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Continued from Chapter 1
The Job

By Darkride

Chapter 2 - The Examinations

In the exam room, Miss Hooper smiled politely at Todd. "Have you ever had to do anything like this before?" she asked him. The teen shook his head no, as he tried very hard not to stare at the sexy lady's cleavage. Miss Hooper showed him 3 containers, and explained what was needed in each.

"Ahhhh that's kind of gross, and embarrassing!" he replied, a little unsure, but remembering that his mother had often told him in the past - Sometimes you can't keep your dignity at the doctors, you just have to do what you are told, even if it's embarrassing. The room had a toilet and wash basin in one corner, and bed along the other wall. There was no privacy curtain however - just a half-height folding screen. There was no way it was going to actually cover much of him.

Todd took the containers from Miss Hooper, before waiting awkwardly for the pretty young lady to leave. Instead, she just said, "I know it's a bit strange, but we do need to make sure none of the samples are compromised." With that, she simply stood, waiting. Nervously, Todd headed to the toilet, placing the jars on the basin's ledge, and moving the screen over to hide what he could. His first problem was trying to fill the urine jar, with a hardon. The minimal privacy screen did not hide well the fact that he was having to lean forwards and support himself on the wall to get to an agreeable angle to capture his pee. "Don't forget it needs to be mid-stream, ok, Todd?" Miss Hooper interrupted him, reminding him of her presence and making his cheeks flush.

Finally he managed to start a stream, and capture a cup full. He capped the collection container and went to place it on the basin, only to have Miss Hooper's hand reach out and take it from him. Whilst he'd been busy peeing, she had closed the distance to stand just on the other side of the screen. Smiling warmly, she retreated only slightly as he flushed even redder, before quickly turning and pulling his pants down, hoping to take some cover by sitting on the toilet. Ultimately this helped little as his still-hard cock was poking up from between his legs, and he very suddenly came to appreciate how embarrassing it is to have someone - a sexy woman no less - observing him collecting a sample of his own feces. After awkwardly reaching under to capture a sample, again Miss Hooper's hand appeared from my boy's periphery to retrieve the jar.

Hurriedly trying to wipe his butt, Todd jumped as Miss Hooper offered encouragement. "Make sure you are nice and clean down there. Don't want to contaminate the next sample," she warned. Todd froze momentarily, as her words reminded him of what he had been trying to forget. He went to pull his pants up, but Miss Hooper interrupted him, holding the final jar in her hand. "Don't worry about them," she said. "Slip them off and come over here to the bed." Todd looked up, pants in his hands, but still exposed, seeing Miss Hooper patting her hand on the paper-towel covered bed. Todd grumbled quietly to himself as he slipped his jeans and underpants off, feeling even more exposed than ever. "It's ok, Todd. Sometimes you just have to do things that are embarrassing, maybe a bit... degrading. But I promise you'll get use to it." She offered him another smile, and put her hand on his arm as he lay on the bed. Todd smiled meekly back at her, his heart racing as her simple touch made his cock start to grow. "There you go, that's the spirit," she grinned at him, before taking his cock in her latex covered hand, and giving him the similarly covered iPad.


In Doc J's office, behind a blue curtain, Helen was removing her gloves, as Jacqui pulled up her panties. Never a pleasant experience, Jacqui thought, but performed very well by the blonde bimbo. Maybe she was being too harsh on the woman.

Whilst Helen had performed the pap smear, Doc J had spent the time getting better acquainted with Ashley, and occasionally explaining the procedure that Helen was performing on her mother, so the teen know what to expect. "So how are you enjoying Ryder High? It's a good school, you know," he smiled at Ashley, whose eyes were firmly on the blue curtain as she wrenched her fingers, waiting nervously for her turn.

Finally Helen held the curtain for Jacqui to emerge, and gestured to Ashley to come over. She told Ashley to remove everything below the waist, pop up on the bed, and cover herself with the towel. She ushered the girl forward, then closed the curtain behind her, leaving her to get undressed. "Such a wonderful young lady you have there, Jacqui," she heard Doc J saying to her mother as she nervously removed her skirt and panties, feeling so strange de-robing with her mother and 2 strangers on the other side of a flimsy curtain.

She hurriedly climbed on the strange bed, and covered herself, before calling out a nervous "I - I'm ready".

Helen disappeared behind the curtain, and placed a reassuring hand on Ashley's arm. "It'll all be over before you know it," the nurse offered the teen, as she guided her feet into two stirrups, and then angled them out, spreading her knees wide. Ashley closed her eyes. The towel hid her nakedness from her own eyes, yet she knew that Helen was now getting a full view of her privates, something no one had seen for a good many years. Ashley didn't like to let anyone see her naked, and was always very private about her body.

Jacqui called out from the other side, "Honey, so you want me to..." She didn't want to betray her daughter's privacy by looking around the curtain, but didn't want her to feel completely alone either. Popping her head back out, Helen suggested that Jacqui move her chair closer, and reach through the join in the curtain near the head of the bed, and hold her daughter's hand. Ashley reached up and took her mother's lifeline, holding firmly as Helen gave her a reassuring smile from between the girl's legs.

Doc J began asking Jacqui a series of questions about her health, as Helen began quietly explaining what she was going to do, but paused a moment, smiling, noticing Ashley's matching flaming red hair covering her pussy, and what looked like a very amateur attempt at shaving her bikini line. Continuing, she explained to the young teen what the equipment was, and how important these checks were. As Jacqui held her daughter's hand, Doc J's voice came through the curtain, asking another question for his questionnaire. Whilst Jacqui was holding her daughter's hand, her attention clearly was not with her.

Helen's voice meanwhile continued to softly continue explaining the procedure, as she showed Ashley the fresh speculum, before lubricating it, and then using one hand to part the girl's labia, as she gently, slowly began inserting and twisting the device inside. The nurse made another mental note, as she saw that Ashley was indeed a virgin as announced by her mother - her hymen still intact. Just as well she went with the small sized speculum for the girl. Ashley squeezed her mother's hand tighter as the device made her feel stretched, though Doc J's questions were keeping Helen's head elsewhere. Ashley grimaced as Helen swabbed her uterus, and heard a small "there there, dear" from her mother. Looking back from her mother's hand, Ashley saw another smile from Helen, almost apologetic this time, like she was saying sorry for having caused her discomfort in such an intimate way.

The speculum finally came out, and Ashley thought it was over, until Helen told her she still had to do a digital exam. Lubing her hand this time, Helen gently slid two fingers through the red covering of hair, and into Ashley in a way that only she had ever done to herself. Again Ashley squeezed her mom's hand, but her mother was too busy to respond. Helen continued talking slowly to Ashley in a matter-of-fact voice, but now Helen's words seemed to become disjointed from what her fingers were doing. Ashley felt the older woman's fingers start making a "come here" motion along the top wall of her vagina, causing the girl to suddenly feel flushed and light headed. Helen was still talking, but her fingers were doing their own thing entirely, as her thumb slid slowly upwards through her labia, landing on her clit hood, making the teen gasp and open her eyes for the first time since the procedure began. Surely this wasn't - normal?

The thumb began to make small circular motions til her clit began to throb, as the two fingers inside kept massaging her g-spot. Ashley bit her nip nervously, stiffing more moans. Her eyes were glued to Helen's as the woman's fingers made her body tremble, feeling so very confused and alone, even whilst holding her mother's hand and hearing her voice as she spoke to Doc J. Ashley's mouth was mouthing silent words as she suddenly felt another of Helen's fingers - but this time lower. As the nurse continued talking about the importance of checking the uterus and ovaries, her fingers continued probing and stimulating the teen. Ashley had heard very similar words coming from behind the curtain when her mom had her exam, so could only assume this was in fact - normal. In reality of course, nurse Helen's fingers had not explored Jacqui's clitoris and g-spot. Ashley's eyes were wide as she stared at Helen, knowing that unless she stopped soon, the girl would go over the edge that she was fast approaching.

Doc J smiled at Jacqui as the mother politely answered his questions, and failed to register her daughter's faltering breathing, as Helen's fingers teased Ashley in ways the girl had never felt before. Ashley also knew her mother's motto that dignity remained at the door when visiting the doctor, however the sensations that Helen was causing her felt much more intimate and intense than she had expected. Ashley squeezed her mother's hand tightly, and finally heard the curtain move as Jacqui popped her head inside. From her angle, Jacqui could not see anything amiss, so she simply smiled at her daughter and squeezed her hand back. Again Ashley was left feeling that this was entirely normal, as her body began to tense, her toes curling in the stirrups.

"I know honey, just close your eyes if you want, I'm sure it will be over soon," Jacqui finally tried to console her daughter. Ashley's head was swimming as she felt an orgasm about to burst, confused as Helen's fingers made her body tremble whilst her mother sat there holding her hand.


In the other room, Todd was laying on the bed with only his tshirt and socks on, knees bent up, his 5" uncut cock in Miss Hooper's hand. She was slowly jerking him, not getting him get there too quickly, as he flipped through the iPad with his 2 free hands. Whilst still nervous and embarrassed, having a sexy young woman stroking his cock for him had helped him overcome his shyness. Even when he felt like he was going to cum after just a few strokes, Miss Hooper's hand slowed, and he even felt her finger and thumb gently squeeze just below the head of his cock, waiting until the feeling passed, before resuming a slow stroke.

He came to the same series of pictures that I had seen a day earlier, and stopped. He looked at Miss Hooper. He looked at the iPad. Those tattoos... her face... a little older now perhaps? But - surely it's her? He grew a little harder in her hand as he began flipping through the images. It wasn't long before Miss Hooper noticed Todd's balls start to rise.

Timing it perfectly, before he could reach orgasm, she slipped a lubed finger into his ass, pressing and rubbing on his prostate firmly until he ejaculated into the cup without reaching proper release. Miss Hooper smiled politely at him, her finger giving his surprised ass one last deep push before pulling out. "Thank-you, Todd, that was perfect. You can clean up and get dressed now."

Todd looked at her in shock.


Still holding her mother's hand, Ashley's hips raised her bottom off the bed as Helen's finger probed her rear, as well as the other fingers still in her pussy, and thumb firmly rubbing her clit. Ashley's body tensed, but before she could reach her own release, Helen's fingers withdrew. "Thank-you for being so brave, sweetie. You can get dressed now." Helen smiled at Ashley as she slipped her gloves off, and gave her a wink.

Ashley looked at her in shock.

Chapter 3 -

...to be continued...
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