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A move up in social status had its advantages, but her new step siblings have other ideas.
It was quite a change. Ever since my Dad died when I was little Mom and I had lived in a small apartment. She worked hard to provide for us but there were no luxuries. We had enough food, but not much extra. I grew up thin and a bit socially awkward. That changed when Mom met Scott Matthews. Scott was wealthy by our standards, with a large home occupied by Scott and his twin children, Josh and Ginny.

My name is Suzy Chambers. When my Mom, Patty told me that she would marry Scott and we would move into his house I had no idea how my life would change. At the time I was seventeen, Mom was still an attractive 38 and I guess Scott was a few years older. He was fit and handsome. The house had a large downstairs with a master suite on one end and a large kitchen and living area. Upstairs were three more bedrooms, one of which was now to be mine. Josh and Ginny had the other rooms.

The twins, Josh and Ginny, could not be more different looking than me. I'm 5-9, slim, red hair, with the accompanying pale skin and freckles. Only in the past year have I filled out more, B-cup breasts, and a bit of a butt. Ginny and her brother are sandy haired, tanned, with well toned bodies from playing school sports and swimming in their backyard pool. Ginny is a couple inches shorter than me with larger breasts and nice round butt. Josh is about 6 feet tall and muscular. They're almost a year younger than me but project maturity and confidence well beyond me. I guess it helps to have grownup with all your needs provided.

When I'd met them before Ginny was friendly enough but Josh was more aloof. Now that I'd moved in Ginny wasn't exactly my best friend but she'd visit my room and talk girl stuff. She seemed to be feeling me out. Josh pretty much ignored me, although I did catch him checking me up and down. About a month after we moved in Ginny came to my room and plopped herself down on my bed. She was looking me over which made me a little uncomfortable. Finally she broke the ice,

"So, what about guys?"

"What about them?"

"You like them? You ever been with any? You a virgin?"

"Well I, uh, yeah, I like guys, I've tried it. Not a lot. It's ok."

"Oh, cool. I just thought.."

"Well I didn't have money to dress real nice and stuff."


"Girls? Like you mean?" Ginny stood and walked over to me. She put her hand behind my head and drew me to her. She kissed me on the lips. I tried to pull away, but she held me in place, letting her body press against mine. She kissed me again, then let me take a step back. "Oh, you do mean.."

"Uh huh. So?"

"I never did before." But I didn't tell her to stop. She stepped to me again, her hand now found my left breast, covered only by a t-shirt.

"Not bad, nice and firm." He finger traced around my nipple, then squeezed it as she found my lips again. I let her kiss me, then kissed back. With her left hand she took my right and brought it to her boob. I lifted it as it filled my hand, feeling its weight, her small nipple sitting just right. Our bodies pressed together. I could feel the warmth between my legs. I was enjoying this. I'd certainly need to pleasure myself when she left. Then Ginny slid her hand down inside my shorts and found for herself how I was responding. "It seems you do like this." I moaned into her mouth, then extended my tongue and found hers. We touched and explored as she dipped a finger into me, then spread my wetness up between my lips. I gasped when she found my clit. Our mouths were now locked together as she worked me over, one hand squeezing my nipple as she rubbed my clit faster until I cried into her mouth and came hard, my knees buckling. Ginny followed me to the floor, lifting my shirt to expose my pale freckled breasts to her. She kissed down my neck, to my breasts, tasting and teasing them, the downward, sliding off my shorts, exposing the red bush, my sensitive lips, exposed engorged clit. She licked at me, tasting my juices, flicking her tongue, exciting me in a way I hadn't experienced before, bringing me to another orgasm as I pushed my hips up to her. When I finally came down I looked up at her.

"Wow Ginny, I never. Not even with guys."

"Ah, guys have no idea, even Josh."

"You mean you and Josh?"

"We fool around. Not intercourse, but I've sucked his cock and he does his best on my pussy. I mean, we're in rooms right next to each other. And yeah he's my brother, but his body is so nice. Am I shocking you?"

"Well a little."

"And now you can be my ginger whore."


"Oh come on. I need it, you obviously needed it. Now your turn."

"What about Josh?"

"What about him? We can include him. I've seen him checking you out."

"Really? I thought he was ignoring me."

"Nah, at his age and with your titties bouncing around under those t-shirts?"

"I thought maybe I wasn't his type."

"He'd love to be fucking me, but settles for touching and feeling and whatever I might do." I just shook my head. What had I gotten myself into? "Come on Suzy. It's what people do. You think your Mom isn't down there riding my Dad's big cock every night?"

"How do you know he's big, you don't?"

"No, I've never seen it. But I've seen him in workout clothes and judging by Josh."

"Josh is big?"

"Oh yeah, like this.." Holding her hands some distance apart, "and straight and smooth and kinda thick. It's a mouthful." I covered my mouth in surprise. I couldn't believe how bold Ginny was. So confident and matter of fact. Then she casually stood and removed her clothes.

"Now you do me. Be my slut." She had full round breasts, her hair down below was a little darker than on her head, she had a flat stomach, firm legs and a round ass. She was everything I wasn't. Then she laid down next to me and took my hand, placing it on her pussy. "Just do what you'd like." I let my fingers slide down her cleft, then back up to her clit. Then down to dip inside her. I leaned my head down to her breasts and alternated sucking at her nipples as I explored her pussy, puffy lips, now exposed clit, her tight opening. She threw her arm around me to hold me to her, then suggested I move down from her tits. "Taste me."

So I did. I'd licked my own fingers before so it wasn't a total surprise, but she was clean and tasty and urging me to take her. "That's it Suze, lick me there. Oh fuck, nice." I tasted her, and licked up between her lips, sucked at her clit. I seemed to be giving her what she needed. She put her hand on the back of my head to hold me in place, pushing her pussy up to me. She gritted her teeth to hold in her exclamations as she came. Her legs were over my shoulders, she was bucking her hips, then when she settled down, Ginny pulled me up to her and kissed me hard. "Suzy, I think I'm going to enjoy having you living here. Are you ready to be my ginger whore?"

"I well..." I didn't know what to say. She wanted me for her pleasure, but she took care of me too. Was this some kind of game? Or setting her as the dominant one in the house?

"Don't say anything. I'll come visit when I need you. So tell me, what are you?"

"I'm your step-sis..."

"No, that's for everyone else. Tell me." She held my face in one hand, gripping tightly. I hesitated. She then squeezed my nipple, hard.

"Ouch, that hurt."

"Tell me. You know what you are." Holding my nipple, pressure, not to the point of of pain, yet.

"Uh, oh, you're um.."

Squeezing. "Say it."

"G-ginger....whore." Then as I gasped from another squeeze she kissed me hard and bit my bottom lip.

"Yes I am going to like having you here. Just do what I say." She stuck a finger between my legs, then raised it to her mouth. With a smile she left. I was alternately satisfied, confused, concerned.

Nothing more happened for a few days. Then Ginny came to my room. She walked right in and faced me. "We seem to have time. Your mother is down there fucking my dad." I must have made a face. "Oh, you don't want to think about that? How she might be sucking on his fat cock, or he might be stuffing her cunt. I'm sure she's loving it." It really wasn't anything I wanted to think about. I tried to block it from my mind. "At least Dad is getting him some. Now let's have some fun." She took me by the hand.

"Where are we going?"

"What are you?" I lowered my head.

"Your ginger whore."

"Right. You just do as you're told. Your mommy's getting laid, you don't want to mess up this situation. You've got it good now."

She led me to Josh's room. He was sitting on his chair at his laptop when we entered. He turned to look. "What's she doing here?"

Ginny looked at him. "Just a little something to satisfy your curiosity. You have wondered haven't you?" He looked me over. I was dressed for bed. Cropped top, short shorts. "Tell him who you are." I looked at her. She was taking her "game" to another level.

"Do I have to?"

"Tell him."

"I'm her...ginger whore." He looked from me to his sister. Smiled.

"Interesting. And just what does your whore do?" Ginny looked pleased.

"Whatever I tell her. Go ahead ginger, strip for Josh." When I hesitated she lifted up my shirt exposing my boobs. She pinched hard at a nipple. I quickly took off my top and dropped my shorts standing naked for Josh.

"Damn, she is red down there too."

"And now sit back and watch. Whore, remove my clothes and lick my cunt." Ginny lay back on the bed and let me strip her. then I got down on my knees and put my head between her legs. Josh was pleased alright.

"Oh damn, that's hot." He moved closer and when I looked over I could see him stroking a very impressive cock. Ginny pulled my head back into place and ordered me to get back to work. I licked her slit and worked her clit until she began revving towards an orgasm. When she'd cum to her satisfaction she sat up and turned my face to Josh.

"Go ahead Josh, finish yourself. Give the whore a good shower." Josh stood in front of me stroking faster at his cock, it's large head pointing at me. With a grunt he gave one last stroke and let loose a spurt of cum right in my face. Continuing, he hit me again, then as I gasped into my mouth. I tasted his cum on my tongue and followed Ginny's orders to suck him dry. His cock filled my mouth dribbling the last of his cum. When I pulled back I looked at his semi hard but still impressive cock.

"See Josh, my ginger whore will be playing with us while she lives here." Josh looked at his sister.

"So you'll still play with me too? I love your tits."

"And I love your cock." These two were kind of weird. I wasn't sure how I felt about it all. I'd been doing without for awhile, and mom had been lonely for so long. I supposed I could put up with these two if she was happy. She'd sacrificed so much for me. As long as I wasn't getting hurt, it did feel nice to feel something. I could play along.

So I did. When we were alone, which was often enough since Mom and Scott were newlyweds they'd take weekends away and spend days out together. When they did I might be summoned. So I'd do the ginger whore thing and suck Josh's cock or eat Ginny's pussy. She was right though, she was better at giving me oral than Josh was. My whore/servant role was reserved for sexual favors, so it didn't extend past our bedrooms. They did their own chores and all. Sometimes they had me serve as an audience while they performed on each other. That wasn't too bad since they both had excellent bodies to observe.

Late spring, Mom and Scott went out shopping for antiques. Ginny was out with friends and Josh had gone to the gym. Finally some time alone. I lay out by the pool, always careful about my pale skin. After a time sunning I dove into the pool to cool off. Having the pool to swim in had helped me tone my body some now that I wasn't so skinny. I was floating, holding onto the edge when I was surprised by a huge splash that doused me. When I came up for air I felt Josh's strong arms around me.

"Oh! Josh, I didn't hear you."

"That was the general idea. Stealth attack." Josh now behind me and had me leaning against the edge of the pool. He pressed in close. I could feel his cock against my back. He kissed my neck. A hand covered my breast. He pulled aside my top and flicked at my nipple. His other hand roamed over my stomach. "Are you going to scream?"

"N-no. What are you doing?"

"You know what I want."

"I thought, that game was only upstairs."

"Ginger whore? That's Ginny's game."

"Then what's this."

"This is need. Urgent need. You walk around in cutoff shirts, short pants, teasing me."

"Haven't I done enough? I give you blow jobs."

"And you're not bad. Ginny's better. But there's something Ginny doesn't do. You could."

"Oh." His hand had reached my suit bottoms. I could feel his breath on my neck, his hand grasped the top of my suit.

"Are you going to scream? We've been together. This is the next step."

"I-I'm not sure. What if I don't want to?"

"I want it to be fun. But you could just be my ginger whore. Either way I want to fuck you so bad. My big hard cock, your tight pussy." He pulled my suit away. I'd been naked with Josh before, but now I could feel his cock dangerously close to me. "I won't rape you. You have to say yes." He turned me towards him. Held my face up to his. He stared into my eyes. "Well?" I nodded, just barely. "Say it."

"Yes. Fuck me." Josh lifted me, positioned himself, then let me settle onto his cock. His thick cock stretching me and pushing deep into me. With his other hand he pulled aside my top and feasted on my tits, taking one, then the other into his mouth, sucking and licking as his cock filled me over and over. I was shocked by the size of him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him lift and drop me. When he needed more he lifted me to the edge of the pool, a certain sadness as his cock left me. He climbed out and directed me to a lounge chair. As I lay back he got between my legs and reintroduced his cock. Now out of the water he started fucking me hard giving me his pent up desire. Eyes closed, grunting, I thought I heard him call me Ginny. So it wasn't just my so called provocative sleepwear. He was giving me what he really wanted to give his sister. I was along for the ride. And he rode me. Then with a final thrust he emptied himself into me. Had he even asked me if I was protected? I was, but he hadn't bothered. I was filling his needs. The ginger whore still. And now it seemed I had a new role. Not just plaything for Ginny and Josh, but Ginny's stand in for Josh's needs. He was fucking me from behind an hour later when Ginny got home. She looked out through the sliding doors then opened it quickly when she saw me bent over, tits hanging with Josh behind me rocking his hips. Even though we'd done this earlier I was still surprised by how he filled me and stretched me. I barely acknowledged Ginny, my mouth open, eyes rolling up in my head, body being pushed forward by each forward thrust from Josh as he held my ass and filled me again and again.

"I should have guessed you'd fuck her first chance you got." Ginny sat on a chair next to us and put a hand down her shorts as she enjoyed the show. "How is it?"

"Tight, so fucking tight." Was Josh's thoughts on things.

"ooooooooh fuck", was all I could manage. Ginny's hand was moving frantically and she soon came. I wasn't far behind, followed by Josh holding tight as he gave me a new load.

"Goddamn that's good." I was breathing heavy trying to relax. I looked over at Ginny,

"I guess the ginger whore is going to be busier?"

"As long as I still get mine he can fuck you all he wants." I thought a moment. Then an idea came to mind. I smiled at Ginny.

"Dare you to fuck him. Dare you to take his big thick cock up your tight little cunt."

"Careful there whore, I give the orders."

"And I get the big cock."

We went inside to cool off. My pussy was a little sore from Josh's double onslaught. I went up to my room to consider my position. The twins were using me, but they were horny and I was there and they found an advantage. Did I mind? Yes, it could have been a bit more than, "service me", but I was getting off on the activities, that was for sure. And what option did I have? No? Then what? Would that upset the house, Mom and Scott's relationship? I supposed I could go on as is. Or maybe try to change it around? After all, I had the body they wanted to use.

I had dozed off naked on my bed when suddenly my door opened and Ginny stood there beckoning me.

"I need you my ginger whore." I followed Ginny to her room. She pointed to her bed. When I'd stretched out per her instructions she straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I could feel movement at the bottom of the bed. Josh I supposed. When I started working on Ginny's slick cunt I could feel Josh's cock penetrating me. Then the unmistakable sounds of the twins making out while I satisfied their needs. "Oh fuck yes Josh, suck my tits, yes, and fuck the whore good, make her lick me harder. Harder whore!" I worked her clit hard, biting, licking, lapping at her juices as Josh punished my sore pussy. He seemed as if he could go on for hours. That thick cock pushing deep and eventually sending me over the edge. Causing me to bury my tongue into Ginny. She jumped, shifted and before I knew what happened I had her puckered anus on my tongue. I pushed, she screamed, she came, squirting me, forcing herself onto me. Then Josh pulled out and sent a strong spurt of cum over my stomach, my chest, and where Ginny was attached to me. His cum running down her short dark blonde hairs, dripping onto my chin. Ginny instructed me to get all Josh's cum off her pussy.

"Every drop whore. You little cum slut, look at you all covered in Josh's spunk. Josh, next time cover her face and that red hair."

Ginny leaned down and sucked Josh's cock clean, then they left me cum covered and exhausted. I showered then went out for the day to avoid any more orders.

A few days later I decided to confront Ginny. I knocked on the door to her room. "Come in." When I entered she looked me over. I was in basic shorts and t-shirt, nothing provocative. "What's up", she inquired in a not unpleasant way. Then, "looking for something, you little whore slut?"

"No, but I did want to talk to you."

"Talk? You could put that tongue to better use." She pulled her shorts aside to show me her pussy.

"Just talk." With a roll of her eyes she pointed to her computer chair.


I took a deep breath. "Why are you and Josh so mean?"

"Mean? We're just playing. And it's not like you aren't getting more action than you ever did. A little bonus on everything else you have now. You just show up and since your Mom is fucking my Dad you get everything we do?"

"That's kind of harsh. I think our parents are in love. It's not just fucking. My Mom is no more a whore than I am, despite what you call me."

"Oh, it's a about the name? Ginger whore.."

"That's a big part of it. You guys treat me like that and I've been afraid to say anything." She smirked.

"I was wondering how long you'd go along. My personal test maybe. Josh, he just likes pussy and I'm not giving him mine."

"So you use me to deflect Josh from you."

"Yeah I guess so. We'd been touching and sucking and stuff for awhile and it was getting closer. Then you came along and that kinda solved my problem."

"You could have been nicer about it."

"Would you have done it? Either or both of us?" I thought about that. Would I have?

"I really don't know. You guys are pretty hot. I may have been tempted."

"Hmm. You do seem to be into it."

"I will admit, I like sex. But I don't like the way it's happening. That needs to change."

"Or else? What exactly."

"I'll say no."

"Ha, that's it?"

"Then if you do anything you'll be in trouble."

"You wouldn't. You and your Mom would be out of here."

"Maybe. You and especially your brother could be in trouble." Now she was looking at me carefully. Looking for a bluff. I stared back at her.

"So, what do you want."

"Sharing. Taking turns. No random demands. And no demeaning names."

"So, you'll keep having sex with us?" She looked a little surprised.

"Yes, but I get to make choices. I get to be treated well. Maybe I even get to make demands. In turn." I watched Ginny's face go through a few different expressions. Confusion? Displeasure? Surprise? Resignation?

"I'll talk to Josh."

"It's not a negotiation. Next time I call you two, you come in here and do what I say. Then we go from there."

"What YOU say?"

"Yeah, we'll see how you like it." With that I got up and left. Ginny lay back on her bed pondering the sudden change.

I let it go a few more days. Though getting a bit horny myself I wanted them off guard, unsure. I made sure to add to their discomfort by wearing my shortest shorts and skimpiest shirt with no bra, letting Josh watch my tits bouncing around barely covered. I was sure they were back to getting each other off, but still, the now forbidden fruit had to be getting to them. Once you've had a good long taste, being cut-off is no fun. And I was actually feeling the same way about Josh's nice cock. Saturday morning the adults were out early. It was time. I knocked on the twins' doors and told them to meet me in my room. Then I went back and waited. Josh got there first. I was sitting at the top of my bed against the pillow, nude, my fingers lightly touching my pussy. Josh stopped short taking in the sight.

"Strip Josh." He was naked in no time, his cock quickly hardening to full length. "Just stand there and let me look at you." He did, and I began sliding my finger up and down my slit, eyeing him like a piece of meat for my viewing pleasure. I could see his need but forbade him from touching his cock. Dipping my finger into my pussy, then up and around my clit. Moments later Ginny walked in and took in the scene. She watched me masturbate a minute then said,

"Seems a waste of a hard cock." I ignored that comment and told her to also strip. She hesitated a moment, then followed instructions. Now standing beside her brother I was able to take in their admittedly hot bodies. Both firm, sexy and in the prime of their lives. I continued pleasuring myself, feeling the orgasm building, but not taking my eyes off their bodies. Josh's cock long, thick and smooth pointing towards me, Ginny's eyes shifting from my pussy then over to Josh's cock, then back to me, shifting from foot to foot wanting to touch herself. When finally I brought myself to the edge, my fingers slick, my pussy needing relief I called her to me.

"Ginny on the bed, on your back." She complied, needing something, anything. I straddled her head lowering my wet pussy to her mouth. "Now suck on my cunt. And don't stop until I cum. Then keep going." She didn't answer as she now had a face full of pussy. But she could definitely hear when I told Josh to get between her legs. I can image her eyes must have gone wide and she was making muffled noises, that I was happy to cover. Josh eagerly did as requested. I wonder if he would have fucked Ginny if I'd told him to. I'm guessing yes. He was used to doing whatever he wanted with me. He desperately wanted her pussy and he was doing a good job following orders. But I wasn't going to go that far. Sure I would terrify Ginny just a bit, but not that far. I leaned forward and took his cock in hand. I pushed the head down against her mound, letting her hairs tickle the underside of his head. I rubbed it back and forth. Ginny began to squirm, while mouthing NO to Josh, I let his cock rub down along her slit, to temptingly close for Josh, so, so close. Then I said, "OK Josh go ahead." I paused, Ginny cried into me. I was getting off on this, my little bit of revenge. Then, "jack yourself onto Ginny. Go ahead, I want to see your cum all over Ginny's pussy." Ginny relaxed just a bit. "And Ginny, get to work, I'm getting hot here watching Josh stroke his cock." Ginny went back to work quickly sending me over the edge. Then I move back as she gasped for air and looked up just in time to see Josh dump large spurts of cum all over her pussy. He was squeezing ever last drop, letting it drip down onto his sister. Coating her pubic hairs, running between her legs, down over her lips. He was enjoying himself.

"Oh fuck, so close." Ginny had a different opinion.

"Asshole. You would have fucked me if she told you to." Now relieved, he was back to thinking with his brain. And realizing that she was probably right. "And you, you fucking, gin..."

"Remember what I said."

"OK, you're just an asshole too."

"And now maybe you know how I felt when I had no control? Not as much fun is it?"

She looked down, saw her spunk covered pussy and shook her head. "Can I clean this mess off of me?"

"I have a better idea." I got in between Ginny's legs and began sucking Josh's cum off of her. Licking, careful not to push any inside of her, then with my butt in the air, I turned to Josh. "And how about putting that thing to good use." Needing no more prompting Josh got behind me and sank his revived cock into me. We were both now getting what we needed. When I was sure Ginny was cleaned of cum I latched onto her clit and worked her hard until she came, Josh soon followed and sent his second load of the day deep inside me. We collapsed onto the bed all now satisfied with me, the redhead between the two sandy haired twins. "Can we agree to go on as a threesome?" They nodded. "Taking turns as the one in charge?" Again nods. "Anything goes within reason." They were agreeable now after seeing what a week without felt like. "So if you get off on having a ginger whore, keep it to your day. But remember, I get a turn too. And I have lots of ideas."

Josh looked almost eager to get on with this new set-up. "Who goes next?" I looked at them,

"Why don't you take the next turn Josh. And you know, we can just hang by the pool and fuck and stuff like normal horny teens too." I smiled at them and grabbed a towel. "Going to get some sun. You two can clean each other up, or do whatever it is you do together."

I left them to think about that. We got along well enough for a couple months each taking a turn. Josh would tend towards fucking me hard while getting his cock as close to Ginny's pussy as possible, hoping against hope. Ginny still liked to play the dominant one, pushing boundaries, demeaning us. I'd try to turn the tables on them, maybe gagging Ginny or having Josh rub his cock on her before having them pleasure me.

Then came the big weekend of their birthday. Mom had to be out of town visiting her sister, but she insisted I stay and enjoy the festivities. If only she knew. Scott let the twins throw a large pool party with loads of their friends hanging out all afternoon and into the evening. He was conveniently around to supervise, but he was also getting an eyeful of hot young ladies. Ginny was certainly part of the in crowd at school and most of her friends were of the same sexy, fit, wealthy set. Josh's friends were mainly athletes. It made for quite the energetic crowd. There was lots of pool play, a few tops lost along the way. Scott would wander out, take in the scene and finally call for everyone to cover up.

I knew most of them from school and from being Ginny's step sister. I wasn't exactly in their crowd, but I wasn't a complete outsider. At one point I was making out with this nice soccer player when Josh walked by, "Hey Carlo, watch those hands, that's my sister!" Was he watching out for me, or his regular fuck partner. I didn't complain when Carlo went back to cupping my ass while letting his mouth work along my neck. Finally he whispered, "Is there someplace private we can go? You're so sexy, I'm really turned on." Looking into his dark eyes, his tanned face, lithe body, I nodded.

"Go in separately. Get a drink. Second floor, last door on the left." He moved away from me quickly. I took a different route to end up in the same place. When I opened the door he was waiting for me. I reached back and released my top, letting it fall so that he could see my pale perky breasts. He smiled in appreciation. The contrast between my light skin and his darker tanned body was intriguing to both of us. I put my hand to the tie of my bathing suit bottom, then nodded to him. "You first." He paused as all but the most confident men must do, then slid his trunks down. He was hard, his dark penis not nearly as large as Josh, but certainly perfect for my needs. I released my suit and let it fall, letting him take in the red hair between my legs. This brought another smile as I walked to him and led him to my bed. When he lay alongside me I kissed him, then told him, "Take your time." He lay back as I bent over to take his hard cock in my mouth. The salty taste of a man who had been out in the sun pleased me. His length was perfect for me to take him all the way into my mouth, just reaching my throat. He sighed with satisfaction as I began bobbing my head. When he pulled my leg around I realized with pleasure what he intended. Maybe it was the novelty of my red pussy, my paler redder skin, but rather than just enjoy my efforts on him, he wanted to taste me. I threw my leg over him and let him pull my wet pussy to him. I moaned to encourage his efforts and returned to sucking at his hard member. He let his tongue explore every part of me and when he felt me tensing he worked harder at my clit until I came into his mouth. Only then did he begin bucking his hips pushing his cock deeper then sending his cum into my throat. I gagged slightly at the sudden surge, then swallowed what he provided. When he had finished I switched ends to lay on him.

"Carlo, that was so much. I hope you have some left."

"You mean.."

"If you want to." I sat up on him letting my hands roam his body.

"I wasn't sure you'd, with me."

"Oh I don't with just anyone. But I like you. And you treated me with respect."

"Then yes, as soon as I can."

"No worries, we have time. Now touch me, and I'll help you get ready." He eagerly caressed me and sucked at my nipples. I fondled his balls and stroked his soft cock, making sure to let him know I liked it. He seemed to enjoy following my freckles across my breasts down across my stomach, even to my butt.

"I've never seen one with such red hair. It's like it's on fire, like the rest of you." I smiled and giggled at his compliments, kissed along his darker skin, followed the line of hair from his stomach down to the dark thick hair above his slowly stiffening cock. We kissed, tongues entwined, hands always moving, squeezing, pinching softly, teasing. When his cock was almost fully erect I began sliding my red pussy lips along his dark cock, getting him fully hard.

"I think someone is ready."

"I couldn't be more ready." I raised myself and let his cock find my opening. I held him in place as I settled on to him. He sighed with the pleasure of my pussy gripping him as he sank into me. He was a perfect size, as I sat on him and he touched the very depths of me. I leaned forward with my hands on his arms and rocked my hips letting him enter and leave me. I kissed him as I settled onto him, rolling my hips to let his cock touch me everywhere. As I say up again, he leaned forward and took a breast into his mouth letting his tongue roam over my nipple. We went along this way trying different things, then he rolled me over and let me feel some of his weight as he began fucking into me forcefully, giving me his full effort. With each thrust his body hit against mine, shaking me, touching me, bringing me closer to,

"Oooooh Carlo, oh yes Carlo, like that, yes, ooooommmm, uh uh uh, and a satisfied sigh as my orgasm swept over me." He looked almost surprised at what he'd done, then I saw a look coming over him, then a momentary concern. "Go ahead, I'm safe." Which was all he needed as he grimaced and released himself into me. Continuing to drive into me then holding himself deep as he finished. He lay on me, letting me feel some of his weight as he panted, his head alongside mine.

"Suzy that was. Well it was great. I never had a girl, like that."

"Well that must mean it was them, not you, because you definitely brought it." This made him happy. Which was good because he had made me happy. After a short while I suggested we get back to the party before we were missed. I got washcloths to clean us up. When we were presentable we carefully made our way back downstairs. When we got outside I saw Ginny giving us a once over, then just a raised eyebrow. I stayed near Carlo the rest of the night. When he said he needed to leave I walked him out to the front of the house and gave him something more than a friendly good night kiss. "Would you like to see me again?" He nodded eagerly,

"Yes definitely, if you're interested. I didn't know if you would.."

"Go out with you because you're Hispanic? Why would that matter?"

"Some of the girls, it's ok to be friends, but not anything more."

"Their loss. Are you asking me out?"

"A movie, or something?"

"A date? Yes, I'd like that."

"Great, next weekend?"

"Sooner if you'd like."

"Then Wednesday."

"Perfect!" I kissed him again. "You really were wonderful." I hope I made his night. He'd surely made mine.

I was walking through the hallway from the front door when I hear sounds coming from the master bedroom. Someone might have been crying. I moved to the bedroom door, pushed it as it wasn't latched to see...

Candy Sommers a redhead like me, bent over on the bed with Josh forcing his cock into her mouth, deep into her mouth. My first thought was, how could she manage that, then my second thought was, who's that on the other end fucking her hard forcing her forward onto Josh's cock. It took a moment to focus. It was Scott. My Mom's husband was fucking an eighteen year old cheerleader while his son jammed his cock down her throat. Candy was gasping and moaning and basically be used roughly. You'd think Scott would back away and come up with some excuse, but no, he was too into it. He held her hips in a tight grip and slammed his cock into her over and over. He looked at me only slightly surprised. He never lost his feeling of full confidence. Josh just laughed at me, then..

"You want next Suzy? As you might have guessed Dad loves redheads." Scott grunted, slammed into Candy and held her there willing his cum into her. Before he withdrew I took a photo with my phone that I hoped would show him in action. They were too busy to notice. When Scott pulled out of Candy it confirmed Ginny's suspicions. He was large, thick with veins run along and around. His cock was still engorged as he turned to look at me as if proud of himself.

"Josh tells me you're all natural too, not shaved like this one." He nodded his head towards Candy, who was finally gasping for breath as Josh pulled his cock from deep in her throat. He quickly got behind her and fed his cock into her well stretched canal. the poor girl had barely recovered herself when she was pushed forward by Josh's efforts. I looked from Candy back to Scott. He continued, "You're not going to say anything to Patty. If you're lucky I may even give you a ride. Josh isn't bad but you haven't been fucked until Scott Matthews fucks you. Your Mom won't want to give it up.

"You're disgusting. All of you with your taking advantage of people."

"Oh stop with the boo hoo. We took you and your mother into this house, the least you can do is pay us back a little. And if Josh and I double team one of his classmates on the side, all the better. "Candy here", he said as he slapped her ass, "just turned 18. It's hard to wait with some of the hot ones, but safer that way. You're going to be 18 soon aren't you?"

"Yes, but I won't be spending it with you."

"We'll see." He turned to his side and Candy gasped, her pussy being filled for the second time in a few minutes.

I looked at Candy, "Are you ok?" She just nodded, so I turned and left the room. The party had mostly cleared out. Scott would have people in to clean up the next day. As I got to my room Ginny was coming from the bathroom.

"So, did you give it up for Carlo? That must have been a sight. Any good?" I ignored her and went to my room. Once again I had to think how to handle this. It turned out I did have a photo clearly showing a naked Scott behind a young woman. That should be enough for mom. But what else? For now I was done with Ginny and Josh. It was my turn next anyway so I wasn't worried about them calling on me. I had the feeling that Josh's next request would involve Scott, so that was enough incentive to put our games on pause.

In the mean time I was having fun with Carlo. His parents had come from Spain shortly before he was born. They spoke passable English and welcomed me to their home. His mother gave me a once over and said something in Spanish. Carlos translated,

"Momma says you're a pretty girl but we may need to put some meat on you." I smiled at her. They treated me to a delicious dinner. His father having come from Valencia with little money, now owned a restaurant serving the best paella anywhere near us. They encouraged me to eat, and eat some more. Carlo was every bit the gentleman. Behaving himself when out in public and ensuring my pleasure when we were alone. At least I had a love life to take my mind off of the Matthews clan.

Finally I got up the nerve and asked my mother to stay and talk with me when everyone else was out of the house. I started by asking her how things were going with Scott. She assured me that everything was good.

"Everything? Mom, I'll be 18 soon. I know about things."

"Suzy! We shouldn't talk about private matters."

"Sex Mom. And yes I am active."

"With that new boy, Carlo?"

"Since I want an open discussion, yes, with Carlo. He's very kind and generous. But there's more you should know. Even if it hurts you."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone else in this house. Since shortly after we moved in. The twins, they involved me in their own sexual activities."

"Josh forced himself on you?"

"Actually Ginny started it, but yes, Josh and I have been having sex. They called me ginger whore and ordered me around." At that I hung my head a bit, realizing how it sounded.

"But, that's rape."

"Not really. I went along. I was lonely, in a new world and well, I liked the sex, if not the role I had."

"Still that seems wrong. And they do it too?"

"Not intercourse. I think that's why Josh needed me. But we finally came to an agreement and they eased off. But then...."

"What then?"

"The night of the birthday party, I accidentally saw Scott and Josh with one of Ginny's friends."


"Yes, they were having sex. They were kind of rough."

"NO! Surely you're mistaken." I handed her my phone. "Oh my god. That pig."

"He said he wanted to, with me, when I turn 18."

"That's it. We'll move out. I'd rather work two jobs than put you through this."

"I wasn't sure how you'd react. I love you more." I hugged her. "But I'd like my revenge first."


"Yes. Withhold sex from Scott. Get him good and horny."

"That won't be difficult, the man is relentless."

"And please excuse the clothes I wear." Now Mom looked at me curiously.

Over the next few days I managed to dress more provocatively around the house. Josh and Scott certainly got an eyeful as I came down for breakfast with the shortest thinnest sleepwear I could manage. I basically gave up on a bra the rest of the day and made sure to let my boobs put on a show. With neither of them getting any action at home I knew these two horndogs would be ready when needed. Ginny seemed wise to something being up. She stopped by my room to ask.

"What are you up to Suze?" I gave her my most bewildered look. "Oh come on, you're practically naked in front of my Dad and brother. And you haven't taken your turn. It's well over a week. I can see Josh's hardon all day."

"I haven't had as much of a need for you two."

"Carlo? So we're not good enough for you now that you found your little pool boy."

"He's not a pool boy. He works at his father's restaurant. They're doing quite well."

"Ha, you should be looking up in the world from your new perch here."

"He makes me happy, not di---."

"What? What do we make you?"

"Uh, disappointed, in myself." I got up from my chair and walked over to my dresser. I could feel Ginny's eyes following me. This was working better than expected, even Ginny was getting horny. I rummaged in my dresser finding clothes for the day, bending way over to give Ginny a good look. I pulled my short sleeping tee over my head turning so she could see my upturned breasts, pointed nipples. As I slid on my clean shirt she could take in my flat stomach as it stretched, finally covered by the shirt. Next I slid down my panties, letting her see the red trimmed bush her family so desired. I paused and looked at her, unashamed of my nudity. "Yes, disappointed in myself. I should have taken more control awhile ago. I was caught up in the material things. And unsure of myself. Now..." I spread my arms wide. "I'm confident in myself, in my body and who I am." I could see her staring at me, almost hungrily. I wondered if she and Josh had spent any time together. Finally Ginny caught herself and tried to regain the upper hand.

"So the poor little skinny girl is all grown up. What about your mother? She still needs Dad's big cock."

"What do YOU know about needing or getting a big cock? You seem almost afraid of Josh's."

"I uh, just want my first to be with someone else."

"So you ARE a virgin. Little miss horny girl is a virgin."

"Yeah, so what? I've used things on myself, but no guys. So I won't have a worn out cunt like you." For a moment I had some sympathy for her, but as usual, she quickly pushed that away. What a nasty little bitch she is. Time to move on. I slowly pulled up clean underwear, then tight shorts. The better to entice the "men" of the house.

"You obviously still like my worn out old cunt. How about you come in and service me tonight? Late. I have a game I want to play. She looked at me, uncertain, but certainly intrigued. I turned to go. I had a few things to pick up today.

I'd asked my mother to go to bed early, claiming illness. Ginny was to report to my room at 10, wearing little. I told her it would be dark, that I would be laying back on my bed waiting for her. She was to crawl towards me on the bed awaiting my directions. I'd closed the blinds and curtains against any outside light. I removed light bulbs and unplugged my lamp in case instructions were not followed. Ginny arrived on time and was quickly in position, When I placed her hands on my tits she dutifully began tweaking my nipples. I made sure to moan in approval. Then I cuffed both her wrists, the other ends firmly attached to the headboard. When she looked up in the dark and protested I placed a ball gag in her mouth and fitted it in place. Now she could do little more than moan. I pulled my legs up tight against me.

The door soon opened and a barely discernable shape appeared in the room. As instructed he said nothing, approaching the bed carefully. From my position I quietly confirmed,

"I'm here waiting. Take me and let's forget the other night." He grunted in agreement. Ginny shook her head. I imagined her looking wide eyed up at me. I smiled back. My eyes were becoming adjusted to to dark and I could see the shape behind Ginny, she gasped as her shorts were pulled down roughly. Then a mewling sound as a large thick veiny cock began pushing into her. At last she could hear the voice as he said,

"Fuck you're tight. Josh didn't loosen you up too much." Then she cried as her father buried his cock into her virgin pussy. "Damn, you feel good." He went on this way as he fucked his daughter, hard and rough as was his way. Ginny put her head down against my pussy in surrender. Her tight unspoiled pussy now violated, stretched, used. Scott used her as he had her friend Candy. Holding tight as he thrust in hard again and again. Then with a growl, he announced, "Now take my cum up your tight cunt, bitch", then grunted and spewed his cum into Ginny.

The door opened to let in Josh. As Scott pulled away he laughed and told Josh, "I broke her in a bit for you. She was so fucking tight." Josh wasted no time replacing his father. Though he'd had me several times in the past he'd also been teased enough recently that he was ready to go. He however was confused.

"This doesn't feel like.." I plugged in the bedside lamp. The sudden light briefly blinded them. Then Josh looked down at the ass facing him, then up at me. "This isn't...oh shit." He now realized he had his cock buried deep in his sister. This caused immediate confusion. He'd wanted nothing more than to fuck Ginny. Now he was. But....

I removed the gag, Ginny screamed, "Get your cock out of me asshole!"

Josh replied, "I can't. I need to..." And he kept thrusting. Scott now recovering from the shock.

"Oh fuck, you fucking bitch. You conniving little cunt. I'm going to.."

"Going to what?" It was my mother in the doorway. "Going to report that you had sex with your daughter, thinking it was MY daughter?" Then she held up my phone. "Or maybe report that you're having sex with teenage girls in your house?" She pointed at the bed where Josh was still going to town on his sister. "Or that your children engage in incestual relationships?"

Ginny, crying now, "Would you please stop fucking me?"

Josh paused, "Can't I just?"

"No you fucking asshole." He pulled away, his slick hard cock pointing straight out. I released the clasps. Ginny turned quickly, "How could you two?" Dad, you FUCKED me! Didn't you realize this was a set-up?"

Without much sympathy I looked at Ginny, "You seemed to be into another session of sex with Suzy while teasing Josh."

"I hate you. All of you." Ginny tried to cover herself while running from the room dripping her Daddy's cum. I reached for a robe to cover myself, letting Scott get a look at the redhead he wasn't going to get. And Josh to the one he wouldn't have again.

Mom looked at Scott with disgust. "We'll be packed and out in the morning. How could you? I wasn't enough for you?"

"Oh get the fuck out. You weren't that good anyway."

"Like you ever did more than jam that thing into women. You have no idea what to do." Josh just looked, then with his cock still needing relief he left the room. I could hear him down the hall,

"Ginny, I'm sorry. Let me explain." Mom pointed to the door and Scott walked out. She came to sit by me on the bed.

"They must have been very mean to you for you to do that to them."

"You have no idea. And you see how he was. He would have been happy to take your daughter like that." She held my hand.

"What next?"

"I've talked to Carlo's father. I can have a job in the restaurant. As a hostess. He said he'll teach me to cook too. They're very nice, you must meet them.

Mom slept by me, then in the morning we packed up and put the Matthews family behind us. We moved far enough so that I'd be in a different school for senior year.

Mom was enchanted by the manners and hospitality of Carlo's family. His mother told her that she had a lovely daughter who makes her Carlo so happy. My mother assured her that I felt the same happiness. Life goes on.


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I was excited to see a new story from you. Even happier after I read it. That was amazing. It was a nice change of pace to see the “broken” girl get it together and fight for a better life. Well done.

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