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The girls awaken to find breakfast waiting for them...
Jenny awoke only a few hours later to the smell of bacon. She knew there wouldn’t be guests for another week or so which meant the Inn’s world class chef wasn’t on duty either. She slunk downstairs in only a t-shirt and thong to see an incredible spread laid out in the dining room. Her Inn served meals ‘communal style’ which meant meals were at a certain time only and all the guests sat together during meals. It was a great way for guests to have an opportunity to meet someone they might not have met. There was a note from Tony, the owner:

“Jenny hun, I had an inkling you and your sexy friends must be famished! I saw how clean the hot tub area was, make sure your thank your pals for me…personally. I’ve been meaning to have that done and now I don’t have to! I’m off to Fleet Week for a few days, so you’re in charge. I know the Inn is in capable hands. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!!

LOL, Tony.”

Jenny smiled, Tony was European and had not quite gotten the hang of American slang and colloquialisms. He was however an amazing cook in his own right and she took every opportunity to eat at the Inn every chance she got. She sighed and poured herself a steaming cup of coffee and thoughtfully chewed on a piece of bacon while she looked over the meal Tony had so graciously prepared for them. Scrambled eggs and a plate piled full of bacon, pancakes with maple syrup and butter pats hand cut into little hearts. There were three small bowls with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry compote. There was even a plate full of fresh picked fruit and a large bowl of homemade whipped cream. Jenny thought, she must find a way to thank Tony for this feast personally…

While Jenny was munching on a strawberry dipped in cream she felt two soft hands cup her soft breasts from behind. “Good morning sunshine”, Tory whispered in her ear and Jenny’s knees buckled a little as she felt Tory’s hot breath drift in her ear. She turned around and saw Tory’s mouth open for a kiss. Jenny giggled and shoved the rest of the juicy strawberry in Tory’s mouth then kissed her hard letting the juice and cream mix in a sexy morning kiss. “Did the owner leave this amazing feast for us? We must find a way to thank him…personally!”

The two girls sat and began picking at the various foods before them, occasionally feeding each other and licking and kissing each other clean. They chatted and giggled just happy to finally be together after all that had kept them apart. “I hope my breakfast attire is appropriate, I saw that you laid out clothes for all of us.” Jenny couldn’t help but drool a little and it was not from the smell of the delicious food. Tory let her bathrobe slide off her creamy shoulders to show Jenny she was wearing nothing but a purple tank top and a barely there thong.

Jenny laughed and told her, “There are no guests the entire month so we could walk around naked if we wanted!” She took a finger covered in cream and slid it down the middle of Tory’s beautiful breasts. She slid that same finger in between Tory’s juicy lips and felt her own cream start to fill her panties as Tory greedily sucked her finger clean. Jenny leaned forward for another whipped cream kiss when she heard a voice from the stairs.

“Are we interrupting anything??” Jenny looked up and saw the other girls had also found clothes she had put out for them. Joelen had a tight white t-shirt covering her skimpy pink panties. Benita followed in a very slutty black tank top over an equally slutty black thong. Lizzie nearly bounced down behind them in a pink tank and white panties with cute hearts all over them. Jenny motioned the girls over and invited them to join her and Tory at the table.

“Help yourselves, Tony the owner was kind enough to make breakfast for us!” Jenny sauntered up to Joelen and planted deep kiss on her gorgeous lips. “Thank you soo much for last night!!You made a long time fantasy of ours come true!” Jenny slid a cream covered strawberry between Joelen’s lips and let the juice leak down the front of her shirt and gave her a mischievous grin. Jenny came up behind Benita and gave her a huge hug from behind whispering, “Thanks for helping out, hot stuff!” and took some time to fondle Benita’s huge breasts with her cream covered fingers. Jenny stopped Lizzie before she even had a chance to sit down and whispered, “Thank you for being a sexy little helper as well”, kissed her hard and ran two creamy fingers up the crack of her pantied covered ass.

Jenny sat back down next to Tory who had helped herself to a stack of pancakes. “Let me help you with those” and dipped her finger in the bowl of warm maple syrup. She slid her sticky finger in Tory’s mouth and wiggled it all over her tongue. She then slid her gooey finger down Tory’s throat coating it with the sticky syrup then licked her way up finally coming up to her syrup filled mouth and slid her tongue down Tory’s throat. Joelen gasped, then slid one finger in the blueberry compote and one in the raspberry compote. One finger went between Benita’s plump lips and the other deep in Lizzies already sticky mouth. Benita and Lizzie both sucked greedily on Joelen’s fingers. Not to be outdone, Jenny ran to the stove and found what she had suspected would be there. She came back to the table with a porcelain bowl full of clarified butter. (clarified butter is a hunk of butter left simmering on the stove top until all the fats and solids have sunk to the bottom of the pan, usually used to make creams and sauces) She slowly dripped some down between Tory’s breasts, some down over Joelen’s creamy ass and watched as Benita and Lizzie shared a sweet buttery tongue kiss.

The bowl of blueberry compote was dumped over Jenny’s head and Benita cleaned off one side while Joelen lapped up the other. The strawberry went all over the front of Lizzie leaking down between her soft breasts and making a mess of her adorable heart covered panties. Joelen let the gooey raspberry compote slide down the front of Tory’s tank top, buried her head between her marvelous melons and lapped away at Tory’s gooey heaving breasts. Lizzie scooped up a small bowl of the cream and pulled Jenny close as she dripped the bowlful over their waiting tongues and shared a warm sticky tongue kiss with her. Joelen grabbed another bowl of cream to share in a hot gooey kiss with Benita, and Tory came between Lizzie and Jenny to share a hot messy kiss with the two of them.

Tory stood up and bent Joelen over the table, mashing her face into a puddle of maple syrup as she did so. She quickly kicked Joelen’s legs apart and moaned, “Jenny, please forgive me but it’s been so very long since I had this gorgeous ass!’ Tory let a mouthful of cream slide down between Joelen’s crack and without hesitation slid her rock hard girl cock deep inside her creamy hole. Jenny winked and skipped over to the opposite side of the table. She climbed on top and wiggled her body over the table to meet Joelen’s sticky mouth. As Jenny crawled across the table she was sure to get bacon grease, butter, the compote and most of the cream all over her body. She met Joelen’s lips in a sticky gooey creamy kiss as she felt Tory begin to pound her from behind. Suddenly Jenny felt a hand on each of her ankles and looked back to see Lizzie and Benita dragging her back from the other side of the table. Jenny moaned as she felt her thong being pulled aside and first Benita’s berry covered lips, then Lizzie’s began to invade her tight hole. Jenny felt gooey fingers slide her hole apart and without warning Lizzie’s sticky she cock, then Benita’s were thrust deep up in her.

Jenny screamed and held onto the tablecloth as Lizzie and Benita began to pound her tight messy hole. She began to leak freely over the table as she watched her lover sliding in and out of Joelen’s creamy ass and her face get messier and messier as Tory drove deep in her mashing her sexy face into condiments and cream. Lizzie moaned as she felt her clit rubbing up against Benita’s while deep up in Jenny while mushing her face into the mess at the other side of the table. Lizzie came hard and a split second later, Benita began to flood Jenny’s tight pussy with her gooey load. Benita then Lizzie slowly slid out and bent down to lick the gooey cum leaking out of Jenny’s hole mixing with the cream, fruit, syrup and whatever else Jenny had gotten over her sticky body. They pulled Jenny down on the floor to share a hot sticky creamy gooey three way kiss mixing all the cream and stickiness between the three of them.

Meanwhile Tory was balls deep inside Joelen and the table shook with every thrust. Joelen’s face was a gooey mess as Benita and Lizzie slithered up to her and began licking every inch of her sticky body clean while Tory continued to fuck her harder and deeper. Jenny stood behind Tory and slid her own gooey girl cock up inside her making Tory the cream filling. Tory and Jenny matched strokes as Lizzie and Benita lapped away at Joelen’s, Tory’s and Jenny’s dripping bodies.

“I’m gonna cum!” Tory moaned and slid out so Joelen could turn around and catch her sticky load in her creamed filled mouth. Spurt after spurt shot out of Tory’s cock into Joelen’s wet willing mouth. Upon seeing this Jenny couldn’t help but explode deep up inside Tory and collapsed on top of her. Benita and Lizzie were all too happy to lick Tory’s pussy clean sharing at hot sticky kiss under Jenny and Tory’s dripping bodies catching every gooey treat that came their way.

Tory bent down to share a soulful kiss with her former lover mixing cum and everything else they had gotten themselves into from the table. Finally the girls stood in a circle with food, juice, cream, fruit and cum still dripping from every inch of their sexy bodies. The girls shared a long hot five way kiss, then Jenny pulled them all out to the garden just outside the kitchen to hose off. She then shooed Joelen, Benita and Lizzie to the pool while her and Tory went back to the sloppy dining room.

“I am sooo gonna want seconds….”
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