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Married congressman Jim Banks had lusted after the former Deputy Press Secretary since his employer Donald Trump came to power, only his marriage prevented this. Since she had quit her job for a career in Public Affairs, he had long lusted after her. Now this the chance for his moment with her.
Lindsay Walters sighs as she closes her office door shut. She’s the last to leave her workplace before weekend. She has changed out of her work clothes and ready to go. The former Deputy Press Secretary has a look at her watch: 9:02 pm. “I’m done for tonight. It’s been such a long day.” she thinks and starts walking briskly towards the buildings exit, her classy court shoes hitting the floor loudly. Lindsay is a vision; she has a desirable round butt on her long, slender frame. Her ample chest doesn’t pale in comparison below her blouse. Lindsay’s pretty brunette hair is tied on a bun, a few streaks of hair falling on her pretty face. She’s in her early thirties and is used to her male coworkers giving her lustful looks. She might even like the looks they give her. Lindsay smirks a bit as she leaves the office building. She decides to pass through an alley to get faster to her car in the parking lot. The classy former Deputy Press Secretary wants to get in her well-deserved bath as quickly as possible.

I’m cursing in my thoughts. “Where the fuck is she?” I’m hidden in a dark alley and wait for that pretty former Deputy Press Secretary to come walking through. I’m anxious as hell as I hold the garrote in my right hand. I need to have her tonight. I’ve studied Lindsay’s schedule and habits over the last few weeks; she always takes this shortcut in Friday nights. As I think of this, I hear brisk walking. Peeking from the dark corner, I see her coming towards me, dressed in skinny pants and a black trench coat. She looks sexy in her movements, hitting the ground with her court shoes loudly as she briskly walks. Her hips move from side to side lovely. Lindsay looks to be in a hurry, judging from her fast walking. That will change soon. I grip on my garrote and wait for the unsuspecting former Deputy Press Secretary to pass me.

Lindsay doesn’t suspect a thing as she walks past me in hurry, texting someone. Deciding to act, I leap at her from my hiding place and wrap the garrote around her delicate neck. Before she processes what’s going on, I’m already pulling hard, strangling her graceful neck and cutting off her air. The former Deputy Press Secretary drops her phone and tries to scream, but only a high-pitched screech comes out. She tries to hit me with her elbows and kicks with her legs, but I’m in a good position behind her. I pull her against me for better leverage and can smell her sweet perfume. As she keeps struggling for air, face getting deep red, I see a dumpster nearby. Getting an idea, I start to shove her towards it and pushing her with my body as I keep strangling her. I reach the dumpster despite the Lindsay’s struggles and shove her against it. She’s now pinned between the dumpster and me, making her situation even direr. I pull the garrote hard as the former Deputy Press Secretary gurgles loudly, flailing her arms and legs in her struggles. I feel her soft ass press against me and the feeling gets me hard in no time. She’s a fighter, pushing against me and trying to escape, but soon starts to slow down her movements considerably. Lindsay is starting to let go as her upper body rests on the dumpster, not having the strength to resist her attacker due to lack of air and blood-flow to her brain.

As I enjoy her sensation against me, she suddenly groans loudly and begins spasming wildly. As this happens, I feel increasing wetness against my crotch. Her bowels release gas and bladder empties, soaking her. Poor former Deputy Press Secretary must’ve held that in till the very end. Then she’s silent, except for a few muscle spasms and jerks. This means that she’s gone and willing, resting against the dumpster. Her round ass is sticking out nicely and it’s on the perfect height, like waiting to be taken by me. I plan to take on that offer.

I immediately glance around me; no one. I need to act fast though. I let go of my death hold and squeeze the former Deputy Press Secretary’s desirable ass, lifting her coat up to her lower back. I bring my hands down to her crotch, unbutton her soaked pants and open her zipper. I yank them down her smooth legs and do the same to her lacy underwear, pulling them down to her ankles. Her lower body is now naked and her smooth, soft looking ass aches for my touch. I maneuver my right hand between her warm thighs, to her privates. I feel Lindsay’s hairy mound and below that her soft shaved pussy. It’s wet and I rub her a bit before thrusting two fingers inside her, feeling her moist lifeless pussy as I slowly slide my fingers in and out. Pulling out of the former Deputy Press Secretary’s love hole and using my wet fingers I start rubbing her asshole, making it slick with her own juices.

I unbuckle my belt and lower my pants until I get my soaring erection out. Its head is slick with precum. I line up myself behind her and guide my hard cock against her asshole. I push slowly and slide in easily as her sphincter can’t resist. Pushing up to the hilt in her moist rectum, I pull back until my glans is at the entrance out and thrust back in. It feels wonderful, the usually so classy Lindsay submitting to me like this. Her body rocks against the dumpster as I grab her by her hips and start fucking her tight asshole. former Deputy Press Secretary Hayley’s soft walls of ass squeeze my member hard as I pump her vigorously.

Wanting to feel her even more, I pull out of her asshole with a popping sound and line my cock against her lifeless pussy. My member just falls in with a little push and her soft pussy seems to spasm, milking my invading cock. I start fucking her pussy hard, slapping against her round ass with every thrust as I grab on to her waist. I spread her ass-cheeks and marvel at the sight of my hard erection punishing Lindsay’s moist pussy. Slimy, wet sounds echo the alley as I keep raping her lifeless, submitting body. Her soft walls of vagina feel like begging me to seed her as the pressure around my cock is unbelievable. Granting her wish, I make one final heavy thrust, feeling her cervix, and begin shooting cum deep in her.

I can’t believe the intensity of my orgasm as I slump over her back, caressing Lindsay’s brunette hair. I pull out and get dressed as someone could come here anytime. I can see her open asshole and my cum leaking out of her gaping pussy. Her face is sideways, looking at me with her slack expression, mouth open. I give the former Deputy Press Secretary a farewell kiss on her cheek. Someone ought to have a shocking (or pleasant, depending on the person) discovery soon enough. I leave and chuckle at the thought, feeling thoroughly satisfied.
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