips that the barbs had made inside her. She sighed with relieve when he stopped cumming. She laid down on her side, expecting to be allowed to relax and wait for the barbs to release her like usual.

Instead Nelex grabbed her waist and pulled her off of his cock, ripping chunks of flesh out of her anus in the process. She shrieked and practically fainted. He stood over her watching her bleed from her asshole with little to no remorse. To make sure she was alive and conscious, he swiftly kicked her in the stomach, making her retch. Then he spat on her face, effectively discarding her and their relationship.

Harry and Tom had to scamper away from the door so he would not notice them when he left Kes’s quarters. Neither one of them spoke until Nelix was out of sight around the corner of the corridor. “Let’s go,” Harry wanted to leave.

“Shouldn’t we see if she’s okay,” Tom was slightly concerned.

“Should we call the doctor or something?” Harry asked.

“You mean carry her to sick bay. The emergency medical hologram cannot leave, remember?”

Slowly the two of them crept into the room. Kes was whimpering and crying while clutching her stomach. Blood was trickling out of her asshole and she looked pale. Tom swept her shiny hair behind her ears. It was then that he noticed the tears from when Nelix had twisted them. The ear canal had widened considerably.

“Help me,” she groaned while rolling around in pain.

“We should get her to sick bay quickly,” Harry suggested.

“Wait a moment though.” Tom turned her head to present her ear to Harry.

“That looks bad.” Harry nodded.

“Not that. Don’t you wonder if it would fit?” Tom whispered.

“If what would fit?” Harry was confused.

Tom glanced at the door cautiously before kneeling down on the bed and undoing his uniform so he could pull out his cock. Harry wanted to ask what was wrong with him but he already had an idea and now he was curious too. He watched as Tom pressed the tip of his slightly inflated cock to Kes’s stretched ear hole. She gasped and tried to move away. Harry instinctively caught her head and held her still as Tom pushed past the opening. The head of his cock slid in with a pop.

Harry wasted no time undoing his uniform and pulling out his cock as well. He watched Tom pulling her head on and off his lap for a minute or two before he grabbed her head himself and turned her so he could see her other ear hole. “No, what are you doing?” Kes complained as she felt something warm and hard being forced into the other side of her head.

Luckily, the gap behind the sinus of an Ocampa was larger than that of a human’s and there was room for both of their cocks inside her. She could feel the pressure though and it made her nostrils itch as if she had flem stuck up her nose. Tom swore he could see her eyes bulging outward each time they both pushed in at the same time.

She stuck out her tongue for no reason other than because she felt like it would relieve some of the pressure inside her head. She rested on her stomach with her large breasts pressed into the bed and her butt raised in the air. Drool ran down her exposed tongue as two grown men yanked her head back and forth between their cocks, fucking her skull like a pig on a spit.

She gagged each time she felt the tips of their cocks touch her sinus. She could feel their precum dripping down into her nose and mouth. Every time one of them yanked her head onto one of their cocks, her eyes would spin in their sockets. It really looked like they were fucking her brain senseless.

Tom wanted to experiment with her body more. He pushed two of his fingers against her nostrils to keep her from breathing through her nose. She had to keep her mouth open, panting and drooling. When Tom realized her flesh was weak enough to give and stretch with only a little coercing from him, he pushed his fingers up her nostrils and plugged them entirely.

Not to be outdone, Harry pulled on her sweater so the thin center cloth was tucked between her cleavage, leaving her lovely large breasts completely exposed. He played with them, pinching and pulling on them and of course her nipples too. Just touching them a little caused them to turn red and eventually to bruise. She really was weaker than a human.

If it hurt her, she did not show it. She moaned and wagged her tongue as Harry fondled her and bruised her flesh. He had to agree with Nelix that she was a little bit of a slut if she found this a turn on. Her moans were cut off by gurgling when Tom began to cum into her ear canal. It dripped down her sinus cavity and clogged the back of her throat. She gagged and coughed, spitting out several mouthfuls of cum. The sight of a girl spewing cum from her mouth that she hadn’t technically swallowed turned Harry on and made him cum too.

He grabbed her head by her hair and pulled her tight against his groin, pressing into her as far as he could. He knew the tip of his penis was touching something and if it wasn’t part of Kes’s insides it was Tom’s cock. As more cum flooded out of Kes’s mouth, her face began to change color as she was effectively drowning in semen.

Tom pulled his fingers out of her nostrils but instead of making it easier on her to breathe, they began to bleed as he had ruptured several vessels. She was now spitting up cum while pouring blood from her nose. She completed the release of fluids by failing to keep control of her bladder and pissing right onto the bed. She would have collapsed if her head was not being held up by the cocks impaling it.

No mater how concerned they were with her safety, neither of the two men was willing to pull out of her skull until they were finished cumming. Harry pulled out first but the head of his cock caught on the entrance of her ear. It had been only semi inflated when he had forced it in. He could feel just how much the hole was squeezing him, cutting off his blood circulation. Panicking, he yanked her head to the side while pulling back. Her ear canal tore as his cock popped out with great force.

Kes could only hear ringing as blood rushed to the wound, making her dizzy. The red was mixed with white as Harry’s cock left a trail of cum down the side of her face leading back into her skull through the ruined hole.

Tom tried to be more careful when removing his cock but again her ear held onto him until he was forced to tear his cock out without concern for her at all. He held her head in his hands and rotated it so he could look at her from all angles. She was leaking cum from both ears with a dazed look on her face. The drool running off her wagging tongue was now white with their semen and red with her blood. He wondered if she had suffered brain damage considering how little complaining she was doing.

“We can’t be the ones to take her to sick bay now,” Kim was beginning to panic.

“She’s so soft,” Tom muttered while gripping her ear tightly. Harry was shocked and appalled when he twisted it and intentionally tore it even more.

“What are you doing?” he gasped.

“She doesn’t seem to mind at all.” Tom kept pulling until there was almost no flesh connecting the ear to the poor girl’s head. Tom grinned at Harry before yanking on it as hard as he could, tearing it completely off.

Kes shrieked in pain and began to thrash about. She even pissed herself again, unable to concentrate on anything other than her now missing ear.

“What the hell?” Harry was appalled.

“Her body is so weak,” Tom whispered in amazement. “Nelix must have been damaging her every time they had sex and she did not care. She might actually get off on this.” He slapped her extremely hard, leaving a red hand print that quickly turned purple. She screamed until she interrupted herself by puking more cum. Her eyes were wide and her tongue was still hanging out.

Tom could almost mistake her expression for excitement. With her bare breasts glistening with cum and puke she looked like she wanted more, or at least that was what he told himself. The only sign she was not into it were the tears running down her face. Upon closer inspection, Tom realized her tear ducts were leaking cum from her sinuses.

Tom grabbed her head and twisted it so he could get a better view. He swept the cum out of her eye and watched more pour from her duct. Tom felt incredibly proud of himself. He had filled this poor alien girl’s head with so much cum it was leaking from every orifice. It turned him on and made his cock hard again.

Part of him wanted to see what her cunt was like or even to test her torn anus to see how much Nelix had left intact. However, deep down Tom knew he was only going to get off at this point if he continued to fuck the poor girl’s head. Her mouth was already full of cum and so were her ears. That left one spot.

With one set of fingers he pulled her right eyelid open. Using her own slimy tears as lube, he pushed his other fingers into the corners of her eye until they began to push behind her eyeball and force it out.

“Don’t do that,” Harry begged him. Tom shrugged and pushed anyway, crushing her eye into her socket and spraying ocular fluid onto the bed. Kes vomited up a lot of cum in an attempt to scream and even flailed her arms but could do little else to escape.

Harry watched between the spaces in his fingers. Tom giggled gleefully as he pushed his cock against her destroyed eye socket. Harry reared back and winced.

“She loves it, the little slut,” Tom stroked her hair as he pushed his cock inside her skull through a different opening. Her whole body shuddered as her nerves fired in pain. Harry watched in mixed disgust and interest as Tom used a fistful of her hair to pull her head on and off his cock. It made a squishing sound which he did not want to know the source. The lack of blood suggested Tom’s cock had not damaged anything serious yet.

When Kes got tired of screaming, she left her mouth open in an O shape as she groaned with each thrust from Tom. She could feel her eyelid being pulled inside her head and it was an unfathomable sensation. He had created a wound and was pushing an object into it without remorse.

Worse than the feeling of her eye socket turning inside out on itself was the tip of his cock pressing against her frontal lobe repeatedly; It was not sharp enough to cut or damage her brain but it still tingled and created pressure in her head. Her body twitched each time he pushed in. She struggled to stay as still as possible, not wanting to cause damage to herself by moving while his cock was in her head.

When she felt like he could not push any deeper, she felt something hot filling her head even more. She gritted her teeth and whimpered as she felt his cum spilling inside her eye socket and leaking further into her than his cock could reach. She was so exhausted that when he finally pulled his cock out she went limp with him still holding her head up.

Tom dropped Kes’s head back onto the bed, discarded like a used rag doll. She lay there twitching with her mouth open and gurgling. Cum and blood was leaking out of every hole in her head. Tom still thought she looked like she was enjoying it with her tongue hanging out and panting for breath. Harry shook his head pityingly as Tom did up his uniform. “What?” he asked Harry. “What’s with that look?”

“Kes said that Ocampans only live for 9 rotations of their planet, right? She has only been alive for 2 of those rotations. She is so young and the life she has lived led her to this.”

“She was born to get fucked,” Tom boiled Harry’s words down crudely. “Nelix was right, she could’ve stayed in her hole but she wanted to show the other species what a slut she was. Ocampans have only one use as far as we are concerned and she should’ve known her place.”

“You’re talking like she’s gonna die,” Harry was worried.

“If not now then in about seven years, she will. Either way, she’ll never forget the lesson we taught her.” He climbed off the bed and made for the door to the quarters. Harry followed after him as quickly and quietly as possible.


Captain Janeway was more than a little surprised when she was called to sick bay by the emergency medical hologram. When she arrived she saw her newest passenger aboard The Voyager lying on an operating table. “What happened?” Janeway asked the doctor.

“Our Ocampan friend had a bit of a run in with several members of the crew.”

Janeway examined the bruises and burns on Kes’s face. “How many?”

“Over two dozen,” the doctor answered.

“They raped her?” Janeway was skeptical to believe that such a large number of her crew would be so barbaric. However, she somewhat understood. They were trapped on the other side of the galaxy from home with no new female companionship. Kes was a sexy alien that they could feel less bad about assaulting than if they attacked one of their female crewmembers. “How bad is it?” Janeway was remaining calm and collected.

“Ocampans are smaller than humans and their mouths are no exceptions. Kes’s teeth were bothering the crewmembers trying to get felatio from her so they saw fit to remove them; all of them.” The doctor uncovered a tray of smaller than average teeth. Janeway winced but motioned for the doctor to go on.

“I could’ve removed them without a problem, but these were crudely pulled out, leaving her gums bleeding and it was exacerbated by their phalluses being pushed inside the orifice. The burns you’ve noticed on her face are from a hot plasma coil. They go over her entire body.” The doctor removed the sheet covering Kes to show that her breasts had also been scarred along with her forearms and legs. He even rolled her onto her side to show off her burned ass.

“Without waiting for it to cool, they punctured her rectal cavity with the coil and twisted it, effectively drilling it into her,” the doctor continued his explanation. Janeway saw that the doctor had already removed the coil from her bruised anus; either that or it had been pulled out by the demented crewmembers later on. There were other marks on her body not in line with plasma burns though.

“At some point she was taken to the holodeck where they loaded a program with a stockade.” The doctor showed Janeway Kes’s bruised wrists. “They whipped her whole body hard enough to leave red marks on a human and hard enough to break the skin of an Ocampan. They also replicated several toys from extreme play on Risa and used them on her including some things called a ball gag, anal beads, a vibrator, an 18 inch dildo, nipple clamps, a clit piercing, and pubic hair wax.”

Janeway saw that if Kes had any pubic hair before, it had been pulled out. Somehow she knew the doctor was not done though. “They also found that Ocampans are weak to narcotics that most humans can endure so they were not barred from being replicated. They administered them via a rectal enema. She is still intoxicated right now.”

“What does her mate think of all this?” Janeway asked.

“Mr. Nelix says that she is a whore who brought this on herself and he wants nothing to do with her.”

“For everything you said, she looks pretty well for the ware,” Janeway admitted.

“Thanks in no small part to my medical expertise,” the doctor smiled braggingly. “I had to reattach several body parts.”

“Reattach?” Janeway was appalled.

“When they got bored, they pierced her breasts and ears with hooks on ropes and then tightened them until her appendages were ripped off. When trying to remove her from the stockade they broke her spine in two places. Luckily I was able to transfer to the holodeck and resuscitate her.”

“You mean she had died?” Janeway gasped.

“Not for very long, thanks to me,” the doctor answered proudly. “I repaired her spine and torn flesh and was just about to start cosmetically removing the burns.”

“Belay that for the time being, Doctor,” Janeway stopped him.

“Excuse me? She could make a full recovery.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think it’ll be necessary for the crew to see that she has retained some of the damage they have inflicted on her when they use her again.”

“Again? You’re going to let these animals ravage a 2 rotation old creature again?”

“Doctor, I’ve just learned the darkest depths of what my male crewmembers are willing to do to an alien girl, I’d rather not learn what they could do to me if I deprive them of that opportunity. Kes was unlucky to have been brought aboard this ship but she will serve us well. Fix her up but leave all the bruises and burns so the men can brag about how they have conquered her. If she recovers completely, they may try even harder and end up killing the poor girl… again.”

“And what will we do if Kes does expire permanently?” the doctor asked.

“We’ll have to find out if there are other alien females willing to come aboard voyage to act as punching bags for the crew’s aggression. Keep track of how much Kes can take before she does die. If possible, I’d like to sign some sort of agreement with the next victim so they can just get paid for their troubles and get let go when they can’t take anymore.”

“But you don’t plan to pay Kes or let her go?” The doctor confirmed.

“She’s not even gonna live for 7 more years anyway. She may as well spend her worthless life making my crew happy. We are stranded here in the Delta Quadrant because of her people. If I’d known my crew would like her so much I would have brought a lot more on board and given each of them their own sex slave to dominate for 9 years. In fact, time to practice your laser tattoo work, doctor. I want a contract branded on Kes that sates she is the property of Voyager and cannot turn down any sexual advances from anyone on board. If she tries to escape, surgically remove her limbs. I'm sure our crew won’t mind if all their little sex pet can do is flop around.”
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